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Electronic Arts along with Respawn Entertainment published and developed a new free to play battle royale game called Apex Legends. This game is set in the same universe as Titanfall and has recently been released for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The introduction of each character having their own unique skills and abilities, makes it stand out from Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND or PUBG. Just a few weeks into its initial release, this game has taken over the entire Internet with everyone talking about its features, graphics, and storyline. We will be talking about the game in this article.

Apex Legends for PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4

We will be discussing the following aspects of this game,

System Requirements.

Options available on the PC edition.

How to download and install it on a Windows PC.

My Initial Impressions.


1] Apex Legends System Requirements

As per the drill and data officially provided by EA (Electronic Arts), we will be talking about the Minimum Requirements and the Recommended Requirements.

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (x64 architecture).

CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor.

RAM: 6 Gigabytes.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7730

GPU RAM: 1 Gigabyte.

Hard drive free space: Minimum 22 Gigabytes of free space on the Hard drive.

Recommended Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (x64 architecture).

CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent

RAM: 8 Gigabytes.

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290

GPU RAM: 8 Gigabytes.

Hard drive free space: Minimum 22 Gigabytes of free space on the Hard drive.

2] Apex Legends Options available on the PC edition

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target: 0 (off) – 100 (requires TSAA when Enabled)

Adaptive Supersampling: Disabled / Enabled

Anti-aliasing: None / TSAA

Aspect Ratio: 4:3 and 5:4 / 16:9 / 16:10 / 21:9

Ambient Occlusion: Disabled / Low / Medium / High

Color Blind Mode: Off / Protanopia / Deuteranopia / Tritanopia

Display Mode: Full screen / Windowed / Borderless Window

Dynamic Spot Shadows: Disabled / Enabled

Effects Detail: Low / Medium / High

FOV: Slider (70-110)

Impact Marks: Disabled / Low / High

Model Detail: Low / Medium / High

Ragdoll: Low / Medium / High

Spot Shadow Detail: Disabled / Low / High / Very High

Sun Shadow Coverage: Low / High

Sun Shadow Detail: Low / High

Texture Filtering: Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x)

Texture streaming budget: None / 2GB VRAM / 2-3 GB VRAM / 3 GB VRAM / 4 GB VRAM / 6 GB VRAM / 8 GB VRAM

V-Sync: Disabled / 3x buffered / Adaptive / Adaptive (1/2 rate)

Volumetric Lighting: Disabled / Enabled

Additional features

Fully remappable key bindings

Mouse acceleration: off/on

Streamer Mode: Off / Killer Only / All

ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplayer Slider: 0.2 up to 20.0

Gamepad support with multiple configs and sensitivity options

Voice Chat Record Mode: Push to Talk / Open Mic

Open mic threshold slider

Incoming voice chat volume slider

(Currently only available in English)

(Currently only available in English)

3] Download & install Apex Legends on Windows PC

Apex Legends can be downloaded and played using Origin of Windows PCs.

Once downloaded, run the executable file to land on the following screen.

It will ask you to sign in to your Origin account/EA account. If you do not already have one, just use the Create An Account option to create one right then.

Once signed in, you will be prompted to choose the install location and other details which you need to set accordingly.

You need to remember that the installation location will need at least 22 Gigabytes of free hard drive space.

Along with that, you will also get options to enable the creation of the Start menu and Desktop shortcuts to get the game running more intuitively.

Depending on your Internet connection, it will then start downloading 13.26 GB to game data.

Finally, you can select Play to start the game.

It will then launch and start loading the game.

There you go!

4] Apex Legends gameplay

Playing the game is a bit addictive. The responsiveness and character-based features that you get with this game, makes it stand out from others.

A player will be able to level up with the XP that they earn by playing the matches. For each level up, they will be eligible to earn rewards like Apex Pack, Legend Tokens or even both. After level 100, additional tokens can be earned just by gained by just getting enough XP.

