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Are there other games like Rust out there? The Facepunch Studios1 survival shooter is addicting, complex, and fun. However, you may be looking for alternatives with…a nicer community.

There could be other reasons, though. After all, survival fans are akin to trying out another sandbox, survival, or realistic shooters out there. Let’s then look at the top X best games like Rust we found.

Rust debuted in December 2013.

Rust is a survival multiplayer-only title. You dive into a large open-world map with up to 20-players online. Here, your goal is simply surviving, and to that end, you can craft gear, equipment, and structures.

The setting delivers the following ingredients for a memorable playtime: 

Crafting: The crafting system is comprehensive and vast. You can make helicopters, power grids, ammo, medkits, weapons, and everything in between.

Base building: Naturally, you can create bases with your resources. Here’re where you store your loot, so defenses are important. 

Blueprints: You need Blueprints to craft items. You obtain a Blueprint by placing an object you can’t currently craft on the Research Table, alongside a certain amount of scrap. 

Online looting: You can gather natural resources from the world, as well as ammo, gear, and supplies from enemy NPCs and other players.

Offline raids: Other players can raid your loot whenever you store it, even if you’re offline.

Safe zones: There’re safe zones in the world, like the Outpost. Here, characters can simply hang out, use crafting benches, and talk to one another freely. 

Punishing PvP: The entire map is PvP-ready. If someone kills you, you may lose everything you care about. Because you may never tell friend from foe, it’s as punishing as PvP shooters come. 

Clans: You can join clans to improve your survival. Clans will protect your bases from raids. 

Combat: Rust offers FPS with firearms, bows, and similar. However, there’re various bullet types (like high-velocity and explosive) to add more diversity. 

Thirst and hunger: These are core systems in Rust. Bars on the user interface indicate levels of Hunger and Hydration. When the bars drop to a certain level, you lose health. Naturally, players need cooked meals and water to survive. 

Damage: There’re several damage types in Rust. The effectiveness of each damage depends on the enemy’s armor. Damage types are: bite, blunt, bullet, cold, electric, explosive, fall, heat, radiation, and stab (bleeding). 

Mods: Lastly, Rust’s developers allow mods to create custom servers to tweak the experience to their liking.

Overall, we’re looking for the kind of games Rust fans would like and even love. This means choosing titles with similar elements as above. Bear in mind our choices are both offline and online.

Escape From Tarkov is not available on Steam.

Developer: Battlestate Games

Publisher: Battlestate Games

Release Date:  July 2023

Platform: Windows

Our opening choice is Escape from Tarkov, as there’s no other obvious choice. It’s the single most punishing multiplayer survival PvP game there is. Moreover, it has a plethora of realistic and complex mechanics to test your patience.

In summary, Tarkov is about 30-minute raids. You create an avatar and go in 30 minutes raids on Tarkov. There, you loot as much as you can and go back to your offline hideout, where you can store your loot safely. There’re various maps, and each supports about 7 players plus many enemy NPCs; anyone could kill you and end up with everything you’re carrying.

As you go in and out of the dangerous mission, you progress your characters in localized skills. It means using an SMG raises your SMG skill three, or crafting items increases your craft. It’s a vast character progression system that’s hard to grow. And, sadly, your character has a “memory,” another skill that dictates how low or fast he forgets his skills.

Back in the offline hideout, you can craft gear, water, and medkits for your next mission. Consider the game has localized damage, and thus you need particular medical items for each type of damage. Lastly, if you don’t like any of this, you can play as part of the NPC faction and simply oppose enemy players on the maps.

Valheim is a co-op RPG sandbox.

Developer: Iron Gate Studio

Publisher: Coffe Stain Publishing

Release Date:  February 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows

Valheim creators wanted to create a game like Rust but in a fictional Viking universe. Therefore, Viking combines the features from the FPS with original lore for a casual MMO experience.

You play as a Valhalla Guardian, a warrior in the nordic purgatory world. Your task is defeating the old Odin enemies, so order prevails on the otherworld. Because you’re the warrior, you play with a dodge-parry-block-attack system akin to games like Dark Souls.

The setting opens a co-op survival online RPG. The emphasis is on PvE, combat, loot, and character progression. In essence, the game encourages players to defeat bosses at a party to progress to higher-level areas. Loot and resources are obviously better in these higher-level areas.

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular survival games available.

Developer: Studio Wildcard

Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Release Date: August 2023

Platform: Linux, Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia

While Rust is a fight-or-flight scenario, Ark: Survival Evolved is about fighting for power. That said, it’s also a survival shooter with similar mechanics. It even allows mods and custom-made servers.

On Ark, you create a character and enter a map you select. As usual, you start naked and, from there on out, it’s up to you what to do. Over time, you’ll be flying a helicopter while launching primitive rockets. And by overtime, I mean after months worth of grinding.

In summary, there’re dinosaurs and other animals on the island, as well as natural resources. You can gather resources from both to craft shelters, bases, supplies, and gear. Gear goes from primitive weapons like spears all the way up to modern firearms. Additionally, you can tame dinosaurs, so they work with you.

Another similarity to Rust is the offline raiding. You build a base and place defenses and store your loot. However, other players can raid you (joining clans can help you). Even so, on Ark, your characters level up, so, eventually, you become strong enough to raid other players by yourself.

Developer: Endnight Games

Publisher: Endnight Games

Release Date:  April 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4

The Forest is an immersive survival game that focuses on co-op PvE rather than PvP. 

The setting is a rich rainforest. You, the protagonist, are the survivor of a plane crash. You start with your bare hands, and the goal is surviving the land and learning to use the environment to your will. That means chopping threes, starting fires, building camps, creating shelters, crafting gear, and more. 

However, the title combines horror, crafting, and combat into its open world. Cannibals and mutants are living on the mysterious island. They are hard to deal with, but you can get stronger as the game progresses by finding better gear. Yet, The Forest is an online-only experience, so it doesn’t save data offline.

