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A Bitcoin wallet is a device or software program that gives you the ability to store your bitcoins and other crypto assets. Unlike Fiat Currencies like USD ($), which can be used as hard cash in your wallet or digitally in your bank account, Bitcoin can only be stored digitally in a crypto wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is easy to use, secure, and fast.

There is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to the best Bitcoin wallets. Selecting the right one can be a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top and best Bitcoin wallets, with their most popular features and website links.

Top BTC Wallet: Top Picks!

Best overall

PrimeXBT is a copy trading and margin trading platform with available features for traders of all experience levels; from experienced to novices alike. Copy trading helps Professional traders to monetize their skills by allowing others to copy their strategies.

PrimeXBT uses Multi-signature access (“Multisig”) to provide both security against attacks and tolerance for losing access to a key or facility, eliminating single points of failure. All fund transfers from Cold Storage to Hot Wallets are handled manually and require the coordinated actions of multiple employees.

For maximum security and safety of funds, at PrimeXBT, all customer assets are stored in a cold storage wallet. PrimeXBT processes all pending withdrawals once a day, between 12:00 and 14:00 UTC. A withdrawal requested before 12:00 UTC will be processed on the same day. Any withdrawal requested after 12:00 UTC will be processed on the next day.

#1 Top Pick



Coins Supported: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, COV

Type of Wallet: Custodial wallet

Price: Free

Visit PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT main features for secure wallet:

Available to buy crypto using credit card/SEPA, transfer/Metamask, also using Coinify, Xanpool, Paxful (P2P).

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Cloud-based trading bot platform Deposits via BTC, ETH, USDC or USDT only

Allows margin trade cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. Lack of educational material, for instance.

You can set stop loss/take profit order.

Most Secure Non-custodial Wallet

Millions of dollars of NFTs have been lost or stolen because of private key mismanagement. With no private key to lose or steal, ZenGo’s wallet removes the main vulnerability leading to NFT theft – a hacker’s worst nightmare. Includes a built-in Web3 firewall.

ZenGo offers 24/7 in-app customer service with real people and supports 70+ assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tezos.




Coins Supported: 70+ coins, including Bitcoin, ETH, BTC, MATIC, DOGE, USDC, SHIB, etc.

Type of Wallet: Non-custodial

Price: Free

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Are my coins secure?

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Enables guaranteed wallet recovery Limited range of cryptocurrencies

Offers you a 3FA security, most secure wallet available.

You can sell or buy within the bitcoin wallet app.

Best Cold Wallet for those on a Budget

The Ledger Nano X is a powerful cold storage wallet from Ledger Company. It has over 100+ crypto apps and coins. It offers features like Bluetooth and USB-C cable connectivity. It makes it easy to manage your cryptos and NFTs while also providing a good balance of security and accessibility. Ledger Nano X is the most preferred hardware crypto wallet when it comes to storing crypto assets offline. It is an ideal wallet for crypto investors who want to store 5500+ crypto in one location with a good balance between security and accessibility.

This hardware wallet comes with the most convenient form factors and uses micro-LCD. Setting up a PIN is the first step. Then, you need a 24-word seed phrase that will act as your wallet’s private key.

Ledger Nano X is delivered to all the countries, and it provides support for Android and iOS platforms. The size of this hardware wallet is 72mm × 18.6mm × 11.75mm, and it supports only the ERC20 token.

Are my coins secure?

The Ledger Nano X protects your private keys by storing them in certified Secure Element chips that are tamper-resistant. This prevents them from being exposed to anyone who might try to access them. These chips are also certified with CC EAL5+, providing you with an extra level of security.

The French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems has audited Ledger Nano X and found it to be the only Ledger product in the market which uses a Secure Element with a custom Operating System. This makes it more secure by reducing cyber risks.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Supports a good amount of digital currencies. It is quite an expensive wallet

It offers Bluetooth connectivity and has a USB-C cable. Does not provide touch screen support.

Has a built-in 8 hours of battery life.

You can trade via using its mobile app also.

Visit Ledger Nano X

Best Wallet with Multiple features

Binance is a bitcoin exchange platform that offers a robust selection of crypto trading features. Changpeg Zhao, a software developer, founded this Bitcoin wallet in 2023. It provides features like Auto-invest, staking, DeFi, Futures and Options, and P2P trades. This exchange’s average 24-hour trading volume is an impressive $100 billion, which speaks to the high level of trust users have in the system.

Binance’s native coin is BNB, which is also among the top 5 cryptocurrencies globally. Due to all these services, Binance tops the list of best btc wallets. The exchange operates on a blockchain called the Binance Chain.

Binance is available in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Italy, and 100+ countries. It offers a mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems. It provides blockchain support for BNB, Cardano (ADA), ERC-20, BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.




Coins Supported: 1000+ including BTC, ETH.

Type of wallet: Hot wallet

Price: Free

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Are my coins secure?

Binance employs a super-safe security system that guarantees the safety of your coins. This platform utilizes two-factor authentication (2FA) verification, device management, addresses whitelisting, and cold storage to keep your data secure. A whopping 95% of coins are stored in cold storage!

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The comprehensive charting feature provides a great way to track your progress. It does not have good customer support.

A wide range of trading options and order types are available, allowing you to earn up to 104.62% APY.

Best Hardware Wallet for those on a Budget

Best for a digital security solution that goes beyond cryptos and gives you easy control over your finances.

Satoshi Labs has an amazing subsidiary company called The Trezor Company. They have two amazing products: the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T. The Trezor Model T was released in 2023, and it has been impressing users ever since! The Trezor wallet is the best way to keep your cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and passwords safe from hackers.

It is the next-generation hardware cryptocurrency wallet that has a touchscreen display, a faster processor, and superior security for more than 1800 coins and tokens.

Trezor Model T size is Size: 64 mm x 39 mm x 10 mm, and it is delivered to all the countries. However, this crypto wallet is only available for the Android platform, and it provides support for the ERC20 blockchain.


Trezor Model T


Coins Supported: 1800+ including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, HEX, etc.

Type of Wallet: Cold wallet

Price: 189 EUR

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Are my coins secure?

Trezor T is among the first hardware wallet to implement Shamir Backup (SLIP39), which makes it more secure for your Bitcoins. It also contains a passphrase for extra security to your recovery seed (SLIP39, BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44).

The Trezor T’s firmware is constantly updated, making it more resistant to theft. It also supports other security levels like PIN setup and U2F. Plus, its device recovery feature lets you recover all lost data.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides top-notch security Quite an expensive tool

It is an open-source firmware. Not good customer support.

It has a color touchscreen display.