A new character can be unlocked when the player collects 12,000 Legend Tokens by playing standard matches. For now, only one map named ‘Kings Canyon’ is available but new maps might be coming in the future.

Also, cross-platform play functionality is not yet available, but you will be getting all the new features on every platform at almost the same time.

5] Apex Legends – Initial Impressions

After getting the game fully loaded, it was easy to get used to it because of the fact that a character is narrating the storyline. And talking about the graphics, it was decent, and the frame rate stayed around 30 FPS on my machine running a 2 Gigabytes dedicated NVIDIA 920 MX and with 8 Gigabytes of RAM. The processors was a 7th Generation Core i5 – 7200U.

However, when playing intense location where the rendering was instant and critical, I faced a few lags, but that should not be on higher end machines.

Other than that, I found the gameplay to be smooth, playable and enjoying.

This game deserves a thumbs up from me.

6] Apex Legends Availability

This game is available right now to be played in the following countries for a Windows PC-

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Taiwan, United States, South Africa, Thailand.

If you live in a region outside of something mentioned above, you might need to wait a little more.

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20 Helpful Apex Legends Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Just when you thought that battle royale games had outlived their hype, we were greeted with a new title in the form of Apex Legends. I know, it may not be the most catchy name but this free-to-play game from Respawn, the game studio behind the renowned Titanfall titles, feels like a breath of fresh air and has been drawing a ton of interest since its debut earlier last week.

Best Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends

Note: All the tips and tricks listed below have been tested on the PC version of the game, but should be accessible on PS4 and Xbox consoles as well.

1. Start Out With Any Legend

Before every match kicks off, each member of your three-man squad is required to pick which character, known as legends, they want to play as. Each legend has its own unique abilities and since you’re new to the game, you shouldn’t worry about picking the right one for you. Just pick one and explore what each of them has to offer.

I usually love playing as Bloodhound or Pathfinder because of their ability to track players and climb up to any location using grapples or ziplines respectively.

2. Know the Ability of Legends

As I just told you, each character in Apex Legends has its own unique abilities and if you want to learn what all they are, you can do that simply by hovering over a legend on the selection page and hitting the right mouse button. You’ll then see the passive (activates automatically), tactical (activated by pressing Q), and ultimate (takes time to become available and activated by pressing Z) abilities.

3. Dropping In is No Hassle!

If you have played PUBG, be it on mobile or PC, then you know you can pin locations you want to land at and loot up with your teammates. However, it’s a chore to talk about the same and land together. Well, Apex Legends brings the same functionality in the fold but builds upon it by assigning one of the members the job of dropping off the dropship.

4. High Tier Loot Locations

One of my favorite things about Apex Legends is that it informs you about the tier of loot (where good, average or bad loot spawns) available in each location as you enter it – right below the name of the location. There are a ton of locations with high tier loot, such as the Bunker, Airbase, or the Hydro Dam.

However, if you fancy having the absolute best gear right off the bat, well, then either the floating Supply Ship or the Hot Zone are your best bets in Kings Canyon. You can see the former flying on the map, so mark it and try to stick a landing on it, else the circular blue zone is where everyone will be headed. Be quick to loot and shoot or you’ll be eliminated.

5. Ping Weapons or Enemies

While most battle royale titles need you to communicate over voice with teammates for everything, Apex Legends has vastly simplified the process. You can now simply point at gear or weapons and press on the middle mouse button to ping the location of the same to your team. It’s possible you don’t need that gear, but your friendly squadmates might.

6. Keep Your Inventory in Check

7. Color-coded Gear and Weapons

Unlike in PUBG, you don’t need to remember what all types of ammo are there in Apex Legends and what gun requires which of those – a heavy mag or shotgun one. Well, it’s because everything from weapons, shields, and helmets in Apex Legends is color-coded and it’s the most sound implementation to date.

8. Picking the Right Kind of Ammo

Well, if color is being your enemy and you want a better way of knowing which ammo fits your weapon then I have the perfect suggestion for you. When you’re running over all the ammo scattered about Kings Canyon in Apex Legends, you will see a silhouette of the weapon you have in your inventory next to the pop-up over the ammo rounds.

