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Apple iPhone 12 mini Review – Small Surprise

The iPhone 12 mini has no right being the cheapest model in Apple’s iPhone 12 family. Sure, on paper you’re spending the smallest amount on the smallest display, but – like the most engaging gadgets – the spec comparisons simply don’t capture the true charm. It may be mini in your hand, but the iPhone 12 mini maxes out on appeal.

Most of the iPhone 12 mini is the same as you get from the iPhone 12. That makes my life easier as a reviewer – I’ve already covered the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, so you should go read that and I’ll wait patiently for you here – but it also helps establish why what Apple is offering here is so incredible. To properly understand that, you need to go back and look at so-called “mini” phones over the years.

Apple isn’t the first to make a diminutive version of its flagships. HTC, Samsung, and others have tried it in the past, but they’ve all struggled with the pitch. Yes, there’s an audience out there eager for smaller handsets, but they also don’t want to compromise on performance and cameras. That’s not something previous “mini” Android phones have delivered.

The iPhone 12 mini, then, is arguably the perfect example of why Apple’s investments in everything from software, to hardware production, to chipsets, have paid off. It can afford to give the smallest of the iPhone 12 series the same cutting-edge A14 Bionic processor as its most expensive, because it makes that rather than buying it from someone else. It can afford to give it the same cameras as the larger iPhone 12, too, and it can fettle the software so that even with a smaller battery, in theory the iPhone 12 mini doesn’t have to sacrifice on time between charges.

Here, “mini” doesn’t mean “lesser” – it just means it’s easier to hold.

The primary difference is of course the display. 5.4-inches of Super Retina XDR, it may have the lowest resolution of the four phones – 2340 x 1080 – but ironically it’s the most pixel-dense, at 476 ppi. You still get True Tone, P3 wide color support, and the same 625 nits of typical maximum brightness or 1,200 nits in HDR mode as the iPhone 12.

It’s a fantastic OLED panel, even with Apple’s decision to stick with a 60Hz refresh rate rather than the 90Hz or 120Hz rival Android phones often now offer. What I’ve been surprised by is how usable it is to type on, too. Yes, iOS 14’s autocorrection is helping there, but my average-sized fingers can still crank up to a decent pace despite the phone’s mere 2.53-inch width.

On the back, there are the same two cameras – Wide and Ultra Wide – as the iPhone 12, with Night Mode, Deep Fusion, OIS, and Smart HDR 3. You still get 4K video recording at up to 60fps, or Dolby Vision HDR recording at up to 30fps, plus up to 240fps Full HD slow-motion. A 12-megapixel front camera which also does 4K capture rounds things out nicely.

I was impressed by the iPhone 12’s cameras, and so unsurprisingly I’m impressed by the iPhone 12 mini’s cameras. Sure, I’d prefer a telephoto than an ultra-wide, but that’s a matter of personal preference. Compared to its bigger siblings, the 135 gram iPhone 12 mini is also much easier to hold steady for Night Mode shots and when capturing video. Go back to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and it feels like a brick.

Apple quotes up to 15 hours of video playback, 10 hours of video streaming, or up to 50 hours of audio from the iPhone 12 mini’s battery. Honestly, it’s here that the compromises finally start to catch up a little. Battery life isn’t bad, but it’s only around average. Where I could go a full day without needing to top up the iPhone 12 before bed, the iPhone 12 mini’s battery gauge was starting to look a little needy earlier than that.

Part of the reason for that is 5G, whether you’re using it or not. On the one hand, I’m fascinated by the fact that Apple managed to fit in not only Sub-6GHz 5G support but mmWave as well, the latter notorious for being demanding both in terms of power and physical antenna space. If you’re tapping the maximum speeds – which currently requires standing in a very specific position in one of a handful of cities – then you can expect a bigger hit on the battery.

