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2024’s iPhone decision is so much harder

We’re a long way from the days where the hardest iPhone decision was what color you should choose. The arrival of the Plus devices, with the iPhone 6 Plus back in 2024, made things a little trickier, though even then it was a fairly straightforward choice where size corresponded with specifications. With the arrival of the 2023 iPhones, however, Apple has upended the decision process once again.

We had the first signs of that complexity last year, and the iPhone X. Up until then, you either went for the “regular” sized phone, like an iPhone 7, or you opted to go larger and get the iPhone 7 Plus. In the process you got a bigger display and, just as important to many, twin cameras.

That held true with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the iPhone X muddled things, at least at first glance. Its 5.8-inch display was larger than the 5.5-inches of the iPhone 8 Plus, but thanks to its minimal bezels it was a smaller device overall. You still got the dual cameras, though.

Still, the hierarchy was relatively simple. Dual cameras come with a bigger screen; smaller phones have single cameras. 2023 changes that.

Personally, I made the shift to the Plus-sized iPhones grudgingly. The iPhone 6 form-factor was, to me, preferable; at the time I valued having a smaller, more hand-friendly device than a bigger screen. However I couldn’t have that and get the dual cameras, and I really wanted the 2x optical zoom.

I stuck with that compromise until the iPhone X’s launch last year, though in the intervening years – and indeed as I relied more and more on my smartphone as a tablet replacement and the “computer” I reached for most often – I grew to appreciate having a larger screen too. The iPhone X promised to combine both camera and screen in something noticeably more compact than the iPhone 7 Plus I’d been using before it. It was, frankly, a no-brainer decision.

This year, the decision many iPhone buyers face is tougher. I’m not alone in growing to appreciate the potential a larger display offers, though I’m also probably not alone in wondering whether the iPhone XS Max is – in size and weight – a little too big for me to use every day. In comparison, however, the iPhone XS seems a little on the small side now.

The iPhone XR, which won’t be released until next month, slots in-between the two when you’re considering screen size. It’s also considerably cheaper than an iPhone XS; however you compromise on the dual cameras. While Apple is promising some digital trickery to give you Portrait mode on the iPhone XR, even with a single rear camera, it’ll only be available for a limited range of subjects. I also suspect it may not be quite as convincing as the dual camera system is on the more expensive handsets, and of course you don’t get the optical zoom.

As conundrums go, choosing a new smartphone is certainly a first-world issue: the epitome of, what my mother would say as I was growing up, “a nice problem to have.” On the one hand, if sheer screen size is your primary concern, you can sate that and save some money in the process. It’s notable that, while the display may be LCD not OLED, and the rear camera a single sensor not two, the key components inside are the same as its more expensive siblings. You still get the new A12 Bionic chipset, for instance, so the iPhone XR should be just as fast as the iPhone XS Max is.

If, though, you were hoping for a larger screen than that of the iPhone X, but the iPhone XS Max’s size and weight are pushing the limits of acceptability, however, it’s a tougher choice. I can see myself gritting my teeth and opting to carry the iPhone XS Max every day, just because of the extra display real-estate and it means I can keep the dual cameras and optical zoom. I can definitely see how the iPhone XR would hit the sweet spot in price and features for many, though.

Choice is, usually, a good thing. I think Apple’s 2023 iPhone line-up is the strongest showing we’ve seen from the company in a long time, in fact. Yet part of me still thinks fondly of the days when picking between models was a little more black & white, both as a smartphone user myself and as someone frequently asked “which iPhone should I buy?” by others confused by the options. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that interest in the iPhone XR will be sky-high when it launches next month, and there may well be many who would typically look straight to Apple’s most expensive handset among that group.

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Where To Travel In 2023? (List 2023)

Planning to Travel in 2023?

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Top 4 Places to Travel in 2023

There are many best places to explore in the world, and this blog will help you decide where to travel in 2023.

#1 Iceland

Iceland is a country of contrasts, where fire and snow coexist to create a truly unique and otherworldly landscape. The country is home to glaciers, hot springs, geysers, and some of the most stunning waterfalls in the world. With its rugged terrain, Iceland is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering activities such as hiking, skiing, and horseback riding.

Things To Do

Explore the Golden Circle route, which takes you to some of Iceland’s most famous scenery, such as Gullfoss Waterfall, Geysir, and Thingvellir National Park.

Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields.

Go on a Northern Lights tour and witness the awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Iceland is during the summer months of June to August when the days are long, and the weather is mild. However, the Northern Lights are visible from September to April, so the winter months can also be a great time to visit.