Visit Trezor Model T

Best Non-custodial DeFi Wallet

It also offers low trading fees, a decentralized exchange, cryptocurrency credit cards, and an NFT marketplace. Crypto was founded in 2023 by Rafael Melo, Bobby Bao, Kris Marszalek, and Gary Or. It now has over 10 million users from more than 85 countries.

This crypto wallet offers support for cold storage. It is available 83+ countries like Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, British, Costa Rica, and much more. It offers mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. chúng tôi offers blockchain support for BSC, ERC-20, AVAXC, Arbitrum, BEP2, etc.



Coins Supported: BTC, DOGE, DOT, ETH, LTC

Type of wallet: Hot wallet

Price: Free

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Are my coins secure?

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Support for 250+ crypto coins like BTC, CRO, ETH, etc. You need to pay higher fees unless you hold and use CRO

You can choose your own preferred trading fees. Trading fee discounts is confusing to navigate

There are certain added benefits for staking CRO.

Provides comprehensive charting feature

Best Wallet for Beginners

Coinbase is a popular and one of the best bitcoin wallets that allow users to conduct transactions. It helps you to sell, buy, and store Bitcoin and other digital currencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. It is available in over 100 countries and is trusted by 35 million people. Coinbase Wallet allows you to store all your NFTs and digital coins in one place.

It is available in 100+ countries like North America, South America, Asia, Africa, etc. It offers a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. This bitcoin wallet supports various blockchains like Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, etc.




Coins Supported: 500+ cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, etc.

Type of wallet: Hot storage

Price: Free

Visit Coinbase

Are my coins secure?

It is the non-custodial digital wallet, which means you have entire access to your wallet’s private keys. The keys are generated with a 12-word recovery phrase on your sign-up. It also offers several other security measures like Biometric logins, Two-step verification, AES-256 encryption for digital wallets, and FDIC- insured USD balances.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Easy to use interface High transaction fees

Provides Cloud backups to protect your digital keys in case of loss or damage. Limited trading types

Provides staking support up to 8% APY in crypto saving.

Offers robust security.

Best Wallet with High deposit & withdrawal limits

Kraken is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges that offer a variety of features. You can use Kraken to buy, sell, invest, exchange, set limit orders, and more on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Kraken is one of the biggest crypto marketplaces, supporting more than 120 different coins in 150 countries.

In addition to spot trading, Kraken also supports cryptocurrency futures. Kraken crypto exchange was founded in 2011 by Jesse Powell in San Francisco. Kraken was created to provide investors with a reliable and affordable platform for cryptocurrency trading. It remains one of the most popular exchanges for buying and selling digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Kraken provides support for 120+ coins are supported, which include Bitcoin (BTC), Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), etc. It is available in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. It has a mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. It offers blockchain Support for ERC-20, Polkadot, Solana (SPL), Cardano, Ripple, + and 20 other networks.




Coins Supported: Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, etc.

Type of Wallet: Hot and Cold

Price: Free

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Are my coins secure?

Kraken employs a number of security features to protect user funds, including SSL encryption, precise API key permission control, 2FA withdrawal email confirmation, strict surveillance, and air-gapped cold storage. Its commitment to security is one of the things that sets it apart from other exchanges.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Top-notch security. It demands higher fees when not using Kraken Pro.

Gives high liquidity exchange  

It has staking support which ranges from a nice percentage that is 4-12% APY.  

Straightforward user interface  

Best Wallet for Canadians

CoinSmart is the perfect platform for those with zero knowledge of cryptocurrency to get started. This crypto exchange accepts SEPA, E-transfers, and other cryptocurrencies as funding methods and makes it easy to track all your activities like deposits and withdrawals.

CoinSmart, based in Toronto, specializes in making buying, selling, and tracking cryptos quick and easy. It was established in 2023 by Jeremy Koven and Justin Harzman with the goal of making crypto exchanges more accessible and reliable for everyone in Canada.

CoinSmart currently offers 16 Cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, ADA, DOGE, DOT, etc. It is available in Countries like Austria, Canada, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and various other countries. It offers a mobile app for Android and iOS. This Bitcoin wallet Canada offers blockchain support for ERC-20 and standard BTC wallets.




Coins Supported: CoinSmart currently offers 16 Cryptocurrencies

Type of wallet: Cold wallet and Hot wallet

Price: Free

Learn More

Are my coins secure?

At CoinSmart, we use Smart Security to prevent fraud and protect your coins. Our comprehensive identity verification process ensures that your account is safe and secure. It helps identify fake identities using a database offered by data collection agencies. Uses 2 Factor Authentication.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The referral program is a great way to get involved with the company. Only available in a few countries.

Get your money fast with their same-day deposit service. It currently offers only 16 coins.

Setting up an account is quick and easy.

Best Mobile Wallet

Mycelium is a top-notch mobile wallet that is non-custodial. With it, you have complete control over customer transaction fees and can integrate it with major hardware wallets, which makes it ideal for investors who want to securely manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens. It is an excellent platform for investors to send, store, or trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is the best mobile wallet when it comes to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Mycelium also supports various account types like Single Address, HD, Bit ID, and Watch only.

Mycelium, established in 2008, is a popular bitcoin wallet that provides multiple storage services. As a non-custodial wallet, you have sole control over your private key and PIN. Mycelium is an open-source wallet that has teamed up with Cashila, Glidera, and Coinapult to provide financial services.

Mycelium offers its own decentralized in-person exchange marketplace called “Mycelium Local Trader.” In this marketplace, you can connect with each other and facilitate the buying and selling of Bitcoin in a secure environment. Mycelium provides support for 22+ crypto coins, including BTC, USDT, BUSD, USDC, ETH, and ETC. 

Are my coins secure?

This wallet offers a variety of PIN protection and pattern sniffing protection, as well as support for the TOR network to mask IP address and location. This helps to protect your digital assets from hackers.

At signup, you’ll need to set up a code to lock all essential functions like exporting a single address account, sending Bitcoin, and buying and selling. There’s also a backup feature that requires a 12-word backup phrase to retrieve your account if it’s lost or stolen.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is compatible with popular cold storage solutions (Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey). It does not support staking.

Offers an easy-to-use interface. Only available for mobile phones.

Offers an In-app crypto exchange.  

Offers offline transactions.  

Best Wallet with Zero Fee

Exodus is a well-known Bitcoin software wallet that is used to securely sell, buy, hold, and manage Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies/NFTs. It is easy to use, which has made it popular among both new and experienced crypto traders. This software wallet provides access to more than 160+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, etc. It all started in 2023 when Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson and founded the company in Nebraska.

