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Gaming on a Mac has never been a glorious experience. Oftentimes, it’s like trudging alone and shivering through a dark, wintery night on the lookout for something, anything to play — only to be drawn to the glowing windows of… well, Windows users. Trapped outside in the driving snow, you end up watching as Windows users, all smiles and merrymaking, enjoy the latest and greatest title in gaming, available the day it comes out while we are left to sift through the throwaways and hand-me-downs Windows users no longer want.

And then macOS Catalina came, kicked us in the shin, and ran away laughing.

Half of the few games we could play were suddenly unsupported. And without 32-bit support, what was already a harrowing game experience became that much worse. Like a ragged pack of emaciated Hyenas, we were left to watch while Windows and Console lions gorge themselves on their latest catch, picking it clean.

But there remains a small sliver of hope for Mac gamers.

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What You Need to Know About Gaming on macOS Catalina

While we did lose a ton of games. We really did. Popular games like Ark, Brawlhalla, Paladins, and Team Fortress 2 are gone. And it’s not certain we’ll ever see them on mac again.

But we didn’t lose them all — and even among those we “officially” lost there remain a few who we can still play — despite all the Steam warnings otherwise. Indeed, many of the games you’ll find on Steam that are earmarked for mac will have a warning that they are no longer compatible with macOS Catalina 10.15 — but are still very much playable.

A very enterprising Reddit user, ksheep, even went out to test their entire library of hundreds of Steam games to verify how many of the supposedly unplayable games were indeed unplayable and found a surprising number of them were in fact still running on Catalina.

So there are some options out there for us, if you know where to look. To that end, we scoured the internet for some great games you can truly enjoy even with macOS Catalina.

The Best Games on macOS Catalina You Can Play Right Now!

In a bid to throw a lifesaver to fellow mac gamers drowning in the gameless Catalina ocean, we decided to round up some of the best games you can still play on macOS Catalina right now.


Released: 2011

Developer: Re-Logic

Platform: Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Price: $9.99

Elder Scrolls Online

Released: 2014

Developer: ZeniMax

Platform: Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia

Price: $19.99

Players should be aware that the game requires a lot of storage space — despite a final size of somewhere around 80GB for the base game, the installation process requires well over 100 — and is somewhat demanding to play on decent visual settings. But it’s worth it — it’s Skryim and beyond, but online. 

MIddle: Earth Shadow of Mordor

Released: 2014

Developer: Monolith Productions, Feral Interactive

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One,

Price: $19.99

The first in the critically acclaimed Middle Earth games, Shadow of Mordor is 100% playable on Catalina and an excellent treat for fans of Lord of the Rings or action RPGs. The game has an excellent real-time combat system and an innovative Nemesis mechanic that spins tales and storylines out of random NPCs as you play.

It’s a few years old now, but the graphics hold up well and anybody who likes games like the Witcher, Assassin’s Creed or Skyrim will find themselves perfectly at home while leading the charge against the forces of Sauron in the dark realm of Mordor.

Final Fantasy 14 Online

Released: 2010

Developer: Square Enix

Platform: Windows, macOS, PS4,

Price: $19.99 + $12.99 p/mo

Final Fantasy XIV Online is to Final Fantasy what ESO Online is to the Elder Scrolls Universe — it takes everything you love about the parent franchise and puts it online in a beautifully polished MMO package. While the game moves away from the turn-based combat that was a staple of the series for a long, long time, it does so with an effective, real-time combat system that has proven successful with millions of players.

The game is one of the older titles on this list, but this does nothing to diminish the game’s beauty or it’s absurd popularity. Players can play for free up to level 35, but beyond that you’ll need to shell out the 13 bucks a month to play. We haven’t confirmed it firsthand, but it looks like it might be safer to go with the Square Enix version rather than Steam, the latter of which is said to be buggier.

Stardew Valley

Released: 2024

Developer: Eric Barone

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Price: $4.99 – $14.99

Stardew Valley is the gold standard of solo-dev games. A cross between games like Terraria, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft, Stardew Valley offers a wonderful, pixelated world for players to explore in a number of ways. With crafting, building, farming, and even some dungeon-crawling, Stardew Valley has broad appeal and has roped in huge segments of the gaming population despite a simple, cutesy exterior.

Guild Wars 2

Released: 2012

Developer: ArenaNet

Platform: Windows, macOS

Price: free-to-play

Guild Wars 2 is a spectacular love-letter to real-time combat systems. Every facet of Guild Wars 2 is designed to stray away from stale elements of the MMORPG genre, doing away with fetch quests and drab auto-battles and replacing them with “Dynamic Events” and fast-paced, 100% skill-based combat.

