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I’m somewhat hesitant to tackle the subject of PPC basics for new AdWords users.

To do PPC well, you really have to step beyond the basics. But as soon as you do, things can get complicated really fast.

As a compromise, I’m going to discuss both in this article — the basics and what lies beyond.

PPC Basics #1: Keyword Strategy

You could fill volumes with everything that’s been written about keyword strategy. Yet, I still come across paid search accounts that have (literally!) hundreds of keywords in them.

You don’t need to have hundreds of variations on your main keywords. Instead, you want to hone in on the ones that matter.

Think about what your target audience really wants to know and what they might search for — and let that guide your initial keyword selection.

At the same time, keep things tight. It’s better to err on the side of defining your keywords too narrowly rather than too broadly.

If you start too narrow, you can always broaden out to get some traction. But if you start too broadly, you risk bleeding dollars with little return before you even get started.

Once your campaign goes live, negate keywords like crazy. Depending on the volume, this could mean negating daily, hourly or even every few minutes initially.

PPC Basics #2: Conversions

I’m still surprised to find an absence of conversion tracking in some of the accounts we audit. But at the same time, I’m not that surprised.

Conversion tracking can get really technical. So I can see how paid search novices might prefer to ignore it.

But conversions are a necessary part of PPC. You need to know if your paid search methods are working. Otherwise, what’s the point?

PPC Basics #3: The Trifecta of Keywords, Ad Copy & Landing Pages

Speaking of landing pages, a well-run PPC account will have keywords, ad copy, and landing pages that work together in concert.

Then, you need ad copy that accurately and compellingly describes this program (and only this program).

Next, you need a landing page that is singularly focused on this program.

Everything has to be relevant, and everything has to work together. When they do, you’ll see the results.

Beyond the PPC Basics

Once you’ve mastered these PPC basics, you might feel like you’re done. But you aren’t. Because honestly, no PPC campaign will reach its full potential by sticking with the basics.

Here are some additional elements you need to add to the mix.

1. Ad Extensions

As of this writing, AdWords has nine available ad extensions. You can see most of them here:

(Promotion extensions aren’t included in this screenshot. As of this writing, you can only access them from the labs tabs in the old user interface.)

Not every ad extension will be relevant to your business, but some are relevant to most accounts. These include:



Structured snippets.

Call extensions.

If you’re in retail, you can also include promotion and price extensions, and possibly location and affiliate location extensions.

What’s the best way to handle all these extensions? You have to start by looking at the big picture.

Rather than just choosing one or two and ignoring the rest, create a messaging roadmap that includes all relevant extensions as well as the ad message itself. This way, you can see what your message will look like if all elements impression.

This approach helps you avoid too much repetition in your messaging. It’s OK to drive home certain points, but you don’t want “Free Shipping” to show up in four places at the same time.

2. Google Display Network (GDN)

People who are new to paid search tend to neglect the GDN (which includes remarketing) because they think it’s too hard. And they’re right, it is hard!

How can you get the most from the GDN? My main tips are:

Layer Your GDN Targeting Options

You may have heard horror stories about the GDN or remarketing spiraling out of control. And that can certainly happen if you don’t put controls in place.

But fortunately, putting those controls in place isn’t hard. The easiest way to do it is to severely limit your location target area. You can run a GDN campaign that targets only your immediate geographic area and still get all the brand building benefits.

Of course, you don’t have to limit by geography. There are many other targeting options you can choose — so many, in fact, it can get a bit confusing.

That’s why layering your targeting options is the best approach. From the AdWords help file:

In other words, each time you add a new layer, the more targeted the potential reach of your ad.

Create All Available Sizes for Display Ads

My clients often ask me whether it’s really necessary.

It is.

Consider what would happen if Google has the absolutely perfect place to put your ad… but can’t because you haven’t uploaded the necessary size. A major missed opportunity.

Don’t Forget About Responsive Ads

3. Understand Your Settings

All campaigns have many settings you’ll need to get familiar with. You can see some of them here:

Others you’ll find separately in the new user interface:

As you work with these settings, you’ll find that AdWords will often recommend which ones to choose. But here’s the catch: those recommendations might work great for Google, but not so great for your objectives.

How will you know which settings to choose? Start by reading the AdWords help files, of course.

But then expand your research to other sources, such as Search Engine Journal. What have other PPC pros learned about AdWords settings?

However, you most reliable method of learning what works, and what doesn’t, will be to experiment and testing within your own account.

Not Much Is Basic About PPC

So don’t stop once you’ve mastered the basics. The further you go with your PPC learning, the more opportunities you’ll uncover and the more pitfalls you’ll avoid. Which will result in greater success.

