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With a widespread vaccination program taking effect, life is edging back to pre-pandemic normality. Also on its way back? The daily commute back to the office. According to a recent survey, most of us are more than ready to get back to work in person.

While attitudes towards returning to the office varies by country, there’s a real passion from Americans to return to chatting at the water cooler and having meetings face-to-face again. But, does anyone still want to do this for five days in a row?

In a week where Apple has announced that it expects its staff to work in the office three days a week, what is the sweet spot for the modern office worker?

Back to the Office (Some of the Time)

The survey, from Randstad North America, was conducted by interviewing 800 participants per market, focusing on those who work at least 24 hours per week.

Anyone who has become accustomed to their remote working lifestyle may be surprised to hear that an overwhelming number of American office workers do want to get back – some 78%, in fact. That breaks down further as 76% of women wanting to return, versus 81% of men.

78% of office workers want to return to work; but, 54% wish to do so under flexible arrangements

However, there’s a slight caveat attached to this, in that we’re not quite  ready to give up our home comforts entirely just yet.

A slim majority (54%) of those polled said that they preferred a flexible work arrangement that allows them to spread their time between home and the office. It was also the reason that 23% of respondents gave for switching jobs during the pandemic.

23% of respondents switched jobs during the pandemic in order to seek flexible working guarantees

The survey through up some more interesting statistics too. While job satisfaction has fluctuated slightly from pre-pandemic to today, the change has been very slight.

Americans interviewed in Q4 2023 stated a 77% level of job satisfaction. While this dipped in Q2 2023 (72%) and gained in Q4 2023 (79%), it’s now back at 77% again.

Similarly, 30% of those interviewed in Q4 2023 were actively looking for a new job. In Q2 2023, it was 30%, again.

The Highs and Lows of Working from Home

While some of us may have revelled in the chance to work in our pyjamas and gossip with the cat about our colleagues, this wasn’t felt by everyone.

According to the survey, the most negatively affected group were younger workers. The 18 – 24 age group had the highest percentage of those who felt lonely, with more than a third reporting feeling this way.

The study from Randstad points out that the mental health repercussions of this could be serious, with not just productivity at stake, but the well being of the younger employees themselves. Japan’s government has even appointed a ‘minister of loneliness’ to tackle this issue, after the country saw suicide rates rise for the first time in eleven years.

The main reason given for struggling to work at home was due to missing colleagues. After over a year of the closest human interaction being a pixelated Zoom call, it’s easy for most of us to relate to that sentiment.

Around 32% of respondents said they found it difficult to keep a work/life balance. With the ritual of the commute to the office and the physical separation now gone, where does the living room end and your office begin? Extended working hours were also raised as an issue, with virtual working encouraging a culture of being ‘always available’.

In fact, one of the most common asks from employees to their employer was policies on work hours to enable them to keep a work/life balance (27%).

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Will Businesses Ever Return To The Office?

Did You Know?

A telecommuting policy should address who is eligible to work from home, set expectations about hours, and help workers set up a secure home office.

Key Takeaway

Cloud computing facilitated the rise of remote work by allowing users to access files and specialized applications as if they were in the office.

Advantages of returning to the office

The “new normal” way of working — allowing employees to work in various environments — has benefitted many businesses and their employees. However, returning to the office also has unique perks.

Here are some benefits of returning to an in-office setup that may help businesses determine if a return-to-office mandate is what they need to thrive and grow.

1. Returning to office work will reduce distractions. 

Working in an office reduces many of the common productivity-killing distractions that affect a home office. Office environments tend to be quieter, more focused, and more structured than a WFH setup, where kids, neighbors, pets and so on may interrupt workflow. 

Global Car Accessories owner Muhammed Alkhudri agrees that it can be challenging to concentrate at home. “I have tried to work from home, and I still to this day do that sometimes, but the distractions become much more compelling when you work from home,” Alkhudri noted.

While office environments differ, returning to in-office work often means you’ll be in surroundings designed to ensure as few distractions as possible to boost productivity. 


Distracted workers cost businesses time and money, leading to productivity loss, inefficiency and overpayment for labor.

Did You Know?

Having everyone in the same office also offers more opportunities for team-building and camaraderie, which can improve employee engagement, collaboration, productivity and company culture.

