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Since the mini was released, I scoured the internet looking for new cases, sleeves, and folios for my favorite new Apple device. If you keep up with my reviews, you know I prefer minimalism and always look for premium products. You may also know, I hate paying big bucks for the nice stuff. The epitome of champagne taste and a beer budget, I stumbled upon Bear Motion and found the intersection of my preferences. If you visit Bear Motion’s unsuspecting website, you may be surprised at my excitement about their iPad folio case.

On my recent quest for a new mini folio, I was looking for something professional, minimalistic, black, leather, and it could not add too much bulk. A reasonable price is obviously always an important factor as well. Meeting all of these requirements, the Bear Motion folio case comes in black or red and is adorned in 100% genuine Brazilian Buffalo leather…

Happily Surprised

I originally stumbled upon Bear Motion while pouring through Amazon’s iPad mini section. Shockingly, this case had received extremely high reviews for a simple folio case. Naturally, I investigated the companies actual website, which is also very basic, with the sole purpose of selling items, containing no flash, glitz, or glamor.

After speaking with their marketing team, they agreed to send over the Bear Motion 100% Brazilian Buffalo Leather Folio Case For iPad mini. If you are wondering if that is the name of their product, yes… yes, it is. No fancy names, numbers, cute titles, just the basics. Their support team was quick to reply and values customer service, based on my conversation and several of the other 62 widely positive Amazon reviews.

At a price of $29.99, I was extremely skeptical when requesting the folio. Additionally, a genuine leather folio at that price point is extremely difficult to find. There are plastic iPhone cases at twice the price. When I opened the package, a very minimal, slim, smart enabled, leather folio for my mini lay inside. The Amazon reviews are definitely justified.

Personal Experience

After using the case for about three weeks, I am very pleased with the folio. It even made the trek to CES with me last week and was an excellent plane ride companion. The leather is breaking in well and the natural grain is apparent, but originally I was not so sure. At first glance, I was not certain the leather was actually genuine mostly due to the smell. The packaging was terribly odorous, off-putting actually. The folio wreaked for two whole days as it acclimated and, thankfully, the leather began to smell natural.

Enduring the original stink, I used the folio regularly. The design is simply a folding flap that is smart enabled, behaving similarly to an Apple Smart Cover. Suede lines the inside front flap to prevent scratching and it folds back into a triangle stand to prop for typing, reading, or watching your favorite movie.

The iPad is held in a smooth poly-carbonate minimalist harness with proper access to all ports, the speakers, and camera. The tight fit ensures the iPad will not come out, even if jostled around in a bag. I did find it difficult to activate the mute switch and volume buttons however. If the harness did not cover the front of the volume switches, it would be much easier to access.

It is notable the case does not have an elastic band or other way to hold the folio closed, or open. Consequently, when holding the iPad open, the front flap curls around the back, but dangles unless the user holds it in place. I think adding the elastic strap, similar to a Moleskin notebook, would be the last detail to make this a top pick in my iPad repertoire.


If you are a minimalist that still prefers a basic amount of protection for your device, the Bear Motion folio is a great option. It is professional, genuine leather, and a great price for $29.99. I challenge you to find another folio that offers similar qualities at a discounted price.



Genuine leather

Smart cover enabled

Tri-fold design


Nothing holds it open, or closed

The packaging makes it stink for the first two days

The mute switch and volume controls are difficult to access

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Zuk Z1 Review – A Lot Of Hardware At A Good Price

Due to various reasons this review was pushed back further than we had hoped. I was at the launch of the ZUK Z1 but that phone was given to us running the Chinese ZUI ROM but really the phone isn’t that great with the ZUI. So then I had to wait for CM to release, and it did while I was at IFA. Finally I managed to brick my Z1 when installing CM (due to an issue with the Qualcomm tool not wanting to run on Virtual Box).

Anyway I have a replacement phone, it has the right ROM and its the grey model too. The ZUK Z1 review follows.

ZUK Z1 Review – Design

If I was to be polite about the ZUK Z1 then I would say that the phone is simple and understated, but I’m not going to beat around the bush with pleasantries. The Z1 is by far the most bland looking device I have laid eyes on in recent years. There is nothing that makes the phone standout from the crowd and it’s not going to impress your friends on looks alone.