The Dynamic Events system is a unique world element that activates area-based events that players can choose to take part in; anything from a Giant attack to a lost NPC to a race through the desert. It’s a game that prides itself on straightforward immersion and exploration, with a beautifully designed world to dive into as well as some of the best MMO PvP anywhere online.

Download Guild Wars 2: Guild Wars 2

Human: Fall Flat

Released: 2024

Developer: No Brakes Games

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Price: $4.99 – $14.99

Human Fall Flat is a cooky multiplayer platformer that takes a bunch of awkwardly shaped humanoids and injects them into a race across a ragdoll-physics based level. The key element in the game’s slapstick fun is the floaty controls, wobbly physics, and the fact that other players can collide with you while doing your best to navigate the floating levels.

Human Fall Flat has a vibrant and enthusiastic playerbase constantly spouting out player-generated levels through the Steam Workshop and a steady stream of free content from the developers.


Released: 2013

Developer: Facepunch Studios

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux,

Price: $39.99

The game is multiplayer-only, and known for being exceptionally difficult for new players — but in a way that is rewarding once you’ve figured out a few ways to stop being murdered. Apart from the PC version, a PS4 and Xbox One release is expected sometime this year.

Download Rust: Steam


Released: 2024

Developer: League of Geeks

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

Price: $19.99

Armello is a smooth amalgamation of an RPG, a board game, and a rogue-like that is never the same twice. Players choose from a roster of anthropomorphic animal heroes and enter a beautifully rendered, procedurally generated tabletop world full of towns, cities, NPCs, and increasingly powerful enemies.

There are numerous ways to win the game, through might or guile, by claiming the Crown of Armello or through heroic deeds — indeed, there’s a lot to explore every time you play Armello and fans of RPGs and board game mechanics will be thoroughly enthralled.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Released: 2012

Developer: Valve

Platform: Windows, macOS, PS3, Xbox 360,

Price: free-to-play

The most popular game on Steam with almost half a million players playing right now as we write this paragraph, CS:GO is the successor to the OG Counter-Strike that captures the same fast-paced, ultra skill-based FPS gameplay of the original. CS:GO laughs in the face of other bullet-sponge games by making bullets actually hurt and the concept of “tanking” shots as realistic as it would be in real life.

The game has a bit of a problem with hackers but is the premium flavor of FPS for those who want the kind of heart-pounding gameplay that every second feels like you’re running a red light with your eyes closed.

Evoland 2

Released: 2024

Developer: Shiro Games

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Price: $6.99 – $19.99

Evoland 2 isn’t a gigantic game like some of the others on this list, but it’s novelty combined with the fact that it’s playable on Catalina land it on this list. The game is an exploration of the evolution of gaming itself, with the game progressively moving through different technological eras of gaming, starting with 8-bit consoles and moving all the way to fully 3D rendered gameplay towards the end all within the same story.

It’s a brilliant stroll through the industry’s history wrapped up neatly in an exciting, genuinely rewarding game that stands on its own legs.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Released: 2023

Developer: Eidos-Montreal

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $19.99 – $59.99

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the final chapter in the recently rebooted, critically acclaimed Tomb Raider trilogy. The game doubles down on the hallmarks of the series, with a ghastly jungle and terrifying tombs to explore, traps, superb stealth kills, dangerous wildlife, and some nigh heart-attack-inducing obstacle courses. The game is not only playable on Catalina, but you can even download it straight from the Mac App Store.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the first two in the new trilogy will really make Mac gamers feel loved again, being one of the few 100% Triple-A hits to be fully available to us and is a highly recommended fresh of breath air for anybody quietly cursing Apple’s name as they drift off to sleep every night.

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Google Flutter 3 Is Official: Supports Ios, Android, Windows, Macos And Linux

Google Flutter 3 – the road map

Google created Flutter to revolutionize app development: combining the web’s iterative development model with hardware-accelerated graphics rendering and pixel-level control previously only possible with games. In the four years since the release of Flutter 1.0 Beta, Google has gradually developed on these foundations. The company has added new framework functions and new widgets, deeper integration with the underlying platform, and a rich package library. Numerous performance and tooling improvements have also been made.

As a maturing product, this product is now getting more applications under its belt. Today, more than 500,000 apps are published using Flutter. Analysis from research firms like chúng tôi as well as public opinion, shows that Flutter is being used by customers in many niches. Its usage scenarios range from social apps like WeChat, to financial and banking apps like Betterment and Nubank, to business apps like SHEIN and chúng tôi to lifestyle apps like Fastic, Tabcorp, and My BMW. From companion applications to official applications of public institutions such as the Brazilian government, etc., Flutter is shining.

Welcome to Flutter 3

At this point, Flutter’s cross-platform journey has hit a new climax. With Google Flutter 3, you can build beautiful experiences for 6 platforms with just one codebase. It provides developers with unparalleled productivity and enables startup teams to bring new ideas to a fully usable market from day one.

