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If you’re looking for some new and innovative ways to make money in the coming year, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog post will show six of the best and most lucrative ways to make money in 2023.

Thus, if you are a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to earn some extra cash or a business owner looking for new opportunities, read on for some great ideas!

1. Start A Pet-Sitting or Pet-Walking Business

One of the best and most trusted methods to make money in 2023 is to start your pet-sitting or pet-walking business.

With more and more people working in the daytime, there will be greater demand for services like these.

Either way, you’re sure to find plenty of clients willing to pay you for your time and effort.

You can sign up for Rover, create your account with your profile details, and apply for such gigs.

Once the order is submitted, you can set your hours and prices.

The best part is, that you can work when convenient for you. It is a lucrative option to earn up to $500 per month.

2. Start Vlogging

If you’re creative and enjoy being in front of the camera, then vlogging might be the perfect way to make money in 2023.

You can also sell products or services through your vlog.

Whatever route you decide to choose, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for you to make money from your vlog in 2023.

All you need is a camera and a YouTube account to get started. Once you’ve created your channel, start making videos on topics you’re passionate about.

Be sure to promote your channel regularly to build up a following.

If you can make a name for yourself, you’re sure to be able to make a pretty penny from your vlogging endeavors.

3. Sell Products Online

Another great way to make money in 2023 is to sell products online.

With the rise of e-commerce, there has never been a better time to start selling products online.

Whether you’re selling your products or someone else’s, online sales are many ways to make money.

Thus, if you’re searching for a way to earn some extra cash in 2023, be sure to consider selling products online.

Create an account on an e-commerce platform like Amazon or eBay. Then, list your products and start promoting them to potential buyers.

You can also create your online store using platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce.

4. Start A Blog

If you’re passionate about expressing yourself and want to share your thoughts with the world, starting a blog is a great way to make money in 2023.

You can also use your blog as a platform to sell products or services.

Whichever route you decide to go down, there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for you to make money from your blog in 2023.

Create an account on a blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger.

Then, start creating content on topics that you’re passionate about.

Be sure to promote your blog regularly to build up a following.

If you can make a name for yourself, you’re sure to be able to make a pretty penny from your blogging endeavors.

5. Take Surveys with Survey Junkie

If you are searching for a lucrative way to make money in 2023, a paid survey with Survey Junkie is a great option.

Survey Junkie is an insights platform that allows you to take surveys and earn money in return.

The money you earn depends on the number and type of surveys you take. If you complete three surveys per day, you can earn up to $40 monthly.

You can also find plenty of chances to make extra cash with Survey Junkie through referring your friends/family, updating your profile to find better survey matches, and sharing your online shopping data.

6. Rent Out Your Spare Room on Airbnb

If you have got a free room in your apartment, why not rent it out on Airbnb?

Airbnb is a web platform that enables people to rent out their homes to travelers.

You can set your price and schedule, making some serious money if you play your cards right.

To get started, create an account and list your spare room. Be sure to take some great photos so that guests will be interested in staying with you.

Start Making Money Today

While we can’t predict the future, we can be sure that there will continue to be opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to think outside the box and innovate.

So if you’re looking for a new money-making idea for 2023, keep these six in mind.

Check them out and start right away!

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The Complete Guide To Content Curation In 2023: Tools, Tips, Ideas

Content curation is more than sharing. It’s about finding the best content your audience wants so that they keep coming back — to you.

Content curation is a valuable strategy for all social media marketers. More than simply re-sharing other people’s content, curation is a way to provide extra value to your followers while highlighting your own industry expertise.

But that’s the key to successful content curation: Value.

See it, like it, share it. It’s that easy, right? Big nope.

Here’s how to curate content that’s relevant to your audience and serves your goals.

What is curated content?

Curated content is content from other brands or people that you share to your social media accounts.

That’s a simple definition of curated content but in truth, there’s a lot more to it.

Just like a museum curator’s role is to choose the most important artifacts and artwork to display, your role as a content curator is to select only the best content to share with your audience.