8.9mm, is quite thick for a smartphone, but in this case we can totally understand why the Z1 is a little fatter than usual, in addition to a dual nano SIM tray there is also a 4100mAh battery inside that gives the phone killer battery life (around 6 hours of gaming in my tests).

ZUK offer the Z1 in either white or grey (there are also rumours of a gold model too). If it was my money then I would opt for the grey version, with black front. The dark colours means the metal frame and metal borders around the home button and camera, stand out and give it a more flashy look and feel.

So the ZUK Z1 is a bit of a plain Jane, but looks are not what this phone is about.

ZUK Z1 Review – Hardware

Hardware is where the ZUK Z! stands out, highlights include a 5.5-inch FHD display, 64GB internal memory as standard, that monster 4100mAh battery, USB 3.0 Type C, surprisingly good audio, fingerprint scanner in the home button, decent 13 mega-pixel main camera, Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB RAM.

There are people who say that the SD801 is too old to be in a flagship phone, but I don’t agree with them. I still have SD801 phones in use today that feel just as fast as newer devices and they stay cooler too. Sure benchmarks are more impressive on a SD810, but real world differences are negligible.

When I met with ZUK at their international launch they told me the Z1 was made for heavy users in mind, this is why they concentrated on hardware first and design second. They also say this is the reason for having 64GB as standard and mounting a 4100mAh battery inside. That battery might not be as large as some in other phones (the BV5000 has a 5000mAh for example) but in my tests you aren’t ever going to wish you had a bigger cell in the Z1. 2 days on a single charge is not uncommon with the Z1 and that’s with some serious game time thrown in to the mix!

Audio isn’t a feature that ZUK promote on the Z1 but it is rather good. I have only used the 3.5mm headphone jack (usb headphones don’t come with the international version of the phone) but audio through earphones is really enjoyable. Audio as standard on the ZUI model is good, but it’s even better on the international model due to CM’s built-in AudioFX system.

Gizchina News of the week

Security has been a big deal this year and most smartphones now come with a fingerprint scanner of some description. The ZUK Z1 has a scanner under a physical home button, pressing the button with the fingerprint that you have set up will unlock the phone. Accuracy and speed is good, I would say better than the OnePlus 2 overall.

With Cyanogen on the ZUK Z1 the LED notification light is active and you have the option of setting up hardware or onscreen navigation buttons. With ZUI you need to start the developer mode to turn hardware buttons but I never found the LED notification option.

There is no micro SD card slot on the Z1, but with 64GB memory as standard we feel that this is more than enough for even heavy users. Also the battery is none removable but again 4100mAh and 2 days of use is not to be sniffed at.

Are there issues? Well some users have reported problems with WIFI and others have said that applications force close from time to time or the phone might randomly reboot. These are issues that Cyanogen will work on fixing, and with CM on the case we should frequent updates.

ZUK Z1 Review – Performance ZUK Z1 Review – Camera

With Cyanogen on the ZUK Z1 you have a lot more to play about with in the camera application. The app itself is similar to how the camera app was on the OnePlus One, so swiping up and down brings up the different settings.

Compared to the OnePlus 2 or Xiaomi Mi Note, the camera on the ZUK Z1 is slightly off the mark, but overall its a decent performer and produces good photos most of the time. Speed of the camera is good, although HDR photos are slightly slower to process and save when compared to other phones.

ZUK Z1 Review – CyanogenOS

Cyanogen are an official partner to ZUK so the system on the international phone is the official CyanogenOS system not the Cyanogen ROM that other Chinese phone makers offer on their devices. This differences between the two are the CM ROM is an open source project relying on fans and third party developers to grow, while CyanogenOS is handled by the Cyanogen company with guaranteed updates.

So for I’ve had a few OTA updates which have added to the stability of the phone, and overall I’m happy with the system, which is basically a tweaked version of vanilla Android with some added security features, and custom CM apps.

CM really does improve the phone as a whole. I barely like the ZUK Z1 with ZUI but the international model with CM is a much nicer device, with more useful features and a more user friendly UI.