On macOS, Google has dedicated resources to support Intel and Apple Silicon and provides Universal Binary support. This enables apps to be packaged into executables that run natively on both architectures. On Linux, Canonical and Google have partnered to bring developers the best possible development tools with high integration.

Build Universal macOS Binaries Gizchina News of the week

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Google Flutter 3 also brings improvements to many essentials, improving performance, enhancing Material You support, and further improving productivity.

Mac computers using Apple Silicon Material Design 3

Google will also publish a more detailed technical article in the near future, in which this part is explained. In the release, the company will also further explain many other new features of Google Flutter 3.

Flutter is powered by Dart, a highly productive, portable language for multi-platform development. Google’s improvements to Dart during this release cycle include new language features that help reduce template code and improve readability, experimental RISC-V support, an upgraded linter, and new documentation.

Firebase and Flutter

The app service from Google is Firebase. SlashData’s developer benchmark study shows that 62% of Flutter developers use Firebase in their apps. So over the past few releases, Google has been working with Firebase to expand and improve the integration between the two. The company also want to make it the go-to integration service for Flutter. This includes upgrading Flutter’s Firebase plugin to 1.0, adding better documentation and tooling, and providing new widgets like the FlutterFireUI.

Google officially confirms that Flutter/Firebase integration is now part of the Firebase product core. The company has also moved the source code and documentation to Firebase’s main repo and website. Firebase’s support for Flutter will evolve in parallel with Android and iOS support.

Furthermore, the company includes major improvements to support Flutter apps using Crashlytics (the popular real-time crash reporting service in Firebase). With the latest Flutter Crashlytics plugin, you can track fatal errors in real-time. Interestingly, this tracking is possible using the same feature set as iOS and Android developers. These include important alerts and metrics like “crashing free users” to help you keep your app stable. Crashlytics’ analytics pipeline also has an upgrade to improve the aggregation handling of Flutter crashes. This makes it faster to grade, prioritize, and fix issues. Finally, the plugin setup process is now very simple. Thus, you can set up and use Crashlytics directly from your Dart code in just a few steps.

Flutter Casual Game Kit

The truth is that Flutters is originally not for building high-intensity 3D action games. However, some of these games have begun to use Flutter in the user interface part of the game scene. At the moment, PUBG Mobile which has hundreds of millions of users uses Flutter. Google want to see how far it could push the technology, so it has a fun pinball game that uses Firebase and Flutter’s web support. The I/O Pinball game offers a custom tabletop around four of Google’s most popular mascots: Flutter’s Dash, Firebase’s Sparky, Android Robot, and Chrome Dinosaur. These you can find in this game and compete with others. Google wants to showcase Flutter’s versatility in this fun way.

Humble Bundle Monthly: Best Deals + Free Games

Humble Bundle Monthly: best deals + free games




The well-loved Humble Monthly may now be history, but only because it made room for Humble Choice, its youthful and seemingly promising successor.

There’s no longer a flat monthly fee, given that Humble Choice offers you three different monthly subscription plans: Lite, Basic, and Premium. Each plan is priced differently, based on the amount of content it offers.

For more deals and free games, you can visit the dedicated Humble Bundle section on our website.

If you like being up-to-date with the latest gaming developments, we got you covered.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Humble Bundle Monthly: What is it?

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or just like hoarding awesome titles in your virtual library, we have some exciting news for you. Humble Bundle is an online platform where you can get a lot of games, but also books, comics, and even software, for a bargain price.

If you’re already familiar with this service, it’s time to get down to business. You can grab Humble Bundle’s awesome deals in various ways: you can either wait for your desired titles to show up in bundles, purchase a Humble Choice plan, or check out the Humble Store.

Humble Monthly vs Humble Choice

It’s no longer a secret; Humble Bundle has been here for a long while and has already built some solid reputation. If you feel a bit nostalgic (much like we do) you’ll surely remember there was a time when you could pay as little as $12 per month in exchange for a lot of games. We refer to this pleasant time as the “Humble Monthly” era.

However, times have changed and Humble Monthly has grown into what today we know as Humble Choice. It’s similar, but not exactly the same. There are three different plans, and you can choose the games you get to keep. As a result, there’s no longer a standard $12 monthly payment, as each plan is priced differently and offers you a different amount of content.

Note: if you have a Humble Monthly (classic) plan since before the Humble Choice came to be, you can keep using it. However, if you cancel it (unsubscribe), you will lose it forever. To make matters worse, there’s no way to revert to the Classic plan once you’ve unsubscribed.

How does Humble Choice work?