Benefits of content curation Save time

The road to a winning social media strategy isn’t a fast and easy one, but not everything you put out there has to be an original opus.

Curating content saves you time. And money, since you often don’t need additional team members like designers or writers to help create it. Curated content helps you remain visible on social media every day without the extra content creation expenses.

Build relationships

Networking is key to business success both online and offline.

When you curate content, let the original creator know you’ve shared it. Tag them in your post to catch their attention, or send them an email or message.

Now, how you notify them is important. We’ve all gotten those emails like, “Hey Michelle! I shared your totally amazing article here (x). Wanna shout me back with a link?”

No, random sir, I do not.

Those kinds of messages give off the vibe that you’re only looking for links to boost your SEO and you’re not interested in genuine connection. Pass.

You never know who you can start a conversation with and where it may lead.

— Hootsuite 🦉 (@hootsuite) February 16, 2023

You don’t need to do this for everything you curate. Only the people or companies you really want to build connections with. It’s an easy way to break the ice.

Diversify your content calendar

Sure, you need to develop your own voice and opinions as a content creator and brand, but no one wants to exist in an echo chamber all the time. The same goes for your audience.

Sharing differing opinions (respectfully) and new ideas from other industry experts adds variety to your platform. It can open the doors to great conversations and forge connections.

You don’t need to share every hot take for the engagement factor. As with all content, share what your audience will find useful. By sharing the best content in your industry, you’re offering your audience the value of multiple perspectives.

Position your brand as a thought leader

While creating original content is vitally important for thought leadership, so is content curation. Curating the best stuff shows that you’re in the know about your industry and its trends.

It’s the “show don’t tell” way of saying, “Hey, we know what we’re talking about and we’re also pretty dang smart.” Without bragging.

Kinda like this amazing curation of all the best social media stats you need to know for 2023.


We gathered top-notch consumer data for our #Digital2023 report to help you make the right moves on social, without all the guesswork!

— Hootsuite 🦉 (@hootsuite) January 26, 2023

5 Content curation best practices

While effective content curation doesn’t require the mental effort of nailing a moon landing, you still need a strategy. Here are 5 things to remember every time you share something.

1. Know your audience

Okay, this is true of any marketing strategy, so do I really need to say it?

Yes, because it’s that important.

When curating content, put as much thought into its alignment with your audience as you do when you create from scratch. Before you schedule curated content, ask yourself:

How does this piece of content help my target customer?

How is it relevant to the problem(s) they’re having?

Does this align with my target customers’ perception of my brand?

Is it worth it? Can I work it? Can I put this link down, flip it and intersperse it into my social content feed? (Don’t listen to 00s music while curating.)

If you can’t answer those first 3 before sharing, try taking a step back and referencing your content strategy. You have documented buyer personas, right? No sweat if not. Grab our free buyer personas template and hop to it.

2. Credit your sources

Always give credit where credit is due. Tag and link to the original creator and never pass off curated content as something you made yourself.

Not only because it’s plain wrong, but plagiarism ain’t a good look for your brand, either.

You can tag creators with an @ on platforms that allow it, such as Twitter or Instagram.

3. Add your own thoughts

You don’t have to do this for every single piece you share. But try to add something useful to most of the things you share. It doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or two introducing the share and why you think your audience will find it helpful.

Or, take a quote from the piece and create an image to go with your share. This helps stop the scroll with an eye-catching visual and, subtly, associates your brand with the expert you’re quoting, in the eyes of your audience.

There are 3 “constituents” in the creator community, says @jamiebyrne:

— Hootsuite 🦉 (@hootsuite) February 2, 2023

You’re curating content to save time, right? (Plus all those other juicy benefits.)

Well, scheduling your content — curated and otherwise — is the ultimate time-saver. You don’t need me to tell you it’s convenient. But, scheduling your content also allows you to see where any gaps are and fill them. Including when you may have forgotten to schedule an important campaign post that needs to go out on a certain day. (Definitely 0% speaking from experience.)

And the best thing to fill any upcoming content gaps? Sharing curated content, of course!

