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Consumer Intelligence Research Partners says its data suggests that around 20% of US iPhone buyers in Q3 opted to buy one of the three iPhone 11 models despite availability being limited to the final week in the quarter.

The market intelligence firm says more budget-conscious consumers had two different approaches to balancing features against price…

First, and most obviously, to buy the base-model iPhone 11 rather than one of the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its data suggests that sales of the latest models were split approximately:

iPhone 11: 9%

iPhone 11 Pro: 6%

iPhone 11 Pro Max: 4%

Second, buying last year’s flagships. Its data indicates that combined sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max – which can no longer be bought directly from Apple – almost matched those of this year’s Pro models.

But the best-selling model of all in Q3 was, it says, the iPhone XR.

CIRP finds that the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro/Pro Max models accounted for 20% of US iPhone sales with two weeks of availability at the end of Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter. iPhone XR accounted for 36% of US iPhone sales during the quarter.

“iPhone 11 represented half of the sales of the three newly launched iPhone models,” said Josh Lowitz, CIRP Partner and Co-Founder. “Combined with iPhone XR, which was similarly positioned in the line-up and shares many of the same features, these two models account for almost half of US iPhone sales in the quarter. The premium priced iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models together represent 10% of sales, and 21% when combined with similarly positioned and recently discontinued iPhone XS and XS Max. It seems that iPhone customers consumers have a greater appetite for the historic flagship priced phone, with fewer paying up for the new top-of-the-line models.”

Direct comparisons with last year are tricky due to the delayed availability of the iPhone XR.

Of course, things may change this quarter – the first full quarter of iPhone 11 sales – but as things stand, the average selling price of iPhones is falling as consumers decline to buy the most expensive models.

Apple no longer discloses the average selling price (ASP) of its iPhones, but CIRP surveys prices paid by US iPhone buyers to come up with WARP numbers: weighted average retail price.

CIRP estimates the weighted average retail price for iPhones in the US (US-WARP) at $783, down from $808 in the June 2023 quarter and off its peak of $839 in the December 2023 quarter.

iPhone XR and 11 have dominated sales, at the expense of the more costly XS and XS Max, and 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models. And, iPhone 11 is priced $50 below the similarly positioned iPhone XR at launch last year. This represents a change for Apple, which usually increases prices on new phones relative to older ones.

While that may be true, Tim Cook is unlikely to be crying himself to sleep at night. There have been multiple reports of Apple boosting production in order to meet the strong demand for the new models across much of the world.

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Iphone 11 Pro Vs. Iphone 3Gs – See Ten Years Of Apple’s Development

The iPhone 3GS was a hit back in the day because it is the first iPhone to use a 32GB memory. With the introduction of Apple Store with the iPhone 3 a year earlier, it was clear that 16GB will not cut it. Even in China, iPhone 3GS sales were massive. On Oct 31st, 2009, the first official sales of this smartphone held at Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing. There was a total shutdown that day with a host of people trying to buy this device. 

Ten years later, the iPhone 11 series launched by Apple last year has become an “arcade,”. The hardware configuration and software functions of both smartphones are a world apart. If two iPhones separated by ten years are put together, perhaps we can more clearly see the progress of the iPhone over the past ten years.

iPhone 11 Pro Vs. iPhone 3GS – Design & Display

The iPhone 3GS uses a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 480 × 320. With a compact and sleek body design, there is no pressure on the one-hand operation. The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, can boast of a 5.8-inch display. The resolution is 1125 x 2436 pixels which is a massive increase from ten years ago. While Apple increased the size of the display, the one-hand operation on the iPhone 11 Pro is still cool. 

Of course, there is another huge improvement in the iPhone 11, the body material. While the iPhone 3GS manages a rough-texture plastic body, the iPhone 11 Pro uses a glass body + stainless steel middle frame design. No doubt, it is easier to operate the iPhone 3GS with one hand due to its small size. However, the texture and operability of the entire iPhone 11 Pro is a huge leap from 10 years earlier. 

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iPhone 11 Pro Vs. iPhone 3GS – Camera

The first-generation iPhone (2G network) and the second-generation iPhone 3G uses a 1.2MP camera. However, the iPhone 3GS comes with an upgrade, it uses a 3.2MP camera from OmniVision. It also adds video shooting and auto-focus functions. Ten years later, the iPhone 11 Pro still uses these features, not much improvement if you ask me. However, let’s look at some image samples

It can be seen that even in a well-lit scene, the look and feel of the photos taken by the iPhone 3GS are still full of “age”. The low pixels, lack of HDR, and other congenital defects are clear to see. Furthermore, there are often shortcomings in the highlights of its images. The details are not clear and in the dark, it is completely lost. 