Last but not least, the title offers a surprisingly interesting story. IT’s an uncommon feature for the genre, and it was more than enough to capture a plethora of loyal fans. 

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game.

Developer: Mojang AB

Publisher: Mojang

Release Date:  November 2011

Platform: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Fire OS, tvOS, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS3, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS

Minecraft is not exactly a punishing PvP game, but we certainly believe the block builder influenced FacePunch’s hit title.

On Minecraft, you play on a large open-world in two distinct game modes. In the “Creative Mode,” players have an infinite amount of HP and materials. The idea is to put your creativity to the test and build as many structures as you can.

The other game mode is “survival.” You start with a simple tool that you can use to gather simple materials. You also have limited HP, and dangerous creatures like zombies and giant spiders may attack you at night. The goal is to survive in the world by building a shelter, and you’ll need to use your simple tool to grow your crafting and resource gathering skills from scratch.

Over time, Minecraft becomes a full-on sandbox game. You gather what you want and craft anything, from sky-high roller coasters to bows and arrows. Other players may join your server as well, either online or locally. Together, you may build better things or explore an endless open-world, dungeons, and portals to another dimension for loot and combat. 

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a classic FPS series.

Developer: GSC Game World

Publisher: GSC Game World

Release Date:  February 2010

Platform: Windows

The game happens in the area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. According to the game’s lore, a second explosion occurred after the historical nuclear blast. You play as a Stalker, a scavenger of the so-called “The Zone,” looking for artifacts holding supernatural psionic powers.

The FPS combat is challenging, and the maps are terrifying. Its story pushes you to manage radiation, hunger, thirst, sleep, radiation damage, scarcer ammo and supplies, mutants, and rivaling factions to survive Zone incursions.

Metro: Exodus is one of the most successful games of the last-gen console generation.

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date:  February 2023

Platform:  PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows, Linux, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna

Metro: Exodus is a sandbox survival shooter. The story follows the hero, Artyom, on a journey above the surface. He’s to find a safe place in a post-apocalyptic world. Here, all of the mechanics happen in real-time, from seeing the map to crafting for a smooth immersion without any user interfaces. Needless to say, there’re no map markers. 

But then, there’s another outstanding element, enemy AI. Enemies are clever, tough, and strategic. They react to your actions, weapons, and behaviors. Moreover, a dynamic system changes enemy spawn according to what you do, where you sleep, buy, and similar. All of this forces the player to explore the world carefully and silently. 

Lastly, the crafting system is key but limited. Resources include weapon parts, chemicals, and metals. You can create ammo, health packs, weapon mods, and all-important mask filters for your gas mask. Bear in mind, though, resources are scarce, and the world is fierce. 

Mist Survival is an Early Access game.

Developer: Dimension 32 Entertainment

Publisher: Dimension 32 Entertainment

Release Date:  August 23018 (Early Access)

Platform:  Windows

Mist is a single-player sandbox survival game. Here, the player survives a world full of zombies, akin to the original DayZ formula. Moreover, it has solid building mechanics, great survival features, and a derelict open-world to explore. Overall, it’s an ideal choice for those who like the survival aspect of Rust. 

The survival mechanics are comprehensive. It includes solid crafting, base building, a huge open-world, dynamic weather, day & night cycle, animal husbandry, sickness, wounds, stealth, driving, and traps. Besides that, you can explore a large world with villages, forests, a small town, a military camp, and various secrets. 

Lore-wise, players are immune to the outbreak. Then, they must survive the crisis by finding food and shelter. Bandits, infected NPCs, and wildlife are the enemies. 

Lastly, a dense mist may cover the map at any time. The smoke introduces dynamic events like zombie hordes. Bear in mind this is an Early Access Game, so it still has some bugs and missing features. Particularly, early buyers are asking for a multiplayer component. 

Raft’s PvP servers are silly, fun, and casual.

Developer: Redbeet Interactive

Publisher:  Axolot Games

Release Date:  May 2023 (Early Access)

Platform:  Windows

Raft is all about building a raft, and rafts can be multiple stories high. The crafting system, though, is very similar to Rust. Moreover, it’s a multiplayer game that allows you to work by yourself, work with others, or work against others.

However, the main experience offers co-op raft building. You’re stranded in the sea, and the goal is gathering debris to build a raft and create supplies. You start with a hook, alone and with no land inside. From here on out, you’re to find a way to survive.

If you play with your friends, the other players join your Raft to build and survive, but you won’t see any other rafts on the server. On PvP servers, you and other players join a single raft and poke each other until death.

Overall, Raft is about building a home in the middle of the ocean. You can fish, gather debris, research, navigate, dive, and fight against the dangers in the sea. Moreover, you can craft equipment, crop plots, weapons, and more.

The Lone Dark is a single-player survival game.

Developer:  Hinterland Studio

Publisher:  Hinterland Studio

Release Date: August 2023

Platform:  Windows, macOS, Linux, SteamOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The Long Dark is another survival game. After a long Early Access period, it debuted to modest success and positive critics. Moreover, the leading performer is Jennifer Hale, who was the voice for female Commander Shepard.

This game introduces a dangerous tundra map. The setting delivers a tough but rewarding experience for survival shooter fans. See, everything could go wrong in the frozen wilds. The game uses the stage for unique exploration and survival mechanics.

The title challenges players to think, explore, and find a way to survive. Resources are scarce, the wilderness is hostile, and the cold claims all lives. It’s a single-player experience, though, and there’re two modes (Story and Survival). Either mode requires managing hunger, cold, thirst, sickness, frostbite, fatigue, and resources.

The story comes through five episodes with animations, dialogue, and music. However, you can also play the free-form Survival Mode for a sandbox experience. Neither mode has any map markers or guides, and survival has a permadeath mechanic. The world is the same on both as well, a Canadian tundra 50km2 vast. Here, you can hunt, fish, lay traps, scavenge food, and survive the hostile weather and wildlife.