Even if you miss the good ol’ days when you paid a flat $12 monthly fee for games galore, many users argue that Humble Choice is fairer to the average consumer. The cheapest option ($5) grants you access to a DRM-free game catalog, whereas the most expensive plan ($20) lets you choose 9 titles every month from a 10+ selection of curated games.

Additionally, as long as you’re a subscriber, you get some generous discounts off certain titles in the Humble Store. Thus, the Lite and Basic subscriptions grant you a 10% off discount, while the Premium plan can shave up to 20% off your purchases.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that unlike the bundles section, Humble Choice doesn’t offer anything besides games. At least not for the time being, anyway. Long story short, this monthly subscription was designed with gamers in mind, and will probably stay that way.

Humble Choice May 2023

Expert tip:

May 2023 games:

Jurassic World Evolution + Jurassic World Evolution – Deluxe Dinosaur Pack

XCOM 2 + XCOM 2: Reinforcement Pack and XCOM 2: Resistance Warrior Pack

Rise of Industry

Niche – a genetics survival game

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse


Heave Ho



Chess Ultra


May 2023 extras:

Rainy Season – DRM-free game

Fae Tactics Sneak Peek

– DRM-free game

Note: depending on your Humble Choice plan, you’ll be able to pick 9, 3, or no games at all from this compilation. The Premium plan lets you choose 9 games for keeps, the Basic one allows 3 game grabs, while the Basic plan only gives you access to the Humble Trove. Which brings us to the next part of our article:

Humble Trove: Free & DRM-free games

The Humble Trove is a nice touch to the Humble Choice plans. It’s only fair that Basic plan subscribers get something besides store discounts, right? Joke aside, regardless of the plan you wish to purchase, Humble Bundle offers you free access to the Humble Trove.

Thus, the Trove is but a collection of DRM-free games that you can download on your PC and play for free. That being said, as long as you’re a Humble Choice subscriber, you’ll always have access to this catalog.

If you cancel your Humble Choice subscription you won’t be able to access the Trove again. On the bright side, you’re free to play the games that you’ve already downloaded to your PC before your subscription expired.

We’ve compiled a full list of the games you’ll find in the Humble Trove. We’re always updating the list with the latest additions, so you can rest assured that we won’t miss any title, regardless of its “freshness.” Therefore, without further ado, here are the Humble Trove titles, sorted from newest to oldest (appearance):

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong


Snake Pass


Space Routine

Card Quest

Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1

The Flame in the Flood


Race The Sun: Challenge Edition

Dear Esther

Balconing Simulator 2023



Runestone Keeper

The Whispered World Special Edition

Valhalla Hills

Broken Sword 5 – the Serpent’s Curse

Roman Sands

Shady Knight


Broken Sword 4 – The Angel of Death

Chaos on Deponia


Broken Sword 3 – the Sleeping Dragon

Kind Words

Anna’s Quest

Broken Sword 2 – the Smoking Mirror

macdows 95


Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

MirrorMoon EP

Once Upon A Crime In The West

Avadon 3: The Warborn

Avadon 3 Hintbook and Bonuses

A Short Hike

Tokyo 42


Avadon 2: The Corruption

20 Minute Metropolis

Wheels of Aurelia


Avadon: The Black Fortress


SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition

after HOURS

Roombo: First Blood (Justice Sucks)

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Renowned Explorers: International Society Complete Edition

Frozen Synapse

vApe Escape

Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You


Ollie & Bollie’s Outdoor Estate


Dungeon Souls


The Bridge

Gemini Rue




The Sexy Brutale

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs



Satellite Reign

The Penumbra Collection

Subserial Network

Star Wars™: X-Wing Alliance™

STAR WARS™ Rebellion

Knight Club

Lyric Sonata

Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis™

The Incredible Machine Mega Pack


Star Wars™: X-Wing vs TIE Fighter – Balance of Power Campaigns™




Crescent Bay

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

Wilmot’s Warehouse


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Keyboard Sports

Trine Enchanted Edition

Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky

Tiny Echo

Elephant in the Room

2000:1: A Space Felony



Gunmetal Arcadia Zero



Quiet City

A2Be – A Science Fiction Narrative


As you can see, there’s plenty enough titles to keep you entertained for days, weeks, or even months if you’re not a fan of speedruns. If you feel that’s not enough, you can purchase a Basic, or Premium subscription plan, for 3, respectively 9 more games each month, aside from the Trove’s content.

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The Best Mobile Mmorpg Games Of 2024

Spelling out an acronym doesn’t exactly explain what something is sufficiently. Especially when the very term RPGs has somewhat been diluted on mobile. For the purposes of this list, here are some of the criteria that determine what an MMORPG is, or at least what makes it a good one.

