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10 Best Running Apps For Android and iOS In 2023 Top 10 Running Apps For Android and iOS

This list will assist you in locating the information you need to make the most of your kilometers, whether you are a novice runner or an experienced expert.

1. Just Run: Zero to 5K

Just Run is a simple app with a 9-week Zero to 5K plan. Simple software Just Run offers a 9-week Zero to 5K program. An easy-to-use fitness app called Just Run can help you start running. You’ll be able to complete a 5K in 9 weeks if you follow your chosen plan. It works! Compatible with podcast, audiobook, and music applications. You won’t ever miss a cue since Just Run will momentarily reduce the volume of the other app while telling you to run or stroll.

Technical Specifications: Version: 1.6.1 in Android and 2.0.2 in iOS


Lock screen notifications.

Target dates for each workout.

Works with music/podcast


Needed a premium account to access more features.

Optimization issue in some particular smartphones.

Download Just Run for Android & iOS.

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2. Map My Run

Map My Run is a product of “Under Armour,” one of the most valuable and recognized sports business brands. Using GPS, it will track your path; mileage traveled, pace, and more. This software features bells and whistles to keep you on track and motivated to reach your objectives, regardless matter whether you are a beginner, professional athlete, or runner. On your preferred social networking sites, you can also let your pals know how your training is going.

Technical Specifications: Version: 22.13.0 in Android and 22.13.0 in iOS


One year of free premium services.

Easily sync it with all the latest apps and wearables.

Real-time audio coaching.


Live tracking comes with a premium account.

A Premium subscription will cost USD 5.99/month.

Download Map My Run for Android & iOS.

3. Sports Tracker – Best Running App for Android

Not only is it the earliest sports app, but it’s also one of the greatest fitness applications available. Track your workout progress by keeping a log of your activities, such as distance walks and cycling. One of the top Android running applications is Sports Tracker. It is the most feature-rich, user-friendly fitness app because of its award-winning GPS tracking features. What’s best is that you don’t have to struggle alone!

Technical Specifications: Version: 4.55.3 in Android and 6.9.0 in iOS


Record your data in ‘Workout Diary.’

Route-specific performance with the “On this Route.”

Save your favorite routes to run, hike, or bike.


Can’t start/stop the workout from the home screen.

Bugs after recent updates.

Download Sports Tracker for Android & iOS.

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4. Run Keeper

With Lifehacker’s top running app for 2012, you can monitor your pace, gauge exercise distance, track weight loss, and achieve training objectives. Whether you’ve just decided to get off the couch for a 5K, bike every day, or are well into a marathon, Run Keeper is the simplest method to increase your fitness level. You can monitor all of your statistics on your wrist with an Android Wear wristwatch.

Technical Specifications: Version: 13.3.1 in Android and 13.3 in iOS


The app will notify you when it’s time for new running shoes.

Run keeper android widget.

Guided Workouts


Can’t share your progress on social platforms.

App freeze issues.

Download Run Keeper for Android & iOS.

5. Adidas Running

It is the ideal app if you are new to running. You can keep track of your runs, jogs, walks, and bike rides with GPS tracking and step monitoring. Additionally, the app offers more than 90 athletic activities, including swimming and yoga. On your Android Wear OS watch, use the Adidas running app to log your activities, complete challenges, and view your status.

Technical Specifications: Version: 12.23 in Android and 12.22 in iOS


Built-in GPS tracking, pedometer & mile tracker.

Choose over 90 sports.

Wear OS, Google Fit, and Garmin Connect devices can be integrated with Adidas running.


Vital features come with a premium account.

App freezing issue after recent 2023 update.

Download Adidas Running for Android & iOS.

6. Running Distance Tracker +

Running Tracker Plus keeps track of your pace, calories burned, and more. The Google Play Store’s most precise running distance/time tracker. As you run toward your goal distance or time, verbal feedback and music player access are included. It also keeps track of your past runs and progression over time and displays a detailed journal of your running activity.

Technical Specifications: Version: 3.715 in Android


Track your average and the current pace.

Keep a record of your history with monthly averages.


Not so user-friendly interface.

The premium account comes at $10/month.

