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Welcome to 9to5Mac’s iPhone Holiday Gift Guide. Bookmark it or send it to your favorite people, because either you or someone you care about is going to find the ideal iPhone holiday gift inside!

I’m genuinely excited to present this collection to you, because the iPhone is the one Apple product I take everywhere — and couldn’t give up. Since I’ve been using iPhones and their accessories since the first iPhone debuted in 2007, I have a lot of experience sorting the good and great stuff out from the junk.

My iPhone Holiday Gift Guide picks are all best-of-breed options, selected for their combination of reasonable pricing and excellent performance. Whether you’re looking for the perfect case, great headphones, a smart car mounting solution, a battery pack, or a way to improve your iPhone’s camera, you’ll find the smartest iPhone gift picks below…


Over the years, I’ve become highly partial to a specific iPhone case, because every version has successfully kept my iPhones free of dents and shattered glass. That case is Speck’s CandyShell, and the just-released CandyShell Clear ($35-$40) is the best version the company has ever made. Still built with a hard plastic outside and a soft TPU inner layer, CandyShell makes iPhone insertion and removal super easy, while completely protecting any model against drops. The Clear version is the first one to let your iPhone’s color shine through, and I’ve been using and loving it for months. Consider it the best investment you can make in a practical iPhone case.

The only other case I would recommend as a “more protective” alternative would be Lifeproof’s Frē ($70-$80), and then only if you need waterproofing. Frē is around twice the price of a CandyShell, but if you’re concerned about dropping your iPhone in a pool, ocean, bathtub, or snowpile, it offers additional screen and port protection that will keep your iPhone alive.

Car Accessories

The one car accessory that has become a major part of my daily life is Spigen’s inexpensive Magnetic Air Vent Mount ($9). It includes a strong, circular magnet that attaches to your car’s air vent, plus circular and rounded rectangular metal plates that can be attached to any iPhone case. (If they fit inside the case, great; if not, they have adhesive to attach to the back of the case.) Mounting your iPhone in your car becomes a 1-second process, as easy as touching it to the magnet; GPS still works, too. Spigen makes a very basic case called Thin Fit Hybrid ($14, shown in pink above) with an internal slot to hide the metal plate; I keep the metal plate inside a CandyShell, instead.

Car chargers are a dime a dozen now, but some are better than others. I continue to use and like Just Mobile’s aluminum-barrelled Highway Max ($27-$34) as a dual-port car charger, though I’ve recently been alternating it with Nomad’s unique combination battery pack and car charger Roadtrip ($60). Highway Max has twin 2.1A ports that can charge any iPhone or iPad; Roadtrip has twin 1.5A ports and a 3000mAh battery that are best-suited to iPhone use.

Batteries + Battery Cases

I spent a great deal of time this year compiling a comprehensive guide to the best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus battery cases, most of which remain compatible with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. But the short “what’s best?” answer when it comes to batteries is “pretty much anything from Anker.” Anker’s Ultra-Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s is only $40 and delivers an over 110% recharge to either of those models with a 2,850mAh battery. Most of the iPhone 6 Plus battery cases out there have issues of one sort or another, but Tylt’s Energi ($80) and Mophie’s Juice Pack ($88-$100) are options; I’d suggest looking below instead.

You can save a lot of money if you don’t need to keep a battery strapped to the back of your iPhone all the time, and as with battery cases, Anker’s standalone batteries have come to lead the industry in quality, capacity, and value for the dollar. The PowerCore 20100 ($40, shown above) offers 7 times the capacity of the Ultra-Slim Case for the same price, while the larger $60 Astro E7 (reviewed here) offers nearly 9.5 times the capacity for $20 more. Either of them can charge an iPhone many times, with juice left over to charge an iPad.

Headphones + Speakers

9to5Mac’s readers love Apple’s products, so it’s no surprise that the latest Beats Studio Wireless (shown above in “titanium”) over-ear headphones and Beats Solo2 on-ear headphones top my list of recommendations. Over the last year or so, Beats have improved in audio quality and become available at more reasonable prices, particularly through chúng tôi I grabbed a pair of Studio Wireless when they dropped to $270 (down from $350), and the smaller, more basic wired Solo2 now starts at $130 (down from $200). If you’re looking for an Apple-built speaker, the new Beats Pill Plus can be had for under $240; the smaller Pill 2.0 now goes for $150.

