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While most technology is for everyone regardless of gender, there are some specific apps for women that address our unique needs and solve niche problems. From period tracking and contraceptive reminders to financial management, closet organization, and more, I’ve found several tools to improve different aspects of my life. Here’s my roundup of the best iPhone and iPad apps for women.

1. Nike Training Club – Best workout app for women

Women of every age should prioritize their fitness, and this workout app is an essential tool that helps you do just that. It offers 185+ free workouts of varied types, from yoga to cardio to weight training, minimal equipment workouts, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness freak, this app has everything you need to achieve your goals and stay active.

I especially loved the trainer-led programs that help you build healthy habits and get the results you want. The best part is that you can follow the programs at home and still get professional fitness guidance. Regardless of your body type, this app deserves to be included in your weekly routine for a stronger, fitter you.

Price: Free


2. MyFitnessPal – Best fitness app for women

A good diet goes hand in hand with fitness for an overall better lifestyle. MyFitnessPal is a leading health app that lets you count calories, track nutrients, log your food intake and exercise, plan meals, and more.

It has helped me learn more about the food I consume to make better-informed meal choices throughout the day. It features a database of 6+ million foods from across the world, and you can scan barcodes or upload food pictures to find their nutritional breakdown. It’s pretty neat and just like having a fitness pal with you all the time.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Monthly Premium)


3. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker – Best period tracking app

Your menstrual cycle can give insights into varied aspects of your health. This period app is a must-have to track your period and gain insights into how it affects your body and mind. I like to take a minute each day to check in with my body and log how I feel on this app. It’s helped me know when to expect the dreaded PMS and prep for my next period so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

It’s got a clean and intuitive interface that’s quick to find your way around. I appreciate how it goes much beyond just menstrual tracking. You can use it to understand your fertility better and plan pregnancy. It’s a scientific way to get to know your body and its unique patterns. It also offers plenty of customization when you opt for a premium subscription.

Price: Free ($0.99 for Monthly Subscription)


4. myPill Birth Control Reminder – Best reproductive health app

We all live busy lives, but the one thing you can take absolutely no chances with is your reproductive health. If you’re on the pill, skipping it can wreak havoc on your system. Avoid the mayhem by getting this app. It will remind you to take your pill every day, buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule checkups, and more.

Further, it supports all known contraceptives and lets you take additional notes that can come in handy at the doctor’s office. You can turn off the reminders when you’re on a break from your pill but continue using it for other handy features like the daily water intake tracker. All in all, it’s a nifty little iOS app for every modern woman.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $1.99)


5. Noonlight – Best app for women’s safety

We’ve all been in situations where we feel unsafe. And this app provides an innovative way to get timely help whenever you might need it. It can be used where you feel unsafe and when you need immediate emergency help. To use it, just press and hold down the on-screen button. Release when you are safe and enter your pin. To get help, release the button and don’t enter your pin.

The app will notify the police in your area about your location. Further, the app has partnered with Tinder to ensure you have safer dates. You can share details about who you’re meeting so that Noonlight has your back in case things go wrong. It’s packed with many other useful features, such as automatically updating your location even when you’re on the move.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Premium)


6. Mint – Best personal finance app

Financial management is key to leading an empowered life. The Mint personal finance app makes it easy to budget and keep track of your money matters in one place. Use it to reach your savings goals with personalized insights, custom budgets, expense tracking, and subscription monitoring. The best part is that all this is possible for free.

Moreover, the Mintsights feature lets you take a deep dive into your accounts and uncover new ways to make every dollar count. You also get timely alerts that help you stay on top of your budget, spends, account balances, credit score, and more. I love how it’s a one-stop financial solution that’s easy to use regardless of your lifestyle.

Price: Free


7. IFTTT – Best organization app

Take control of your life with this super useful app that brings your favorite services together to create new experiences. It’s got countless use-cases, from texting yourself about weather forecasts to keeping up with the news, getting home security alerts, shopping reminders, etc.

I love using it to share my Instagram posts on other platforms like Twitter, which I often forget. Some of the services it is compatible with include Spotify, YouTube, Medium, Telegram, Skype, Evernote, Fitbit, Google WiFi, eBay, and hundreds more. The level of customization it offers makes this app a worthy choice for all busy people out there.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Pro)


8. Shopsavvy – Best deals app

Love shopping? Me too! But what I love even more is this app that makes it easy to check the prices at over 60,000 retailers instantly so that you can secure the best deals. You can scan a barcode or visit any major retailer’s product pages to let ShopSavvy find the best price for you.

Price: Free ($1.99 for Pro)


9. Cozi Family Organizer – Best app for moms

Managing a family isn’t easy, but this app can help a great deal! It offers a surprisingly simple way to manage your home with a collaborative calendar, reminders, grocery lists, and more. It’s not surprising then that it’s been a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and earned the honor of being The TODAY Show “must-have app” for a better life.