Just keep an eye on the silhouette when you run across ammo and press E hastily to pick those up because time is of the essence in this game. This tip makes picking up the right kind of ammo such a handy task.

9. Lookout for Supply Bins/ Loot Ticks

Since we are on the subject of loot, I would suggest you to be on the lookout for supply bins and loot ticks. While the former are huge cylindrical bins and easy to spot, the loot ticks are pyramidical bots that light up and are fewer in number.

Both of them are randomly hidden around the map and you have the opportunity to search and loot them to gear up. They will often contain some of the most favored gear including weapons, attachments, ammunition, and even shield or helmets. I love to find scopes and shield batteries in the supply bins and it’s awesome!

10. Damage is Color-coded As Well

Apex Legends is really well-designed, keeping the ease of the players in mind, and thus, it also color-codes the damage you deal other players. This relates to the color codes assigned to your protective gear, i.e the helmet and shield, which are represented using white for Level 1, blue for Level 2, and purple for Level 3.

So, when you take a shot at an enemy and connect, the damage numbers shown over them are colored on the basis of the protective gear they have on. This means if an enemy has a Level 2 shield (100 base + 50 shield HP), then the damage will appear blue, revealing how many more shots you’ll have to take to knock or eliminate them. It’s super useful in times of intense firefights.

10. Holster Weapon to Run Faster

You can use this tip to quickly escape fights, flank or run into safe zones. And if you can combine it with continuous sliding, then it can help you reach the target location (which you can ping to squadmates) a lot faster.

11. Slide Out of Sticky Situations

One of the most essential abilities in Apex Legends is sliding. You can hold down on the “Left Ctrl” key to slide and I bet you, it comes in pretty handy during gameplay all the time. After you’ve holstered the weapon, you can slide downhill to move even faster and sliding is going to make all the difference when you’re fighting an enemy too.

If you’re caught up in a sticky situation, such as if enemies are surrounding your squad or nuke strikes are about to hit you, then you can combine jumping and sliding to get out instantly. Sliding can be helpful when you’re chasing to kill or save your own skin.

12. No Fall Damage/ Friendly Fire

Yes, you read that right PUBG fans. I know there have been times you’ve been stuck at mountain tops, too afraid to take the leap because it might kill you instantly. Well, Apex Legends takes a different turn here and you can jump down from any height, be it a ledge or tower, without fear because you won’t suffer any fall damage.

The same goes for firing at enemies when your squad is around. Don’t be afraid and just fire away. Throw smoke grenades and take down enemies because your bullets won’t be causing any damage to your team – but they might come in the way of your shots, so do keep that in mind.

13. Use Balloon Ropes to Re-deploy

When you find yourself running around Kings Canyon, I’m sure you will notice these red balloons tied to a rope at many different locations. Well, these are super handy and help you quickly travel long distances – moving from one location to another. How, you ask?

You can simply run up to one of the balloons, ride up the rope attached to the same (by pressing E on your PC when you’re next to it) to redeploy yourself– as you do at the beginning of your game. Once you’re at the top of the rope, you will be shot in the direction of your choice and it’s the simplest way to reach the safe zone if you are caught outside.

14. Climb Walls To Reach Places

While you can single jump (hitting the space bar once) to traverse most of the terrain in Apex Legends, it’s not that simple to get on top of buildings, or huge mountains or rocks. However, it’s possible to climb over ledges or building walls that may look impossible at first, by running towards it, jumping and holding the forward (W) key.

#ApexLegends PRO TIP: you can wall-climb to higher areas by jumping and pushing forward. It’s not covered in the tutorial but is essential!

— Carlos Pineda 🇵🇭 (@pinedsman) February 4, 2023

15. Mute Annoying Squad Mates

I know we just discussed how you can easily play the game without having to talk with anyone in-game, however, it does not mean that voice comms haven’t been baked into Apex Legends. It’s possible to converse with squad mates, but if you feel like a random player is talking too much and getting on your nerves, then go ahead and mute them.