In low light conditions, the image quality of the iPhone 3GS will quickly collapse, accompanied by a lot of noise. With the iPhone 3GS, forget about taking a picture in the dark because what is waiting for you will be an almost black photo. After all, the iPhone 3GS does not support the so-called “night mode”, and there is no flash fill light. What can be photographed at night depends entirely on “God’s Will.”

The upper and lower limits of the iPhone 11 Pro’s recording capabilities are far higher. Even in scenes with almost no natural light sources, iPhone 11 Pro relies on the “night mode” software optimization. It can also achieve recording, no matter what. Furthermore, there is a rear flash that can act as a supplementary light source. 

iPhone 11 Pro Vs. iPhone 3GS – Hardware & Software

In terms of software, the iPhone 3GS comes pre-installed with iPhoneOS 3 and has been upgraded to iOS 6.1.6. The new flat design iOS 7 excludes the iPhone 3GS from the list of supported devices, so iOS 6.1 .6 is also the last iOS version supported in iPhone 3GS history.

As the “endpoint” of quasi-materialization, we look at what iOS 6 offers, and it is indeed a bit embarrassing. You get thins like the classic sliding to unlock sound effects, the rolling shutter animation when opening the camera, etc. 

As for the processor, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+) processor. However, the iPhone 3GS uses a Samsung APL0298C05 65nm chip. I guess many people do not know that there was ever a 65nm process.


Just as we would expect, there is a significant upgrade over the past 10 years. We see upgrades in almost every aspect. From hardware to software, design to display, there is a significant improvement. Ten years is a mark, a summary of the past, and a vision for the future again. Perhaps ten years later, we will look back at the current iPhone 11 Pro.

Best Clear Cases For Iphone 11 In 2023

With so many cases for iPhone 11 in the market, it’s hard to decide which is the best one. It all depends on what you like, want, and need. And if you are on the hunt for something that showcases the device while maintaining a soft layer of protection, iPhone 11 clear cases are your best bet.

These cases can help you maintain the best of both worlds. Pick your choice from this curated list of the best available clear cases.

1. Apple clear case – Editor’s choice

Manufactured by Apple for Apple! This cover blends optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials. While the back is sturdy, the sides offer a soft and snug fit.

Thanks to a scratch-resistant coating on the interior & exterior, it keeps your phone and itself safe. The case also carries an anti-yellow layer and Qi-charging capability.


Perfect Fit


Anti-yellow coating


Slippery hand grip

Hard to take off

Check out on Apple

2. Spigen ultra hybrid case – Crystal clear transparency

Spigen delivers some amazing cases for iPhone, and this crystal clear case for iPhone 11 is no different. Crafted from Hybrid technology, it incorporates a flexible TPU bumper with a durable PC back.

The transparency lets you flaunt your device, while raised bezels around the screen & camera offer protection. It also sports pronounced buttons and large cutouts for maximum ease & tactility.


Raised bezels for sufficient protection

Super-slim profile


Attracts fingerprints, gets dirty very quickly

Check out on Amazon

3. OtterBox symmetry series clear case – Ultra slim profile

OtterBox produces one of the best rugged cases. And this transparent case for iPhone 11 echoes similar protectiveness in a slim, one-piece package. In the brand’s words, it is ‘The style you want. The protection you need.

With enhanced drop protection & raised beveled edges, you are privy to durable protection against accidental falls, bumps, and fumbles. Moreover, the one-piece design pops on and off quite easily.


Slim yet sturdy profile

Limited lifetime warranty


Doesn’t have an anti-yellow coating

Fingerprint magnet

Check out on Amazon

4. Case-Mate tough case for iPhone 11 – Best drop protection

The tough collection by Case-Mate amalgamates the comfort and fun of slim cases with the security & sturdiness of rugged cases. It manages to offer 10 ft. drop protection while managing an ultra-slim design.

It also boasts flexible sides for enhanced grip and reduced slippage. The slim form factor maintains the device’s Qi-compatibility. Further, an anti-scratch & anti-yellow coating ensures a longer shelf life for the case.


Scratch resistance coating

Lifetime Warranty

Value for money


Users complain about discoloration

Check out on Amazon

5. Speck presidio stay clear case – Slim design

This case truly justifies its name and stays clear! Thanks to a high-tech coating, it resists UV rays, oils, and other substances, preventing discoloration. It even boasts an antimicrobial treatment that keeps away stain and odor-causing bacteria growth.

Not just that, scratches are also kept at bay via two durable layers of protection. The IMPACTIUM CLEAR cushioning acts as an airbag and protects the phone against drops from up to 13-feet drop.


