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VSpatial is about the closest app to a real-life JARVIS that exists. It allows users to create an infinite number of virtual desktops and virtual monitors. There are also a host of screen-sharing features that let you show your coworkers precisely what you’re doing.

Do you work in a creative-focused field? Gravity Sketch works like a scaled-down CAD program that allows you to create 3D models within VR, capture concept art, and much more. It’s an excellent way to depict your creations within a virtual whiteboard or set them against a background to visualize the result better.

Gravity Sketch offers six different creation tools and three geometry types: Mesh, NURBS, and SubD. Unlimited layers, custom environments, and much more are available to you. Best of all, it’s a free platform. Try it out and see if it’s right for you.

The Horizon Workrooms beta is a way of bringing remote teams back together from anywhere in the world. You set up a “room,” just a virtual office, and your coworkers’ avatars can sit across from you. You can bring images and resources into the virtual space, display them on the whiteboard, and even connect remotely to your computer.

While Horizon Workrooms still has room for improvement, it’s off to a great start. The ability to join meetings through a video call on your mobile device if you don’t have VR makes it accessible for everyone. It’s the promise of the Metaverse rolled into an app, and you can even enable passthrough just enough to see your keyboard, making for a mixed reality experience. Horizon Workrooms is also designed to work with hand tracking for better productivity.

Noda is a brainstorming app that tries to create the sensation of standing inside your own mind. You create “nodes” – individual points of interest from which you can branch. For example, you could create a node for “nouns.” From that node, you make three branching nodes for “person,” “place,” and “things.” Then from the “person” node, you create more branches for “George Washington” and “Barack Obama.”

The good news is that the free plan gives you enough of an idea of how the app works to determine if it’s the right choice for you or not.

When it’s still somewhat iffy to spend a lot of time in coffee shops, many people miss the experience. Immersed places you in a completely virtual workspace while giving you access to multiple virtual screens, along with the ability to bring your keyboard into VR.

It’s perfect for solo work, but you can also use Immersed to interact with your team in a real-time conference room. Multiple monitors are a fantastic way to see more information at once. Immersed is a free application, but you can pay for the Elite version to access a larger workspace with more screens and whiteboards.

ShapesXR is designed for collaboration with your team – specifically, for pitching 3D ideas and models in an easier-to-understand way. This tool is handy for VR and AR content designers, and it also works with multiple game engines so you can explore immersive content in its concept form.

While not as detailed as something created in Maya or Unity, ShapesXR lets you lay the groundwork. You can then export from VR, through the Web, and with plugins. It’s ideal for early planning. ShapesXR is free, but there are in-app purchases you can invest in to expand its functionality and capabilities further.

If you plan to be in virtual reality for long periods, you might want to invest in a more comfortable head strap and an additional battery. Consider a Bluetooth keyboard that works within VR, too – one with low latency to prevent typing errors.

In-app integrations make it easy to use your favorite tools, even if they’re exclusive to Apple or Microsoft, without ever leaving your VR space. Moreover, many of these tools work cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter what your VR platform of choice is. Whether you use the Meta Quest 2 or something like the HTC Vive, you can still work together with people across the globe.

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Best Productivity Apps On Android

Productivity Apps can bring so much effortlessness in a person’s day to day routine. Everyday decision-making that saps away on a person’s mental energy and leaves his batteries drained can now be handed over to the extremely smart and sophisticated apps that come in the market.

Plus, multitasking by itself can be such a battery-drainer for people. Productivity apps take some of the decision-making out of our hands and let our lives run like a smooth-oiled machine. It is the closest thing to having a personal secretary.


Best Android apps for increased productivity

We guarantee you, once you get a hang of any one of these apps and let them do your work for you, that too completely free of cost, you won’t be able to survive without them. So, without further ado, we list down the most popular productivity apps today:

1. Automate

Automate automates various tasks on the user’s Android gadget. It lets the user create and customize his own automation using flowcharts.