The process to mute someone is pretty straightforward. You’d have hit the Tab key to access your inventory multiple times but did you ever notice that it’s multi-tabbed? We’ve missed on the same at first but the second tab on your inventory page shows all your squad mates and it’s here you can tap the ‘speaker’ icon at the bottom of their player card to mute them. You can now enjoy your game in peace!

16. Respawn Team Members

In all the other battle royale games that you might have played to date, you become a spectator the moment you are killed by the enemy. However, Apex Legends takes the fun a step further, increasing player retention, by granting you the ability to bring eliminated squad members back into the game.

Yes, if one of your squad members is killed in a fight, you have a few seconds to locate their loot box and grab the recovery badge. Once you do that, you can take the badge over to one of the many respawn beacons (as seen above) splayed across the map and respawn your squad members.

Note: Remember your respawned teammate won’t have any inventory, so it would be a good gesture to lend them a gun and some ammunition.

17. Craft Skins for Weapons/ Legends

Apex Legends is certainly refreshing but the feature that makes it further exciting is the ability to craft items.

While I like the crafting abilities of this battle royale game, the process of collecting craft points can be tedious and you may have the urge to buy Apex Packs to craft more.

18. Drop Pods Carry Great Loot

While you can scour for high tier loot in the locations we’ve listed above, you should also keep an eye out for incoming drop pods as they carry some of the greatest loot – especially weapons, attachments, and shields of legendary status. And oh my, they’ve some awesome benefits.

While the legendary shield offers you the same protection as the purple one, you don’t need a shield battery or cells to recharge it. Just use a finisher on an enemy and the shield will be topped up automatically. Then there’s the legendary knockdown shield or Phoenix Kit that acts a full-fledged medkit.

19. You Can Revive Yourself Too

However, it can be a little risque in intense firefights or close combat as the enemy can eliminate you before you get the chance to get yourself back in the game. Still, isn’t it awesome that you can come back into the game all by yourself without a helping hand from your teammates?

20. Best Weapons/ Most Damage

Finally, after all the tips and tricks in our arsenal, let us talk about the best weapons and which ones should you try to pick up to deal the most damage to your enemies. Well, the armory in Apex Legends sure is flush with a variety of assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and sniper rifles and the best ones are as under:





Hemlok Burst ARAssault Rifle183618


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Apex Legends: Don’t Worry, You Can Be a Legend Too

Amongst the plethora of battle royale games that you can choose to play right now, Apex Legends seems to be the most refreshing. It has got the perfect blend of realistic weapon mechanics and characters, and also it’s free-to-play, which is the main reason that a hoard of people are gravitating towards it.

Best Card And Board Games For Xbox One

Let’s accept that the good old Card and Board games can never be replaced by anything similar; for those who loved them, whether chess or monopoly, grouping over a board game is an experience of its own.

Best Card & Board games for Xbox One

As everything is shifting online, so are board games. Yup, no denying that playing across a board table will always retain its grace, but for those addicted to their Xbox, here is a list of the top 10 card and board games for Xbox One:

1] Chess Ultra

The good old chess has been made even more exciting by bringing Chess Ultra to Xbox One. The chess game is better than playing it on a board if chess, the graphics making it “more real than real.” The best part about Chess Ulta is its grim reaper opponent, which gives a wild and scary feel to the game. The tranquil music adds to the aura during the gameplay.

Chess Ultra supports 4k graphics which is an experience of its own. The game has an algorithm which assigns an ELO score to every player, thus making the multiplayer game even more interesting. Check more about the game on the Microsoft store here.

2] Railway Empire

Monopoly would sound boring once you start with this amazing game Railway Empire. The story three in the United States of 1830. Post renaissance era, the industry is booming, and railways are one primary requirement for feeding the revolution. Constructing the railway, an industry in itself is even more of a competition as the better the connectivity, the more powerful the trade and the stronger the country. The game is available on Amazon.

