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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and hopefully you’ve thought of how you’re going to make your significant other feel special.

There are some great apps on the iPhone that can help you navigate through a successful Valentine’s Day. V-day can be especially stressful for us guys, but the iPhone is always there for moral support.

Here are 5 awesome iPhones apps for Valentine’s Day…

1. Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon has been one of the most popular restaurant apps in the App Store for a long time. It’s a classic, and well deserving of its success.

Urbanspoon makes finding a place to eat a straightforward and simple process. What neighborhood, type of cuisine and price do you want? If you can’t make up your mind, a random selection will be made when you shake your iPhone.

You can also view reviews and share information with friends in the app. Picking a place to eat doesn’t have to be difficult anymore.

Urbanspoon is available for free in the App Store.

2. OpenTable

So, you’ve decided where you want to go eat, but you waited till the last minute and you’re not sure if you need a reservation or not. OpenTable allows you to easily reserve a table so that you and your date don’t end up sitting at the bar all night.

Set your day, time, and party size for an instant reservation at the establishment of your choice. Sometimes the restaurant’s menu is even available in the app so that you can get an idea of what you want to order. Just like Urbanspoon, you can filter by type of cuisine, etc. and read customer reviews.

Reservations can be the last thing a guy thinks about when planning a date. This handy iPhone app will make sure you’ve got reservations when you need them.

OpenTable is available for free in the App Store.

3, Fandango

Fandango is one of the premiere movie listing apps in the App Store. It’s my personal favorite for finding the movie I want to watch and seeing when and where it’s playing.

Fandango lets you sort titles with different qualifiers, like ‘Coming Soon,” “Top Box Office,” etc. You can read a movie’s description, see reviews, and watch the trailer inside the app.

Some cinemas even support mobile purchasing of tickets through Fandango. The app uses GPS to find the closest theatre and show you descending results for where and when a movie is showing.

Deciding on which movie to watch is a breeze with Fandango. The app is available for free in the App Store.

4. Pocketbooth

Nothing says romance like a photo booth. While it may sound cheesy to us guys, many girls love the concept of a photo booth session. On a date night, the photo booth experience can win you some major points with your girl.

There are some great apps for a photo booth experience on the iPhone. Thanks to the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4, photo booth-style photography is easier than ever.

Pocketbooth is one of the better photo booth-like apps in the App Store. You have a nice array of settings to tinker with, and your sharing options are quite robust.

If used properly, Pocketbooth should help you capture some great moments with your loved one. Pocketbooth is available for $0.99 in the App Store.

5. OkCupid

For those of you that don’t have a Valentine this year, OkCupid is a popular dating site with a nice iPhone app. People can have strong opinions about online dating, but people have had amazing success stories about meeting their significant other online.

If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, cheer up! It’s ok to be single. But if you want to get back out there, the online dating scene is always waiting.

Don’t knock online dating till you’ve tried it. OkCupid is available for free in the App Store.

That was my list of “5 Awesome iPhone Apps for Valentine’s Day.” Hopefully you are prepared for a successful date night this V-day.

Let us know if you have any plans for doing something special on Valentine’s Day. Will your iPhone be involved? Try getting creative this year, and maybe the iPhone will be able to help you out!

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5+ Best Valentine’s Day Wallpapers To Install On Your Pc

5+ best Valentine’s Day wallpapers to install on your PC




A Valentine’s Day-themed wallpaper can set you in the mood for this special event.

There are many specialized apps that allow you to download thousands of wallpapers easily.

Altrnatively, you can always use one of many available websites that have specialized Valentine’s Day categories.



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This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you need a pleasant reminder of how important it is to love and be loved, you can install one of the Valentine’s Day wallpapers.

There are many great resources for wallpapers but today we’re are going to show you our favorites.

So join us while we take a closer look at the best HD Valentine wallpapers that you can get for the upcoming holiday.

Does Windows have any Valentine’s Day wallpapers?