If you want to step beyond Apple’s glossy plastic designs, Bowers & Wilkins offers truly luxurious headphones and speakers with higher-end sonics and materials. I’m personally a huge fan of the $400 P5 Wireless on-ear Bluetooth headphones (shown left, reviewed here), which are also available in a wired version called P5 S2 for $100 less. My favorite pair of in-ear headphones is B&W’s $179 model C5 S2 (shown center), which have the best ear stabilizers I’ve tested, and lush, detailed sound. On the speaker front, I just reviewed the company’s new Zeppelin Wireless ($700), which is a powerhouse all-in-one audio system with Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify support — ridiculously powerful, sonically balanced, and aesthetically distinctive. It’s the priciest iPhone-related gift on this list, but worth the cost.

Chargers + Cables

High-quality iPhone wall chargers have come down in price and surged in power over the last year, making it difficult to recommend spending more for mere cosmetic improvements. Anker currently dominates the charging category with excellent options ranging from two to ten ports: for $40, the 10-port PowerPort 10 (shown above, reviewed here) can charge an entire household’s devices at once, though I personally use the more compact 6-port, $36 PowerPort 6 (reviewed here). Pair them with Anker’s surprisingly high-quality $6 Lightning cables, and you’re set to go. If you only need a two-port charger, RAVPower’s $10 Dual USB Wall Charger isn’t fancy, but works well to charge two iPhones (or even iPad Pros) at once.

Portable Video Projectors or Apple TVs

Apple made iPhone screens a lot easier to see with the introduction of 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6/6 Plus models last year, but if you want to share presentations or videos so everyone can see them, portable projectors or Apple TVs with AirPlay support are a great option. The best portable projectors I’ve covered this year are Sony’s tiny, $350 MP-CL1 (reviewed here, shown above left), which is small enough to fit in a pocket but creates a big-screen HD image, and AAXA’s $450 P700 (reviewed here, shown above right), using an iPad mini-sized footprint to perform videos and audio at 4X the power. Each has a battery and does a remarkable job of projecting video given its size.

The alternative, of course, is to stream your iPhone’s content to an HDTV using AirPlay — for that, you’ll need an Apple TV. Even the 3rd-generation Apple TV ($65 with free expedited shipping) includes AirPlay support, but the just-released 4th-generation Apple TV ($149 with free expedited shipping) adds apps, games, and Siri Remote voice control. Go with the one that fits your budget; I love the newer model.

Apple Watch

While the topic of Apple Watch accessories is worth a whole separate holiday gift guide, it’s worth mentioning that the Apple Watch itself ($349 and up) is expected to be one of the most popular gifts this year, and since it requires an iPhone, it’s technically an iPhone accessory. You can save $50 on any Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport here; check out my guide to the best Apple Watch stands and docks, too (including Nomad’s Stand, shown above).


Photography Accessories

My 9to5Mac Holiday Gift Guide for Apple Photographers includes a ton of photo and video options for Apple users generally, including a bunch of iPhone-specific accessories. The ones that could make the most difference to you are Olloclip’s 4-in-1 Lenses, Eyefi’s Wi-Fi SD card Mobi, and extenders such as Spigen’s S520 Selfie Stick or Tiffen’s Steadicam Smoothee (shown above). Check out the entire Photography Gift Guide here!

Which iPhone To Buy, And iPhone Trade-Ins

If you’re shopping for an iPhone as a holiday gift, the question of which iPhone to buy isn’t a simple one, but after wrestling with the same choice a few months ago, I’m going to offer an answer. Controversial though this may be, I don’t think the differences between the iPhone 6 and 6s models are important enough (yet) to matter to most people. I personally upgraded from an iPhone 6 Plus to an iPhone 6s Plus, but in retrospect, I could easily have held off, and saved myself some money in the process. As compelling as they may be, features such as 3D Touch and Live Photos still need more third-party support.