3] Fable Fortune

A collectible card game, Fable Fortune is one of the best of options among free card and board games. The gameplay allows users to select among the 6 designated heroes, of which one has to be picked. The chosen character has to side with either good or evil and with a single friend at your side, you need to defeat the much powerful enemy. Fable Fortune is available free of cost at the Microsoft store here.

4] Monopoly Plus

The good old Monopoly might hardly find a substitute, but the experience has been enhanced by bringing it to Xbox. Interestingly, the Xbox version allows users to modify the rules of the game and set goals accordingly. The 3D game could be played online with family and friends. It allows gamers to screenshot crucial moments in the game and brag about them later. So it’s the same monopoly experience, with more controls in your hands. Buy Monopoly Plus from Amazon here.

5] Pure Chess

Pure Chess is one of the most popular chess games for Xbox, which could be well credited to the simplicity of the application. The game includes a tutorial for players while deciding ELO score for others and connecting them to players of the own class. When playing with friends, you could challenge up to 8 friends at a time and if you lack them, just join any of the 3 major tournaments online. Get this game from the Microsoft store here.

6] Battleship

The good old Battleship played on gaming boards united families over a game, thus becoming a tradition. Now as the game progress to Xbox One, they tried to keep it as much original as possible. The gameplay involves shooting at and destroying enemy ships while saving your own vessel. Battleship for Xbox One has an interesting new “Clash at Sea” mode. If you like it, it could be bought from the Microsoft Store here.

7] Risk: Urban Assault

The story of Risk: Urban Assault is based in future. Thanks to global warming, the glaciers, and ice caps melted causing sea levels to rise. The resultant rising sea levels have caused a shortage of food and space, thus leading to anarchy and a powerplay for those who want to control the leftover resources. As the continents have become non-distinguishable and governments collapsed, new factions are created, and they are warring against each other. Grab this amazing game from the Microsoft store here.

8] Uno

Uno is one game that no child could ever forget. Unfortunately, we aren’t children anymore, thus making it difficult to find Unomates to play with. This problem gets resolved with Uno for Xbox One who helps connect with random players online. The most interesting part is the video chat feature while playing with friends. The game is available on the Microsoft store here.

9] Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

A very fascinating card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist involves Asian characters. We have to duel against our opponents and keep losing or trading cards. The mystic characters are both from the past and future, and the player has to choose the cards wisely based on the traits of the characters. Buy this wonderful game from Amazon here.

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10] Hand of Fate/Hands of Fate

When I first played Hands of Fate, the first thought was, why not make a game with live characters out of it, perhaps like one of those horror games. The current version’s gameplay is all about winning over other characters by playing your cards right, but it has a charm of its own. The gameplay is set in a dark world, where the characters are hopping through dungeons. Check more about the game here.

Let us know your favorite one!

Also look at these Card and Board Games for Windows PC.

How To Use The Xbox Live App For Windows Pc

The Xbox App for Windows 11/10 is looking like a true winner, something worthy of regular use by gamers all around the world. The app brings to the table many of the features that make Xbox Live unique and fun to use. However, it doesn’t come with the biggest con Xbox Live faces, and that’s the $60 price tag to play online.

Xbox Live app for Windows PC How does the Xbox One app stack up?

The most important thing about the app is the fact that users can stream Xbox One games to their PC. Just connect the console to the PC through the app, and watch the magic as any game being played on the console, begin to be streamed to the PC.

This is great for when you might want to go outside with your laptop for a while, or if your living room television is shared with others in the house.

The problem here is that it is not yet possible to stream games outside of your local network. It means that going to your friend’s house a few blocks down the road in hopes of showing off the new streaming trick, will not work.

When it comes down to how the app performs overall, we can’t complain. Though we should point out that a slow computer might have difficulties, so bear that in mind.

How to use the Xbox app

The Xbox app for Windows 10 is different from the one for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It is more gaming focused now, in fact, everything about it is gaming focused. On the left-hand side, users should see a pain of icons with words beside them. They allow the app to do all the great things it does.

