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Home automation systems and products are on the rise. These devices make it easy and safe to manage all your smart home systems.

These types of smart home automation devices can be a great addition to any home. This futuristic technology has also been used in other areas of our daily lives, such as voice assistants and self-driving cars. Robot home delivery is another example.

Over the past few years, the global home automation market has seen exponential growth. It is projected to grow at a CAGR close to 11.5% and reach almost US$102 million by 2025. This article will show you the top home automation products currently in use.

10 Best Intelligent Home Automation Products in Use Today 1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the leading hub for Home Automation. It uses Amazon’s voice-powered technology, Alexa.

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2. Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub is one smart home automation product. It assists in setting up a home control system. This product uses Google Assistant to complete all tasks, but it also has a visual interface that acts as a voice-powered tablet device.

It can also play video and music from YouTube and other services. Google Nest Hub is a small piece of kit that can be used with other smart devices. It is also user-friendly.

3. Wink Hub 2

The Wink Hub 2 hub is the most versatile for home automation. You can set it up wirelessly, or connect it to your router using an ethernet cable.

4. Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is a company that aims to connect smart home automation systems with one hub. This hub can be controlled and tracked via a mobile app.

You can also get several peripheral devices that work with it, including motion sensors, multipurpose sensors, and smart buttons.

It also has a built-in battery backup option, which can be very useful in the event of power loss. SmartThings hub is a great choice for those who want to create a smart home automation system that can be used with various hardware pieces.

5. Apple Homekit

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6. Ring Smart Lighting System

Ring Smart Lighting System, one of the most popular smart automation products, can be used to create motion-based security lights outside your home. It’s easy to set up, integrates with other Ring devices, and works with Alexa voice commands.

7. Fan and Fireplace Automation Systems

Bond home automation Hub is one of the easiest ways to control your ceiling fan and fireplace without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

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8. Smart Home Automation Security Systems

Ring Doorbell Pro is a popular product that has received over 30500 Amazon reviews. It is also one of the most highly-rated automation products on the market. This is a great way to secure your home and make it easy for you to see, hear, and even talk to any visitor to your front door.

9. Alarm System

10. Energy Monitor System

Sense Energy Monitor can help you monitor how much money, time and energy you’re wasting in your home. The Sense Energy Monitor keeps track of everything from one app. It is the most popular product in automation and is highly sought after.

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Hashedin: Driving Digital Transformation With Intelligent Saas Products And Platforms

Digital transformation is disrupting businesses in every industry today. Smart organizations are utilizing technology to optimize internal processes, enhance customer experiences, build new business models, process and platforms. This transformation is bringing in connectivity and visibility into every aspect of their operations. HashedIn, a product development and services company has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation, leveraging its expertise and experience in building intelligent SaaS solutions and platforms  

An Ode to a Path-breaking Journey

HashedIn began its journey with an aim to be the next-generation deep-tech SaaS solution provider. The company’s solution-oriented approach in understanding the business nuances, has made it the go-to technology team for its clients. Over the years, it has developed some innovative reusable modules, proprietary tools, and processes that help realize the client’s idea faster, giving them a competitive edge. HashedIn firmly believes that the customer experience, people, process, and culture plays a crucial role in tech-enabled transformations. The company’s product portfolio includes MeetNotes (a SaaS-based meeting assistant) and RDB tools (a memory optimization tool). HashedIn continuously invests in developing new technologies to make software products more integrated, customer focused, analytics-driven, and AI led. The company’s key focus areas include: •    Building intelligent SaaS solutions •   Cloud Infrastructure •   Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning •  Business Analytics & Data Engineering •   Modernization of legacy applications •   Digital Transformation  

The Trailblazer of the Company

The company is led by Mr. Himanshu Varshney, CEO, and Co-Founder. He is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and has been an active leader and volunteer for the IIT-G Alumni Bangalore Chapter. Having started his career at Trilogy Software, he comes with industry experience of 15+ years. In his capacity as the Director, he headed the delivery team for Trilogy Inc. He was largely instrumental in driving 100% customer success rate and in bringing guaranteed outcomes to businesses. In his current role as the CEO, he wears multiple hats at HashedIn and has led the team from inception. He follows the philosophy of “Lead by Vision”.  

