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With the right apps, your Android phone can become an incredibly versatile tool. It can call up useful information in moments at the touch of a finger, track and monitor all manner of information and events, and help you manage that information. Whether you need to stay on top of your business mileage, your appointments, your workouts, the weather or the latest scores, there’s an Android app that can help you do it better.

To help you find what you’re looking for, here’s a list of 50 of the best Android apps for accessing, monitoring and managing your information.

Want to see at a glance precisely which applications are using up all the space on your phone’s internal memory or SD Card? DiskUsage gives you an easy visual representation, and as an added benefit it acts as a file manager for your SD Card. Free.

This time clock allows you to check in and check out on your phone and then e-mail your time sheet to yourself in CSV format. It supports multiple timers and even allows you to record your mileage for when you’re on the go. Paid: $2.95.

This app benchmarks the speed of your mobile network. It provides both download and upload speeds. Free.

Have trouble remembering to check for updates to your apps? aTrackDog finds the newest version of all your apps, even ones not listed on the Android Market, and notifies you when they’re available. It allows you to open, uninstall and manage your apps, and even tracks your uninstalled apps. Free.

Locale lets you manage your phone’s settings based on predefined criteria. For instance, you can set situations like “at school” or “in court” and set the phone to change its volume setting to vibrate when in those situations. You can set automated controls based on battery, location, contact, orientation and time. The phone settings you can alter based on these situations include: Bluetooth, brightness, ring tone, screen timeout, volume, wallpaper or Wi-Fi. Paid: $9.99.

Use this app to test the speed of your Android phone’s processor. This is a great tool for testing the results of overclocking your phone. Free.

This app makes it easier than ever to track your mileage for business reporting. It uses GPS to automatically track and log your mileage. You can then e-mail your report directly from the app. Paid: $8.95 annually.

Are you a political junkie? This open source app from Sunlight Labs lets you keep track of the latest bills before Congress. It also lets you keep track of your national legislators’ actions, including positions, bills sponsored, even their Twitter updates and YouTube videos. Free.

This Twitter client integrates streams from Twitter, Facebook and even chúng tôi Chatter into a single client, allowing you to stay on top of all your messages from various sources. Unlike many clients, it supports multiple accounts, giving you the ability when composing a message to send it out via one of your accounts or all of them at once. You can also customize a large number of features. Free.

Manage a library of PowerPoint presentations directly from your Android phone with this app. You can use the app to share the presentations via e-mail, blog, Twitter and Facebook, and you can also start or join Web meetings using it. Free.

Is the battery on your Android phone consistently running on empty? JuiceDefender can help you extend it! The app intelligently manages your mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components to ensure your phone runs as efficiently as possible. For example, the default mode switches your phone from battery-intensive 3G mode to the less-draining 2G mode when you’re not actually using the phone, and it turns of the Wi-Fi radio if the charge goes below a certain level. The Advanced Mode allows you to tune the app’s triggers based on your individual needs. Free.

MangoSpring Mobile is a personal, team and company collaboration tool that allows you to share and update documents on the go. Free.

This app allows you to log, index and search all manner of information, from notes to audio to photos. For instance, you can take a photo of a white board and Evernote will recognize the text in the photo, index it and then allow you to find it later by entering a search term from the information on the white board. It even synchs with the Web. Free.

Time Recording is an app that lets you manage your time sheet, including options like tasks, target time, hourly rate, paid overtime and multiple data/time formats. It also supports CSV export. Free.

This app logs your phone activity to your Google Calendar, allowing you to track who you’ve called or received calls from and when. Free.

ActionComplete is a robust task manager. It is built around projects you create, which are made up of individual actions that serve as milestones in the project. The app is based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology created by David Allen in his book: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Free.

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10 Best Running Apps For Android And Ios

10 Best Running Apps For Android and iOS In 2023 Top 10 Running Apps For Android and iOS

This list will assist you in locating the information you need to make the most of your kilometers, whether you are a novice runner or an experienced expert.

1. Just Run: Zero to 5K

Just Run is a simple app with a 9-week Zero to 5K plan. Simple software Just Run offers a 9-week Zero to 5K program. An easy-to-use fitness app called Just Run can help you start running. You’ll be able to complete a 5K in 9 weeks if you follow your chosen plan. It works! Compatible with podcast, audiobook, and music applications. You won’t ever miss a cue since Just Run will momentarily reduce the volume of the other app while telling you to run or stroll.