In April 2023, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission approved its Class as a common stock offering. The company is compatible with hardware wallets.

Exodus wallet can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It Is available Android and iOS platforms. It offers blockchain support for Polygon, ERC20, etc.

Are my Coins Secure?

Exodus is a self-custodial wallet which means you are the owner of your asset wallets, and everything is encrypted and stored locally on your system.

Exodus does not offer access to your data unless you want to share it. They do not offer any interaction method with your wallet/funds, or they also prevent you from using the wallet to store crypto.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This product is compatible with a variety of devices, including the, Trezor One, Trezor Model Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Don’t not have 2-factor authentication.

It supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. It does not provide multi-signature support.

The platform offers built-in portfolio and trade functions,  

Great customer support.  

Provide complete control over your digital assets.  


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not subject to government regulation. It is decentralized and can be used to purchase goods and services anonymously. Like traditional currencies, such as USD, bitcoin can be used as a medium of exchange. However, cryptocurrency is designed to be exchanged digitally through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset based on cryptography. If you want to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, here’s a free tutorial you’ll want should check out: Cryptocurrency Tutorial for Beginners

Following are some of the best Bitcoin wallets while being safe at the same time:



Ledger Nano X


Trezor Model T


To purchase Bitcoin, first, specify the amount you want to buy. Then enter the amount you want to deposit into your Bitcoin address. Finally, use Wire, ACH, or a credit card to transfer the funds to your Bitcoin crypto wallet.

Bitcoin machines, also called Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs), are not ATMs in the traditional sense of the term. They are centers where you can buy Bitcoins using fiat currency. Some machines also allow you to sell Bitcoins.

There are some important safety measures to take note of when using a Bitcoin wallet.

Keep a minimal amount in the Bitcoin wallet.

Backing up your wallet helps protect you from computer failures and many human errors.

You should encrypt any backup which is exposed to the network in order to keep it safe.

You should use a strong password that contains letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. It should be at least 16 characters long.

You need to be very careful about never forgetting your password, or you may lose access to your funds.

A bitcoin loan allows you to pledge or retake a loan coin stored in a bitcoin wallet. This is similar to a traditional loan offered by banks, but most of the risk is not on the lender. The borrower is still putting up more than enough Bitcoin to cover the loan and interest.

Here are some important types of Bitcoin Wallets:

Hot wallets: Hot wallets are a type of cryptocurrency wallet that uses keys that were created or stored on a device that has internet access. Hot wallets provide high utility but are considered less secure than cold wallets.

Cold wallets: A cold wallet is a cryptocurrency storage solution that is not connected to the Internet. The most secure type of wallet, it uses a physical medium – typically in the shape of a USB stick – which would require hackers to have access to your device.

Hosted wallets: Hackers often target hosted wallets because they store the data of all the funds from the wallets on the server. While hosted wallets offer various levels of protection, third parties typically insure them.

Hardware Wallets: The three most popular types of hardware wallets are the Ledger Trezor, Nano X, and the KeepKey. They are physical devices, like USB drives. They are considered to be a very secure type of wallet for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Software Wallets: Also known as hot wallets, software wallets are online crypto trading platforms that don’t need to be downloaded and can be accessed via an internet browser.

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Here are some important factors that you should

Usage: The most important thing to think about when choosing a bitcoin wallet is how you plan to use your bitcoin. So, if you’re aiming to buy and hold your investment for the long term, a hardware wallet is definitely the way to go.

2-factor authentication: 2FA, or two-factor authentication, is an additional security measure that allows you to verify your identity when logging into your bitcoin wallet. If someone were to obtain your password or crack it through various methods, they would still need to pass the second level of authentication to gain access. In order to gain access, most exchanges will send a verification code to your mobile device, which must be entered into the sign-in field.

Multi-signature support: If you’re running a bitcoin wallet with multiple users, like business partners, you’ll need to enable multi-signature support to keep the wallet secure. This ensures that multiple keys are used for access and to prevent unauthorized spending or to transfer of funds to another bitcoin wallet.

Exchanges as crypto wallets: Many people who use cryptocurrency are finding Coinbase to be a helpful platform. It offers a variety of tokens and helps you to make payments, buy, sell, and trade with the assistance of the GDAX platform.

QR Code Scanner: A QR code scanner is necessary if you want to access the mobile bitcoin wallet. This allows you to generate and scan a QR code for coin transfers using your mobile device.

Backup Option: Your chosen Bitcoin wallets should offer an option for backup. That way, if your laptop, PC, or phone device stops working, you have data to restore immediately. Some mobile Bitcoin wallets, like Coinbase, have a handy feature that allows you to restore your wallet.

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A Bitcoin address can be thought of as like an account number at a traditional bank. The address denotes which wallet the coins should be sent to. In a similar way that a bank account number would. However, the major difference lies in the fact that wallets can have numerous addresses. You can personalize your Bitcoin address by adding payment request information like an amount and expiration date.

BEST Bitcoin Wallets: Top Picks!

You're reading 10 Best Bitcoin (Btc) Wallet App In 2023

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets In 2023 (Buying Guide)

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency and is considered the first decentralized digital currency. If you are a crypto trader and toying with the idea of providing some extra armor to your private keys, you should glance at these best bitcoin hardware wallets.

We have made a special post on the best bitcoin apps for iPhone and iPad, which allow you to send/receive, and manage your cryptocurrency with aplomb. But if you don’t want to use your smartphone or wish to entrust another device with the responsibility of guarding your private keys, these hardware wallets can do a fairly good job. Read on to explore what makes them so useful and whether or not they deserve your dollar!

1. KeepKey

Equipped to provide high-level security, KeepKey is a trusted bitcoin wallet. It lets you easily backup your data and recovers it without any hassle. It provides a complete safeguard against viruses and malware. Another notable feature of KeepKey is the support of multiple currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Testnet. The wallet is designed to work seamlessly on PCs, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Buy it from Amazon

2. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a useful asset for storing cryptographic assets and works as neatly as a hardware asset for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. It provides essential security for digital payments. Connecting it to a computer (using a USB cable) displays a secure OLED display to let you check and confirm each transaction with a tap on its side buttons. You can offer more safeguards to your private keys using a pin code.

Buy it from Amazon

3. Trezor

Trezor functions efficiently as a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. It offers essential security to your private keys. It shows a small display to let you verify a transaction and confirm it. Trezor is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has the support of BitCoin, Ethereum, and Zcash. Dash and Litecoin currencies. Moreover, it’s available in two packs at one price.

