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While keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop may seem like a skill only used by experienced editors, anyone can (and should) learn them. The sooner you learn keyboard shortcuts, the sooner you will begin editing in Photoshop like a pro. These useful layer and layer mask shortcuts will save you time and keep your layers panel organized.

Not only do I have keyboard shortcuts for you, but you can also create custom layer mask shortcuts that suit you. Once you learn these shortcuts, you won’t go back to searching through menus to find the action you need.

– Layer Mask Shortcuts In Photoshop

Besides improving productivity, layer mask shortcuts make it easier for you to keep track of the changes you make. Here are 11 layer mask shortcuts to help improve your workflow. 

1. Creating A Custom Layer Mask Shortcut

There are many built-in layer mask shortcuts you can use in Photoshop. However, you can also make your own layer mask shortcuts too.

When the dialog box opens, make sure the shortcut type is set to ‘Application Menus’.

Then, scroll through the list of application menus to find the ‘Layer’ option.

You will notice there is a list of tasks you can create a shortcut for in the layer mask menu. In my case, I’ll do a shortcut for the ‘Link/Unlink’ layer mask task.

3. Inverting A Layer Mask – Control + I (On Windows)/Command + I (On Mac)

This command gives you a new perspective of a layer mask, making it easier to spot any flaws in a layer mask selection and correct them.

To invert the layer mask press Control+I (On Windows)/Command+I (On Mac). This will let you toggle between the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ elements of the layer mask.

Once inverted, you can then press Control+I (On Windows)/Command+I (On Mac) again to change the layer mask back to the original state.

This command is especially useful when you want to apply an effect to an object without affecting the other parts of the image.

To deselect the object once you are done, press Control+D (On Windows)/Command+D (On Mac).

You can copy a layer mask to use on another layer when you need the same mask, rather than creating a new layer mask for each layer.

6. Filling A Layer Mask With Foreground Color – Alt + Backspace (On Windows)/Option + Delete (On Mac)

You can find the foreground and background color selection boxes in the toolbar. By default, the foreground color is white, while the background color is black. 

When you fill a layer mask with the default foreground color by pressing Alt+Backspace (On Windows)/Option+Delete (On Mac), it turns completely white, making all content linked to the layer mask visible.

You can then use the brush tool with black as the foreground color to hide portions of an image.

7. Filling A Layer Mask With Background Color – Control + Backspace (On Windows)/Command + Delete (On Mac)

If you fill your layer mask with the default background color, which is black, all content of the layer linked to the layer mask will be hidden. 

Painting your whole layer mask black by pressing Control+Backspace (On Windows)/Command+Delete (On Mac) is useful when you want to use the white brush to bring back portions of an image only.

8. Enabling Quick Masking – ‘’ (On Windows and Mac)

When you enable the layer mask overlay, the selected object turns red, known as a quick mask.

The opacity of the layer mask overlay is set to 50% by default. You may find it easier to refine your selection by using this command. To activate it, hit the backward slash bar on your keyboard.

9. Targeting A Layer – Control + 2 (On Windows)/Command + 2 (On Mac)

Press Control+2 (Windows)/Command+2 (Mac) to edit an image linked to a layer mask rather than the mask.

10. Targeting A Layer mask – Control + (On Windows)/Command + (On Mac)

By using this shortcut, you can make changes to the layer mask, rather than the image the mask is linked to. Pressing Control+ (On Windows)/Command+ (On Mac) allows you to quickly target the layer mask of the selected layer.

11. Delete A Layer Mask – Delete (On Windows and Mac)

If you want to delete a layer mask without dragging it to the trash bin icon in the layers panel, select the layer mask(s) and press Delete on your keyboard. To select multiple layer masks at a time, hold in Control/Command while selecting each layer mask.

– Layer Shortcuts In Photoshop 

Layer keyboard shortcuts speed up simple tasks such as creating a new layer. They also help in non-routine tasks, such as changing blending modes.