Download Running Distance Tracker+ for Android.

7. Strava Tracker – Best Running App for iOS

Utilize the Strava activity tracker to monitor your fitness. Keep track of your workouts, chart your favorite run or bike route, and evaluate your progress with detailed statistics. With Strava, you can transform your phone or GPS watch into a sophisticated cycling or running tracker. This application is fantastic for those who thrive in a friendly, competitive setting and prefer traveling off the main path.

Technical Specifications: Version: 261.9 in Android and 261.0.0 in iOS


Records routes on Strava feed.

Join clubs of brands, teams, and friends.

Share the route map.


Need to pay to get customizable training plans.

Occasional crashing issues.

Download Strava Tracker for Android & iOS.

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8. Run with Hal

Run with Hal uses Hal Higdon’s coaching to create a customized training plan based on your running habits, fitness level, and daily schedule to help you win any race, from a 5k to a marathon. “The internet’s most well-known running training plan guru,” Hal Higdon With 16 books to his credit and more than 175 pieces published in periodicals including Runner’s World, USA Today, Fitness, and American Health, Hal Higdon is a prolific writer.

Technical Specifications: Version: 3.6.0 in Android and 3.5.0 in iOS


Hal personalizes pace based on your current fitness.

Sync your Garmin.

Utilize the GPS on your phone to capture your runs.


Consistency issues.

Not user-friendly.

Premium features come at USD 6.99/month.

Download Run with Hal for Android and iOS.


Technical Specifications: Version: 4.19.8 in Android and 4.20.8 in iOS



Share Workouts and Runs with your circle.

In-app access to your Spotify and Apple Music.


Consistent freezing issues.

Download PUMATRAC for Android & iOS.

10. Running App – GPS Run Tracker

Running has been shown to enhance metabolism, and following a structured strategy will help you burn more calories. The app offers workout plans created by qualified fitness trainers. These crafts for running, jogging, and walking are appropriate for all skill levels. It provides a variety of training schedules, including my first 5-K, Pace Academy, walking for weight reduction, and running for weight loss.

Technical Specifications: Version: 1.3.0 in Android and 1.2.4 in iOS


Sync your running and training data.

Set your weekly and yearly goals.

Get audio feedback.


Inconsistent GPS tracking.

Download Running App – GPS Run Tracker for Android and iOS.

To Conclude The Above

From music streaming to GPS tracking and beyond, these are the ten best running apps for Android and as well as for your iOS device. Running apps are an essential part of the exercise experience for many people, whether you’re a casual jogger or someone who trains for marathons.

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11 Best Hunting Apps For Ios And Android In 2023

In hundreds and thousands, Americans go hunting across the country when the hunting season starts in all 50 states of the USA. It’s the US’s most sought-after, exciting, and traditional sport.

Naturally, the mobile apps industry has also entered the hunting sport with its vast inventory of mobile and tablet apps that help hunters stay safe, compliant, and enjoy the hunting season.

Whether highly skilled or newbies in this sport, every hunter will benefit from this ultimate list of the best hunting apps.

Why Do You Need a Hunting App?

Though hunting is a traditional sport in the USA, there’re strict rules across the country to conserve wildlife.

Also, it’s not a simple sport as it involves complex activities. However, the best free hunting map apps help you to follow the state and federal laws related to this recreational activity.

Some other essential use cases for free hunting apps are:

Understanding public and private land regulations

Knowing the property boundaries for hunting

Solunar pattern forecasting

Wind direction checking

Past animal activities in allowed hunting grounds

Scouting the landscape

Following trails

Controlling trail cameras

Now that you know the reasons to use the best free or paid hunting apps, find reliable apps for hunting in the wilderness below:

Best Hunting Apps for iPhone 1. HuntStand: Maps, GPS & Tools

HuntStand answers the famous question of hunters across the country, “What Is the Best Hunting App?” Because it offers must-have assistance, you need during hunting. For example, you’ve got hunting ground maps, offline weather, online weather, hunting tracking, and social media for hunters.

You can also access informative content on hunting gears, tactics, rules, experiences from expert hunters, and more.