#2 Japan

Japan is a land of contrasts, with ancient temples coexisting with modern skyscrapers. Known for its rich culture, Japan offers a unique blend of traditional customs and cutting-edge technology. Japan is a destination that will leave an indelible impression, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the tranquil gardens of Kyoto.

Things To Do

Explore the ancient temples and shrines of Kyoto, such as Kinkaku-ji and Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Take a bullet train to Tokyo and experience the city’s vibrant street culture, including shopping in the trendy districts of Harajuku and Shibuya.

Visit Hiroshima and learn about the city’s tragic history at the Peace Memorial Park.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Japan is during the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November) when the weather is mild, and the iconic cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are in full bloom.

#3 New Zealand

Things To Do

Explore Milford Sound, a fjord located in the southwestern part of the South Island, known for its stunning scenery and abundant wildlife.

Take a scenic drive along the Great Ocean Road, which winds along the coast and offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Go skiing or snowboarding in the winter and enjoy beautiful New Zealand’s Alps.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit New Zealand is during the summer months of December to February when the weather is warm and the days are long. However, the country also has excellent skiing and snowboarding during the winter (June-August) in the Alps.

#4 Bali, Indonesia

Things To Do

Visit the iconic Tanah Lot temple

Explore the terraced rice fields in Ubud

Indulge in a traditional Balinese massage

Take a cooking class to learn about Balinese cuisine.

Go snorkeling or diving to see the island’s vibrant marine life.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Bali is from April to October, during the island’s dry season. The weather is sunny and warm, making it the perfect time to explore the island’s many beaches and outdoor activities.


Hope this article has answered your question about where to travel in 2023. With so many amazing destinations to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to go. Whether you’re looking for a tropical paradise in Bali, the vibrant culture of Tokyo, the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland, or any other destination, there’s something for everyone.

News Roundup 31St May 2023

This week, Facebook has updated us on how it is enforcing its Community Standards with its third report. The report includes new data in a bid to make sure its enforcement is more transparent.

New research has revealed that brands who form emotional relationships with customers are likely to see better brand loyalty, showing that the human element and storytelling really do benefit companies.

Finally, Twitter has announced a new feature. Those who live stream will now have the opportunity to add audio-only guests to their video, which could be used in a number of ways.

Learn more about all of this with our news roundup.

Facebook releases third Community Standards Enforcement Report

Facebook has published its third Community Standards Enforcement Report, which covers Q4 2023 and Q1 2023. The report includes new data points to provide an improved understanding of the process that Facebook goes through when removing content.

The social media giant has now added data relating to content appeals and how much appealed content was restored. This is the first time that Facebook has included this information.

In addition to this data, it is also including data on regulated goods, detailing how the platform is performing when it comes to removing attempts to sell illicit goods, with a focus on drugs and firearms.

These additions to the report mean that the Facebook report now includes metrics across nine policies within its Community Standards. These include/ adult nudity and sexual activity, child nudity and sexual exploitation, bullying and harassment, fake accounts, regulated goods, hate speech, spam, global terrorist propaganda and violence and graphic content.

Appeals and correcting mistakes

Facebook has admitted that its enforcement of Community Standards isn’t perfect and so it is making its process for dealing with any mistakes a bit more transparent with its report. The data will show how much content was restored following user appeals and how much it restored on its own.

The platform can restore content without an appeal for a number of reasons, including:

When multiple posts of the same content have been removed, Facebook can use one person’s appeal of this decision to restore all affected posts.

An error is identified during the review of removed content and so it is restored before an appeal takes place.

If a post is removed because it could feature a malicious link, it can be restored if Facebook learns that the link isn’t harmful.

Regulated goods

While Facebook has had policies about drug and firearm sales in place for years, this is the first time this information is being included in the report. While it has used a range of methods when dealing with this type of post previously, it introduced AI in the summer of 2023 to better identify content that violates its regulated goods policies.

According to Facebook, this has enabled it to take more action, usually before people have had to report content. The platform reports that it took action on around 900,000 pieces of content relating to illicit drug sales in Q1 of this alone. Of these, 83.3% of the content was detected proactively.

Facebook hopes that this extra information will help it fulfil its promise to become more transparent when it comes to how it develops its policies and how it measures its enforcement of them.

Emotional bonds with brands result in customer loyalty

Brands that are able to form emotional bonds with customers are more likely to have a high customer retention rate, according to new research. A study from Deloitte Digital has found that appealing to customer emotions directly relates to trust and repeat custom.