12. Creating A New Layer – Control + Shift + N (On Windows)/Command + Shift + N (On Mac)

This shortcut allows you to create an empty layer by pressing Control+Shift+N (On Windows)/Command+Shift+N (On Mac). After activating the shortcut a window will open, allowing you to name the layer which will appear in your layers panel.

While selecting layers, you may not want to select them in sequence but rather select one layer on the top of the panel and the other at the bottom.

To select alternate layers, hold Control (On Windows)/Command (On Mac) while selecting the layers. 

15. Duplicating A layer – Control + J (On Windows)/Command + J (On Mac)

You can duplicate layers to compare the original version of a layer with the edited one or to blend layers. Duplicate a layer by pressing Control + J (On Windows)/Command + J (On Mac). The copied layer will be named after the original layer with “copy” added to the name.

16. Changing Layers Opacity – Press 1-9 (On Windows and Mac)

Rather than using the opacity slider in the layers panel, you can set the opacity of a layer using the numbers. This will only work when a non-brush tool is selected.

To do this, press a number between 1-9 on your keyboard. The layer opacity is set to the percentage of the number you select, for example, it sets it to 10% when you press 1. If you want to go back to 100%, hit 0.

To set an opacity with more specific percentages, press one number after the other. For example, pressing 6 and 7 will set the opacity to 67%.

17. Toggling Blending Modes – Shift and (+/-) (On Mac & Windows)

Blending modes can create a new look for your layers and enhance the effects you apply to them. To toggle through blending modes, select the desired layer, and then press the plus (+) or the minus sign (-) while holding ‘Shift’. 

18. Visualizing A Specific Layer Only – Alt + Eye Icon (On Windows)/Option+Eye Icon (On Windows) 19. Moving A Layer Up – Control + [ (On Windows)/Command + [ (On Mac)

Putting a layer on top of another layer is sometimes necessary, such as when a layer has an effect that you can apply to all layers. To move a layer above another layer, press Control/Command + [.

20. Moving A Layer Down – Control + ] (On Windows)/Command + ] (On Mac)

Press control/command + ] on your keyboard to move a layer down in the layers panel.

21. Grouping Layers – Control + G (On Windows)/Command + G (On Mac)

Grouping layers helps keep your workspace organized in the layers panel. To group layers, select the layers you want in the group and press Control + G (On Windows) or Command + G (On Mac). 

22. Ungrouping layers – Control + Shift + G (On Windows)/Command + Shift + G (On Mac) 23. Merging Layers – Command + E (On Mac)/Control + E (On Windows) 24. Selecting All Layers In The Layers Panel – Control + Alt + A (On Windows)/Command + Option + A (On Mac)

By pressing Control + Alt + A (On Windows)/Command + Option + A (On Mac) you can select all the layers in the layers panel, including layer groups. When using this shortcut the background layer will not be selected.

25. Creating Clipping Mask – Alt + Control + G (On Windows)/Option + Command + G (On Mac)

Clipping masks allow you to apply an effect to a layer without affecting others. Press Alt+Control+G (On Windows)/Option+Command+G (On Mac) to create a clipping mask. You can also remove a clipping mask with the same shortcut.

The pointing down arrow to the left of a layer thumbnail indicates that the layer is a clipping mask layer. This will only affect the layer directly below it.

26. Delete Layer – Delete Key (On Windows and Mac)

Delete any layers by pressing ‘delete’ on your keyboard. This shortcut also works for groups of layers.

Make sure the correct layer is selected before pressing delete on your keyboard. You can also delete multiple layers at once by selecting the relevant layers before pressing delete.

27. Finding layers – Alt+Shift+Control+F (On Windows)/Option+Shift+Command+F (On Mac)

This shortcut activates the search bar in the layers panel, you can then type in a specific layer name to locate it in the layers panel. This is useful if you don’t know where a layer is when there are multiple layers in the layer panel.

Now that you know these 27 keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop for layers and layer masks, let’s get into some more essential shortcuts. To learn the essential keyboard shortcuts for every aspect of Photoshop, check out my guide to the 93 most important keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop!

Happy Editing!