2. SAS Survival Guide

It consists of a complete survival guidebook by an ex-SAS instructor and soldier. Also, there are resources to help you locate edible flora and fauna in the wilderness, track animal footsteps, track locations, the position of the Sun, etc.

3. onX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps

When hunting in the wilderness, you can quickly lose track of your position from the nearest campaign ground or hunting mates. In such situations, you can use onX Hunt: GPS Hunting Maps, one of the best free hunting apps.

It creates a topological map of the hunting space using GPS satellites to show reliable data on your position, other hunters in the area, nearby camping grounds, etc.

4. Hunting Calendar, Solunar

Hunting Calendar, Solunar, is one of the best hunting times apps. Its hunting calendar feature will automatically mark good hunting days on your calendar when the local hunting season begins.

That’s not all! The app will display an accurate time frame for hunting specifically approved species on federal and state hunting grounds. Also, you can use its animal calling sounds to attract approved animals.

5. iHunt Hunting Calls 750

iHunt Hunting Calls 750 is another free hunting app that gives you free access to 75 animal calls.

Apart from the animal calls, you get hunting assistance features like the Solunar timetable, GPS-based activity log, social media for hunting photo sharing, weather forecasts for outdoor camping and hunting, and much more.

Best Hunting Apps for iPad 6. Solunar Best Hunting Times

Solunar Best Hunting Times is another best hunting times app with Free and Pro subscription plans. The app is best suited for iPad if you need to see the current and future predictions on a large display.

You can use its following features to plan practical hunting trips:

Tracking Sun and Moon

Monitoring animal feeding time

Tracking wind direction

Finding out hunter-friendly ratings of hunting grounds

Automatic and manual GPS location

Apple Watch compatibility

7. HuntWise: A Better Hunting App

The HuntWise app comes with an intelligent algorithm that utilizes the Solunar timetable and local animal tracking data to create a flawless prediction of animal movement.

Thus, you enter any approved hunting ground to hunt turkey, whitetail, waterfowl, and more at the right time when animals are there. You can enjoy camping in the wilderness and cooking your catch for the rest of the day.

8. BaseMap: Hunting GPS Maps

You can also access the rich content library from the BaseMap community section to sharpen your hunting skills. It also helps you find out hunting grounds with plenty of animal tracks and activities.

Best Hunting Apps for Android 9. The Woods Hunting App – extend

Want to find out what is the best free hunting app with social features? You must try out The Woods Hunting App – extend. It lets you create maps of your hunting area, tag hunting pints, map hunting camps, etc., and share the map with other hunters.

Its intuitive mapping interface also lets you place custom hunting waypoints for blinds, tree stands, landlines, harvests, etc. You can also plan a complete hunting trip with friendly hunters online.

10. ZEISS Hunting

ZEISS Hunting is for you if you use hunting equipment and tools from the ZEISS Hunting catalog. You can download and use the app for free if you’re using any of these ZEISS Hunting products:



ZEISS Victory RF

11. HuntSmart: The Trail Cam App

If you love animal videography during the hunting season, you should try HuntSmart: The Trail Cam App. You can connect many old and new cameras in the app. Also, there are GPS location-based maps to manage your cameras and their feed, everything from one app.

Best Hunting Apps: Final Words

Now you know the best hunting apps for the hunting season in the USA. Therefore, you can install any of the above on a compatible smartphone and tablet before you go recreational hunting.

To prepare for the upcoming hunting and camping season, you must know the best weather apps for iPad, the best fishing apps for Android and iOS, and the all-new Apple Weather App for iOS.

10 Best Ecard Apps For Android

The best ecard apps for Android

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Price: Free / $1.49

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Greetify is another decent spot for some ecards. This one has all kinds of events, even basic stuff like good morning or good evening. The UI is simple and easy to use, even it takes a bit to scroll through everything. The app boasts a collection of 15,000 greeting cards overall. If we had any feedback for the developer, it would be an easier way to sort through all of them. Plus, the hamburger menu is in another language. That’s not a huge deal because it doesn’t house anything except for your favorites (the heart icon). It definitely has a couple of weird things, but the greeting cards are good and they are easy to share.

