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As reported by 9to5Mac as well as the rest of the world, it has been announced that Apple will officially be working in partnership with IBM to once and for all take over the enterprise market.

This is without doubt a historic announcement from both companies and I would assume there are a few companies trembling in their boots having heard this news…Blackberry likely being one of them. But if you delve a little deeper, you may be able to see something more significant in this partnership. Something that will not only affect the enterprise, but could potentially change the entire landscape for the consumer market as well…

I previously wrote a blog post about an artificial intelligence supercomputer that IBM have developed called WATSON. Just look at him…what a thing of beauty he is!

But what on earth has this got to do with Apple and IBM working together?

“Siri, meet WATSON”…”WATSON, this is Siri”

OK, ok…silly introduction aside now, let me explain my thinking here:

When Siri was 1st announced, it blew the consumer market away. Finally we had what seemed to not only be a relatively accurate voice recognition service in the palm of our hands, but we could actually have conversations with our new AI friend. YouTube instantly blew up with videos of people asking Siri silly, or even naughty questions and testing her knowledge on various subjects. The world was going mad for the era of the virtual assistant.

That was 3 years ago however and now we have a number of different options at our fingertips, with the key competitor here being the somewhat unstoppable Google Now.

I am without doubt an Apple fan (maybe not a fanboy though) but I can still admit when I see something that I believe is superior to an Apple product. Don’t get me wrong, Siri has it’s benefits over Google Now, but for the most part, Google Now is faster, and often brings back more relevant information.

This is where IBM’s WATSON could come into play.

It is no secret that Apple appear to be working on removing the need for Nuance’s voice recognition software within Siri, and replacing it with their own…but developing a brand new artificial backend would just be too much of a monstrous task to undertake alone.

With a marriage (quite literally) between Siri and WATSON however, we could see Apple leapfrogging all of it’s competitors in the virtual assistant space, very swiftly. If the AI backend of Siri was to be run by a dedicated service such as WATSON, not only would we be getting more relevant information back, and likely quicker…but we could have an assistant who is truly capable of learning. Just watch how even an OFFLINE version of WATSON destroys humans in a game of Jeopardy:

I recently wrote about what I envisage for Apple in the home, and how iCloud (with the help of Siri) will be a hub to store all we need to automate our home media and eventually our lives. Whether we control Siri on our wrists, phones or even on a set of Beats headphones, the Apple virtual assistant is going to become so much more than what we currently know of it, and WATSON could be the technology that puts Siri and artificial intelligence into hyper drive.

Partnerships like this come every once in a while, but when it comes to Apple, I always have faith that things are not always necessarily as they seem on the surface.

Yes, this partnership will definitely create the penetration into the enterprise market that Apple have been craving, but I can’t help but speculate on what more can come out of this. Yes, this is all speculation…but this is also not something to be overlooked (in my honest opinion).

These services will no doubt be integrated into the enterprise apps and services that Tim and Virginia have already spoken about, but Apple would not be Apple if they didn’t have something greater considered. That is my opinion at least…what is yours?

You're reading Apple & Ibm Working In Partnership…Why This Is Not Just About The Enterprise!

Apple Announces Watchos 4 Apple Watch Update

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apple® today previewed watchOS® 4, featuring a proactive Siri® watch face that displays the information users need most throughout the day, personalized Activity coaching and an entirely new music experience. The update features an enhanced Workout app and introduces GymKit, a groundbreaking technology platform that will offer customers connected workouts with cardio equipment.

“Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy life and is now more intelligent than ever with watchOS 4,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “We’ve created a truly individualized experience with the smartest Activity and Workout apps, the Siri watch face that shows you the information you need when you need it and we’re seamlessly bringing users their favorite music right on the wrist.”


Siri intelligence extends further into Apple Watch® with the new Siri watch face. With each raise of the wrist, the information on the display dynamically updates based on the time of day, daily routines and pertinent data from apps such as Activity, Alarms, Breathe, Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, as well as headlines from the new Apple News™ app for Apple Watch.

With watchOS 4, the Activity app delivers intelligent coaching and tailored encouragement to help close Activity Rings more often and achieve longer success streaks. Every morning, users will receive a personalized notification if they’re close to earning an Achievement, or suggest what they can do to match yesterday’s activity levels. If needed, toward the end of the day, they’ll be told exactly how long they should walk to close their Activity Rings before the day is over. Users will also receive unique Monthly Challenges designed just for them.