As long as you’re not buying a 16GB model — it’s just too little capacity — you can’t really go wrong with any of the iPhone 6, 6s, or Plus models. I would suggest the 4.7″ 6 or 6s if the idea of having a “slightly too big” iPhone in your pocket or hand bothers you — even people who love the 5.5″ model’s screen concede that the device could stand to be a little more compact, tolerating the large size for the bigger display. Only go with an “s” model if you’re a photographer who appreciates the superior front and rear cameras, or if you’re hoping to record 4K videos. Otherwise, the regular 6 and 6 Plus are great, and will save you money.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a way to raise cash to fund a new iPhone or gift purchase, I’ve put together a guide to trading-in your old iPhone for a new iPhone. The TL;DR version: unless you feel comfortable using Craigslist for a local transaction, save yourself the numerous hassles of online sales and go with Gazelle. You might get a little more from online auction sites, but between flakey buyers, transaction and listing fees, and the need to create and maintain listings, the dollars won’t matter as much as the peace-of-mind you get from just sending your iPhone in and getting guaranteed cash back.

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Check out more of my editorials, How-To guides and reviews for 9to5Mac here! I’ve published a lot of different topics of interest to Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch users, as well as an earlier holiday gift guide for Apple photographers.

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Idb Holiday Gift Guide: Oliver’s Picks

Now I’m not sure if you folks have noticed, but we’re currently hurtling towards Christmas. It’s not so much crept up on us as jumped out from behind a pillar, pulled a funny face and shouted “oogabooga” at the top of its lungs. Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to get those gifts sorted out.

If you’re much more organized than my good self, then you’re probably reading this with a decidedly smug grin on your face sipping on some egg nog, but if like me you just can’t bring yourself to do Christmas shopping until the week in which the day actually occurs then you may just be sat panicking at the thought of coming up with some gift ideas.

And that’s where we come in.

The iPad Air 2

Anyone who read my gift guide from last year will know that I suggested the iPad mini with Retina was the best tablet to buy and, even if I do say so myself, I was spot on. This year though Apple hasn’t given the iPad mini the love it deserves and beyond a Touch ID sensor, nothing is new. The same can’t be said for the iPad Air.

Faster than any other Apple tablet, impossibly thin and lighter than, well, air, the new iPad Air 2 is without a doubt Apple’s best iPad yet. If you’ve got the money burning a hole in your pocket and have a special someone in need of a new tablet then you really owe it to them, and to yourself, to do the right thing.

No, it’s not cheap. But quality rarely is. Starting at $499, I’d say it’s worth every last cent.

Apple Watch

Yes I’m cheating here, and no, I don’t care one bit. We don’t know when it will be on sale, and we don’t know how much it will cost. What I do know is that any self respecting fan of technology would appreciate a war chest for when the Apple Watch is released. That’s what Apple gift cards, or indeed cash, is for!

Remember though, give what you can afford. Nobody is expecting you to fund one of those 18 carat gold beauties.

Spigen Air Skin iPhone 6/6 Plus case

If like me you just need an iPhone case to stop the thing from getting scuffed when placed on a desk, or as happens far too often your toddler drops it, then you probably don’t need something bomb-proof. iPhone cases come in all shapes and sizes, but the Spigen Air Skin is just 0.4mm thick and feels lovely when on. In fact, I can barely tell that my iPhone 6 isn’t naked beyond the change in texture. It might not protect your phone from abuse, but it looks lovely in its range of colors and feels great in the hand. Highly, highly recommended. And starting at $13 it’s not expensive, either.

TwelveSouth HiRise iPhone/iPad stand

At $35 it’s not the cheapest iPhone or iPad stand around, but it’s probably the best. If you lust after the stands that Apple uses in its stores, then this is the closest you’ll find. A Deluxe version is also available for $60.

The joy of apps

I’ve already suggested Apple gift cards but buying iTunes gift cards means people can buy whatever apps, or games, they like. With so many wonderful choices in just about any category you can think of, iTunes gift cards are never a bad idea.

Kenu AirFrame

The only car mount that has ever worked for me, the AirFrame recently received a new model that supports larger handsets in the AirFrame+. Starting at $25, the AirFrame is a must-have for anyone who drives.