More Paid Search Resources:

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11 Ppc Trends You Can’T Ignore In 2023

The PPC industry is still as dynamic and fluent as it has been in the past. However, since the industry is constantly changing, the best practices may not be the same as they were a couple of years ago. In 2023, various factors will drive changes in the industry, and here are a few of the trends that we can expect to see.

Top 11 PPC Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

Here are some of the most important PPC trends that you must not ignore −

PPC Automation

One of the most effective ways to improve a campaign’s performance is through PPC automation. Companies such as Google have started to develop their own tools that allow them to automate various aspects of a campaign. In order to make the most of this process, you need to make sure that the algorithms are working properly. You should also ensure that you have good ad copy and accurate conversion tracking.

You can save a lot of money and time by passing a lot of the work to the machines. However, you should still be able to manage the automation programme. Even though it has been improved, not every option is ideal for your business. Having some hands-on control can help you free up your time and focus on other tasks.

Content Switching Focus to the Audience’s Needs Use of Artificial Intelligence Transferring Focus to Mobile

Mobile users account for a significant portion of paid search traffic. Without a good mobile-optimised website, you might not be able to attract or retain the most potential customers. Creating a separate mobile-friendly site or making your current one more responsive is a must. As mobile usage continues to rise, it is important that your PPC campaigns are designed to accommodate it.

Evolution of Smart Bidding Integrating Voice Search into PPC Campaigns

Statista projects that the value of e-commerce transactions made through voice assistants will grow from around 4.6 billion US dollars in 2023 to almost 19 billion US dollars in 2023. This is a 400 percent increase from two years ago. The rise of smart devices and smartphones has allowed voice assistants to buy various products, such as clothes and food, at home.

Due to the increasing number of households using smart speakers, it is now more important than ever that marketers pay attention to voice search.

Go Amazon

One of the main reasons why Amazon has grown in popularity is its ability to attract more buyers. It’s also one of the biggest players in the online marketing industry. In the past, they used various third-party marketing platforms, such as Facebook and Google Ads, to drive traffic to their website.

In 2012, Amazon launched its marketing services. Since then, it has continued to develop and become one of the most prominent platforms in the PPC industry. It has a variety of features that allow users to create effective and efficient campaigns.

Integrating SEO and PPC

Integrating PPC and SEO can be harmonious. Organisations can see results by analysing ad copy and producing content that is both high-quality and effective. Long-tail keywords can also be utilised to boost the rates of their paid campaigns. In the future, comprehensive reports will allow them to find more competitive phrases. This integration can boost both their audience impact and efficiency.

Enhanced Targeting Ads Data Hub Make your Content Short and Effective

Your content should be short and effective when it comes to voice search. Try to keep your answers to no more than 30 words. Using a tool like the Hemingway App will help you accomplish this.


As a business owner, you must constantly be on the lookout for new ways to improve your PPC strategies. Even if something worked well in the previous year, it doesn’t guarantee that it will work in the future. The future of PPC will continue to evolve and change. It’s important that you keep up with the latest innovations to ensure that you can remain competitive. In 2023, there will be many exciting developments in the field.

30 Best Minecraft Mods You Must Install

Minecraft in itself gives you a chance to have infinitely random experiences with each new world being different from any that has existed before. Mods in the game take that experience to the next level. Minecraft mods can help turn your unexciting Minecraft experience into a fun time. With thousands of mods to choose from, we have mentioned some of the best Minecraft mods you can use to make your time in this sandbox game more enjoyable. The list below has been divided into various categories, including mods for a performance boost, mods to add Zombies and Pokemon to your world, and much more. So without further ado, let’s start listing the 30 best Minecraft mods for you in 2023.

Best Minecraft Mods (2023)

The mods we have selected for you are working on different versions of the game. As per our internal testing, most of these mods even work with older Minecraft versions, like 1.16.5 and 1.17.1. But, you can always check the download pages of each mod to figure out if they support your version or not. We have shared the download links and in-game screenshots alongside the overview of each mod down below.

Note: It is important to mention that the mods will be limited to Minecraft Java Edition because of the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. The latter does not have Minecraft mod support if you were unaware.

What are Minecraft Mods and How to Install Them?

Minecraft Mods are add-ons or game-level changes to the existing Minecraft gameplay experience. These are community-based and free, created by editing the easily available source code of the Java version of the game. You will find thousands of Minecraft mods online with dedicated updates even after years of release. As for installing them, you need to create a folder called ‘Mods‘ in your Minecraft directory and place the downloaded mods in it.

These mods are focused on improving the overall Minecraft gameplay experience without making you feel like you are playing an entirely different game.

1. JourneyMap

Minecraft players share the struggle when it comes to unreliable maps and a complete absence of a HUD-based mini-map. This mod aims to tackle that with a detailed but small map placed in the corner of your screen. You can not only see the world and where you are heading but see the entities, including mobs present in the area as well. It also shows the name of biomes, which can be especially handy if you are new to the game.

