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Beware of Google Alert Links Scam That May Lead to Malware

Personally, I like this service and have been using it to track security topics, system optimization related topics. But recently it has been found that threat actors are injecting malicious sites into Google search index to have them appear in Google Alerts being sent to users, which in turn may infect your system

How does Google Alerts Scam work?

You can see one of these spammy pages below:

The above page looks like a page where Kaspersky decryptor to STOP DJvu Ransomware is discussed. But in reality, this page is fake

How to stay protected from Google Alert Scam?

The best way to stay protected from these scams is to configure alert options to show only the best results option.

This option will remove newly registered sites and the ones with good authority and genuine history will remain.

In addition to this, you should use an updated antivirus product that can detect the latest threats and block malicious sites before they can harm you in any manner.

( Insert Norton Affiliate or change product)

You can check the site rating and know if it is genuine or not. This browser extension protects you from unknown threats. But what about your computer security?

Worry not Norton has a solution for everything. You can use Norton Antivirus Basic,

Norton Secure VPN and Norton Security Deluxe. These tools will not help you stay protected from all types of threats but will also give you peace of mind.

Norton Antivirus Basic Benefits:

Norton Secure VPN

It helps secure private information like passwords, bank details, card numbers while you use public Wi-fi on any of your devices. Norton Secure VPN encrypts data so that you can easily use the Internet on public Wi-Fi

Norton Security Deluxe Benefits:

To protect your PC, Android, and iOS devices. This amazing tool provides real-time protection against existing and new malware threats including ransomware and other threats.

With these tools by your side, you get all-round protection and they create a strong shield. So if you are worried about Google Alerts scam and are looking for ways to stay protected, then use Norton tools today. These tools will protect you from these types of scams and from other threats like ransomware, viruses, malware, and others.

Moreover, you can also unsubscribe Google Alerts.

How to unsubscribe from Google Alerts?

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How To Check Links For Viruses In Google Chrome

If you frequent links but want to be sure that they are safe and virus-free, a handy Chrome extension called Dr. Web Link Checker can help you check links for viruses.

Dr. Web is an antivirus software, and this free extension checks links within a browser without necessarily installing the software. It uses the Dr. Web server that stores its virus databases when scanning for viruses from a specific web link.

Upon installing the extension, you will need to restart the browser.

When there is a threat or virus detected, the scan will show the result with a red “Infected” badge on the upper right corner of the window. At this point, you would want to close the window and not open the link.

For every second that you use the web, there are new viruses and malicious codes that are made. It’s always better to have a preventive measure rather than deal with the consequences of a virus attack.

For any user who is keen to protect his privacy and data when browsing unfamiliar websites, this extension is extremely helpful. Not only is it a good practice, it also helps you become more aware of which websites are safe and which ones to avoid.

Kim Barloso

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How To Remove ‘Search323892.Xyz’ Malware From Google Chrome.

If you have somehow accidentally acquired chúng tôi malware, this article will show you how to safely remove the malware from your Windows 10 or Ubuntu computer. An annoying malware variant that directs you to chúng tôi then Bing Search.

How to Prevent the Installation of Extensions on Google Chrome.

The way malware and viruses infect operating systems is constantly changing. Every day even more sneaky infection methods are devised to infiltrate operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Android. For the most part malware developers still, prefer to exploit trusting users with phishing emails and near perfectly cloned websites. However, that isn’t the only way devices can be infected. Browser extensions, documents, image, and even video files can possibly contain infected content.

Even though there are dozens of tools available online designed to protect you against these threats, there are times when new threats slip through the system and become quite difficult to remove. A classic example of this is chúng tôi an annoying piece of malware that redirects you to content, search engines, and websites you don’t want to use. Thankfully there are ways to remove it from Google Chrome and your computer, so follow along as we guide you through the process.      

Related: How to Add Group Policy Support For Google Chrome to Windows 10.

How Do You Remove ‘’ From Google Chrome on Linux?

Although Linux is less prone to getting malware and viruses than Windows 10, it’s not completely impervious to infection. So you still need to know how to deal with infections should you be unlucky enough to come across one. In the case of you can use any of the following antivirus tools to remove the infection.

Sophos Antivirus For Linux.

Comodo Antivirus For Linux.

If you need more help with Linux antivirus, check out the Linux antivirus help page here. While you are waiting for your computer to be scanned for infections, make sure you spend a little time checking your Google Chrome installation for extensions, themes or anything else that you haven’t intentionally installed yourself. Extensions are the best place to start. If the scan doesn’t find anything, the next best thing to do is uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome on your system.

How Do You Remove ‘’ From Google Chrome on Windows 10?