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Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working (Fix)

If Windows fails to respond to certain shortcut keys you press, try the solutions below to fix the issue. This guide outlines 8 workarounds on how to fix keyboard shortcuts not working in Windows 11.

How to fix shortcut keys not working in Windows 11

On the webpage, press the keyboard shortcut keys to see if the keys on the on-screen keyboard will light up. If the keys you press do light up as you press them, it means they are working as they should.

If any key you press won’t light up as you press it, it may indicate that the key is broken (hardware issue). Try the problem keyboard shortcut on another keyboard and see if it works. If it does, you may need to replace your broken keyboard.

In some cases, a key may still respond if you press only that particular key, but not with other keys simultaneously such as when you pressing a keyboard shortcut. This kind of problem is called keyboard ghosting. Ghosting is an issue where some keyboard keys don’t work when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.

When this happens, you can try to enable sticky key in Windows 11 (see below) to allow you to execute keyboard shortcuts without pressing the keys simultaneously. In addition, you may also want to look for an “anti-ghosting” keyboard (which is usually more expensive than conventional keyboards) if the keyboard shortcuts you want to use are very complex.

Also see: How to Remap Keyboard Keys in Windows 11

Enabling the Sticky keys feature in Windows 11 will allow you to press one key at a time and still be able to perform keyboard shortcuts. If you have difficulty trying to press the keyboard shortcuts (e.g. keys being too far apart), or if your keyboard has ghosting issue, the sticky keys feature may come in handy.

In addition, if sticky keys is enabled, it may also cause issue with certain keyboard shortcuts. If it’s enabled as you encounter keyboard shortcuts not working issue, try to disable it and see if the issue can be resolved.

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the Sticky keys feature in Windows 11.

Press Win + i keys to open Settings, or open it from the Start menu.

Next, select Accessibility from the left pane, and select Keyboard from the right.

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Check if there is any software that is conflicting with the keyboard shortcuts you use. For example, if you are in a game while performing the keyboard shortcut that doesn’t work, make sure there is no similar keyboard shortcut in the game that conflicts with the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut.

This also often happens in other complex software or apps which have their own set of keyboard shortcuts that may conflict with Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Before trying the more complex solutions, you should try to run the keyboard troubleshooter first to see if Windows can troubleshoot and resolve the issue automatically. Follow the steps below to run the keyboard troubleshooter on Windows 11.

Press Win + i keys to open Settings.

Select System from the left pane, and then select Troubleshoot on the right.

Next, select Other troubleshooters.

Some high-end gaming keyboards has a feature called Gaming Mode that will disable keyboard shortcuts such as Alt + Tab, Windows + any other key, etc. to prevent Windows from interrupting the gameplay.

If you have a gaming keyboard that has the gaming mode feature, try to turn it off and see if the keyboard shortcuts that didn’t work, works now. There is usually a switch or key (usually with Fn) on the keyboard itself to turn the gaming mode on or off.

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There is a service called Human Interface Device Service that handles the keyboard shortcuts functionality in Windows 11. Check if the service is running in the background as it should be, or try to restart the service to see if it can resolves the keyboard shortcuts not working issue.

Follow the steps below to start or restart the Human Interface Device Service in Windows 11.

Search for “Services” via the Start menu and open it.

There is also a group policy that is responsible for keyboard shortcut keys on Windows 11. If this policy is accidentally “enabled”, keyboard shortcuts and all Windows hotkeys will not work. Follow the steps below to access the mentioned group policy.

Search for “ chúng tôi ” or “Edit group policy” to open the Group Policy Editor in Windows 11.

In the Local Group Policy Editor window, navigate to the following path via the left pane.

Select Disabled to disable the setting.

If you select “Disabled” or “Not Configured” for this setting, the Windows Key keyboard shortcuts will be available.

If you select “Enabled“, the Windows Key keyboard shortcuts will be unavailable.

You don’t usually need to manually update or install your keyboard’s driver unless if you have a rather high-end gaming keyboard. If you do have a gaming keyboard, check the keyboard manufacturer’s website to see if there is any new update to its driver.