Mastering the Craft of Digital Transformation

One of the main challenges for many enterprises today is to modernize existing software assets. HashedIn’s modernization offering is focused on ‘Re-inventing’ existing software assets to make them more aligned with Digital Business needs. This is done by focusing on SaaSifying and Cloudifying the product, enhancing Agility through DevOps automation, transforming UI/UX and the complete rewrite of the application code by leveraging HashedIn’s RAPiD framework when required. HashedIn’s Product Innovation offering enables customers to partner with them. Here, HashedIn brings in the value of Product design thinking, Agile delivery, Modern software engineering, and DevOps best practices. These steps are coupled with a lot of experience in crafting digital products for customers via an Agile squad as a service; to help conceptualize, launch and scale great products.  

Establishing Benchmarks Through Disruption

Over the years of its association with AWS, HashedIn has helped 50+ organizations in creating reliable, scalable and robust cloud infrastructure. HashedIn has also played an important role in educating and migrating multiple legacy enterprises to AWS. Few of company’s applications hosted on AWS handles around 1M+ hits per day.  

Leveraging Latest Innovation Through Strategic Partnerships

HashedIn thrives in a culture of innovation and partners with firms like Amazon AWS, Redis Labs and Salesforce to build high-performance SaaS products. Redis Labs – HashedIn is the only Consulting and Implementation partner in the Asia Pacific. Salesforce – Consulting partner with expertise in Heroku platform.  

Proud Moments to Cherish

HashedIn has been honoured with various awards and recognition over the years. Some of the notable ones include “Great place to work” and “Best Startups to Work for” by Red Herring.  

Client Testimonials

“HashedIn team has worked diligently with us to design the Morpheus desktop website. The team delivered an intelligent design and robust solution against a challenging schedule. They accommodated many new requirements and gave impressive results with every task.”   “HashedIn developers got assimilated very quickly into the core development team at Nutanix, anticipating our needs quickly. Having done this successfully, they are continuing to deliver stellar service.”  

Future Roadmap

10 Best Rgb Controller Software To Use In 2023

10 Best RGB Controller Software to Use in 2023 RGB lighting components need powerful tools for programing




Theming your entire PC around a color scheme can be surprisingly enjoyable, and RGB lighting is a terrific starting point for customizing your PC.

RGB lighting your computer is a complex job that requires good software to program all your components.

Using the best PC lighting software, you can customize your PC’s lighting to ensure that it matches your requirements.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Red, Green, and Blue, or RGB, is a method of describing the colors that will be shown on a computer screen.

To create any color in the visible spectrum, the best PC lighting software mixes red, green, and blue in different ratios. 

R, G, and B levels can each be anywhere between 0% and 100% of maximum intensity. The best PC lighting software is different for everyone and in this article, we are going to discuss a number of them. 

RGB lighting your computer requires more than just sticking a light strip inside the casing or adding a blue light filter. Almost every part you select for your PC has a function.

The majority of the component makers include their software for managing their lighting systems in their shipping packages.

Can I control my RGB lights with my PC?

Yes, you can! Depending on how your Main gear system is set up, you can control the RGB lighting on your system in two different ways.

First, make use of the remote. You must change the RGB controller from motherboard controlled to remote controlled if the remote is unresponsive.

To do this, locate the RGB/Fan controller by removing the chassis’ rear side panel. There is a switch on the top side of the controller; flip it (On the TURBO this controller is in the rear near the power extension cable). 

Second, use the RGB control program that is compatible with the motherboard manufacturer. On the motherboard itself or your invoice, you can find the manufacturer’s branding.

These are normally pre-installed, but if you’ve had to reinstall Windows or delete them, you can find links for each manufacturer and the name of the program online.

What is the best software I can use to control my PC lighting? 1. Corsair iCUE – Wide range of features

Corsair always aims to create something distinctive and remarkable. The iCUE app from Corsair is the only one that provides extra features.

With the Corsair iCUE, you can regulate fan speed, keyboard key function, and mouse DPI settings in addition to lighting.

There are numerous preset lighting effects by default. You may also set complex keys, manage key mapping, and create profiles for particular programs. You can handle all corsair items from this program.

⇒ Get Corsair iCUE

2. RGB Fusion 2.0 – Best for compatibility

One of the greatest programs for managing your RGB lighting effects is RGB Fusion. This software can synchronize different effects between all devices.

When you want to individually personalize the light effects and have a fantastic gaming experience, this is your best choice.