Technical Specifications: Version: 1.6.1 in Android and 2.0.2 in iOS


Lock screen notifications.

Target dates for each workout.

Works with music/podcast


Needed a premium account to access more features.

Optimization issue in some particular smartphones.

Download Just Run for Android & iOS.

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2. Map My Run

Map My Run is a product of “Under Armour,” one of the most valuable and recognized sports business brands. Using GPS, it will track your path; mileage traveled, pace, and more. This software features bells and whistles to keep you on track and motivated to reach your objectives, regardless matter whether you are a beginner, professional athlete, or runner. On your preferred social networking sites, you can also let your pals know how your training is going.

Technical Specifications: Version: 22.13.0 in Android and 22.13.0 in iOS


One year of free premium services.

Easily sync it with all the latest apps and wearables.

Real-time audio coaching.


Live tracking comes with a premium account.

A Premium subscription will cost USD 5.99/month.

Download Map My Run for Android & iOS.

3. Sports Tracker – Best Running App for Android

Not only is it the earliest sports app, but it’s also one of the greatest fitness applications available. Track your workout progress by keeping a log of your activities, such as distance walks and cycling. One of the top Android running applications is Sports Tracker. It is the most feature-rich, user-friendly fitness app because of its award-winning GPS tracking features. What’s best is that you don’t have to struggle alone!

Technical Specifications: Version: 4.55.3 in Android and 6.9.0 in iOS


Record your data in ‘Workout Diary.’

Route-specific performance with the “On this Route.”

Save your favorite routes to run, hike, or bike.


Can’t start/stop the workout from the home screen.

Bugs after recent updates.

Download Sports Tracker for Android & iOS.

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4. Run Keeper

With Lifehacker’s top running app for 2012, you can monitor your pace, gauge exercise distance, track weight loss, and achieve training objectives. Whether you’ve just decided to get off the couch for a 5K, bike every day, or are well into a marathon, Run Keeper is the simplest method to increase your fitness level. You can monitor all of your statistics on your wrist with an Android Wear wristwatch.

Technical Specifications: Version: 13.3.1 in Android and 13.3 in iOS


The app will notify you when it’s time for new running shoes.

Run keeper android widget.

Guided Workouts


Can’t share your progress on social platforms.

App freeze issues.

Download Run Keeper for Android & iOS.

5. Adidas Running

It is the ideal app if you are new to running. You can keep track of your runs, jogs, walks, and bike rides with GPS tracking and step monitoring. Additionally, the app offers more than 90 athletic activities, including swimming and yoga. On your Android Wear OS watch, use the Adidas running app to log your activities, complete challenges, and view your status.

Technical Specifications: Version: 12.23 in Android and 12.22 in iOS


Built-in GPS tracking, pedometer & mile tracker.

Choose over 90 sports.

Wear OS, Google Fit, and Garmin Connect devices can be integrated with Adidas running.


Vital features come with a premium account.

App freezing issue after recent 2023 update.

Download Adidas Running for Android & iOS.

6. Running Distance Tracker +

Running Tracker Plus keeps track of your pace, calories burned, and more. The Google Play Store’s most precise running distance/time tracker. As you run toward your goal distance or time, verbal feedback and music player access are included. It also keeps track of your past runs and progression over time and displays a detailed journal of your running activity.

Technical Specifications: Version: 3.715 in Android


Track your average and the current pace.

Keep a record of your history with monthly averages.


Not so user-friendly interface.

The premium account comes at $10/month.

Download Running Distance Tracker+ for Android.

7. Strava Tracker – Best Running App for iOS

Utilize the Strava activity tracker to monitor your fitness. Keep track of your workouts, chart your favorite run or bike route, and evaluate your progress with detailed statistics. With Strava, you can transform your phone or GPS watch into a sophisticated cycling or running tracker. This application is fantastic for those who thrive in a friendly, competitive setting and prefer traveling off the main path.

Technical Specifications: Version: 261.9 in Android and 261.0.0 in iOS


Records routes on Strava feed.

Join clubs of brands, teams, and friends.

Share the route map.


Need to pay to get customizable training plans.

Occasional crashing issues.

Download Strava Tracker for Android & iOS.

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8. Run with Hal

Run with Hal uses Hal Higdon’s coaching to create a customized training plan based on your running habits, fitness level, and daily schedule to help you win any race, from a 5k to a marathon. “The internet’s most well-known running training plan guru,” Hal Higdon With 16 books to his credit and more than 175 pieces published in periodicals including Runner’s World, USA Today, Fitness, and American Health, Hal Higdon is a prolific writer.