Scrap Mechanic supports 5 players per server.

Developer:   Axolot Games

Publisher:  Axolot Games

Release Date: January 2024 (Early Access) 

Platform:  Windows

Scrap Mechanic debuted as a 9. However, as it’s still in Early Access, it keeps changing and evolving. Currently, it also has a Survival game mode. Another option is “Creative Mode,” akin to Minecraft’s alternative. Lastly, there’s the “Challenge Mode” for fair trials and challenges.

The survival mode has players spawn in a strange world. You play as a spacecraft survivor stranded in a mysterious place. Here, you’ll need to collect materials, resources, and food to survive. The world is open and dynamically generated. Moreover, it’s full of treasures, enemies, and dangerous machines.

Nevertheless, Either mode thrives on Scrap’s cartoony aesthetics, bright colors, and intuitive mechanics. It’s a nice break from the complex and frustrating experiences games like Rust offer. See, other players are your allies, and they help you build machines and bases, explore the world, and fight against evil robots.

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale.

Developer:   Epic Games

Publisher:   Epic Games

Release Date: January 2024 (Early Access) 

Platform: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Android

Fortnite is another obvious choice, but we had to include it for those who haven’t tried that one out. After all, it’s the most popular multiplayer shooter out there for a reason.

The Epic Games’ massive hit is about a cartoony, silly, and casual FPS. It’s a battle royale where players parachute down to an island where they gather, loot, and fight against other players until a single survivor remains.

Rust players will find Fortnite’s mix of crafting and shooting familiar. In essence, Fortnite characters can create walls, roofs, floors, and stairs on the fly. These structures protect players from enemy shots, so combat often relies on building faster to take the high ground.

Other than that, the game offers a PvE single-player experience, vast free and premium customization options, and plenty of social features and events.

Developer:   Bohemia Interactive

Publisher:   Bohemia Interactive

Release Date: December 2023, 2013 (Early Access), 2013 (mod)

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PS4

When Rust debuted in 2013, the enemy NPCs were zombies. It means the survival mechanics revolved around zombie hordes. Therefore, most fans thought of it as a DayZ copy, a 2013 Arma 2 mod.

Developers completely removed zombies in 2024, yet DayZ debuted in 2023 as a fully-fledged game. This is perhaps the original open-world survival game. The single goal was staying alive on maps with up to 60 players. The common enemy is zombies, but players may work with or against you. On top of that, the weather is erratic, the wildlife is dangerous, and the day/night cycle brings pitch-black nights full of terrors.

It’s also a punishing game. There’re no checkpoints, so you lose everything when you die. On top of that, the game includes various survival mechanics. These include looting, scavenging, scarce resources, crafting, base building, thirst, hunger, and more. Resource management is key, and because resources are scarce, other players may betray you for a single water bottle.

Overall, it’s an unpredictable game, where other players face the same threats as you on a 230km2 map. The reason we left it behind is due to its current state. DayZ receives constant complaints from players due to bugs, performance issues, and rampant hackers. It’s a shame, as DayZ is otherwise a banger, a survival shooter classic.

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Best Survival Sandbox Games Like Ark: Survival Evolved

Open-world, survival, crafting, and multiplayer are the core elements of games like Ark. The ever-popular genre is brimming with great alternatives. Some of these can be less or more forgiving than Wildcard’s title. 

Ark: Survival Evolved came out in 2024. Since its debut, it has remained as one of the top games on Steam, with around 45K daily concurrent players.

Games like Ark tend to be mainstream choices for PC players, but few reach Ark’s numbers. Moreover, many titles in the genre lose their player bases too quickly.

In other words, we consider popularity a vital aspect. That speaks of the developer, and player support games like these require to stay alive for long times.

Selecting Games Like Ark: Survival Evolved

We’re considering the elements of Wildcart’s survival craft to identify similar alternatives. Therefore, games like Ark feature a mix of the following aspects:

Overall, Ark: Survival Evolved is a comprehensive survival experience. You can hunt, craft, explore, farm, research technologies, build shelters, and much more.

Games like Ark should be equally comprehensive. They should feel like complete survival games, with the player base and developer support to back them up. 

Games Like Ark Rust

Developer: Facepunch Studios, Double Eleven

Publisher: Facepunch Studios

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PS4, Linux

If you’re looking for the top popular game in the survival-craft genre, Rust is the title to choose. It’s brutal, treacherous, and quite similar to Ark, and it’s an FPS survival/sandbox craft multiplayer title.

Similarly, you start naked on maps that hold up to 60 people. From there on out, you can gather resources, craft your gear, and progress in tech trees by researching blueprints.

Rust has no single-player, though. You can play alone, play against others, or make allies. Your allies can form clans to protect and manage the valuables.

Naturally, you can raid other’s shelters for their loot, even if they are offline. If you die, though, you lose half of your entire inventory. Moreover, there’s no character progression or stats to develop.

As for the maps, you play on a procedurally-generated open-world. These have enemy NPCs, safe zones, and gear drop zones. Lastly, you can mod the game or join on player-made servers.


Developer: Facepunch Studios, Double Eleven

Publisher: Instinct Games

Release Date: December 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, Xbox One

So, you create a character and use your ship to explore islands for treasure. You can also plunder player settlements, wage war against clan fleets, and command or become a part of a larger crew. 

The main draw is nautical exploration. So, instead of a single island, the map is a vast ocean with hundreds of smaller islands to explore. All areas allow PvP, but you don’t lose character progress on death. 

Similarly, your characters level up. It unlocks skill points for various skill trees. Also, like on Ark, you have to manage hunger, thirst, and weather conditions. Also, combat is in first-person or third-person, and you can use swords, guns, hooks, cannons, and more. 

Overall, Atlas feels like an ARK DLC, although it swaps dinosaurs for giant sea monsters and ARKs for an ocean. However, it’s still on Early Access, and server stability is not at its best.