You don’t need a Gigabytes motherboard to use the fantastic app Gigabytes RGB Fusion 2.0. The majority of RGB gadgets are supported, and it is compatible with various motherboards.

However, you can discover that this program isn’t operating flawlessly. Downloading RGB Fusion 2.0’s most recent version will help you address this problem. The most recent version includes bug fixes.

⇒ Get RGB Fusion 2.0

3. OpenRGB SDK – Best for customization

One of the best open-source RGB lighting controller programs is called OpenRGB. This program is very compatible with all RGB devices because it is independent of the manufacturer’s software.

Your RGB can all be controlled by third-party software thanks to OpenRGB’s network-based Software Development Kit.

This makes it possible to integrate games, visualize the music, change the lighting, and do anything else you can think of. The wide functionality of OpenRGB is one of its benefits.

You can control the RGB lighting on motherboards, graphics cards, mice, keyboards, RAM modules, coolers, mouse mats, and other devices using this program.

Additionally, it supports a wide range of manufacturers, including Corsair, ASUS, and Gigabyte.

⇒ Get OpenRGB SDK

4. Signal RGB – Best for immersion by synchronizing

One of the most widely used all-in-one RGB control programs is SignalRGB. Numerous video games also support this program, allowing you to maximize immersion by synchronizing the illumination with the in-game visuals.

Games like Forza Horizon 5, Halo: MCC, Apex Legends, etc. are among the numerous titles in the current collection.

SignalRGB is available in two versions from WhirlwindFX. The free version offers complete hardware compatibility, lighting effects, and control over a mouse’s CPI.

SignalRGB is meant to allow adding lighting effects to supported hardware straightforwardly. So, open the app, find a pleasing effect, install it and use it with your compatible hardware. It’s that simple!

⇒ Get Signal RGB

5. MSI Mystic Light – Consistent performance

This software provides a consistent RGB performance that no other app can match, making it one of the best PC lighting software.

Your RGB keyboard, CPU cooler, GPU, motherboard, case fans, and RAMs may all be synced up via Mystic Light.

Expert tip:

⇒ Get MSI Mystic Light

6. ASUS Aura Sync – Best for full control

The most well-liked and frequently downloaded program by those who enjoy showcasing their lit computers with RGB effects is ASUS Aura Sync.

Additionally, a full RGB gaming setup has neon lighting throughout, much like in the film Tron: Legacy.

If you’re an RGB fanatic, you might want to use the aura sync app to control every RGB light in your home.

However, this very popular RGB controlling program has some limitations too. Only motherboards that offer ASUS Aura Sync are compatible with this app.

⇒ Get ASUS Aura Sync

7. JackNet RGB – Simple and effective

Like OpenRGB this is free software too. When managing all of the RGB devices in one location, this app is the best. JackNet can identify every RGB component, which is more practical for users.

This program is simple to install, and because of its streamlined user interface, it is easy to handle any RGB device. It allows you to apply numerous RGB effects and synchronize them with a variety of devices. 

Additionally, you can give effects to specific components. To utilize this app, you must install and launch the manufacturer’s software.

⇒ Get JackNet RGB

8. Razer Chroma – Best for multiple color support

Razer Synapse software incorporates Razer Chroma, which is the company’s RGB software platform.

The range of colors supported by Razer Chroma is up to 16.8 million, making it one of the best PC lighting software.

This has a more striking sound, but it has about the same number of colors as RGB lighting environments.

⇒ Get Razer Chroma

9. HyperX NGenuity – Best for its lighting system

HyperX’s RGB lighting system is named NGenuity and is one of the best PC lighting software. On HyperX mice, keyboards, headphones, and memory modules, you can get NGenuity.

Although it has been more popular recently, HyperX’s lighting technology isn’t quite as prevalent because it competes in fewer categories than more well-known brands like Razer or SteelSeries. 

A spectrum of up to 16.8 million colors is supported by the HyperX NGenuity lighting system, which puts it roughly on par with the majority of the competition.

It also supports game profiles, macros, per-key customization, and sharing your lighting presets. 

⇒ Get NGenuity

10. Logitech Lightsync – Best for multiple device support

The RGB lighting system used by Logitech G is known as Lightsync and can be used on Logitech G mice, keyboards, headphones, and speakers. Logitech G Lightsync provides a spectrum of up to 16.8 million colors. 