Technical Specifications: Version: 3.6.0 in Android and 3.5.0 in iOS


Hal personalizes pace based on your current fitness.

Sync your Garmin.

Utilize the GPS on your phone to capture your runs.


Consistency issues.

Not user-friendly.

Premium features come at USD 6.99/month.

Download Run with Hal for Android and iOS.


Technical Specifications: Version: 4.19.8 in Android and 4.20.8 in iOS



Share Workouts and Runs with your circle.

In-app access to your Spotify and Apple Music.


Consistent freezing issues.

Download PUMATRAC for Android & iOS.

10. Running App – GPS Run Tracker

Running has been shown to enhance metabolism, and following a structured strategy will help you burn more calories. The app offers workout plans created by qualified fitness trainers. These crafts for running, jogging, and walking are appropriate for all skill levels. It provides a variety of training schedules, including my first 5-K, Pace Academy, walking for weight reduction, and running for weight loss.

Technical Specifications: Version: 1.3.0 in Android and 1.2.4 in iOS


Sync your running and training data.

Set your weekly and yearly goals.

Get audio feedback.


Inconsistent GPS tracking.

Download Running App – GPS Run Tracker for Android and iOS.

To Conclude The Above

From music streaming to GPS tracking and beyond, these are the ten best running apps for Android and as well as for your iOS device. Running apps are an essential part of the exercise experience for many people, whether you’re a casual jogger or someone who trains for marathons.

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Google And Polestar Give Apps The Keys To The Android Dashboard

Google and Polestar give apps the keys to the Android dashboard

Google is opening up Android Automotive OS, the dashboard-centric version of its mobile platform which will launch first on the Polestar 2 EV, to third-party media apps. Set to go live at Google I/O 2023, the company’s annual developer event being held next week, the new dev tools are the first of a number of ways Google plans to bring new apps to infotainment systems.

Android Automotive OS was announced back in 2023, expanding Google’s reach to car dashboards. While Android Auto has long allowed phones to project a customized version of their interface onto vehicle infotainment systems, offering access to navigation, multimedia, calls, messaging, and the Assistant, Android Automotive OS goes far deeper.

The timescales of the auto industry are a little different to those of the phone world, however, and so it’s only now that we’re beginning to see the first fruits of Android Automotive OS. Polestar 2 – the all-electric car from the new Volvo and Geely-backed Swedish automaker – will use the software for its whole infotainment system, as we saw when the EV debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2023 in March. It’s an interface both new and familiar.

Control is via a large, 11-inch portrait orientation touchscreen in the center console, that resembles a propped-up Android tablet. That has a modular UI with different panes for multimedia, communication, navigation, and managing the Polestar 2’s electric drivetrain. Say “Hey Google,” and the Assistant can control vehicle features as well as answer questions.

The promise, though, has always been broader than just what Google and the automakers cook up between themselves. With access to the Google Play store, Android Automotive OS puts expansion to the fore, and now Google is talking about just what sort of apps will be possible. As you might expect, given the potential for driver distraction, it’s a slightly different path than developing for an Android phone.

So, Google is using the Android Auto framework as its basis. That has features like a consistent user interface to reduce confusion while on the move, rather than serving up different UIs per each different app. It also better handles different screen sizes and input methods, which can also vary on a per-car basis.

Initially, it’ll be media apps that Google is embracing. Developers will be able to build those apps – for music and podcasts – from Google I/O. Beyond that, the company will open things up to navigation and communication apps, along with other categories.

The actual user-base for such software will be fairly limited at first, of course. After all, the Polestar 2 is going to be a relatively niche model, taking on the Tesla Model 3 when it goes on sale later this year. However with Audi vehicles joining the party too, along with other automakers like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announcing that they, too, will be using Android for their next-generation infotainment systems, the footprint should expand fairly rapidly.

We’ll hear more about Google’s plans next week, at I/O 2023. The Polestar 2, meanwhile, makes its US debut today.

6 Best Goal Tracking Apps For Iphone And Android

If you could use a little help tracking specific goals you want to meet like losing weight, learning languages, or just getting enough sleep, you need a goal tracking app.

Goal trackers allow you to set, remember and follow through with your goals. However, not all such apps will work for everyone as they’re each built with some unique features.

