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Last summer, LG unveiled its mid-range smartphone, the K30. Standing tall at 5.3″, it has an LCD capacitive touchscreen, the Snapdragon 425 processor and up to 2GB of RAM. This isn’t a flagship competitor but it’s a good phone with a decent price tag, around 200$.

With most phones nowadays, there are a lot of accidents. The screen having hairline cracks, the body showing signs of gravity’s cruel pull and just overall wear and tear. One must protect their phones, and one must also look good while doing so. To help you on this aspect, below is a list of the best cases, leather, clear etc, for the LG K30.


Slim Cases

Zizo Ion Slim Series Case

This case, while being slim and discreet is perfect for you to express your style while keeping your phone safe from harm. The bumper provides a near perfect anti-slip surface. Engineered to serve a low profile, and is extremely reliable in terms of protection.

Buy On eBay (13.99$)

Casewill Shockproof bumper cover

Caseswill offers a variety of cases for your liking, especially this Slim case that doesn’t feel bulky in your hands. If you really like your phone’s looks and don’t want any graphics/colors on it. This is the case for you.

Buy on eBay (3.98$)

MYBAT Flexible Silicone Cover

This all-black case manufactured by MYBAT keeps your phone looking elegant and classy in those conference meetings. No extra designs, this case is available only in black and is made from silicone.

Buy on eBay (6.10$)

Rugged Cases

COVRWARE Aegis Series Case with Full Body Protection

Wanna go all out and protect your phone like a tank, COVRWARE has the solution for you. This cover has been known to stop a bullet, that’s not entirely true but it is hard as nails. So go ahead, drop your phone on that trek or that run, this cover will literally, cover for you. Available in a plethora of different colors.

Buy on Amazon (9.99$)

TJS Belt clip holster hybrid shock absorbing resist case

Are you clumsy? Do you have butterfingers? Are you tired of shelling out money for getting your screen replaced every couple of months? Boy do we have the perfect cover for you, TJS protects your phone while making you look less like a person who drops it all the time. And even if you do, I doubt the heavy duty shell will let anything happen to your precious device. Available in black and black, blue and black, and black and red.

Buy on Amazon (8.99$)

Leather Cases

PU Leather case cover

All in one type of person? Don’t like carrying that extra pesky wallet or purse? PU has come out with a case, so classy that all your friends at the book club will be jealous of. Store all your ID’s without a hassle and impress that bouncer too when you whip out your License at that new posh club. Available in Gold, Pink, and the above, Black.

Buy on Amazon (10.99$)

J&D Heavy Duty Leather Case

This Leather case adds a little color into your life and also makes it a lot easier by letting you carry all your essentials in one simple package. It has a wrist strap that makes it easier for you to carry your phone and a shock-absorbent rubberized TPU snap on for drop protection. Available in Blue, Black, and Pink.

Buy on Amazon (9.95$)

Standout cases

PU Designer Leather Wallet Case

You wanna stand out in the crowd? Be the unique butterfly in a sea of boring moths? Then this is the case for you. PU brings out an all leather case with a twist of color. Having slots for all your essentials, including pictures of your loved ones. Comes with a built-in kickstand for that easy movie viewing. Available in a variety of color schemes.

Buy on Amazon (9.98$)

NageBee Flowing Case

NageBee’s glitter cover brings out that cheerful rainbow in you. This cover is both exciting to look at and the glitter moves around! They guarantee a leak free and worry-free design that lets you go about your day without having to clean yourself from the glitter. They have a whole bunch of colors, so go check it out.

Buy on Amazon (8.98$)

LEEGU Dual layer heavy duty case

This cool case by LEEGU, comes with a message. But if you’re looking to not send a passive aggressive threat to anyone who looks at your phone, then they also have a variety of designs available. The shock absorbing cover is built personally for you.

Buy on Amazon (7.99$)

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Best Battery Cases For Iphone 6S

In addition to regularly providing you with accessory spotlight posts, we’ve also been rounding up the accessories we showcase, so you can easily run through the list without having to search our database.

Anker’s Ultra Slim battery case is one of the thinnest on the market, at 13mm thick (though not as thin as Spider’s PowerShadow). It is also fairly lightweight as battery cases go, adding less than three ounces to the weight of your device. The 2,850 mAh battery can increase your usage as much as 120 percent. It is a two-piece case with a matte exterior for added grip. It is MFi certified and has a 3.5mm jack adapter so you don’t have to worry about whether your headphone jack will fit. It is available on Amazon for $43.

