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BT Unable to Connect to This Network: 3 Easy Fixes to Use The network troubleshooter is often a fast fix




This problem is generally caused by minor problems in your system that are easy to fix.

Check the guide below to find out how to safely do a factory reset, install your drivers and run the network troubleshooter.



To fix various Windows 10 errors, we recommend Fortect:

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readers this month.

A few users have complained of the error BT unable to connect to this network. If you belong to this category, we will explore the problem and offer some solutions in this guide.

We also hope to help you prevent feature occurrences, so we will start by investigating some of the most common causes. You may also take a closer look at some of the best network repair tools to fix issues on Windows 10.

Why can’t I connect to my BT Wi-fi?

With most cases of this problem, we figure the most common triggers are the following:

Router settings – This one can be handled with a few tweaks. Once the router settings are off, you should encounter various issues using the BT Home Hub.

Drivers – This would be a case of outdated or corrupted drivers for most users. Since drivers play a vital role in linking hardware to software, they must be constantly updated.

Password issues – From our findings, this may be one of the more common factors. Users may have input the wrong passwords or lost their original credentials.

Range – Many wireless devices have a limit, so you are likely trying to connect from outside the range.

Network congestion – Chances are that there are too many devices already connected. If that is the case, it will be impossible to add additional devices.

Regardless of what triggers the problem, you should find a resolution using the solutions we propose below.

How can I fix BT unable to connect to this network error? 1. Factory reset the BT Home Hub router

If you cannot connect to a BT Hub, check if the problem is associated with your PC or the router. To do this, try to connect the PC via an Ethernet cable. If you cannot connect, the problem is probably associated with the BT Hub. In this case, you can reset the router to default.

If the problem is unrelated to BT Hub, resetting it might not resolve it. In this case, you can try the next solution: fixing your PC’s Wi-Fi setup rather than the router itself.

2. Install Wi-Fi drivers in Compatibility mode

With the help of this tool, you will thoroughly remove the risks of installing mismatched driver versions. They have solid driver databases and will always find the perfect version for your hardware.

We recommend you try Outbyte Driver Updater because it is easy to use and lightweight. Just let it scan your PC; it will inform you about all your outdated or damaged drivers.

Upon your approval, it will install and fix your drivers. On top of that, you can set it up to regularly scan and fix your drivers so you won’t have to worry about them in the future.

Once done, check if the problem is resolved by enabling your Wi-Fi and reconnecting it to the BT Home Hub. If you cannot connect, you can try the next solution.

A fast solution you can use to scan your PC for outdated drivers and find the latest updates.

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3. Run network/Wi-Fi Troubleshooter

When this problem occurs, the cause might be related to your PC’s Wi-Fi/network connectivity. If so, you can run the Network troubleshooter to fix the error.

Once this is done, check if the issue is resolved. If not, you might have to contact the Microsoft support team or BT Hub’s technical support team.

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3 Easy Fixes If Cricut Won’t Connect To Design Space

3 Easy Fixes if Cricut Won’t Connect to Design Space Why won’t Cricut connect? Make sure nothing is blocking it & end background processes




If Design Space is not recognizing Cricut, you’ll have a hard time using your machine.

Make sure your network is running optimally and check USB, respectively Bluetooth parameters to solve Cricut connection issues.

Even if Cricut won’t connect at first, you might get it to function by minimizing other processes.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

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readers this month.

If your Cricut won’t connect to Design Space, and you are looking for ways to deal with this issue, your search ends here. Design Space is a graphics design software that comes free with Cricut.

This utility is cloud-based and easy to use, so you can put it to work any time you need to, wherever you are. However, that does not mean that you will be exempt from dealing with occasional Cricut connection issues.

For instance, Design Space not recognizing Cricut is unfortunately quite common. While we’re at it, let’s see some other frequent problems reported by users:

Cricut Explore Air 2, Maker not connecting to Design Space

Cricut Explore Air 2 not connecting to computer

Design Space not recognizing Cricut – If such is the case, Cricut Design Space won’t connect to the machine.