Ink Cards

Invitation Card Maker

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Invitation Card Maker is an app that lets you create invitation cards. For example, you can create a card for an upcoming BBQ. Once done, the image saves to your gallery and you can send it via text, email, or however. The elements on the card are generally customizable so you can organize stuff in the way you want. It honestly pretty well and most of the controls are self-explanatory. There are a few RVSP-style ecard apps that work well, including Invitation Maker by Nilesh Jain (Google Play) and Greetings Island (Google Play). Between this app and those two, you should be able to find what you need.

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Jacquie Lawson Ecards

Price: Free / $20.00 per year

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Jacquie Lawson Ecards is kind of like a boutique for ecard apps. It doesn’t have a ton of cards with only about 400 total selections. However, the app boasts hand-drawn artwork. Apparently, the artists draw the card and then they scan it, animate it, and add it to the app. The app lets you add messages with up to 1,500 characters. You can also schedule deliveries and get reminders for things. The yearly subscription is a bit pricey compared to most, but some of these cards are actually very nice looking and are tastefully done.


Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $23.99 per year

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

JibJab is another good ecard app. Like most, it has a bunch of ecards for a bunch of special occasions and holidays. You can share wherever you want. There is some customization. The app includes music, GIFs, and some other stuff. A few of the features requires the subscription. Some users complain about the lack of content in multiple languages. However, overall, you can find a lot of good stuff here as long as you don’t mind paying for some of it.



Price: Free / $2.29+

MyPostcard allows you to create custom made postcards. Like some apps on this list, this app lets you create actual, physical postcards with your own photo and your own message. Pricing starts at $2.29 and that includes printing and shipping. You pick a neat photo, add a message, pay the fine, and the postcard is sent to your loved one. The app also lets you order prints of your photos if you want to. You can add on extra stuff, but it does make the price go up more.


Price: Free / $2.89+

SimplyCards is another app that lets you send physical postcards to people that you personalize. The app lets you pick from your own photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox. It also integrates with Pixabay to choose another image if you prefer. It then gives you a bunch of themes and personalization options. From there, you pay the $2.89 for each card. The company prints and ships it for you. Like MyPostcard, you can also just order photo prints if you want to for an added cost. It’s a good service and people seem to really like it.

10 Best Sports Apps For Android

The best sports apps for Android


Price: Free / $9.99 per month

Feedly is an RSS reader app. Those aren’t as popular as they used to be but it lets you follow whatever blogs, sites, and news sources you want. That works great for sports fans. It lets you follow various sites without downloading their app and bloating up your phone. Additionally, you can get those indie sports news sources that usually don’t have apps. It lets you follow the sources and sports that you want without any additional fluff. The app is also free with an optional subscription in case you need way more features.

Podcast Addict

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Price: Free / $2.99

SofaScore is arguably the best sports scores app out there. It has scores for basically everything. That includes football (both types), baseball, basketball, and hockey along with random stuff like darts, badminton, bandy, tennis, volleyball, rugby, cycling, and even Motosport. The UI is clean and the organization is surprisingly good for how many sports scores this app covers. It’s a must for basically anybody that enjoys sports from all over the place. Seriously, this app is that good.


Price: Free

theScore is an app with many ups and downs over the years. However, it’s on an upswing right now and when it’s up, it’s one of the best sports apps. It has news, scores, schedules, and other information about most major sports in North America and several more abroad. It also includes various special features for major events like The World Cup and even a public chat feature if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s easily among the best news apps for sports fans and its extras are just icing on the cake.

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TuneIn Radio

Price: Free / $9.99 per month

TuneIn Radio is probably the best radio app for sports fans. It features a bunch of radio stations from all around the world and that includes talk radio and sports radio. There are over 100,000 stations and podcasts on the site. Additionally, the app supports live games for MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. However, that is a premium feature. This is an excellent app for people who still like the old charms of listening to the game on the radio. The free version comes with most of the stations. There is a $9.99 per month subscription for stuff like curated live games.