Table of Contents

If you struggle to track or maintain the self-discipline to stick to your goals, our picks for the best goal tracking apps will help you stay accountable and on track with your habits wherever you go.

Best Goal Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Before picking a goal tracking app, check for features such as goal-tracking capabilities, reminder features and ability to review your goals daily via charts or progress reports. Plus, check that the app helps you build habits related to your goals. For example, through grouping tasks related to a goal you’re working on.

Try these goal tracking apps to set goals, track your progress, and finally cross some items off your bucket list.

1. Streaks (iOS)

If you want to manage multiple goals at once, Streak makes it simple for you. The app has a minimal yet colorful interface and offers support for a dozen custom habits inclusive of beautiful icons to personalize your goals. 

You can check off a goal that you’ve successfully met, which in turn reduces the friction that comes with tracking goals. Plus, you can customize goals with granular settings including timers to track reading or meditation activities, days and number of goals completed per day.

Streak also allows you to tap on a goal to keep your streak going, or use Siri Shortcuts to assign a custom phrase to your tracked goal. The app integrates with Apple Health so when you log your goal in the app or any other health app, it automatically updates your progress. 

If you can’t complete goals on time or haven’t visited your tasks in a while, Streaks helps you get back on track by offering helpful suggestions to build upon.

2. Way of Life (Android, iOS)

Way of Life is a wonderful app with lots of charts and graphs to help you see your progress. Once you pick a goal action, you can tell the app which goal you want to develop or get rid of.

The app’s interface has a simple color coding scheme so that you’ll get a green or glaring red color if you accomplish or fail to complete a goal respectively. This way, you can see your daily progress clearly and track your goals effectively.

Way of Life’s built-in reminder system delivers daily reminders about what you did if your goal was to create a good habit, or what you avoided if you’re breaking a habit. You can use the customizable tagging feature to group habits and the note-taking feature to record important notes.

You can use Way of Life for free, or subscribe to its paid plan to track more than three habits and unlock premium features including cloud storage access.

3. TickTick (Android, iOS)

TickTick is a full to-do list app complete with reminder and habit tracking features. If you’re familiar with Todoist, then you’ll find TickTick’s design easy to navigate and use to manage your goals and tasks.

Whether you need to continue with  your workout regimen or develop a new habit altogether, TickTick will help you get stuff done and keep your life on track.

Some of the key features of this app include multiple reminders, ability to set flexible recurring tasks, add tasks via email, creating checklists, and syncing tasks across devices.

You can set a goal to develop a habit, classify your goals with tasks, and set priority levels or sort your goals by order of date, name or priority. TickTick also integrates with the Health app to sync your data and you can use Siri to create goals and tasks faster and easier.

The app has basic habit tracking features and runs on almost any device platform including Apple Watch. You can use it for free, or upgrade to its paid plan and access premium features for less than $3 per month. is a leading goal tracking app that offers personalized coaching services and access to a supportive community.

The user interface is beautiful and easy to use. Simply pick your goal, start tracking your progress, and get extra motivation through rewards for sticking with and accomplishing goals.

The app allows you to check off your habits as you do them, and you can use its community features such as the discussion thread to connect with other users. This way, you can share ideas on how to meet goals effectively, and get encouragement or support as you pursue your goals.

The Coaching section of the app offers more personalized support and affordable coaching for any goal or habit you want. Your coach will regularly check in with you to make sure you’re keeping up with your habit, and give you ideas to get back on track where you’re having trouble. is free for habit tracking but hiring a coach will cost you $20 per week or more.

5. Strides (iOS)

If you want different ways to track different goals, you’ll get a kick out of the Strides app. The app has a clean, professional user interface that visually presents your progress and projected results so you can understand your progress.

Strides is ideal for long-term habits such as tracking sleep, tracking gym progress, or saving money. You can track habits, projects, averages, and targets using different tools.

You can set goal streaks, tag bad habits, and choose from a list of habits to get you started. You can also see your habits on a dashboard, build daily checklists, and get reminders for any habits you haven’t finished so you can maintain your streak.

Strides offers charts, graphs and lines that show your current streaks and estimated completion dates. The app also tracks projects and your progress so you can know where to focus.

6. Goals on Track (iOS)

Goals on Track is designed to help you become more productive. The app relies on personal development and psychology principles to guide you through the goal setting process.  

The app offers templates you can use to create your goals and customize your action plan. Once you complete a goal or action, you can place a checkmark beside it to track your progress.