If you have come across chúng tôi on Windows 10 the process of removing it is a lot more simple, though may still take you a little time to do. First scan your computer using Windows Defender, AVG, Avast, Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, etc. While your computer is busy scanning everything, check your Chrome installation for anything that shouldn’t be there, particularly extensions.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, remove it from your machine as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to run all of the above malware and antivirus scans from safe mode as well to get better scan coverage. If the problem still persists after all of this, uninstall Chrome, run ccleaner on your system to clean your registry, then reinstall Chrome.

Google May Withhold Taxes From Non

Google will soon be required to withhold taxes on YouTube earnings generated from viewers in the United States.

This change is going into effect as early as June. How much tax is withheld from YouTube creators depends on a few factors.

If you live outside the United States and have a revenue-earning YouTube channel with a US-based audience, this applies to you.

Here’s everything we know about the situation so far.

What’s Changing?

If you’re a YouTube creator outside of the United States you may begin to have taxes deducted from your US earnings later this year.

Google says it has a responsibility under Chapter 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code to collect tax information from all monetizing creators outside of the United States.

In certain circumstances, Google will also be required to deduct taxes when YouTube creators’ earnings come from viewers in the United States.

YouTube creators can be taxed on US earnings from ad views, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships.

What Will Creators Need to Do?

Over the next few weeks, YouTube creators outside the United States will be asked to submit their tax information in AdSense.

Here’s how to find that information:

Login to AdSense

Go to Payments

Go to Manage Settings

Channels that partner with a multichannel network (MCN) will still need to provide US tax information in the AdSense account linked to their channel. If any taxes apply they will be deducted from the payment made to the MCN.

Google is asking YouTube creators to submit relevant tax information in AdSense by May 31, 2023.

Tax information is required in order for Google to determine the correct amount of taxes to deduct, if any apply.

Google will start deducing taxes on US earnings as early as June. Taxes will be deducted from with each monthly payment.

How Much Will Creators Be Taxed?

How much YouTube creators will be taxed depends on a few things:

Whether their tax information has been submitted.

How much revenue the channel earns from viewers in the United States.

Whether the creator’s country has a tax treaty with the United States.

It’s possible that a non-US YouTube creator will not be taxed by Google if none of their viewers live in the United States.

Here’s to calculate US earnings from YouTube:

Go to YouTube Analytics

Select a date range

A drop-down menu will allow you to add a secondary metric. Choose Your estimated revenue.

Look for United States in the list of countries below the graph.

There you can see how much revenue is subject to US taxes.

What Happens if I Don’t Submit Tax Information?

If a creator’s tax information isn’t provided by May 31, Google may be required to apply the default withholding rate of up to 24% of their total earnings worldwide.

Without providing tax information Google will be required to assume the creator is a resident of the United States and will tax all their earnings. Not just revenue earned from US viewers.

That’s a situation YouTube creators are going to want to avoid, so it’s best to get that tax information submitted sooner than later.

What if I’m a Resident of the United States?

Google says most YouTube creators in the United States have submitted their tax information because they’re required to do so when they first joined the YouTube Partnership Program.

No additional taxes will be withheld from creators in the United States when this change rolls out.

For more information see this YouTube help article.

Microsoft Windows Defender Has A Bug That Lets Malware Slip Through Undetected

Microsoft Windows Defender has a bug that lets malware slip through undetected




Microsoft’s Defender antivirus software has a flaw that could let hackers execute malicious code on vulnerable Windows PCs.

For at least eight years, this issue has affected Windows 10 21H1 and Windows 10 21H2; however, it wasn’t until recently that it was discovered and identified.

The virus allows hackers to store malicious programs in non-routine areas of the computer, allowing them to bypass antivirus scans.

The issue has existed for at least eight years though only recently was it identified and affects Windows 10 21H1 and Windows 10 21H2.

Add locations

There are many legitimate software applications that, for various reasons, antivirus programs mistakenly identify as malware and thus quarantine or block from accessing a computer.

If a user includes a username in their list of exceptions, it might give an attacker useful information on the system. It allows them to store malicious files in areas of the computer that are not searched during a routine scan. 

Security researchers found that Microsoft’s Defender security software excludes a list of dangerous locations from scanning, but that any local user can access it.

Compromised coverage

Even though Windows Defender is allowed to check for malware and dangerous files in the registry, local users can query the registry to determine which paths Defender is not allowed to check.

Antonio Cocomazzi, the threat researcher credited with the discovery of the RemotePotato0 vulnerability, notes there is no security for this information.