Choosing gifts for the discerning Apple fan is never easy, if only because the choice is so plentiful. With our 2014 gift guides in hand though you need not struggle for inspiration. Any of the products above or indeed those suggested by my colleagues will do the trick come Christmas morning but just remember folks, Christmas isn’t just about the perfect gift. It’s about eating too much and falling to sleep at 3pm too.

Gift guides from other iDB editors:

Best Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2023

While we don’t expect the sound quality to be as good as more expensive Bluetooth waterproof speakers, it should still be a lot better than listening to a podcast directly from a smartphone, and it even has a decent battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge. Amazon is currently selling the Amazon Basics Shockproof and Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for $14.99.

Logitech bluetooth mouse M557

If you work in an office, it’s likely that you and the rest of your coworkers have to use a Windows or Mac desktop. It’s also likely that you have to use an old-fashioned wired mouse with that PC. Your coworker would likely love a Bluetooth wireless mouse, and this model from Logitech is a good choice. It’s small and is also 

ambidextrous in design, which means it will work for either your leftie or righty office mate. The battery life in this mouse should also last for up to a year, which means your coworker should get a lot of work out of it before switching out batteries. It’s a bit pricey at $30.23 on Amazon, but considering how much your coworkers use PCs, it’s well worth it.

Anker bluetooth ultra-slim keyboard

Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard is a perfect gift for coworkers who need such a device to do a lot of their tasks while on the road with their phone. It’s thin and lightweight, and it include special shortcut keys for not only Android devices, but also iOS, Windows, and Mac products. It should also last a while on battery power, with up to three months of use 

(based on two hours use per day). At $16.99 on Amazon, this is a great gift for coworkers who are always travelling and working.

Smartphones are basically mini-computers, but they can be hard to do work on with their relatively small touchscreens. Sometimes its faster to use a physical keyboard. The

AUKEY car phone mount

Here’s a gift for a coworker that’s not only dirt cheap but incredibly useful for people who use smartphones in their car. The AUKEY Car Phone Mount attaches to a car’s dashboard vent and then it uses four magnets on the front so your office mate’s phone can securely attach to it. It comes with both a circular disc for smaller phones and a larger rectangular form factor for the increasingly more popular larger phones. At just $7.99, your coworker will likely get a lot of benefits from this gift if he or she does a lot of commuting every day.

SanDisk CZ48 128GB USB 3.0 flash memory drive

Sometimes when you are working on your PC in your office, you need to continue your work at home. However, that also means you will need to transfer files from your work to home PC, and some of those files could be pretty sizeable. You could store them in a cloud server, and then connect at home, but sometimes the amount of cloud space you get for free isn’t enough. The SanDisk CZ48 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Memory Drive should solve this issue for your coworkers. Its large amount of storage space should be enough for most any major files he or she might use.

Also, if the home PC has a USB 3.0 port, transfer speeds should be up to 10 times faster than using the older 2.0 version. Finally, the flash drive comes with SanDisk SecureAccess software, which provides 128-bit AES encryption and password protection, just in case you need to keep those files secure. Amazon is selling it now for $34.97

Photive BTH3 over-the-ear wireless bluetooth headphones

There is no doubt that you could spend a ton of money for high-quality headphones for your coworker. However, you don’t really need to spend hundreds of dollars to get solid headphones for your office mate. The Photive BTH3 Over-The-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones provide an excellent sound experience, and they don’t cost an arm or a leg.

Photive BTH3 review at SoundGuys

Not only do these headphones offer excellent sound, they are also pretty conformable to wear for hours. The battery life is also exceptional, with up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, and it takes just two hours to fully charge it up. Both ear cups contain buttons to control the playback of music, so your friend shouldn’t have any issues in that department. A hard travel case is included for keeping them safe during trips. At the price of $39.95, this is a perfect gift for a coworker that also loves to listen to music or podcasts, at work or at home.

Philips wake-up light and alarm clock

We have all been there; we have set our alarm clocks to go off at a certain time when we need to get up to start our day, but sometimes (especially in the fall and winter months) it’s still dark outside when we have to get up. The instinct is to go back to bed until the sun rises, but then we risk getting up late for work. The Philips Wake-up Light and Alarm Clock is a high-tech solution to this problem. In addition to its standard alarm clock sounds, it also has an embedded light that’s designed to simulate the sunrise coming out from a nearby window.