Buy it from Amazon

4. Ledger

Ledger has the quality to be your reliable bet when it comes to offering a safeguard to your private keys and working as a handy wallet. It uses a certified microprocessor to shield your keys. You can easily store your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the wallet and access them when needed. It also keeps your data protected from malware. As the bitcoin wallet works with most operating systems, you can manage your data without any problem.

Buy it from Amazon

5. SecuX

This crypto hardware wallet has security features, including a protected production chain and military-grade tamper-resistant packaging. Not just that, it is super compatible with all the devices, from Mac to your iPhone. The interface is simple, easy to use, and ensures the safety of your devices. This hardware wallet has a touch screen display and Bluetooth support to send and receive coins and tokens. Isn’t this perfect?

Buy it from Amazon

That’s all for now!

Which Bitcoin Hardware Wallet have you chosen?

I guess you have handpicked one of these finest hardware wallets for bitcoins. It’d be nice to know its name and the qualities you have found appreciable in it. Besides, let us know the name of any such device worth including in this list.

Discover more:

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Uniglo (Glo), Bitcoin (Btc), Fantom (Ftm), And Avalanche (Avax); Best Cryptocurrencies Investments For August

When picking the best cryptocurrencies to invest in August, there are a few factors to consider. The first is the overall market conditions. With the recent bear market and the Ukraine-Russia war, the market is ripe for volatility. Investors must be extra careful when choosing which coins to invest in. 

Uniglo appears on the market as the world’s first fully asset-backed currency with deflationary nature that will eventually remain resistant to market volatility. For similar reasons, Bitcoin (BTC), Fantom (FTM), and Avalance (AVAX) appear to be the best choices for August. 

What is Uniglo (GLO)? 

Uniglo is a new cryptocurrency that has recently gained traction. The limited quantity of Uniglo produced by two distinct burning techniques makes it an attractive investment because its value is anticipated to rise over time. 

Uniglo provides a completely asset-backed community vault that will contain a variety of digital assets, including the top 15 cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and even digital gold, to optimally support the floor price of $GLO and maintain stability during periods of volatility. 

The initial presale round for Uniglo will conclude on August 15. Unsold $GLO tokens will be burnt, allowing phase 1 investors to profit from further price increases.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and is still one of the most popular, created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized digital currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments. 

Bitcoin is often compared to gold because it is scarce and has been growing in value over time. Like gold, Bitcoin is difficult to mine and has a finite supply. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins created. However, unlike gold, Bitcoin is digital and can be easily divided into small fractions, making it more useful as a currency. 

With its increasing popularity and limited supply, Bitcoin is expected to grow in value in the coming months.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is another fastest-growing DeFi project developed to compete with Ethereum. Fantom was created to solve the issues of slow transaction speeds and high fees that are common with other cryptocurrencies. It can handle up to 30,000 transactions per second, while Ethereum can only handle around 15 per second. One of the ways Fantom plans to achieve this is through their “Opera” mainnet. The Opera mainnet uses a new consensus mechanism called “Lachesis.” Lachesis is a kind of “delegated proof of stake, ” meaning that network users choose block validators democratically. This should theoretically make transaction speeds much faster since more block validators are working on verifying transactions. 

Overall, Fantom holds the potential to overcome Ethereum. Thus, inserting a few FTM tokens in your portfolio for August could potentially bring generous profits.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is another leading crypto popular with its multiple-layer security measures. Avalanche is based on a new consensus protocol that is faster and more scalable than Bitcoin’s current blockchain. This makes it ideal for applications that require high transaction throughputs, such as payments and settlements. 

In addition, Avalanche is designed to be more decentralized than other cryptocurrencies, with a broader range of validators and a greater diversity of participating nodes. As a result, it is expected to be more resistant to attacks and less prone to forks, making it an attractive choice for crypto investors. 


As we enter August, a few crypto assets are expected to grow in value. Uniglo (GLO), Bitcoin (BTC), Fantom (FTM), and Avalanche (AVAX) are all expected to see strong price appreciation. Each has unique characteristics that make it attractive to investors and users alike, which should help drive demand and price over the following months.

Learn More About Uniglo:

How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App

Have you been buying your Bitcoin on Cash App? Maybe you want to send your Bitcoin to another wallet, transfer it to someone else, or move it to another exchange. Today we’ll show you how to send Bitcoin on Cash App.



How to send Bitcoin on Cash App to another wallet

How to send Bitcoin to another Cash App user

Editor’s note: We used a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13 to develop these instructions. We also verified all steps using an Apple iPhone 12 Mini Running iOS 16.5 to ensure the steps are the same on iOS and Android. Remember that some menus may look slightly different depending on your device and software version. By the way, we had to use iPhone screenshots, as the Android app doesn’t allow taking screenshots of key pages. The process is identical, though.

Launch Cash App.

Tap on the Money tab. It looks like a bank building, or your balance, if you have any.

Select the Bitcoin option.

Tap the Send or receive button. It looks like an arrow.

Pick Send bitcoin.

Select how much BTC you want to send. You can switch between dollars or Bitcoin. There is a minimum limit of 0.00005 BTC.

Tap on Send.

Enter the Bitcoin address you want to send to and select it. It will look like a long set of numbers and letters. Again, make sure this address is correct!

When you’re sure the address is correct, hit Next.

Pick between Priority, Rush, or Standard withdrawal speeds. The fee will vary.

Tap Next.

Verify the transaction details, then tap on Confirm & Send.

Enter your Cash PIN.

Hit Done.

How to send Bitcoin to another Cash App user

The process is much easier and safer if you’re trying to get your Bitcoin to another Cash App user. Cash App will actually be able to help you out with these internal transactions, and making a mistake is significantly harder.

Launch Cash App.

Tap on the Money tab. It looks like a bank building, or your balance, if you have any.

Select the Bitcoin option.

Tap the Send or receive button. It looks like an arrow.

Pick Send bitcoin.

Select how much BTC you want to send. You can switch between dollars or Bitcoin. There is a minimum limit of 0.00005 BTC.

Tap on Send.

Enter the contact’s name or $Cashtag. Then select the user.

Hit Next.

Confirm your transaction details and select Pay BTC.

Enter your Cash PIN.

Hit Done.


Nothing is free in the world of crypto, especially if you want to use a blockchain for transfers. Cash App has three transfer speed options.

Standard: This is free, but it will take about 24 or less for a transaction to go through.

Rush: This option will process your transaction in about two hours, but you will be charged your share of the blockchain fees, plus $0.50.

Priority: This option shortens transaction times to about 10 minutes, but will cost your share of the blockchain fees, plus $1.

These network transaction fees vary depending on the price of Bitcoin and the current network congestion.