5. Offer the right content mix

Pad out your social calendar by mixing in different types of content — including curated posts.

Don’t worry about it overshadowing your original content. In fact, you should be sharing more posts than you create. A good ratio to aim for is 40% original and 60% curated content.

But, spend the bulk of your time making sure that 40% is high-quality, actionable and fully original. Your original content is what will attract your audience the most while your curated content is what keeps them engaged.

The top tools content marketers need for curation success.

Not to hoot our own horn, but not only can Hootsuite help you plan, schedule and analyze your curated posts — it can also find the content for you.

Here’s a demo of Streams in action:

An oldie but a goodie. Type any topic or name into Google Alerts and get an email notification whenever there’s news about it.

You can use Google Alerts to track mentions of your own company name or (cheekily) your competitors. Or, keep informed of general news in your industry with terms like “social media marketing.”

Talkwalker takes social listening and dials it up to 11. More than indexing social platforms, Talkwalker gets deep into it with over 150 million sources. Websites, blogs, forum posts, product reviews buried on obscure websites — you name it and Talkwalker will find it.

The best part is they have a Hootsuite app, so you can curate great content easily right inside your Hootsuite dashboard. Discover and share everything from top publishers to unique user-generated content.

Another powerful content discovery tool, Curate by UpContent finds the highest-quality material for you to share across all your channels.

This app allows a lot of customization, such as changing calls to action, URLs and the ability to add custom images to keep curated content on-brand.

Hey, hey, it’s another Hootsuite service. Syndicator allows you to monitor RSS feeds and share articles right inside Hootsuite. And, you can see what you’ve shared before so you won’t have to worry about duplicate content.

Plus, remember Google Alerts? You can pull those into Syndicator, too.

Check out everything Syndicator can do in under 5 minutes:

ContentGems is a simple, straightforward tool for tracking topics and discovering great new content. Its power lies in that simplicity: Fewer distractions = more focus on the content itself.

The best part is ContentGems is free to use, and you can even use it with a free Hootsuite account. Everyone can benefit from curated content automation, from side hustler entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500.

Like ContentGems, Filter8 is also free to use, including with a free Hootsuite account. It discovers content based on topics you set but a really neat feature is the ability to sort results by popularity. This way you can find top-tier content, or sort by least popular to find hidden gems to make you stand out, too.

By default, Filter8 shares posts you select in a compiled magazine-type format. But you don’t have to use it this way. You can use it to discover new content then copy the URL and schedule that via Hootsuite like all your other pieces.

Last but very not least, TrendSpottr. There are actually two versions: A free TrendSpottr app and TrendSpottr Pro.

As you may expect, the Pro version offers a few more features, like being able to track in multiple languages for global brands and discover what they call “pre-viral content.” Sometimes I like to think of myself as pre-viral.

A useful feature is the ability to see other recent posts from a brand or influencer right from the main results page. This can dramatically speed up time spent collecting content.

Hootsuite is here to help with all your social media content curation tasks. Find high-quality content, schedule it to auto-publish at the best times and track your success — all from one dashboard.

Get Started

Do it better with Hootsuite, the all-in-one social media tool. Stay on top of things, grow, and beat the competition.

6 Best Speech Therapy Software To Use In 2023

6 Best Speech Therapy Software to Use in 2023




Speech therapy software is used by both individuals and specialized institutions to keep track of patient progress and share documents across departments

Our top pick is a solution from PT Billing Solution that will keep track of all aspects of the business, including patient records.

Another great tool comes from Double Time Docs and it

automatically generates results for the Standardized assessment.

You can also go with a solution from Cedaron Medical that is always updated on legislation and medical norms.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Speech therapy software is used by patients to practice at home in between sessions. It can help them improve their language on their own.

Such digital tools are becoming more commonly accepted these days as legit forms of home practice, maximizing the benefits of speech therapy.

Speech therapy software is becoming increasingly popular because patients are presented with tons of ways to make the most of their practice time.

On the other hand, speech therapy software can help business improve their operational, clinical, and billing functionalities and efficiency.