Cricut Design Space not connecting to Internet

Cricut won’t connect with USB, to Bluetooth – If such is the case, Cricut won’t connect to the computer.

Why is my Cricut not connecting?

There can be many possible culprits behind the Cricut not connecting situation. Obvious reasons include making sure that the device is actually turned on and that the official requirements match.

Good instincts imply making sure that your system complies with the official specifications:

Minimum requirements for Windows

At least 4GB of RAM.

Bluetooth connect or an unused USB port.

50MB of free space available.

The computer must be running Windows 8 or above.

AMF processor or the Intel Core series processor.

Meanwhile, there can also be other more subtle ones such as USB driver issues or third-party security software (firewall or antivirus) blocking the connection.

What to do if your Cricut won’t connect?

Before we dig in, here are a few useful tips you can implement:

Clear the cache and history of your web browser

Scan your computer for malware

Defragment the hard disk.

Make sure your firewall or antivirus is blocking Cricut connections

1. Check your Internet connection

The first thing to check when Cricut won’t connect to Design Space is the internet speed. To use Cricut with Design Space, your internet download speed must be at least 2 Mbps, and the minimum upload speed is 1 to 2 Mbps.

Run an internet speed test to determine if yours is up to these recommended speeds.

If it is not, then the speed may be the problem. To get faster internet speeds, you may want to change your modem or switch to a different ISP altogether.

2. Check Bluetooth or USB connections

Expert tip:

You can perform these tasks manually via the Device Manager on your PC or automate the process with the help of a specialized driver updater tool such as Outbyte Driver Updater.

3. End background processes

1. Press the following key combination: CTRL + ALT + DELETE.

3. Next, navigate to the Processes tab, if you are not already there.

In this window, you will find a list of all the applications and processes currently running, as well as the percentage of CPU, memory, and other resources they are using.

6. Do this for the first few applications or processes on the list, retrying Cricut after closing each one.

The above tips will boost your computer speed. In turn, the faster system can deal with the Cricut that won’t connect to Design Space.

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Unable To Delete Network Adapter In Windows 10?

Recently, I uninstalled some VPN software off my system because I was no longer using it, but the virtual network adapter created by the software didn’t get removed automatically. When I tried to delete the network adapter from the list of adapters, the delete option was greyed out.

After quite a bit of troubleshooting, I was finally able to remove the network adapter from my Windows 10 system. In this article, I’ll mention all the different methods you can try, starting from the easiest and moving to the more technical. If you need to edit the registry, make sure you backup the registry first.

Table of Contents

Method 1 – Use Device Manager

Here, you will see an option called Uninstall device. This should hopefully not be greyed out. If it is, continue to the next method. When you select uninstall device, another window will appear asking to confirm the uninstall.

You’ll also see an option to delete the driver software for the device. If you want to completely remove the network adapter, I suggest selecting this option to remove the driver also. If all goes well, you should see that the adapter has been removed from both Device Manager and the list of network adapters in Control Panel.

Method 2 – Delete Network Profile

Now type in the following command to see all wired (Ethernet) adapters:

netsh lan show profiles

If you need to remove a wireless adapter, type this command:

netsh wlan show profiles

Now when you run the command, you should see a list of profiles. In my case, I only have one profile on this computer.

Next, type in the following command, which will delete the desired interface.

netsh lan delete profile interface="InterfaceName"

Again, if it’s a wireless interface, use wlan instead of lan. The interface name is listed at the top of each heading (Profile on interface name) when you ran the show profiles command. Once the profile has been deleted, restart your computer and try Method 1 again.

Method 3 – Remove Adapter Settings via Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Services - Tcpip - Parameters - Interfaces

You can confirm which network adapter corresponds to that registry key by opening a command prompt (Start and type cmd) and typing in ipconfig.

Method 3 – Reset Network Settings

In Windows 10, you can also reset your network settings, which will delete all network adapters and then reinstall them. You’ll have to reconfigure any settings on those adapters, but it can help remove outdated or old network adapters.

Method 4 – Disable in BIOS

If the network adapter in question is built onto the motherboard, then you can also try disabling the network adapter in the BIOS. Read my previous post on how to access the BIOS if you’re not sure how.