Developer: Iron Gate AB

Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing

Release Date: February 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, Linux

You play as a Viking in Norse mythology-inspired worlds. The overall plot is about proving yourself to Odin by slaying mighty foes. You’re free to follow (or not) the story in any way you want.

The worlds are gorgeous and hide valuables and secrets at every corner. They encourage exploration by delivering unique battles and treasures.

Moreover, the game focuses on combat greatly. You have a mix of dodges, blocks, parries, attacks, and ranged attacks to defeat enemies. It’s stamina-based combat akin to souls-like games.

Lastly, there’s a simple character progression tree, tech trees, and a fair crafting system. As a Viking, you’ll craft Viking longboats and longhouses, gear, meals (for stat boosts), and more. Overall, it’s a simpler, more forgiving, but refined game. 


Developer: Gamepires

Publisher: Gamepires

Release Date: August 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows

Your enemies will be other players, mutated animals, and mechanical monsters. On top of that, you have to manage hunger, thirst, sickness, a complex metabolism system, and more. 

There’s a lot of detail on the combat as well. You play in third-person or first-person with a plethora of guns. However, recoil, bullet decay, bullet speed, and other physical systems influence weapon combat. 

Lastly, the game has an addictive base building. Better yet, the developers keep adding more things to build and more features, weapons, and performance upgrades. 


Developer: System Era Softworks

Publisher: System Era Softworks

Release Date: December 2024

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Astroneer gets tons of developer support and enjoys a consistent player base. Thanks to its quirky nature and friendliness, with 2K daily concurrent players on Steam, Astroneer has become a go-to survival game. 

Aside from its endearing visual style, Astroneer has plenty of elements to make it the most unique game in the genre. Moreover, it’s easy to learn, easy to play, and doesn’t punish you. 

The goal is to reshape the planet. You have a deform tool to collect, dig, and shape anything into form. The possibilities are massive, and the limitation is your creativity. 

Then, the open-world includes seven distinct planets. You can travel to other worlds through in-game menus. Lastly, you can play alone or co-op with up to four players at the party. 

Conan Exiles

Developer: Funcom

Publisher: Funcom

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Conan Exiles is an MMO survival game. On top of that, it includes a complex combat system, mounts, mounted combat, a vast open-world, and sandbox mechanics.

You play as a barbarian on dangerous lands. The setting forces you to manage cold, heat, thirst, and hunger. The goal is to develop the Exiled lands with your crafting system. You can build from small shelters to entire cities. 

Then, the land is savage and unforgiving. There’s PVP, as well as nasty creatures. However, you can hunt and harvest the maps for building materials, meals, and drinks. 

If you play online, you’d be able to take loot from other players. You can create siege units and use explosives to raid enemy cities. You can also join others to defend and attack other barbarians.

Lastly, you can play online, alone, or single-player (offline campaign). The offline mode focuses on enemy NPCs and the Purge event, a horde-type mechanic attacking your settlements. Alternatively, you can mod the game or create your own mods.


Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date: July 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S

You play as a shrunk kid in the backyard. With the size of an ant, you explore the area for loot, combat, and resources. The goal is returning back to the body, but the journey is fun, dangerous, and lengthy.

In essence, there’re various types of insects. Some of these are helpless and only offer food. Others, like spiders, are dangerous, but they can provide loot.

That said, you can progress your character in various ways. In essence, you can loot better and better gear, level up for better skills, or unlock crafting recipes. You can craft bases, tools, equipment, consumables, and more. 

Lastly, you can play Grounded with your friends. Up to three friends can join you online to freely play the campaign or explore the open-world backyard. 


Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Release Date: December 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PS4 

When Rust came out, it took many elements from DayZ for its own. That includes zombies, which later became enemy wildlife and other NPCs. There’re also clans, offline raids, structure building, crafting, and first-person shooting. 

Naturally, DayZ is also very similar to Ark. It’s a hardcore and punishing open-world survival and sandbox game. There’re no rules other than staying alive, and thus you can play with others, alone or against others. 

There’re also no checkpoints and no saves. When you die, you lose everything, so you have to start over. Additionally, there’s no character progression, so by losing your loot, you’d have to start from scratch.

That said, you can die from zombies, animals, or other players. You also have to manage hunger and thirst. Hunting animals and searching for water, as well as managing your resources, is vital. 

Lastly, on a huge 230 km2 map, there’s an endless amount of resources you can use to build structures and gear. However, up to 60 players on the server can be looking to survive.


Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Release Date: January 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch 

Subnautica is not a multiplayer title. However, its offline experience is one of the best within the open-world survival genre. Moreover, the entire game happens underwater. 

You play as a stranded survivor on an alien ocean world. Escaping the planet means diving deeper and deeper into the ocean. The journey will uncover the mysteries of the crash and the planet’s story. 

The ocean ranges from deep-sea trenches to bioluminescent underwater drives, gorgeous coral reefs, and lava fields. As you explore, you can hunt animals and harvest nature for resources.

Back in your base, you can craft shelter, weapons, and gear. In Particular, you have to micromanage your oxygen and water pressure. These two stats need increasingly rare resources,

Overall, Subnautica is about exploring an underwater open world for combat, valuables, and lore. Then, using these resources to build aquatic habitats and shelters. 


Developer: Redbeet Interactive

Publisher: Axolot Games

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, Linux

You’re stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. With an old plastic hook, you can start gathering debris from the waters to improve your only means of survival and travel.

So, the gameplay loop is about gathering resources to develop a multi-store raft. You also have to manage hunger, thirst, and other mechanics like keeping your meat fresh and cold. 

Then, you can visit isles for extra resources and combat against sharks. There’s no overall objective other than staying alive, and you can do it for as long as you want.

Overall, Raft is a tough survival game. The gameplay loop is about gathering debris with your hook, scavenging reefs and islands, and developing your raft.