I love how it makes it a breeze to keep track of everyone’s schedules in one place with a color-coded calendar and shared to-dos. Further, you can always know what needs to be bought from the grocery and save your favorite recipes to always have meal ideas. The app keeps your family members on one page and makes your busy mom-life a little easier!

Price: Free ($29.99 for a yearly subscription)


10. Instacart – Best grocery delivery app

Grocery shopping can be a pain. I dread going to crowded stores and spending hours getting everything I need. Luckily, Instacart makes life easier by helping you get fresh food, drinks, and other household items delivered to your doorstep all across the US.

It assigns you a shopper to get your groceries for you. You can even chat with your shopper in real-time if there are any changes to your order at the last minute. Further, it offers you the flexibility to pick up your order in person if that’s more convenient. It definitely adds some convenience to your busy life.

Price: Free


11. Pinterest – Best lifestyle app

Whether it’s fashion, food, home decor, travel, technology, education, or almost anything else, Pinterest is my number one destination for ideas and inspiration. You can easily search for and save ideas to help you out in every aspect of life.

Whether you’re planning a trip, a wedding, a home renovation, or your aspirations, create Pinterest boards and start saving and sharing inspiration. One of the most useful features is the Pinterest Lens that lets you snap a picture of something you see in real life to find ideas about how to buy, make, or do it. It’s a must-have app for all women who want to live their best lives.

Price: Free


12. Stylebook – Best closet organization app

Take stock of your wardrobe with this smart closet organization app. It lets you add pictures of the clothes you own, create magazine-style outfits, plan out what to wear, create packing lists, and more. Never grapple with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma again!

It makes it easy to browse your closet anywhere and create new looks in an instant. Further, you also get insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, such as what you wear the most, what you hardly wear, and which items are most versatile. If looking stylish is your priority, this app is worth the small price it comes at.

Price: $3.99


13. Flush – Toilet Finder & Map – Simplest way to find a nearby bathroom

One of the most challenging aspects of being female is finding a restroom when out and about. Thankfully, there’s an app to solve this problem too. Check out Flush Toilet Finder – the quickest, simplest way of finding a bathroom near you. Wherever you are, just open the app, and it will display the nearest toilets to you along with directions about how to get there.

Moreover, it’s free and has over 200,000 bathrooms in its database. You can even find restrooms that have disabled access. It also works without an internet connection, which makes it convenient for road trips. You can also add toilets and give ratings to the washrooms you use.

Price: Free


Top 13 iPhone and iPad apps every woman should have

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Best Jokes Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

1. Laugh My App Off

While exploring the App Store, I ran into “Laugh My App Off” and decided to give it a shot. With plenty of sidesplitting gags, the app soon found a safe haven in my collection.

What I have liked about this app a lot is the ever-growing library of variety of jokes. That means your resources will always have something out-of-the-box to bring the house down.

Don’t fail to check out the doctor, Math and movie jokes as they really special!

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is hands-down the smartest personal assistants. What makes it ahead of the curve is a quick understanding and the ability to respond with an accurate and suitable answer promptly.

No wonder, this virtual assistant can also entertain you with plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes. So, whenever you want to shoot out boredom or get rid of the dull moments, do not forget to bring it into action.

Beyond comedies, the virtual assistant can also keep you updated with an instant weather update, latest news and more.

3. Best Funny Videos Soundboard

Don’t have time for reading or wish to relish videos full of witticisms? You must keep “Best Funny Videos Soundboard” under your radar. With the massive collection of around 1000 videos, the app has got plenty of awesome clips to keep you entertained.

The autoplay mode ensures the app continues to play your favorite videos. And if you wish to add some additional spice to it, there is also an option to record your tale. Once you have created a fine video, share it with your friends.

4. Best Corny Jokes!

Time to let the haha and lol relish high spirit! This one is an absolute cracker, and you will like having a go at it. Ditto.

The app has got hundreds of puns and gags that you will love to read time and again. And if you find something really crazy, you can share it via SMS and even post it directly on Facebook.

5. Epic Jokes

Pick out this app, if you want to enjoy endless laughter. The app has packed in with a gigantic collection of over 18,000 jokes.

You have the option to select from several categories such as knock, knock, one-liner, celebrity jokes and more. So, choose the one that perfectly goes in line with your taste or mood and blast them to bring tons of fun to your messaging.

Like storing funniest gags? Well, the app allows you to save your favorites in a special collection. Thus, you can quickly access them to share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

6. Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

If you are looking for a great jokes app for your kids, you shouldn’t look beyond this app. It has around 50 jokes, and all of them are hilarious. A comical owl tells the jokes. Hence, your kid doesn’t need to read them.

Want to create your tales? Wonderful! The app also lets you create, record and play your gags. This way you can give cracks your personal touch.

7. Funny Jokes, Stories & Puns

What has grabbed my attention in this app is the colossal library of sidesplitting jokes. Those incredibly humorous cracks are available in as many as 57 categories including Christmas, doctor, celebrities, science, sports, travel, school, politics and more.