Listening to music is more personal than ever with a redesigned Music app that automatically syncs your New Music Mix, Favorites Mix and most listened to music. With even more songs on the wrist, the effortless combination of Apple Watch paired with AirPods™ makes listening to music ideal for workouts or on the go.


The updated Workout app now includes auto-sets for pool swim workouts and new motion and heart rate algorithms for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. With watchOS 4, customers doing back-to-back workouts or training for a triathlon can combine multiple workouts to capture overall calorie and time measurements.

With GymKit, customers using their favorite cardio equipment will soon be able to pair their Apple Watch directly to treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes or stair steppers from global manufacturers such as Life Fitness and Technogym with a simple tap. In an industry first, data not previously communicated between smartwatch and fitness machine will sync seamlessly — including calories, distance, speed, floors climbed, incline and pace — resulting in the most accurate measurements possible with less device management.

Watch Faces & Bands

In addition to the Siri watch face, new Toy Story watch faces bring to life favorite Pixar characters including Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear, while the Kaleidoscope watch face turns static images into mesmerizing patterns. New complications include Now Playing and Apple News.

Today, Apple also introduced new summer band colors, giving customers more options than ever to express their personal style. This season’s offering includes vibrant Sports Bands, a bright yellow Classic Buckle and Nike Sport Band options that color-match with the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Day to Night Collection. As a celebration of diversity and inclusion, Apple is also offering a Pride Edition Woven Nylon in rainbow stripe.

Person to Person Payments with Apple Pay

With watchOS 4, Apple Watch users can make and receive person to person payments quickly, easily and securely with friends and family with Apple Pay®, within Messages or using Siri. When users get paid, they receive the money in their new Apple Pay Cash™ account and can use it instantly to send to someone, make purchases using Apple Pay in stores and apps, or transfer it to their bank account.

Pricing & Availability

watchOS 4 will be available this fall as a free update to Apple Watch paired with iPhone® 5s and later on iOS 11. WatchKit® for watchOS 4 is available immediately for iOS Developer Program members at chúng tôi For more information, visit chúng tôi Features are subject to change. Some features may not be available in all regions. My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix require an Apple Music® subscription. Person to person payments and Apple Pay Cash will be available in the US on iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, iPad Pro®, iPad® 5th generation, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini™ 3 and later and Apple Watch.

• Apple Watch is available in two different case sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Apple Watch Series 1 is available in gold, rose gold, silver or space gray aluminum cases paired with a Sport Band and starts at just $269 (US); Apple Watch Series 2 is available in gold, rose gold, silver or space gray aluminum, or silver or space black stainless steel cases paired with a wide variety of bands starting at $369 (US); and the ceramic Apple Watch Edition starts at $1,249 (US) from chúng tôi Apple Stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers and carriers. For local availability, visit chúng tôi Apple Watch Nike+ starts at $369 (US).

• New Apple Watch Sport and Classic Buckle bands are available today on chúng tôi and will be available later this week at Apple Stores, select Apple Authorized Resellers and carriers in the US and over 35 countries and regions including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE and the UK. The Sport Band is $49 (US) and the Classic Buckle is $149 (US).

• The new Pride Edition Woven Nylon band is available today on chúng tôi and will be available later this week at Apple Stores in the US and over 35 countries and regions including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE and the UK. The Woven Nylon bands are $49 (US).

• New colors of the Nike Sport Band are available today on chúng tôi chúng tôi and at select Nike retail stores, and will be available later this week at Apple Stores, select Apple Authorized Resellers and select speciality stores and department stores in the US and over 35 countries and regions including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE and the UK. The Nike Sport Band is $49 (US).

• Customers who buy Apple Watch from Apple will be offered free Personal Setup, in-store or online,* to help set up and personalize their new Apple Watch with calendars, notifications, apps and more.

* In most countries.