Project Zomboid

Developer: The Indie Stone

Publisher: The Indie Stone

Release Date: November 2013 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Project Zomboid is a zombie sandbox game mixing survival, crafting, and combat elements. You also play with simple isometric graphics, which blend well with the game’s dark sense of humor.

You play as a survivor of the Muldraugh town. You can loot houses for resources and then build defenses to delay the inevitable death. You need to steal, combat, run, and play strategically to survive. 

The online multiplayer supports up to 126 people on persistent servers. You can turn an option to open PvP, which grants the possibility of taking other people’s loot and gear. 

You can play alone or with other players. Either way, the goal is to develop a strong-enough city to survive the collision. You need to develop technologies and create the buildings necessary to survive.

Lastly, the developers constantly add new areas to the map and other features. For example, they have added vehicles, a physics engine, real-time lighting, and visibility and sound mechanics. More importantly, they have added tons of things to loot and craft. 


Developer: Coffee Stain Studios

Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios

Release Date: March 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows

Satisfactory is a first-person factory building game with an open-world setting. Exploration and combat are also part of the game. Moreover, you can play alone or co-op with your friends.

The map is an alien planet ridden with nature and valuable resources. You play as a FICSIT employee, and you must conquer the area and build massive factories on the land.

So, you explore distinct locations, combat against monsters, gather valuables, and return to base. On the base, you can build increasingly complex factories. In essence, factories can be manual, or they can be fully automated. 

Lastly, if you play with your friends, you can create factories together. It makes the building easier; therefore reaching the automated process can be faster. 


Developer: Strange Loop Games

Publisher: Strange Loop Games

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

ECO is a survival and base-building simulator game. You’re fighting against time, as you have a limited window to prepare a city against a meteor impact.

You can play alone or with other players. Either way,m the goal is to develop a strong-enough city to survive the collision. You need to develop technologies and create the buildings necessary to survive.

The virtual sandbox includes a complex ecosystem with thousands of plants and animals. The world map uses voxels, like Minecraft. So, you can reshape the geography and mine almost anything you see. 

Back on the base, you tend farms, hunt wildlife, build structures, create infrastructure, and more. The systems are quite specific and even include crafting clothes or power plants. However, your progress depends on the technologies you research. 

Overall, ECO allows you to work alongside other players to save mankind. It’s a complex game, but the absence of PvP makes it friendlier than Ark. 

Orion: Prelude

Developer: Spiral Game Studios

Publisher: Spiral Game Studios

Release Date: May 2012

Platform: Windows

It’s also available for the lowest price available on Steam. And although there’s hardly anyone playing Orion, it has a single-player campaign to justify visiting the old title. 

You, and possibly your friends, explore giant worlds, complete goals, and survive the Dinosaur Horde. Various game modes alter the experience of single-player or co-op gameplay.

Multiplayer modes support up to 10 players. These include a co-op mode, a PvPvE mode, a free-for-all, and more. However, you wouldn’t find enough players to enjoy these features anymore. 

 The game has no crafting features. Even so, it has an open world, dozens of dinosaurs, hundreds of weapons, and more. Lastly, you can play it in first-person or third-person like on Ark. 

Best 14 Games Like Valheim Across Various Genres

It’s an instant hit, and it may have opened your gamer’s heart toward what it offers. So, let’s find games like Valheim you may like to play. 


Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Release Date: December 2014

Platform: Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch 

Subnautica is an offline-only open-world survival craft game. It delivers a thrilling campaign and an incredible world to discover. Also, after you finish the campaign, you can dive in for the Bellow Zero expansion.

Rather than a procedurally generated world, you explore a set underwater alien planet. You’re a survivor of a ship crash, and your only option is to go deeper to gather the resources you need to survive and escape the planet. 


Developer: Mojang Studios

Publisher: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: November 2011

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows, iOS, Android, FireOS, tvOS, Apple TV, macOS

The game has no story and no goal. Instead, you can do whatever you wish, and there’re hundreds of activities in the game. However, the main gameplay is about mining resources to build structures and craft your way to the best gear.

The best gear, for example, Enchanted Bows, would allow you to visit the game’s most exciting locations, and kill the most difficult bosses (like the Ender Dragon). But like Valheim, you can play the game as many hours as you want without minding the bosses you must defeat.


Developer: Nine Dots

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: March 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia

Outward is an open-world survival RPG with skill-based combat. It has a story-driven focus, but you can play the campaign solo or co-op (online or split-screen). Alternatively, it has tons of side content and an open-ended story that grants plenty of player freedom. 

You explore the fictional world of Aurai, but rather than being a hero, you’re a commoner. That’s why most of the experience focuses on survival, not saving the world. Your progress relies on paying experts to get training, which allows you to learn spells. 

That said, the title includes traditional RPG aspects. You fight, level up, gear up, and develop skills. Also, you have to manage warmth, fatigue, thirst, hunger, cold, indigestion, and disease. You can do so with the game’s fair crafting systems. 

The Forest

Developer: Endnight Games

Publisher: Endnight Games

Release Date: April 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox

The Forest is a first-person open-world survival craft game with a story-driven campaign and survival horror elements. You can face the story alone or at a party with up to 8 players traveling together.

Because of its story-driven focus, it easily grasps player attention. You play as a lone crash survivor or as a group of survivors. You wake in an unnerving forest, and your goal is to survive until you get back to civilization. However, cannibal tribes are all around you. 

As you explore the open world, you’ll gather resources to develop a base and craft gear and tools. Lastly, the world is fully interactive, as you can chop, cut, mine, and change everything you see in the forest. 

No Man’s Sky

Developer: Hello Game

Publisher: Hello Game

Release Date: August 2024

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5

You play around in an “infinite” randomized universe where you explore whatever’s shiny out there. Take your ship, go to a planet, land on it, explore, mine its resources, and invest in your ship, weapons, and suit. You may miss combat, but the sandbox freedom it offers can be more than enough. 