The light starts to slowly turn on its brightness about 30 minutes before your requested alarm time. The idea is that when the alarm does come on, you should feel more refreshed because the light is already in your room. The light can also double as a bedside reading lamp and has 10 different brightness settings. This is a perfect gift for a coworker, or even yourself, who has trouble getting up in the morning.  Amazon is currently selling it for $39.99 with an instant $10 digital coupon.

Laboratory beaker coffee mug

Our final gift suggestion might be considered at first to be a “gag gift”. However, the truth is that one or more of your coworkers are addicted to the office coffee blend in the morning. Instead of a normal ceramic coffee mug, they might appreciate drinking their morning joe from something a bit different. This glass mug is made to look like a laboratory beaker from your old high school science room. It even has the correct measuring lines on the front.

This coffee mug is perfect for your tech coworker who wants a little retro science in his or her life. Hey, coffee is just a bunch of different chemicals coming together anyway, so why not celebrate that at work with this beaker mug? Amazon is selling it for $11.95.

Best Tech Gifts For Any Budget

Between $50-100 – Amazon Echo Dot: 3rd Gen

One of the most popular voice-controlled smart speakers in the world, the third generation version of Amazon’s Echo Dot makes a perfect tech gift for your friends or family. It not only helps you control other smart devices but can also play music, make calls, read the news, and check the weather with just your voice commands.

Higher Price  – Amazon Echo Show: 2nd Gen

For those who can spend more on smart home gadgets, the recently launched second-generation Amazon Echo Show is a better option than the Echo Dot. It serves almost the same purpose, but this one comes with a big 10.1-inch touchscreen that allows you to watch TV shows and other video content.


Higher than $100 – OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T is perfect for people who want to get high-end flagship hardware in their smartphone but don’t want to spend a ton of money. You can get a standard OnePlus 6T with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, either 128GB or 256GB of onboard storage, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It’s big display even has an in-screen fingerprint scanner. All of that can be yours for less than $550. If you want to splurge, the new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is the first phone you can buy in the US with 10GB of RAM for $699, which is still less than many phones that have far less RAM

Highest Price – ASUS ROG Phone

One of the biggest new trends in smartphones are the ones made for gamers. They are usually not cheap, but they do make an excellent gift for those who prefer playing games on their mobile devices. The ASUS ROG Gaming ZS600KL is a good option for gamers. With almost 3 GHz of processing power, a 6-inch Full View Display, and ample storage and battery life, you can enjoy even graphics-heavy games on your phone. The phone also comes with an extra USB port on the side that can be used to connect to other accessories, including a gamepad, and even a second screen for the phone. 

Prefer a more traditional phone? We recommend the Galaxy Note 9, or any of the phones listed here.

Smart TV and Smart TV add-ons

Above $100 – NVIDIA Shield TV

The NVIDIA Shield TV may have launched close to two years ago, but this Android TV-based set-top box remains the best high-end streaming media box you can get. NVIDIA keeps updating it with cool new features, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice command support and more.

Higher price  – LG 77-inch Wallpaper TV

For those who can spend a lot more than $100, the LG OLED77C8PUA “Wallpaper” TV may be the best television you can get at the moment. This 77-inch TV is super thin, which also makes it extremely light for its size. Its 4K OLED display offers dark blacks and vibrant colors, it has smart TV apps already installed and will work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice command support. All of that can be yours for “just” $6,997


Above $100 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

If you want the best pure Android experience on a tablet device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the one to get. With its big 10.5-inch AMOLED display, the Snapdragon 835 processor and a huge 7,300mAh battery, its a powerful tablet that offers great media content viewing combined with some serious work features, thanks to its included stylus. There’s an option to purchase a keyboard accessory, but it’s really not needed if all you want is to watch Netlix on the road with a bigger screen.


Between $50 and $100 – Anker SoundCore Pro+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The 25W Anker SoundCore Pro+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker makes a good gift for those who like music. In addition to delivering great audio with four drivers, it also has up to 18 hours of battery life on one charge and is IPX4 water-resistant rated, which means you can take it to the pool and it will work even with some water spills and splashes.