Here’s The Complete List Of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows is known not only for its productivity features but also for offering a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts that can help you to get the work done faster. Now that Windows 10 is running on millions of PCs around the world with tons of new features and changes, it also means that we have to get ready to memorize a number of new keyboard shortcuts to get the most out of the new desktop operating system.

Lucky for you, Microsoft has just released a new easy to follow and printable Word document cheat sheet with a list of every keyboard shortcuts you can use in the desktop version of Windows 10.

You can view every shortcut in the table below or you can conveniently download the chúng tôi document that you can print and have it available next to you at all times.


Windows KeyOpen and close the Start menu

Windows Key + 1, Windows Key + 2, etc.Switch to the desktop and launch the nth application in the taskbar. For example, Windows +1 launches whichever application is first in the list, numbered from left to right.

Windows Key + AOpen the action center.

Windows Key + BHighlight the notification area.

Windows Key + CLaunch Cortana into listening mode. Users can begin to speak to Cortana immediately.

Windows Key + DSwitch between Show Desktop (hides/shows any applications and other windows) and the previous state.

Windows Key + ESwitch to the desktop and launch File Explorer with the Quick Access tab displayed.

Windows Key + HOpen the Share charm.

Windows Key + IOpen the Settings app.

Windows Key + KOpen the Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.

Windows Key + LLock the device and go to the Lock screen.

Windows Key + MSwitch to the desktop and minimize all open windows.

Windows Key + OLock device orientation.

Windows Key + POpen the Project pane to search and connect to external displays and projectors.

Windows Key + RDisplay the Run dialog box.

Windows Key + SLaunch Cortana. Users can begin to type a query immediately.

Windows Key + TCycle through the apps on the taskbar.

Windows Key + ULaunch the Ease of Access Center.

Windows Key + VCycle through notifications.

Windows Key + ZOpen the app-specific command bar.

Windows Key + ENTERLaunch Narrator.

Windows Key + SPACEBARSwitch input language and keyboard layout.

Windows Key + TABOpen Task view.

Windows Key + ,Peek at the desktop.

Windows Key + PLUS SIGNZoom in.

Windows Key + MINUS SIGNZoom out.

Windows Key + ESCAPEClose Magnifier.

Windows Key + LEFT ARROWDock the active window to the left half of the monitor.

Windows Key + RIGHT ARROWDock the active window to the right half of the monitor.

Windows Key + DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window.

Windows Key + SHIFT + UP ARROWMaximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.

Windows Key + SHIFT + DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.

Windows Key + SHIFT + LEFT ARROWWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the left.

Windows Key + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROWWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the right.

Windows Key + HOMEMinimize all nonactive windows; restore on second keystroke.

Windows Key +CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT ARROWSwitch to the next or previous virtual desktop.

Windows Key + CTRL + DCreate a new virtual desktop.

Windows Key + CTRL + F4Close the current virtual desktop.

Windows Key + ?Launch the Windows Feedback App.

Source Microsoft via Twitter

How To Use Apple Smart Keyboard Shortcuts On Ipad Pro

“Apple Smart Keyboard” makes typing smooth sailing. With the tactile feedback, the keys are designed to accelerate your typing. Wish to get the most out of it? We’ve listed out some of the very handy Apple Smart Keyboard shortcuts, which can let you carry out tasks more efficiently on your iPad Pro.

Using the keyboard shortcuts, you can perform certain commands fast. And if you have used Mac, you will find them very familiar as most of them use the Command ⌘ key like a Mac. Have used PC keyboard before? Well, Command ⌘ key does the same thing as the Control key on a Windows computer.

How to return to home screen with Smart keyboard

Accessing Home screen is quite upfront. If you ever want to return to the Home screen, use Command + H shortcut.

How to switch between apps with the Smart keyboard

Switching between apps with Smart Keyboard is pretty simple. To do so, hold down the Command key and press the Tab key.

An App Switcher will show up on the screen. You need to keep holding the Command key and tapping the Tab key until you have found the app you wish to jump into. Once the app is highlighted, release the Command key.