© 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, watchOS, Siri, Apple Watch, Apple News, AirPods, Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash, iPhone, WatchKit, Apple Music, iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and Apple Store are trademarks of Apple. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Apple Watch 2: Apple Plans Facetime Camera, Iphone

Two months after the initial launch of the Apple Watch, and only a day following the device’s debut at Apple Stores, sources have revealed Apple’s considerations for the 2024 release of a second-generation model. According to multiple sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the Apple Watch 2 is planned to gain a video camera, a new wireless system for greater iPhone independence, and new premium-priced models. Interestingly, it will also feature similar battery life to its predecessor…

FaceTime Video Camera

Apple’s current considerations call for a video camera to be integrated into the top bezel of the Apple Watch 2, enabling users to make and receive FaceTime calls on the move via their wrists. The company telegraphed its interest in increasing Apple Watch FaceTime functionality during the rollout of watchOS 2.0 at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month. For the first time, the new software allows users to answer FaceTime Audio calls from the Apple Watch, as well as route FaceTime video calls to either be answered on an iPhone or rejected. Of course, plans can change and it is possible that the camera could be pushed back to a later model. 

More iPhone Independence

Under an initiative internally called “tether-less,” Apple plans for the second-generation Watch to have more functionality when used independently from an iPhone. Currently, the Apple Watch’s activity tracking, mobile payment, and music playback functionality work substantially without a connected iPhone, but many other features that could normally function solely under a Wi-Fi connection do not function completely, including text messaging, emailing, and receiving updated weather data.

In order to make the next-generation Apple Watch more capable without a connected iPhone, Apple intends to integrate a new and more dynamic wireless chipset into the wearable. Although the Apple Watch 2 will likely continue to require an iPhone for heavy data transfers, including software upgrades and the synchronization of media files, basic communication tasks could be handled without iPhone assistance. The new Wi-Fi chip will also enable the Find my Watch feature we reported on earlier this year, as Apple will be able to track Apple Watches using Wi-Fi router triangulation technology instead of GPS.

Battery Life

While Apple and consumers were both concerned about the Apple Watch’s real-world battery life prior to the product’s April release, Apple has conducted market research since then, and has concluded that the majority of current customers are satisfied with charging their Apple Watches nightly. According to a source, Apple’s research indicates that average consumers finish each day with between 30% and 40% charge remaining on their Apple Watches, enabling the company’s engineers to change their hardware priorities for future Apple Watch models.

Additional Variations


While minor hardware upgrades for this holiday season have been hinted at in analyst reports over the past several months, it is most likely that Apple will wait until 2024 to release a full next-generation Apple Watch device. Sources did warn that Apple prototypes several variations of future hardware products before release, so the plans for a camera-equipped model could ultimately be saved for another generation either due to roadmap changes or component availability. To hold off Apple Watch customers until a new model, Apple will release watchOS 2.0 this fall with new Nightstand functionality, a trio of new watch faces, improved email functionality, and new “Digital Touch” messaging features.

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Apple Shopping Guide: When To Buy Apple Products

With Apple’s 2023 WWDC in the rear-view mirror, anticipation can start building back up for the rest of the year and new Apple hardware. As is generally the case, Apple shows off its newest software updates in the summer and releases new hardware in the fall. Along with that comes many questions of when it’s a good time to buy Apple products. In this Apple shopping guide, we’ll take a look what you can feel comfortable with buying today and what you should hold off on.

MacBook Air/Pro

What you should do: buy now

Deciding whether to buy a MacBook Air/Pro now is increasingly difficult. Recent 2023 updates have made all of Apple’s laptop lineup much better, including a base storage of 256GB. Eliminating the loathed butterfly keyboard has also made Apple’s 2023 laptop lineup well worth considering.

All of that said, Apple’s decision to move from Intel chips to “Apple Silicon” is incredibly enticing. Yes, there are many outstanding questions about how Apple Silicon will perform. If it runs anything like the iPhone and iPad processors Apple manufactures, it could be an exceptionally strong performer.

Better battery life and overall performance could be just two of the many reasons Apple Silicon could be worth the wait. However, if you can’t wait for a new computer or still want to run Windows on a Mac, you should pick something out of Apple’s current lineup. The MacBook Air and the 13″ and 16” MacBook Pro computers are really outstanding machines in their own right. The $999 price on the MacBook Air is particularly attractive, and while Apple Silicon looks great, the current Pro and Air models perform exceptionally well.