Yes. You can send Bitcoin from Cash App to any Bitcoin wallet, including ones in an exchange like Coinbase. Just go to Coinbase and find your Bitcoin address.

Yes, you can send Bitcoin from Cash App to Binance. There is a pretty important caveat to keep in mind, though.

Cash App is only available in the USA and the UK, and Binance doesn’t offer its services to US customers. This means many Cash App users can’t really access Binance. If you send your funds to said exchange, you might have difficulty accessing your Bitcoin. This is no issue if you’re simply sending Bitcoin to someone with access to a Binance account, though.

Yes! The Lightning network is an excellent alternative to the Bitcoin Blockchain. It’s faster, much cheaper, and supported by Cash App.

Best Bitcoin Casino & Crypto Gambling Sites Of 2023

Bitcoin Casinos are online gambling platforms that use cryptocurrencies to facilitate gambling among users. These platforms are preferred for various reasons: they offer users anonymity, guarantee true randomness, and are easy to transact.

These are among the few reasons why online gambling with cryptocurrency has risen recently and is continuously being embraced by many more platforms, including some leading online gambling sites. 

Nevertheless, you must be careful when choosing an online gambling site to ensure you get the best experience. This review article will highlight six of the best Bitcoin casinos in the crypto gambling industry. 

Top 6 Bitcoin Casinos To Play In 2023

mBit Casino

: Overall Best Bitcoin Casino & Crypto Gambling Site, Editor’s Pick

7Bit Casino

: Highly Trusted Online Casino Sports Betting Platform 


: Recommended Crypto Gambling Site To Play Online Casino Games

Wild Casino

: Best To Play Wide Range Of Bitcoin Casino & Gambling Games

Las Atlantis

: Most Popular Live Casino Video Poker Games To Earn Real Money Online


: Top Online Casino Site With Live Chat Options 

#1. mBit Casino: Overall Best Bitcoin Casino & Crypto Gambling Site, Editor’s Pick mBit casino

mBit casino

is a highly reputable and reliable Bitcoin casino that has been in the business for over six years. mBit casino is one of the sites that 100% use and support the use of crypto among its users. 

As such, they often accept deposits and withdrawals in about seven cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. 

To start using their platform for online gambling is relatively easy. All you need to do is fill out the short online application form with essential details such as your email, username, payment mode, etc. 

Once your account has been approved, you will get access to over 1000+ online games and a welcome package of 1BTC of your initial deposit to help you get started.


Game Selection and Variety

As mentioned before, mBit Casino offers the best variety of online gambling options. The site features over 2000 online games, including live dealer games, table games, lottery games, slot games, poker, quiz tournaments, etc.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options 

The minimum deposit limits at nBit Casino are very low and are processed at no extra cost, offering players a risk-free opportunity to try out this Bitcoin casino. 

Additionally, the site accepts about seven cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin cash, Tether, Coinspad, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Lastly, we noted that the site is also fast in processing withdrawals.

Bonuses & Promotions 

Regarding user bonuses, mBit Casino is known to have the best for its new and existing clients. 

For starters, new users usually get 300 free spins for their first deposit if it is over 0.005 BTC. You are also eligible for a new user bonus of up to 5BTC for your first three deposits. 

Additionally, they have a special Friday offer that gives users up to 2.5 BTC deposit bonuses. 


Offers a variety of casino games

The site offers some of the most attractive bonuses.

It is fast and easy to withdraw your winnings from the site.

Deposits and withdrawals are accepted in six cryptocurrencies.


No mobile application.

The site does not have a fiat deposit option, which might hinder some users. 

Limited options for poker games

#2. 7Bit Casino: Highly Trusted Online Casino Sports Betting Platform

It is hard to think about the top online gambling sites without 7Bit Casino. The site is one of the pioneer sites in the online crypto gambling niche. Dama operates 7Bit Casino, NV, out of Curacao; hence you can trust the site to be very reliable and trustworthy. 

Additionally, they offer a wide range of gaming options developed by some of the industry’s most outstanding game developers, namely Evolution and Micro gaming. Some of their most popular games include live dealer games, slot games, roulette, and poker games. 


Brand Reputation 

7Bit Casino is one of the most reputable online crypto-gambling sites available. The site has a good rapport among its clients and has been in business for a long time. You can therefore trust them to be 100% reliable and trustworthy.

Deposits & Withdrawals 

7Bit Casino is primarily marketed as a crypto casino; however, we were pleased to find out that they have fiat deposit options. 

You can deposit money into your account via Neteller, Skrill, or Zimpler. It is also possible to withdraw your winnings to your account in several fiat currencies.

The best thing about depositing and withdrawing funds on 7Bit Casino is that it is fast and easy, regardless of which banking method you choose. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your payment taking too long or not being processed. 

Bonuses & Promotions 

7Bit Casino offers some of the most attractive user bonuses you can find. For starters, they offer their clients a daily cash-back deposit bonus. It allows users to earn about 5-15% of what they deposit into their accounts. 

Another attractive deposit bonus available on the site is the new user bonus. 7Bit Casino offers their new users a bonus of up to $100 or 1.5 BTC on their first deposit. Additionally, you will also get 100 free spins.

The downside of these bonuses is that they have a 24-hour expiry period; hence you must make sure to redeem them fast.

Game Variety & Selection

7Bits Casino boasts of having the broadest range of gaming variety developed by some of the most incredible gaming developers in the industry. They have over 7000 possible online games, including slot games, poker, and card games, among several others. There is something for everyone on this platform. 


They offer some of the most attractive bonuses to their new clients.

New users get 100 free spins. 

They offer fast and easy deposit and withdrawal options.

The site features over 7000 online gaming options.

7Bit Casino allows fiat deposits and withdrawals. 


Their bonuses have a 24-hour expiry period.

#3. Everygame: Recommended Crypto Gambling Site To Play Online Casino Games

Everygame is yet another very reputable Bitcoin casino available online. It is a pioneer in the industry with over two decades of experience providing a reliable platform for gamblers to find entertainment and make big winnings from online games. 

What we like most about this site is that they are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. It is evident from their customer reviews that they excel in ensuring this by putting forward some necessary measures. 

We noted that they offer various games to suit their diverse clients’ needs and preferences. Additionally, they have ensured they have a well-integrated website interface to ensure a wholesome experience for their clients. 


Gaming Variety & Selection

Everygame offers a wide range of gaming variety and selection to their clients. 

The site features over 5000 unique and top-quality games developed by some of the best gaming developers in the industry. 

So, you can be sure that as much as you earn money from this site, you will also find good entertainment. 