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Price: Free

Twitter is a terrible place full of hateful people. However, sports are one of the few bright spots on the social network. Most leagues have their own Twitter profile as do most teams and most players along with bloggers, TV personalities, and other sports pundits. This lets you follow along with basically everything that’s happening. Some players prefer Instagram over Twitter for their personal stuff. Those who like to follow players may want to try Instagram as well. In any case, teams and leagues often post scores, highlights, updates, news, and some fun banter among themselves. The times are changing and Twitter is probably a faster place to get some of this stuff than many sports news apps.

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Yahoo Sports


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Official league apps

10 Best Calendar Apps For Android

The default calendar app that comes pre-installed on many android devices does not have the most exciting features and while it can perform most simple tasks, why limit yourself when there is a plethora of wonderful third-party calendar apps on the Google Play Store? We have selected 10 of the best android calendar apps, all of which are available for free! Even if you don’t like any of them, you can always go with Google’s calendar app which features a much more beautiful design and offers more functionality than the stock android calendar app.

Choose the best Calendar App for your Android 1. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise calendar has been my go-to calendar app for a while now because of it’s excellent features that I just can’t do without. First, it syncs just fine with Google Calendar and Google Tasks, but you can also connect your Exchange or iCloud account with the app. In addition, Sunrise integrates with several apps and productivity tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Evernote and more so you can see all your important upcoming events from one place. Creating new events are a breeze and it’s Meet keyboard also helps to speed up the process of scheduling meetings and such stuff. Sunrise is also available on iOS and as a Chrome app so you can access your calendar no matter the device you use.

Developer – Microsoft Corporation

Availability – Sunrise Calendar (Free) – Google Play Store (Also available for iOS, Chrome, Apple Watch).

2. Google Calendar

Developer – Google

Availability – Google Calendar (Free) – Google Play Store

3. aCalendar

aCalendar is another terrific app you should try out especially if you like it fast and smooth. It’s install size is only 1.8 Mb which makes it the lightest calendar app on this list but that doesn’t mean it lacks quality features as you will see. It helps you organise your events by providing up to 48 different colours as well as flexible re-occurrences for your events. There is a fine selection of widgets for the day, week and month views plus it uses the native android calendar function to synchronize events between apps and devices. There is also a pro version called aCalendar+ which offers additional features for $1.99.

Developer – Tapir Apps GmbH

Availability – aCalendar – Android Calendar (Free) – Google Play Store

4. Jorte Calendar and Organiser

Jorte Calendar is an intuitive calendar app that can run on any device running android 2.1 and up. In addition to regular features that most calendar apps offer such as multiple views and widget support, Jorte Calendar allows you to set different themes to customise the look of your calendar and even add stickers for important occasions or highlight them in red. There is a count-down feature which allows you to count-down the days to a big event. Jorte syncs with Google Calendar, Exchange and Yahoo but you can also export your events to a CSV file if you prefer.

Developer – Jorte Inc.

Availability – Jorte Calendar and Organiser (Free) – Google Play Store

5. Business Calendar 2

Developer – Appgenix Software

Avauilability – Business Calendar (Free) – Google Calendar

6. Cal

Developer –

Availability – Cal – Calendar Google/Exchange (Free) – Google Play Store

7. Digical Calendar

DigiCal calendar is one of the most beautifully designed calendar app on this list, and it’s highly customisable too! It syncs with Outlook, Exchange and Google Calendar but you can also create a local calendar that is only accessible on your local device. There are 6 widgets with different views and styles and a night mode which allows for better visibility in low-light conditions. It’s premium version, DigiCal+, offers extra customisation with up to 42 theme colours and a yearly view with heat maps for spotting free time.

Developer – Digbites

Availability – Digical Calendar (Free) / ($4.62) – Google Play Store

8. Sol Calendar

SolCalendar is another highly rated calendar app with a huge 4.5 average rating of over 1 million users. It synchronizes with Google Calendar, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo so you’re pretty much covered if you use any of those services. It has a clean and unique interface and supports Month, Week, To-do and Agenda views. It helps manage special events in a unique way by offering stickers to mark memorable events and also offers various repeat options for your tasks. Also, you get location-based weather forecast information through this app and plenty of widgets for your homescreen. All in all, it’s a solid calendar app worth checking out.