What you should do: wait

There is little question you should hold off on purchasing a new iMac right now. The current iMac model is well overdue for a redesign. There is no answer as to when Apple will release a new iMac or if they will wait for Apple Silicon, but if you can wait, you should.

If you are looking to buy an iMac in the next six months, wait.


What you should do: wait

When anyone asks if now is a good time to buy an iPhone, the answer depends on at what point in the calendar year the question is asked. If history repeats itself, Apple will launch a new iPhone (more like multiple iPhones) in the next sixty days give or take (as of this writing).

As is generally the case, they will have faster processors, improved cameras and increased battery life among other new features. It’s also likely that new iPhones will be priced similarly, if not identically, to the current models. The best thing you can do right now is wait. On top of everything else, the upcoming “iPhone 12” is likely to be Apple’s first iPhone with 5G connectivity.

Existing iPhone models like the iPhone 11 series will drop in price shortly after the new iPhone is released. Now, if you were asking this question in January, the answer might look entirely different. This close to the fall season, wait, wait, wait.


The iPad Pro, in particular, which was refreshed in March 2023, is a particularly difficult decision. If you follow the Apple news world closely, you know there are always rumors about upcoming refreshes and the iPad Pro is no different.

That said, the inclusion of the A12Z Bionic Chip, Pro display, Pro cameras and LiDAR Scanner makes it an incredibly enticing device. Throw in the Magic Keyboard, and the iPad Pro has never been closer to a computer. Will Apple release another update to their already existing update in the same year? That’s unlikely, so go ahead and grab one.

The $329 seventh-generation iPad is a solid buy for right now. Yes, it comes with a slightly underpowered A10 processor, but it’s great for families, kids and just general entertainment.

For the iPad Air and iPad Mini 5, both refreshed in early 2023, it’s a little harder to answer. It’s very possible both of these could be updated before the end of the year, so waiting until September/October seems perfectly reasonable.


What you should do: buy now

The company’s announcements at WWDC shows that with iOS 14, AirPods will get even smarter. Things like optimizing charging and, in the case of the AirPods Pro, something of a surround-sound effect, are releasing in the fall. For now, there is no reason to hold off on any AirPods purchase.

Both the “regular” AirPods and AirPods Pro are unlikely to be refreshed this year. Even so, any changes are likely to be incremental at best, so nothing that would have you kicking yourself for purchasing early.

Apple Watch

What you should do: wait

Yet again, we’re stuck looking at an Apple product that is incredibly easy to recommend but hard to say yes to right now.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a fantastic smartwatch and easily the best in the category. There is a good chance Apple could announce a new watch at the same time as a new iPhone later this year. The good news is that the release of any new Apple Watch would lead to a price drop for the series 5, which could be yet another reason to wait. Every Apple Watch from the Series 3 on will get WatchOS 7, which includes sleep tracking.


Deciding when to buy a new Apple product has always been a juggling act. It has always been a discussion of how much longer you can wait for a product refresh. While Apple seems to be on an internalized calendar for their refreshes, they can just as easily change things up. Don’t forget that if you are a student, you can get discounts on Apple products, so if you really need something now, do not wait. Buy with confidence that any Apple product you purchase will get both hardware and software support for years.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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Apple Is Ripe For Business

Are you in the market for a new PC? As you ponder whether to stick with the familiar Windows XP or migrate to Vista, consider a more radical departure: jumping ship altogether and buying a Mac. With improvements in the latest Mac OS X (called Leopard) and Apple’s other business-friendly products, now may be the time.

Over the past few years, the major reasons not to equip your business with a Mac have fallen by the wayside. While Apple computers were once slower, more expensive and incompatible with the Windows apps you needed to run, that’s no longer the case with the latest generation of hardware and software.

There is a downside, however. While the Apple hardware is beautifully designed and executed, your choices are still limited compared to the huge pool of Windows PCs available. This is especially notable in laptops: Apple has just two lines to choose from (the MacBook and MacBook Pro). Windows portables are much more varied in their sizes and specs.