According to the findings, companies who appeal to customer’s emotions on four levels – data boundaries, connection, loyalty and consistency – have a better chance of developing meaningful and beneficial relationships.

Some 62% of the consumers surveyed said they felt a relationship with a brand. Of these, 76% said they have stuck with that brand for four years or more due to the fact they trust it. In fact, trustworthiness is the most important factor when it comes to brand favourability, with 83% of respondents selecting it.

After trustworthiness was integrity (79%) and honesty (77%), showing that transparency is a vital aspect of cultivating customer relationships. This means that building trust is the first step in cultivating lasting relationships with consumers.

Building this trust can then aid in the development of future relationships, as customers who trust a brand are more likely to recommend it. In fact, just under half (44%) of those surveyed said that they have endorsed a product based on emotional criteria. Of these, 60% said they use words like “happy”, “love” and “adore” when recommending brands they feel a connection to.

Timothy Greulich, experience management practice leader at Deloitte, said: “Customers and consumers are longing for human connection with the organizations and people they tend to do business with. When pressed on what those connections look like, they described their relationship in the context of a friendship, more importantly, a two-way relationship, where both parties are responsible and engaged in the health of the friendship/relationship.”

Another factor that influences customer trust is how brands use consumer data. The research found that three-quarters (75%) of customers want a brand to know why a purchase was made and over half (52%) want that brand to know they are satisfied with their purchase. However, 35% don’t want brands to search their browser history and 59% don’t want brands responding to social posts, whether they are negative or positive.

While issues like privacy breaches can cause an end to a consumer’s relationship with a brand, the way that a brand reacts to the situation can make a huge difference. Some 77% said they would continue buying from a brand if they are offered an apology that seems genuine when an issue arises.

This goes to show that perfection is not the key to creating and maintaining customer relationships. If a brand is able to appear human, trustworthy and honest while also holding their hands up when something goes wrong, it is likely to lead to lasting relationships that offer high ROI.

Facebook is bringing a new add type to its social media network that could provide a boost to mobile games. Facebook users will now be able to trial a mini version of a mobile game through its new ad format, allowing them to see if the game is for them before downloading it.

According to Facebook, people were 60% more likely to open a mobile game they had downloaded if they had the chance to test a playable ad first compared to those who downloaded without first testing the game.

Facebook will also be offering vertical video and zip file support, which will be available in the next few weeks.

Head of insights at Differentology, Dan Brilot said: “The mix of low-rolling monthly subscriptions, in addition to episodic content, means SVOD has unusually high levels of loyalty as a category, with one in six claiming to always go to an SVOD service first when deciding what to watch.

“The figure rises significantly for 16-to19-year-olds, with over half (53%) never going to live TV first, while 17% of the age groups claim the number of paid SVOD subscriptions in their household will increase over the next three years. New entrants, such as Britbox, seem set for success, provided the price point is in line with current SVOD providers.”

The research findings follow on from the recent announcement that Coca-Cola is integrating with Netflix’s Stranger Things season three, which will see the launch of New Coke, suggesting that this could be the direction that the streaming service is going.

Twitter launches new live streaming with guests

Twitter has announced its new live-streaming option that will mean users can add audio-only guests to their streams. Tests for the featured were spotted by some users earlier in May but the new Live Guests option is now being rolled out across the platform.

The feature means that viewers can join in a conversation if the streamer grants permission. People can join a stream with their audio only, with their avatar appearing on the screen. This feature could be used to host question and answer sessions, or interviews live on Twitter.

The platform said of the new streaming feature: “Conversations on Twitter can take place in many ways, and our latest update to live video brings another dimension to how you can discuss what’s happening. Starting today, your Tweets are going £IRL and now you can hot a live video and invite up to three people as guests. Those you allow to join can be heard by everyone and can drop off at any time.”

While the option is a good step forward for Twitter, it seems to be slightly behind other social media networks. Instagram and Facebook Live already allow split-screen live streams with a guest, which is something Twitter doesn’t allow. However, the ability to invite up to three guests could be enough of a difference to bring people to this feature instead.

Technology For Marketing 2023 Recap

A round-up of our time at TFM 2023

This week the Smart Insights team were in London for Technology for Marketing 2023. A two-day conference dedicated to martech.  If you didn’t make it to TFM, here is a recap of Dave’s talk and panel discussion, as well answers to the most common questions we were asked at our stand.

Download the 10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy booklet

All visitors to the stand were given a new 10 reasons why you need a digital strategy mini-booklet which gives recommendations on what a strategy should include – you can download it here [pdf] if you want to take a look.