Such tools help practices, and health centers eliminate all the time-consuming paperwork and improve clinical productivity.

Here are five of the best speech therapy tools that come with extremely useful features for both patients and businesses.

What are the best speech therapy software for your business?

This is a fully integrated Practice management program that is explicitly designed for Rehab sciences, and it can provide solutions and growth.

PT Practice Pro is a really evolved practice management software. With this program, you don’t need to manage multiple systems together.

The PT Practice Pro also comes with features including auto-posting ERAs, care plan management, insurance management, patient records, patient scheduling and registration, progress tracking, and practice management.

It is a web-based system that allows patients’ practice to handle documentation, reports, scheduling, and billing.

And it’s especially good with documentation. All the content is filtered by body part for easy access. Also, you can customize all the templates for your business.

Another huge benefit is that Practice Pro automates billing requirements specific to the patient and his or her payment options, including Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, and others.

Practice Pro also fills your appeal forms and exports them as PDF documents for your convenience and it’s the best speech therapy EMR software.

Check out the program’s most important features:

The software is best used in practices that focus on the Rehabilitation Sciences

It serves all disciplines from Physical Therapy all the way to Aquatic Therapy

The program comes with fully customizable documentation

It provides scheduling features that allow doctors and staff members to schedule appointments

PT Practice Pro has an easy-to-use interface

It is one of the most robust and reliable systems in today’s market

⇒ Get PT Practice Pro

Double Time Docs is occupational therapy software that mainly serves Pediatric Speech-Language Specialists as well as individuals, private clinics, and schools.

It includes features such as progress tracking, assessment management, and patient records.

They currently have a couple of school and clinic-based versions that help you achieve documentation consistency among your SLP, OT, or PT teams.

The pricing starts at 5$ per month for individuals that will give you access to create, edit, and download your documents. For large teams, you will have to contact them to get a customized pricing quote.

The automatically generated result for the Standardized assessment is a huge time saver and one of the most utilized options of the app.

It actually takes about 3 hours to complete such evaluation, but the software will reduce that time to minutes.

And it will even reduce common errors like incorrect names or pronouns inherent when creating such a document.

Let’s take a look at some of its best features:

Will drastically reduce the number of common errors in the reports

Documentation consistency among SLP, OT, or PT teams in a school or clinic

Utilize DTD as a teaching tool for new SLP, OT, and PT graduates

Helps you address all aspects of your student with the comprehensive questions and format provided

⇒ Get Double Time Docs

This is an occupational and speech therapy practice management system that comes with CPT codes, libraries of diagnosis, and assessment tools.

The tool comes with integration with hospital HER, billing and patient permanent medical records.

You can use this tool specifically for rehab with lots of features for the physical, occupational, and speech therapists as well without having any issues communicating with the central hospital system.

The automated processes will save therapists and administrators lots of time with the paperwork.

CONNECT is one of the best on-premise practice management solutions for rehabilitative practices of all sizes and it’s also a great speech therapy software for adults.

The modules in this solution incorporate all the requirements for each specialty so you can customize workflows and access an increasing library of tests, tools, and measures. 

Cedaron’s CONNECT aims to maximize efficiency and it’s always updated on legislation and compliance. Of course, that will lead to profits increase of your business.

Take a look at this tool’s essential features:


This is a modular medical solution that offers credential management, patient record management, appointment scheduling, and claims to process.

This solution comes with a table-driven interface to meet operational designations for any RCM process including CMS 1500 and UB04 claim requirements.

This is an excellent solution for billing companies that are looking for a reliable and proven professional Accounts Receivable solution that drastically reduces processing times, shortens payment cycles, and increases cash flow.

Mercury Medical is a practice management solution ideal for a variety of specialties and practices provided on SaaS or On-Site.

It comes with business-intelligent reporting that can offer information to negotiate contract terms and ensure compliance

Expert tip:

It also comes with a great support team that will help you deal with any integration efforts along the way. It integrates well with stroke speech therapy software.