Bonuses & Promotions

To help them stay ahead of the game, Everygame often offers some of the most attractive bonuses to their new and existing users. 

For example, new users offer a bonus of up to 1BTC on their first deposit and also give them 100 free spins. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

Everygame is a favorable option to many gamblers, especially since they have the least deposit requirements of 0.05BTC. Additionally, we also noted that they offer fast withdrawals for winnings. 

Once you request payment, it is often processed within ten minutes or less. They do not have any history of withholding their clients’ money unless in the event of security concerns. 


The site accepts a variety of crypto payment options.

They offer attractive bonuses to their clients

The site features a wide range of gaming options.


Their sign-up process is a bit too lengthy.

No mobile application.

#4. Wild Casino: Best To Play Wide Range Of Bitcoin Casino & Gambling Games

For good reasons, Wild Casino is one of the best Bitcoin casinos in theU.S. . This online gambling site is well-known for having the best variety and quality of top games developed by the industry’s best game developers, including slot games, table games, roulette, video poker, and blackjack.

Most of their games are powered by Fresh Deck Studios software, one of the best gaming developers. As such, you can be sure of having a wholesome experience while playing these intuitive, interactive, and professionally designed games. 


Deposits & Withdrawals

By signing up on the site as a new player, you can receive a bonus of up to $9,000 in crypto for your first five deposits. 

The site also has bonuses for existing players. They usually get about 5% bonuses on all deposits made to their account and a 10% weekly discount on all wagers which should be wagered 45 times before you can withdraw. 

Withdrawing your wagers from Wild Casino is fast and easy, as one can do it anytime. All you need to do is select your preferred mode of payment, which could be cryptocurrency, bank transfer, or courier services. 


Wild Casino accepts a wide range of cryptocurrency options

They offer easy deposit options and fast withdrawals. 

They feature various gaming options to suit their customers’ needs and preferences.

They have attractive new user bonuses.


No mobile application

The site has a high wagering requirement

#5. Las Atlantis: Most Popular Live Casino Video Poker Games To Earn Real Money Online

When you think about website usability, Las Atlantis has to be the first to come to mind. This site is well known for having a professionally designed, user-friendly website interface that gives its user the best gaming experience. As a result, the site has become very popular among new and veteran gamblers. 


Deposits & Withdrawals

Las Atlantis is a crypto-based online gambling site. They only accept crypto transactions which are often a very safe way to transact online. The site accepts many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

As for withdrawals, we noted that the site has ensured that their withdrawal process is fast and easy. 


Las Atlantis has an attractive welcome bonus. The site usually offers new users a 280% welcome bonus on their initial deposit. They also have other bonuses and promotions for existing members to help them establish loyalty. 

Gaming Variety

To keep their clients entertained, as well as help them earn large from online gaming, Las Atlantis has ensured to provide a wide selection of gaming variety. 

Some of the most popular games on the site include poker, slot games, table games, card games, roulette, etc. 


They have an attractive new user bonus.

Las Atlantis features a wide range of gaming varieties.

The site has the best website interface.

They offer an easy deposit process and fast withdrawal.


No fiat currencies are accepted.

#6. Fortunejack: Top Online Casino Site With Live Chat Options 

Last but not least for this review is Fortunejack. Although the site is relatively new to the industry, they have done a great job ensuring they are among the top-rated Bitcoin casinos in the industry. 

Fortunejack is an online gambling site established in 2014; the Curacao government centralizes the company. They often have strict rules and guidelines regarding online gambling; hence, you can be sure that the site is 100% reliable and trustworthy.


Gaming Variety

Fortunejack is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. As such, they have ensured to feature a wide gaming variety. They feature over 500 games selection, including slot games, table games, poker, card games, roulette, etc., to cater to the needs and preferences of their diverse clients.

Deposit & Withdrawals

For starters, it is essential to note that Fortunejack accepts many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. 

Before you can start betting, you must deposit into your account. There is no minimum deposit requirement for this site. 

However, if you want to qualify for a bonus, you must deposit at least 0.002 BTC, which qualifies you for about 1.5 BTC deposit bonus on your deposit and 25 free spins. 

As for the withdrawals, the site has a wagering requirement of 40 wagers before you can make any withdrawals. They have a fast and easy withdrawal process compared to other sites.


They offer a variety of gaming options.

Fortunejack offers some of the most attractive new user bonuses. 

They accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies.


The site does not accept fiat currencies.

How We Made The List Of Real Money Online Casinos?

In our research, we came across more than 100 online casinos. However, we were aware that not all online sites are legit; hence, we did more in-depth research to identify the top best sites, which we will review shortly. But before then, here is a brief breakdown of the factors we considered when curating our list. 

They include:

Brand Reputation: A quick online search will show you there is no shortage of online gambling sites. However, not all sites are legit, so you should consider a brand’s reputation as a critical aspect in determining the reliability of a site. Before signing up on any site, we recommend researching and finding all you need to know about a brand. 

Game Selection & Variety: When choosing an online gambling site, it is crucial to ensure that the site provides various options to its users. Not only does this help to increase your chances of winning big, but it also goes a long way to ensure that you are entertained all through.

Bonuses & Promotions: Online gambling sites usually have attractive bonuses to offer their players. The purpose of these bonuses and promotions, therefore, is to attract users to their platforms. 

Deposit & Withdrawal Options: The purpose of signing up on an online gambling site is to make money from gambling. Therefore, you need a site that offers an easy fund deposit and withdrawal option. All the sites we have mentioned here provide an easy and fast solution for depositing and cashing out your winnings. 

Customer Support: An efficient customer support team is essential when deciding which online gambling site to sign up for because these sites solely operate online; hence you need the assurance that you will get help whenever an issue arises. 

The sites we have highlighted in this article offer the best customer service. You can easily reach their customer support team via email, live chats, phone calls, forums, or their blog page.

User Interface: A user-friendly and interactive interface is paramount for any gambling site. It helps to make the overall experience of using the site wholesome. 

Some mistakes that usually occur during betting can be prevented by simply having a website that does not glitch. Additionally, we considered sites with an integrated mobile application that allows users to keep up with their bets while on the move. 

These are just a few key factors we looked out for when curating our list. Of course, other important factors, such as licensing, privacy and security, quality of bets offered, etc., make the experience of online gambling exciting. We will, however, dwell more on this as we review each of the sites on our list. 

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Factors To Consider Before Betting Online On The Bitcoin Casino Sites

Online gambling can be a good experience or your worst nightmare, especially when you lose money. 

Therefore, you must consider all the essential factors about online gambling when choosing a Bitcoin casino to ensure a wholesome experience. 