Role-playing: character customization beyond costumes

RPGs, by their very definition, is about taking on the roles of a specific character, whether one that’s already made up or one that you make up yourself. In practice, that has translated to being able to customize your player character or PC, and we’re not just talking about the way they look.

Many mobile RPGs these days limit customization mostly to changes and appearances in new skills learned. “Full” RPGs, on the other hand, let you really control how your character grows, from the stats you put in to the skill trees you follow. And yes, usually you also pick out your character’s looks.

Massively multiplayer: together forever

MMOs are differentiated from “online games” by the sheer number of people you get to see at one time. Depending on the server capacity and number of logged in players, you will see crowded marketplaces no different from the real world.

Hardware limitations on smartphones, as well as server limitations, have made that difficult in the past, but times, and technologies, are changing. Still, many mobile games that brand themselves as MMORPGs don’t exactly use this convention and, as we’ll see later, confine players to their own home screens, limiting social interactions to chat.

Online: living in the cloud

Most mobile games these days use an Internet connection, but mostly to download updates or notices and upload player stats and progress. In terms of gameplay, however, they might as well be offline games. In complete contrast, MMORPGs need to be played with an active network connection, not to mention a good one.

Lag can mean life or death to players. That does present a problem for those who don’t have easy access to a good Internet connection. But, then again, there are also plenty of mobile games to enjoy that aren’t MMORPGs.

Saving the world: one quest at a time

While the previous factors mostly deal with game mechanics and technical aspects, an equally important criteria for an MMORPG, especially a good one, is the way the game content flows. Most mobile RPGs, be it online, offline, or “action”, follow a cookie cutter ladderized progression system. You start from a home screen, dive into a dungeon to kill enemies, and then go back to the home screen again. Rinse and repeat, with a few side trips to shops, until you reach the end.

The game’s world is practically non-existent aside from the dialog and a few dungeon maps. True RPGs, however, drop players right in the middle of a town or forest, allowing them to interact with NPCs, travel from town to town, and, in the case of MMORPGs, interact with other players. Sure, you might be able to go back and forth to your starting town, but it will be because you chose to do so, not because there’s really nothing else to do.

12 Best Tiktok Challenges You Should Do

A challenge tends to bring out the best in us. Whether you are into nerve-wracking battle royale games or prepping up for dance battles to showcase your amazing hip-hop moves, the adrenaline to beat rivals seems to amp up the whole affair. And from what I can tell, TikTokers are having a ball at different challenges even during the self-quarantine. If anything, this lock down is positively affecting their output. The healthy rivalry is proving to be a boon for both creators and fans. If you are all geared up to take on a bet but aren’t sure which one can get you trending, look no further than this smart assortment of the 12 best TikTok challenges to do in 2023.

Best TikTok Challenges to Do in 2023

So, what sort of challenges do you like to take on? A weird challenge to show your peculiar side, a savage challenge to send shivers down the spine of onlookers, or a funky bet to show off your catchy movies. None? Then, I guess you might be loving your striking resemblance to Hollywood/Bollywood stars or inspired to create a stunning fashion show to display your unique fashion sense. Whatever could be your choice, it has got a variety of challenges to let you pick the right bet. So, what’s holding you back from recording amazing videos with your dance crew?

1. The FridgeChallenge

Oh, what better way to kickstart the show by putting an out-of-the-box TikTok challenge like The #FridgeChallenge right at the top? It’s both easy to shoot and fun to be in. It demands you and your besties to record clips with them taking something weird out of the fridge. Once the clips are ready, merge them all together and then post it on TikTok with the hashtag. It’s one of the simplest challenges that anyone can do.

2. The #FashionChallenge

3. The TempoChallenge

Times when you and your dancing crew wish to show enviable agility for all the TikTokers to sit and take notice, the #tempochallenge can come into play seamlessly. And that too without burning the wheels of your stamina. Just in case you didn’t get the challenge, let me tell you that it’s all about moving your feet and arms rapidly. Simply start on a little lighter note and then pick up the top speed towards the climax.

4. The #CelebLookAlike Challenge

For all the TikTokers who think that they are the most sought after avatars of their favorite actors, #celeblookalikechallenge could prove to be spot on. As you may have already guessed the riddle, it’s just about asking your BFFs to give their honest opinion about “What celeb do you look like?” And once the answers are out, you can create fun-loving videos to brag about your resemblance or for that how well you have nailed the look of your icon.

5. DistanceDance

Bored out of your mind in lockdown, the #distancedance is what you need to pick to get a lot of traction on TikTok. Yeah, you read that right! This TikTok challenge has become a massive hit on the video-sharing platform ever since the deadly COVID-19 pandemic enforced the lockdown. Introduced by the TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio, it’s got all the ingredients of a great challenge. Probably the best part about it distancedistance is that all the money that is generated with the hashtag goes to the charity Feeding America.