Download JourneyMap

2. OptiFine

One of the most popular mods of all time, OptiFine is treasured by low-end PC gamers. It not only enhances your graphics in the game but also greatly helps in improving the performance with custom settings options. We have an in-depth article dedicated to getting started with OptiFine. It will teach you how to get the best FPS on Minecraft using OptiFine.

3. Quark

Essentially, the Quark mod aims to provide as many gameplay enhancements as possible without compromising the performance even a bit when compared with the non-modded Minecraft game. This mod offers a boatload of features, including improved mount HUD, inventory search, item sharing, camera mode, and more. You can read about all the features on their official website. From what we tested, it certainly delivers on that promise. Though, it’s a dependent mod that additionally requires you to install AutoRegLib mod as well.

4. Immersive Portals

This mod is comparatively simpler than the others in this category but still useful for players who are getting started with making portals in Minecraft. As the name suggests, the Immersive Portals mod makes all the portals in Minecraft see-through. You still won’t be able to hear sounds from the other end until you enter the portal, but you won’t have to worry about stepping into your death (or a wrong location) each time you enter a nether portal. Also, as a bonus, there’s no waiting time when you enter the portal, and you land directly on the linked map location.

Download Immersive Portals Mod

5. WorldEdit Minecraft Mod

Download WorldEdit Minecraft Mod

Entity Based Minecraft Mods

These Minecraft mods are focused on changing how entities in Minecraft look, spawn, and act. For those unaware, entities are any dynamic objects in-game other than the main character. These include villagers, mobs, and even animals.

6. LotsOMobs

From elephants and giraffes to cavemen, this Minecraft mod adds more than 45 new mobs to the game. All the mobs have unique drops that you can use to create new in-game items such as fur armor. It also gives you a ton of new blocks and matching items to make the experience feel more natural to the game. Unfortunately, this is an old mod and will only work if you run it on Minecraft 1.9.0 or lower.

Download LotsOMobs Mod

7. Animal Bikes

Download Animal Bikes Mod

8. Pandoras Creatures

If having realistic-looking animals in Minecraft isn’t your thing, this mod is exactly what you need to change those entities. This mod offers a small bunch of well-designed mystical creatures that you can interact with. The variety isn’t the attractive part of this mod, but the quality certainly lives up to our expectations.

Download Pandoras Creatures

9. More Dogs

As you can guess from the name, the More Dogs mod adds a variety of dogs to the game. Minecraft isn’t known for the types of dogs it has by default, but if you are a dog lover, this simple mod will make your overall Minecraft experience way more fun, cute, and wholesome.

10. Extra Golems

Who doesn’t love Iron Golems? They are the most powerful friendly entity in Minecraft and protect villagers and even you at some point in the game. This nifty mod enables us to make Golem beyond iron blocks. You get a choice from among 40 golems, ranging from glass to diamond. So yeah, you can make even more powerful Golems to safeguard you in Minecraft.

Download Extra Golems Mod

World-Changing Minecraft Mods

These Minecraft mods are heavy, serious, and powerful. They change the way you experience and play Minecraft. World-changing mods are also the most fun ones, and we suggest you use at least a mid-range PC to avoid any lags and stutters in the gameplay.

11. Pixelmon 12. Decimation: Zombie Apocalypse

No list of mods is complete without zombies, and Minecraft is no exception. This zombie mod brings a realistic zombie survival experience with a resident evil like city, blood & gore, and a huge amount of hungry zombies to Minecraft. You have to work with other survivors and not only survive but also find a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. This immersive experience makes Decimation one of the most well-crafted Minecraft mods of all time.

Download Decimation: Zombie Apocalypse Mod

13. Fossils and Archeology Revival

The aesthetics of Minecraft always make you want to have Dinosaurs and ancient creatures in it. Well, this mod does that and a lot more. You get 50 prehistoric creatures in a single mod in an archeological world, where mining trips quickly become archaeological studies with beautiful rare blocks. It’s one of the limited mods that can keep up with Minecraft updates and is still planning to stay up-to-date, so don’t forget to try it out.

Download Fossils and Archeology Revival Mod

14. The Lost Cities

Download The Lost Cities Mod

15. The Aether II

This Minecraft mod is a direct sequel to the extremely popular Aether mod. Once installed, the game starts in a world based in clouds with fantasy creatures and mysterious structures surrounding you. We get multiple new biomes, types of equipment, creatures, and overall interaction system within the game. If you are tired of exploring the same old Minecraft biomes and structures, this would surely be a good change of pace for you.