Although Microsoft Defender doesn’t scan everything, its “reg query” command reveals what the program is instructed not to scan, including files, folders, extensions, and processes.

Another Windows security expert, Nathan McNulty, says the issue is only present on Windows 10 versions 21H1 and 21H2 but it won’t affect Windows 11.

Group policy settings

Another way to get Group Policy settings is to grab the list of exclusions from the registry. This information provides details about what is being excluded and is more sensitive than simply listing which settings are active on a particular computer.

Microsoft recommends that you disable automatic exclusions in Microsoft Defender when the server platform is not dedicated to the Microsoft stack, McNulty says. If a server is running non-Microsoft software, you should allow Defender to scan arbitrary locations.

Even though the Microsoft Defender exclusions list can be obtained by an attacker with local access, this is a small challenge to overcome.

When a corporate network is already compromised, attackers are often on the lookout for ways to move around using less noticeable tools.

Full scan

Microsoft Defender allows the exclusion of certain folders to keep the antivirus from scanning files in those locations. The malware author can then store and execute infected files from those folders without being spotted.

A senior security consultant says that he first noticed the issue about eight years ago, and immediately understood its potential for malicious use.

“Always told myself that if I was some kind of malware dev I would just look up the WD exclusions and make sure to drop my payload in an excluded folder and/or name it the same as an excluded filename or extension,” explained Aura.

If you are a network administrator for a Microsoft environment, consult your Microsoft documentation for information on how to exclude the Defender program from scanning and running on all of your servers and local machines.

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The Importance Of Technical Seo For Lead Generation

Technical SEO involves practices to optimize the technical elements of a website to rank them in search engines. Site owners often ignore technical SEO. It may be because they don’t know how it helps in SEO or find it too hard to follow. In reality, Technical SEO is pretty impactful for SEO and Lead generation. In fact, without it, you don’t even have a chance to rank or generate a single lead.

Promotes Error-free Link Building

Link building is the process of receiving links from other websites. It is a seal of confidence provided by other websites about your content. It tells Google that they trust your content.

When people use your content’s information, they will highlight the information or phrases with hyperlinks linking to your site. This link points from their site to your site is called link building.

This is why a weekly purge of backlinks is necessary. With technical SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Search Console, you can identify and block those links. Although removing them completely is recommended, it’s hard to find and reach the site owner, especially those running low-quality or malicious sites.

Search engines consider links as a measure to measure the credibility and relevance of your site. Acquiring links from highly authoritative sites can improve your site’s visibility. This will let more potential customers land on your page. 

Usually, google assigns you a rank in a couple of keywords. If people landing from those keywords engages with your websites, google will start assigning more keywords to your site on the rank page. As your number grows, your visitors, including potential customers, will also increase.

It Makes Your Site Discoverable to Search Engines and Users

When you publish content or create a new page, search engines’ crawlers crawl your webpage. They do that to inspect it, check all the links on your site, and understand what your site is all about. After that, they index the site in the search engine. This is how your site appears in the SERP, and users discover it.

The role of technical SEO is to make your site crawlable and indexable. It fixes all the coding and linking errors hampering crawlers from entering your site. 

It Improves Your Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of a site plays a significant role in search engine ranking. Although not directly but indirectly. As you know, google creates its ranking algorithm to improve users’ experience. Anything that can ruin a user experience is considered harmful to search results ranking. 

Technical SEO Involves Steps that can Improve Your Site’s Page Loading Speed

This involves steps like −

Implementing lazy loading

Using compressed images

Removing unnecessary Scripts

Using lightweight codes

It Improves Site Structure

Finding your site (crawling and indexing) is not the only thing search engines do when they get to your site. They look for your site’s structure to understand its content. A good site structure can have a positive impact on your lead-generation efforts. 

The structure of your site determines how users interact when they land on it. If your visitors like interacting with your site, they will likely make a purchase. At least they will subscribe to your newsletter. If they like your products, they may add them to their cart.

More engagement means more credibility and less bounce rate. This further tells search engines that your site content is up to the mark as users spend time making transactions. As a result, search engines will increase your site’s search ranking and drive more traffic and lead.

Technical SEO makes it easier for you to add an engaging, resource-friendly, and easy-to-follow structure. For example, lazy loading saves many resources and increases page loading speed. 

In lazy loading, the images and other data-heavy elements load as per the users’ requirements. The images only load when you scroll down to a specific spot. This is also known as ‘infinite scroll.’ This picture is helpful when you have a large number of images on your page. 


Finally, by utilizing technical SEO, businesses can create a more efficient customer journey that can optimize all aspects of their marketing strategy from start to finish. Technical SEO should thus remain an integral part of any successful lead generation effort.

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