It enables sharing your lighting settings, per-game profiles, macros, and per-key customization just like NGeunity does. It is both affordable and comfortable to use. 

⇒ Get Logitech Lightsync

How do I sync my PC with RGB lights?

You can only manually sync it if you have some RGB setup through a remote switch on the casing unless it has access to the motherboard.

There is no method for it to communicate with any software or other control firms.

Ultimately, all RGB/ARGB must converge on a single point, which can then be controlled by hardware or software. With that swap, you currently have two separate RGB systems.

The same fundamental type must also apply to all RGB. Either ARGB/DRGB or RGB. It is practically impossible to have an RGB fan produce any sort of rainbow effects.

If it does, you might require fan speed controllers. However, some software will let you manage both types in solid color blocks and fades.

Sync RGB lighting from different brands

It can be challenging to sync from multiple brands at times, but keep in mind that different brands are sometimes produced by the same company.

Simply put, you might have to try different settings or, if they’re from the same brand, you might get away with them.

The available routines in the programs can vary at times, but they all support basic color and brightness sets.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of lighting software applications you can use for all your RGB.

You might also be interested in our list of the best fan speed controllers to buy and customize your PC.

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Six Perfect Tech Products Everyone Should Use

The tech press and gadget blogosphere obsess over new products, new Web sites, new technologies and new ideas. We all love the shock of the new.

But the truth is, the very best products in this industry are new versions of old products. 1.0 releases often take bold stabs at solving existing problems. But only after a few really smart tweaks do they become ultra compelling and, in some cases, indispensable.

The most obvious example of this phenomenon is the iPhone. Apple’s original shot at smart phone greatness two years ago grabbed more attention than just about any product ever. Never mind that it lacked basic functionality nearly universal in the industry, such as copy and paste, a decent camera and third-party applications. This month’s iPhone 3GS version was probably the least hyped iPhone. But it’s orders of magnitude better and more useful than the original.

There seems to be some kind of inverse relationship between the hype a product gets and its quality. When people stop talking about something, you know it’s truly great. That’s why I’m writing this column. Some of the greatest software and services in the industry have shipped in the last few days, and others will become available in the coming weeks and months, and they’re not getting the attention they deserve.

Of course, most products get better in subsequent versions. But some get so good that they can actually enhance your career, your relationships — and your life. Here are the 6 old products perfected by brand-new improvements.

My favorite communications app of all time is Disgby. The free desktop software channels Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, MSN, AIM, ICQ and Google Talk messages into its IM-style pop-up-and-chat format.

A brand-new version of Digsby hit this week, which cuts the software’s CPU usage by half. And now it supports Web search. Just hit Ctrl+F, and you get a search for buddies. But below the selected buddies are options for Google, iTunes, Wikipedia and a bunch of other sites you can search on.

Digsby actually solves the problem of having to visit a gazillion sites to check in on your peeps. Their messages come to you, and all in one place, which is nice.

Best of all, the brand-new version has been updated, optimized and tweaked to perfection.

One upon a time there was a startup called GrandCentral. The idea was a single phone number that you could print on your business cards and share with friends and family. But behind the scenes, on a Web-based app, you could change the phone actually reached via that number, either on a schedule, or on the fly. So during business hours, your single phone number called your office landline. Nights and weekends it called your cell phone. On vacation, it dialed your hotel room in Cabo.

In addition, the service promised Web-based voicemail management and transcription, SMS notification and even the ability to listen in as people left voice-mail messages with the option of jumping in and saying hi.

Well, Google bought GrandCentral two years ago, and stopped taking new customers. Behind the scenes, Google has been secretly improving and perfecting the service in anticipation of a public re-launch, which should happen any day now.

Once launched, Google Voice, as it will be called, will solve a long list of real problems. For example, you’ll be able to block phone numbers, send and receive SMS online, switch phones during a call and a lot of other useful things.

Google Voice will be a must-have service. But I’m guessing that the number of accounts will be limited, so get on the invite list now.

Windows Vista was a train wreck, but the now-finished version of Vista, called Windows 7, will be the best Windows ever when it ships in October.

Vista was a pig. But Windows 7 has been streamlined and performance-optimized. Rather than requiring more hardware power than its predecessor, it needs less. Windows 7 boots faster; is much more stable; is more customizable; has a powerful, multi-purpose search box on the Start menu; and it has a host of features that make everything faster.