Download The Aether II

Gameplay Changing Minecraft Mods

The following mods don’t add new mobs or locations to this popular sandbox game. But instead, these mods make changes to the core gameplay rules of Minecraft. They are aimed to experiment with the way we perceive and play the game.

16. Physics Mod

Download Physics Mod

17. BiblioCraft

If the physics mod seems a little too much for your taste, BiblioCraft is the cutest little mod that you will try on Minecraft. It started as a way of creating bookshelves in Minecraft homes but has essentially turned into an ultimate furniture and storage mod. You can use this mod to decorate your house and take it to the next level. Who’s going to build the Antilla in Minecraft then?

Download BiblioCraft

18. Biospheres

Continuing the spirit of breaking how we perceive the Minecraft world, we have the Biospheres mod. It doesn’t essentially change the way you play the game in any sense, but it does provide us with somewhat spherical biomes. If you are a Minecraft player, you know spheres are a rare occurrence in the Minecraft world. But the mod looks appealing with planets like Biomes connected by bridges.

19. Global GameRules

As the name suggests, this Minecraft mod allows us to set gameplay rules that are applied to the world when it’s loaded. It enables you to enter a more controlled world if you want to play Minecraft in hardcore or survival mod. We don’t get anything new in terms of gameplay but the Global GameRules mod enables us to change the existing game rules that are inaccessible in general. Some of these changes are health regeneration, the ability to avoid mobs and getting burnt by fire, and much more in Minecraft.

Download Global GameRules

20. No Cubes Mod

This is the most mind-bending game-breaking Minecraft mod that I have come across. Minecraft is known for its block-based gameplay, and well, this mod smoothens it all out. Yeah, no blocks anymore. As a player, you refuse to believe the game you are playing is Minecraft once you install this mod. The game doesn’t look bad, but it certainly doesn’t feel like the game you love in any sense. You can break your perspective by trying it from the link below.

Download No Cubes Mod

Other Popular Minecraft Mods 21. EyeMod Mod

As you might have already guessed, this Minecraft mod gives you a phone inside the game. Much like GTA 5’s in-game phone, it gives you some essential features and a whole new way to interact with your world. Rather than a phone, the actual in-game item looks more like a tablet, but it still gets the work done.

Download EyeMod Minecraft Mod

22. Portal Blocks

If you are a veteran in the gaming world, you might remember the popular game Portal. Even if you don’t, it had a simple concept, where you could create connected portals anywhere in the game. This mod gives you that same option by adding a portal gun and a whole Portal 2 themed environment to Minecraft. Due to Minecraft’s game rules, Portal Blocks is limited in terms of functionality, but it is a fun mod to try.

Download Portal Blocks

23. Computer Craft

Download Computer Craft Mod

24. Vehicle Mod

Official Screenshot

There is not much to explain in this mod. You get a faster way to travel in the world of Minecraft, which players have been asking to bring for years. The Vehicle mod adds in-game vehicles in a variety of shapes, colors, and form factors. Beyond traveling, they also help you farm, transport goods, and soar to the skies above. There’s also a fuel system to make it feel more realistic.

Download MrCrayfish’s Vehicle Mod

25. Instant Massive Structures

This mod is a personal favorite of mine because of the endless ways you can use it. Using this Minecraft mod gives you the ability to make massive real-life structures instantly inside the game. The best part is that you get over 800 structures to choose from. The mod runs on an older 1.12.2 version of Minecraft but you can use the worlds from that version in the newer game versions too. The structures use only the default rules and blocks to function.

26. FramedBlocks

There is no doubt that the world of Minecraft prefers cubes over any other 3D shapes and while most players have gotten used to that, it is still a troublesome restriction for builders. The FramedBlocks mod tries to fix that by adding slopes, prisms, and a bunch of other framed blocks to the game. You can use it to create almost any polygonal shape with all in-game building blocks. Though, if you want to create a sphere in Minecraft, that’s a totally different story.

Download FramedBlocks Mod

27. Pam’s HarvestCraft 2

It has been a long since Minecraft added a new food item and this mod is going to fix that by adding over 120 food items to the game. From fruits to butter, everything is on the dining table now, though. Moreover, you get special crafting recipes for each of the new items. So, they integrate well within the vanilla game, and you also get a bunch of utensils and new tools to cook your food.

Download Pam’s HarvestCraft 2

28. Enchantment Descriptions

Download Enchantment Descriptions

29. Fastcraft

One thing that Minecraft Bedrock does better than the Java edition is optimization. Unless you have a powerful system, you are bound to come across FPS issues or subtle lagging. Luckily, with Fastcraft, even a potato can run Minecraft worlds to their fullest. So, whether you are using other mods or not, Fastcraft is a must-have for slower PCs.