8. iFunny – hot memes and videos

Memes have taken over all the social media platforms. Some people already have saved hilarious memes on their cloud storage to view it later. With the iFunny app for iPhone and iPad, you can find many more unique and fresh memes every day. Don’t settle with just text jokes.

Apart from that, the app comes with “best meme of the week” based on user’s interest. So you can catch up with trending memes. There’s nothing more to talk about this app except one thing, download it right away. And yes, it is completely free with no in-app purchases.

That’s all!

What’s your pick?

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Football Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

The FIFA World Cup 2023 in Qatar is well underway. Considering this, it’s only fair that we look at some of the best football apps for iPhone and iPad you can download today. Whether you’re looking for an app to keep track of live match scores, play fantasy football, or stay updated with transfer rumors, there’s an app for every aspect of the game. Having said that, let’s look at these apps now, shall we?

1. FIFA Mobile – Editor’s choice

If we’re talking about the best football apps for iPhones and don’t include FIFA Mobile, the list would be incomplete. When you’re looking for a definitive football experience in terms of gameplay and authenticity, FIFA Mobile is at the very top of the list! Also, you should check out our collection of wallpapers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2023.

The game allows you to create your own squad with variations of your favorite players. Of course, you’ll have to consider their nations and leagues to make them play well in-game. After you’ve created your squad, you can compete in online matches for excellent rewards.

Furthermore, with the World Cup underway, you can play an authentic FIFA World Cup 2023 Mode, which features all 32 national teams and their latest lineups. Authentic kits and badges are also provided with this update. However, if this doesn’t fit your bill, you can always hop into Manager Mode and guide your favorite club to the zenith of the footballing world!

While the game has plenty of content to offer, a lot of this content is hidden behind paywalls. In fact, the game is riddled with microtransactions. This can hinder your experience with the game.


Polished and refined gameplay

Updated content on a frequent basis

Authentic FIFA World Cup 2023 Mode

Fully licensed players, teams, and kits


Most of the premium content is locked behind paywalls

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


2. Dream League Soccer – A welcome FIFA alternative

If FIFA’s microtransactions and gameplay don’t work for you, Dream League Soccer is a decent alternative to the game. This particular game has authentic licenses for over 4000 FIFPRO registered players. For the uninitiated, FIFPRO is the world’s largest professional players’ governing body!

It’s excellent in terms of gameplay as well. Thanks to 3D motion capture, free kicks, tackles, celebrations, goalkeeper saves, and even basic player movements are brought straight from the football pitch to your smartphone’s screen.

Furthermore, there are more than 10 cup competitions to compete in. You can also compete against other players online. Additionally, you’ll be able to build your soccer empire, improving everything about your club, from the stadium to the medical facilities.

However, the game’s matchmaking isn’t the best. The developers have to patch the game to ensure that players in opposing teams have similar skill levels.


Has over 4000 FIFPRO registered players

In-depth upgrades for players, stadiums, staff, and facilities

3D Motion-captured gameplay


Matchmaking needs to improve

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


Although football games like FIFA and Dream League Soccer are more accessible for new players, some veterans prefer more authentic and challenging gameplay. If this is what you’re looking for in your football game for iPhone, eFootball 2023 could be for you!

The gameplay in eFootball is quite different from its competitors. The developers have painstakingly motion-captured each and every detail of a footballer’s movement and added them to the game to ensure authenticity and realism.

However, the other gameplay elements, such as the eFootball League and general matchmaking, remain largely similar to other football games. The idea is simple – build your “Dream Team” by signing and developing your players.

My only gripe with the game is that it lacks more licensed players and leagues.


Very realistic gameplay

Featured a host of famous clubs from around the world

Content is updated frequently to reflect players’ real-life performances


Needs more licensed teams and leagues

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


From games, we move on to official apps developed and licensed by the top leagues in the world. When talking about the best football apps for iPhone, it’s important to acknowledge the Premier League App. This app is one of the foremost apps to follow all the happenings of the biggest football league in the world.

The modern Premier League has officially been around since 1992. So, the developers have ensured that official statistics are available in the game for fans to research or peruse at their leisure. Moreover, you can follow every Premier League match fixture thanks to the Matchday Live feature, which also adds Live Blogging for good measure.

You can also follow your favorite Premier League clubs for the latest news directly through the app. The app has everything from lineups to injury news to transfer rumors. Furthermore, you can also build your Fantasy Premier League team to compete with friends throughout the season. The winner of the season is also presented with some exciting rewards!

However, despite all its great features, users have complained that the user interface isn’t on par with other apps.


Real-time updates

Authentic and reliable news

Fantasy Football for Premier League fans


The user interface needs to be improved

Price: Free


5. Champions League Official – For the latest UCL news

The UEFA Champions League is the greatest club competition in the history of the sport. Without a doubt, this is one of the most watched competitions all around the world.

If you follow the Champions League closely, then you need to download the Champions League Official app. This app provides you with the latest soccer news, fixtures, and live coverage via blogging. You can also watch the highlights of any Champions League matches that you might have missed. These highlights are available the very next day!