In this section, we will highlight the most important factors to consider when choosing the best Bitcoin casino, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a veteran of online gambling. 

They include:


A valid license is a vital indicator of a reliable and trustworthy Bitcoin casino. Therefore, before signing up on any online gambling site, you must establish whether the site has a valid license. 

There are several valid licenses in the online gambling industry, including licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, The UKGC, etc. 

These are some of the industry’s best and most-known gaming licenses. A company with these licenses must undergo a strict vetting process to comply with online gambling rules and guidelines. 

Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews  are the best source of information about any Bitcoin casino you would like to check out. These reviews often come from clients who have used the services before; therefore, you can trust them to be unbiased. 

Lastly, you will also get valuable information about some of the significant drawbacks of using the platform, which will come in handy in helping you make the right decision when choosing which platform to sign up for.


The best sites for online gambling are those with a professionally designed website interface that is not only user-friendly but also very interactive. 

Therefore, before you sign up on any Bitcoin gambling site, it is necessary that you first go through the platform to test how it operates. 

Find out how easy it is to navigate and use the site, establish if it often experiences any glithes, and see if they have a mobile application. 

Doing this test is essential as it allows you to have first-hand experience using the site to help you determine if it is a suitable choice. 

Gaming Variety

One essential aspect of any Bitcoin casino worth the hype is the variety and quality of games. These come in handy to make the whole experience of online gambling wholesome. 

As such, you will want to look out for sites that offer a variety of game selections, including some of the world’s top titles and games from some of the most reputable developers on the market. 

Lastly, while considering the gaming selection, you should also be keen to note the types of games available. 

Check if the site offers you gaming preferences, including slot games, poker games, table casino games, roulette, etc. If not, signing up on such a site would be a waste of time, seeing it does not have what you need. 

Payment Options

Most often than not, any gambling site that uses crypto will always accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies to suit the preferences of their clients. 

Nevertheless, you should be keen to establish which cryptocurrencies are accepted on the various sites since they only accept some, especially if it is not one of the mainstream digital coins. 

Others will also allow fiat deposits and withdrawals to make their services more accessible to a larger population.

FAQs On Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus Games Q1. Are cryptocurrencies legal?

In most countries, cryptocurrencies are considered legal, especially since most of the globe agrees that this is the future of all things currency. Hence, it is being used as an acceptable means of transaction for various dealings, especially online transactions.

Q2. Is cryptocurrency real money or not?

Cryptocurrency is digital money; however, it can easily be converted into real money in any foreign currency. Therefore, we can agree that it is indeed real money.

Q3. What is the maximum withdrawal limit for crypto?

It often depends on the online casino you are using. Most sites, however, usually have a withdrawal limit of about 3BTC to 5BTC. 

Concluding About The Bitcoin Casino & Online Gambling Websites

There you have it: a comprehensive list of six of the best Bitcoin casinos on the market. 

We hope you have gained valuable information from this review and are now better positioned to make an informed choice. 

7 Best Whatsapp Tracker (Free Online Tracking App) In 2023

WhatsApp has gained popularity as a primary communication tool for people worldwide. However, it is never easy to keep track of who your loved ones are talking to or what they’re discussing on this platform. Using a good WhatsApp tracker app, you can easily monitor the activity of your children, employees, or anyone else using this messaging platform.

These apps allow you to see their chat history, group conversations, and even the exchanged media files. Moreover, free WhatsApp tracker apps also give you access to deleted messages.

However, this also opens the door to potential risks and dangers, especially for children and teenagers using social media platforms like WhatsApp. In this article, some top WhatsApp tracker apps are handpicked based on their free trial period, pricing, features, supported platforms, etc.

Best Whatsapp Tracker Apps (Free & Paid)

Best overall WhatsApp tracker app

mSpy is a WhatsApp tracker and monitoring tool. It can access a large amount of data from a target device. Using this app, you can track GPS location and also monitor WhatsApp messages, media files, and calls.

This WhatsApp online tracker also helps view incoming and outgoing calls. It offers over 30 monitoring features, including Keylogger, Geo-Fencing, Web History, etc.

This WhatsApp spy tool can track other social media apps like Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, and Snapchat. Besides all this, you can view any media, like videos and photos, and see whether they were sent or received. Additionally, you can access all the user’s web browser activities and history.


Record Calls and Conversations: You can record calls and listen secretly to the conversations held on the target phone.

Track WhatsApp chat: Use this WhatsApp chat tracker to view chats and conversation history. Browse through them remotely.

GPS and live location tracking: It enables you to track the other user’s GPS location with an easy-to-read map. Find out where the individual travels often and get a detailed history of their route.

Instant alerts: When specific keywords are mentioned in chats, you will receive alerts. This way, you can monitor their behavior.

Protect your kid: mSPy helps you to identify cyber-bullying activities. So you can always keep your child safe, even when you are away.

Customer support: mSpy provides 24/7 customer support through chat or email.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Read all social media and IM conversations You’ll need a separate subscription for each device

Track all texts and emails, even deleted ones. It does not allow you to access remote camera activation.

You can access collected data remotely from your online Control Panel.

It helps you to track the time and date of each conversation.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for capturing disappearing messages on WhatsApp

uMobix is a comprehensive WhatsApp tracker app that offers real-time monitoring of all activities on the target device. It can also track all incoming and outgoing messages, call logs, multimedia files, and even deleted messages.

This WhatsApp online tracker is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It is built for anyone who wishes to keep an eye on their kids’ or family members’ activities or track their employees’ phone usage.


Track call logs: This app can also track WhatsApp call logs, including the call’s time and duration.

Provides instant alerts: uMobix can monitor WhatsApp contacts and alert you when a particular contact is communicating with your target device.

Access control: You can get access to your child’s device and enter the key settings. This helps you restrict some functions and features like blocking wifi, websites, etc.

Streaming: uMobix lets you access your kid’s phone camera and microphone. No matter their location, you can hear them and watch over them in real time.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can set up this app easily, so you don’t need any technical expertise. Its pricing plans can be on the higher side compared to other similar apps in the market.

It lets you restrict some contacts from messaging your child. The iOS app functions slightly less than the Android app.

Get access to deleted contacts and find out why your child deleted them.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Best for device discovery

This app has a simple UI that makes it easy to navigate, and its keyword alerts feature notifies you when specific words or phrases are used to track WhatsApp messages. Eyezy’s compatibility with iOS and Android devices makes it accessible to everyone.


Check Whatsapp conversations: It helps you to track all WhatsApp messages and conversations, including group chats. You can get access to all incoming and outgoing texts and media files, such as videos and pictures.