For instance, the user can instruct the app to automatically change settings like audio volume, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and perform actions like sending SMS or e-mail, copy files to FTP or Google Drive, play music or take photos based on location, time of day, foreground app, battery level or any other event trigger. Automate also supports plug-ins made for Tasker and Locale.

Download: Automate

2. Forest

Forest helps a user stay focused to the task at hand using a gamified timer. Based on the Pomodoro technique, Forest presents a unique way to help a user beat his phone addiction, overcome frequent and incessant distractions, stay focused, reduce procrastination and make the user more productive.

When the timer starts, the user plants a seed in the forest of Forest. As time goes by, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if the user fails to resist the temptation of using his phone and leave the app, the tree will wither. The sense of achievement and responsibility encourages the user to stay away from his phone and make better use of his time.

Download: Forest

3. TickTick

TickTick is a simple and effective to-do list and task manager app that helps one make a schedule, manage time, stay ahead of deadlines and organize life at work, home and everywhere else. Using its intuitive design and personalized features, a user can add tasks and reminders in mere seconds.

For tasks that need to be done regularly, all one needs to do is choose a repeating period (daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthly). Features also include sharing lists and assigning goals to collaborate with colleagues, friends, or family.

Download: TickTick

4. Evernote

Evernote is a brilliant productivity app that helps a user have access to his lists and notes as and when he needs it. With Evernote, one can input typed notes and scan handwritten notes, add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, audio; create notebooks, organizers, planners; organize notes and share them.

Evernote syncs all notes and notebooks across the user’s devices so his information is always well within reach.

Download: Evernote

5. Healthifyme

Healthifyme is India’s answer to MyFitnessPal. It is a calorie counter, personalised diet chart guide (with a comprehensive list of common Indian meals to choose from, aside form the more common health recipes), and a nutrition calculator rolled in one.

The personal food tracker and calorie counter motivates the user to eat healthy food, follow his diet plan, try healthy recipes, and the fitness tracker encourages him to follow his workout chart, go to the gym or do yoga. For absolutely no cost, Healthifyme puts its users on track to become their healthiest, most productive selves.

Download: Healthifyme

6. Trello

Trello helps its users stay on top of all his projects, at work and at home.

With Trello a user can create boards to organize anything he is working on, use them solo or invite coworkers, friends and family to collaborate, customize workflows for different projects, add checklists of “To-Dos” on cards, assign tasks to himself and coworkers and attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Download: Trello


7. AirDroid

AirDroid helps a user effortlessly access and effectively work on his Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the web wirelessly. Calls, messages and (approved) app notifications are mirrored to any large computer screen. Things are transferred faster than usual (sans a cable).

The user can not only control his phone from a computer, but also use any apps installed on it, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line– with no rooting required.

Download: AirDroid

8. Google Keep

Google Keep is a minimalistic yet powerful note-making and sharing app. With Keep, a user can add notes, lists and photos, record a voice memo, share ideas with friends and family, color and add labels to code notes to easily organize notes. Its user interface is elegant and chic.

Download: Google Keep

9. TripIt

TripIt is an efficient trip-planning assistant loaded with features. It helps you manage a master itinerary that keeps tabs on every step of your journey- from flight bookings to hotel reservations.

Additionally, as the user is planning his trip, TripIt steps up to help him find a better seat, remind you when to check in, when to leave for the airport etc.

Download: TripIt

10. Expensify

Expensify actually reduces a lot of effort put n manually logging in the financial transactions. Like you can just take a photo of some receipt and you’re done. That obviously will save you time that can be used for work to increase daily productivity. As most people keep tabs on their finances via some written tangible method, the app is very helpful.

Expensify is one of the world’s most favored financial tracking apps. From a screenshot of a receipt, Expensify can extract useful information and input it automatically into its database to update and maintain the user’s expenditure logs. Expensify also streamlines business travel and tax compliance by generating concise expense reports.

Download: Expensify

Since all apps belong to different categories, we recommend you try them all.

6 Best Internal Employee Communication Apps In 2023

The lack of communication for companies and the inefficient use of internal communication tools can hinder understanding and improving employee experience. According to a study by Deloitte, nearly 80 percent of executes rated the employee experience as important while only 22 percent reported that their companies excelled at creating a differentiated employee experience.