Mophie is probably the most popular battery case maker, and earlier this year, the company launched its first every waterproof case. The 2,750 mAh rechargeable battery provides double the juice of the iPhone 6s. It also features a pass-through charge and sync system (though the company does not claim it is MFi certified), so you can sync data with your computer while the case recharges. Its waterproof rating is IP-68 and it also has a Military Standards grade of 810G. It comes in black, white, and blue and is available on Amazon for between $97 and $130, depending on your color choice.

We would be remiss if we didn’t include Apple’s very own battery case. This year, the company launched the accessory, much to our surprise (and to some of our chagrin). The unusual design of the Smart Battery Case may have been a turn-off for some of us, but as Jeff Benjamin noted in his one-month later review, the benefit of that back hump is that it has ergonomic value. The battery capacity may seem small at only 1,877 mAh (as discovered by iFixit), but it can provide as much as 11 hours of extra talk and eight hours of extra web browsing to your iPhone 6s. The case itself is made from soft elastomer for ease of use, but it has an added benefit of providing extra grip. It comes in charcoal gray or white and is available at Apple retail stores for $99.

This two-piece case by i-Blason is made from polycarbonate with a rubberized anti-slip coating. It houses a 3,200 mAh rechargeable battery with a charging on/ off button. If you are done charging your iPhone, but want to reserve what is left of the battery pack for a later time, switch it off so it won’t continue charging as your battery drains. It is MFi certified to properly charge and can be connected to your computer (with the case on) to sync your data over iTunes. It is available on Amazon in a variety of colors for between $60 and $70. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for between $70 and $80.

Trainium Atomic S

Tranium’s battery charger case is made from polycarbonate as well. Its 3,100 mAh battery can add as much as 14 hours of talk or 10 hours of Internet browsing. It has shock resistant bumpers around the entire perimeter for additional drop protection. The front-facing speakers add a nice audio touch. The LED indicator lights on the back let you know how much juice the pack has left. The button on the backside lets you turn the charging feature on and off. It is available on Amazon for between $50 and $60, depending on your color preference. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $60.

This two-piece polycarbonate case has a thin design, but is made with protection in mind. The case covers all ports and buttons and features a raised lip on the front to protect from screen damage when your iPhone 6s lays flat. The 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery can juice up your device from zero to 100 across four or five hours, but you can use it the entire time. It is MFi certified and has a one-year warranty. You can sync your device to your computer while the case is still on. It comes in a variety of colors and is available on Amazon for between $50 and $70. There is a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $70.

Spyder’s version of the battery charger case is made from the same sturdy polycarbonate that the rest of them. This version is coated with an antimicrobial “Silver Seal” coating. It is unique because of its relative thinness. It measures only 12.5mm thick. The rechargeable battery is weaker than the others at only 2,750 mAh, which might be the reason. However, if thinness trumps extended usage in your life, this case may be what you need. It still manages to provide as much as eight additional hours of talk. It comes in a variety of colors and is available on Amazon for $100.

This powerful charging case doubles as a rugged case thanks to the four removable bumpers, which provide drop protection on the corners. The 3,100 mAh battery quickly juices up your iPhone 6s and automatically shuts off once it is fully charged. It is MFi certified, so you can sync data on your computer via iTunes while the case is still on. It also comes with a special 3.5mm pass-through adapter that makes it possible for you to fit any sized headphone into the jack. It is available in a variety of colors for as low as $35 on Amazon. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for only $45.

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The Best Samsung Galaxy A03S Cases

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy A03s makes for a good starter smartphone, and it is always a good idea to protect your investment with a case. Here are our picks for the best cases you can get for the Galaxy A03s. And be sure to come back and check every so often; new options tend to crop up from time to time.

For the full story of picking a case for your phone, read our guide.

The best Samsung Galaxy A03s cases:

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Otterbox Commuter Series case

Otterbox is a frequent appearance on our case best lists, and this case for the Galaxy A03s exemplifies why. It comes in black or pink and boasts a dual-layer design with a soft inner core and a hard outer shell that absorbs impacts from falls and bumps to protect your phone from damage. You can easily slide it into and out of a pocket, too, thanks to the slim design.