Once you are in the BIOS, you’ll have to search around for the section that lets you disable hardware. You’ll usually see something like Onboard Gbit or Onboard LAN with the option to disable.

Konqueror Could Not Connect To Host: 3 Ways To Fix It

Konqueror Could Not Connect to Host: 3 Ways to Fix It One or more browser plugins may be missing from your system




If you get a could not connect to host error message, your PC can’t connect to the host name or IP address of the website.

A host error could mean your server is down and clearing the cache could be the remedy.

Disabling the firewall temporarily might also help, so don’t hesitate to apply the steps below. 

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You may have encountered a Konqueror could not connect to host error when attempting to open a website in the browser. This can be caused by multiple things and the solution depends on what is causing it. The first thing you need to do is figure out what is causing this error.

This can be frustrating, as it makes it seem like the website is down when in fact, it might just be temporarily unavailable.

It could be due to technical issues on your end or on the server’s end, but most commonly it’s because of a problem at the server. Other times, it could be a problem with your PC and your apps won’t connect to the internet.

What does it mean could not connect to host? 

If you get a could not connect to host error message, it means that your computer can’t connect to the host name or IP address of the website you’re trying to reach. The server or host you are trying to connect to may be unresponsive.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

Your computer isn’t connected to the internet – The first step in troubleshooting is to verify that you are actually connected to the internet or it’s just your internet that is too slow. You can use an internet speed tester to check how fast your connection is.

Browser plugins – One possible cause for this error message is that one or more of your browser plugins may be missing from your system or corrupt due to an outdated version.

Your network settings are incorrect – If you are behind a firewall or using a dynamic IP address Konqueror may not be able to connect.

Virus infection – It is also possible that your computer is infected with malware or adware. Make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date, and run a scan on both the computer and its browser cache.

The website has been taken offline – There’s a possibility that the website you’re trying to access is down or inaccessible. This could be because of technical issues on the server or because of maintenance. Another possible cause for this error is that the site you’re trying to visit has moved its location.

What’s the latest version of Konqueror? The latest stable version is 21.12.3 (released February, 2023). 

Quick Tip:

To get back online fast, use another browser. For an error-free experience, we recommend Opera. It’s lightweight, up-to-date, and includes all the standard features you need in a browser.

On top of that, with Opera, you will be able to create personalized workspaces, connect quicker to social media apps thanks to its built integrations and protect your privacy with the free, unlimited VPN.


Say goodbye to errors with this performance-optimized browser!

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How do I fix Konqueror could not connect to host?  1. Check your internet connection

If you are using a wired network connection, check that all cables are securely connected and that no cable is damaged or frayed. 

In case it is a wireless network connection, make sure that the router has power and is broadcasting its signal correctly. You should also ensure that your device is within range of the router’s signal. 

2. Clear cache and cookies

Cookies are pieces of data stored on your computer or mobile device that can be used to help you log in or navigate through the web pages you visit. They also can be used to store private information, such as preferences and shopping cart contents.

As such, clearing cookies isn’t always necessary but if you’re having trouble logging in or if something doesn’t seem right while browsing online then it’s usually worth checking your cookies first before moving on to other troubleshooting steps.

3. Disable firewall temporarily

If after attempting the above solutions you are still facing the problem, try an alternative browser. The issue could be browser-related and may take a few moments before it is back to functioning.

Should you encounter any other related errors such as internet connected but browser not working, refer to our detailed guide on how to go about the issue.

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3 Easy Steps To Improve Personal Online Security

Online safety has become a significant issue both for cybersecurity experts and casual Internet users alike. Cyberattacks happen daily, and some people aren’t aware of that because online security is still not widely discussed.

That’s why we’re drawing attention to this topic that is crucial for the well-being of anyone actively using the Internet.

Earlier this year Updateland wrote about how cybersecurity practices differ between experts vs non-experts. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people still don’t know about safe browsing.

In this article, we’d like to recommend three easy steps to improve online safety, starting with secure nordpass password generator and ending with home network security.

Password managers

Most online services are now hidden behind the password. It’s a good thing, but password management practices haven’t changed for a long time, and cybercriminals are fast to exploit that.