How to Access emoji with the Smart Keyboard

Accessing emoji with Smart Keyboard is as straightforward as you would like. Simply tap on the Globe Key in the bottom left of the keyboard at the lower left corner next to the control key.

Once you have used it, tap on globe key again in the bottom right corner of the screen to hide the keyboard.

How to navigate pages and documents with the Smart Keyboard

Navigating pages as documents with Smart Keyboard is just as upfront.

You need to use Command + any arrow key to jump to the top or bottom of any page or document.

How to Spotlight search with the Smart Keyboard

You will be able to instantly access Spotlight Search with the Smart Keyboard. To do so, use the Command + Space shortcut.

How to View app-specific shortcuts

To find out the list of shortcuts, you can use with app, hold down the Command key for a few seconds. Next, a list of the keyboard shortcuts will pop up on the screen. Moreover, you will be able to get it done both in third-party apps and stock apps.

Check out the six simple keyboard shortcuts, which you may already be knowing:

Select All: Command-A

Cut: Command-X

Copy: Command-C

Paste: Command-V

Bold: Command-B

Italics: Command-I

Switch from Smart Keyboard to Software Keyboard on iPad Pro

At times, you may want to use your software keyboard instead of the Smart Keyboard to carry out certain things like using dictation. iOS lets you switch between Smart Keyboard to software keyboard with ease.

In order to access software keyboard, simply tap the down arrow key on your Smart Keyboard, then touch and hold it until software keyboard shows up on the screen.

That’s pretty much it!

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3D Touch Shortcuts For The Camera App

Whenever an awesome photo opportunity presents itself, I instinctively grab my iPhone, launch the Camera app and press the shutter button.

But boy, way too many times did I find myself in the wrong camera mode. One time, I would realize I was shooting video instead of taking a great picture. Other times I would snap a selfie, whereas I wanted to take a quick photo of my neighbor’s dog jumping in the air catching her frisbee.

3D Touch can help avoid such distractions when you’re in the middle of your photography moment. With a little help of 3D Touch shortcuts and gestures, iPhone owners will hopefully never miss that important shot again.

3D Touch lets you take a selfie or start shooting video from the Home screen, review the photos you’ve taken without leaving the Camera app, play Live Photos with a press and more. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through every 3D Touch-enhanced feature that’s available to iPhone photography fans in Apple’s built-in Camera app.

Snap a selfie, start shooting video and more, from the Home screen

With 3D Touch, it’s easy to shoot a video, snap a selfie or jump straight into a camera mode wit a press of the Camera icon. In the shortcut menu that appears, the following options are available: Take Selfie, Take Photo, Scan QR Code, and Record Video.

The Take Selfie shortcut launches the Camera app and activates your iPhone’s front-facing camera, so you can instantly take a selfie with a tap of the Shutter button.

The Take Photo shortcut launches Camera and activates your iPhone’s rear camera so you can take a high-resolution image in the default Photo mode.

The Scan QR Code shortcut also takes you to the basic Camera to capture your code.

The Record Video shortcut takes you straight into Camera’s standard video capture mode.

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Review, edit, share, favorite or delete the photos you’ve taken

Every time you take a photo, you can take a quick glance at it without launching Photos. Simply tap the photo thumbnail in the lower left corner of the Camera app. To get back to Camera, you must tap the Done button. So, two taps total. With 3D Touch, one gesture lets you preview the photos you’ve taken while you’re still taking new ones.

Press the thumbnail image in Camera and the last photo you’ve taken will pop up, along with a scrubber to help you navigate photos you took earlier. Without releasing the finger, swipe left and right to review your previous photos. Simply let go to continue taking photos.

To open the photo, press a little deeper to pop into Camera’s dark editing interface, seen above. From there, you share, edit, favorite or delete your image. To get back to the camera, tap Done, or hit All Photos to see everything in the Photos app.

3D Touch photo previews also work in landscape mode…

Play a Live Photo

Though not strictly a feature of the Camera app, iPhone owners can press the thumbnail image of the Live Photo to play it (if your device doesn’t have 3D Touch, simply touch and hold the Live Photo).