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Otterbox Sleek Series case

If you want rugged Otterbox protection in a slimmer package, you can opt for this Otterbox Sleek Series case. It has raised bumpers to protect your Samsung Galaxy A03s’s screen and camera lenses, while the solid one-piece design is easy to install and remove. Plus, the soft-touch edges make sure you always have a solid grasp on your phone to prevent accidents in the first place.

JanCalm wallet case

A wallet case is always a classic, elegant choice. It comes in black, blue, brown, red, and rose gold. This JanCalm faux leather wallet case also functions as a kickstand, so you can watch videos hands-free. There’s also a strap attached to it that you can use to securely hang your Galaxy A03s from your wrist or a bag.

Osophter case

This case features cushioned corners and a shock-absorbent design to protect your Galaxy A03s from bumps and drops. It has precise cutouts that don’t get in the way of your phone’s camera or charging part, while the flexible button covers are easy to press. And raised lip around the screen and camera lenses affords these areas a bit of extra protection. You can snag this case in black or blue.

UPNEY case and screen cover

Looking for all-around protection for your Galaxy A03s? Consider this UPNEY case and screen cover. It surrounds your phone from all sides and keeps scratches, bumps, and drops from being a concern. The soft-touch material is comfortable to hold while also offering anti-slip protection. You can get this cover and case in black, blue, forest green, clear, light blue, mint green, and purple.

YRAKOZIN silicone case

A silicone case is great if you want something simple. This case from YRAKOZIN comes in pink, black, blue, dark green, purple, and red. The liquid silicone material is comfortable to grip while being scratch- and fingerprint-resistant. Inside, a microfiber layer protects your phone from all sides, and raised bevels guard the screen and camera lenses against damage.

TJS ring kickstand case

You do not need a Popsocket with this TJS case. Simply slide a finger through the ring on the back, and you’ll get a solid grip. Plus, the ring functions as a kickstand. You can also use the ring to mount your phone to magnetic holders if you wish. The dual-layer design offers great protection, while the textured interior adds more safety. You can get this case in black, green, light blue, red, and yellow.

The Best Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Cases

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is the latest midrange marvel from the South Korean giant, offering impressive features and performance at an attractive price point. But, like any valuable piece of technology, protecting your investment is essential. A high-quality phone case can shield your device from scratches, bumps, and other hazards, ensuring it stays looking and functioning like new for as long as possible. With so many options available, finding the perfect case for your phone can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best Samsung Galaxy A54 5G cases for your needs, complete with our top recommendations.

When shopping for a phone case, it’s crucial to consider factors such as durability, design, and additional features. Think about how you use your phone daily and any specific requirements you may have. For instance, if you’re prone to dropping your device or working in a hazardous environment, a rugged case with extra protection might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re more concerned with style, you might opt for a slimmer, more fashionable case.

All the recommended cases are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and provide easy access to buttons, ports, and cameras.

Samsung Clear Case for Galaxy A54: The best case to show off your phone


For those who want to showcase the stunning design of their Galaxy A54 while still keeping it safe, the Samsung Clear Case is the perfect solution. Made from UL-certified bio-based materials, this transparent case ensures that the phone’s sleek build and bright color remain visible, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetics of your device without sacrificing protection. Reasonably priced at $20, the Samsung Clear Phone Case is an excellent option for those who appreciate a minimalist style with extra grip.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor for Galaxy A54: The best for work and play

Adam Birney / Android Authority

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor case is the best value option for Galaxy A54 5G owners who want both style and protection. This case is crafted from a flexible yet durable matte material that provides excellent protection against drops while offering a comfortable grip. The unique geometric pattern on the back adds a touch of style to your device, making it great for both professional and casual settings. Plus, its slim profile ensures that your phone remains lightweight and pocket-friendly. With the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case, you get a stylish and protective solution at an unbeatable price of just $12.99.

Samsung Smart View Wallet Case for Galaxy A54: The best case for on-the-go

Adam Birney / Android Authority

The Samsung Smart View Wallet Case is an excellent choice for those who want a stylish and functional case that can carry cards or cash. This folio case features a professional design with an opening on the front cover, allowing you to see and interact with notifications without opening the case. Inside, you’ll find a slot for credit cards, IDs, or bus passes, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for those on the go. Though it may be pricier than other options at $39.99, the Samsung Smart View Wallet Case offers a complete package of convenience, style, and protection for your Galaxy A54 5G.