Developer – Kakao Corp.

Availability – SolCalendar – Calendar / To do (Free) – Google Play Store.

9. New Calendar

New Calendar is a decent app that works fine with Google Calendar. It supports most regular calendar functions and has support for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views. There are up to 10 widgets to select from but perhaps it’s most outstanding feature is the voice reminders (using Text To Speech) which works brilliantly.

Developer – KF Software House

Availability – New Calendar (Free)

10. Coletto Calendar

Now for something unique, Coletto Calendar is a colourful app that helps you manage your appointments, tasks, diaries and photos. Coletto appears to be targeted at girls and women only. You enter diary entries or memos from this app or even sensitive information such as the expected date of your next menstrual cycle and such stuff. It works with Google Calendar if you’re keen on syncing your stuff across various devices.

Developer – Yahoo! Japan Corp.

Availability – Coletto Calendar ~ Cute Diary (Free) – Google Play Store

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10 Best Instagram Story Apps For Android

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Instagram’s Story feature is one of the most popular on the site. It’s mostly for daily updates and stuff you wouldn’t generally post on your profile. However, many use the platform as a performance art platform and Stories get really fun on occasion. Some people do comedy bits, others make super artsy posts, and it evolved into much more than intended. That means there are actually a bunch of tools for Stories for folks who want to do more with it. Here are the best Instagram Story apps for Android.

The best Instagram Story apps for Android

Price: Free / Varies

Adobe has some of the most popular apps for creative folks and this is no different. Those on mobile have Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Lightroom, a social media-centric version of Photoshop, and a few other tools to make some neat stuff for Instagram Stories. Those with desktops can use the more powerful tools (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects) to do some neat stuff as well. The mobile apps are generally cheaper and many of them are free to use in many cases. The desktop variants can go for as much as $53.99 per month if you get the full subscription. In any case, whether it’s photo or video, Adobe probably has an app for it and Adobe apps are among the most powerful in this space. It’s kind of an obvious recommendation.

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Price: Free / Varies

InShot is a developer on Google Play and has a few popular Instagram Story apps. The three main apps that you might try is the Story Saver app along with the photo editor and the video editor (separate apps). The first one is rather self explanatory. It lets you download other people’s Stories as well as IGTV content. The other two are also fairly self explanatory. The photo and video editors let you edit your photos and videos to ready them for Instagram. All three apps have the occasional bug, but they are otherwise quite functional.


Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $22.99 per year

KineMaster is a mobile video editor and one of the best. The app has a lot of desirable features, including multi-layer video editing, images, stickers, special effects, support for text, support for music, and more. The app even exports in 4K at 30FPS if your device can handle the export process. In general, Instagram Stories don’t really require too much video editing so something like this to throw together a little sketch or shave off some useless video at the beginning or end is perfectly functional.

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LightX Photo Editor

Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $14.99 per year / $34.99 once

LightX Photo Editor is an excellent alternative to Adobe Lightroom for mobile photo editing. It has a lot of the basic tools such as contrast, exposure, brightness, hue, saturation etc. It also comes with teeth whitening, background blurring, and a range of filters for a neat look. Finally, the app can do some really fun stuff like remove the background from your image or merge two photos together. This is a great app for people who enjoy using photos on their Instagram Stories.


Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $39.99 per year

Mojo is one of several somewhat decent Instagram Story apps. It has a variety of animation templates. You simply plug in your own stuff and the app makes a short video montage of the things you put in it. The app contains over 50 templates along with more than 50 text styles. You can edit templates as well for more customization. The price is rather extravagant so we don’t really recommend it unless you really like the app. Also, we hope it finishes porting all of the iOS features sooner rather than later.

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Story Editor

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Story Maker


Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $9.99 per year / $19.99 once / Varies

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

StoryArt is another big story editor with some decent functionality. This one boasts over 2,000 templates, although many of them are pretty simple. The app also features some basic photo and video editing along with the usual array of photos, stickers, and text support. You can even design some little logos to make your Instagram Stories look good on your profile. The subscription is cheaper than most competitors or you can pay for it a single time. There are also in-app purchase packages in case you only want certain things.

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