Take a look at the most impressive features of this system:

It allows users to customize solutions with an easy interface

Mercury Medical has 63 reports that are configured with filters and that provide data analytics

It lets users supplement business decisions

Users can also manage bundled payments

The program is entirely HIPAA compliant

⇒ Get Mercury Medical

ReDoc powered by xfit Software is a cloud-based rehab therapy documentation, scheduling and practice management software.

This is a fully integrated solution from Net Health, and it drives PT, OT, and SLP workflow that helps practices move through the day quickly and efficiently.

Besides software, more services are available such as the one for billing and collections and workflow optimization consulting.

This program will turn out to be all you need for scheduling, billing and electronic medical records.

The software comes with options such as integrated fax management, appointment reminders, and an integrated home exercise program.

It also features an excellent infrastructure for communication and issue resolution that will help you in any possible situation.

Moreover, ReDoc is easily adaptable to your business and very simple to operate across all your departments.

Here are the best features of this software:

It ensures compliance and boosts efficiency

It supplies enough tools to grow the revenue

It provides users access to over eleven million therapy episodes of care

The program is straightforward to use and very functional

Flexible and adaptable to your clinic procedures

The program gets regular updates and security measures

This solution includes functional assessments and configurable workflow

⇒ Get ReDoc

Optima Therapy by Optima Healthcare Solutions offers streamlined workflows and compliance tools to improve clinical, operational, and billing efficiencies.

This cloud-based solution provides electronic medical records, patient scheduling, and billing to speech therapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitation practices. It is ideal for practices of all sizes.

Overall, Optima Therapy is the leading therapy management solution for contract therapy businesses and skilled nursing facilities as well.

It comes with integration with more than thirty software systems, and it will help your business thrive, and your patients get the best care.

The system is easy to deploy, and it comes with customizable and secure functionalities. It’s continuously updated in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

You can use the tool to manage billings, denials and appeals, eligibility, invoicing, and e-signatures that will get you through the necessary paperwork.

Check out its essential features below:

It provides case management features

You can use this program to set up therapy plans based on various disciplines and diagnosis codes.

It comes with automated scheduling tools

The system includes configurable calendar views

It provides capacity alerts for therapists

You can enter therapy notes while you are offline and they will be synced once you go online

The business intelligence module offers reporting and role-based dashboards

Users can access features using Android, iOS and Windows devices

⇒ Get Optima Therapy

Here is where our roundup of the best services for speech therapy comes to an end. Each solution presented above comes with its unique set of features targeted at different needs and clients.

Analyze them all and choose the one that seems the best suited for your needs and for increasing your medical business efficiency and productivity and for helping your patients.

Select the best medical care software

All these software solutions provide the most necessary tools to run your practice and to help you deliver the best quality medical care.

Speech therapy software and services also help you communicate better with compliant documentation and boost workflow and efficiency between the financial and the clinical side of your practice.

If you’re in charge of the clinic’s documentation department, whether you’re dealing with 3 or 10 departments, you will need to take some important factors when choosing the software.

Assess the level of paperwork needed for each department

The software addressed in our article is focused on speech therapy and language training but you can use it in many other departments and practices.

The first step is to find out exactly what papers the clinicians need to fill and any other compliance documents and then fit the software accordingly.

Ensure security and a proper back-up system

The medical business, any healthcare business is in danger of disclosing or losing patient data and that is a liability problem with rather catastrophic consequences for your business.

Make sure that the software you’re implementing across your business is perfectly safe or secure it with backup systems and malware protection.

Pick the best level of assistance

When you decide on a software solution for your business, make sure that you will have all the assistance necessary to implement and support it within your practice.

Whether you have a capable IT department or not, there are issues that can only be solved by the developer of the software. That goes also for updating the system.

That concludes our guide and list with the best speech therapy apps for Windowse that will help your business.

If you’re also interested in tools designed specifically for clinicians, you can also check our speech therapy/language training software for Windows list.