Unlike past attempts at running Windows applications on a Mac, which relied on emulation software that usually slowed the system to a crawl, Boot Camp runs Windows XP or Vista natively (thanks to the machine’s underlying Intel processor). Leopard includes Boot Camp Assistant, a wizard that walks you through the process of creating a separate Windows partition on your hard drive and starts the Windows installation process.

Once that’s done, holding down the keyboard’s Option key during boot-up displays the Startup Manager, which lets you select which operating system to launch for that session. Launch Windows, and you can load software and drivers just as you would with any Windows-equipped PC. Of course, you’ll need to budget for a copy of Windows (if you don’t already have one), which adds anywhere from $250 (for XP Pro or Vista Basic) to $400 (for Vista Ultimate) to your total bill.

If you won’t be loading Windows along with Leopard, you can purchase Microsoft Office for Mac (the new 2008 version hits shelves on January 15). And since Office for Mac uses the same file formats as Office for Windows, you can be sure that clients and colleagues will be able to open your documents.

The big draw with iWork (aside from the price compared to Microsoft Office) is its 250 templates offered among the apps. When you launch one of the components, you are presented with a host of beautifully designed templates to use as your starting point. Simply choose one, then insert your own text and images and tweak as needed.

As for compatibility, you can open Office documents in iWork, but Office users can’t open native iWork files. But Apple lets you export your iWork documents to a number of different file formats, so you can be sure others can see your work. Pages exports to Word, PDF, RTF and plain text formats. Numbers exports to Excel, PDF, and CSV files. And you can save Keynote presentations as PowerPoint files, PDFs, QuickTime videos, Flash files, HTML and even iPod-friendly video.

Leopard also supports screen sharing over a network, so you can allow someone at a different location see what’s on your screen (ideal for collaboration as well as IT purposes). For larger businesses, Apple offers its Mac OS X Server platform, which lets you host your Web site, provide group e-mail and calendaring applications, and even serve up pod casts to customers.

And as you make the transition to the Apple platform, you’ll find many third-party utilities to make the coexistence of Macs and Windows PCs more harmonious. For example, Pure Networks’ Network Magic for Mac lets you share folders on a network between Macs and Windows machines, share printers and more.

To make the switch easier, Detto Technologies offers its Move2Mac utility for migrating files to your new Mac from your old Windows PC. Another product Data Drive Thru’s iTornado (which debuts in March), will let you connect via USB and automatically transfer files from one to the other without loading any software.

Jamie Bsales is an award-winning technology writer and editor with nearly 14 years of experience covering the latest hardware, software and Internet products and services.

This article was first published on chúng tôi

Apple And Disney Face Anti

The anti-ESG movement in the United States saw another high-profile moment this week, as an activist and investor took aim at two of the world’s biggest companies. 

The activist urged both the media giant Disney and tech company Apple to hold their tongues on ESG (environment, social and governance) issues. 

What is going on?

Ramaswamy recently wrote separate letters to Disney and Apple, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. Between them, he argued two main points:

Companies should not engage with gender-equity policies and should not factor in a person’s race, political background or sex when making hiring decisions. 

Ramaswamy and Disney

“Disney must act now,” one of his letters said. “If Disney continues speaking out on political issues that do not affect its business, it will face even greater pressure to act when they do. And the sides Disney will be expected to take won’t be the ones that are favourable to its business.”

He referred to the corporation’s recent battle with the state of Florida, where it was a vocal opponent of the controversial “Don’t Say Gay Law”, prohibiting gender and sexuality instruction to younger school children. 

Conservative Governor Ron DeSantis (also a vocal critic of ESG) signed into law a measure revoking Disney’s special governance privileges for the land it owns around Orlando, mainly in retaliation for the company’s stance.

Ramaswamy and Apple

Apple is planning an audit of its racial equity record after persistent pressure from civil rights activists and some investors. It will now take a deep dive into the influence of racial bias on the make-up of its workforce. 

Ramaswamy wants Apple to make a complete u-turn; instead of seeking fairer representation among minority groups, he wants it to eliminate race, gender and other factors as valid influences on a hiring process.

He penned the 2023 book Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam, an instant New York Times bestseller. In it, he argued that “politics has no place in business” and dismissed most ESG efforts as firms trying to “sell us cheap social causes and skin-deep identities.”

