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There you are, sitting on your office chair. Feeling comfortable and good about yourself. Let me tell you something. You are lost. You are a nobody. Why? Because you don’t have a mechanical keyboard in your life! Like some evangelical preacher, I have an idea I need to sell you. That is the glory of the mechanical keyboard. If you accept the mechanical keyboard into your life, you could be experiencing increased comfort, improved productivity, and glory! It will change the way you type forever! Don’t just ask me, there are plenty of fanatics that have forever converted from using cheap, rubber-dome keyboards to high-quality mechanicals. I have made a short list of five reasons why you should switch to a mechanical keyboard. I have faith that you will see the light.

The second reason why you need to switch to a mechanical keyboard is ergonomics. Mechanical keyboards generally have higher quality keycaps which are rounded to let your fingers rest on them more comfortably. Traditional laptop keys, with the exception of Lenovo’s, are flat. Flat keys are good for space-saving designs but you not only lose precision, but also comfort. I find flat keys uncomfortable to type on for long periods because I have to hit them “head on” in order not to make an error. Also, it is very easy to hit these keycaps on the corners which will cause your fingers to slip and mis-type. If you hit the corner of a keycap on a mechanical keyboard, you still have a good chance of registering the input. The longer “throw” of mechanical keyboards are also more comfortable for long typing sessions compared to the short engagement point of chicklet-style keyboards. For a long time, I thought the main attribute of an ergonomic keyboard is shape. After using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard for 2-3 years and using my Leopold Tenkeyless for about 5 months, I realize that it’s not about the shape. The main reason mechanical keyboards are better is the key switches.

The third benefit is reduced strain. I realize this is closely related to comfort but I felt that this deserved its own section simply because of RSI(Repetitive Strain Injury). We use our computers for hours and some of us do not take RSI seriously. I take good care of my hands. And so should you. For most people, their hands are their livelihood. Hand health is very important if you are a musician, laborer, or athlete. One thing I’ve notice after spending a few months with my mechanical keyboard compared to keyboards of my past is finger pain. I use to get finger pain after prolonged typing on the rubber dome keys. They were all I knew so I didn’t question. It wasn’t until I was in the market for a better keyboard where I found out about mechanical key switches. Subsequently, it wasn’t until I was typing on them for hours until I realized my finger pain was mainly caused by the cheap rubber-dome keyboards. If you are on the computer for hours, or if your profession involves extensive amounts of typing, consider investing on a mechanical keyboard for this very reason. These key switches will reduce finger strain. Your hands will thank you.

The fourth benefit of using a mechanical keyboard is improved speed. A more precise, comfortable keyboard means improved typing speed. I was never a speed typist. Barely being able to type 25 WPM, after a few months of serious training, I can now type 60-70 WPM. Your mileage may vary but you will improve your speed. If not in burst typing, definitely in endurance typing. That’s typing long essays or reports. Wiki has the average typing speed rated at 33 WPM. If you are over this, you are doing very well.

The last and most important reason why you need a mechanical keyboard? They’re fun! That may sound silly to say but after getting one, I now enjoy typing. I like the sound of these Cherry MX browns. Some people like the blues. You can’t go wrong either way. They’re great to type on. Mechanical keyboards have their own unique personalities. From the simple Leopold Tenkeyless to the highly sought after HHKB Pro 2. Typing shouldn’t be a chore. Most people probably won’t be competing on typeracer for leisure, but mechanical keyboards will make you smile. It’s like buying a luxury car. Sure, you don’t NEED leather heated seat with power everything but if you can afford it, why not treat yourself? Especially a tool that you will spend years using. Once you punch the keys, you will see the light

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What Is Keyboard Ghosting And Why Should You Care? – Explained!

If you are looking to buy a keyboard and reading up on the different types (whether it’s a membrane keyboard or mechanical keyboard), you have probably come across terms like anti-ghosting, N-key rollover, and more. So what is keyboard ghosting anyway, and why should you care about a keyboard marketed as anti-ghosting? In this article, we’re going to explain everything you should know about keyboard ghosting, why it happens, and how to prevent it. So read on to find out what is keyboard ghosting.