Windows comes with a very limited number of wallpapers, and by default, it doesn’t offer any Valentine’s Day wallpapers. However, you can always get your own from the web.

There are several great sources for these types of pictures, so keep reading to find out where and how to get them.

What are the best Valentine’s Day wallpaper resources?

DeskScapes is a great wallpaper software that allows you to browse through thousands of wallpapers online, and the app has a wide array of Valentine-themed wallpapers available.

Besides downloading, it lets you customize your wallpapers with various effects, and there are over 60 available to choose from.

You can also spice up your desktop by making it animated using both pictures and videos, allowing you to unleash your creativity and achieve some amazing results for this Valentine, so why not give it a try?


Download hundreds of Valentine’s Day wallpapers and make them animated easily with DeskScapes software.

Check price Visit website

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day wallpapers, you can easily get them using the Backgrounds Wallpapers HD+ app. The app is available on the Microsoft Store, and it can be downloaded easily.

Once you start an app, you’ll get access to thousands of available wallpapers, and to make the navigation easier, all of them are sorted into 12 different categories.

Of course, there’s a special Love category for Valentine, so you’ll surely find an HD Valentine wallpaper that meets your needs. Besides having a great choice of wallpapers, the software also will automatically change your wallpaper, so you’ll get a fresh one every day.

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD+

Get access to thousands of wallpapers, including special ones for Valentine with the Backgrounds Wallpapers HD+ app.

Get it free Visit website

WebNeel offers you 30 beautiful Valentine’s Day wallpapers to download and set your desktop for this romantic day.

The wallpapers feature classic Valentine’s Day images, such as hearts and roses, as well as some funny cartoon-like images, blending love and childhood.

One such example is the wallpaper above: stylish, yet not too syrupy. You will find a lot of surprises there so you should definitely check it out.

If you need Cute Valentine’s Day wallpaper, then be sure to check WebNeel.

⇒ Visit WebNeel

The Holiday Spot offers you over 70 Valentine’s Day wallpapers that will definitely embellish your desktop.

Expert tip:

If you prefer wallpapers that depict couples, then this is the perfect resource for you. The best part is that you’ll find a link on top of the new wallpapers window for the wallpaper you choose.

⇒ Visit The Holiday Spot

WallpaperAccess offers no less than high-resolution 80 wallpapers for Valentine’s Day that you can download in just a few seconds and set on your Windows 10 desktop.

All the wallpapers also have buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter integration so you can share them right away with your special half attached with a set of meaningful words from the heart.

The website is a great choice if you need a Free Valentine’s Day wallpaper, so be sure to check it out.

⇒ Visit Wallpaper Access

WallpapersWide offers you a plethora of Valentine’s Day-themed wallpapers. There are over 300 wallpapers that you can choose from.

They show images of romantic sunsets, couples walking in the park, love messages as well as abstract art. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of wallpapers you’ll like.

There are tens of images formats that you can choose from, including desktop and mobile formats.

⇒ Visit WallpapersWide

Is it better to use wallpaper apps or download the wallpapers manually?

Downloading wallpapers manually can be a bit tedious, especially if you don’t know where to look for them, so finding the perfect free Valentine’s Day wallpaper might be harder than you think.

So that was our selection with the best sources for Valentine’s Day wallpapers. Be sure to take your time and check each of our entries to find the best wallpaper for you.

If you want to take this romantic day to the next level, check the best Valentine’s Day apps to install on Windows 10.

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5 Awesome Free Tools For Small Businesses

These are frugal times for business, and an organization starting out might have very little money to spend on IT. Even if you’re part of an established business, you’re probably feeling the pinch.

1. Google Apps For Business

If your organization has under 50 employees, then Google Apps for Business (formerly called Google Apps for Domains) is for you. It offers free e-mail under the umbrella of your own organization’s domain name (You can pay Google $10 to reserve a domain name, if you don’t already have one). You can also have your own private Google Docs system along with your own Google Calendar system.