The book also takes aim at Apple and Disney, among other corporations, who he claimed were happy to align their western PR with “woke” values while doing business with regimes in other parts of the world that have questionable human rights records.

Will his opinions matter?

Regardless of his records, it’s a big step for Ramaswamy to target companies as big as Apple and Disney and go directly against their ESG-oriented flow. 

After his letters, a Disney spokesperson told WSJ the company receives a lot of shareholder input and that it “listens to their perspectives.”

So why is this big news?

It’s a part of a trend that governance professionals should keep a close eye on: the anti-ESG movement in the United States. 

ESG is a huge topic for many organisations. In regions like Europe, ESG has been embraced, making it easier to miss a backlash elsewhere. 

But that backlash exists, it’s present in the US more than anywhere else, and it’s one to watch.

Ramaswamy sings the same song as prominent politicians like Ron DeSantis or Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. Their anti-ESG stance is that it ultimately achieves little good, over-regulates the corporate landscape, and blocks maximum profits for corporations.  

However, even corporations acknowledge that ‘no holds barred’ profit-making is not good for the environment, for people and for a sustainable future.

How To Restart Apple Watch

Last Updated on April 22, 2023

The newer models of Apple Watch should work perfectly without encountering any problems. But the older models that lack necessary updates will often become unresponsive and glitch from time to time. Restarting your Apple Watch is the ideal solution for these problems. 

There are many more reasons why you might want to restart your Apple Watch. Maybe you need to reset some data or it is just a habit of yours to restart devices every now and then. Restarting your smartwatch is relatively easy and you will find out that the steps you need to take are simple and straightforward.

Apple has officially stated that the standard way of restarting your smartwatch is by turning it off and on again. However, you should not perform a restart if the device is updating its watchOS to a newer version. Only in extreme cases, you should proceed with performing a force restart if the gadget is not responding.

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Restart Your Apple Watch



Press the side button

Press the side button until you see three different options on your screen. These options should be Power off, Medical ID and Emergency SOS. Apple considers them to be the most important, and they are effortless to access.

In case of an emergency, the simple press of a button will prompt you to a window where you can ask for help. Additionally, medical staff can access your medical documents without requiring you to unlock the watch.

Lastly, the Power off option is conveniently placed there to turn off or restart the watch.



Swipe the slider

The Power off button is actually a slider. Swipe this slider to the right until the device completely turns off.

When the screen is completely dark, you have confirmation that the Apple Watch has turned off and is no longer active.



Press and hold the side button

Once the device has fully turned off, you can hold the side button again.

Keep it pressed for at least 10 seconds or until you can see the Apple logo.

When the logo appears on the display, it means the watch is now powered on.

The restart process has been successfully completed and your device should be working perfectly again. Most performance issues can be solved by turning your device on and off again. This is because the RAM usage might affect the performance of your device and a restart will clean up the memory. 

Some older models of Apple Watch will experience this issue more often. As time passes, they are getting older and the operating system slows down. In that case, consider upgrading to a newer model of a smartwatch as Apple releases one every year. Since 2024, they came out with a new model every year and currently the series 8, which has been released on 7th September 2023, is the newest model. 


Force Restart Your Apple Watch



How to Force Restart your Apple Watch

Press the side button and crown at the same time. This is the first step of the process and all you have to do is press these two buttons at the same time. If you are holding only one button, this method will not work and you need to make sure you are pressing both. Take the watch off your wrist and try to use both hands for this operation.



Keep the buttons pressed for at least 10 seconds. After identifying the buttons, keep them pressed for 10 seconds. However, the restart will happen when the screen turns off and goes black. This is the indication that you no longer have to keep the buttons pressed. Sometimes it can happen before the 10 seconds mark while other times it will take more.



Wait for the watch to turn back on. Regardless if you are a calm or impatient person, this process shouldn’t take long. Once the screen turned black after you pressed the buttons, the Apple Watch is now restarting. It will turn back on soon after and you can use the device again. Usually, this step takes less than one minute.

This process is different than the one where you reset the Apple Watch. There is no risk of losing your data from the device when you reset it, as this process only restarts the device. Some people would also appreciate the convenience of restarting the smartwatch by using their iPhones, but this feature is not available yet. The watch is considered to be a separate device and you have to restart it manually. 

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