How to measure and improve your return on MarTech, Dave Chaffey

Dave spoke about how your can build an effective martech stack that meets your company’s needs. With Scott Brinker’s martech landscape now covering over 5000 martech options, it can be hard to find the appropriate one that will provide you with an acceptable ROI. Dave started by discussing the customer lifecycle and how you can use martech to meet the customer at each stage of the cycle.

Dave started by discussing the customer lifecycle and how you can use martech to meet the customer at each stage of the cycle. By using martech to fuel your entire customer lifecycle, you need a single data management platform for each stage of the lifecycle. For many businesses, because they haven’t done the right analysis they don’t understand how to meet the needs of the audience.

He also covered many missed opportunities in martech. The key opportunities he finds companies miss are AB testing across different devices, detailed search data analysis, and welcome sequences. Dave showcased our essential digital marketing tools infographic to the audience, demonstrating how it is structured, to help you decide which tools are best for your business. The infographic divides 150 tools across 30 key categories, so you can see which tools to use to achieve a given objective.

When used correctly, martech tools can save time, boost productivity and lead to better marketing outcomes. Dave finished his presentation by pointing out that the biggest opportunity is in AI. There are already a lot of martech vendors offering AI services, but we are at the stage where marketers are trying to find out how effective it is. Finally, don’t worry, he does not think AI will take over your job but has thr potential to help you.

“Simplify your #Martech strategy by focussing on how your customers interact with you.”

— Infinity (@_infinity_co) September 27, 2023

Keen to get an idea what people at #TFM17 are doing. How many marketing technologies do you have on your site?

— Infinity (@_infinity_co) September 27, 2023

The beginning of the age of AI marketing: Where do we stand now and what’s next?, IBM Watson, Salesforce, AISB, Phrasee, SAP Hybris and Smart Insights

As Artificial Intelligence develops, businesses are questioning how profound AI will be to change the dynamics in marketing. This panel moderated by Dave Chaffey discussed how we can prepare ourselves for the foreseeable impact. The panel included:

Nicholas Kontopoulos – Global VP of Fast Growth Markets Marketing, SAP Hybris

Parry Malm - CEO, Phrasee

Dr Bertie Müller – Chair, AISB

Tom Smith – Senior Manager, Product Marketing EMEA, Salesforce

Jeremy Waite – Evangelist, Watson Marketing EMEA, IBM Watson

AI is still so new, while many businesses know about it, many are unsure about the best place to start. The panel firstly discussed what is AI and where do we start?

The panel started by discussing what AI is and where do we start?

Bertie: There are so many areas of AI, but also ones that will take a little longer to make their way into marketing. The key to AI is finding out how the human brain works and the essence of AI. The more human-like AI is the more we can relate to it.

Jeremy: Everyone is pretending they know what it is, but they don’t. Don’t worry about AI, its something that will make our jobs easier and faster. It will help, but not replace us.

Parry: The term AI is crap. It’s a meaningless buzzword that makes you more money.

Dave also asked the panel what wins they have already seen. They discussed examples and case studies of AI in practice and what that would look like for our businesses.

Nicholas: It will replace some jobs, and will help us make better decisions. We will be able to handle bigger chunks of data and form better views of customers once AI if fully implemented.

Tom: We are currently using and partnering around AI. I believe that AI will help you increase conversions. Machines will be making decisions for you and help you make better conversion decisions.

Parry: AI scanning people for scanning, email subject lines are written by machines now, the probability is it was written by a machine.

Where should businesses start with AI?

Nicolas: Focus on people, and the problems you are wanting to solve. Don’t over complicate it.

Parry: Not about AI, it’s about working out your challenges and focusing on how you engage people better. If you don’t have a problem, don’t bother. The only time you should use it is if it will save you a bunch of money or make you a load of money.

— Smart Insights (@SmartInsights) September 27, 2023

— Karen Bowen (@v28kab) September 27, 2023

— Victoria Peppiatt (@VicPeppiatt) September 27, 2023

Over at our stand

We had some great conversations and had the opportunity to meet with our members. Thank you to everyone who came by to say hi, it was great to meet you all. One very popular giveaway was our essential tools poster mentioned in Daves talk, if you didn’t get your hands on one you can also find it here.

One of the most common questions asked was: how can you integrate our resources into your marketing team?

Thanks yet again for a great conference TFM!