Oneagle for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: The best case for durability

Adam Birney / Android Authority

If durability is your top priority, look no further than the Oneagle Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Case. Designed with ruggedness in mind, this case offers maximum protection against drops, impacts, and scratches without adding excessive bulk. The included screen and lens protectors ensure your device’s display and camera remain unscratched. With reinforced corners and raised edges, this case is built to withstand even the most demanding environments. Despite the double layers of protection, it maintains a slim form factor, making the Oneagle case the best option for those needing rugged durability in a visually appealing package.

Torro Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: The best leather folio

Adam Birney / Android Authority

For those who appreciate the touch of genuine leather, the Torro Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 is a perfect choice. Handcrafted with high-quality cowhide leather, this wallet case provides a luxurious feel while protecting your phone from daily wear and tear. Inside the case, you’ll find multiple card slots and a compartment for cash or documents, allowing you to carry all your essentials in one convenient package. The case also features a built-in stand with a magnetic clasp, making it easy to watch videos or conduct video calls hands-free. Although the Torro case comes with a higher price tag of $38, the brand is well known for its premium materials and craftsmanship, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking the best leather wallet case for their Samsung Galaxy A54.

That’s our list of the best Samsung Galaxy A54 5G cases. No matter your needs or preferences, we’re sure one of these options will suit you. Though, as this is a new phone, we expect more cases to hit the market. We will actively update this list with the best options to keep your Galaxy A54 5G in top shape.

Best Cases For Apple Watch Ultra In 2023

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged and feature-packed wearable made by Apple yet. And no doubt it can withstand a lot and does not really need a case to protect it, but my mind says otherwise. If you’re among the ones looking to get a case for your newly bought Apple Watch Ultra, I’ve curated a list of the best Apple Watch Ultra cases you can get right now.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor case – Editor’s choice

Spigen is one of the few brands renowned for making rugged and slim cases that provide great protection to your devices. The Spigen Rugged Armor is the perfect choice for those looking to bulk up the Apple Watch Ultra further until it depicts the legendary G-Shock watches. It even has RUGGED ARMOR and SHOCK RESIST engraved on the top and bottom bezel, with an angular design protruding to protect the screen. 

Crafted from durable thermoplastic polyurethane, which is TPU in simple words, the Rugged Armor case sports a unibody design. It also boasts precise cutouts not only for the sensors at the back but also for the Digital Crown, three microphone holes, 10 speaker holes, and a button above the action button that retains the original tactile feedback as the device. 


Rugged build

Made from durable TPU

Tactile buttons


Adds a little bulk

Check out on Amazon

2. Misxi hard PC case – Clear cover

Clear cases allow you to flaunt the design of your device while also ensuring protection. The Misxi hard polycarbonate case is an ultra-thin protective case. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector, which features 9H hardness and helps retain the natural touch and feel of the Apple Watch Ultra’s display. Moreover, it does not degrade the display quality. 

You no longer need to worry about scratching the display. It is a clear case with precise cutouts for the Digital Crown, microphone, and speakers. The process to apply the case is quite simple too. Also, you get 2 transparent protective cases with screen protectors in the box. You can now flaunt your Apple Watch and protect it simultaneously. 


9H hardness tempered glass

Clear case with precise cutouts


Users report the case houses dust within gaps

Check out on Amazon

3. Qoosea bumper case – Shockproof option

The Qoosea shockproof bumper case is a 360-degree protective case that covers all four corners and the sides of your Apple Watch Ultra. The case is made from high-quality, shock-absorbing (thermoplastic polyurethane) TPU, which offers more durability and protection than traditional polycarbonate.

Cutouts for cases are not always accurate, but that is not the case with Qoosea shockproof bumper case. Moreover, it is easy to apply as you don’t need to take the Apple Watch off your hands and can just snap the case in. It does not interfere when changing the Watch Band, either. And you get two cases for the price of one.


Rugged build with 360-degree protection

Can install the case without taking off the Apple Watch



No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

4. VeveXiao rugged case – With strap band 

The VeveXiao rugged case for the Apple Watch is a unique product. It isn’t just a case but rather has straps attached to the case made out of the same materials. While we’re on the topic of materials, the case is made from PC, the band is made from flexible TPU, and a stainless steel buckle to help adjust the band to fit your wrists perfectly.

The bezels are raised to protect the screen from scratches, and the materials with a shockproof design ensure to cushion your watch from accidental bumps and drops. Furthermore, the cutouts are precise and do not hinder with the functioning of any of the sensors. If you have owned the Apple Watch and tend to change bands frequently, the VeveXiao is an excellent choice as it comes in 12 different color options, so you can make a collection out of it as well. 