Key Takeaway

Research from Ergotron says remote workers are more productive, enjoy an improved work-life balance, and have healthier lifestyles.

Business type and industry are crucial considerations

When exploring whether your company should ask employees to return to working onsite, consider the type of business you run. Remote work isn’t an option for businesses that require in-person, customer-facing employees. If your office frequently welcomes clients, having staff onsite is necessary. 

Other businesses have more flexibility. Let’s say you sell online via an e-commerce shop. You have few storage needs and outsource shipping and order fulfillment to a third party. In this case, bringing employees back to an office may not be necessary. There’s no need to incur the expense of a commercial lease. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh your business’s unique needs and culture before mandating a return to the office. Business owners shouldn’t feel pressured by trends or what other companies are doing. Doing what’s best for your organization — and protecting your employees and resources — is most important. 


Conduct employee surveys to determine how your team feels about working at home vs. returning to the office. Meeting the needs of your top achievers can foster loyalty and employee retention.

Find the right work arrangement for your business

Returning to the office after years of working from home or in a hybrid setup is a huge step. Many businesses can make a case for returning to the office. In fact, this step is inevitable for some. 

However, some organizations may benefit from a hybrid arrangement where some workers report onsite and some work remotely. Offering the best of both worlds may positively impact your employees and the entire organization. 

Business owners must carefully balance the needs of their organization and consider their employees’ best interests before mandating a return to the office. 

Apple Director Resigns Over Company’s Return To Office Plans

Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s Director of Machine Learning, has resigned in opposition to the company’s return to office policy.

The news comes just days after Apple Together, a cohort of disgruntled Apple employees, penned an open letter expressing their opposition to plans to make spending three days in the office a requirement for the company’s 25,000 Bay Area employees after May 23rd. This will mark the final phase of the company’s gradual return to office strategy, which commenced last June but was then postponed due to Covid fears.

The fact the decision has caused at least one high-profile resignation is unsurprising considering the fact so many other companies are now offering full flexibility in light of its effect on employee wellbeing.

Apple’s Director of Machine Learning Resigns

Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s Director of Machine Learning, is leaving the company due to its return-to-work policy. Journalist Zoe Schiffer broke the story on Twitter, Goodfellow said in a letter to employees that he felt “strongly that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team.”

Goodfellow, a former employee of Google who was a Senior Staff Research Scientist, is a highly respected figure in his field described by journalist Zoe Schiffer as Apple’s “most cited [machine learning] expert.”

He joins the cohort of Apple staffers known as Apple Together in his opposition to the return-to-work mandate.

Apple Together said in an open letter that “three fixed days in the office and the two WFH days broken apart by an office day, is almost no flexibility at all,” and complained that “office-bound work is a technology from the last century, from the era before ubiquitous video-call-capable internet and everyone being on the same internal chat application.”

GAN but not Forgotten

Ian Goodfellow – who has only been an Apple employee since March – headed up the Machine Learning department of Apple’s Special Projects group.

Goodfellow created GANs, a class of machine learning networks where two neural net architectures (generative and discriminative) are put up against one another to generate increasingly accurate outcomes through competition.

Goodfellow’s neural net models have been used to generate deep fakes as well as digital images that are indistinguishable from their copies.

Apple has been attempting to improve its AI capabilities for some time now – and has been acquiring AI startups since 2023, so Goodfellow’s short tenure and principled regulation will be a big blow.

Will more resignations follow?

It’s entirely possible. Many of the companies that would be looking to employ the same sorts of industry leaders, experts, and thinkers – such as Microsoft and Facebook, which also have ongoing AI projects – offer much more flexibility than Apple does when it comes to deciding on working from home.

The pandemic has created a shift in how we conceptualize the working day and, most importantly, has shown exactly how much work can get done without the need for an office – something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. This, combined with a general skills shortage and phenomena like the Great Resignation, means professionals have never been in a better position to demand flexible hours that work for them.

Apple’s return-to-office policy has clearly ruffled the feathers of plenty of employees – but whether any other big names will join Ian Goodfellow remains to be seen.

Analysts: Microsoft Didn’t Cut Office 365 Prices Just To Be Nice

In announcing price reductions for Office 365 this week, Microsoft said its cost of running the cloud suite has fallen and that it wants to “pass on” those savings to customers, but some analysts believe the primary drivers for the move have little to do with goodwill.