Antimicrobial Treatment

Resists oil marks and discoloration

Up to 13-feet drop protection


The back is a bit slippery

Slightly bulky

Check out on Speck

6. ESR essential zero clear silicone cover – Flexible TPU

At just 1.1mm thickness, ESR barely adds any bulk to your iPhone 11. And despite being ultra-slim, it incorporates raised edges around screen & camera, providing ample protection against sudden drops and bumps.

It also protects from watermarking or clinging, as it comes with microdots inside the case. Moreover, the vibrant colored frame adds a distinctive & uber-stylish look to the device.


Minimal form factor

Stylish looks

Microdots on the inside


Slippery handfeel

Check out on Amazon

7. STOON anti-scratch cover – Shock absorption

This flexible silicone case is just 0.4mm thin and adds negligible weight. Most importantly, it’s scratch-resistant, and the soft material doesn’t allow dirt to settle on the case.

This case has raised bezels for all-around protection. And a perfect fit with easy access to all buttons and features. The flexibility of the STOON case is what I loved the most.


Good grip

Worry-free 18-month customer service

Reasonably priced


Get’s dirty (fingerprint or smudge marks) quite easily

Not crystal clear

Check out on Amazon

That’s all, friends!

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Video Aids 95% Of Enterprise B2B Buyers In Conversion

When it comes to engaging and converting B2B buyers, video is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

Fully 95% of B2B buyers say video plays an important role in their moving forward with a purchase, according to new survey results from Brightcove and Ascend2.

Researchers polled over 300 B2B decision-makers in organizations generating more than $50 million in revenue across North America and the United Kingdom.

These findings give us a glimpse into the decision-making processes of enterprise B2B buyers today, and how the availability of video impacts which products and services they ultimately purchase.

How Video Helps B2B Buyers Make Decisions

According to 70% of respondents, video is the best content format for creating awareness of business-related problems.

B2B buyers turn to video to learn more about products and services they’re considering, to learn how to solve a problem, to better understand a problem they’re having, and more.

Here are the top seven ways survey respondents said videos are most helpful:

Video is a high-impact medium, respondents said, with 70% agreeing that video makes the most impact over other content formats.

Video Is Great For Building Trust & Awareness

93% of B2B buyers say that video is important in building trust in a company’s ability to deliver on its promises.

97% of recent video viewers say that they would be more receptive to sales communication from a business after consuming their video content.

88% of B2B buyers surveyed have watched videos to learn about a company’s products or services in the last three months.

It’s a helpful format for making complex topics more interesting and easier to understand, as well.

In fact, 81% of respondents said they prefer to see an explanation of a complex product or service in video format.

These were the top sectors/topics where B2B buyers prefer video over other types of content:

What Types Of Videos Are B2B Buyers Watching?

But what types of videos may resonate best with your B2B audience?

These are the types of video most viewed by enterprise B2B buyers in the last 3 months, according to the survey:

Product review videos

Product demos

Tutorials and training

Live videos including webinars

Educational videos

Brand stories

Industry trend roundups

Customer testimonials

Thought leadership interviews

Other Key B2B Video Marketing Takeaways

Among other B2B video insights, this survey finds that:

83% of B2B buyers would rather tour a product via video over written format.

92% of B2B executives prefer to be introduced to a sales representative via video over written communication.

52% of B2B buyers stated that interactivity features such as links to other content, choose your own journey experiences, and like/dislike buttons matter most to them when it comes to elements included in a business-related video.

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Best Iphone 11 Pro Natural Wooden Cases In 2023

Man’s connection with nature is eternal, and therefore, he loves everything with a tinge of real leather and real wood. Even as we have made tremendous progress in smart technologies, we like to flaunt something natural. This is the idea behind producing some of the best iPhone 11 Pro Wooden Cases. There is a sense of originality, strength, and elegance in the best iPhone 11 Pro wooden cases listed here. To own one is to take pride in something. For superior woodworking, brands have roped in the best artists, who use their hands, brain, and souls to craft top-notch wood cases for iPhone 11 Pro.


KERF is one of the best brands in manufacturing wooden cases for iPhone. The brand uses multiple wood species to make a perfect wood case. KERF does not use plastic or any other material; hence, you get an unadulterated wood case for your premium iPhone. Using sustainable wood, KERF produces a slim profile, ultra-suede lining, and movable wood buttons.

Compatible with wireless charging, KERF gives you custom engraving option. You can get your name or company logo engraved on your iPhone case. While placing an order, you need to select the engraving option.

2. iATO

iATO has created a minimalistic design on a real walnut case for your iPhone. This patiently made thin case flaunts lightweight design; a distinctively stylish and handmade case is made of natural wood. Artisans at iATO have skilfully crafted this case by retaining wooden beauties. It can be a perfect gift to any person, who owns iPhone 11 Pro.