The only major issue with the app is the highlights section. From the user interface to the overall presentation, the developers need to do better.


Latest news, updates, and fixtures for UEFA Champions League

Special match analyses by experts

UEFA Champions League-based Fantasy Football is available in the app


The highlight video section needs to be more intuitive

Price: Free


6. LiveScore – Special match analyses

While there are many football and FIFA World Cup scoring apps available in the App Store, LiveScore is a level above the rest. This isn’t due to the multiple-game coverage via statistics, live match updates, or even the fixtures. Instead, the special match analyses by the LiveScore team are what makes this one of the best football apps for iPhone.

The LiveScore team ensures that all major games are covered, whether through insights or post-match interviews. If you’re looking for an in-depth football analysis or want to learn more about the game itself, LiveScore is an excellent app.

Moreover, you can customize the interface to deliver you the latest news regarding your favorite teams and leagues. In fact, the app follows over 1,000 matches worldwide for maximum coverage. Of course, with the World Cup going on, the team has gone the extra mile to cover every aspect of each match. This app has been available since 1998 and has only continued to get better with age.

However, the push notifications need to be improved. These notifications only update the scoreline without adding information about the goal scorer or assist provider.


Covers over 1000 matches worldwide

A special team of experts provides in-depth coverage of major fixtures

In-depth coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2023


Push notifications need to be improved and show more information to the user

Price: Free


7. FUT 23 Draft, Builder – For FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 is the latest in a long line of sports simulation games. Moreover, its Ultimate Team, the online gameplay mode which allows you to create your own team and compete online, is one of the game’s biggest draws. However, Ultimate Team has plenty of aspects that can be difficult for a beginner to understand.

One of these difficult aspects is the Ultimate Team Transfer Market. Just like in a real transfer market, players can sell or buy players for their team or complete objectives and challenges. More often than not, it’s challenging to understand the trend that the market follows. From making a profit on each player sale to building your dream team, FUT 23 app from FUTBIN is the app you need.

The app keeps itself updated with various market trends, new player items, and the prices of each player card. Monitoring these trends is much easier, thanks to the live graphs available for each player card. This app also features a Squad Builder, which will give you information on player stats and chemistry when you put them into your team.

Overall, if you’re a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team enthusiast, this is a must-download app for you. However, the player prices need to be updated more frequently in the app.


Covers every aspect of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Transfer Market

Squad Builder feature to see how well your dream team will work in-game

Perfect for beginners who want to understand the FIFA 23 Transfer Market


In-game player prices need more frequent updates

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


Fantasy Football has come a long way since its initial days. With players all over the world making their fantasy football teams according to real-life matches, the segment has hit its peak. If you’re a regular follower of UEFA competitions, then the UEFA Gaming app is worth looking into.

The game gives you a 100 million Euro budget to make a team of 15 Champions League players. These players can be from different teams or leagues. Based on the real-life performances of the players and their teams, you can change your lineup to score the maximum number of points.

Moreover, if you consider yourself a football visionary, you can even use the app’s Predictor feature to see how well you’d score during the actual match. This Predictor feature is based on the form of real-life players and their team performances. The user interface is also quite easy to navigate, making the app a very enjoyable experience.

Nonetheless, there are a few issues with the app. Users have stated that changing captains and the transfer system often face glitches.


Fantasy Football for every UEFA Champions League Season

Player prices are updated based on real-life performances

Beautiful and elegant user interface


Minor glitches can hinder the user experience

Price: Free


9. chúng tôi – For all things UEFA

Next on this list of the best football apps for iPhone, we have the chúng tôi app. For lovers of all UEFA competitions, this app is extremely necessary. Not only does it feature a live broadcast of competitions such as UEFA Futsal, but it also provides match re-runs, live UEFA Draw coverage, and more!

Furthermore, if you want to know more about the competition’s history, you can do so quite easily. The app features a vast video archive that provides access to older games. Excellent storytelling of older, classic matches is also provided by this app.

The only issue with the app is that of the push notifications interface. It needs to be more detailed.


Large video archive of classic matches and documentaries

Post-match highlights of the latest games are available

Covers every aspect of UEFA, from the Champions League to Futsal


Push notifications lack important details

Price: Free


10. BeSoccer – Worldwide competition coverage

BeSoccer is another football scoring app that will provide you with the usual features. From notifications and updates of live matches to fixtures and lineups, BeSoccer does it all. However, where it differentiates itself is in the sheer depth of coverage.

The app covers over 10,000 competitions worldwide. This not only includes matches, lineups, and scorelines, but also in-depth statistical coverage for each game. You can also follow your preferred teams and leagues. Additionally, this also includes video coverage to cement the stats that are shown in the app.

There’s even a budding community for the app. This community comprises users all over the world who share their opinions on matches and provide predictions. Without a doubt, BeSoccer is one of the largest soccer database apps in the world, covering the game’s biggest stars and the most successful of clubs. Lastly, you’ll also find all live transfer news and updates at the tap of a button!