Higher Price – Samsung Galaxy Watch

A smartwatch makes a perfect gift for your tech gadget fan in your family or friends circle. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great example of a smartwatch that can do everything well, from offering great apps and watch faces to including excellent fitness and health tracking features. It also has a great display, can be charged with a wireless charging pad, and of course it supports Samsung Pay for shopping. You can find even more smartwatch options here.

Best Browser For Duckduckgo: 6 Privacy Picks To Choose From

Best Browser for Duckduckgo: 6 Privacy Picks to Choose From DuckDuckGo is a search engine that takes user privacy very seriously








If you don’t like the idea that giants like Google or even Bing track your search history, you’ll love DuckDuckGo. 

To get the most of this search engine, match it with an equally privacy-focused DuckDuckGo browser.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

DuckDuckGo is popular among people who take their privacy seriously and don’t want giants like Google or even Bing to track their search history.

A DuckDuckGo browser is equally important. And if you’re just scratching the surface when it comes to this topic, you may be wondering what is DuckDuckGo?

Others may have more of a dilemma and ponder on things like: is DuckDuckGo a browser or a search engine? We’re hoping that our explanations below will help to answer all of these questions.

Does DuckDuckGo make a web browser?

To start with, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that takes user privacy very seriously. While all search engines claim they respect user privacy, it is a well-known fact that collected data is what keeps these search giants running.

DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, does not track user data, thus being one among the few fully private search engines.

So how to use DuckDuckGo? It’s simple, just like you would with any other search engine such as Google, for instance.

It is recommended to use a DuckDuckGo browser, though. Using a DuckDuckGo desktop browser with better privacy features can empower users to take control of their personal information online without any tradeoffs.

By teaming up with a DuckDuckGo browser for Windows, you can enhance the impact of the private search engine even more.

What is the downside of DuckDuckGo?

➡ Fewer services – DuckDuckGo can’t compare to a search engine like Google when it comes to services

➡ Less customization – You can’t sync all your accounts and services with it

➡ No personalization or autosuggestions – This is a pro and con at the same time because the personalization and the suggestions within the search come from tracking your information as Google does

That being said, let’s go and see what are the best privacy-focused browsers for DuckDuckGO. DuckDuckGo’s desktop browser compatibility is very wide but we have picked the very best of them for you.

Opera One Browser is a popular web browser for the Windows platform. Recently, it received a complete design overhaul along with some fancy features that make it the best privacy browser for DuckDuckGo.

The latest version comes with a free VPN, a fast ad blocker, Web 3 support, and a lot more control over your browsing experience.

You can select a dark or light theme, use Messenger and WhatsApp without leaving the browser as well as store and use Cryptocurrency in the built-in Crypto wallet.

Opera One also comes with extension support, a built-in screenshot tool, and other security features such as HTTP redirection, etc.

Opera One

Enhance your privacy with the ultimate DuckDuckGo browser with a built-in free VPN.

Free Download Now

UR Browser comes with a well-polished UI and a ton of privacy and security features. Chromium-based UR offers similar functionalities to Google Chrome and some additional features on top, we dare say.

Its privacy features include an inbuilt VPN with different servers for you to choose from when launching a private connexion.

UR Browser

It’s like having your own digital bodyguard and security assistant.

Free Visit website

Are you wondering what is the match for DuckDuckGo to get more privacy? AVG browser is a straight fit for boosting online privacy.

This popular browser is used by many for complete web security, as it can offer you browsing fingerprint masking and a VPN shield to stop any trackers.

Not only that, you can use helpful functionalities such as the Privacy Cleaner to remove history data, forced HTTPS encryption, adware defense, or antivirus shield.

It’s essential to know that you have zero tracking scripts or cookies that gather personal data while you access web pages.


Don’t allow any tracking or data collecting with this browser and DuckDuckGo engine.

Free Visit website

After Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is probably the most popular browser available for Windows computers. Similar to Opera One, Firefox also received a major overhaul to its design in the recent update along with enhanced speed and resource management.

Firefox allows you to sync your browsing data across devices by creating an account. The popular add-on/extension support has now improved with a more strict approach to applicable add-ons.

The Private browsing mode now blocks contents and online trackers that follow you around the web. Then there is the Screenshots feature with scrolling support that allows for a quick snap and share session.