A notable feature of this case is wireless charging compatibility. Simply place your iPhone on a wireless charging pad and enjoy your favorite songs on Apple Music. Made of 100% natural dark wood, a precisely designed case allows you full access to all the essential ports, buttons, and controls on your iPhone.


You will love to hold your iPhone for a long time if the device is wrapped in this protective wooden case. The daily wear and tear cannot reach your iPhone; forget all those accidental drops, scratches, and bumps. What you should remember is the pristine beauty of your iPhone, which is protected by a case, which has dual-layer TPU and real wood material.

To make it skin-friendly, YFWOOD has used natural wood layer and high-end TPU rubber layer. IT is one of the healthiest cases with no weird chemical smells. Since the case is made of real wood, each one is unique with a distinct wood grain.

Kalibri has crafted an all-natural wood case for your iPhone. A durable and eco-friendly material not only protects your phone but also imparts beauty to the device. To keep your iPhone securely fitted to the case, Kalibri has used inner plastic material. Its strong back cover endures drops, falls, shocks, bumps, and scratches effectively.

Creating a wooden case with precision is a daunting task, and Kalibri has achieved this feat effortlessly. This natural case is made of bamboo, and therefore, you get a unique piece. You will be holding a durable case made of eco-friendly material.


HHDY has done what others cannot think of. The brand has installed a kickstand on this wooden case, which has a flexible TPU bumper. On a hard natural wood, HHDY has put a kickstand, which makes it convenient for you to watch videos, read eBooks, play games, chat face-to-face, and browse websites.

Genuine wood enhances the overall aesthetics of the case, and the rugged matte finish boosts the robustness. With innovative craftsmanship, HHDY has made sincere efforts to win your hearts. Check the raised edge around screen and camera lens to protect the sensitive organs of your iPhone.

That’s all, friends!

Your choice…

These iPhone 11 Pro Wooden Cases are the most fashionable accessories for any iPhone holder. Apart from beauty, these cases take enough care of your iPhone. They are physically robust as makers use high-quality TPU bumper while manufacturing the cases.

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You Told Us: You Want These Two Smartphone Camera Improvements In 2023

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

2023 is here, and we’ve already seen the first flagship phones launch from the likes of OnePlus, Vivo, and Xiaomi. These devices will undoubtedly bring some respectable camera credentials to the table, among other selling points.

But as we step into the new year, we were curious about the improvements our readers wanted most from smartphone cameras in 2023. So we threw this question to you, and here’s how you answered. 

What do you want to see from smartphone cameras in 2023?


Just over 1,200 votes were cast at the time of writing, and the top pick by a slim margin was “higher quality zoom.” This pick accounted for 24% of the vote, and we can understand why. Top-end flagships from the likes of Google, Samsung, and Xiaomi indeed offer great zoom capabilities, but lower tier flagships and mid-rangers are often left wanting. Furthermore, flagship phones from Apple, OPPO, realme, and OnePlus are also lagging behind in terms of zoom quality.

Meanwhile, the runner-up by just a single percentage point was “better low-light shots” (23%). Low-light photography has made major strides thanks to modern night modes, but you clearly feel that there are more gains to be had. There’s also still room for improvement in this regard when it comes to budget phones in particular.


roaduardo: Faster shutter speeds. Faster shutter speeds. Faster shutter speeds.

Andrew Farris: I wanna see better overall processing, imo phones lean way to heavily on denoising and sharpening. Comparing images taken with apps like “motion cam” that uses its own camera pipeline, you can really see a much more detailed and higher quality jpeg from that app than the stock camera apps.


Albin: Mainly I’d like to see current premium features like optical telephoto and OIS pushed down and become standard on mid-range and budget models. That said, “staggered HDR” seems like it has a lot of potential though I haven’t seen comparisons.

Kira : I think greater proliferation of OIS technology to more mid rangers and even some budget devices, which not only improves low light photography, but also helps with the videography in a realistic manner. On the other hand, hopefully expecting the OEMs to skip all those useless macro/depth sensors in exchange for OIS.

Joe Black: Better colour/white balance across every smartphone and feature to turn off every skin smoothing or excessive sharpening in general.

Andreas Larsson: I want more accurate previews in the viewfinder and less post processing

EasyCare: Stick to the basics. Better low light performance. Reduce camera bump. Improve selfie camera quality. Personally, I would also add that we need to stop with the super long zoom race. A main camera with standard 28 to 35mm focal length and a simple 2x but high quality lens is better than a 3x, 5x or 10x lens.

Eric Koop: Better quality zoom, specifically on mid tier phones. I don’t want to pay a million dollars for a Galaxy Ultra or iPhone Max. Toss one on the Pixel A or Galaxy A series that isn’t crappier than just using digital zoom on the main shooter

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