ZUK Z1 Review – Gallery ZUK Z1 Review – Specifications

Model: ZUK Z1

Sim Card: Dual Standby , 2 x Nano  SIM

Color: White/Grey

Memory RAM: 3GB

ROM: 64GB(Available Memory 54GB)

Support SD card

Multi-Languages English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Catala,Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch,Eesti,Espanol,Euskara, Filipino, French, Galego,Hrvatski,Isuzulu,Islenska,Italiano,Kiswahili, Latviesu,Letzebuergesch, Lietuviu, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polish, Portuguese, Romana, Slovencina, Suomi, Svenska, Tieng viet, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Khmer, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese

Chipset CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core (Qualcomm 8974AC)

GPU: Adreno 330

System CM  base on Android Lollipop

Screen Display Size: 5.5 inch FHD IPS, GFF, NTSC 100%, AF coating

Resolution: 1920*1080

Technology:Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Camera Rear Camera:  13MP OIS AF,

dual-LED (dual tone) flash

Front Camera:  8MP HD FF

Video Capture: 1920*1080

Network and Wireless Connectivity GSM/EDGE:850,900,1800,1900MHz; CDMA:800MHz

WCDMA :850/900.1900,2100MHz; CDMA2000:800MHz

TD-SCDMA:Band 34/39

FDD:Band 1/3/7; TDD: Band 38/39/40/41

WIFI :802.11 ac/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual Bands


Bluetooth: V4.1

Battery capacity and life Non-removable 4100mAh Li-polymer battery

Talk Time:48hours

Others: OTG,USB3.0 Type C

3.5 mm headphone jack

Sensor Accelerometer/Proximity /Gyro/Ambient Light/Hall/Magnet

ZUK Z1 Review – Conclusion

Before buying the ZUK Z1 you need to ask yourself what is important to you when buying a phone. If you want the latest processor and highest benchmarks then obviously the Z1 isn’t for you, but you would be silly to base your buying decision on this.

If on the other hand you want a phone with killer battery life, solid build, the latest standard USB, great gaming performance, a ton of internal memory, decent camera and updates handed by Cyanogen then the ZUK Z1 is the phone to buy. Heavy gamers and hardcore users will be hard pushed to find a Chinese device that offers so much.

The ZUK Z1 is available through numerous online stores, we received our grey international version from chúng tôi where it is available for EU customers and comes with a 24 month warranty for just $299.99.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Plunges, While Bitgert Price Skyrocket In This Bear Market

It is during the current bear market that Bitgert marketcap has also skyrocketed.

The frequent bear market conditions have plunged the price of most cryptocurrencies in the second week of March. The largest cryptocurrencies are the most affected. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped over 10% in the past 7 days, making them among the biggest losers in the market. But not every cryptocurrency has been plunging because


The Bitgert price has been growing during the bear market because of the huge attraction the cryptocurrency has created after the launch of its own blockchain. The




The price of the Bitcoin coin has been dropping during the bear market. In fact, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that recorded over a 10% drop during the past 7 days. The bear market has dropped BTC price to below $40k, which is a price that most crypto investors never thought they would see in March. However, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback from the plunge. Therefore, the drop should not scare Bitcoin holders. However, Bitcoin is getting tough competition from the likes of