Even if you’re outside of mmWave coverage, though, you’re still paying for it. How much bigger could the iPhone 12 mini’s battery have been, had Apple’s engineers not needed to design around the mmWave antennas and other components? It’s a question with no clean-cut answer, but while future-proofing with the speediest 5G support feels like an acceptable compromise on its bigger siblings, it’s a more noticeable trade-off here.

Much in the same way, the fact that the cheapest iPhone 12 mini (and the cheapest iPhone 12 for that matter) only come with 64GB of storage feels miserly. The absence of a power adapter in the box is annoying, too, and the fact that a MagSafe charger – which works great, even if the charging plate looks huge clinging to the back of the phone – will set you back $39, also without an adapter, means the $699 starting price isn’t quite the whole story.

You're reading Apple Iphone 12 Mini Review

Apple Iphone 12 Mini Review: Pint

Is it comfortable to use?

David Imel / Android Authority

For me, the iPhone 12 Mini is incredibly comfortable to use. It’s refreshing to use a phone where I can reach the top of the screen with my thumb. That said, two-handed typing can feel a bit cramped compared to a larger display. I almost always opted for swipe-typing. If you’re used to two-handed tapping, this is something you should take note of.

I love small phones, and the iPhone 12 Mini is one of the fastest small phones you can get.

If you’re someone who consumes a ton of media on your phone and needs a big screen to do that, you might want to look elsewhere. While I personally love how compact this thing is, larger flagship phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will almost definitely give you a better media experience.

What is the battery life like?

David Imel / Android Authority

Probably the biggest downside of getting a small iPhone is the physically smaller battery packed inside the device. The iPhone 12 Pro clocked me six hours of screen-on time and the even bigger 12 Pro Max gave me a staggering eight hours of screen time. The iPhone 12 Mini, on the other hand, slumps to just over five hours. This is certainly lagging behind most phones you’ll find nowadays. It’s perhaps the biggest trade-off when picking up a smaller phone. Considering the iPhone 12 Mini is packing the super-fast Apple A14 Bionic processor, this isn’t going to be the most power-efficient device you’ll find.

In daily use, I generally got through a whole day with the iPhone 12 Mini, but not much more. If I unplugged around 9 am, the phone would die a bit past midnight. This may be fine for many people. However, you’ll almost certainly need to top up mid-day if you’re planning on staying out for the night.

The iPhone 12 Mini doesn’t have the best battery life but it charges pretty darn fast for quick top-ups.

It should also be noted that the iPhone 12 Mini can be a bit awkward to charge wirelessly without a MagSafe charger. Due to its small size, it’s difficult to get it charging on most standing wireless chargers. The positioning of the camera bump also means you’ll have to find the exact correct place to set your phone if you want to top it up on a charging pad. I found myself charging this phone with a cable every night because of this, which is not something I can say about any other phone with wireless charging.

How are the cameras?

David Imel / Android Authority

The camera system on the iPhone 12 Mini is the exact same you’ll find in the standard iPhone 12. That means you’re getting two 12MP cameras on the rear of the device and a 12MP selfie camera hidden in the notch on the front. While you’re missing the 2x telephoto camera you’ll find on the iPhone 12 Pro and the 2.5x telephoto camera you get on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the standard and wide cameras on the iPhone 12 Mini are still incredibly good.

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Image quality from both the main and wide lens is very good on the iPhone 12 Mini. It offers a nice balance of dynamic range and contrast. There is a lot of color retained in the image with very little color shift overall. Photos look very similar to how they looked in real life. Sharpness is fantastic even on 12MP sensors.

In lower-light scenarios, the iPhone 12 Mini still produced a very good image. However, details certainly start getting soft, especially on the wide camera, which has a smaller aperture. Low-light scenarios will also catch flare extremely easily, manifesting in the form of small floating balls around the scene. Apple’s smartphones have suffered from this for a while now. It would be nice to see the issue fixed in next year’s devices.