Firefox can be customized according to the user’s preference by changing the search bar tool, themes, and default search engine from the settings.

⇒ Get Firefox

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser among Windows users. However, it is also known to collect user data when allowed, which is why it only landed the last position in our list.

Chrome also comes with all the standard security features such as automatic URL redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, VPN, and ad-blocker support through extensions and a familiar user interface across the devices.

The latest version of Google Chrome includes DuckDuckGo as a recommended search engine, making it a DuckDuckGo browser choice.

Note that there is even a DuckDuckGo extension for Chrome that you can use to shorten the process.

⇒ Get Google Chrome

All the browsers in this article allow you to change the default engine and set it to DuckDuckGo. Also, consider checking our list of browsers that don’t save your history and personal data.

With the constantly increasing rate of cyber security breaches, you may even consider using one of the best browsers without cookies to protect your online privacy.

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Best Iphone And Ipad Apps Every Woman Must Use In 2023

While most technology is for everyone regardless of gender, there are some specific apps for women that address our unique needs and solve niche problems. From period tracking and contraceptive reminders to financial management, closet organization, and more, I’ve found several tools to improve different aspects of my life. Here’s my roundup of the best iPhone and iPad apps for women.

1. Nike Training Club – Best workout app for women

Women of every age should prioritize their fitness, and this workout app is an essential tool that helps you do just that. It offers 185+ free workouts of varied types, from yoga to cardio to weight training, minimal equipment workouts, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness freak, this app has everything you need to achieve your goals and stay active.

I especially loved the trainer-led programs that help you build healthy habits and get the results you want. The best part is that you can follow the programs at home and still get professional fitness guidance. Regardless of your body type, this app deserves to be included in your weekly routine for a stronger, fitter you.

Price: Free


2. MyFitnessPal – Best fitness app for women

A good diet goes hand in hand with fitness for an overall better lifestyle. MyFitnessPal is a leading health app that lets you count calories, track nutrients, log your food intake and exercise, plan meals, and more.

It has helped me learn more about the food I consume to make better-informed meal choices throughout the day. It features a database of 6+ million foods from across the world, and you can scan barcodes or upload food pictures to find their nutritional breakdown. It’s pretty neat and just like having a fitness pal with you all the time.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Monthly Premium)


3. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker – Best period tracking app

Your menstrual cycle can give insights into varied aspects of your health. This period app is a must-have to track your period and gain insights into how it affects your body and mind. I like to take a minute each day to check in with my body and log how I feel on this app. It’s helped me know when to expect the dreaded PMS and prep for my next period so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

It’s got a clean and intuitive interface that’s quick to find your way around. I appreciate how it goes much beyond just menstrual tracking. You can use it to understand your fertility better and plan pregnancy. It’s a scientific way to get to know your body and its unique patterns. It also offers plenty of customization when you opt for a premium subscription.

Price: Free ($0.99 for Monthly Subscription)


4. myPill Birth Control Reminder – Best reproductive health app

We all live busy lives, but the one thing you can take absolutely no chances with is your reproductive health. If you’re on the pill, skipping it can wreak havoc on your system. Avoid the mayhem by getting this app. It will remind you to take your pill every day, buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule checkups, and more.

Further, it supports all known contraceptives and lets you take additional notes that can come in handy at the doctor’s office. You can turn off the reminders when you’re on a break from your pill but continue using it for other handy features like the daily water intake tracker. All in all, it’s a nifty little iOS app for every modern woman.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $1.99)


5. Noonlight – Best app for women’s safety

We’ve all been in situations where we feel unsafe. And this app provides an innovative way to get timely help whenever you might need it. It can be used where you feel unsafe and when you need immediate emergency help. To use it, just press and hold down the on-screen button. Release when you are safe and enter your pin. To get help, release the button and don’t enter your pin.

The app will notify the police in your area about your location. Further, the app has partnered with Tinder to ensure you have safer dates. You can share details about who you’re meeting so that Noonlight has your back in case things go wrong. It’s packed with many other useful features, such as automatically updating your location even when you’re on the move.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Premium)


6. Mint – Best personal finance app

Financial management is key to leading an empowered life. The Mint personal finance app makes it easy to budget and keep track of your money matters in one place. Use it to reach your savings goals with personalized insights, custom budgets, expense tracking, and subscription monitoring. The best part is that all this is possible for free.