6. The SheJuicyChallenge

Well, if it’s the time to get on with a catchy dance to set the stage on fire, you would be hard-pressed to find a more compelling TikTok challenge than the #shejuicychallengge. Not to mention, you can perform it with two or three buddies by matching steps and grooving with mesmerizing flair. So, what’s stopping you from hitting the duet feature and trying it out with the long-distance members of your crew.

7. Savage Dance

8. “Say So” Dance

While there is no dearth of the top-notch TikTok challenges, very few are incredibly simple yet pretty fun-loving. And just in case you are on the lookout for a challenge to shake your leg without going through a long grind, “Say So Dance” could just be your long-awaited pick. Well, the only trick that you need to keep in mind to pull this challenge off is to go with the flow.

9. Attention Challenge

When you want to arrest attention with aplomb, #attentionchallenge is what you should give a shot. But be warned, this one is geared for the super flexible TikTok queens who often brag about their sleek body. If that fitness queen is you, put your elegant kicks and splits on full display while shaking your legs to “Attention” by the charismatic Todrick Hall!

10. “Supalonely” Dance

Oh, do I need to interpret what this challenge means? Just in case you are feeling down and dusted in the self-quarantine and want something to spruce you up, you’ve got to give “Supalonely” dance a shot. It’s similar to some of the other dancing challenges featured on this list so it shouldn’t be difficult to get a hang of this.

11. “Blinding Lights” Challenge

For those looking for a TikTok challenge with plenty of fun elements, “Blinding Lights” challenge could be the right answer. Again, it’s pretty simple to perform and requires three to four people. But do keep in mind, you’ve got complete each other and make sure to hit the timing right as flow plays a vital role in making such dances succeed.

12. The Renegade

May I have your eyeballs complete with all attention, dear TikTokers? Renegade is the sort of TikTok challenge that you should never fail to try out. But if you are planning to take it on, be sure to plan it to perfection as it can put you through an acid test. However, if you are ready to go through the complex choreo, you can get a good grip on it.

Top TikTok Challenges Lined Up for You

So, these are the trending TikTok challenges in 2023. With a variety of bets ready to catch your attention, I guess you’ve found out some cool ones. So, get started with the recording, of course after going through some learning curve. Just in case you are willing to amp up your TikTok game with some pro tips and tricks, do check out our guide.

Best Survival Sandbox Games Like Ark: Survival Evolved

Open-world, survival, crafting, and multiplayer are the core elements of games like Ark. The ever-popular genre is brimming with great alternatives. Some of these can be less or more forgiving than Wildcard’s title. 

Ark: Survival Evolved came out in 2024. Since its debut, it has remained as one of the top games on Steam, with around 45K daily concurrent players.

Games like Ark tend to be mainstream choices for PC players, but few reach Ark’s numbers. Moreover, many titles in the genre lose their player bases too quickly.

In other words, we consider popularity a vital aspect. That speaks of the developer, and player support games like these require to stay alive for long times.

Selecting Games Like Ark: Survival Evolved

We’re considering the elements of Wildcart’s survival craft to identify similar alternatives. Therefore, games like Ark feature a mix of the following aspects:

Overall, Ark: Survival Evolved is a comprehensive survival experience. You can hunt, craft, explore, farm, research technologies, build shelters, and much more.

Games like Ark should be equally comprehensive. They should feel like complete survival games, with the player base and developer support to back them up. 

Games Like Ark Rust

Developer: Facepunch Studios, Double Eleven

Publisher: Facepunch Studios

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PS4, Linux

If you’re looking for the top popular game in the survival-craft genre, Rust is the title to choose. It’s brutal, treacherous, and quite similar to Ark, and it’s an FPS survival/sandbox craft multiplayer title.

Similarly, you start naked on maps that hold up to 60 people. From there on out, you can gather resources, craft your gear, and progress in tech trees by researching blueprints.

Rust has no single-player, though. You can play alone, play against others, or make allies. Your allies can form clans to protect and manage the valuables.

Naturally, you can raid other’s shelters for their loot, even if they are offline. If you die, though, you lose half of your entire inventory. Moreover, there’s no character progression or stats to develop.

As for the maps, you play on a procedurally-generated open-world. These have enemy NPCs, safe zones, and gear drop zones. Lastly, you can mod the game or join on player-made servers.


Developer: Facepunch Studios, Double Eleven

Publisher: Instinct Games

Release Date: December 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, Xbox One

So, you create a character and use your ship to explore islands for treasure. You can also plunder player settlements, wage war against clan fleets, and command or become a part of a larger crew. 

The main draw is nautical exploration. So, instead of a single island, the map is a vast ocean with hundreds of smaller islands to explore. All areas allow PvP, but you don’t lose character progress on death. 