Best Homall Gaming Chair 2023


The cost of gaming chairs can vary quite dramatically. the big-name companies are all going to be charging considerably more for their wares but there is a reason for that. generally, the materials used are of much higher quality, this is how the cheaper manufacturers can trim down their price so much. With this trimming down also comes a reduction in comfort. Extra support cushions aren’t included, the foam used in the seat and back sections won’t be as high quality and may lose its shape quicker than you would like. The seat itself might not recline or even feel as sturdy.

What we are saying, and we certainly don’t always suggest you go for the higher ticket items, but when it comes to gaming chairs you generally get what you pay for. It all depends on how happy you are to compromise.


The last couple of years have definitely seen a move away from the huge gamification of gaming chairs. No longer are we only different bright green chairs with orange lightning bolts emblazoned across them but you can now get high-quality gaming chairs that do not look out of place in any corner of your home. You need to decide whether you want one that’s more akin to a big padded ‘bosses’ office chair or stick with the racing-style so popular in years gone by. It’s also worth considering you may redecorate before your chair reaches the end of its life so that bright yellow racing chair may not fit in so well in the future.

Selection Criteria

Weight Limit

The weight limit on most of these gaming chairs is less of a concern than on a traditional office or computer chair. That’s because these chairs are already based on the floor, and therefore aren’t likely to collapse if they have a sturdy frame.

The only real exceptions to these rules are the Intex Inflatable Chair and the X Rocker Pedestal Chair. The Inflatable Chair is much more strict about its weight limit since it risks popping if you go over it, while the Pedestal in the other chair may give away if you stress it too much for too long.

Besides those chairs, though, you’re probably just fine being 350+ lbs and using these chairs on the floor. They should be reasonably comfortable, too, but you can also check the measurements on them if you’re particularly wide.

Get A Chair That Matches Your Size

Gaming chairs have a height and weight capacity like any other chair.

Most of them can only support up to 250 lbs while some can handle weights of up to 400 lbs. Similarly, some chairs are smaller and can only accommodate heights up to 5’5” while some have high backrests that can support over 6’ in height.

Choose a gaming chair that can at least support 20 lbs more than your current weight. And since it’s unlikely you’ll shoot up another foot anytime soon, just go with a chair that’s close to your height or a little slightly above.

Determine Your Desk Height And Width

One thing many people forget when buying a chair is that it needs to be small enough to fit close to their desk. This means you should have a good idea of just how tall and wide your chair is.


Features are another big thing, but the main one at play here is audio.

For whatever reason, most people expect gaming chairs to have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming audio experience. If this interests you and you don’t mind a few extra steps of setup, you should probably opt into it.

If this doesn’t interest you, though, don’t waste your money. Focus on buying a comfortable chair instead.

How To Buy Dogecoin 2023

Dogecoin was one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of 2023 – not least because the digital asset was endorsed by Elon Musk throughout the year. 

If you’re wondering how to buy Dogecoin in a simple and cost-effective way – this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step by a low-cost and regulated online broker.  

How to Buy Dogecoin – Quick Steps

Follow the simple 4-step process below to learn how to buy Dogecoin with


– which allows you to invest from just $10 per trade.    

Step 1


Open an eToro account

– You can open an account with eToro in under five minutes by providing the broker with some personal and contact information.     

Step 2: Deposit Money

– Next, make a deposit of $50 or more to activate your eToro account. The fastest way to do this is to use a debit card.    

Step 4: Buy Dogecoin

– You can now enter the amount of money that you wish to allocate to Dogecoin. Finally, hit ‘Open Trade’ to complete your Dogecoin purchase.    



, you can see that learning how to buy Dogecoin is super easy. Plus, you will only pay the spread when investing, so eToro offers one of the cheapest ways to buy Dogecoin online. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Where to Buy Dogecoin 

Dogecoin is now a major cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and mass awareness. As such, when thinking about where to buy Dogecoin online, you’ve got plenty of options on the table. 

We found that the best place to buy Dogecoin in the US is the brokers reviewed below.   

1. eToro – Best Place to Buy Dogecoin in the US 

Our in-depth research found that


is by far the best place to buy Dogecoin in the US. At this top-rated platform – which is used by over 20 million investors and traders, you can buy Dogecoin on a spread-only basis. This means that you can invest in this digital asset with super low fees. Plus, you only need to risk a total of $10 to buy Dogecoin. eToro also has the eToro wallet which allows you to store your dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in your

crypto wallet


At eToro, you will be able to trade in a safe and secure environment. The platform is regulated not only with the SEC, but bodies in the UK, Cyprus, and Australia. In addition to Dogecoin, you’ve got plenty of other crypto assets to invest in at this broker. Examples include

buying Bitcoin

, Ethereum, Cardano, and more.  