There’s also a vast building system. You can build on any planet or across space, which allows you to skip gravity. You can build massive structures with your resources and become an overseer of your settlements to micro-manage many aspects of the location. 


Developer: Re-Logic

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: May 2011

Platform: Windows

Terraria is an open-world survival craft and sandbox game in full 2D. It uses its 16-bit graphics and old-school style to great effect, though, as it’s one of the most popular games in the genre.

The gameplay revolves around exploring below and beneath the surface. You’ll gather resources, find tools, and loot weapons as you explore. These three things will “progress” your character, as all of your skills and stats depend on your gear. 

There’s also a wider storyline about rescuing and helping NPCs. You can find these characters in different parts of the world, save them from a monster, and create a house that suits their needs. Also, you can do so alone or in co-op, with up to 8 players online. 

V Rising

Developer: Stunlock Studios

Publisher: Stunlock Studios

Release Date: March 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows

V Rising is an isometric action-RPG / survival-craft hybrid. You play as a Vampire lord looking to rise in power by building up a castle. It’s also an online experience: its servers support 12 players, and anyone can play with or against you. 

You start with a basic melee weapon, no armor, and a quest line to find resources. Moving and fighting in the open world happens through a WASD combat scheme, so you need to aim your melee and ranged skills.

Then, you level up, customize your skills, gear up, defeat bosses, and loot up. There’s a night/day cycle, so, while you explore at night, you can craft your gear and continue building your castle.

Don’t Starve Together

Developer:  Klei Entertainment

Publisher:  Klei Entertainment

Release Date: April 2024

Platform: macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows

Don’t Starve Together is an isometric open-world survival craft game with hand-drawn visuals. It’s also the stand-alone co-op version of Don’t Starve, and it supports up to 6 players. Moreover, buying it on Steam includes an extra copy you can send to a friend. 

The story takes you to a weird world with no sense of direction or purpose. You’re to discover what to do, how to craft, mine, and every other in-game mechanic. For example, you can farm, hunt, build, and explore alone or together.

You can build a base, craft tools, and gather resources on the maps. However, there’s a day and night cycle, and monsters are out to hunt you at night. Combat relies on isometric hack & slash action, but melee abilities are quite simple (like heavy and light attacks).

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Techland

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows

It differs in its gameplay, though. This is a first-person “parkour RPG.” The character can jump, run, vault jump, drop kick, climb, glide, and perform various maneuvers for traversal and combat. Combat also relies on melee weapons, dodges, parries, bows, and tools you craft.

Your ammo, healing supplies, tools, and weapons are scarce, as you play in a post-apocalyptic world. Here, you play as Aiden, a survivor looking for his long-lost sister. The decisions you take in the story will change the balance of power between the surviving factions. 


Developer: Ellada Games

Publisher: Ellada Games

Release Date: September 2023

Platform: Windows, SteamOS, Linux, macOS, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

The game offers building, crafting, and upgrading mechanics. Whatever you harvest and loot in the world you can use back at your base to upgrade your gear and craft new weapons and armor. Additionally, you have to build a fortress to protect yourself from enemies. 

Lastly, combat features simple hack & slash mechanics. You slash, kick, and use potions to defeat enemies and survive. Other elements include PvP and co-op, world events, and hand-drawn settings. Character progression is very slim, though. 

Conan Exiles

Developer: Funcom

Publisher: Funcom

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Conan Exiles is an open-world MMORPG focusing on survival, simple combat, and building. You play as a customizable barbarian on a journey to build an empire in the prehistoric “Hyborian Age.”

The survival aspect comes from the setting’s oppressive weather and environments. Extreme heat, punishing cold and sandstorms force you to use proper clothes and build structures to take refuge. Additionally, you need to manage hunger and thirst. 

Lastly, you play in a vast open-world sandbox. You can build your own home, create a shared city, dungeon-crawl, scavenge, and level up to customize your character in melee, sorceries, or ranged combat. High-level characters can participate in siege wars. 

Deep Rock Galactic

Developer: Ghost Ship Games

Publisher: Coffe Stain Publishing

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PS4, PS5

Deep Rock Galactic is a 4-player co-op FPS. It features a procedurally generated cave system, randomized quests, and an intuitive crafting system. Moreover, it’s a co-op PvE experience with no PvP, like Valheim.

You pick one of the four Dwarf classes to play solo or co-op. Then, you get a randomized mission about finding resources. You use these items to upgrade your gear and improve your character. Additionally, you can level up to unlock apparel, abilities, and ability slots.

You can dig anywhere, mine anything, and fight bug-like creatures as you “work.” Enemies attack in swarms, fast and vicious, so combat is often better when you’re part of a team. The best part of the game is how different Dwarf abilities mix very smoothly to hold enemy hordes and waves. 

Project Zomboid

Developer: The Indie Stone

Publisher: The Indie Stone

Release Date: November 2013 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Zomboid servers support up to 16 people, which can be your friends or random players. There’s also a local 4-player split-screen co-op, which many say it’s the best way to play it.

You play in a zombie-ridden town, and the zombie horde mechanics and AI make it very challenging. The gameplay is about scavenging buildings and surviving the zombie horde. You have to manage supplies and stats while the game manages real-life calculations of light, shadows, sound, and day cycles. 


Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Date:  July 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Grounded is a more standard story-driven game with open-world and RPG elements. Yet, you can play the campaign in co-op with three friends, and the title supports cross-play.

As you explore the world, you’ll find various kinds of insects. Some of these are food to fill your hunger bar. Others are resources, and the fiercest ones are enemies. Then, you play from a first-person perspective and enjoy a fair combat system with attacks, skills, dodges, levels, loot, and gear upgrades. 