What is Keyboard Ghosting?

Keyboard ghosting occurs when a user presses a key, and it does not register. In some keyboards, if you press multiple keys simultaneously, some of those keys don’t work and don’t reflect on the computer screen. Since you did press the keys, but they did not appear on your screen, it means they disappeared and are said to have ghosted.

More often than not, keyboard ghosting is a problem faced while gaming. Playing a game often sees you press multiple keys at the same time to perform actions like running while shooting or switching guns while strafing.

What Causes Keyboard Ghosting?

Now we know what ‘ghosting’ means, so the question that arises is why does ghosting happen in the first place. To understand this, we need to take a crash course in how keyboards work. A deep dive into the inner workings of a keyboard is out of scope for this article, but let me explain the basics here. It will enable us to understand why ghosting occurs.

Keyboard Design

To understand this better, take a look at the picture below.

In the image above, the ‘S’ key is pressed. The keyboard can look at which column wire has a row wire connected to it. Once it finds that, it can identify that keypress (in this case, the second column is shorted by the third row, which means you pressed the ‘S’ key).

With the same method, keyboards can figure out two-key combinations and even some multiple key combinations without any ghosting. However, let’s take a look at a situation where the keyboard will be unable to find out which keys are pressed.

Pressing Multiple Keys in an Indistinguishable Circuit

In most cases, even with multiple keys being pressed at the same time, keyboards can uniquely identify the key presses. However, certain key combinations can cause keyboards to get confused. Take a look at the picture below where the user pressed three keys, marked with the red dots.

So basically, the keyboard has no way of figuring out which keys out of these four keys did you press because the following key combinations could all be true. To prevent itself from reporting incorrect key presses, the keyboard stops registering all key presses, resulting in what you know as keyboard ghosting.

What are Anti-Ghosting Keyboards?

So how do we go about solving this fundamental issue with keyboard designs? As it turns out, there are three different steps manufacturers can take to fix the ghosting issues.

Keyboard makers can rearrange the wires in the keyboard so that key combinations that are often used together don’t exhibit these issues.

Use extra wires to prevent ambiguity while pressing key combinations.

A diode can be used on every key to register them individually.

The first method, though probably the easiest, doesn’t entirely solve the problem. It simply moves the issue of ghosting to a different set of keys, which are likely not used together as often and might go unnoticed. It is the method used in many anti-ghosting keyboards.

The second method, on the other hand, solves the problem. But adding more wires means building more circuitry for the keyboards, meaning the keyboards will be more expensive. Using a diode can also fix the issue, but adding one diode for every key on a keyboard is also very expensive.

All Anti-Ghosting Keyboards are Not Created Equal What is N-Key Rollover? Is It the Same as Anti-Ghosting?

Another term you will often hear when searching for keyboards is n-key rollover. Typically, you would see this on gaming keyboards or even on gaming laptops. So what does N-Key rollover mean? Is it the same thing as anti-ghosting?

The answer is no. N-key rollover is different. If a keyboard supports N-key rollover, it means you can press any number of keys on the keyboard simultaneously without any issues. The keyboard will register all the key presses.

However, as you might have guessed by now, N-key rollover is pretty much useless without anti-ghosting techniques. A keyboard needs to have anti-ghosting to reliably support simultaneous pressing of any number of keys without any issues or false positives.

So yeah, if you’re looking to buy a gaming keyboard, having N-key rollover is something you should look out for. It is especially important if you play games that require you to press multiple keys simultaneously.

Keyboard Ghosting, Anti-Ghosting, and N-Key Rollover Explained

That’s everything you need to know about keyboard ghosting, what it means, why it happens, and how manufacturers can make anti-ghosting keyboards that don’t suffer from the same issues. We also took a look at what N-key rollover means, as well as a quick comparison between N-key rollover vs anti-ghosting keyboards. So we suggest you keep this in mind while buying a gaming keyboard to play games like World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, and other popular titles.