Employee communication apps can help businesses to improve the employee experience by streamlining collaboration and information sharing.

What are employee communication apps?

Employee communication refers to the sharing of ideas and corporate information between employees. An employee communication app facilitates accessing and sharing information within a company. Without changing their personal numbers, employees can communicate with other people in the organization via a mobile employee communication app.

Can you use messaging apps for employee communication?

Yes, we do that. However, specialized employee communication apps such as Slack are designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees. In contrast, general-purpose messaging apps like WhatsApp or Signal were not designed with employee communication in mind and may lack important features.

What are the main employee communication channels?

Source: Statista. Usage of employee communication tools by organizational type in 2023. The blue ones represent non-emerging tech companies, and the black ones represent emerging tech companies.


When things are time-sensitive or messages are frequent, email is not the most efficient way to communicate. For example, resolving disagreements can become daunting with email. Complex situations require more frequent feedback and more immediate responses so specialized communication channels can be more effective in these contexts.

Social Networking

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the use of social technologies by knowledge workers can increase productivity by 20-25%. If companies use social media internally, messages can become content, and company information shared through the messaging app becomes an information base for employees. Collaboration between employees with instant messaging makes the company information more accessible. Through social networking, the time employees spend searching for company information can be reduced by up to 35%.

Video Meeting

Video is one of the most effective engagement channels for communication because:

Easy to access on multiple devices

Provides more personal interactions

More suitable for small teams or one on one conversations


Intranets are enterprise software that can only be used by employees. Unlike the internet, intranet only gives access to certain users and the content is not available to the public as it is on the internet.

However, depending on the structure of the intranet, it may not be practical for employees to access company information. For instance, mobile communication with the intranet is difficult because many intranets do not support mobile.

What are some popular employee communication apps? Slack

Slack is an enterprise software platform that provides communication and collaboration between employees. Everything shared within Slack is automatically archived. It creates a knowledge base and users can always access the information archived here with the search tool in the application. The total funding amount of Slack is $1.4B. The app is supported by platforms such as Web, Android, and iPhone/iPad. It provides:

Video conferencing

Individual and team audio calls

Management on document such as PDFs, images, videos

Source: BuiltWith. Slack App Usage Statistics


Staffbase is a mobile-first internal communication application. It enables frontline workers to get information about the developments in the company. It has a $190.8M investment.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is an engagement platform that connects organizations with their employees. It claims to be used by 350 companies such as Toyota, IBM, UPS to increase the employee experience. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices and employees can securely access personalized information. It has raised a total of $114.8M in funding.


Beekeeper aims to increase the productivity of frontline workers by providing access to company updates and necessary contacts. It describes itself as the core application for frontline workers. The application can be used via mobile or desktop devices and users can send group messages and polls through the app. In addition, users can share content such as documents, images, and videos with each other. The total amount of funding of Beekeeper is $86M.


Wrike is a collaborative communication platform. Its general use is project management and task assignment. In addition, it reveals team performance and success with statistical results. It has raised a total of $26M in funding.


Smarp is a cloud-based employee communication platform. Information can be shared externally and internally. It is supported by platforms such as the web, Android, iPhone/iPad. Smarp combines internal and external communications for its users and can be used as a B2B and B2C marketing tool. Its total funding amount is €9.9M

Workforce Insights is an analytics platform developed by Smarp. It enables corporate communicators to make data-based decisions.

Source: Smarp

Watch the video to find out more about how it works:

Other apps to support employee communication

Though these apps have limited direct messaging features, they enable collaboration & project management so they are an important part of employee communication.


Trello is an internal employee communication platform used for project management. It helps employees to keep track of their current tasks and previous teamwork. With Trello, you can assign tasks to team members and move tasks to different boards. Employees can easily keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done.


A popular application that is used for project and process management processes. With JIRA, you can:

create a task and assign it to the relevant person.

log time by estimating how much time will be allocated for tasks.

prioritize tasks.

plan sprints (a sprint is a set period of time to complete a specific work).