Video quality on the iPhone 12 Mini is just as good as it is on the iPhone 12, which is to say, stellar. Color is extremely true-to-life, and the 4K 60fps video looks fantastic. It’s also incredibly stable. I would feel comfortable using video from the iPhone 12 Mini for a quick pickup shot in a video. If you want to shoot Dolby Vision HDR video that’s here too, but in the form of 4K 30fps vs the 4k 60fps option you’ve got on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Note that all the images and video above have been compressed to optimize page-load times. If you want to check any of these files out in their full resolution, you can do so at the Google Drive link here.

Overall, I think the cameras on the iPhone 12 Mini will be pretty great for most people. They have great color, wonderful video, and can do well in low-light scenarios. If you want to zoom in they’re unfortunately a bit lacking. If that’s something you want, you’ll need to go with a device that has an optical telephoto camera.

Things I like about the iPhone 12 Mini

Size: I really love how compact the iPhone 12 Mini is. While many other phones take up almost all of my available pocket space, I’ve actually thought I lost the iPhone 12 Mini because of how little space it takes up in my pocket. It also fits really perfectly in my palm, and it’s refreshing to be able to easily use the phone with one hand. Personally, this is my ideal phone size.

Performance: Even at $700, the iPhone 12 Mini slays in performance. It beats nearly every phone in its pricing tier in RAW performance. I didn’t experience a single slowdown during my time with the device.

Design: Apple’s iPhone 12 series has quite a unique design. The flat sides feel futuristic while at the same time retro. The compactness of the iPhone 12 Mini takes this to the next level, blending miniaturization with a premium design.

Ecosystem: If you’re invested in Apple’s other products, be it the Apple Watch, MacBook, AirPods, or HomePod, Apple’s ecosystem of devices truly play fantastically together. AirDrop lets you share files in a pinch, iMessage is the killer messaging app keeping plenty of people on iOS, and the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches you can buy. It all works so well together, which is not something that can be said of many Android manufacturers.

Face ID: Face ID is an incredibly fast and secure way to log into your phone and secure apps. It works perfectly almost every time, even after I’ve gotten a hair cut. While I wish the iPhone 12 Mini had a fingerprint reader as well, Face ID remains a fantastic option for bio-authentication.

Battery life and wireless charging awkwardness: Unfortunately, a natural trade-off of a smaller phone is worse battery life. The iPhone 12 Mini doesn’t get abysmal battery life by any means, but if you’re going to be out for the night, you’ll have to give your phone a bump to make sure you can make it home.

Interface: iOS just isn’t that customizable. While it’s been getting progressively better over the years, it still doesn’t come close to the customization of Android. You do, however, get the security of knowing your phone will be updated for many years to come, unlike a lot of Android devices.

Siri: I truly missed Google Assistant when testing the iPhone 12 Mini. Siri’s limited functionality isn’t nearly as powerful as what Google is offering. Google’s integration with smart homes is far superior to that of Siri too.

Lightning charging: Apple refuses to move over the USB-C. That means I need to carry one very specific cable with me every time I go out. I’m at least happy to have wireless charging in this device, but considering the iPad and MacBook don’t use Lightning, the port remains awkwardly particular.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: 64GB Storage — $699/£699/€809

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: 128GB Storage — $749/£749/€859

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: 256GB Storage — $849/£849/€979

At $699, the iPhone 12 Mini is one of the most powerful smartphones you can get for the price. That’s quite a flipped script from what we’ve seen previously. There are, of course, many Android phones around this price. They offer similar performance as well as things like high refresh rate displays, super-fast charging, and more, so let’s talk about them.

At its pricing tier, the most immediate comparison to be made is between the iPhone 12 Mini and Google Pixel 5. Both start at the same price, but Google’s option does some things better and some things worse than the iPhone. In my opinion, Google’s Pixel UI with Google Assistant is far superior to iOS and Siri. Additionally, the 90Hz display Google touts is more fluid to use. However, the iPhone 12 Mini has a much faster processor, a more premium design, and a deeper ecosystem of products.

The Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE is another competitor with a similar $699 price tag. It comes with a 3x optical telephoto lens, alongside other things like 25W wired charging, a 120Hz display, and expandable storage. The S20 FE is a great option if you value these things in your device, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 packed into this device isn’t far behind Apple’s A14 Bionic. That said, Samsung’s competitor is much bigger and uses a plastic build. If materials quality and size is important to you, you may find yourself looking towards the iPhone 12 Mini instead.

iPhone 12 Mini review: The verdict

David Imel / Android Authority

Starting at $699, the iPhone 12 Mini is one of the best small phones you can get. It runs the same flagship processor as the more expensive iPhones in its family, it has a fantastic design, and Apple’s ecosystem is nearly unmatched. Nevertheless, it’s also missing a lot of bells and whistles. If you’re someone who wants a high refresh rate display, a telephoto camera, or super-fast charging, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

With all that said, I really, really like Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini. Small phones are just my forte. Getting great build quality and incredible performance in a phone this small, for this price, is great. If you’re someone who’s been looking to downsize your device and you’re okay with Apple’s ecosystem, you should absolutely give the iPhone 12 Mini a look.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Great design • Compact size • Super-fast performance

MSRP: $449.99

The iPhone 12 Mini is one of the best compact smartphones you can buy, has fantastic performance.

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini delivers the best price-to-power ratio of any 2023 iPhone, bringing top-of-the-line features to a phone that easily fits into smaller hands.

See price at Amazon



This Week’s Top Stories: Apple Silicon Event, Homepod Mini And Iphone 12 Pre

In this week’s top stories: Apple announces Apple Silicon event for November 10, new AirPods 3 images, HomePod mini and more iPhone 12 pre-orders. Read on for all of this week’s top stories.

November 10 event

Apple this week officially announced its third event in as many months. The event will take place on November 10 at 10 a.m. PT, and Apple is teasing the event with the hashtag “One more thing.”

Apple’s November event will be live-streamed across Apple’s website, in the Apple TV app, and on YouTube. It’s completely remote and virtual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple Silicon details

This November event is expected to focus on the upcoming transition to Apple Silicon in the Mac lineup, with Apple having promised its first Apple Silicon machine would come before the end of the year.

A Bloomberg report this week indicated that Apple will announce at least two new Apple Silicon Macs, including a new 13-inch MacBook Pro and a new MacBook Air. Apple is also said to be increasing production of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon, but it’s unclear whether this machine will be announced this year.

Looking ahead to the rest of the Mac lineup, Bloomberg also added that Apple is developing a new Mac Pro that’s roughly have the size of the current model, as well as a new Mac mini and a new iMac, all of which will feature Apple Silicon.

AirPods 3 leak

Rumors of new AirPods have gained traction this week. Newly leaked images on Wednesday claimed to offer our first look at AirPods 3 with an AirPods Pro-inspired design. This comes after a separate report last month indicated that Apple is working on new AirPods and AirPods Pro for 2023.

You can get a look at the leaked AirPods 3 images right here.

Spotify for Apple Watch

Spotify officially started rolling out support for streaming music directly on Apple Watch this week. This comes two years after Spotify released the first version of its Apple Watch, and two months after Spotify started testing the feature with a very small subset of users.

The feature is available to many Apple Watch users now, but Spotify has cautioned that it’s still a beta and that it may take some time for the new standalone streaming option to be available to all Apple Watch owners..

iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and HomePod mini

Rounding out this week, Apple has opened pre-orders for the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the HomePod mini.

As a refresher, the iPhone 12 mini features a 5.4-inch display with a feature set that is nearly identical to the 6.1-inch iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest iPhone ever made, packing a 6.7-inch display alongside a triple-lens camera array with a larger sensor, a LiDAR scanner, and more.

The iPhone 12 mini starts at $699, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at $1099. The HomePod mini goes for $99.