Plus, there’s a native goal journal that lets you record your progress and get a visual guide of your accomplishments through the habit tracker. A goal dashboard is included that displays an overview of your target goals, with progress bars and percentage of completion next to each goal.

You can use the Vision Board and SMART Goal feature to make better goals for increased productivity. You can also create sub-goals, which are tasks you need to complete under each of your main goals.

Goals on Track is free to use, but you can upgrade to the premium plan to access more features.

Track and Achieve Your Goals

If you’re not creating or working towards a goal, it’s possible to become stagnant in life or business.

Whether you prefer to manage your goals from your laptop or mobile device, there are lots of options out there to track your personal activities. However, with these six apps, you can focus and achieve even your most ambitious short or long-term goals.

If you need to track your health goals, you can turn to our guide on the best health tracker smartphone apps to get healthy.

Inform – News Aggregation Supersite Launches

Inform – News Aggregation Supersite Launches

Today next-generation news aggregation site Inform unveiled itself. I spoke to CEO Neal Goldman a couple of weeks ago and got a demo of the site, which was very impressive. I don’t have a great deal of time this morning to run through the site’s features, but here’s what makes it different:

Personalization: There’s a lot now and more coming. You have to register for the personalization features, which include the ability to save articles and create a personalized directory of content or sources/feeds. There’s no Furl/MyWeb capability, however, which would be a very nice feature.

The blog content aggregation is much more limited than the news content right now. It’s not a blog search engine per se. However, it does contain considerable blog content from top news-oriented blogs. And users can add any site/feed they want so it becomes, effectively, a substitute for a newsreader.

Stories that span multiple pages are presented in their entirety in a single window (the site doesn’t send readers back to the original source sites). Ads appearing on those sites also appear with the news content. (Subscription/registration required content is gated and presented as it would appear if one navigated directly to the content site.)

How does this affect newspaper sites?

(There’s a long digression here that I won’t go into about the value of newspaper brands and how to maintain them over time.)

This is a very powerful tool and, in a way, the real fulfillment of the “personal newspaper” that was discussed hypothetically years and years ago, as the way people would be reading news in the future.

There are critics who think it’s too complex and confusing (, for example). I might agree that’s there’s a lot here and it’s not fully intuitive for mainstream consumers. But I think these guys wil get that—I had a discussion with them about duplicative personalization elements—and simplify over time.

The newspapers (or other news media) are going to ultimately be compelled to buy this site. It’s just a question of how long do they wait.

How To Create And Manage A Telegram Channel

Telegram is a WhatsApp alternative that offers a wide range of interesting features. For instance, the app allows you to go beyond the scope of communicating with your immediate contacts by enabling you to reach people beyond these limits. This can be done via channels. In this article we’re going to show you how you can create and manage a channel on Telegram.

What Are Telegram Channels?

Telegram channels allow the broadcasting public messages to large audiences. They can be powerful tools especially for brands that want to easily send their subscribers messages, videos, images and more.

Telegram channels can be about anything including business, art, beauty, fashion, music and a lot more. It’s usually the creator which sets the theme of the channel and users get to choose which channels to subscribe to based on their individual preferences.

Channels should not be confused with groups, even though the two might seem similar at a glance. Even so, groups are meant for discussions and can host up to 200,000 members, while channels are meant for broadcasting information and can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

How to Create a Channel in Telegram

If you’re ready to begin the process of creating your first Telegram channel, then here’s how it’s done. We’ll outline the steps both for the mobile version and desktop app.


Open the Telegram app on your device (in this case we used the Telegram app for Android).

Tap on the little pencil icon in the lower right corner of the display.

Select “New Channel” at the top.

Name your channel and add a description (optional). Then press Done.

Choose whether you want this to be a Public or Private channel. Note that private channels can only be joined through an invite link.

If you’ve selected the former option, create a Public Link to facilitate new members joining your channel.

Tap on Done in the upper corner once you do.

In the next window, you’ll be invited to add subscribers from your Telegram contacts. Tap on the ones you wish to add to select them.

Tap on the “Next” button at the bottom to move to the next step.

Your Telegram channel has been created! Now you can start sharing content for your subscribers.

To invite more people to join your newly created channel, tap on the channel’s name at the top.

Tap on the link to share it via social media apps including WhatsApp, Instagram and more.

Alternatively, you can press on the tiny QR code icon and select one of the QR code looks from the options presented at the bottom. Once you’re done, tap on “Share QR Code”.