Access to contact details: With this WhatsApp spy app, you can get all the contact details, including the number they’re chatting with.

Operating in stealth mode: Target device owners will not know that they are being monitored. So you can secretly view all their activities at all times.

Real time location and device history: You can see the target device’s location in real-time. It lets you view location history and WhatsApp data for up to 90 days prior.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is expensive to use it for multiple devices.

Get notified on location and movement, including arrival time. Sometimes its features do not work properly.

Customize geofenced zones.

With Eyezy, you can monitor multiple devices simultaneously.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 14-day Money Back Guarantee

Best for using the front camera for tracking

Hoverwatch has extensive monitoring features, making it an excellent choice for concerned parents and employers. With Hoverwatch, you can monitor all activities on WhatsApp, including chat conversations, multimedia files, and even deleted messages. It also lets you see any suspicious activity taking place on the target device.


Track social media: Hoverwatch allows you to track multimedia shared via WhatsApp, including photos, videos, and audio files.

Track WhatsApp voice and video calls: It can track WhatsApp calls, including both voice and video calls. This is possible as Hoverwatch has access to your camera.

Easy access to contact: Hoverwatch also provides access to WhatsApp contact lists, letting you know who your kids or employees are in contact with.

Get instant alerts: You can even set up alerts for specific keywords or phrases indicating problematic behavior. This can help you monitor your child’s behavior or keep them safe from bad influences.

User-friendly Interface: Hoverwatch has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Take screenshots in Android devices in a hidden mode. The target device must have this app installed, which may not be possible without physical access.

You can track the activity on multiple devices with a single account. Hoverwatch is not a free app and requires a subscription to access its features.

It lets you track the device even if the SIM card is removed.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: Free trial for 3-Days

Best for managing internet usage

FlexiSPY offers a range of powerful monitoring tools that allow you to remotely track all WhatsApp activity on the target device. The app provides access to chats, calls, and multimedia files and has GPS tracking.

In addition, FlexiSPY also allows users to monitor other widely-used social media apps on the target device. You can also monitor both PC and Mac apart from Android and iPhones. It is used by employers and parents to track the online activities of employees and kids.


Stealth Mode: It functions in stealth mode, making it difficult for the target user to know that they are being monitored.

Alerts: You get a notification when your target device receives or makes a call. This allows you to remain alert and track without missing any important details.

Location alerts: If you are worried that your child is not attending school or you are simply worried about their whereabouts, you can use this feature.

Reliable Customer Support: The company offers excellent customer support to assist users in case of any issues.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is one of the most expensive WhatsApp tracking apps in the market, which may not be feasible for everyone.

You can set location alerts up to 10 km.

Get notified if someone uses your name in the messages.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 7 to 10 Days

Best for exporting WhatsApp data

ClevGuard helps you to track all the chats, group conversations, media files shared and received, voice notes, and even calls made through WhatsApp. It offers a user-friendly UI that allows you to access all the monitored data easily from anywhere at any time.

This product is one of the best WhatsApp spy apps that is easy to install and set up and guarantees complete confidentiality and data privacy. Additionally, CleaverGuard also provides real-time location tracking and call logs.


Track WhatsApp conversation: It is one of the best whatsapp spy app with the ability to track conversations in real time. It allows you to see exactly what’s being said on WhatsApp at any given moment.

Real-time tracking: CleavageGuard also keeps a detailed log of all WhatsApp activity, including messages sent and received, media files shared, and even deleted messages.

Advanced security measures: All your data collected by the tracker is kept completely confidential and secure, ensuring your privacy at all times.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp: This solution lets you monitor above 10 WhatsApp data on your kid’s account. Get details like chats, status, chat screenshots, keyword alerts, photos, videos, etc.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can set a limit to WhatsApp usage for your child. Each Kids Guard solution is separately prized.

It offers Multi-Language support. It enables you to monitor one device at a time.

Retrieve deleted messages that have been backed up on iCloud or Google Drive.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

7) Xmobi

Best free WhatsApp Online Tracker

Xmobi WhatsApp tracker features help you to keep an eye on your loved ones’ WhatsApp usage without invading their privacy.

Some of the features that make Xmobi a reliable application are real-time tracking of chats, call logs, and multimedia files shared on WhatsApp. You can also see when the person was last online and get notifications whenever they come online.


Deleted message tracking: It is one of the WhatsApp spy tools that can track deleted messages. You can track the deleted messages to view the entire conversation.

Track messages remotely: This WhatsApp Hacking app can track all messages sent, received, and even deleted from anywhere. You do not need any software or require to connect the devices for tracking.

Monitor photos and videos: View all the media and monitor the individual’s WhatsApp usage. It lets you monitor all photos, videos, and pictures shared via WhatsApp.

Check WhatsApp contacts: Get access to their WhatsApp contents. Check the profiles of the WhatsApp contacts along with their profile pictures.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This tool is beginner compatible, so you don’t have to make any complicated configurations. You cannot control the screen time with Xmobi.

There might be a few technical issues that can affect its accuracy and performance.

Get access and details of the WhatsApp account in just 10 minutes.

Key Specs:

Refund Policy: Free


A WhatsApp tracker app is an application that can monitor and track the WhatsApp activity of a person. It can retrieve messages, call logs, media files, and even location data from the target WhatsApp account.

These kinds of tracker apps are often used by parents to monitor their children’s activities or by employers to track their employees’ usage of company-provided devices.

However, it is crucial to know that using such apps may be a breach of privacy and should only be done with the knowledge and consent of the person being tracked.

WhatsApp tracker app works by accessing the data on a target device and collecting information related to their WhatsApp usage. Once the tracker app is installed on the target device, it can trial all incoming and outgoing messages, call logs, multimedia files exchanged via WhatsApp, and even deleted messages.

The app then forwards this information to a remote server where it can be viewed by the person who installed it. This way, one can closely monitor their child’s or partner’s WhatsApp activity without directly accessing their device.

When you are looking for a WhatsApp tracker, you might wonder whether you need physical access to the targeted device.

Some WhatsApp trackers require physical access to the target phone to install the software and start monitoring activity. However, some trackers can be installed remotely without needing to physically access the phone.

Best Whatsapp Tracker Apps (Free & Paid) Conclusion

In conclusion, it is determined that WhatsApp Tracking apps are useful for monitoring your child’s and other loved ones’ online activities. One of the best apps for hacking into a WhatsApp account is mSpy, as it is a feature-rich application. We also recommend uMobix for its camera and audio-accessing capability and Xmobi, which is a free app.

However, you must use these applications only with the consent of the other individual. Hacking into someone’s WhatsApp without taking their permission is unethical and illegal.

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