Security, networking and other common chores are all much easier in Windows 7.

Best of all, surprisingly well-designed user interface enhancements will make it fun to use. These include a new Taskbar; something called Aero Snap for easily optimizing window layouts; and a whole new way for icons to appear, function and provide user feedback.

Windows 7 will be the most boring, the least talked about, and by far the best version of Windows ever. Don’t even think about not upgrading.

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Top 10 Industrial Automation Trends To Know In 2023

The Top 10 Industrial Automation Trends in 2023 are illustrated below

Industrial automation improvements boost output efficiency, cut costs, and streamline procedures. Manufacturers are using industrial automation because of this. Startups further expedite this process by providing off-the-shelf, readily integrable, and scalable automation solutions. An overview of the top 10 industrial automation trends for 2023 is given in this article. They include wearables, blockchain, sophisticated robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Discover how they affect your business by reading on.

1. Artificial Intelligence: AI allows robots to learn, adapt, and decide independently. It helps manufacturers find asset trends and anomalies so they can optimize output and cut down on downtime. Industrial robots and drones with built-in AI are more precise and help with jobs like material handling, maintenance, and inspection. As a result, there will be less need for human involvement and less chances of mishaps. AI thereby increases the effectiveness of maintenance procedures and extends the life of the equipment. To create these solutions, startups use machine learning (ML), deep learning, and computer vision.

2. IoT: All industrial machinery and equipment must be connected to gather and evaluate real-time data for industrial automation. This is possible by IioT, enabling industrial organizations to optimize production, lower downtime, and enhance safety. It also allows production managers to keep an eye on the settings and circumstances on the floor. In addition, IIoT-powered systems warn staff members and operators of possible dangers, track staff members’ whereabouts and health, and provide more effective emergency responses. To shift data processing closer to the source, startups also focus on edge IoT and artificial intelligence of things (AIoT).

3. Contemporary Robotics: In risky situations, robots help employees to reduce accidents and address labor shortages. Cobots, or collaborative robots, cooperate with people and change to fit their environment. This enables them to carry out a variety of jobs, including assembly, packing, and equipment maintenance. These robots lower labor expenses and improve the effectiveness of production lines. Additionally, startups are developing mobile robots that can move across unstructured areas and robotic arms that have improved dexterity and accuracy. As a result, such end-of-arm tools (EOAT) automate welding, picking, placement, and 3D printing operations. Robots with self-healing capabilities also require less upkeep.

4. Edge Computing: The need for real-time data processing and low-latency connectivity in industrial environments motivates edge computing. Cloud-based solutions can ease distant data access for enterprises while lowering IT overhead. Thus, for industrial automation, factories combine edge and cloud computing. For instance, whereas cloud computing enables data analytics, storage, and access, edge computing handles real-time monitoring and equipment control. Startups help with this by providing platforms and devices that can be integrated into current equipment to allow edge or cloud computing, reducing the need for internal product development.

5. VR & AR: The use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) increases worker productivity and security. As an illustration, VR mimics real-life circumstances to assist in the training of personnel, enabling them to train in secure and regulated surroundings. Additionally, immersive technologies enable real-time information exchange to raise worker productivity and lower human mistake rates. Startups are developing AR software for supported industrial equipment maintenance and providing digital twins of factories and assets utilizing immersive reality technology. Immersive technologies, therefore, help process automation, enhance worker security, boost output, and decrease downtime.

6. The requirement for precise, accurate, and complicated part geometries, necessitating expensive gear, slows production processes. The creation of parts is automated in additive manufacturing, shortening the lead time for product development and prototyping. Additionally, 3D printing enables producers to design unique goods and parts. It reduces tooling costs and material waste to a minimum. Therefore, startups use cutting-edge 3D printing technology and materials to boost printing speed and accuracy.

7. Automation of manufacturing workflows through industrial digitalization is required, which raises the danger of cyberattacks. Downtimes, the loss of private information, and financial harm result from this. Cybersecurity for enterprises becomes crucial to safeguarding production operations. These technologies shield industrial control systems (ICS) from unwanted access. Additionally, cybersecurity solutions shield intellectual property (IP), which costs money and harms reputation, and stop data breaches. AI-based cyber threat detection and comprehensive security options for IIoT systems are further alternatives. Startups also develop operational technology (OT) device security software solutions integrated into current systems.