Similarly, your characters level up. It unlocks skill points for various skill trees. Also, like on Ark, you have to manage hunger, thirst, and weather conditions. Also, combat is in first-person or third-person, and you can use swords, guns, hooks, cannons, and more. 

Overall, Atlas feels like an ARK DLC, although it swaps dinosaurs for giant sea monsters and ARKs for an ocean. However, it’s still on Early Access, and server stability is not at its best.


Developer: Iron Gate AB

Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing

Release Date: February 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, Linux

You play as a Viking in Norse mythology-inspired worlds. The overall plot is about proving yourself to Odin by slaying mighty foes. You’re free to follow (or not) the story in any way you want.

The worlds are gorgeous and hide valuables and secrets at every corner. They encourage exploration by delivering unique battles and treasures.

Moreover, the game focuses on combat greatly. You have a mix of dodges, blocks, parries, attacks, and ranged attacks to defeat enemies. It’s stamina-based combat akin to souls-like games.

Lastly, there’s a simple character progression tree, tech trees, and a fair crafting system. As a Viking, you’ll craft Viking longboats and longhouses, gear, meals (for stat boosts), and more. Overall, it’s a simpler, more forgiving, but refined game. 


Developer: Gamepires

Publisher: Gamepires

Release Date: August 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows

Your enemies will be other players, mutated animals, and mechanical monsters. On top of that, you have to manage hunger, thirst, sickness, a complex metabolism system, and more. 

There’s a lot of detail on the combat as well. You play in third-person or first-person with a plethora of guns. However, recoil, bullet decay, bullet speed, and other physical systems influence weapon combat. 

Lastly, the game has an addictive base building. Better yet, the developers keep adding more things to build and more features, weapons, and performance upgrades. 


Developer: System Era Softworks

Publisher: System Era Softworks

Release Date: December 2024

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Astroneer gets tons of developer support and enjoys a consistent player base. Thanks to its quirky nature and friendliness, with 2K daily concurrent players on Steam, Astroneer has become a go-to survival game. 

Aside from its endearing visual style, Astroneer has plenty of elements to make it the most unique game in the genre. Moreover, it’s easy to learn, easy to play, and doesn’t punish you. 

The goal is to reshape the planet. You have a deform tool to collect, dig, and shape anything into form. The possibilities are massive, and the limitation is your creativity. 

Then, the open-world includes seven distinct planets. You can travel to other worlds through in-game menus. Lastly, you can play alone or co-op with up to four players at the party. 

Conan Exiles

Developer: Funcom

Publisher: Funcom

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Conan Exiles is an MMO survival game. On top of that, it includes a complex combat system, mounts, mounted combat, a vast open-world, and sandbox mechanics.

You play as a barbarian on dangerous lands. The setting forces you to manage cold, heat, thirst, and hunger. The goal is to develop the Exiled lands with your crafting system. You can build from small shelters to entire cities. 

Then, the land is savage and unforgiving. There’s PVP, as well as nasty creatures. However, you can hunt and harvest the maps for building materials, meals, and drinks. 

If you play online, you’d be able to take loot from other players. You can create siege units and use explosives to raid enemy cities. You can also join others to defend and attack other barbarians.

Lastly, you can play online, alone, or single-player (offline campaign). The offline mode focuses on enemy NPCs and the Purge event, a horde-type mechanic attacking your settlements. Alternatively, you can mod the game or create your own mods.


Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date: July 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S

You play as a shrunk kid in the backyard. With the size of an ant, you explore the area for loot, combat, and resources. The goal is returning back to the body, but the journey is fun, dangerous, and lengthy.

In essence, there’re various types of insects. Some of these are helpless and only offer food. Others, like spiders, are dangerous, but they can provide loot.

That said, you can progress your character in various ways. In essence, you can loot better and better gear, level up for better skills, or unlock crafting recipes. You can craft bases, tools, equipment, consumables, and more. 

Lastly, you can play Grounded with your friends. Up to three friends can join you online to freely play the campaign or explore the open-world backyard. 


Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Release Date: December 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PS4 

When Rust came out, it took many elements from DayZ for its own. That includes zombies, which later became enemy wildlife and other NPCs. There’re also clans, offline raids, structure building, crafting, and first-person shooting. 

Naturally, DayZ is also very similar to Ark. It’s a hardcore and punishing open-world survival and sandbox game. There’re no rules other than staying alive, and thus you can play with others, alone or against others. 

There’re also no checkpoints and no saves. When you die, you lose everything, so you have to start over. Additionally, there’s no character progression, so by losing your loot, you’d have to start from scratch.

That said, you can die from zombies, animals, or other players. You also have to manage hunger and thirst. Hunting animals and searching for water, as well as managing your resources, is vital. 