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Cost

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a known concept in recent years and many businesses have switched from their traditional methods to online marketing to improve sales. However, it is often considered to be an expensive investment by most businesses to opt for digital marketing. Businesses that are just starting operate on limited funds. Every penny that they spend is well thought of as the same can have long-lasting effects on the future of the business.

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

It is a rumor that investing in online campaigns is not a feasible option for small businesses. Digital marketing has generated significant growth for numerous businesses with its wide variety of tools. Here are 5 reasons why digital marketing is your cost-effective marketing solution −

1. Targeted Traffic Generation 2. Connecting with Customers Socially

With the increased use of online platforms, customers make purchase decisions based on what they see on social media. Creating a social presence and connecting with your customers is crucial to converting them into sales. Digital marketing can help you understand your customers’ behaviors and requirements by analyzing their search patterns online. This gives you insights into what they are looking for from a business.

3. Measurability of Campaigns

There is always room for making changes to your existing campaigns for better results with digital marketing. Customer behaviors keep changing with time whenever there is a change in the industrial trend. You must adapt to such changes and modify your campaigns consistently for better conversion. Digital marketing helps you understand the conversion rate of your campaigns by analyzing your return on investments (ROI), revisiting customers, and sales trends.

4. Optimization of Customer Acquisition Costs

Every penny is worth it when you are starting your business. You tend to allocate your budgets carefully and generate the maximum yield that you can from your investments. This process also involves you keeping a check on your business costs. Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a common expense borne by businesses to bring in new customers. It is calculated by dividing the total marketing spend by the total number of customers acquired through the campaign.

Digital marketing allows you to acquire a bunch of customers within a minimal budget. Using a wider reach tool such as social media marketing, email marketing, or content marketing, you can spread the word about your business to the mass at a small investment. Such campaigns tend to generate multiple customers in a blink. This process helps businesses to incur a negligible CAC, making it profitable for the business.

5. Generates Customer Engagement at a Minimal Investment

A crucial method for businesses to survive in the competitive market is through customer interactions and engagement. Customers feel connected to your business when there is constant online engagement between them and your brand. Using digital marketing, you can create strong customer connections at a minimal investment.


Digital marketing is a new-age solution for your visibility issues. Using digital marketing, you can capitalize on the market without running out of cash in the initial few days of your business. Not only is digital marketing smart and capable of taking your brand to heights, but it is also an economical and cost-effective solution that aligns with your business goals.

Ajazz K620T 62 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Review

Are you looking for a portable wireless keyboard that you can bring on the go or use for your phone and tablet? We had the chance to try out the Ajazz K620T 62 keys mechanical keyboard. Let’s find out how it works.

Note: as of this post, the Ajazz K620T keyboard is not technically available for sale yet. It is still at the crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter.

The Ajazz K620T mechanical keyboard comes in blue or pink. Luckily, I was sent the blue unit for review. The keyboard supports both wired and wireless mode and can work with most operating systems, including Windows, macoS, Linux, Android and iOS. Linux is not listed in the supported OS, but I have tested it, and it works fine.

To get started, flip the button on the left side of the keyboard to BT (Bluetooth) mode if you want to connect via Bluetooth. Alternatively, push the button to the left to connect via wire.

For Bluetooth mode, the initial setup can be frustrating, due to the lack of indication on the keyboard. There is no Bluetooth icon on the keyboard, so it is all guesswork to figure out which hot key to press to trigger the pairing mode. The answer is Fn + Q , but it took me quite a while to figure it out. (The instruction manual was missing in my review unit, so I can’t just “RTFM.”)

It was only later that I realized that there are three pairing modes, with the hot keys: Fn + Q/W/E. What this means is that the keyboard can pair with three devices simultaneously and switch between the devices easily.

Once I figured out how to trigger the Bluetooth mode, the pairing process is fast and without issue. What makes this keyboard different is the inclusion of a trench at the top of the keyboard that can serve as a tablet/phone stand. You can insert your tablet on it and start typing on the keyboard. This is pretty handy for on-the-go usage.