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Emotional Content To Earn More Attention

If our audiences have less attention than a goldfish, it’s important to push the right “hot buttons”

Did you know that the average attention span for a new idea, we page or piece of content is now only 8 seconds – compare that to a goldfish at 9 seconds. It’s pretty startling and when you observe your own behaviour, or mine at least, 8 seconds does feel like a short time. But it depends on the context, in this post, Dave Chaffey talks about a 2 second rule to get your message across as someone visits your site or social media outpost for the first time, comparing it to the 7 seconds we supposedly look at an outdoor billboard.

Rational vs Emotional Content

This got me thinking how so much content that we create does not take the huge lack of time into account. We write and create so much content. Of course there’s a time and place for the detail, our features need comparing, we believe, when a consumer is at purchase stage.

We’ve explored this with our content matrix, above. Here the aim is to aligh content types which leverage emotional and rational with awareness and purchase. It’s a useful graphic, though does still assume that we’re rational at point of purchase.

Of course, the shopping psychologists and experts, books such as Buy-ology and Why We Buy – will all tell you the science reveals two reasons as to why we buy – the rational reason and the real reason. It’s why cheap does not always win, why people smoke, drastically over-spend, and so on. The principle is that human purchase decisions are emotional, most certainly in the west where our needs are, for most people, more than met something explored by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs back in the 1940’s. I guess we human’s can easily construct logic, easily can post-rationalise.

The diagram above, from this Marketing Prof’s article, is great to take the Content Matrix to a deeper and detailed level. I like how the varying degree of logic is taken into account

Emotional wants vs needs

The IPA says

Creatively awarded campaigns are much more likely to be ‘emotional’ than ‘rational’ (44% vs. 19%).

Creative campaigns are 12 times more efficient at delivering business success. The more creatively awarded, the more effective.

In short we’re talking about the different between ‘need’ and ‘want’. And I wonder, in a marketing world all content focussed, are many really getting this human, emotional element right? Where are all the examples, really? A client asked me this earlier this week and there aren’t that many. Here’s 4 that we can learn from:

“The 16 Marketing Hot Buttons” – Sell the dream

But how do you do it? We’re comfortable with models and frameworks that align content buyer journeys and consumer behaviours, we really like the 3S model here, and the notion of Storytelling for consumer engagement offers the the steps and process. But what do you make those content stories about – what’s the consumer insight to build the story on? This is where the idea of Marketing Hot Buttons comes in. Barry Feig’s ‘Hot Buttons’ idea is basically about standing on the same emotional footing as your customer, connecting through an emotional benefit, you find out what motivates and inspires and align your brand to that – you’re adding to your product through imagery and association by appealing to their self image. What struck me is that the 16 ‘buttons’ that marketers can ‘push’ to get people to buy are things that we do (or could do) with content generation. We can see the examples above do that to a tee. The top needs that Feig identifies are:




Family values



More time

The best


Helping others

Reinventing oneself

If you want content that connects, that engages and the deepest level to drive sale, then this has to be a great place to start for campaigns and content generation?

6 Best Internal Employee Communication Apps In 2023

The lack of communication for companies and the inefficient use of internal communication tools can hinder understanding and improving employee experience. According to a study by Deloitte, nearly 80 percent of executes rated the employee experience as important while only 22 percent reported that their companies excelled at creating a differentiated employee experience.

Employee communication apps can help businesses to improve the employee experience by streamlining collaboration and information sharing.

What are employee communication apps?

Employee communication refers to the sharing of ideas and corporate information between employees. An employee communication app facilitates accessing and sharing information within a company. Without changing their personal numbers, employees can communicate with other people in the organization via a mobile employee communication app.

Can you use messaging apps for employee communication?

Yes, we do that. However, specialized employee communication apps such as Slack are designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees. In contrast, general-purpose messaging apps like WhatsApp or Signal were not designed with employee communication in mind and may lack important features.

What are the main employee communication channels?

Source: Statista. Usage of employee communication tools by organizational type in 2023. The blue ones represent non-emerging tech companies, and the black ones represent emerging tech companies.


When things are time-sensitive or messages are frequent, email is not the most efficient way to communicate. For example, resolving disagreements can become daunting with email. Complex situations require more frequent feedback and more immediate responses so specialized communication channels can be more effective in these contexts.