To fund your


account and subsequently pay for your Dogecoin purchase, payment options include ACH, bank wires, and e-wallets like Paypal. However, the easiest way to deposit funds is via a debit/credit card. All payments in USD are free of any transaction charges. eToro offers Copy Trading tools and Smart Portfolios for those wishing to invest passively. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk. Additionally, 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

2. Webull – Top-Rated Broker to Buy Dogecoin From $1 

You might already be aware that Dogecoin is a highly speculative asset. And as such, you might want to consider keeping your stakes to a minimum.


is a top-rated broker in this respect, as you only need to buy $1 worth of Dogecoin to enter the market. And, considering that Dogecoin is trading at around $0.20 as of writing – this will still get you five tokens.  

When it comes to fees, Webull operates a commission-free pricing structure across all of its supported assets. This includes stocks, ETFs, options, and of course – cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin. Once you have registered an account with


, you can deposit funds via ACH and bank wire. There is no minimum deposit to meet – which is also great for those on a budget.  

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

3. Binance – Buy Dogecoin in the US With a Debit Card  



operates on a global level across more than 100 million client accounts, it wasn’t until recently that the popular exchange opened a US-specific subsidiary. Targeted exclusively at Americans, Binance US supports more than 50+ cryptocurrencies – including that of Dogecoin. The first step is to open a Binance account and upload some ID.      

Once your account is verified, you can then buy Dogecoin with a debit card. This will cost you a very competitive 0.5%. When using the


US exchange to trade digital currencies, commissions amount to just 0.1%. However, we should note that various regulators are currently investigating Binance for operating without a license – so do bear this in mind. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

How to Buy Dogecoin – Tutorial 

If you have considered the risks and wish to continue with an investment – this section will explain how to buy Dogecoin with USD in less than five minutes. 

For this walkthrough, we’ll show you the required steps with top-rated broker eToro.       

Step 1: Open an Account 


You will then need to fill out the registration form – providing details such as your name, residential address, and date of birth.   

Step 2: Upload ID 

eToro is regulated by the SEC and a member of FINRA. As such, you will need to upload a copy of your ID before proceeding with a deposit.     

Step 3: Deposit Money  



, you can deposit funds with a debit/credit card, ACH, bank wire, Paypal, and more. The minimum funding amount is $50.     

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Step 4: Search for Dogecoin 

To buy Dogecoin right now, enter ‘DOGE’ into the eToro search bar.     

Step 5: Buy Dogecoin 

And finally, enter the amount of money you want to invest. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Ways of Buying Dogecoin

In terms of payment methods, there are many different ways to

buy cryptocurrency

and buying Dogecoin in the US. Have a think about which option is best for you by reviewing the sections below. 

How to Buy Dogecoin With PayPal

In the space of five minutes, you could buy Dogecoin with Paypal at


. After registering an account, you can select Paypal from the list of deposit options, alongside your desired amount. This needs to be at least $50 at eToro. 

The process is fully-encrypted, so you can deposit funds with Paypal safely before proceeding to buy Dogecoin. Best of all, assuming your Paypal account is denominated in US dollars, eToro won’t charge you any deposit fees. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Buy Dogecoin With Credit Card

If you want to buy Dogecoin with a credit card,


is also a great option here. The overarching reason for this is that most cryptocurrency exchanges charge at least 3% to use Visa or MasterCard. 

Some exchanges that we came across charge as much as 10%. However, when you buy Dogecoin with a credit card at eToro, USD deposits will not attract a fee. Take note, you should tread with caution when buying cryptocurrencies on credit. 

Buy Dogecoin With Debit Card

It might make more sense to buy Dogecoin with a debit card. After all, you won’t be borrowing the funds from a credit card company. The actual payment process is much the same as buying goods online – insofar as you simply need to enter your debit card details. 

Once confirmed, the payment will be processed instantly. Once again, eToro charges nothing on deposits made in USD.

How to Buy Dogecoin With Skrill, Neteller, or WebMoney 

A small number of people will also look to buy Dogecoin with Skrill, Neteller, or WebMoney. All of these e-wallets are supported on the



The only requirement you need to meet is that the minimum deposit is $50 for first-time customers. 

Why Buy Dogecoin?

Make no mistake about it – while all cryptocurrencies are risky, Dogecoin is potentially the most speculative out there. After all, the value of the digital currency was virtually worthless until Elon Musk started tweeting about Dogecoin in early 2023. 