The keyboard also comes with a volume scroll knob that you can turn to adjust the volume. This can be useful/useless depending on how often you need to adjust the volume. I do listen to music regularly while working, so the scrolling knob is handy for me.

This is a compact keyboard with only 62 keys, which means the directional keys, numpad and several other buttons are missing. To replicate the functionality of these buttons, you have to use the Fn key with other hot keys. For example, press FN + ? for direction UP, Fn + Right Alt for direction LEFT, Fn + right Ctrl for direction RIGHT and Fn + right APP for direction DOWN. If you are not used to a compact keyboard, you can find this to be quite challenging, as you need to rewire your muscle memory. Once again, there is no indication on the keys, so you really have to memorize the hot keys combination.

We have previously reviewed another keyboard from the same company, and I mentioned that I liked the fact that the keyboard switch is hot-swappable. The same applies for this keyboard. If you prefer a different kind of typing experience than the default, simply swap the switches. There is no need to de-solder or change a new keyboard. Simply swap the switches to your favorite switch type.

The keyboard has a 4400mAh battery and is slated to run for 880 hours (without any backlight effects). I haven’t really tested it for 880 hours, but it can last for a week on one single charge.


While there are plenty of compact keyboards out there, the Ajazz KT620 is one to consider. It is still in the Kickstarter fundraising phase, and you can find it here. The super early bird price is $59, and the early bird price is $69. Check it out.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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5 Reasons You Need Teamwork In The Workplace


Remote employees work four more hours weekly and miss fewer workdays than in-office staff overall, according to an Airtasker study. You can adopt a lean mindset by offering the option of remote work for your employees.

Here’s how to get your remote workers to collaborate effectively.

1. Personalize work structures for remote workers.

Some workers strictly adhere to a routine, while others are more laid back. Instead of treating all your remote workers the same way as your in-office workers, personalize work structures, objectives, and outcomes to fit each person.

2. Be clear about availability factors for remote work. 

Set timelines for meetings and general hours to talk, email and submit work for deadlines. Be careful not to blur the lines between productively working at home and overworking past a normal workday schedule. Be just as fair to remote workers as you are to in-office workers. [Read more about flexible work schedules.]

3. Supply your team with communication tech tools.

If you want your remote team to never skip a beat, supply them with all the tools they’ll need to be successful. Technology facilitates their progress by connecting them with customers, retailers and colleagues from a remote location. Video conferencing tools can improve nonverbal communication, and online chat programs provide a less intimidating way to talk. 

4. Set up check-ins and meetings. 

By checking in every day with your remote team through video calls and meetings, you’ll reinforce a notion of collaboration and support. Workers will begin to see it as casual instead of formal, forging a sense of togetherness and enhancing team camaraderie. Teamwork over video conferencing should also be encouraged, similar to how it would be in person.

How to encourage teamwork for those who prefer independent work 1. Hand out clear assignments.

When you clearly designate roles and responsibilities to each of your team members, you can avoid confusion and the risk of someone trying to take full control. When dealing with new projects, give both seasoned and new professionals a chance to work on something fresh.

2. Stick to simple objectives.

When assigning special projects or work to be completed, make sure the goals of these assignments aren’t ambiguous, as this can cause some team members to doubt themselves and question their work. Instead, set short-term and long-term goals to motivate the whole team to work together. 

Tip: The A-players of a team tend to garner all the praise, but your B-players bring a lot to the table too. Reward those workers when they make improvements, and you’ll see their motivation grow.

3. Give opportunities to make big decisions.

Give everyone on the team a chance to involve themselves in projects that demand thinking outside of the box and collaboration. Let everyone pitch in with their ideas, let them know you’re taking them into consideration, and integrate the concepts into your final say. This will cause team members to feel more invested and motivated as they come together to create solutions. 

4. Reward workers for their performance.

Never hesitate to reward your employees for a job well done. When your workers complete a project to high standards or above and beyond expectations, bring that to the attention of the company as a whole. Congratulate your workers formally by letting everyone in the office know the results their exceptional teamwork produced. 