It’s all hosted on Google’s computers, so you won’t need your own mail server computer. You’ll benefit from almost zero configuration and maintenance, plus a promised 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. Put simply, Google takes care of everything for you. The spam filtering is the same excellent system as Gmail, which is to say your employees just won’t be bothered by anything dodgy.

There are some limitations on the free version. As well as the 50 user limit, each user account can send e-mails to only 500 recipients per day. This won’t be an issue for most of us, but it’s easy to imagine an enthusiastic sales person hitting that ceiling now and again. You also can’t send attachments larger than 25MB, although this will only be an issue for those working in the media industries who have to ship around large photographs or video files.

Dropbox is a sync and backup tool that makes use of the cloud to remotely store files. Once the Dropbox software is installed, you’ll find a new Dropbox folder on your hard disk. Anything stored in this folder is instantly transferred to Dropbox’s cloud storage system. This is done invisibly, and using the Dropbox folder is just like using any other folder on your hard disk.

Perhaps the chief benefit for business is that, should a notebook get stolen or lost, restoring its files is as simple as installing Dropbox on a new computer, entering the username, and letting it sync the contents (provided your employees have been trained to always save their files in the Dropbox folder, of course).

Dropbox offers free 2GB of storage per user, which is enough for hundreds of modest office documents, and I couldn’t find any restrictions on business users signing-up for free accounts. All you need is to download the client software and sign up during the installation process, using your e-mail address.

Before you ask, yes, it’s massively secure. SSL connections are used to make the transfer of data to and from the cloud, and all data is stored using AES-256 encryption. Even if a stranger were to somehow pull your data from the cloud, it would be gibberish.

My colleague Rick Broida discussed a similar new service called SugarSync, which offers 5GB of free storage – 3GB more than Dropbox. However, my personal preference is to stick with the long-established Dropbox.

3. Microsoft Security Essentials

License fees for antivirus software are taxing for those who use Windows. We’d rather not pay, but there’s no way of getting around it. Most free antivirus products, such as AVG, are free only for home users.

The new Security Essentials looks good. It’s certainly good at spotting viruses, although it can be a little slow when scanning compared to competitors. However, considering the $0 price tag, I’m sure we can all live with this. Security Essentials is available for all recent versions of Windows, from XP up.

4. Linux

In terms of technology, Ubuntu offers Samba, which can effectively recreate a modest Windows-like file and printer sharing setup. Both Macs and Windows computers will have no problems connecting, and will be unaware that they’re not connecting to a Windows server.

If you have an old PC you can mess around on, try downloading Ubuntu Server and giving it a try. You might have to reach back into your memory to remember those Unix 101 classes, but there’s a wealth of free documentation out there to help you get started.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably already know about chúng tôi the open source (and therefore free-of-charge) office suite. This keeps getting better with each release and is now a definite contender for lighter-weight office tasks. If you haven’t looked at it recently, it’s well worth a trial.

I find it very useful for those upgrading from an older version of Office and who are confused by the ribbon-based user interface, found on recent releases of Microsoft Office.

Best Prank Apps For Iphone And Ipad For April Fool’s Day In 2023

We are living in a world of memes and prank videos. While pranking your friends is always fun, it is not always possible to stage a prank. This is where prank apps come to help you prank your friends and family realistically. Here are some of the best pranking apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. PrankDial – Best prank call app

PrankDial is the OG prank call app for iPhone and iPad, with over 150 pre-recorded prank calls. You can prank your friends and scare them using classic pranks like “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”.

Moreover, you get three calls each day for free, but you need to purchase pre-recorded prank calls above it. You can also save their calls to their prank call history in the app. But, the app says “your call is being recorded” before every pre-recorded prank call is played. So, that could be a deal-breaker.

Top features:

150+ prank calls to choose from

3 Free calls per day

Customization options

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


2. The Prank App – Multiple pranks

Want an all-in-one prank app? The Prank App is your go-to app for all your pranking needs. This pranking app for iPhone packs 50+ prank tools, funny things, and 12 tricky mini-games as well. You can choose from pranks tools like a razor, air horn, lie detector, scare pranks, decision pranks, etc.