Although this app is truly filled with data for football lovers, I do have a single issue with it. I think that the user interface, though easy to use, is quite bland. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but a bit more of polish could completely change the user experience!


Covers more than 10,000 competitions worldwide

In-depth statistical coverage for multiple games

Latest transfer news for your favorite clubs and leagues


The user interface, though easy to use, needs more polish and detailing

Price: Free


Summing up

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Best Invoice Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

As a small business owner or freelancer, creating and managing invoices consume a significant chunk of your time. Moreover, the task is unavoidable as your payment depends on it. This is where invoice apps can come in handy and make the work hassle-free for you.

However, the App Store is brimming with invoice apps, and not all are the same! Hence, we have compiled a list of the best invoice-making apps for iPhone and iPad to make your life easier.

1. Invoice Maker by Billdu – Editor’s choice

Billdu invoice maker is loaded with a ton of useful features for professionals and small businesses. Alongside numerous features, it also allows users to create unique templates by adding their company logo, signature, etc. 

When approaching new clients, you can create estimates or quotes, and once approved, the same quote can be converted to an invoice. Also, you can keep track of expenses, thanks to the expense manager, and can scan and add bills to the same.

Lastly, multiple users and devices within the company can be added to the account. It helps synchronize the data and highlights the unpaid invoices by marking them. If you want more details, check out the review on our website, or you can try the app for 30 days for free and later subscribe to a plan of your choice.


Unlimited customization options

Payment reminders help you remind clients of your due invoices

Clients can rate your work through the invoice


Free invoices cannot be edited 

Price: 1-month free trial ($3.99 per month) 


2. QuickBooks Accounting – Track mileage automatically

QuickBooks has emerged as one of the most useful apps for small businesses. Chosen as the best counting app by CNBC, QuickBooks offers plenty of features such as a real-time dashboard for tracking all invoices, expenses, and payments, automating recurring invoices, and the option to connect your bank account with the app.

The accounting app has an intuitive user interface, and you can track all your invoices from the dashboard. Besides generating invoices, it can also show the impact of your bills on your business’s overall financial condition.

If you’re a small business owner, look no further than QuickBooks Accounting. The app also offers a 30-day free unlimited access trial to test the app before buying the subscription.


Single dashboard to track all your invoices

Recurring invoice making feature

Analyze profit and loss in a single tap

30-day trial period


You cannot setup your account for multiple companies

No round off option

Doesn’t support QuickBooks Desktop

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99/mo)


3. FreshBooks – Most easy-to-use invoice app

FreshBooks started initially as an invoice-making app and later ventured into other financial services. However, its invoice app is still top-notch.

The app offers useful features such as invoice customization by adding your company’s logo, send reminders to clients from the app itself, and request deposits from clients. Moreover, it has been designed with the sole motive of making the task of creating and tracking invoices easier.

Even if you aren’t technology-savvy, using FreshBooks is a breeze with an intuitive interface and navigation.


Option to add tracked time and expenses to your invoices 

Send reminders to clients

Recurring invoice making feature

Multiple third-party app integrations


No option to integrate your bank account

Time tracking tool can improve

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $14.99)


4. Bonsai Time Tracker & Invoices – Best for freelancers

Bonsai is designed keeping freelancers, contract works, etc., in mind. It can easily handle almost any invoice-related matter, from time tracking to expense management. The best part is that the UI is sleek, minimal, and easy to use.   

You can track time and expenses via the mobile app or web. Moreover, you can send invoices with timesheets and expenses attached. Or invite collaborators (clients, teammates) to specific projects for limited access and functionality.  

There’s more; you can view and manage all account activity from a friendly dashboard; total income, expenses, pending payments, overdue, profit, and more. 

The dashboard also incorporates an event timeline that visually represents expenses (there is nothing more awakening than that).


Takes care of all invoice needs   

View overall account activity   

Easy-to-use app   

Send invoices with timesheets and expenses


Expensive in comparison  

Project segregation can be better

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $24/month)


5. Zoho Invoice – Create invoices in several languages and currencies

Zoho is a popular name when it comes to the best invoice apps for iPhones. It offers outstanding invoice creating features in addition to categorizing expenses, allowing tracking of time and bills, tracking payment status from clients, and offering a user-friendly interface to make it easy even for non-accounting people.

The invoicing feature of the app is commendable. You get beautiful invoices and quote templates to impress your clients. Moreover, you can also download or print invoice/estimate PDF using AirPrint.

But, what makes it better than other iOS invoice apps is its support for creating invoices in multiple languages and currencies. Therefore, if your business is spread across multiple locations where different languages and currencies are used, the Zoho Invoice app is the one you should use.


Aplenty templates for creating invoices

Accept online payments from the app

Track invoice status for overdue payments

Visual and insightful dashboard


Complicated procedure for creating custom recurring invoices

The reporting feature is absent

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99)


6. Invoicera – Best for custom invoices

Sometimes you want to exhibit creativity in your invoices and need to customize the invoices as per your wish. This is where Invoicera enters.