The frequent bear market conditions have plunged the price of most cryptocurrencies in the second week of March. The largest cryptocurrencies are the most affected. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped over 10% in the past 7 days, making them among the biggest losers in the market. But not every cryptocurrency has been plunging because Bitgert price has been skyrocketing during this bear market. It is during the current bear market that Bitgert marketcap has also skyrocketed. But is Bitgert bullish during the current bear market? Well, read more below:The Bitgert price has been growing during the bear market because of the huge attraction the cryptocurrency has created after the launch of its own blockchain. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the hottest thing right now in the industry. It is the first gasless blockchain with a $0.0000000000001 gas fee. This is a near-zero figure and the lowest the industry has ever gone. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain also overtook Solana to be the fastest chain at 100k TPS. These are the major reasons why Bitgert has been skyrocketing during the bear market. With the mass adoption of the Bitgert chain projected to start soon, investors, including whales from the large cryptocurrencies, are buying and accumulating BRISE. That’s why the Bitgert coin is chúng tôi Centcex project has created a lot of attraction around it because of the unlimited number of products the team is developing and the huge income that will be coming from the staking process. The staking program for the Centcex project has 100% APY going to the staked token. The hundreds of products on the ecosystem will also attract thousands or millions of users, which will increase Centcex adoption. Therefore, the Centcex coin price is going to skyrocket as more products are launched. Centcex might be the next project to challenge the Bitgert chain in terms of utilities if the team launches products chúng tôi price of the Bitcoin coin has been dropping during the bear market. In fact, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that recorded over a 10% drop during the past 7 days. The bear market has dropped BTC price to below $40k, which is a price that most crypto investors never thought they would see in March. However, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback from the plunge. Therefore, the drop should not scare Bitcoin holders. However, Bitcoin is getting tough competition from the likes of Bitgert in terms of chain speed and the cost of gas.Ethereum has also plunged over 10% in this bear market, making it among cryptocurrencies that have been hit hard by the crash. But the Ethereum high gas fee has got something to do with this drop. There are few investors buying Ethereum because of the high gas fee, making the project less attractive to developers than Bitgert . However, the ongoing upgrade of the Ethereum network might make the cryptocurrency more competitive against Bitgert and many other cryptocurrencies. The current upgrade will make the Ethereum chain faster and cheaper by reducing the gas fee. That’s when it will be able to compete with Bitgert.

3D Printed Carbon Fiber Scooter Promises Custom Sizing At A Price

3D printed carbon fiber scooter promises custom sizing at a price

Carbon fiber is typically the preserve of supercars, but a new electric scooter startup aims to bring custom 3D printing of the lightweight material within reach of riders wanting a more comfortable urban commute. Scotsman does away with glue altogether, the company says, and makes all of the key components not only from carbon fiber composite but in bespoke sizing too.

That means the frame can be scaled just right to the rider’s legs, arms, and other measurements, along with their own particular riding style. That’s then joined to the handlebar, stem, and baseboard, which are also made of carbon fiber composite.

“3D printing with carbon fiber composite enables us to pursue designs not otherwise possible in other materials and fabrication techniques,” Josh Morenstein, Founder of Branch Creative – which designed the new scooter – says.

Inside, meanwhile, there are up to dual motors delivering as much as 2,000 watts of power, along with a proprietary composite suspension system. There are dual battery bays, for extended riding, and a matching dual regenerative brake system for topping up those batteries as you slow the Scotsman down. It’s also possible to tap some of the energy for charging a smartphone or other device, with the batteries having a USB-C connection.

LED headlamps and taillamps are built into the frame, as is a front-facing camera to record any incidents. There’s also GPS and an integrated cellular modem, which can be used to track down lost or stolen scooters. The data connection can also be used to install OTA firmware updates, and to automatically unlock the scooter as you approach it with your phone in your pocket or bag.

There’ll be three versions. Most affordable is the Scotsman 500, though at $2,999 it’s still hardly a cheap transit option. It can carry up to 300 pounds and has dual 250W motors, with a top speed of 19 mph. Range is 74 miles – a full charge is 5 hours per 500 Wh battery – and it can handle 25-degree inclines. There’ll be two ride modes, Eco and Sport.

The Scotsman 1000 adds $500 to the price tag but increases the motors to 500W each; maximum payload increases, too, to 350 pounds. Top speed climbs to 31 mph, though range remains at 74 miles.

Finally, the flagship Scotsman 2000 is a heady $4,499. It has dual 1,000W motors and a 45 top speed, and can handle 40-degree inclines. It also adds a Performance ride mode, and like the others has a built-in display in the handlebars showing battery status and navigation directions.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen 3D printed carbon fiber used to offer a more customizable option for electric transit. Last year, the Superstrata Ion e-bike launched with its own bespoke flexibility, with a 3D printed frame that could be scaled to take into account different heights, weights, and arm and leg lengths.

Pre-orders for the Scotsman scooters are being taken now, with the company promising shipping from December this year.