8. Production floors incorporate 5G to provide real-time communication and data processing due to higher data rates, lower latency, and more capacity. This is essential for industrial automation because it makes M2M communication more dependable. Workflows for producing things become more productive and efficient as a result. Additionally, 5G allows for equipment management and remote monitoring. Additionally, 5G enables the integration of data-intensive technologies for more effective production systems, including IIoT, AR, VR, and AI. Entrepreneurs are developing hardware and software to implement 5G networks and devices powered by 5G in industrial settings.

9. Blockchain provides safe data exchange across devices, people, and organizations and decentralized communication. Startups also provide smart contracts for tracking and authenticating goods along the supply chain, decentralized equipment control and monitoring, and supply chain management. This improves data access and sharing while automating stakeholder coordination and cooperation. Therefore, blockchain creates a transparent, secure, and self-managing industrial ecosystem.

For Today Only, Itunes Is Offering 10

Ten years ago this month, digital movies launched on iTunes with just 75 titles, all from studios owned by Disney in which Steve Jobs was the largest individual shareholder. Today, iTunes offers more than 85,000 feature-length movies for purchase or rental. To celebrate ten years of iTunes Movies, Apple is offering six ten-movie bundles, priced at just $9.99.

For today only, customers in the United States can buy these bundles packed with releases from Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate and Sony Pictures that cover a wide range of genres.

Here’s Apple’s message:

We can’t believe it’s been ten years since we first launched iTunes Movies. We’ve loved every minute of finding new ways for viewers to connect with and collect their favorite movies, as well as new ones we can’t get enough of. We’re celebrant by taking a look back at some of the biggest and best movies that have one out since we hit the scene. Explore a variety of bundles, top sellers and more from throughout the years.

And here are your download links:

10 Years of iTunes Movies—Warner Bros.: The Judge (2014), Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Pacific Rim (2013), Magic Mike (2012), Contagion (2001), The Town (2010), The Hangover (2009), Sex and the City: The Movie (2013), 300 (2007) and Superman Returns (2006). All movies in this bundle come with iTunes Extras, except Contagion, Sex and the City: The Movie and Superman Returns.

10 Years of iTunes Movies—Universal Studios: Ride Along (2014), Identity Theft Unrated Edition (2013), Rush (2013), Snow White & Huntsman Extended Edition (2012), The Adjustment Bureau (2011), Little Fockers (2010), It’s Complicated (2009), Forgetting Sarah Marshall Unrated Edition (2008), Knocked Up Unrated Edition (2007) and Inside Man (2006). In this bundle, only Ride Along contains iTunes Extras.

10 Years of iTunes Movies—Paramount: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2024), Selma (2024), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Flight (2012), No Strings Attached (2011), The Fighter (2010), Up in the Air (2009), Tropic Thunder Director’s Cut (2008), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and Zodiac (2007). Titles with iTunes Extras include Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Selma, The Wolf of Wall Street, Flight and The Fighter.

10 Years of iTunes Movies—Sony Pictures: The Monuments Men (2014), Captain Phillips (2013), To Rome With Love (2012), Moneyball (2011), The Social Network (2010), Easy A (2010), Julie & Julia (2009), Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008), The Pursuit of Happyness (2007) and The Da Vinci Code Extended Cut (2009). All movies in this bundle have iTunes Extras except Julie & Julia, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and The Pursuit of Happyness.

10 Years of iTunes Movies—Lionsgate 1: Divergent (2014), Now You See Me (2013), Warm Bodies (2013), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), Margin Call (2011), Warrior (2011),  The Switch (2011), Kick-Ass (2010), Twilight Extended Edition (2008) and No Country for Old Men (2007). Each and every title in this bundle include iTunes Extras.

10 Years of iTunes Movies—Lionsgate 2: Ender’s Game (2013), Mud (2013), The Impossible (2012), Arbitrage (2012), The Cabin in the Woods (2012), The Hunger Games (2012), The Expendables (2010), The Cove (2009), Gone Baby Gone (2007) and The Queen (2006). All titles in the bundle have iTunes Extras.

If you’re a movie buff like yours truly, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to buy these bundles as you’ll end up paying just a buck per movie. I’ve purchased all six bundles because I think $60 is a small price to pay to own sixty high-definition movies, most of which come with additional iTunes Extras.

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