And as such, we would suggest researching the following key factors before you buy Dogecoin in the US. 

2024 Returns  

In the first week of 2023,


was trading at just $0.005 per token. By July of the same year, Dogecoin hit all-time highs of $0.73. This means that it took just seven months for Dogecoin investors to see financial returns of over 14,000%. 

In other words, had you invested a mere $100 into this digital asset at the start of 2023, by July, your money would have been worth more than $14,000. With this in mind, such significant gains in such a short period of time is why Dogecoin has attracted so many new investors. 

Buy the Market Dip  

Since Dogecoin hit record highs in July 2023 of $0.73 per token, the digital asset has been on a downward trend. In fact, as of writing in early 2023, you can now buy a Dogecoin token for just $0.17. 

Although at first glance this might concern you, oftentimes it is best to invest in an asset when it is going through a market dip. In other words, by purchasing Dogecoin at $0.17 as opposed to $0.73 – you are getting yourself a discount of over 76%. 

Recognition From Major Brokers  

It is interesting that some of the largest brokers in the US – including the likes of


, Webull, Robinhood, have since added Dogecoin to their list of supported markets. This in itself is a testament to just how much demand there is for Dogecoin in the US. 

Moreover, from your perspective as a potential investor, it is good to know that you can buy Dogecoin in the US through a regulated and trusted platform – rather than an unlicensed exchange. 

How Much Dogecoin Should I Buy?

The simple answer here is never to invest more than you can afford to lose. That is to say when learning how to buy Dogecoin in the US, consider that you are buying an asset that is speculative, volatile, and extremely risky. When buying meme coins, one should consider the volatility. So if you’re looking into other coins, or looking for

how to buy Baby Doge Coin

you need to be aware of that.

As we mentioned just a moment ago, Dogecoin has since gone from a price of $0.73 to just $0.17 as of writing, which translates into a loss of 76%

Dogecoin Price


like Dogecoin are traded on a global scale – so they are priced in US dollars. The price of the token is dependent on demand and supply. 

In other words, when there are more buyers than sellers in the Dogecoin market, naturally, the value of the token will rise. 

You can keep tabs on the price of Dogecoin via CoinMarketCap or through the portfolio section of your chosen broker. 

Dogecoin Price Prediction  

It goes without saying that Dogecoin price predictions are a waste of time. 

As we have noted several times, its extraordinary rise in 2023 was largely down to Elon Musk showing a great interest in the digital currency. 

As such, any Dogecoin price predictions that you read are going to be pretty much worthless. 


You should tread with caution when buying volatile and speculative assets like Dogecoin. 

With that said, if you are ready to buy Dogecoin right now –


requires a minimum investment of just $10 – which is great for risk-management purposes. 

You can deposit US dollars for free at eToro and even buy Dogecoin on a spread-only basis.   

FAQs Where can I buy Dogecoin?

You can buy Dogecoin from eToro with a debit card in less than five minutes. 

How do I buy Dogecoin?

After opening a crypto broker account and making a deposit – you can proceed to buy Dogecoin. 

What can you buy with Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is bought and sold on a speculative basis – with the aim of making money. 

How to buy Dogecoin stock? 

You cannot buy stocks in Dogecoin, as the asset is a cryptocurrency. 

What is the safest way to buy Dogecoin?

The best way to buy Dogecoin is by using an SEC-regulated broker like


Will Dogecoin ever hit a dollar?

Dogecoin could one day hit a dollar, but there is no knowing what the future truly holds for this speculative asset. 

Is this the right time to buy Dogecoin?

Dogecoin can go up as well as down in a parabolic manner in the space of a few days. As such, knowing when to buy Dogecoin is challenging.   

Is it good to buy Dogecoin now?

You should only buy Dogecoin if you have considered the risk of financial loss. 

Is Dogecoin buy or sell?

Dogecoin is super volatile, so there is no way of knowing whether this crypto asset will even regain its former all-time high of $0.73. 

Best Sims 4 Mods 2023

Best Sims 4 Mods 2023

Need to liven up your Sims 4 mods? Here’s some of our best picks for 2023.

Looking for the best Sims 4 mods?

The Sims 4 is perhaps one of the most popular games of all time, those of us who’ve played have easily accrued countless hours of playtime and have likely spent more than our fair share on the never-ending expansion packs.