5 Games Like Roblox On Chromebook You Can Play

Among the many sandbox games, Roblox is quite popular for its build-your-world theme. In fact, Roblox is not just a game, but a platform too where you can develop your own game with distinct plots, characters, environment and more. Interestingly, Roblox is available on Chromebook and you can install it on your machine easily. However, if you want to play something like Roblox, but with a different strategy and mind-bending plot then we have some interesting recommendations for you. In this article, we bring you a list of games like Roblox which are known for their complex survival strategy and stellar graphics. So on that note, let’s begin and find out the best games like Roblox on Chromebook.

Games Like Roblox on Chromebook

Here, we have included games like Roblox primarily from the Google Play Store and Steam. In case you aren’t aware, you can easily install and play Steam games on your Chromebook using the Linux container on Chrome OS. So, go ahead and set up Steam on your Chromebook. Apart from that, enable GPU acceleration in Linux on your Chromebook for smoother and high-quality gameplay. Now having done that, let’s make our way to games similar to Robox on Chromebook.

1. Minecraft

One of the most famous and most played titles in the sandbox genre is Minecraft and a game that is very similar to Roblox. Minecraft lets you construct buildings in its procedurally generated world. It not only allows the players to use unlimited resources to create and build beautiful bases but also includes exploration, crafting, and combat, to maintain health while surviving the harsh world. Minecraft also provides a multiplayer layer to its game where the players can create and share the different maps to play in. Not to mention, Minecraft runs quite well on Chromebook after the last few updates. So go ahead and enjoy this popular sandbox game on your Chromebook.

How to Install: You can follow our detailed guide on how to install Minecraft on Chromebook.

2. Stardew Valley

3. Terraria

Terraria is another popular sandbox game just like Roblox where you have to explore the deep expanse of forest to survive yourself. I love this game, particularly because it runs absolutely great on both Android and Steam versions. As for the game, you begin with a pickaxe and a sword to find resources as well as to defend yourself from zombies and flying eyes. However, keep in the mind, unlike Roblox’s 3D gameplay, here you have a 2D game in a linear progression. Basically, you won’t be able to roam around anywhere and have to stick to one path. But the best part about Terraria is that there are exciting explorations, crafting, combat, and mining for which Roblox games are extremely popular.

5. Block Story

Block Story is a role-playing video game, set in a distant land where weird creatures have taken over your biome and you are on a run to save to your life. It mimics the theme of Roblox really well and the graphics are also great. The interesting part of Block Story is its layered plot. During the gameplay, you will find some creatures who can help you if you complete a quest. Upon doing so, you get a reward and using that, you can get anything including dragons, weapons, and armors. After completing multiple quests, you can gather enough power to fight off the attackers and free people from the terror. Simply put, it’s a classic game of survival and you should not miss it also because it runs phenomenally well on Chromebook.

How to Install: Block Story (Play Store) (Free, in-app purchases)


6. More Android Games Like Roblox

Apart from the games mentioned above, there are some Android games like Roblox which we tried on our Chromebook, but they didn’t run. It may be because our Chromebook has an Intel-based processor and Android games are generally developed for ARM chips. So in case, you have an ARM-based Chromebook, give these games a try and see if it works on your machine.

Don’t Starve ($4.99)

Lego Mindstorms (Free)

Crashlands ($6.99)

Survivalcraft 2 ($3.99)

Top Roblox Alternatives on Chromebook

Best Card And Board Games For Xbox One

Let’s accept that the good old Card and Board games can never be replaced by anything similar; for those who loved them, whether chess or monopoly, grouping over a board game is an experience of its own.

Best Card & Board games for Xbox One

As everything is shifting online, so are board games. Yup, no denying that playing across a board table will always retain its grace, but for those addicted to their Xbox, here is a list of the top 10 card and board games for Xbox One:

1] Chess Ultra

The good old chess has been made even more exciting by bringing Chess Ultra to Xbox One. The chess game is better than playing it on a board if chess, the graphics making it “more real than real.” The best part about Chess Ulta is its grim reaper opponent, which gives a wild and scary feel to the game. The tranquil music adds to the aura during the gameplay.

Chess Ultra supports 4k graphics which is an experience of its own. The game has an algorithm which assigns an ELO score to every player, thus making the multiplayer game even more interesting. Check more about the game on the Microsoft store here.

2] Railway Empire

Monopoly would sound boring once you start with this amazing game Railway Empire. The story three in the United States of 1830. Post renaissance era, the industry is booming, and railways are one primary requirement for feeding the revolution. Constructing the railway, an industry in itself is even more of a competition as the better the connectivity, the more powerful the trade and the stronger the country. The game is available on Amazon.

3] Fable Fortune

A collectible card game, Fable Fortune is one of the best of options among free card and board games. The gameplay allows users to select among the 6 designated heroes, of which one has to be picked. The chosen character has to side with either good or evil and with a single friend at your side, you need to defeat the much powerful enemy. Fable Fortune is available free of cost at the Microsoft store here.

4] Monopoly Plus

The good old Monopoly might hardly find a substitute, but the experience has been enhanced by bringing it to Xbox. Interestingly, the Xbox version allows users to modify the rules of the game and set goals accordingly. The 3D game could be played online with family and friends. It allows gamers to screenshot crucial moments in the game and brag about them later. So it’s the same monopoly experience, with more controls in your hands. Buy Monopoly Plus from Amazon here.

5] Pure Chess

Pure Chess is one of the most popular chess games for Xbox, which could be well credited to the simplicity of the application. The game includes a tutorial for players while deciding ELO score for others and connecting them to players of the own class. When playing with friends, you could challenge up to 8 friends at a time and if you lack them, just join any of the 3 major tournaments online. Get this game from the Microsoft store here.

6] Battleship

The good old Battleship played on gaming boards united families over a game, thus becoming a tradition. Now as the game progress to Xbox One, they tried to keep it as much original as possible. The gameplay involves shooting at and destroying enemy ships while saving your own vessel. Battleship for Xbox One has an interesting new “Clash at Sea” mode. If you like it, it could be bought from the Microsoft Store here.