These and the rest of this week’s top stories below.

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Best Iphone 12 Mini Thin Cases In 2023

1. OtterBox Case with MagSafe – Ultraslim Figura Series

Are you in love with the affluent strokes of color and its vibrancy? If yes, the OtterBox thin case with MagSafe for iPhone 12 Mini can be an excellent choice. The snap-on case is created using soft-touch and flexible TPU material to give you a luxurious feel while holding it in your hand. It offers you a range of colorful graphic design options over its slim profile. For added protection, it gets raised bezels surrounding the screen and camera.


OtterBox Trust

Sturdy yet Flexible

Soft Touch Material


Bit Expensive

Buy it from Apple

2. MNML Case – Insanely Thin

The slim and sleek case for iPhone 12 Mini comes with minimalist looks four different color options. Special finishing over the case prevents it from fingerprints. The first thing that you would notice about the case (which even I liked) is that there’s no branding over it. It’s just your precious possession secured in the case. Measuring .35mm thin, it is compatible with wireless charging and offers the utmost protection for your iPhone.


No Fingerprints

Compatible with Wireless Charging


Colors Might Feel Dull

Buy it from MNML Case

3. Spigen Slim Fit Case – Pocket Friendly

The slim case is made using scratch-resistant polycarbonate material, which keeps it light in weight and slips perfectly in your pocket. It’s easy to install and offers a perfect fit for your iPhone. While the case looks slim, you can quickly notice the raised bezels around the camera and the screen to protect it against any damage while lying flat on a surface. Also, the ergonomically designed buttons provide you easy access to controls.


Elegant Design

Durable Material



Check out on Amazon

4. Caseology Nano Pop – Slim Yet Protective

The vibrant and stylish case is made using sturdy and flexible silicone material and is available in 4 different variants. It also has a soft lining inside to ensure that the material doesn’t leave any scratches on your iPhone’s body. The contrasting lining running around the camera bezel makes it look distinct from other cases, which adds commendably to the overall looks.


Beautifully Designed

Soft Lining Inside


Difficult to Install

Check out on Amazon

5. TORRAS Slim Fit Case – Matte Finish Grip

The slim fit case is bestowed with precise cutouts and responsive buttons to deliver the best user experience. It is designed to wrap around your iPhone 12 Mini as if it’s part of the body. Available in three attractive colors, the case comes with a secure grip and finger resistant body. It also has upgraded camera protection with raised bezels and is compatible with wireless charging.


Slim Fit

Classy Finishing


Missing Soft Lining at the Inside

Check out on Amazon

6. Totallee Case – The Thinnest for the Tiniest

Your tiniest 5G smartphone deserves to have the thinnest case to protect it. It adds just 0.02” to your iPhone’s width without compromising with its unbiased durability standards. Unlike other slim fit covers, this won’t loosen with time and remain like an invincible part of your iPhone’s body. Despite its low measurements, it still comes with raised bezels to protect your camera against any direct impact.


Thinnest Case

No Branding


Installation and Removal may feel challenging.

Check out on Amazon

7. CASEKOO Clear Case – Slim and Sturdy

The brand is sure about its quality that it offers five years of support lifetime premium customer service to its buyers. If this doesn’t assure you, the crystal clear case deserves calls for your attention. It is made using shockproof material and features airbags along the corners to minimize the impact of falls. Besides, it fits perfectly to ensure further that no alien particle dirt your priceless possession.



Airbag to absorb impact


Might get yellow over time

Check out on Amazon

The case features a silky smooth exterior and an interior adorned with soft lining. Besides having a slim body, it has all the traits to protect your iPhone 12 Mini against direct impacts. It is also designed so that your device will slip inside as the case is part of its body. While the soft edges further make it easy for you to install and remove it.


Premium Build Quality



Dust might accumulate around the cutouts.