Social Networking

According to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the use of social technologies by knowledge workers can increase productivity by 20-25%. If companies use social media internally, messages can become content, and company information shared through the messaging app becomes an information base for employees. Collaboration between employees with instant messaging makes the company information more accessible. Through social networking, the time employees spend searching for company information can be reduced by up to 35%.

Video Meeting

Video is one of the most effective engagement channels for communication because:

Easy to access on multiple devices

Provides more personal interactions

More suitable for small teams or one on one conversations


Intranets are enterprise software that can only be used by employees. Unlike the internet, intranet only gives access to certain users and the content is not available to the public as it is on the internet.

However, depending on the structure of the intranet, it may not be practical for employees to access company information. For instance, mobile communication with the intranet is difficult because many intranets do not support mobile.

What are some popular employee communication apps? Slack

Slack is an enterprise software platform that provides communication and collaboration between employees. Everything shared within Slack is automatically archived. It creates a knowledge base and users can always access the information archived here with the search tool in the application. The total funding amount of Slack is $1.4B. The app is supported by platforms such as Web, Android, and iPhone/iPad. It provides:

Video conferencing

Individual and team audio calls

Management on document such as PDFs, images, videos

Source: BuiltWith. Slack App Usage Statistics


Staffbase is a mobile-first internal communication application. It enables frontline workers to get information about the developments in the company. It has a $190.8M investment.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is an engagement platform that connects organizations with their employees. It claims to be used by 350 companies such as Toyota, IBM, UPS to increase the employee experience. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices and employees can securely access personalized information. It has raised a total of $114.8M in funding.


Beekeeper aims to increase the productivity of frontline workers by providing access to company updates and necessary contacts. It describes itself as the core application for frontline workers. The application can be used via mobile or desktop devices and users can send group messages and polls through the app. In addition, users can share content such as documents, images, and videos with each other. The total amount of funding of Beekeeper is $86M.


Wrike is a collaborative communication platform. Its general use is project management and task assignment. In addition, it reveals team performance and success with statistical results. It has raised a total of $26M in funding.


Smarp is a cloud-based employee communication platform. Information can be shared externally and internally. It is supported by platforms such as the web, Android, iPhone/iPad. Smarp combines internal and external communications for its users and can be used as a B2B and B2C marketing tool. Its total funding amount is €9.9M

Workforce Insights is an analytics platform developed by Smarp. It enables corporate communicators to make data-based decisions.

Source: Smarp

Watch the video to find out more about how it works:

Other apps to support employee communication

Though these apps have limited direct messaging features, they enable collaboration & project management so they are an important part of employee communication.


Trello is an internal employee communication platform used for project management. It helps employees to keep track of their current tasks and previous teamwork. With Trello, you can assign tasks to team members and move tasks to different boards. Employees can easily keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done.


A popular application that is used for project and process management processes. With JIRA, you can:

create a task and assign it to the relevant person.

log time by estimating how much time will be allocated for tasks.

prioritize tasks.

plan sprints (a sprint is a set period of time to complete a specific work).


Confluence is a team workspace and an internal wiki tool. It is available on both desktop and mobile. Some key features of Confluence are:

Sharing and giving access to documents to the certain user from various department.

Creating hierarchy between documentation.

Provides simultaneous editing on documents.

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Video Editor 1080P Free: 6 Best Software To Use In 2023

Video Editor 1080p free: 6 Best Software to use in 2023








Are you ready to create amazing content with your footage? then count on our selection of the best 1080p video editing software.

Check out features like high-quality templates to help you achieve professional results, only in our comprehensive guide.

Try out a tool from Adobe to get of taste of high-quality editing and don’t stop ’till you take a look at all of our great options.

How about creating an excellent footage with a free 1080p video editor? Find out about it and more in our article.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

They vary as much as the reasons why users take up video editing. You can make home videos, you can become a YouTube star, and you can even create VR experiences.

Most video editing tools for mainstream users are best used for any of these reasons.