Confluence is a team workspace and an internal wiki tool. It is available on both desktop and mobile. Some key features of Confluence are:

Sharing and giving access to documents to the certain user from various department.

Creating hierarchy between documentation.

Provides simultaneous editing on documents.

If you have questions, we would like to help:

Gulbahar Karatas

Gülbahar is an AIMultiple industry analyst focused on web data collections and applications of web data.





6 Best Goal Tracking Apps For Iphone And Android

If you could use a little help tracking specific goals you want to meet like losing weight, learning languages, or just getting enough sleep, you need a goal tracking app.

Goal trackers allow you to set, remember and follow through with your goals. However, not all such apps will work for everyone as they’re each built with some unique features.

Table of Contents

If you struggle to track or maintain the self-discipline to stick to your goals, our picks for the best goal tracking apps will help you stay accountable and on track with your habits wherever you go.

Best Goal Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Before picking a goal tracking app, check for features such as goal-tracking capabilities, reminder features and ability to review your goals daily via charts or progress reports. Plus, check that the app helps you build habits related to your goals. For example, through grouping tasks related to a goal you’re working on.

Try these goal tracking apps to set goals, track your progress, and finally cross some items off your bucket list.

1. Streaks (iOS)

If you want to manage multiple goals at once, Streak makes it simple for you. The app has a minimal yet colorful interface and offers support for a dozen custom habits inclusive of beautiful icons to personalize your goals. 

You can check off a goal that you’ve successfully met, which in turn reduces the friction that comes with tracking goals. Plus, you can customize goals with granular settings including timers to track reading or meditation activities, days and number of goals completed per day.

Streak also allows you to tap on a goal to keep your streak going, or use Siri Shortcuts to assign a custom phrase to your tracked goal. The app integrates with Apple Health so when you log your goal in the app or any other health app, it automatically updates your progress. 

If you can’t complete goals on time or haven’t visited your tasks in a while, Streaks helps you get back on track by offering helpful suggestions to build upon.

2. Way of Life (Android, iOS)

Way of Life is a wonderful app with lots of charts and graphs to help you see your progress. Once you pick a goal action, you can tell the app which goal you want to develop or get rid of.

The app’s interface has a simple color coding scheme so that you’ll get a green or glaring red color if you accomplish or fail to complete a goal respectively. This way, you can see your daily progress clearly and track your goals effectively.

Way of Life’s built-in reminder system delivers daily reminders about what you did if your goal was to create a good habit, or what you avoided if you’re breaking a habit. You can use the customizable tagging feature to group habits and the note-taking feature to record important notes.

You can use Way of Life for free, or subscribe to its paid plan to track more than three habits and unlock premium features including cloud storage access.

3. TickTick (Android, iOS)

TickTick is a full to-do list app complete with reminder and habit tracking features. If you’re familiar with Todoist, then you’ll find TickTick’s design easy to navigate and use to manage your goals and tasks.

Whether you need to continue with  your workout regimen or develop a new habit altogether, TickTick will help you get stuff done and keep your life on track.

Some of the key features of this app include multiple reminders, ability to set flexible recurring tasks, add tasks via email, creating checklists, and syncing tasks across devices.

You can set a goal to develop a habit, classify your goals with tasks, and set priority levels or sort your goals by order of date, name or priority. TickTick also integrates with the Health app to sync your data and you can use Siri to create goals and tasks faster and easier.

The app has basic habit tracking features and runs on almost any device platform including Apple Watch. You can use it for free, or upgrade to its paid plan and access premium features for less than $3 per month. is a leading goal tracking app that offers personalized coaching services and access to a supportive community.

The user interface is beautiful and easy to use. Simply pick your goal, start tracking your progress, and get extra motivation through rewards for sticking with and accomplishing goals.

The app allows you to check off your habits as you do them, and you can use its community features such as the discussion thread to connect with other users. This way, you can share ideas on how to meet goals effectively, and get encouragement or support as you pursue your goals.