Check out on Amazon

9. Encased Thin Case – Enjoy a Minimalist Look

Crafted using a flexible body, the case looks fantastic with its embedded grip pattern. While on one side, the latter adds to looks, on the other, it ensures giving you a perfect grip while your device is kept on a surface or holding it in hand. Also, being made using TPU, it provides you protection against drop and scratch. Adding to the essence are the raised bezels, which prevent direct contact with the screen and camera even while your iPhone is lying flat.



Elegant Design


Micro-fibre Lining Missing

Check out on Amazon

10. TOZO Bumper Case –

Thin Like Naked

It’s slim and affordable. This was the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I saw this case for the first time. Measuring just 0.35 mm thick, it is the world’s thinnest hard case. However, that must not make you question its scratch resistance capability. The semi-transparent case provides adequate first-hand protection to your iPhone 12 Mini. Not just this, features like the matte optical texture, optical glare, fingerprint resistance, etc. make it further compelling.


Scratch Resistant

Slimmest Hard Cover


Installation and Removal May Prove Difficult

Check out on Amazon

Before You Leave!! It’s time to have Food for Brain. Did You Know When the First Mobile Phone Was Made?

The first official cell phone was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, an executive at Motorola. The first call that he made was to his rival company, Bell Labs. Weighing more than two pounds, the device wasn’t made available for the people until 1983.

This was the year when Motorola made the first hand-held phone available for people. It was named DynaTAC and featured a small digital screen and cost $4000 then. It is equivalent to $10000 today.

Did You Know When the First Mobile Case Was Made?

History has many chapters starting from telephone cases to the ones for mobile phones. You read that right; here are some dates to remember:

The first telephone case was made in 1996 by Motorola for its MR20 model.

The first Cell Phone Holster was introduced four years later in 2000. Do you remember carrying your mobile phone in a belt loop?

The first time Novelty cases were introduced in 2002, featuring more appealing design elements.

Wasn’t that interesting?? Do share with me if you have more such interesting facts.

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Author Profile


Mayank is a published author and a tech-blogger with over ten years of writing experience for various domains and industries. At iGeeks, he mostly writes about blogs that solve user-problems and guide them on unleashing the full potential of their Apple Device. He can often be found with his headphones on, typing to the rhythm of some country song.

Apple Mac Mini (M2, 2023) Review: Little Mac, Big Bargain

Best Prices Today: Apple Mac mini (M2, 2023)

A new Mac Mini isn’t often greeted with too much fanfare – after all the design has hardly changed in years, it doesn’t have any natural rivals on the Windows side to compare against, and Apple mostly just updates the CPU and calls it a day. 

This time is a little different. All of the above is still true, of course, but by throwing in its new M2 and M2 Pro processors and dropping the starting price to a mere $599/£649, Apple has made its mini Mac a value proposition that’s hard to beat – and how many Apple products can you say that about? 

Design & build

Iconic, compact design 

Plenty of ports 

The Mac Mini looks much as it ever has: a small, silver box, tinier than a computer has any right to be, with a large Apple logo front and centre. 

It is, as my girlfriend put it, ‘chic’. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

There are, for what it’s worth, a few mini PC rivals that run Windows, though they rarely look this sleek, and your favourite influencer wouldn’t use one. Apple has cornered the market on compact desktops that are aesthetic, so you can’t blame the company for sticking to its guns. 

It is, as my girlfriend put it, ‘chic’

Where it has had to work to keep things up to date are the ports round the back.  

On this current iteration of the Mini, you get two USB-C ports with support for Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4, along with DisplayPort. Opt for the more powerful M2 Pro processor, and Apple throws in an extra two of these for four in total. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Either way, you also get a further two USB-A ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an HDMI output, Ethernet (Gigabit by default, upgradable to 10 Gigabit), and the power socket. Unlike its MacBook Pro laptops there’s no SD card reader sadly, but the old-fashioned USB ports more than make up for it. 