And when you set a Live Photo as the wallpaper on your Lock screen, you can press the display while on the Lock screen to play your Live Photo wallpaper.

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Alt Code Shortcuts For Alchemical Symbols – Webnots

Alchemical symbols represent chemical, elements and substances used in alchemy, an ancient branch of natural philosophy. Unicode has a separate block for alchemical symbols with the allocated code point range from 1F700 to 1F77F. Here is the alt code shortcuts for alchemical symbols to insert them on documents and conversations.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Alchemical Symbols

SymbolNamePC ShortcutWord Shortcut

🜀Alchemical Symbol For QuintessenceAlt + 1287681F700 + Alt + X

🜁Alchemical Symbol For AirAlt + 1287691F701 + Alt + X

🜂Alchemical Symbol For FireAlt + 1287701F702 + Alt + X

🜃Alchemical Symbol For EarthAlt + 1287711F703 + Alt + X

🜄Alchemical Symbol For WaterAlt + 1287721F704 + Alt + X

🜅Alchemical Symbol For AquafortisAlt + 1287731F705 + Alt + X

🜆Alchemical Symbol For Aqua RegiaAlt + 1287741F706 + Alt + X

🜇Alchemical Symbol For Aqua Regia-2Alt + 1287751F707 + Alt + X

🜈Alchemical Symbol For Aqua VitaeAlt + 1287761F708 + Alt + X

🜉Alchemical Symbol For Aqua Vitae-2Alt + 1287771F709 + Alt + X

🜊Alchemical Symbol For VinegarAlt + 1287781F70A + Alt + X

🜋Alchemical Symbol For Vinegar-2Alt + 1287791F70B + Alt + X

🜌Alchemical Symbol For Vinegar-3Alt + 1287801F70C + Alt + X

🜍Alchemical Symbol For SulfurAlt + 1287811F70D + Alt + X

🜎Alchemical Symbol For Philosophers SulfurAlt + 1287821F70E + Alt + X

🜏Alchemical Symbol For Black SulfurAlt + 1287831F70F + Alt + X

🜐Alchemical Symbol For Mercury SublimateAlt + 1287841F710 + Alt + X

🜑Alchemical Symbol For Mercury Sublimate-2Alt + 1287851F711 + Alt + X

🜒Alchemical Symbol For Mercury Sublimate-3Alt + 1287861F712 + Alt + X

🜓Alchemical Symbol For CinnabarAlt + 1287871F713 + Alt + X

🜔Alchemical Symbol For SaltAlt + 1287881F714 + Alt + X

🜕Alchemical Symbol For NitreAlt + 1287891F715 + Alt + X

🜖Alchemical Symbol For VitriolAlt + 1287901F716 + Alt + X

🜗Alchemical Symbol For Vitriol-2Alt + 1287911F717 + Alt + X

🜘Alchemical Symbol For Rock SaltAlt + 1287921F718 + Alt + X

🜙Alchemical Symbol For Rock Salt-2Alt + 1287931F719 + Alt + X

🜚Alchemical Symbol For GoldAlt + 1287941F71A + Alt + X

🜛Alchemical Symbol For SilverAlt + 1287951F71B + Alt + X

🜜Alchemical Symbol For Iron OreAlt + 1287961F71C + Alt + X

🜝Alchemical Symbol For Iron Ore-2Alt + 1287971F71D + Alt + X

🜞Alchemical Symbol For Crocus Of IronAlt + 1287981F71E + Alt + X

🜟Alchemical Symbol For Regulus Of IronAlt + 1287991F71F + Alt + X

🜠Alchemical Symbol For Copper OreAlt + 1288001F720 + Alt + X

🜡Alchemical Symbol For Iron-Copper OreAlt + 1288011F721 + Alt + X

🜢Alchemical Symbol For Sublimate Of CopperAlt + 1288021F722 + Alt + X

🜣Alchemical Symbol For Crocus Of CopperAlt + 1288031F723 + Alt + X