The Coaching section of the app offers more personalized support and affordable coaching for any goal or habit you want. Your coach will regularly check in with you to make sure you’re keeping up with your habit, and give you ideas to get back on track where you’re having trouble. is free for habit tracking but hiring a coach will cost you $20 per week or more.

5. Strides (iOS)

If you want different ways to track different goals, you’ll get a kick out of the Strides app. The app has a clean, professional user interface that visually presents your progress and projected results so you can understand your progress.

Strides is ideal for long-term habits such as tracking sleep, tracking gym progress, or saving money. You can track habits, projects, averages, and targets using different tools.

You can set goal streaks, tag bad habits, and choose from a list of habits to get you started. You can also see your habits on a dashboard, build daily checklists, and get reminders for any habits you haven’t finished so you can maintain your streak.

Strides offers charts, graphs and lines that show your current streaks and estimated completion dates. The app also tracks projects and your progress so you can know where to focus.

6. Goals on Track (iOS)

Goals on Track is designed to help you become more productive. The app relies on personal development and psychology principles to guide you through the goal setting process.  

The app offers templates you can use to create your goals and customize your action plan. Once you complete a goal or action, you can place a checkmark beside it to track your progress.

Plus, there’s a native goal journal that lets you record your progress and get a visual guide of your accomplishments through the habit tracker. A goal dashboard is included that displays an overview of your target goals, with progress bars and percentage of completion next to each goal.

You can use the Vision Board and SMART Goal feature to make better goals for increased productivity. You can also create sub-goals, which are tasks you need to complete under each of your main goals.

Goals on Track is free to use, but you can upgrade to the premium plan to access more features.

Track and Achieve Your Goals

If you’re not creating or working towards a goal, it’s possible to become stagnant in life or business.

Whether you prefer to manage your goals from your laptop or mobile device, there are lots of options out there to track your personal activities. However, with these six apps, you can focus and achieve even your most ambitious short or long-term goals.

If you need to track your health goals, you can turn to our guide on the best health tracker smartphone apps to get healthy.

6 Of The Best Camera Apps For The Iphone

There’s little argument that the iPhone camera is one of the best in the smartphone industry. Capturing photos is as easy as a press of a button, and the built-in app does a fine job. However, if you really want to take your photos to the next level, you need third-party software.

Here are some of the best third-party camera apps for iPhone.

1. Camera+ 2

The sequel to the wildly successful Camera+ app, Camera+ 2 is a go-to option for millions of iPhone owners. Launching the app feels somewhat similar to the default app which makes it easy to pick up and learn. However, one tap of your finger, and you have access to a whole new world of features.

Basic functions like continuous flash, 6x digital zoom and a timer make it an attractive option for beginners. More professional camera types will love extras like RAW shooting abilities, grid lines, and a variety of shooting modes. These modes enable popular functions like detecting smiles or a slow shutter for long exposure. If you want to grab a series of rapid shots, burst mode is waiting for you.

2. Halide

A perennial favorite online, Halide is a fantastic choice for photographers looking for more control over the camera. The price tag is well worth it, given just how easy Halide makes it to control a variety of settings.

3. Obscura 2

While some camera apps keep you bogged down with confusing functions, Obscura 2 is the exact opposite. Built from the ground up to be minimal, this camera app is a favorite among photographers looking to make the jump into a more professional feature-set.

Support for RAW captures exists alongside Apple’s default HEIC format as well as JPEG and Live Photo. In addition, there’s even an option for depth capture mode. Basic features like grid overlay, flash control and manual controls are present for just about any tweaks you’d want to make. With nineteen different filters included, there are plenty of presets to help make post-editing a whole lot easier.

4. Moment

Created by manufacturers of some of the popular camera accessories for the iPhone, the Moment camera app is as great as their other products. For any photographer wishing to find an app that mimics the feel of shooting manually, you’ve found it.

There are plenty of manual controls available including ISO, white balance and shutter speed adjustment. RAW capture is unsurprisingly included as are Apple-focused image formats HEIF and HEVC. If you’re not already sold on Moment, using the Apple Watch as a remote shutter button will push you over the edge. Additionally, pair the app with the company’s lens accessories and leave the DSLR at home.