7] Risk: Urban Assault

The story of Risk: Urban Assault is based in future. Thanks to global warming, the glaciers, and ice caps melted causing sea levels to rise. The resultant rising sea levels have caused a shortage of food and space, thus leading to anarchy and a powerplay for those who want to control the leftover resources. As the continents have become non-distinguishable and governments collapsed, new factions are created, and they are warring against each other. Grab this amazing game from the Microsoft store here.

8] Uno

Uno is one game that no child could ever forget. Unfortunately, we aren’t children anymore, thus making it difficult to find Unomates to play with. This problem gets resolved with Uno for Xbox One who helps connect with random players online. The most interesting part is the video chat feature while playing with friends. The game is available on the Microsoft store here.

9] Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

A very fascinating card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist involves Asian characters. We have to duel against our opponents and keep losing or trading cards. The mystic characters are both from the past and future, and the player has to choose the cards wisely based on the traits of the characters. Buy this wonderful game from Amazon here.

Read: Best Fighting games for Xbox One

10] Hand of Fate/Hands of Fate

When I first played Hands of Fate, the first thought was, why not make a game with live characters out of it, perhaps like one of those horror games. The current version’s gameplay is all about winning over other characters by playing your cards right, but it has a charm of its own. The gameplay is set in a dark world, where the characters are hopping through dungeons. Check more about the game here.

Let us know your favorite one!

Also look at these Card and Board Games for Windows PC.

How To Prepare For Ios 13 & Ipados 13

Are you excited about installing iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPod touch, and iPadOS 13 on your iPad? As you may know, iOS 13 is now available to download and update to, whereas iPadOS will be out in just a few days, but before you install the software update on your device you might want to take a few steps to prepare your device.

1: Check Device Compatibility with iOS 13 / iPadOS 13

Like most new versions of iOS, there are minimum system requirements and not all devices support the latest operating system.

The list of iOS 13 compatible devices include the following: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and iPod touch 7th generation.

iPadOS 13 supports the following devices: all iPad Pro models (including 9.7″ iPad Pro, 10.5″ iPad Pro, 11″ iPad Pro, and all 12.9″ iPad Pro models), iPad Air 3, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4, iPad 5th generation, iPad 6th generation, iPad 7th generation.

Note that iPadOS 13 is separate from iOS 13. No other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch models support iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, meaning there are several models that ran prior iOS versions that will not support iOS 13 and later.

2: Ensure Adequate Device Storage

Installing iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 will require several gigabytes of free storage space on the iPhone, Ipad, or iPod touch. You’ll need at least 3GB free to install the update through OTA. If your device is running low on storage, it’s a good idea to check the device storage usage through the Settings app.

This also offers a good opportunity to clean up your device a bit and get rid of some of the old dusty apps and clutter laying around.

Some quick ways to free up storage include deleting apps on iPhone or iPad, offloading apps from iPhone or iPad, using using automatic offloading of unused apps in iOS, and to free up storage by copying photos to a computer or cloud service and then removing videos and pictures from the device itself.

If you have a lot of photos and videos, you can learn how to copy pictures from iPhone or iPad to a Mac with Photos app and how to transfer photos from iPhone to a Windows 10 PC, or more generally learn about transferring photos from iPhone to computer with these instructions using a variety of tools on the Mac or Windows.

If you store a lot of music on your device you may find that deleting songs and music can be useful to free up a lot of storage as well.

3: Backup, backup, backup

By far the most important step before installing any new system software update is to backup your device. Backing up insures that you’ll have a copy of your data in case something goes wrong during the software update process to iOS 13 or iPadOS 13.

The easiest way to backup your device is to backup iPhone or iPad to iCloud. You can also backup the device to a computer with iTunes on Mac or Windows, or backup directly to Mac with Finder if the Mac is running MacOS Catalina 10.15 or later.

If you have a high speed internet connection that is plenty stable, then iCloud backups are simple and easy. For those with slower internet connections, or internet services that is less than reliable, using iTunes backups is often a better idea.

Failure to backup can result in permanent data loss in the event something goes awry during the software update process, so do not skip this step.

4: Update Apps

Open the App Store on your device and install any available app updates, as there will be many apps that are updated for compatibility with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 features and changes.

Even after updating to iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, be sure to check for app updates again periodically, as developers will continue to release compatibility updates for the latest iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 releases.

5: Install iOS 13 / iPadOS 13!

Backed up and have sufficient space on your compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Then you’re ready to download and install the iOS 13 update!

iOS 13 is available to the general public now for iPhone and iPod touch.

iPadOS 13 is available to the general public on September 24.

iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 will be released on September 24.

You can also choose to install the public beta of iOS 13 on iPhone or iPod touch or install iPadOS 13 public beta on iPad and get ahead of the public release schedule, but this is not recommended for most users because of the nature of beta system software. You’d probably want to remove the iOS beta profile after installing the final version on your device however so that you stop getting beta updates on the device when the final version is released.

If you start updating to iOS 13 or a beta release and decide you don’t want to update quite yet, remember you can stop an iOS update while it’s downloading, but once the update is installing it can not be stopped and the process will have to complete. Perhaps you’d rather wait for iOS 13.1, or iOS 13.2, or a later release, that’s certainly a decision you could make to hold off.

Optional 6: Wait to Install iOS 13.1, iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2 or later?

Some users may decide they don’t want to install iOS 13 quite yet, and that’s fine. Maybe it’s to avoid some of the reported problems updating iOS 13, or maybe there’s a particular bug that’d prevent you from updating and enjoying the experience, or perhaps you’re waiting for specific app compatibility. Whatever the reason, iOS 13.1 will be released very soon and should patch some of the bugs that have impacted iOS 13 so far, so waiting for iOS 13.1 and ipadOS 13.1 is perfectly reasonable as well. Or maybe you’d rather wait for later releases, be it iOS 13.2 or some other future version. Do what works for you and your devices!


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