Do Apple Products Warrant Their Premium Price In 2023?

I was recently in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, and I visited the Microsoft store, the Apple store, and a pop-up Amazon shop. As I wandered through all three of them, I began to ponder the state of each company when I look ahead to the next generation of consumer technology. As I walked through each of them, this thought kept popping into my head: do Apple products warrant their premium price? Are Apple products a premium experience, or is it all about the Apple brand?

Do Apple Products Warrant Their Premium Price?

When I walked through the Apple store, I saw roughly the same core products they had a few years ago. The Mac is a stagnant platform. The iPad is still running a blown up phone OS. Under Tim Cook, Apple has certainly been innovative in a lot of ways, and most of that is with the processors for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The iPhone design is amazing, but I want to be thinking what’s past iPhone. The store is massive, well staffed, and there were tons of customers everywhere.

All of its products are on display, but the walls are covered with accessories for its products. The accessory ecosystem around Apple’s hardware products is certainly something Apple has grown in the last few years. With iPhone and iPad cases and Apple Watch bands carrying a premium price, Apple’s margins on its products (when added with its hardware margins) is just outstanding.

When I browsed through the Microsoft store, I saw their line of surface laptops. I’m not going to pretend that I am considering buying one of them, because I don’t enjoy using Windows at all. I can appreciate their willingness to take chances with a form factor, though. While it wasn’t as busy as the Apple store, there were still plenty of customers in there. When I look at the Surface laptops (especially the ones with detachable keyboards), I do get really envious of being able to carry one device for tablet and laptop computing.

When I browsed the Amazon pop-up shop, I saw a company who is committed to building out its Alexa and home connected products. I saw a company who isn’t as concerned with growing its device average selling price for every single product, but rather a company who wants to grow its average devices per user metric more than anything.

In playing with their tablets, they are nowhere near as polished as the iPad, but they aren’t bad for the price. If you simply want something for content consumption, it’s hard to ignore them.

I am as bullish on Amazon going forward as I am any consumer technology company. Their smart home ecosystem is just outstanding. The Echo products keep getting better (while the cost remains low). They’ve found a great balance between building their own products (Amazon Camera and Ring Doorbell) and making it easy for third parties to add Alexa support.

When I look at Amazon, I see well-made products for a lot less money. Do Apple products warrant their premium price? When I first became an Apple customer, they were more expensive, but they offered products that were head and shoulders better than their competitors. Is that still the case?

The Next Ten Years

In the days since I walked around these stores, I’ve been thinking through what the next ten years of consumer technology might look like. I’ve felt like there has been this general unrest with some of Apple’s longtime users for a while. We all love our iPhones (so much that Apple had to build tools to help us not use them so much), but the Mac hardware line is stagnant. I’m discussing buying 50+ laptops with Apple right now, and I don’t trust the MacBook keyboard, and the MacBook Air is long in the tooth.

The iPad hardware is amazing, but the software still lacks for a lot of use cases. The HomePod sounds great, but it’s overpriced for what it can do compared to alternatives. The Apple TV is great, but it runs essentially the same apps as devices (Fire TV) that are 1/3rd the cost. Siri has grown at a snail’s pace compared to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Apple used to be about premium experiences compared to the competitors, but I do not see “premium” on any products except iPhone. It seems like now they are counting on the Apple brand to sell the products versus a best in class experience. On the flip side, I feel like there are so many categories they could make a meaningful impact in (home networking, home automation products, and expanded cloud services) that it perplexes me why they don’t.

Tim’s Gambit

The thing I like the least about Tim Cook’s Apple is they are taking gambles on raising pricing and building accessories for iPhones where Microsoft is re-thinking the laptop, and Amazon is trying to build a world where the OS lives in the cloud. We’ve been reduced to a world of apps and digital assistants. Android has most of the core apps you’d need to switch. Alexa can do a lot more than Siri. Amazon Fire TV has very similar apps to Apple TV.

While its competitors are getting a lot better at hardware and software, Apple seems to be focused on raising ASP on its products. How long can that last? I am going to make a prediction that might sound crazy, but I bet Jeff Bezos has a team working on a next Amazon Fire Phone. The first one was terrible, but Amazon has made a lot of great products since then.