Whatever 1080p video editing software software you decide to get, you should first make sure to check out its main features just to see if they’re following your specific needs and targets.

Although for a beginner, the non-linear video editing capability can be overwhelming at the first sight, it is the option to go if you want to edit in a proper way any form of videos, be it a movie, vlog, or personal videos.

Some of the most amazing quality feature is that offers you 4K video editing capabilities which means that the 1080p video editing will work like a charm. You also have project templates with presets to fasten your workflow.

The 360 VR view and Lumetri Color feature allows you to you work with white balance, colors, and gradients.

With the Audio Mixer you can edit mono and stereo audio lines, reduce noise, equalize, compress, and much more.

Thanks to this HD video editor you also have an AI-Powered suggestion tool that will automate a lot of your editing tasks. In addition you can customize the interface to your liking.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Whatever is your mission, you simply cannot go wrong in 1080p when teaming up with this industry-leading video editing software.

Free trialVisit website

Pretty much any modern-day smartphone can record in 1080p, and let’s not talk about big-screen TVs or monitors that can support 4K or even 8K.

Because of this, video editors need to keep up the pace with the rising technology, and AceMovi Video Editor certainly does a good job at it, supporting 1080p easily, and even more.

Of course, working with such massive video files can be taxing on any PC, so you’d probably hope that at least the base program is lightweight.

Well, in the case of AceMovi, you don’t need to worry about having a high-end PC when performing video editing, since your PC will not slow down as much as you’d expect.

Besides, videos edited in AceMovi will be greatly enriched with a wide variety of filers, transitions, animations, as well as the typical tools you’re used to seeing in other HD video editors, such as cropping, cutting, mirroring, and more.

AceMovi Video Editor

It doesn’t matter if your videos are 320p or 1080p, with AceMovi they will all look spectacular!

Free trialVisit website

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a user-friendly 1080p video editor that’s great for casual users.

The latest version is also one of the few editors that include tools for editing 360-degree videos which is an important feature when it comes to panoramic video editing.

VideoStudio Pro supports video editing of HD and even 4K formats, so you can try it right now without any problem.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 includes a premium special effects pack and a Mask Creator tool, but aside from that, there’s little difference between the versions.

Expert tip:

Enhance your videos with more than 2,000 transitions, effects, and animated titles. With this tool you can also balance the audio levels between clips and lower background sound.

You’ll definitely enjoy the multi-camera for syncing multiple footages, motion tracking to apply effects to specific moving subjects, and chroma key for adjusting background.

The MyDVD disc authoring tool enables you to export clips to DVDs with themed templates

You can export videos for playback on Apple TV, iPad, Xbox, and other devices

It’s effortless to use, and it will make your workflow of social publishing much easier.

Some great key features that you’ll like is the ability to easily fill out all metadata for your YouTube video and the fact that you can upload videos straight from the app without using YouTube’s web publishing tools.

VideoPad Video Editor

Specially designed for beginners in the video editing niche this tool comes with the greatest features!

Free trialVisit website

If you’re a video editing lover, you’ll love this handy free 1080p video editorcompatible with all Windows versions.

The software comes with an easy interface, and there’s no technical knowledge required to obtain a final product will turn out perfect for your specific purpose.

Movavi Video Editor

Rely on a software that brings versatility and professional features at your fingertips!

Free trialVisit website

Finally, the PowerDirector is quite frankly in a different league when compared to the previous 2 entries on our list. This software is all about professional editing tools, high-end performance, fine-tune retouches, and unparalleled control.

But don’t let these impressive features put you off as its interface is as intuitive as they come.

With the powerful masking tool you can create hyper-realistic image composites with unprecedented accuracy – the Dynamic Keyframe Controls will make sure of that.

Customization goes beyond the simple selection of color grading, you can set motion graphic titles, personalize text, color, and shape and add some pizzazz with the Sketch Animation Overlays feature.


Don’t miss out on a tool that comes with amazing graphic design abilities for your videos!

Free trialVisit website

These are the best 1080p video editing software for Windows. Make sure you check out all of their features and decide which tool is the best for your own video editing needs and plans.

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