The app can be customized as per your business needs. It comes with a custom workflow management that lets you set different aspects of invoice creation suitable to you.

Moreover, Invoicera claims that you can create an invoice for business in less than 3 minutes. You can also integrate an existing legacy setup to smoothen the procedure further.

The app offers pre-designed invoice templates, reviews invoice status in real-time, and converts invoices into PDF files. It also comes with an in-house approval process to create an accurate online invoice in one go.


Automated billing

Payment gateway integration 

Schedule invoice

Change language and currency


A bit expensive

Complicated interface for a new user

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $15)


Indy Freelancer Tools functions as an all-in-one management software for self-employed people and small businesses to easily manage their invoices.

I appreciate the variety of invoice templates that can be customized with your personal branding to look professional. They also ensure that you include all the relevant information for your clients.

Further, you can link working hours directly to an invoice using the time tracker tool and save yourself time. With all your information in a single platform, Indy helps you juggle every aspect of your freelancing business management.

And with the Free plan, you’ll always have access to the tools you need to make freelancing simple—free forever!


Excellent templates

Allows you to chat with clients right through the app

Time tracker to record working hours


Automation tools can be better


8. Xero Accounting – Best for sending multiple invoices at once

Xero is another strong contender when it comes to the best invoice apps for iPhone. The app allows you to create and send invoices on the go. You can customize invoices by adding your company logo, create invoice layouts to reuse them, set payment terms in invoices, and customize the fields in your invoices. 

Additionally, you can also see whether your customer has viewed an invoice from the app. Also, you can combine multiple invoices into a single PDF and attach them to an email.


Set up repeating online invoices 

Turn accepted quotes into invoices

Send multiple online invoices


The interface is quite complex to grasp

Separate app for handling expenses

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $29.99)


9. Spark Invoice Maker – All-in-one basic invoice app

If you want an all-in-one invoice app for iPhone, Spark Invoice Maker should be your ideal choice. Although an underdog with ratings from 51 users on the App Store, it comes with intuitive features that allow you to generate an invoice directly from your iPhone within a few minutes.

You can also create quotations for your customers and turn them into an invoice instantly. Additional features include building a client and an item list, adding your corporate logo to your invoice, editing taxation, adding discounts, and changing currencies with a few taps. 


Intuitive user interface

Easy invoice sharing

Account history to track old invoices


Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $8.99/mo)


How to choose the best invoice app for iPhone?

However, picking the best out of the lot depends solely on your requirements. If you are a startup or a freelancer and want a free invoice app, we recommend picking Invoice Ninja. 

Similarly, if you want several options to customize invoices for your business, Invoicera should be the ideal choice. If you want a feature-packed app and a simple-to-understand user interface, you could choose from Spark Invoice or FreshBooks. 

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Best Fifa World Cup 2023 Apps For Iphone And Ipad

Every time we are hit by the FIFA World Cup fever, we desire to stay on top of all the latest action. Being a huge football fan myself, I have managed to bring together the best FIFA World Cup apps for iPhone. These apps ensure you can keep a tab on everything taking place on the football field.

1. FotMob – Editor’s Choice

FotMob is among the finest in the market in terms of dependability. The app’s simple UI places it at the top of the FIFA World Cup 2023 apps that are absolutely free to download. 

Did I forget to mention that we have a tool that allows us to analyze each player’s performance in every game? With a single tap and hold, you get to see stats like minutes played, accurate passes, chances created, etc.


Live Ticker 

Easy-to-use UI

Regular transfer news 


No evident cons 

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $7.49)


We know soccer! And if we know, you know! That’s OneFootball tagline. And believe me, they are true to their word. It’s an all-around app for football fans like you and me. 

You can remain in the loop of your favorites with tailored information based on clubs and players. The app’s major feature is the live streaming of matches for users based in the UK and the US. Not only this, but the app also tells you which broadcasting channel you can watch your favorite match on – pretty much a TV guide. 

The professional analysis will provide insight into how players and coaches fared. You may also forecast match results and vote for the best player in the event.  


Live streaming (UK and US)

Video highlights 

TV guide 



Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $0.99)


3. ESPN – Live Sports & Scores

If you are passionate football, then this ESPN app is for you. It not only covers all of the excitement from Qatar’s hosting of the 2023 FIFA World Cup, but it also keeps you up to date on other sports. I personally follow a couple of other categories covered by the app, including the NBA, NFL, Soccer, and Tennis. 

I frequently check the app’s news section to stay up to date on what’s going on in various leagues when I don’t have the time to watch them. Visitors who subscribe to ESPN+ receive additional perks via the app. 

Plus, customers have access to the games that air on the ESPN network. Like the other applications on this list, ESPN offers you news with facts and bases. Furthermore, the most recent software update allows you to restart from where you left off, eliminating the need to constantly return and find out what you were viewing last and where you left off. 

You will be able to share live scores with your friends, thanks to the iMessage plugin. Even better, you can watch video highlights without having to exit your iOS device’s Messages app. 