Select the “New Channel” option.

Like above, you’ll need to decide if you want this to be a Public or a Private channel, and if you go for the former, create a link for your channel.

Lastly, add people from your own list to the channel and that’s it, you’re done the channel has been created. Or you can tap on the “Invite via Link” button.

To start sharing your channels link when using Telegram for PC, just tap on the Info button in the upper corner.

How to Manage Your Telegram Channel

Once you’ve created your channel, you’ll be in charge of managing it as well. On top of posting content regularly, there are other things you can do to improve your channel.

Set Photo/Video for Your Channel

Make your channel stand out from the crowd by setting a photo or video for it. Here’s how it’s done.

On mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.

Press on the Pencil button in the upper right corner.

Tap on the “Set Photo or Video” option.

Your channel should now have a profile picture.

On desktop, press on the Info button in the upper corner.

Next tap on the empty bubble underneath “Channel Info” to upload a profile pic for your channel.

Add More Admins

While the default admin is the person who has created the channel, you can allow other people to manage your channel by making them admin(s).

On mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.

Select “Administrators” from the “Members” area.

Tap on “Add Admin”.

Select the contact(s) you want to make Admin.

In the next window, decide what permissions you want to give the new Admin.

Tap on “Add Administrators” at the bottom.

Select the person you want to add.

Like on mobile, choose the permissions you want to new admin to have and that’s it.

Set Auto-Delete for Your Channel’s Content

You have the option to set an auto-delete timer for the stuff you post on your channel. This can be can be handy if you’re looking to avoid your channel getting cluttered. You can set this option only from the mobile Telegram app.

Open the channel in question and tap on the three-dots in the upper right corner.

Tap on the “Set auto-delete timer” option.

Choose the amount of time you want to keep your messages in the chat, and then tap on “Set for this chat”.

Start a Live Stream

It’s possible to do live streams in your Telegram channel. Here’s how to start one.

In the mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.

Press on the three-dots in the upper right corner next to the Pencil icon.

Select “Start Live stream” from there.

Press on the “Start Live Stream” button or alternatively “Schedule Live Stream” and your subscribers will receive a notification once the stream starts.

On desktop, tap on the Streaming icon in the upper right corner and select one of the available options.

How to Enable Conversations in Your Telegram Channel

In the Telegram app go to the channel in question.

Tap on the name of the channel at the top.

Now press on the Pencil icon like we showed you above.

Select Discussion.

From here select one of your groups or create a “New Group” by pressing on the relevant button.

A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to make that Group the discussion board for the channel. Keep in mind that if you do so, anyone from the channel will be able to see messages in the group even if they are private.

It can be an existing one or a new on that you can make on the spot.

How to Delete a Telegram Channel

Think that you Telegram channel served its purpose? No problem, you can delete it. Or you can simply exit it, even if you’re its sole administrator. Here’s how to do so on mobile and desktop.

On mobile, open the channel in question.

To delete a channel, simply tap on the channel’s name at the top.

Next, press on the Pencil icon.

All the way to the bottom you’ll find the “Delete Channel” option. Tap on it.

The app will ask you whether you truly want to go forward. Tap “Delete Channel” again to confirm.

You can only delete a channel if you’re the owner of that channel. If you’re just a subscriber you can simply leave the channel if you had enough of it. You can do so by opening the channel in question and tapping on the three-dots in the upper right corner.

Select “Leave channel” from the options that appear.

Confirm your choice by pressing on “Leave channel” once again.

On PC, as channel owner you can go to “Manage Channel” and then select “Delete Channel” to get rid of it.

Select “Leave Channel”.

Confirm your choice by pressing on the “Leave channel” button in the pop-up that appears.

How to Find Channels to Subscribe to on Telegram

If you rather not create your own channel, but rather subscribe to other channels, you can easily find worthy channels to follow by checking Telegram’s official channel list page.

The channel will now open in your Telegram app. Press “Join Channel” at the bottom.

That’s it, you can now enjoy what the channel has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. How can I add my own channel to Telegram’s list? 3. How can I see a channel’s subscribers?

Unless you’re the owner of that channel, you won’t be able to. You can view the number of people subscribed to the channel by opening up the channel and glancing at the top underneath the channel’s name. As the owner, tap on the channel name and then on the Pencil icon. Then tap on Subscribers to see a list of people subscribed to your channel.

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