5. ProCamera

Packed with every feature its developers could include, ProCamera has been at the top of the paid App Store charts for years and for very good reason. Simply stated, there’s a ton of camera goodness here including manual mode that adds a histogram for additional control.

Perspective correction helps capture the ideal photo, as do settings for ISO, exposure, tint and so much more. That the developers managed to pack in a whopping seventy filters is awesome. ProCamera gets even more enticing with support for 4K video capture and Apple Watch control for remote shooting. There is a small initial purchase alongside and a small in-app subscription. Opt for the monthly subscription, and you’re rewarded with an eye-popping set of editing tools.

6. Focos

If you’re the owner of an iPhone with dual lenses (or the iPhone XR), head to the App Store and download Focos. The app promises to bring you into the future with computational photography. While that might sound fancy, the results speak for themselves.


David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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10 Free Linux Productivity Apps You Haven’t Heard Of

Productivity apps can really make your work easier. If you are a Linux user, these 10 lesser-known free productivity apps for the Linux desktop can help you.. As a matter of fact, it’s possible keen Linux users have heard of all the apps on the list, but for somebody who hasn’t gone beyond the main apps, these should be unknown.

1. Tomboy/Gnote

Tomboy is a simple note-taking app. It’s not for Linux only – you can get it for Unix, Windows, and macOS, too. Tomboy is pretty straightforward to use – you write a note, choose whether to make it sticky on your desktop, and delete it when you are done with it.

2. MyNotex

If you want a note-taker with more features but still prefer a small and simple app rather than a huge suite, check MyNotex. In addition to simple note taking and retrieval, it comes with some nice perks, such as formatting abilities, keyboard shortcuts, and attachments, to name a few. You can also use it as a picture manager.

3. Trojitá

Though you can live without a desktop email client, if you are used to having one, out of the dozens that are available, try Trojitá. It’s good for productivity because it is a fast and lightweight email client, yet it offers all the basics (and more) a good email client must have.

4. Kontact

A Personal Information Manager (PIM) is a great productivity tool. My personal preferences go to Kontact. Even though it hasn’t been updated in years, it’s still a very useful PIM tool to manage emails, address books, calendars, tasks, news feeds, etc. Kontact is a KDE native, but you can use it with other desktops as well.

5. Osmo

Osmo is a much more up-to-date app with calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes functionality. It comes with some perks, such as encrypted private data backup and address locations on the map, as well as great search capabilities for notes, tasks, contacts, etc.

6. Catfish

You can’t be productive without a good searching tool. Catfish is one of the must-try search tools. It’s a GTK+ tool and is very fast and lightweight. Catfish uses autocompletion from Zeitgeist, and you can also filter results by date and type.

7. KOrganizer

8. Evolution

If you are not a fan of KDE apps but still you need a good PIM, try GNOME’s Evolution. Evolution is not exactly a less popular app you haven’t heard of, but since it’s useful, it made the list. Maybe you’ve heard about Evolution as an email client ,but it’s much more than this – you can use it to manage calendars, mail, address books and tasks.

9. Freeplane

I don’t know if many of you use mind-mapping software on a daily basis, but if you do, check Freeplane. This is a free mind mapping and knowledge management software you can use for business or fun. You create notes, arrange them in clouds or charts, set tasks with calendars and reminders, etc.

10. Calligra Flow

Finally, if you need a flowchart and diagramming tool, try Calligra Flow. Think of it as the open source alternative of Microsoft Visio, though Calligra Flow doesn’t offer all the perks Visio offers. Still, you can use it to create network diagrams, organization charts, flowcharts and more.

Productivity tools not only speed up work, but they also make you more organized. I bet there is hardly a person who doesn’t use productivity tools in some form. Trying the apps listed here could make you more productive and could make your life at least a bit easier

Ada Ivanova

I am a fulltime freelancer who loves technology. Linux and Web technologies are my main interests and two of the topics I most frequently write about.

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