Google Apps is gaining more and more acceptance among CIOs of large companies and is finally cracking that market, after being considered for years a cloud email and collaboration suite better suited for small businesses.

This trend represents a risk not only to Office 365, which comes in most editions with cloud-hosted versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office, but also to the on-premise deployments of those products.

“The price cuts reflect Microsoft’s fear of Google. Google Apps for Business has increasing momentum in the enterprise sector, and Microsoft is doing everything they can to prevent further incursions. In this case, Microsoft is pulling on the pricing lever to combat Google,” said Gartner analyst Matthew Cain, via email.

Michael Osterman, president and founder of Osterman Research, sees the price cuts as an attempt by Microsoft to spur sales of Office 365 among enterprise customers, given that most of the suite’s sales have come from small companies since its launch about eight months ago.

“A key reason for the price cuts is likely that Microsoft’s enterprise adoption numbers are not quite where the company wants them to be,” he wrote in a blog post.

His firm’s research shows, for example, that cloud-based email services that cost US$20 per seat, per month make 16 percent of midsize and large companies “likely or definite adopters.” At $15, the number of likely or definite adopters jumps significantly to 27 percent, and at $10, the percentage increases to 49. Dropping the price below $10 per seat, per month increases demand, but more modestly, Osterman said.

Office 365 comes in a variety of editions, all priced differently on a per-user, per-month subscription basis.

Office 365 also has a plan for small businesses, called P1, which has a 50-user limit. An email-only option with just Exchange Online, as well as other alternatives, are also available. The P1 plan price remains the same at $6 per user, per month.

By comparison, Google Apps’ standard edition, which is limited to 10 users, is free, while its enterprise edition, called Google Apps for Business, costs $50 per user, per year, which amounts to about $4.16 per month, for customers who sign an annual contract. It costs $5 per user, per month if the contract is renewed monthly.

Microsoft also said that plan A2 of the upcoming Office 365 for Education will be free for students, faculty and staff, and that prices for other education plans for staff and faculty have been reduced aggressively.

The A2 plan includes hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office Web Apps. Office 365 for Education will be launched in the summer.

Microsoft’s new prices apply only to new customers and to existing customers when their contracts are up for renewal. This means, for example, that a company in the fifth month of a one-year Office 365 deal will pay the old, higher prices for the remaining seven months and renew the contract at the new, lower prices.

“It’s not surprising that Microsoft is trying to accelerate adoption of Office 365. The more customers it has on board, the more cost-effective it is for them,” said Rebecca Wettemann, a Nucleus Research analyst.

Being able to entice existing customers to stick with Office 365 by lowering prices is important because churn is high in the first six months of a company’s deployment of a cloud-hosted suite in general, Wettemann said.

“Churn drops significantly after six months and doesn’t start to spike up again until after three years,” she said.

Juan Carlos Perez covers enterprise communication/collaboration suites, operating systems, browsers and general technology breaking news for The IDG News Service. Follow Juan on Twitter at @JuanCPerezIDG.

Discord Member List Not Loading: Full Guide To Fix It Now

Discord Member List Not Loading: Full Guide to Fix It Now Clear the Discord app cache or check the Discord server status




The Discord members list not loading error is a long pending issue that is troubling users for quite some time.

This prevents them from viewing the complete list of members on Discord, both on the PC app and on the browser.

You can try reinstalling the application or changing the browser to check if this resolves the problem.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Is the Discord member list not loading for you and you are looking for solutions to resolve the problem? Fortunately in this guide, we have a list of solutions that will help you fix the problem at your end.

Several users have reported that for them the Discord member list is not loading. Quite often this error is because of server issues and something it could be because of a different issue. Whatever the case may be, we will help you fix the problem.

What causes the Discord member list not loading issue?

After some careful research, we have shortlisted a few reasons that could trigger the Discord member list not loading issue on your PC:

Server issue: It could be because there is an official server error that could be causing the loading problem, so apply our below tip.

The app’s cache: Chances are that the cache of the Discord app is corrupt and is causing the problem.

Outdated app: You should keep the app up to date in order to enjoy the latest features and also fix bugs.

Faulty internet connection: If your internet connection is not working properly then you will face multiple issues with the Discord app.