Download Fastcraft Minecraft Mod

30. Little Tiles

While Minecraft lets you create basically anything in its world, it unintentionally applies a limit on creativity when it comes to detailing. So, you either have to let go of the details or make extra large structures to incorporate them all. But what if you could hammer down the large blocks into smaller cubes? That’s what the little tiles make possible. You can use this mod to turn a single Minecraft block into cubes that are 4096 times smaller.

Install the Best Minecraft Mods to Elevate Your Experience

5 Things Ppc May Be Telling You About Your Business (Without You Realizing!)

Below are 5 things which PPC data can tell you about your business:

1) Impact of Branding Exercises

In my last post here at Search Engine Journal, I covered some points on how to effectively run an AdWords display campaign. In this post, I mentioned that even if you had the best display campaign setup possible, this traffic is still a lot less likely to convert versus search traffic and sometimes should be considered more as a branding exercise. Search can help you measure the impact of branding exercises with a surprising degree of accuracy.

By running a brand-specific search campaign, you’ll be able to quickly analyze daily search trends and determine whether particular brand marketing campaigns have resulted in an uplift in your brand searches on Google.

2) Website and/or Landing Page Performance

Paid search is a great way of identifying website issues, as the traffic you’re sending to the site via PPC should primarily be people that are extremely interested in your product/service.

Because of this, if you can’t convert PPC traffic, then you’re going to have a very hard time converting traffic from other marketing channels.

3) Insight into Your USPs (“Unique Selling Propositions” or Points of Difference) 

Your USP can be any feature of your business that makes you stand out from your competitors. Many online website owners will use USPs as a way of adding additional value to customers as an incentive to choose to deal with their business instead of a competitor, but the question is, what kind of USP will your audience respond to best? Well, you can use your PPC campaign to find out!

After this quick test has been completed, you’ll then have valuable information that can be used to dictate what content you highlight on your website, as well as other marketing campaigns. (More on optimising adwords ad text here, if you’re not familiar with the basics.)

4) Insight into Your Audience’s Language Behavior

You can use this data to gain insight into the most commonly used language and terminology by people who are looking for information on your product and/or services. Mimicking commonly used language and terminology onto your website could increase your website’s relevancy for users, and this can only be a good thing for your conversion rate!

5) Popularity of Certain Products

If you’re running an online store, chances are you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of different products listed on your site. One of the major causes of profit loss when it comes to running either a physical or online store is spending money on products that simply do not sell.

A great way of determining the popularly of your products is by running product-specific keywords within your PPC campaign, and then monitoring their search volume. This information can help you when determining appropriate stock volumes needed for each product.

As you can see, there are many ways in which PPC data can help you learn a lot about your business—and knowledge is power!

30+ Business And Finance Strategies You Must Know

Definition of Business and Finance

Entrepreneurs are self-taught in most respects, but when it comes to managing business and finance, what counts is being prepared. Keeping up with receipts, invoices, and payments across the year and stable financial record keeping is easier said than done. If you have a small business that you want to nurture into a giant company, here are some crucial finance tips for you. So, read on to get the numbers right regarding financial management.

Get Better in Business and Finance

Below are mentioned 32 tips to get better in business and finance:

Start Your Free Investment Banking Course

Download Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Accounting, CFA Calculator & others

Use Cloud Technology to Weather the Storm

Thanks to cloud computing, economic crises can be weathered well, and real-time insights into your finance can be accessed from anywhere.

This provides a huge efficiency boost for entrepreneurs of small businesses. Could accounting solutions also allow small business owners to scrutinize business and finance with the accountant?

Plan Ahead for a Better Tomorrow Spread Out the Tax Payments Net, Outsourced Finance Management

This is another good way to ensure you can get over the trouble of saving for quarterly estimated tax payments on an annual basis by choosing monthly payments instead.

Tax, therefore, becomes like another monthly operating expense. Small business accounting falls outside the expertise of passionate entrepreneurs who mean well. Outsourcing technical and financial tasks is the best way forward in such cases.

Use the Past Financial Statements to Project Future Revenues

Expert CFOs recommend looking at the big picture when it comes to your company’s financial performance. Use past financial statements to project future revenue, expenses, and cash flow, and base your business decisions on this.

SaaS Financial Tools That Make Sense for Your Business

Using tools that work for your business is important. SaaS or Software as a service financial tools are a hot choice among small business owners who want to capture, analyze and track financial data and understand their options to make informed decisions about the correct platform for their business. Using tools that capture only the required amount of information is vital.

Separate Business Expenses from Incidental Costs

If you are using business and finance for personal expenses and making a repayment, an account of this also needs to be maintained. Keep separate accounts for business and personal use, making tracking deductible expenses and crossover costs easier.

Hire Skilled Accountants

Tax laws are complicated, and you need allies for a beneficial business outcome. Intimate knowledge of taxation and tax laws in their jurisdiction makes accountants trusted professionals for the job. If you are looking for more deductions and a penalty-free tax experience, calling in a pro has many benefits.