What happens if Amazon comes out with a $399 Fire Phone that’s tied heavily into Alexa and it’s connected home products. What if it includes all of the major apps you’d want. Apple’s iPhones would start to look a lot more expensive in comparison. Apple in 2023 seems focused on the average selling price of its products while also growing accessories revenue.

Back in 2012, Jony Ive said this:

“We are really pleased with our revenues, but our goal isn’t to make money. It sounds a little flippant, but it’s the truth. Our goal and what makes us excited is to make great products. If we are successful people will like them, and if we are operationally competent, we will make money.”

Does this sound like Apple in 2023? It doesn’t seem like it to me. I’m still carrying an iPhone X, using my Apple TVs daily, and I am writing this on a MacBook Pro, but I am not sure I still have the affection for the products I once did.

Do Apple products warrant their premium price in 2023? I think so, but I am not so sure when looking ahead to the next few years. All of its competitors seem to be providing really good experiences for less money.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Polystaker Offers A Safe Yield Farming Dapp

Yield farming has been gaining traction as one of the most lucrative crypto investment strategies with high liquidity. It gives crypto investors a greater chance to increase their revenue and earn higher ROI. Yield Farming happens through decentralized applications (dapps) that run on a blockchain network. They have no third party involved and eliminate the downtime. Therefore, dapps have been a game-changing tool for the Blockchain world.

Yield farming and the possibility of getting passive income are becoming popular and attracting many users, increasing the liquidity of DeFi projects.

Common Yield Farming Risks

As yield farming is a competitive, fast-paced, and volatile market, determining and estimating ROI in yield farming is very difficult and confusing – particularly for newbies. Therefore, many hesitate in investing in yield farming.

Here are a few other common risks associated with Yield Farming:

Liquidity risk 

Price risk

Strategy risk

Scam risk

POLYStaker for Yield Farming

Now, what if you found a dapp that promises 250% ROI, chúng tôi a Haze Crypto audited yield farming dapp, gives 100% to 260% ROI on deposits. It is a Smart Contract based dapp on POLYGON Chain, and as the name suggests, this dapp allows only one type of crypto asset: Matic.

What makes POLYStaker a safe yield farming Dapp? 

1. Easy User Interface

2. Easy Deposit features a simple deposit feature. All you have to do is connect your DeFi wallet via QR scan or browser login. You don’t need to be a dapp expert to start. Having a crypto wallet and MATIC are the primary requirements – and they are more than enough.

3.High ROI

The high ROI of 260% has attracted many investors to the

1 Plan investment offers a profit from 8.5% per day. The total earned profit varies from 127.5% from 15 days

2 Plan investment offers a profit from 7.5% per day. The total earned profit varies from 150% from 20 days

3 Plan Random investment offers a profit from 4.5%-12.5% per day. The amount of profit received is determined randomly. The total profit varies from 90-260% 

4 Plan (locked) investment offers profit from 12.5% per day. The total earned profit varies from 260% for 20 days

Profit growths +0.5% daily, only for new deposits

Hold-bonus +0.1% daily, max. +2%. Only for plans 1-3

Minimal deposit: 5 MATIC

Reinvest function. Users can choose plan and reinvest 20-100% withdrawable balance. 

Bonuses if user does it:

+0.5% daily profit on chosen plan

+2% to reinvestment`s amount

4. Safe and Secure 

As already stated, the decentralized finance industry is laden with multiple risk factors. However, POLYStaker is safe from any vulnerabilities, scams, and errors. It has been thoroughly audited by Haze Crypto.

5. Round the Clock Support  POLYStaker has a 24/7 user support staff available to answer any queries and concerns. Users can contact support staff on POLYStaker’s Telegram and other social media accounts.

Is POLYStakers Worth a Try? 

Yield Farming has a successful future in the blockchain world, and POLYStakers is here to contribute to its development. There are many good reasons why you should choose for MATIC yield farming. But, the biggest reason is that it offers the highest yield safely on Polygon Chain. It is a secure and reliable dapp with guaranteed high ROI.

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