Lastly, on a huge 230 km2 map, there’s an endless amount of resources you can use to build structures and gear. However, up to 60 players on the server can be looking to survive.


Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Release Date: January 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch 

Subnautica is not a multiplayer title. However, its offline experience is one of the best within the open-world survival genre. Moreover, the entire game happens underwater. 

You play as a stranded survivor on an alien ocean world. Escaping the planet means diving deeper and deeper into the ocean. The journey will uncover the mysteries of the crash and the planet’s story. 

The ocean ranges from deep-sea trenches to bioluminescent underwater drives, gorgeous coral reefs, and lava fields. As you explore, you can hunt animals and harvest nature for resources.

Back in your base, you can craft shelter, weapons, and gear. In Particular, you have to micromanage your oxygen and water pressure. These two stats need increasingly rare resources,

Overall, Subnautica is about exploring an underwater open world for combat, valuables, and lore. Then, using these resources to build aquatic habitats and shelters. 


Developer: Redbeet Interactive

Publisher: Axolot Games

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, Linux

You’re stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. With an old plastic hook, you can start gathering debris from the waters to improve your only means of survival and travel.

So, the gameplay loop is about gathering resources to develop a multi-store raft. You also have to manage hunger, thirst, and other mechanics like keeping your meat fresh and cold. 

Then, you can visit isles for extra resources and combat against sharks. There’s no overall objective other than staying alive, and you can do it for as long as you want.

Overall, Raft is a tough survival game. The gameplay loop is about gathering debris with your hook, scavenging reefs and islands, and developing your raft.

Project Zomboid

Developer: The Indie Stone

Publisher: The Indie Stone

Release Date: November 2013 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Project Zomboid is a zombie sandbox game mixing survival, crafting, and combat elements. You also play with simple isometric graphics, which blend well with the game’s dark sense of humor.

You play as a survivor of the Muldraugh town. You can loot houses for resources and then build defenses to delay the inevitable death. You need to steal, combat, run, and play strategically to survive. 

The online multiplayer supports up to 126 people on persistent servers. You can turn an option to open PvP, which grants the possibility of taking other people’s loot and gear. 

You can play alone or with other players. Either way, the goal is to develop a strong-enough city to survive the collision. You need to develop technologies and create the buildings necessary to survive.

Lastly, the developers constantly add new areas to the map and other features. For example, they have added vehicles, a physics engine, real-time lighting, and visibility and sound mechanics. More importantly, they have added tons of things to loot and craft. 


Developer: Coffee Stain Studios

Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios

Release Date: March 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows

Satisfactory is a first-person factory building game with an open-world setting. Exploration and combat are also part of the game. Moreover, you can play alone or co-op with your friends.

The map is an alien planet ridden with nature and valuable resources. You play as a FICSIT employee, and you must conquer the area and build massive factories on the land.

So, you explore distinct locations, combat against monsters, gather valuables, and return to base. On the base, you can build increasingly complex factories. In essence, factories can be manual, or they can be fully automated. 

Lastly, if you play with your friends, you can create factories together. It makes the building easier; therefore reaching the automated process can be faster. 


Developer: Strange Loop Games

Publisher: Strange Loop Games

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

ECO is a survival and base-building simulator game. You’re fighting against time, as you have a limited window to prepare a city against a meteor impact.

You can play alone or with other players. Either way,m the goal is to develop a strong-enough city to survive the collision. You need to develop technologies and create the buildings necessary to survive.

The virtual sandbox includes a complex ecosystem with thousands of plants and animals. The world map uses voxels, like Minecraft. So, you can reshape the geography and mine almost anything you see. 

Back on the base, you tend farms, hunt wildlife, build structures, create infrastructure, and more. The systems are quite specific and even include crafting clothes or power plants. However, your progress depends on the technologies you research. 

Overall, ECO allows you to work alongside other players to save mankind. It’s a complex game, but the absence of PvP makes it friendlier than Ark. 

Orion: Prelude

Developer: Spiral Game Studios

Publisher: Spiral Game Studios

Release Date: May 2012

Platform: Windows

It’s also available for the lowest price available on Steam. And although there’s hardly anyone playing Orion, it has a single-player campaign to justify visiting the old title. 

You, and possibly your friends, explore giant worlds, complete goals, and survive the Dinosaur Horde. Various game modes alter the experience of single-player or co-op gameplay.

Multiplayer modes support up to 10 players. These include a co-op mode, a PvPvE mode, a free-for-all, and more. However, you wouldn’t find enough players to enjoy these features anymore. 

 The game has no crafting features. Even so, it has an open world, dozens of dinosaurs, hundreds of weapons, and more. Lastly, you can play it in first-person or third-person like on Ark. 

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