Organize your business and finance.

Whether penciling it in or using a pen, set aside some time every week to organize your finances. This will help you to get more insights into your business and make informed decisions.

It will also ensure everything is organized when tax time approaches. Track your expenses if you want to be on a path to prosperity. You will also incentivize employees and check if you are within your budget by doing the math now rather than tackling numbers at the last minute.

Keep Track of Payments

Small businesses frequently operate without properly tracking customer invoices and payments, which costs them in the long run. Keeping proper records means being able to track your finances in one glance.

With admin tasks to take care of, an accounting snapshot can really prove to be a handy tool in keeping a tight rein over business and finance. Navigate tricky financial waters and come sailing smoothly to the other side by clearly accounting for your payments.

Plan for a Realistic Budget, Rather than Building Sandcastles in the Air

Budgets are essential to ensure your business gets off the ground and your feet firmly planted on solid terrain. A budget lays out what direction the business plan is moving in. It also points out whether you must push harder or scale back your efforts.

Overspending is a Costly Mistake

A fancy company car or the latest Apple Mac are not necessary expenditures but only ways to create a shortfall that the business cash flow may not be able to handle.

So keep your expenses in check, or things can get out of hand. Lines of credit can be an increasingly dangerous path to tread on the road to growth and expansion. Learn to regulate your expenses and reinvest the rest towards the future financial health of your firm.

Complete Records are Important to Get the Big Picture

If our invoices, credit notes, bank statements, and financial documents are organized well, financial accounting will not be reduced to looking for missing pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Lost or inadequate records will be a massive problem for small organizations, especially in emergencies.

Make sure you keep backups and accounting online in the cloud rather than having your head in the cloud when it comes to doing the math and keeping the score.

Manage Debts Efficiently

Managing debt effectively is crucial, and small businesses require clarity on the various business and finance options available, along with understanding the cost associated with each financial solution.

Lean Operation= Smooth Functioning

Once the money has been spent, fixed costs cannot be avoided, But running a lean operation rather than a flashy one can help to build the business rather than sapping available cash.

Keep costs to the minimum by avoiding capital expenditures as far as possible, and business success will be close at hand. It’s better to rein in costs when the economy is doing well than to tighten the belt when times get tough.

Expand at a Manageable Pace to Speed Up Growth

Consider techniques like outsourcing globally to lower costs. Pay per task or hour and hire freelancers who cost less than full-time employees.

Keep a Check on Accounts Receivable

As the business expands, accounts receivable do not always keep pace. Make sure the average number of days for outstanding invoices doesn’t expand in time as your business grows. Avoid bad debts and the possibility of receivership by managing the finances of the business in a disciplined manner.

Access Capital in Here and Now to Encash in the Future

Consider drawing out capital to expand, buy another company or launch new products or services, refinance old debt, or establish a line of credit to weather a future rainy day.

Liquidity is one of the biggest presents you can gift your company in current times, to tide over everything from daily business obligations to temporary cash shortages.

Employee Engagement is Essential

Engaging employees is a critical step forward in lowering turnover. It is also financially better to hire experts as consultants than hire for part-time positions. Moving further involves expanding expertise as well as a global footprint. For both, employee engagement is crucial.

Startups with Modest Beginnings End up Rich

All businesses, irrespective of their size, can only expand and grow if they start small. Gaining interest and feedback is a gradual process, and companies need to test new concepts in the market before launching their products. By using opportunities right now, you can cash out in the future.

When Times Get Tough, Cash is King

Consider every capital purchase requiring additional debt and see if the expenditure will generate the cash flow to make up for itself. Defer purchases that cannot pay their way through.

Budget Is The Perfect Financial RoadMap

On the path to prosperity, the budget is the financial roadmap that serves as a guide. Check to see the sources of capital growth and cash drains by tracking your expenses and budgeting.

Assess Your Financial Performance Objectively

Are you getting the top returns for your investment? Are nonbusiness assets also generating growth? Is the financial health of your company in pink or in red? Survival is only possible if you make objective assessments without any bias.

Be clear about the way your debt is structured. Look to generate a balance between short-term and long-term debt. Use long-term equity for business survival only.

Conduct In-Depth Financial Review

Prepare for a financial review with current investors, cash flows, balance sheets, and more. Assess and make provisions for the information needed. You must look beyond the tip of the iceberg if there are financial problems.

Lower the Risk, Higher the Benefits

Check your insurance coverage and increase deductibles to lower the premium. Review every item in the inventory list and eliminate coverage on low-risk items. You also need to examine insurance policies for borrowing against cash surrender values at low rates.