Specs & performance 

Exceptional M2 performance 

Up to 32GB RAM

Up to 8TB storage 

The Mac Mini can currently be equipped with your choice of an M2 or M2 Pro chip – though not the higher tier M2 Max, which is currently limited to the MacBook Pro. 

That shouldn’t be an issue though, as the two available chips offer plenty of performance. I’ve been reviewing the Mini with a regular M2 chip, which includes an eight-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Upgrade to the Pro and you get 10 CPU cores and 16 for the GPU, with the option to go one step further for 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU.  

That means every step up delivers an increase in overall performance, though with a particular focus on added graphical oomph – so if the GPU isn’t your main concern, you might well be just as happy with the default spec.  

One thing you can’t do is take all that power and put it to use on games

This is certainly more than enough power for most day-to-day computing, handling my horde of Chrome tabs, Slack, Spotify, video calls, and Photoshop with ease.  

Comparing Macs to Windows devices is tricky over benchmarks – insert your own variant on the Apple/oranges joke here – but it’s clear that even the basic M2 Mini is plenty powerful. The MacBook Pro we reviewed is equipped with the same 12-core M2 Pro chip that’s an option here, so is a good indicator of the performance jump available to you if you upgrade – or you can check out our sister site Macworld’s more technical deep dive into the performance of an M2 Pro Mac Mini.

Part of the power on offer comes down to RAM configurations too, of course. By default, the new Mini ships with 8GB RAM, but if you want you can bump that way up to 32GB with the M2 Pro chip. 

Storage is even sillier – the 256GB initial allocation is probably plenty if you’re an avid cloud user, but for those who aren’t this goes all the way up to 8TB. At that point, it’s not quite so much of a value proposition though. 

Display options are also impressive thanks to the combination of Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI ports. Pro models can drive a 8K@60Hz display over HDMI plus up to two 6K panels over DisplayPort, while cheaper M2 models cap at 4K@60Hz on HDMI with a single added 6K screen on DisplayPort. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Of course, this being a Mac, one thing you can’t do is take all that power and put it to use on games – pretty much the major reason someone might opt for a Windows desktop instead. Apple says this is improving, but Mac-compatible games remain thin on the ground, so don’t buy this expecting to play much. 

Finally, connectivity is handled by the latest Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 standards, plus that Ethernet port – which delivers Gigabit speeds by default, but as mentioned earlier can be upgraded. 

Software & apps

Ships with macOS Ventura 

Stage Manager improves multi-tasking 

Likely long-term software support 

You won’t be shocked to hear that this Mac ships with macOS.  

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

The latest version, Ventura, delivers enhancements to multi-tasking and productivity that help elevate the Mini’s potential as a work device though, letting you make the most of all that power under the hood.  

It’s a pretty safe bet that Apple will be issuing updates to this Mac Mini for years to come

The heart of that is the new Stage Manager feature, which allows you to group open apps while keeping them running and visible along the left-hand side of the screen, ready to switch to in a minute. 

Together with the taskbar along the bottom, it does tend to make your display a little cluttered by default but makes it far easier to switch between different combinations of apps that work in synergy. I’ll admit to still preferring the simpler way Windows allows you to snap apps into various grids and configurations, but Apple is getting there. 

Elsewhere this is mostly macOS as you know it, for good and bad. Its other key strength is interactions with the rest of the Apple ecosystem – it’s a doddle to pair AirPods for audio, to share files from your iPhone, or even use an iPad as a second screen. If you’re all-in on Apple, this stuff is a great extra. 

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Finally, while there’s no specific promise of years of software support, it’s a pretty safe bet that Apple will be issuing updates to this Mac Mini for years to come. Ventura still supports Mac models released in 2023, so this could still be getting macOS updates come 2029.  

Price & availability 

The starting price of $599/£649 is the Mac Mini’s secret weapon – it’s $100/£50 cheaper than its M1-powered predecessor. To get the power of even the most basic M2 chip at that price is pretty exceptional value, and hard to find replicated elsewhere. 