The razor tool is my favorite in the app to freak out friends concerned about their hair and beard. Further, the app is extremely easy to use and, in fact, offers a tutorial on how to play each prank. You can access this tutorial by tapping the question mark icon in the app.

After you have successfully pranked your friends using this app, you can also play fun party games with them offered in the app itself. Also, if there is no one around to prank, you can kill time by playing the 12 funny and tricky games!

Top features:

50+ prank tools and funny things + 12 tricky mini-games

A multitude of funny and scary sounds

Additional paid pranking content

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


3. Crack & Break It! – Crack screen to prank

There’s nothing funnier than blaming your friend for breaking your phone’s screen. Crack & Break It! lets you play this classic prank on your friends. The app produces different kinds of glass-shattering sounds.

Besides, you also get options like Image Breaker, Glass Blocks, Glass Smasher, Light Bulb, and Fluorescent lamps to enjoy a calming glass-breaking experience.

Mind-blowing graphics and extremely realistic sound effects are the highlights of the app. Crack & Break It! app also doubles down as a de-stressing app besides being a prank app for iPhone. You can use the app to experience the ASMR experience one would get by popping a bubble wrap.

Top features:

Highly realistic graphics and sound effects

Supports multi-touch

Free to use

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


4. Lie Detector Truth Test – Prank friends with a fake truth

Want to have a great laugh in your friend circle? Try this Lie Detector Truth Test app. Don’t be fooled by its name. It’s not a real lie-detecting app but a prank app allowing you to place your fingers on the screen and say something to find out if it is a truth or a lie.

You can pre-program the response making it perfect for pranks. Tapping the middle of the screen generates random responses, but if you tap the left, it shows a lie, and on the right, it gives truth as the output.

Tip: Try asking “Do you have a crush on someone present in this room?” to your friend when his crush is present in the room and tap the right portion of the screen.

Top features:

Excellent audio and visual effects

Highly realistic computer voice

Prank mode

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


5. Fake Posts Creator – Create fake FB posts

As the name suggests, the Fake Posts Creator app allows you to create fake Facebook posts to prank your friends. The app creates fake yet realistic Facebook posts with likes and everything. It copies Facebook’s design and font so well that it is impossible to tell it is a fake post.

Top features:

Does not require a login

The app will not connect to your Facebook account

Offers customization options

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


6. Air Horn Multi – Scary air horn prank

Playing a loud air horn voice while your friend is sleeping is surely one way to annoy them. Air Horn Multi offers various noises you can make, including persistent door knocking, loud air horn, ambulance voice, smoke alarm, bike horn, doorbell, train whistle, fire alarm, vuvuzela, police siren, car alarm, party horn, chainsaw, and more.

Along with the sound, the app also includes animation effects while the sound is playing. The sound plays continuously if you keep your finger on the screen.

Further, the app could help you stage a scary prank by playing door-knocking sounds while watching horror movies with your friends. You can also use this app at a sports event to cheer up your favorite team.

Top features:

Intuitive user interface

Large collection of funny and scary sounds

Animation effect

Price: Free


7. iFart – Fart sounds app

iFart, as the developer says, is the “The GodFarter of Fart apps”. The app took the internet by storm in 2008 and remains one of the most popular apps for fart pranks. The app comes stacked with different fart modes like Security Fart, Sneak Attack, Record-A-Fart, Fave Farts, Blast, and a Bonus Fart Pack.

This iPhone prank app is perfect for causing mischief at a movie theatre. The app is highly intuitive and easy to use. The Sneak Attack mode is the app’s best feature. Choose a fart sound, set the timer, and it will trigger once the timer is up. Fart pranks are classic, and this app makes them even better.