Deal with Financial Problems At Once To Prevent Long Lasting Issues Little Knowledge is Dangerous, So Educate Yourself

Financial literacy is imperative to succeed in business and finance. This means knowing all about cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets, and statements of shareholder equity.

The cash flow statement analyzes operating activities, financial as well as outflow, and investments. A balance sheet provides information pertaining to assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity.

Revenue earned within a specified period of time is reflected in the income statement. Shareholder’s equity refers to the composition of common and preferred shares.

Monitor and Assess Performance

You need to keep tabs on the movement of money more so when large amounts are involved. Assess financial performance with respect to past financial statements to project expenses, cash flow, and future revenue.

Be Clear About the Numbers

Ensure you do the math and know what it takes to run your business. Assess the true cost of products and services and track money moving in and out of your business to be clear about the expenses involved.

Unearth Hidden Costs

If you need to obtain a permit or get a license, the cost of managing your small business just shot up. Why? Quite simply because you have to factor in the cost of legal services, salary, return on investor capital, and capital for future expansion.

Add the cost of borrowing money, interest, and debt already accrued. Start thinking ahead after finding out how much your business is consuming.

Learn How to Manage Cash Flow and Supply Chain

Brush up on the basics and understand your cash inventories as well as how you manage the cash flow and the supply chain.

Know About The Marketplace

You must educate yourself about your marketplace and competitors to ascertain how the company fares in pricing, services, and goods. Assess the strengths and weaknesses and identify the opportunities to help you market your business better.

Go Hi-Tech, Use Financial Management Software

Software options can help you to track business and finance, file taxes, manage the budget and maintain invoices.

Pricing your product or service is not just a test of your worth. It is the value of your business which also includes other factors such as the competitive landscape and value brought to the business by customers.

The true worth of a business determines its prospects and influences its future.


Money matters, and so does money management. To understand business and finance, you must have a strong base and a good grasp of the fundamentals and the latest tools and gadgets. So, equip yourself with precise money management because it counts most for any small business.

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Top 10 Hadoop Interview Questions You Must Know


Source: techtarget

HDFS provides the following Five Services:

Name Node: HDFS has just one Name Node named Master Node. The master node can monitor files, operate the file system, and contain all stored data metadata. The name node, in particular, carries information like the number of blocks, the location of the data node where the data is kept, where the replications are saved, and other characteristics. The client has direct communication with the name node.

Secondary Name Node: This is just for taking care of the file system metadata checkpoints that are in the Name Node. This is called the checkpoint node too. It is the Name Node’s helper Node. The Secondary Name Node orders the name node to generate and deliver the fsimage and editlog files, after which the Secondary Name node creates the compacted fsimage file.

Job Tracker: Job Tracker accepts users’ seek for Map Reduce processing. The Job Tracker interacts with the Name Node to determine the location of the data that will be desired in processing. The Name Node responds with the necessary processing data information.

Data Node: A Data Node holds data in the form of blocks. This is named the slave node too, and it is in charge of storing the real data in HDFS, which the client may read and write to. These are daemon slaves. Every 3 seconds, each Data node sends a Heartbeat message to the Name node, indicating that it is alive. When a Name Node does not get a heartbeat from a data node for 2 minutes, it considers that data node to be dead and begins the block replication process on another Data node.

Task Tracker: It is the Job Tracker’s Slave Node, and it will accept the job from the Job Tracker. It gets information from the Job Tracker too. Task Tracker will apply the code to the file. Mapper is the process of applying that code to the file.

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Table of Contents

Q1. How is HDFS Fault Tolerant?

Q2. Write the Features of HDFS.

Q3. Differentiate Between Regular FileSystem and HDFS?

Q4. What are The Most Important Parameters for Configuring a MapReduce Program?

Q5. Name the Three Different Modes in Which Hadoop May Operate.

Q6. What are the Functions of RecordReader, Combiner, and Partitioner in a MapReduce operation?

Q7. How Do You Restart NameNode and all of Hadoop’s Daemons?

Q8. In HDFS, How do you Define Block? What is the Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2 Default Block Size? Is it Possible to Modify It?

Q9. Contrast HDFS with Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Q10. What Will You do if NameNode Fails?

Q1. How is HDFS Fault Tolerant?


When data is saved on HDFS, NameNode replicates it to several DataNodes. The default replication factor value is 3. You can alter the configuration factor to suit your needs. If a DataNode fails, the NameNode will immediately copy the data from the replicas to another node and make the data available. In HDFS, this provides fault tolerance.

Q2. Write the Features of HDFS.

HDFS has a high fault-tolerance level.

HDFS may be made up of thousands of server computers. Every computer saves a part of the file system data. HDFS identifies and automatically recovers problems that may occur on computers.

HDFS has a high throughput price.