Multiple sports 

Cover facts, not rumors 


ESPN+ is a bit pricey  

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $9.99)


4. FOX Sports – Live Sports 

FOX Sports brings the best of your favorite entertainment to your fingertips, and the best thing is that you can personalize what you want to view first or later. The app is unique as it integrates the story function, similar to your Instagram app, through which you can find the most significant subjects of the day, with multimedia perspectives and analysis from the most influential voices in sports. 

The app is absolutely free to use for US residents and not only covers international or league events but it also premiers the collegiate sports covered by the Big Ten Networks. So, do you follow the great names from their college days, or do you follow them in different ways? 

When it comes to the application’s UI, it’s simple to use and even more so to toggle between score pages. Watching the 2023 FIFA World Cup and wondering where your team will land next in Qatar? Keep track of the schedule using the FOX Sports app. 


Cover college sports 

Simple interface 

Tracks multiple sports 


Occasional streaming issues 

Price: Free


Is your first love GOAL? I was referring to scoring goals but as you were already thinking about the app, let’s see what GOAL brings to the table.  

If you have a passion for football and are concerned about your beloved squad, this app is a one-stop destination for your football journey. The comprehensive match records within the app are the difference maker. No, the stats here are not just random numbers picked and heaped up, but they have official OPTA support. 

Download the GOAL app from the link below if you want to get everything other than the current match. 


Head-to-head records 

Instant alerts  



Price: Free


6. Flashscore – Instant alert app 

Whether it’s the FIFA World Cup 2023 Qatar, NBA All-Stars night, or the last match of Roger Federer before announcing his retirement, you can get it all on this app. The app serves a function that is comparable to the name Flashscore. 

When it comes to football, the application allows you to catch sight of the hustle of your favorite team by sending you flash alerts of games, whether it’s a goal created or conceived. Not only this; you’re also notified if any of the players in the game picked up a booking.


Cover multiple sports 

Instant alerts 

Detailed points table 



Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $3.99)


7. Sofascore – Your score buddy 

Sitting on the sofa, longing for a companion who enjoys the game as much as you do? Then Sofascore is the app for you since it is more than just a news app. The app offers a vast community of users that share a passion for the sport. 

Whether you’re a fan or a serious fantasy manager, the app will keep you entertained. Not only can you watch the action, but you can also receive data on players and compare them. 

This fantastic life-saving segment on the app saves you from the aggravation of changing stations on TV as the app has a section that informs you of where a certain match or tournament will be telecast. 

Last but not least, the app covers some popular sports such as tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, Formula 1, Motorsports (MotoGP series, Superbike, DTM, Rally, NASCAR), and much more. They are also covering the FIFA World Cup 2023 Qatar. 


Chat feature 

Player stats  

Broadcasting info 


UI is a bit tricky 

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $6.49)


8. 365Scores – Live Scores 

If you’re missing updates on lineups, injuries, scores, and bookings, get the 365Scores app to get them all on a regular basis. Regardless of the sport, the team at 365Scores is well-known and trusted for breaking important news and transmitting facts across various leagues. 

The app includes everything from transfer rumors to suspension information for over 2000 different sports. The software includes an easy-to-use design that allows you to monitor any sport, including the FIFA World Cup 2023.

The application’s distinguishing feature is the multi-sport calendar, which is routinely updated. Although the app does not charge for basic functionality, there are three plans available to gain access to unique content. 


Team updates 



Subscriptions could be a bit cheaper 

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $9.99)


9. Bleacher Report – The GOAT sports news app 

Bleachers are well-known throughout many sports leagues for giving reliable news, and if there is an app from them, it is bound to gain popularity. The app is easy to use and well-organized. 

As one of the key networks that follow college tournaments, the app covers the stars from their college days. Not only that, the app used during international matches is among the finest. It is because the network has reliable and trustworthy sources. 

The app provides access to streams, so if you’re missing out on the current FIFA 2023 Qatar World Cup, you should definitely try this app. Furthermore, the feed area at the bottom is rather unusual. 

Get your iPhone this dependable app from the download link below. 



Feeds section 

Simple to use  


The app needs more features 

Subscription is costly

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $49.99)


Hey, fan… 

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Best Prank Apps For Iphone And Ipad For April Fool’s Day In 2023

We are living in a world of memes and prank videos. While pranking your friends is always fun, it is not always possible to stage a prank. This is where prank apps come to help you prank your friends and family realistically. Here are some of the best pranking apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. PrankDial – Best prank call app

PrankDial is the OG prank call app for iPhone and iPad, with over 150 pre-recorded prank calls. You can prank your friends and scare them using classic pranks like “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”.

Moreover, you get three calls each day for free, but you need to purchase pre-recorded prank calls above it. You can also save their calls to their prank call history in the app. But, the app says “your call is being recorded” before every pre-recorded prank call is played. So, that could be a deal-breaker.