You should also cheer your team on informally through social messaging mediums where you can post fun emojis along with your tribute, especially if you’re rewarding remote workers. This will encourage and reinforce the importance of teamwork in the workplace. It may even convince independent workers to switch their approach to work more closely with others.

Shlomo Wiesen contributed to the writing and reporting in this article.

Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be A Pc

Let’s just say it: For the vast majority of computer shoppers, buying a Windows PC doesn’t quite qualify as a decision. Around nine out of ten computers run one version of Windows or another, making it the world’s default option in operating systems. It’s opting for something else, like a Mac, that always represents a conscious choice.

Here’s my list of the eight most compelling reasons to buy a computer whose operating system hails from Redmond. I’ve ranked them in order of importance as I see it. But as always with anything relating to technology, your priorities are almost certainly at least somewhat different than mine.

1. Variety is the spice of computing.

You can buy a portable Windows computer that weighs a pound and slips in your pocket. Or one with a spectacular 18.4-inch display that stretches the definition of “portable.” Some Windows computers are lean and mean; others are loaded with features. There are ones for hardcore gamers, for fashionistas, and for people who hate to type. In short, you can almost certainly find a Windows PC aimed at you–and usually a bunch of them competing for your dollars. By contrast, Apple has a grand total of nine different Mac models, none of which cater to specialized audiences.

2. The cost of admission is lower.

From the spin in recent Microsoft marketing, you’d think that Windows computers are inherently thrifty, and that Mac fans pay a punitive “Apple Tax.” Not true–the priciest Windows boxes will put a bigger dent in your credit-card bill than comparable Macs. What is entirely accurate–and valuable–is that the Windows world offers plenty of PCs at every price point, including the low ones that Apple ignores as a matter of principle. The cheapest Mac laptop, for instance, costs $999; chúng tôi offers 78 Windows notebooks that cost less than that.

3. Windows PCs have worthwhile features that Macs don’t.

Apple has popularized more important hardware innovations than any other company, from the mouse to Wi-Fi. At the moment, though, it steers clear of multiple useful features that its Windows-based rivals have embraced. With Windows systems, for instance, built-in memory-card readers are standard, and HDMI connectors for easy HDTV hookups are becoming so. Wireless broadband, built-in TV tuners, and Blu-ray are all reasonably affordable options. In Macland, you can get some of those features only through third-party add-ons. And others you simply must do without.

4. The more software the merrier.

If you want to perform a task that computers are capable of helping you perform–from keeping track of your watch collection to managing a pet store–a Windows application will help you do it. Usually several of ’em, including ones that cost little or no money in many cases. That’s because most companies and individuals that write software choose to do so for the platform that offers them far more potential customers than any other. Third-party Mac programs are often terrific, but there are simply fewer of them, especially in exotic categories.

5. Windows users get preferential treatment. 6. You get the chance to do it yourself.

No computer is more perfectly tailored to your needs than one you assemble from scratch using hand-picked components. Building a handcrafted Windows machine is so simple that plenty of people wouldn’t dream of settling for a store-bought computer. But while home-made OS X systems exist, they’re closer to being science-fair projects than a viable alternative to buying a real Mac manufactured by Apple.

7. Who says Macs have more fun? 8. Windows-only corners of the Web remain.

I seethe a little just thinking about it, but some Web sites still work properly only in Internet Explorer. Take, for instance, the one belonging to my health-insurance administrator, which shall remain nameless–it’s so archaic that it still has a “Download Internet Explorer 6.0 Now!” button on its home page. And even Intuit, which sells Mac versions of QuickBooks and TurboTax, hasn’t gotten around to making QuickBooks Online run on anything other than Windows. As ridiculous as it all is, there are times when I’m glad–or at least relieved–that I’m able to fire up a Windows PC to get to a site that doesn’t seem to want the business of Mac users.

Harry McCracken, the former editor of PC World, now blogs at Technologizer .

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