🜤Alchemical Symbol For Crocus Of Copper-2Alt + 1288041F724 + Alt + X

🜥Alchemical Symbol For Copper AntimoniateAlt + 1288051F725 + Alt + X

🜦Alchemical Symbol For Salt Of Copper AntimoniateAlt + 1288061F726 + Alt + X

🜧Alchemical Symbol For Sublimate Of Salt Of CopperAlt + 1288071F727 + Alt + X

🜨Alchemical Symbol For VerdigrisAlt + 1288081F728 + Alt + X

🜩Alchemical Symbol For Tin OreAlt + 1288091F729 + Alt + X

🜪Alchemical Symbol For Lead OreAlt + 1288101F72A + Alt + X

🜫Alchemical Symbol For Antimony OreAlt + 1288111F72B + Alt + X

🜬Alchemical Symbol For Sublimate Of AntimonyAlt + 1288121F72C + Alt + X

🜭Alchemical Symbol For Salt Of AntimonyAlt + 1288131F72D + Alt + X

🜮Alchemical Symbol For Sublimate Of Salt Of AntimonyAlt + 1288141F72E + Alt + X

🜯Alchemical Symbol For Vinegar Of AntimonyAlt + 1288151F72F + Alt + X

🜰Alchemical Symbol For Regulus Of AntimonyAlt + 1288161F730 + Alt + X

🜱Alchemical Symbol For Regulus Of Antimony-2Alt + 1288171F731 + Alt + X

🜲Alchemical Symbol For RegulusAlt + 1288181F732 + Alt + X

🜳Alchemical Symbol For Regulus-2Alt + 1288191F733 + Alt + X

🜴Alchemical Symbol For Regulus-3Alt + 1288201F734 + Alt + X

🜵Alchemical Symbol For Regulus-4Alt + 1288211F735 + Alt + X

🜶Alchemical Symbol For AlkaliAlt + 1288221F736 + Alt + X

🜷Alchemical Symbol For Alkali-2Alt + 1288231F737 + Alt + X

🜸Alchemical Symbol For MarcasiteAlt + 1288241F738 + Alt + X

🜹Alchemical Symbol For Sal-AmmoniacAlt + 1288251F739 + Alt + X

🜺Alchemical Symbol For ArsenicAlt + 1288261F73A + Alt + X

🜻Alchemical Symbol For RealgarAlt + 1288271F73B + Alt + X

🜼Alchemical Symbol For Realgar-2Alt + 1288281F73C + Alt + X

🜽Alchemical Symbol For AuripigmentAlt + 1288291F73D + Alt + X

🜾Alchemical Symbol For Bismuth OreAlt + 1288301F73E + Alt + X

🜿Alchemical Symbol For TartarAlt + 1288311F73F + Alt + X

🝀Alchemical Symbol For Tartar-2Alt + 1288321F740 + Alt + X

🝁Alchemical Symbol For Quick LimeAlt + 1288331F741 + Alt + X

🝂Alchemical Symbol For BoraxAlt + 1288341F742 + Alt + X

🝃Alchemical Symbol For Borax-2Alt + 1288351F743 + Alt + X

🝄Alchemical Symbol For Borax-3Alt + 1288361F744 + Alt + X

🝅Alchemical Symbol For AlumAlt + 1288371F745 + Alt + X

🝆Alchemical Symbol For AlumAlt + 1288381F746 + Alt + X

🝇Alchemical Symbol For OilAlt + 1288391F747 + Alt + X

🝈Alchemical Symbol For SpiritAlt + 1288401F748 + Alt + X

🝉Alchemical Symbol For TinctureAlt + 1288411F749 + Alt + X

🝊Alchemical Symbol For GumAlt + 1288421F74A + Alt + X

🝋Alchemical Symbol For PowderAlt + 1288431F74B + Alt + X

🝌Alchemical Symbol For CalxAlt + 1288441F74C + Alt + X

🝍Alchemical Symbol For TuttyAlt + 1288451F74D + Alt + X

🝎Alchemical Symbol For Caput MortuumAlt + 1288461F74E + Alt + X

🝏Alchemical Symbol For Scepter Of JoveAlt + 1288471F74F + Alt + X

🝐Alchemical Symbol For CaduceusAlt + 1288481F750 + Alt + X

🝑Alchemical Symbol For TridentAlt + 1288491F751 + Alt + X