Discord files are missing: Some third-party apps might have replaced the Discord program files, or it could have gone corrupted.

How do I fix the Discord member list not loading?

You can check the status of the Discord server from the official website or by using websites such as Downdetector. If the Discord server is down, then there isn’t much that you can do, as it will start working only after the official servers are up.

Simply restart your PC, as this will load all the system and program-related files from scratch.

If you are getting this error on a browser, then try launching Discord in another browser and see if this fixes the issue or not. We have a list of some of the best browsers that you can try.

Reboot your internet modem and check if this fixes the issue or not.

1. Clear the Discord app cache

Press Win + R to open the Run dialogue.

Type %appdata% and press Enter.

Open the Discord folder.

Open the Cache folder and delete all the files inside it.

Cache files store all of your personalized settings to ensure all of your in-app settings are loaded correctly and reduce load times.

If these files get corrupted or missing, then you can delete these files. It is perfectly safe to delete app cache files.

You will come across the Discord member list not loading error if the app isn’t updated. Chances are because of a bug in the previous version, you are getting the error.

Expert tip:

3. Reinstall Discord

The above steps let you uninstall the Discord app completely from your PC leaving no traces behind. While the above process works, you can also make use of a dedicated tool.

You can make use of CCleaner to uninstall apps from your PC. This tool can also help you remove apps that are pretty sticky and do not completely uninstall following the regular process.

⇒ Get CCleaner

4. Clear browser cache

Just like the app cache, the browser cache can also cause multiple issues with Discord including the Discord members list not loading problem.

Follow the above steps and clear the browser cache for your browser. We have shown the steps for Google Chrome just to give you an idea of how to perform the steps. The steps may be different for a different browser.

You can check out our guide that lists some best solutions to fix Discord microphone issues. We also have a guide on that will help you resolve if you are facing Discord GIFs aren’t loading problem.

If you are unable to unmute Discord in the browser, then you should check out our guide that lists 3 quick ways to fix it. You can also check out the solutions in our guide to fix high CPU usage issues by Discord.

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How To Migrate From Office 365 Tenant To Another Office 365 Tenant?

In this current business scenario, there are many organizations that are moving to the cloud. Most organizations prefer Microsoft Office 365 as it provides multiple functionalities for businesses like Outlook, Exchange Server, OneDrive, Skype for business server, etc.

Sometimes, migration need arise because of mergers, acquisitions, or divestment. Therefore, here we will disclose how you can migrate from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant?

But, first, you have to know there is no manual solution available to do this task, Microsoft also suggests their users to use third-party software to perform Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 migration.

So, here we will use the best automated solution to do this migration task. Let’s start the migration…

How to Migrate from Office 365 Tenant to another Office 365

When we talk about migration, the first thing that comes into the mind that is data consistency. However, there is multiple migration tool are available to do this task, but we have to select the right tool that will migrate Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant without any type of data loss.

So, we would like to suggest SysTools Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool. After testing the tool, we have found this is the best tool to do this migration task. It comes with multiple which all are help you in Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration process. Some highlighted features are given below –

1 – Migrate emails, contacts, calendars, documents from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365.

2 – Import CSV option to create the mapping between Office 365 source & destination users.

3 – Date-based filter option to migrate only selective data from one Office 365 to another Office 365.

4 – Capable to migrate data from Office 365 domain.

5 – Delta migration option to migrate newly arrived data.

6 – Option to set Account-based priority to migrate data from these accounts.

7 – Provides multiple project migration options.

8 – Three options for re-run migration.

9 – Create a summary report of the entire Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration.

Procedure to Perform Office 365 tenant to Office 365 Tenant Migration

Get to know the working procedure of the tool to migrate data from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant.  Follow the given steps –

1 – Select Office 365 as a source & as a destination.

3 – If you need to migrate only selective data you can apply Date-based filter.

4 – After applying all required options you need to login to Office 365 source tenant with Admin ID & Application ID.

8 – Now, browse the CSV file to upload that mapping CSV file into the software.

10 – Software will take few minutes to migrate from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant.

We have successfully performed Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration. Now, login Office 365 destination Office 365 tenant to access data.


To migrate data from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 isn’t complicated if you know the right solution. So in the above article we have explained the right & easy solution to perform Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration it will help you to do this task easily.

Venn Torr

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