Top features:

150+ prank calls to choose from

3 Free calls per day

Customization options

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


2. The Prank App – Multiple pranks

Want an all-in-one prank app? The Prank App is your go-to app for all your pranking needs. This pranking app for iPhone packs 50+ prank tools, funny things, and 12 tricky mini-games as well. You can choose from pranks tools like a razor, air horn, lie detector, scare pranks, decision pranks, etc.

The razor tool is my favorite in the app to freak out friends concerned about their hair and beard. Further, the app is extremely easy to use and, in fact, offers a tutorial on how to play each prank. You can access this tutorial by tapping the question mark icon in the app.

After you have successfully pranked your friends using this app, you can also play fun party games with them offered in the app itself. Also, if there is no one around to prank, you can kill time by playing the 12 funny and tricky games!

Top features:

50+ prank tools and funny things + 12 tricky mini-games

A multitude of funny and scary sounds

Additional paid pranking content

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


3. Crack & Break It! – Crack screen to prank

There’s nothing funnier than blaming your friend for breaking your phone’s screen. Crack & Break It! lets you play this classic prank on your friends. The app produces different kinds of glass-shattering sounds.

Besides, you also get options like Image Breaker, Glass Blocks, Glass Smasher, Light Bulb, and Fluorescent lamps to enjoy a calming glass-breaking experience.

Mind-blowing graphics and extremely realistic sound effects are the highlights of the app. Crack & Break It! app also doubles down as a de-stressing app besides being a prank app for iPhone. You can use the app to experience the ASMR experience one would get by popping a bubble wrap.

Top features:

Highly realistic graphics and sound effects

Supports multi-touch

Free to use

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


4. Lie Detector Truth Test – Prank friends with a fake truth

Want to have a great laugh in your friend circle? Try this Lie Detector Truth Test app. Don’t be fooled by its name. It’s not a real lie-detecting app but a prank app allowing you to place your fingers on the screen and say something to find out if it is a truth or a lie.

You can pre-program the response making it perfect for pranks. Tapping the middle of the screen generates random responses, but if you tap the left, it shows a lie, and on the right, it gives truth as the output.

Tip: Try asking “Do you have a crush on someone present in this room?” to your friend when his crush is present in the room and tap the right portion of the screen.

Top features:

Excellent audio and visual effects

Highly realistic computer voice

Prank mode

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


5. Fake Posts Creator – Create fake FB posts

As the name suggests, the Fake Posts Creator app allows you to create fake Facebook posts to prank your friends. The app creates fake yet realistic Facebook posts with likes and everything. It copies Facebook’s design and font so well that it is impossible to tell it is a fake post.

Top features:

Does not require a login

The app will not connect to your Facebook account

Offers customization options

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


6. Air Horn Multi – Scary air horn prank

Playing a loud air horn voice while your friend is sleeping is surely one way to annoy them. Air Horn Multi offers various noises you can make, including persistent door knocking, loud air horn, ambulance voice, smoke alarm, bike horn, doorbell, train whistle, fire alarm, vuvuzela, police siren, car alarm, party horn, chainsaw, and more.

Along with the sound, the app also includes animation effects while the sound is playing. The sound plays continuously if you keep your finger on the screen.

Further, the app could help you stage a scary prank by playing door-knocking sounds while watching horror movies with your friends. You can also use this app at a sports event to cheer up your favorite team.

Top features:

Intuitive user interface

Large collection of funny and scary sounds

Animation effect

Price: Free


7. iFart – Fart sounds app

iFart, as the developer says, is the “The GodFarter of Fart apps”. The app took the internet by storm in 2008 and remains one of the most popular apps for fart pranks. The app comes stacked with different fart modes like Security Fart, Sneak Attack, Record-A-Fart, Fave Farts, Blast, and a Bonus Fart Pack.

This iPhone prank app is perfect for causing mischief at a movie theatre. The app is highly intuitive and easy to use. The Sneak Attack mode is the app’s best feature. Choose a fart sound, set the timer, and it will trigger once the timer is up. Fart pranks are classic, and this app makes them even better.

Top features:

Different modes

Funny and versatile sounds

Feature to record and save sounds

Price: $1.99


8. Funcall – Voice changer and rec

Voice-changing pranks are our all-time favorite. Change your voice during a real phone call with this prank app for iPhone. You can change your voice from high and funny to deep and scary to shock your friends. To see how the voice changing will function, you can try a demo call for free.

The app offers different funny and scary voices: Helium balloon, woman sound, man sound, and scary sound. Also, you can add effects like cat meow, moo, dog bark, fart, uzi shots, werewolf, boom!, monkeys, scary zone, and your mother during the call. You can record funny calls, download and share them with your friends.

Top features:

Multiple funny voices

Record and download funny calls

Free of charge demo call

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


Bonus: Play iMessage typing park

Don’t want to install any app to prank your friends? Here’s a funny prank you can pull on your friends! You just need to download an iMessage typing GIF and send it to the friend. They will keep guessing and think you are still typing. Check out our explainer on how to play the iMessage typing prank to try it on your friends.

Tell us your favorite prank app from this list!

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