Top features:

Different modes

Funny and versatile sounds

Feature to record and save sounds

Price: $1.99


8. Funcall – Voice changer and rec

Voice-changing pranks are our all-time favorite. Change your voice during a real phone call with this prank app for iPhone. You can change your voice from high and funny to deep and scary to shock your friends. To see how the voice changing will function, you can try a demo call for free.

The app offers different funny and scary voices: Helium balloon, woman sound, man sound, and scary sound. Also, you can add effects like cat meow, moo, dog bark, fart, uzi shots, werewolf, boom!, monkeys, scary zone, and your mother during the call. You can record funny calls, download and share them with your friends.

Top features:

Multiple funny voices

Record and download funny calls

Free of charge demo call

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


Bonus: Play iMessage typing park

Don’t want to install any app to prank your friends? Here’s a funny prank you can pull on your friends! You just need to download an iMessage typing GIF and send it to the friend. They will keep guessing and think you are still typing. Check out our explainer on how to play the iMessage typing prank to try it on your friends.

Tell us your favorite prank app from this list!

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10 Awesome #WordPress Plugins For Podcasters

Did you know that 17% of Americans 12 years of age or older have listened to a podcast in the last year? That may not sound overwhelming, but when you consider that only 9% of Americans listened to a podcast in 2008, that’s a fairly impressive figure.

Over the last couple of years, podcasting has become the next big thing for bloggers, developers, professionals, and entertainers. The main reason we love podcasts is that we can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever – while commuting to work, working out, or traveling.

For marketing purposes, podcasts are also a great way to engage their audience, along with increasing their followers and subscribers.

Now imagine placing your podcast onto a WordPress site—after you secure the proper hardware and software.

Editor Note: SEJ has no affiliation with any of the resources listed.

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform because it’s free, easy-to-use, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. That’s why podcasters need to give WordPress some serious consideration for giving your podcast a little extra ‘umph’ when it comes to reaching and making the experience for your audience more enjoyable.

But, you’re going to have to give the following ten awesome WordPress plugins, in no particular order, a try to make publishing and managing your podcasts even easier and more effective.

This free plugin, which was developed by podcasters for podcasters, is offered from the popular podcasting host Blubrry. Not only can you use this plugin to easily embed a media player onto your WordPress site or blog, it also comes equipped with the following features:

Sidebar tools so you can add a sidebar widget or embed a subscribe shortcode onto your site.

iTunes support.

Website and feed SEO so you can be found on popular search engines and the iTunes directory.

Migration tools so you can migrate from

PodPress, Blogger, or Movable Type.

Support for multiple podcasts.

Access to Blubrry Media Statistics from your WordPress dashboard.

Buzzsprout is another popular hosting service for podcasters with affordable monthly plans, including a free plan that allows two hours of podcasting, which all come with this plugin. The Buzzsprout Podcasting plugin gives you the ability to fetch your podcasts from your Buzzsprout account and then embed them into your WordPress page.

This plugin also comes with complete iTunes support, a migration tool, and play count statistics. You’re also provided with a feed that can be run through Feedburner. You can even choose between three different HTML5 and Flash audio players to embed in your WordPress site.

This plugin describes itself as the “simplest podcasting plugin for WordPress”. And, it may be difficult to argue with that statement. The Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin uses a native WordPress interface and keeps settings to a minimum so you can easily and quickly get your podcast onto your WordPress blog. It’s lightweight, well-coded, and fairly easy to customize.

Other features include being able to run multiple podcasts from the same site, a configurable RSS feed, a built-in WordPress media player, and a new podcast post type and series taxonomy so you can manage your podcast episodes. Perhaps most importantly though, you have the freedom to host your file on any site that you would like. And, yes. It connects to podcasting services like iTunes.

Dicentis, which is Latin for “saying” or “calling,” was part of a student project but has since become a newer WordPress plugin that attempts to solve the problem of creating multiple podcast feeds. In fact, that’s one of the main key features of the plugin; you can create as many podcasts as you would like.