Moreover, the Mintsights feature lets you take a deep dive into your accounts and uncover new ways to make every dollar count. You also get timely alerts that help you stay on top of your budget, spends, account balances, credit score, and more. I love how it’s a one-stop financial solution that’s easy to use regardless of your lifestyle.

Price: Free


7. IFTTT – Best organization app

Take control of your life with this super useful app that brings your favorite services together to create new experiences. It’s got countless use-cases, from texting yourself about weather forecasts to keeping up with the news, getting home security alerts, shopping reminders, etc.

I love using it to share my Instagram posts on other platforms like Twitter, which I often forget. Some of the services it is compatible with include Spotify, YouTube, Medium, Telegram, Skype, Evernote, Fitbit, Google WiFi, eBay, and hundreds more. The level of customization it offers makes this app a worthy choice for all busy people out there.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Pro)


8. Shopsavvy – Best deals app

Love shopping? Me too! But what I love even more is this app that makes it easy to check the prices at over 60,000 retailers instantly so that you can secure the best deals. You can scan a barcode or visit any major retailer’s product pages to let ShopSavvy find the best price for you.

Price: Free ($1.99 for Pro)


9. Cozi Family Organizer – Best app for moms

Managing a family isn’t easy, but this app can help a great deal! It offers a surprisingly simple way to manage your home with a collaborative calendar, reminders, grocery lists, and more. It’s not surprising then that it’s been a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and earned the honor of being The TODAY Show “must-have app” for a better life.

I love how it makes it a breeze to keep track of everyone’s schedules in one place with a color-coded calendar and shared to-dos. Further, you can always know what needs to be bought from the grocery and save your favorite recipes to always have meal ideas. The app keeps your family members on one page and makes your busy mom-life a little easier!

Price: Free ($29.99 for a yearly subscription)


10. Instacart – Best grocery delivery app

Grocery shopping can be a pain. I dread going to crowded stores and spending hours getting everything I need. Luckily, Instacart makes life easier by helping you get fresh food, drinks, and other household items delivered to your doorstep all across the US.

It assigns you a shopper to get your groceries for you. You can even chat with your shopper in real-time if there are any changes to your order at the last minute. Further, it offers you the flexibility to pick up your order in person if that’s more convenient. It definitely adds some convenience to your busy life.

Price: Free


11. Pinterest – Best lifestyle app

Whether it’s fashion, food, home decor, travel, technology, education, or almost anything else, Pinterest is my number one destination for ideas and inspiration. You can easily search for and save ideas to help you out in every aspect of life.

Whether you’re planning a trip, a wedding, a home renovation, or your aspirations, create Pinterest boards and start saving and sharing inspiration. One of the most useful features is the Pinterest Lens that lets you snap a picture of something you see in real life to find ideas about how to buy, make, or do it. It’s a must-have app for all women who want to live their best lives.

Price: Free


12. Stylebook – Best closet organization app

Take stock of your wardrobe with this smart closet organization app. It lets you add pictures of the clothes you own, create magazine-style outfits, plan out what to wear, create packing lists, and more. Never grapple with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma again!

It makes it easy to browse your closet anywhere and create new looks in an instant. Further, you also get insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, such as what you wear the most, what you hardly wear, and which items are most versatile. If looking stylish is your priority, this app is worth the small price it comes at.

Price: $3.99


13. Flush – Toilet Finder & Map – Simplest way to find a nearby bathroom

One of the most challenging aspects of being female is finding a restroom when out and about. Thankfully, there’s an app to solve this problem too. Check out Flush Toilet Finder – the quickest, simplest way of finding a bathroom near you. Wherever you are, just open the app, and it will display the nearest toilets to you along with directions about how to get there.

Moreover, it’s free and has over 200,000 bathrooms in its database. You can even find restrooms that have disabled access. It also works without an internet connection, which makes it convenient for road trips. You can also add toilets and give ratings to the washrooms you use.

Price: Free


Top 13 iPhone and iPad apps every woman should have

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