The $4,499/£4,599 maxed out configuration – with the Pro chip, 32GB RAM, 8TB storage, and upgraded Ethernet – is rather less of an impulse buy, but few people will need to go anywhere near that spec. Perhaps the biggest issue is that any upgrade to the M2 Pro comes at a price – even a basic version starts from $1,299/£1,399 – at which point this stops feeling like quite such a steal.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

The caveat of course is that this is only a desktop – all you get is the computer itself, and a power lead. If you don’t own them already that means you’ll also have to splash out on a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, all of which are sold separately. That’s par for the course, but worth remembering when comparing this price to an iMac or MacBook. 

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Apple hasn’t changed much in the latest Mac Mini, except for those astonishing chips, but then it didn’t really need to. 

The previous M1 model impressed, but with the M2 inside and a start price that’s closer to $500 than $1,000, the Mini is now an unexpected value-for-money prospect, an affordable desktop PC with all the power you need for, well, just about anything with gaming being the main caveat. 

Even demanding creative users can probably spec up an M2 Pro configuration to meet their needs, and few will find this Mini short of power – which is impressive in its own right. That makes the Mini much more expensive though, so upgraded models are definitely less appealing.

Still, this makes the Mini the ideal everyday Mac. It’s the Mac for almost anyone – or at least those of us still working from desktops.  


Apple M2 or M2 Pro chipset 

Up to 32GB RAM 

Up to 8TB storage 

2x/4x USB-C 4 & Thunderbolt 4 with DisplayPort 

2x USB-A 

HDMI port 

Gigabit/10Gb Ethernet 

3.5mm headphone jack 

Wi-Fi 6E 

Bluetooth 5.3 

3.6 x 19.7 x 19.7cm 


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Apple Watch Ultra arrives as an even more capable and rugged wearable compared to the standard Series 8 or any of its predecessors. Everything about that improved feature set is packed into a titanium case that encircles the larger 49mm screen that’s the brightest Always-On Retina display yet. A more distinct side module encompasses the Digital Crown and side button, rounding out the form-factor change with 100-meter water-resistance. Then there’s all the actual features like 36-hour battery like, dual-frequency GPS, and everything else you can read about over at 9to5Mac.

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Through the end of today, Woot is kicking up its latest certified refurbished iPhone sale that’s discounting Grade A Refurbished handsets in the process. Shipping is free as always for Prime members, with a $6 delivery fee applying otherwise. Amongst the sale, today is the first time the retailer has marked down prices on iPhone 13 series handsets, with a pair of all-time lows now available. Right now, the unlocked iPhone 13 128GB in one of four colors is now discounted to $680. That’s down from the original $799 going rate and delivers a rare chance to save on the handset, not to mention $119 in savings. 

The now previous-generation iPhone 13 arrives as an even better value thanks to the discount today, and comes powered by the A15 Bionic chip. Alongside notably improved battery life compared to predecessors, there’s also that same squared-off design as last time around to pair with the Super Retina XDR display with a smaller notch. There’s also an upgraded camera experience with its more recent Cinematic mode and improved sensors, too.

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Apple’s official MagSafe case covers your iPhone 14 Plus in a specially tanned and finished leather that’s complemented by machined buttons to round out the premium stylings. Aside from the refreshed design to fit with the latest addition to Apple’s smartphone lineup, there’s much of the expected MagSafe connectivity and overall build that makes this one of the best options on the market for adding some premium protection into the mix.

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Ready to pair with everything from Apple’s flagship 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro to the compact iPad mini 6, Twelve South HoverBar Duo arrives as quite the versatile tablet accessory. As we’ve come to expect from Twelve South, there’s a premium build that in this case pairs with three points of articulation to help adjust the viewing angle of your device. And living up to its name, HoverBar Duo also has a 2-in-1 design that props up an iPad on a desk or clamp underneath a cabinet. Get a closer look in our launch coverage.

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