Other features include being able to assign speakers to episodes, organizing your podcast into different categories, and publishing in different formats: mp3, ogg, m4a. There’s also a built-in media player and full i18n support.

Since you’re a WordPress user, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot social media plugins available. What makes Social Warfare stand out is it not only adds beautiful social sharing buttons onto your WordPress blog, you can also create custom content for each social media network. For example, you could create a custom tweet for your recently uploaded podcast to help encourage your followers to listen and share the podcast. You can even share your most popular blog posts, based on the number of social shares, with your audience.

Besides being able to customize the descriptions of your podcast for the various social media network, the premium Social Warfare plugin includes social buttons that have one of the fastest loading times.

6. Simple Podcast Press Player

This premium plugin lets you automatically publish podcasts onto you site or blog by simply entering your iTunes URL. After that, the plugin creates a new page for each of your podcast episodes with an attractive and easy-to-use podcast player. This makes planning your editorial calendar a whole lot easier because you can pretty much set up your podcast and let the plugin automatically do the rest of the work for you.

If you’re a serious podcaster and use multi-format publishing, then this plugin deserves your attention since it will help you save time and frustration. The Podlove Podcast Publisher gives you full control of the podcasting process so that you can publish and maintain your feeds in a snap.

The plugin allows you to:

Separate blog and podcast content

View the status of a podcast

Receive support for multiple media files

Integrate with Auphonic

Describe titles and summaries in feed

Publish chapter information

This plugin is currently in beta and in the future it hopes to include timeline oriented show notes for links, automatic listing of the podcast feeds, automatic archiving, contributor overview pages, and live show support.

If you’ve been searching for a way to shorten links for your podcast’s website page, but aren’t a fan of using chúng tôi or chúng tôi because you want to use your own domain name, then Pretty Link Lite has got your covered. Not only does this plugin shrink your links, it also tracks where hits on your site came from with a detailed report.

Overall, this is an amazing plugin for any podcaster looking to clean up their website, see who their audience members are, and share your podcast with other online communities and your social media followers. If you’re a serious podcaster though, you may have to bump up to the premium Pretty Link Pro.

Option forms are essential for all websites. That’s why this nifty premium plugin is a great addition to your plugin arsenal. Magic Action Box is a lead generation plugin that gives you the ability to create opt-in forms that can be placed pretty much anywhere on your WordPress site. So underneath your podcast player you could create a box for an email opt-in. A simple, but effective way in converting your podcast listeners into customers.

Magic Action works with any email marketing service and integrates flawlessly with Gravity Forms.

This isn’t exactly a plugin that’s going to directly help your podcast or WordPress site, but it will definitely come in handy. As the name of this plugin implies, this will check all of you current plugins and see which ones have been removed from the WordPress directory. If a plugin has been removed, you’ll receive a notification. While you may not think that you need this plugin, it can be life saver when a plugin that you’ve relied on for your podcast disappears because of a security risk or because the developer has pulled it off of WordPress.

If the plugin does make its way back onto the WordPress directory, you’ll be alerted so you can go back to using it.


These ten plugins can be used to not only publish your podcast onto your WordPress site, you can also use them to share your podcast onto social channels, create actionable opt-in buttons, and keep a tab onto your podcast reviews.

If you are a podcaster who uses WordPress, what plugins do recommend to your fellow podcasters?

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Best Wine Apps For Iphone In 2023

There is a wine for every occasion, or should I say there is an occasion for every wine? But how do you find the right wine? Undoubtedly you rely on Siri for most of your answers, but here’s a catch; you won’t get personalized recommendations. Well, the task doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. There are multiple apps to help, and I have rounded up the best wine apps for iPhone, whether for food pairing suggestions, deciding what to gift, or which wine to buy. Keep reading!

1. Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Now here is an app for the wine connoisseurs, or it can let you pretend like one. With the collection of 13 million+ wines from 231,000+ wineries, Vivino has the world’s largest wine selection. The app is designed to provide you with excruciating details about the wine.