Shockproof design

A case with straps attached to it

Stainless steel buckle

Wide range of colors to choose from


No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

5. Tocol ultra-thin case – Fine design 

The Tocol ultra-thin case for Apple Watch Ultra comes in a pair and offers excellent protection without bulking the watch. The pack also includes a pair of tempered glass screen protectors. Both of these products combined offer military-grade protection. It was drop-tested more than 3,000 times from a height of 8 FT, and there was no damage to the screen.

You no longer have to worry about scratching the screen or the casing of your Apple Watch Ultra. Moreover, the sleek and minimal design, especially the Golden colorway of the case, blends with the Apple Watch Ultra casing. The cutouts for the speaker and mic grilles are precise. Finally, you can wirelessly charge your watch without removing the case. 


2 cases in different colors 

2 tempered glass screen protectors

Minimal design and excellent protection

Value for money


No significant cons

Check out on Amazon

6. DGYSG Translucent Hard Case – Tactical protection 

The DGYSG translucent hard case is a perfect fit for people who find the Apple Watch Ultra to be small on their wrists or just want to protect it from all fronts. It has four color options and uses a crystal-hard polycarbonate case that offers rugged protection. And, while the case looks bulky, it weighs 14 grams. So no compromises on protection. 

The cutouts are accurate on the case and come with matching watch bands too. These are made out of soft rubber and feature a 316L steel buckle. Your device will be protected from all angles. However, you might need an additional screen protector if you’re particular about safeguarding the solid display. 


Unique design 

360-degree protection 

Multiple color options


Bulky design 

Slightly expensive 

Check out on Amazon

7. Caseology Vault Case – Slim and light 

Caseology is yet another widely popular case manufacturer. They sell quality products, and the Caseology Vault is a testament to the same. It is a slim case carved out of flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU). If you’re tired of smooth finishes on products and love the sandstone-like feel, the Vault case is a perfect fit for you with its rough and grainy texture. 

Additionally, you will not miss out on the satisfactory tactile feel of the Side or Action buttons, as the cutouts are exact. It comes with raised bezels to protect the screen. However, if you want complete protection, good-quality tempered glass will do the job. Lastly, even though it sports a sleek design, it is certified with military-grade protection. 


Sleek design

Sandstone texture finish

Military-grade certification 


No significant cons 

Check out on Amazon

8. ECSEM Case pack – Multiple choices 

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in one color option. While many might be okay with it, I’m not. If you’re someone like me and want to customize the Apple Watch Ultra to match your outfits, the 10-pack bumper case pack from ECSEM is where your search should end.

You get 10 cases, all different colors, made from flexible TPU material. The icing on the cake is that the case comes with a built-in screen protector too. The cutouts are precise, and you get 12 months of warranty too. 


All round protection 

10 cases to match any watch band or your outfits



The shiny color coating makes the case look cheap

Going by reviews, fit and finish is questionable

Check out on Amazon

9. amBand Protective Bumper – G-Shock lookalike

Want to convert your Apple Watch Ultra into a G-Shock? At least in terms of design, you can do it with the amBand Protective Bumper case. It is a complete package, as you get a bumper case attached to rubber watch straps. It also comes with a pair of auto-alignment screen protectors that are rated for 9H of mineral hardness. 

amBand used a premium TPU band and raised bezels that offer shock protection. The cutouts are not only precise, but there are metal buttons for the Side and Action buttons that improve their tactility. For those craving exclusivities, scanning the QR code in the box will get you a classic watch face from amBand for free. 


Excellent build quality

Auto alignment tempered glass included 

360-degree protection 


Non-removable bands 

Check out on Amazon

10. V-MORO Metal Bumper – Switch to analog 

Do you want your Apple Watch Ultra to blend in with your formal attire? Or do you want it to look a little like an analog watch? If that is what you’re looking for, the Metal Bumper case by V-MORO is the perfect fit. It also comes with a stainless steel strap, so you do not have to purchase one separately. Few might want to do this with a smartwatch, but I’m here to provide you with multiple choices. 

You will have to fit the Apple Watch Ultra in a silicone case. Only after this should you fit the whole module in the stainless steel case. While the installation process might be a little lengthy, the overall results achieved by it are going to be worth it, especially if you want your watch to appear more classy and match your formal outfits. 