🝒Alchemical Symbol For Starred TridentAlt + 1288501F752 + Alt + X

🝓Alchemical Symbol For LodestoneAlt + 1288511F753 + Alt + X

🝔Alchemical Symbol For SoapAlt + 1288521F754 + Alt + X

🝕Alchemical Symbol For UrineAlt + 1288531F755 + Alt + X

🝖Alchemical Symbol For Horse DungAlt + 1288541F756 + Alt + X

🝗Alchemical Symbol For AshesAlt + 1288551F757 + Alt + X

🝘Alchemical Symbol For Pot AshesAlt + 1288561F758 + Alt + X

🝙Alchemical Symbol For BrickAlt + 1288571F759 + Alt + X

🝚Alchemical Symbol For Powdered BrickAlt + 1288581F75A + Alt + X

🝛Alchemical Symbol For AmalgamAlt + 1288591F75B + Alt + X

🝜Alchemical Symbol For Stratum Super StratumAlt + 1288601F75C + Alt + X

🝝Alchemical Symbol For Stratum Super Stratum-2Alt + 1288611F75D + Alt + X

🝞Alchemical Symbol For SublimationAlt + 1288621F75E + Alt + X

🝟Alchemical Symbol For PrecipitateAlt + 1288631F75F + Alt + X

🝠Alchemical Symbol For DistillAlt + 1288641F760 + Alt + X

🝡Alchemical Symbol For DissolveAlt + 1288651F761 + Alt + X

🝢Alchemical Symbol For Dissolve-2Alt + 1288661F762 + Alt + X

🝣Alchemical Symbol For PurifyAlt + 1288671F763 + Alt + X

🝤Alchemical Symbol For PutrefactionAlt + 1288681F764 + Alt + X

🝥Alchemical Symbol For CrucibleAlt + 1288691F765 + Alt + X

🝦Alchemical Symbol For Crucible-2Alt + 1288701F766 + Alt + X

🝧Alchemical Symbol For Crucible-3Alt + 1288711F767 + Alt + X

🝨Alchemical Symbol For Crucible-4Alt + 1288721F768 + Alt + X

🝩Alchemical Symbol For Crucible-5Alt + 1288731F769 + Alt + X

🝪Alchemical Symbol For AlembicAlt + 1288741F76A + Alt + X

🝫Alchemical Symbol For Bath Of MaryAlt + 1288751F76B + Alt + X

🝬Alchemical Symbol For Bath Of VapoursAlt + 1288761F76C + Alt + X

🝭Alchemical Symbol For RetortAlt + 1288771F76D + Alt + X

🝮Alchemical Symbol For HourAlt + 1288781F76E + Alt + X

🝯Alchemical Symbol For NightAlt + 1288791F76F + Alt + X

🝰Alchemical Symbol For Day-NightAlt + 1288801F770 + Alt + X

🝱Alchemical Symbol For MonthAlt + 1288811F771 + Alt + X

🝲Alchemical Symbol For Half DramAlt + 1288821F772 + Alt + X

🝳Alchemical Symbol For Half OunceAlt + 1288831F773 + Alt + X

Typing Alchemical Symbols

On Windows PC, you can type alchemical symbols using alt code shortcuts as given in the above table.

Press the alt key either at the right or left side of the space.

Turn on number lock.

Type the decimal code as given in the table using number pad.

For example, press alt key and type 128794 to make the alchemical symbol for gold like 🜚. Learn more on how to use alt code shortcuts.

Alchemical Symbols in Microsoft Word

Only on Microsoft Word documents, you can use the hexadecimal codes with alt + x to make alchemical symbols. For example, type 1F71B and then press alt and x keys to make alchemical symbol for silver like 🜛.

Note: Though you can see the alchemy symbols on the browser, many of these symbols are not supported in documents like Microsoft Word.

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