Moreover, you can also compare wines, get food pairing suggestions, and develop your taste profile to see where you stand against everyone else in the Vivino community. This free wine repository is a go-getter.

Why should you try it?

Directly buy wine from the app.

Personalized recommendation according to your taste.

Price: Free


2. Drizly – Get wine delivered in an hour

Drizly is one of the no-nonsense alcohol delivery apps out there. And I agree with its philosophy when you can have an app to deliver your food, why not an app for your alcohol? This online market app offers same-day delivery (within an hour) across 100 cities in North America with the option for pre-paid pick-up. It may also take 2-3 days for shipping in select states.

Obviously, you must be of the legal drinking age and provide valid ID proof upon delivery when ordering from Drizly. But it is a great option to order beer, wine, and liquor online.

Why should you try it?

An extensive selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

Offers online payment options.

Price: Free


3. Delectable: Scan & Rate wine

Learn about wines from the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers, and wine critics. As quoted by Jordan Mackay, one of the essential wine apps, Delectable is a critically acclaimed free app that lets you savor some of the world’s finest wines. It also trains you to amp up your wine tasting game and become an influencer yourself. It’s all about sipping it the right way, you know!

While Vivino is perfect for engaging with like-minded wine enthusiasts, Delectable is for those who lean towards professional opinions. The app also lets you keep track of all the wines you’ve tried and discover new ones from the curated lists. Although a little expensive, the premium subscription at $5.99 is justified if you are an oenophile as it offers transcriptions for hard-to-match labels and an ad-free experience.

Why should you try it?

Add and receive ratings on your wine additions on the app.

Get a curated list from the leading wine community.

Price: Free (Delectable ad-free starts from $1.99)


4. Wine-Searcher

If there is an app that gives me information about the raw materials used in the wine, it has to be Wine-Searcher. An app made for true vinophiles, the app also gives information about grapes involved in wine production, the grape varieties, and whatnot! The compare-and-buy feature is one of a kind; I mean, who wouldn’t want their favorite wine at an affordable price.

I like its GPS-based store tracking feature and its ability to find and compare prices for Scotch whisky, bourbon, gin, rum, and beyond.

Why should you try it?

Quick Search

Search nearby vineyards and wineries.

Price: Free (Wine-Searcher Pro at $7.99)


5. VinoCell – Wine cellar manager

With more than 1 million wines in the database, VinoCell indeed is your online wine cellar. The app is perfect for beginners who do not know their wine to explore the opportunities more and apt for Pro to share their knowledge and clarify their wine knowledge. The app comes with appealing graphics to understand your wine’s placement in the cellar, with 40 configuration options to choose from.

Why should you try it?

Sync data from all devices.

Connect and manage friends/family data.

Price: $8.99


6. Decanter’s Know Your Wine

I loved the app’s reliance on AI to ensure you learn new things rather than repetitive lessons. Now, that’s what I call an efficient use of technology!

Why should you try it?

Interesting chapters to become a wine grandmaster.

Picture questions to test your wine knowledge.

Price: Free (In-app purchases from $0.99)


7. Wine Ring – One of its kind wine app

Choosing a wine tasting app for iPhone has never been easier because Wine Ring comes with patented technology to help you get the wine of your taste. With nearly six patented technologies to understand your wine preferences, Wine Ring undoubtedly has aced the game.

Washington Post is right about the app, for it has indeed got me pegged. Fast, easy, and personalized wine curation for wine lovers.

Why should you buy it?

Use of technology at its best.

Journal your wine.

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8. Tipple: Best app for the fastest alcohol delivery

Satisfy your alcohol cravings and support local businesses with Tipple. Although a little underrated, Tipple is one of the fastest alcohol delivery apps on the App Store that lets you choose from a wide variety of boutique, international, and specialty wines, craft, local, and imported beer & cider, and a lot more.

Why should you buy it?

Real-time order tracking.

Reorder from favorites.

Price: Free


Which is your go-to wine app for iPhone?

You may want to take a peek at:

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