HDFS is intended to store and scan millions of data rows and count or add sections of the data. The length of time necessary for this process is determined by the intricacies involved.

It was created to handle very large datasets in batch-style processes. However, the emphasis is on high data throughput rather than low latency.

HDFS is cost-effective.

HDFS is meant to be constructed on commodity machines and heterogeneous platforms that are low-cost and widely available.

Q3. Differentiate Between Regular FileSystem and HDFS?

Regular FileSystem: In a regular FileSystem, all of the data is kept in one place. Data recovery is difficult due to the machine’s low tolerance for failure. Because seek time is longer, it takes longer to process the data.

HDFS: Data is scattered and managed across several platforms using HDFS. Data can still be retrieved from other nodes in the group if a DataNode fails. Reading takes more time due to the need to read data from the disc locally and coordinate data from multiple systems.

Q4. What are the Most Important Parameters for Configuring a MapReduce Program?

The following configuration parameters are required:

Enter the job’s location in HDFS.

The job’s output location in HDFS

Formats for input and output

Classes with map and reduce functions

The JAR file contains the classes for the mapper, reducer, and driver.

Q5. Name the Three Different Modes in which Hadoop May Operate.

There are three ways in which Hadoop may operate:

Standalone (local) mode: This is the default mode if nothing is configured. All Hadoop elements, like NameNode, DataNode, ResourceManager, and NodeManager, operate as a single Java process in this mode. This makes use of the local filesystem.

Pseudo-distributed mode: A single-node Hadoop deployment is termed a pseudo-distributed Hadoop system. All Hadoop services, including the master and slave services, were run on a single compute node in this way.

Fully distributed mode belongs to Hadoop deployments in which the Hadoop master and slave services operate on distinct nodes.

Q6. What are the Functions of RecordReader, Combiner, and Partitioner in a MapReduce operation?

RecordReader- This interacts with the InputSplit and turns the data into key-value pairs that the mapper can read.

Combiner- This is an optional step that functions like a micro reducer. The combiner accepts data from the map tasks, processes it, and then forwards the results to the reduction phase.

Partitioner- The partitioner determines the number of reduced jobs that will be used to summarize the data. It confirms too, how combiner outputs are routed to the reducer and regulate the important segmentation of intermediate map outputs.

Q7. How Do you Restart NameNode and all of Hadoop’s Daemons?

The following commands will help you in restarting NameNode and all daemons:

Stop the NameNode with the ./sbin/ stop NameNode command and restart it with the ./sbin/ start NameNode command.

You may use the ./sbin/ command to halt all daemons and then restart them using the ./sbin/ command.

Q8. In HDFS, How do you Define Block? What is the Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2 Default Block Size? Is it Possible to Modify It?

Blocks are the smallest continuous space on your hard disk where data is stored. Each record is kept in a separate “block” on the HDFS, and then those blocks are dispersed around the Hadoop clusters. Files in HDFS are divided into block-sized pieces and stored in separate units.

Hadoop 1 has a 64 MB block size by default.

Hadoop 2 has a 128 MB block size by default.

Yes, blocks may be modified. In a Hadoop context, the chúng tôi option in the chúng tôi file can be used to set the size of a block.

Q9. Contrast HDFS with Network Attached Storage (NAS).

A network-attached storage (NAS) server is a file-level computer data storage server that is linked to a computer network and provides data access to a wide group of customers. NAS can be either hardware or software that provides file storage and access services. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a Distributed File System that uses a commodity system to store data.

Data Blocks in HDFS are spread across all machines in a group. NAS, on the other hand, stores data on a specialized system.

HDFS is built to operate with the MapReduce paradigm, which shifts computing to the data. Because data is kept apart from calculations, NAS is unsuitable for MapReduce.

HDFS uses a low-cost commodity system, while NAS is a high-end storage system with a high price tag.

Q10. What Will you do if NameNode Fails?

To get the Hadoop group up and running again, the NameNode recovery process includes the following steps:

Use the file system metadata copy to start a new NameNode (FsImage).

Then, set up the DataNodes and users so that they can identify the newly created NameNode.

After loading the latest checkpoint FsImage (for metadata information) and receiving enough block reports from the DataNodes, the new NameNode will begin serving the client.

However, this NameNode recovery process would potentially be time-consuming on big Hadoop clusters, which becomes much more difficult at the time with normal maintenance. As a result, we use HDFS High Availability Architecture.


The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a fault-tolerant data storage file system that works on commodity systems. It was made to solve problems that regular databases couldn’t handle. This page focuses on interview questions for all levels, along with the following points:

Hadoop Distributed File System is shortened to HDFS.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce are two main elements.

Data stored in a regular FileSystem is preserved in a single system.

A network-attached storage (NAS) server is a computer data storage server that stores files on a network.

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