Stainless steel build 

Silicone case to prevent the watch from scratching 

Packed in an exquisite box which makes it a great gifting option 

Watch band adjuster


Adds significant weight

Lengthy installation process

Check out on Amazon


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Best Clear Cases For Iphone 11 In 2023

With so many cases for iPhone 11 in the market, it’s hard to decide which is the best one. It all depends on what you like, want, and need. And if you are on the hunt for something that showcases the device while maintaining a soft layer of protection, iPhone 11 clear cases are your best bet.

These cases can help you maintain the best of both worlds. Pick your choice from this curated list of the best available clear cases.

1. Apple clear case – Editor’s choice

Manufactured by Apple for Apple! This cover blends optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials. While the back is sturdy, the sides offer a soft and snug fit.

Thanks to a scratch-resistant coating on the interior & exterior, it keeps your phone and itself safe. The case also carries an anti-yellow layer and Qi-charging capability.


Perfect Fit


Anti-yellow coating


Slippery hand grip

Hard to take off

Check out on Apple

2. Spigen ultra hybrid case – Crystal clear transparency

Spigen delivers some amazing cases for iPhone, and this crystal clear case for iPhone 11 is no different. Crafted from Hybrid technology, it incorporates a flexible TPU bumper with a durable PC back.

The transparency lets you flaunt your device, while raised bezels around the screen & camera offer protection. It also sports pronounced buttons and large cutouts for maximum ease & tactility.


Raised bezels for sufficient protection

Super-slim profile


Attracts fingerprints, gets dirty very quickly

Check out on Amazon

3. OtterBox symmetry series clear case – Ultra slim profile

OtterBox produces one of the best rugged cases. And this transparent case for iPhone 11 echoes similar protectiveness in a slim, one-piece package. In the brand’s words, it is ‘The style you want. The protection you need.

With enhanced drop protection & raised beveled edges, you are privy to durable protection against accidental falls, bumps, and fumbles. Moreover, the one-piece design pops on and off quite easily.


Slim yet sturdy profile

Limited lifetime warranty


Doesn’t have an anti-yellow coating

Fingerprint magnet

Check out on Amazon

4. Case-Mate tough case for iPhone 11 – Best drop protection

The tough collection by Case-Mate amalgamates the comfort and fun of slim cases with the security & sturdiness of rugged cases. It manages to offer 10 ft. drop protection while managing an ultra-slim design.

It also boasts flexible sides for enhanced grip and reduced slippage. The slim form factor maintains the device’s Qi-compatibility. Further, an anti-scratch & anti-yellow coating ensures a longer shelf life for the case.


Scratch resistance coating

Lifetime Warranty

Value for money


Users complain about discoloration

Check out on Amazon

5. Speck presidio stay clear case – Slim design

This case truly justifies its name and stays clear! Thanks to a high-tech coating, it resists UV rays, oils, and other substances, preventing discoloration. It even boasts an antimicrobial treatment that keeps away stain and odor-causing bacteria growth.

Not just that, scratches are also kept at bay via two durable layers of protection. The IMPACTIUM CLEAR cushioning acts as an airbag and protects the phone against drops from up to 13-feet drop.


Antimicrobial Treatment

Resists oil marks and discoloration

Up to 13-feet drop protection


The back is a bit slippery

Slightly bulky

Check out on Speck

6. ESR essential zero clear silicone cover – Flexible TPU

At just 1.1mm thickness, ESR barely adds any bulk to your iPhone 11. And despite being ultra-slim, it incorporates raised edges around screen & camera, providing ample protection against sudden drops and bumps.

It also protects from watermarking or clinging, as it comes with microdots inside the case. Moreover, the vibrant colored frame adds a distinctive & uber-stylish look to the device.


Minimal form factor

Stylish looks

Microdots on the inside


Slippery handfeel

Check out on Amazon

7. STOON anti-scratch cover – Shock absorption

This flexible silicone case is just 0.4mm thin and adds negligible weight. Most importantly, it’s scratch-resistant, and the soft material doesn’t allow dirt to settle on the case.

This case has raised bezels for all-around protection. And a perfect fit with easy access to all buttons and features. The flexibility of the STOON case is what I loved the most.


Good grip

Worry-free 18-month customer service

Reasonably priced


Get’s dirty (fingerprint or smudge marks) quite easily

Not crystal clear

Check out on Amazon

That’s all, friends!

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