But the Sims 4 can get a little stale when you play it in its vanilla form, even with all the expansions, so it’s no surprise that the game has an active and prominent collection of creators helping expand the game, creating mods to change gameplay, add new traits, enhance the CAS, or simply help reinvigorate the general gameplay.

Seeing as the Sims 4 community is always active and engaging, there are always new mods to improve the game, so that’s what we’ll be looking at in this guide, the best mods to use in 2023.


How to download mods in The Sims 4

First thing’s first, these are the steps you’ll need to follow to install mods or custom content in The Sims 4 on PC or Mac:

Download the mod or CC.

Open the zipped folder.

Drag the unzipped files into your mods folder.

On PC, the mods folder should be in this location: Drive:Users[Your name]DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods

On Mac, the mods folder should be in this location: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

Now that the files are in the folder, boot up your copy of The Sims 4.

Go the Options menu, then select ‘Game Options’ and then ‘Other’.

In the Other tab, check the box that says ‘enable custom content and mods’.

Close the game, open it again, the mods will now be active.

More Careers

Sims 4 Careers – Copyright Maxis/EA

The base game has a number of careers available for selection for both adult and teen sims. But these jobs will always be the same, with little to no addition unless you get a new expansion pack that features on.

However, every other week new creators are creating new jobs that you can download and give your sims. Whether you want to become a tattoo artist , game developer, stock broker or zookeeper, there are always new and interesting careers being added to the community.

Best Sims 4 Mods – Wonderful Whims

WonderfulWhims new interactions and moodlets – Copyright Maxis/EA

WonderfulWhims is a mod that offers plenty of social, relationship, and pregnancy enhancements in forms of Attractiveness, Impressions, Personality Archetypes, Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control, and many more.

With this mod you can feel like your Sims’ relationships are far more meaningful and important. WondefulWhims adds a new form of depth with new custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom objects, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay.

Best Sims 4 Mods – Become a Sorcerer

Become a Sorcerer mod allows more magic options and abilities – Copyright Maxis/EA

Although the base game features spellcasters, the Sorcerer mods adds even more magic and options to create your magical sims.

Investigate a Suspicious Lump of Clay to get infused with magic, choose a ritual to specialize in, then use Specialization spells, focus on an alignment, and unlock more spells. Become a master of Specializations, along with mastery of the Black Arts or White Arts and specialize further with a ritual of your choice.

READ MORE: Sims 4 Building Tips & Tricks

More Game Personality

More Game Personality helps make the world feel more alive – Copyright Maxis/EA

The More Game Personality mod aims to give the base game a little bit more personality, making things a bit more realistic. In particular, the creator emphasizes that this mod sees:

Most of the romance is restricted till higher romance levels.

Sims might learn traits and careers from Deep Conversation

More alien interactions

Cats & Dogs with Personality!

More Autonomy

No Idle Chat

Restrictions on romance to help with cheating sims

More autonomy for toddlers

Interactions based on Traits, Moods, Conversations & Relationships

Toddlers acting more like their traits

Restrictions on woohoo and try for baby

Essentially, this mod hopes to make interactions and relationships feel more meaningful rather than bland and emotionless.

More Personality Traits

Drama Queen is among one of many downloadable modded traits – Copyright Maxis/EA

Much like careers, there is an abundance of sim traits you can choose from that’ll make the game all the more detailed and bring more character and personality to your individual sims. Whether you’re looking for something more gloomy or if you want some more life and pizazz, there’s something for everyone among the many traits you can download.

Best Sims 4 Mods – Meaningful Stories

Meaningful Stories adds more emotional depth to your sims – Copyright Maxis/EA

Meaningful Stories is a mod that redesigns the mood and emotions system of The Sims 4. This collection of changes big and small aims to make you Sims feel more human, to make the events in their lives feel more meaningful, and to turn managing their lives into a more interesting challenge.

Your Sim might fall into a depressive rut for days that takes planning and effort and some help from their friends to overcome. Or your Sim’s creative nature might be filling them with inspiration when they ought to be focused instead, so you send them to work on their novel to get the ideas out of their head. But then something special happens, like a new friend, a promotion, or a first kiss, and they feel truly happy for once, in a way they never have before.

LGBT Inclusion

LGBT Mod brings even more diversity to the game – Copyright Maxis/EA

There’s quite a lot of mods to enhance each player’s game. But one of the most detailed and dense mods for even more LGBTQ+ inclusion is PimpMySims4’s LGBT Mod. The mod adds a plethora of LGBTQ+ traits and features which can provide new interactions and buffs. All in all, these help create a new experience for both players and Sims alike.

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