For example, the Home button brings the user to the home screen of the app. Here gamers can view all the activities from anyone on their friends list. If a person earns an Achievement, Gamerscore, or just happened to share a video, it will all show up here.

The My Games section shows the games in the user’s library. It can be games from the Windows Store or more traditional games from Steam or other platforms.

Another thing we like is Game DVR. With this, users can record the best scenes in their video game and share them with their friends. The big upside to this feature and the one on the Xbox One is the fact that gamers can record for longer periods.

Users can even use Game DVR to view videos from others in the community. Right now we are watching a few guys performing neat tricks with a bike in Grand Theft Auto 6.

On the right side of the app, we get to see the pane where all folks on your friends list will show up. If they are offline, you will know, if they are online, you will know.

There’s a settings option on the left pane. From there, users can decide if they want the Xbox Live app to have a Live tile or a static one. You can also choose to be notified when your favorite friends start a Twitch broadcast, or how Game DVR works in the background.

Not every PC is capable of recording games in the background, so keep that in mind.

Overall, the Xbox Live app is great, and we hope to see Microsoft add more features in the future.

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Top 5 Pinball Game Apps For Windows 11/10 Pc

Pinball games have been one of the oldest genres in the gaming market. Perhaps the only reason the game still retains its priority is that it never had adequate competition. We play Pinball when we are bored and need something to kill time – not as a serious game. While the classic Pinball was a rage, the newer versions are an enhancement.

3D Pinball was one of the most popular games on any Windows XP machine. However, Microsoft decided to drop it from recent Windows versions. There is, however, a hack that allows you to get the classic 3D Pinball game on your Windows PC. But if you are looking for Windows apps, then this post is for you.

Pinball game apps for Windows 11/10

Let us take a look at the top 5 Pinball game apps for Windows 11/10 available in the Microsoft Store.

1] Pinball Star

We could well remember those good old days when Pinball was an in-build game on every Windows PC. That option was removed for the later versions because of which annoyed most Pinball lovers. Pinball Star is precisely the same game, with the difference that it’s downloadable from the Microsoft store instead of being a default app. Interestingly, despite the many versions of Pinball, Pinball Star remains the most downloaded one. Perhaps, it might never find a similar competition.

2] Cool Pinball Game

The Cool Pinball Game is a variant of the original Pinball, though pretty different with the gameplay while keeping the basics similar. Instead of shooting the small ball from the bottom, the ball is dropped from the top with bubble-type restraints obstructing its path. The user can control the lower shutters and they have to keep the ball from falling. Other than that, the setup has a red diamond-like symbol which works as a time limiter. The user has to keep targeting it to keep pushing the time limit further. Get the game from the Microsoft store.

3] Pinball Shooter

Pinball shooter is an easier variant to the original Pinball. The gameplay is simple – use the shutters at the bottom to direct the ball to hit the golden stars. Every hit adds on points and the game has a time limit. There are obstacles in between which change the path of the ball. Check this game from the Microsoft store.

4] Slingpin

Slingpin is definitely not one of those regular Pinball games. With tennis ball cannons, explosives, magnets, lasers, pinball bumpers, etc. This fun arcade/puzzle game involves smashing the obstacles and making points. The game is available from the Microsoft store here.

5] Momonga Pinball Adventures

This is one of those games with a story, yet keeping the basic theme related to Pinball. A perfect game for kids, Momonga Pinball Adventures uses a flying squirrel instead of the regular small balls. The whole game involves cute animals and 3 different “worlds” where the squirrel has to make points. The 3 main characters are Momo, Fry, and Panda. Fighting the evil owls. If you like it, then download it from the Microsoft store here.

Which one do you prefer?

The 7 Easiest Xbox One Games For Achievements

Beating your friends in multiplayer matches is simple. True glory only comes when you manage to drown them in your overwhelming Gamerscore. If you’re an Xbox gamer and you want to find a few easy games to fly through and add an extra 7,000 points to your total, check out this list.

We’ve found some of the easiest Xbox One games to get 1,000 Gamerscore on. Best of all, it won’t take you hours upon hours to do it. Most of these games can be fully completed (with every achievement unlocked) in just two or three hours. Sure, it may be cheating—but there’s a reason almost everyone that cares about achievements played Avatar: The Burning Earth on the Xbox 360.

Table of Contents

The games on this list may not give you 1,000 Gamerscore for just 5 achievements, but they’re not far off.

Tacoma is a bit of an odd Xbox One game. Despite receiving relatively good reviews, it wasn’t a commercial success. That may be due to the genre, a peculiar mix of explorative gameplay and investigative work. Think of it like an interactive drama.

From the standpoint of someone seeking achievements, Tacoma is an absolute goldmine. The game itself can take a while to play through, but if you use an achievement guide you can unlock every achievement the game has to offer in roughly two hours.

Best of all, Tacoma is part of Xbox Games Passa Ultimate. If you’re a subscriber, it’s a great way to buff your score without shelling out $20 for a copy.

Abzu is an Xbox One game much like Flower on the PS4—a calming, meditative sort of experience as you explore an underwater world teeming with life. There is a loose story, but it isn’t one to write home about. The main appeal of the game is the aesthetics.

Abzu is not a long game and has only 12 achievements, but those 12 add up to  1,000 points. If you use a guide, it won’t take you long to get them all. Most players can accomplish it in less than two hours. Since you can’t die in the game, you can’t lose progress.

Tennis in the Face is about what it sounds like: a game where your objective is to smash a tennis ball into your opponent’s face. There isn’t much more to it than that, but it’s a decent amount of fun for $4.99.

You can unlock all of the achievements in one to two hours. It isn’t difficult by any means, and if you’re looking for a way to give your Gamerscore a quick 1,000 point boost, Tennis in the Face is a solid option.

The genre of “walking simulator” has become quite popular over the years. The Station fits the genre to a T—you navigate through a derelict space station and search for clues to the fate of the crew. It’s a heavily story-based Xbox One game without much gameplay to speak of.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. If you like Gamerscore but you aren’t the best at games, the Station is one of the easiest titles on this list. In fact, you can unlock all 11 achievements and receive the 1,000 Gamerscore in about half an hour.

The story is okay, but nothing groundbreaking—but unlike so many easy games people play for achievements, most people will enjoy the story in The Station.

If the name sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve read the book of the same name—the book this game is based on. Storm Boy is not a challenging game by any means, but almost everyone will enjoy the experience.

The achievements are locked behind different mini-games, but they’re simple. There are only 11 achievements, and most players will be able to complete them all in 15 to 30 minutes. You read that right; if you want an extra 1,000 Gamerscore with almost no effort, pick up Storm Boy.

6180 the moon is a platformer that removes the threat of death by connecting the top and bottom of the screen. Think Asteroids, but with jumping. Of course, you can still lose by falling onto spikes or other threats.

You play as the Moon. It sounds a little strange, but it’s an enjoyable game, especially at the price point of $4. It takes about an hour to complete, including all of the achievements. There are 16 achievements for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore.

Old Man’s Journey is a charming narrative Xbox One game. There isn’t much gameplay to speak of, but the graphics are worth a play-through on their own. The game looks more like a painting by a Dutch Master than a video game. You stroll through it at your own pace, and the story is told by still images—no dialogue is used.

The game takes 1-2 hours to complete. It’s not a long game, and most of the achievements are locked behind interacting with people you come across. There are a few puzzle-related achievements, but they are not difficult to conquer. For a small time investment, you can rack up an extra 1,000 Gamerscore.

These small, easy-to-complete Xbox One games are your secret weapons in your Gamerscore races with friends. With games like this, you can earn an extra 2,000 or 3,000 points in just a few hours. They may not always be the most fun games to play, but the Gamerscore gains may be worth it.  

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