Weak passwords can be easily guessed, and reused passwords are a danger for multiple account security. But it’s nearly impossible to remember dozens if not hundreds long, complex, and separate passwords for each service, so what can you do?

Luckily, password managers are there to help. They have been developed some time ago, but only in the last decade grew in popularity due to rising concern about online safety.

A password manager is essentially a safe and encrypted vault that will store all your passwords for you. Instead of having to come up with a unique and strong password, you can use a password generator to produce one, then save it for the service you want to use it for in your vault.

Moreover, most password managers have an autofill function, which will automatically fill in the password instead of having to type all of those tricky symbols.

This makes the browsing experience a more comfortable and secure one, or, how the saying goes, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Last but not least is zero-knowledge password manager architecture. This means that the vault with all the passwords is accessible only to the owner of the vault, and nobody else.

Also read: The Top 10 Digital Process Automation (DPA) Tools

Use a Virtual Private Network

Another critical issue is Internet access security. These days we are accustomed to having Internet access wherever we go.

Be it our smartphone mobile data, guest Wi-Fi network at the friends’ house, or public Wi-Fi hotspot in a coffee shop – we connect to these networks without thinking whether they’ve been adequately secured.

Public Wi-Fi access points frequently become a target for hackers looking for an easy money grab.

A lot of people connect to them automatically and have no idea that a cybercriminal has infected the network and is spying on every user on it.

He or she might peak on your confidential conversations. Or – the worst-case scenario – if you’ve done some online shopping, they might even get access to your finances.

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is highly recommended by numerous cybersecurity experts. This software has been developed for business data security, but soon was adapted for public use because of security benefits that it provides.

A VPN encrypts all of your online data-flow and reroutes it through one of its secured servers. Additional encryption ensures that no one can take a look at what you’re up to online.

A hacker trying to spy on your information via an infected public Wi-Fi network will only see a meaningless gibberish. With current technology, it’s nearly impossible to crack the encryption and extract valuable information.

Furthermore, rerouting the traffic through a secured no-logs server prevents your ISP from collecting your data, which is practised from the USA to China.

That’s why VPNs have become a popular cybersecurity software for those Internet users who value their online privacy. Follow this link for a list of best VPN services in 2023.

Develop safe browsing habits

According to research, 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. People are still unaware of online dangers and aren’t up-to-date with the most recent cybersecurity practices.

Hackers know this very well, and when they want to target a large business, they first target employees, which are the weakest link in the security chain.

Most often this is done via Phishing attacks. Hackers send out a bunch of emails offering a discount for the employees, or they pretend to be government officials requesting some information.

One way or the other, it’s crucial to learn to identify these false statements and raise the alarm when confronted with something suspicious.

That’s why self-education is so important. Only by reading about the latest cybercrime techniques and defences against them can one become more secure online and prevent bad things from happening.

These are just three easy steps, but they should be enough to protect your online valuables from most common cyber attacks.

Mark Lee

Mark Lee is a 32-year-old cybersecurity specialist currently managing a team in one of the largest IT-companies in Northern Germany. According to him, online security is something that is too often taken for granted by the internet community and should be taken extra seriously, especially considering that certain parts of the internet are becoming real feeding grounds for cybercriminals who are looking to exploit whatever weakness they can find.

This Is What It Takes To Connect A Volcano To The Internet

“This project started ironically after I returned from our last volcanic expedition,” Sam Cossman, founder of Qwake, a private exploration company, and one of the partners of the project, said. “A local Nicaraguan guy contacted me and said ‘you’re not going to believe this, but we have a new lava lake that has formed in my country.’”

Cossman didn’t take it seriously at first, until the source put him in contact with government officials. Soon, what started out as a project to explore a lava lake (which looks eerily like Mt Doom) had morphed into something more: an attempt to bring a volcano online.

There are many volcanos that have been laden with seismic sensors to measure ground shaking (a sign that magma is moving under the surface) or to measure the gasses that come out of a volcano, but there are few places in the world that have the resources to install the valuable sensors in one of the most volatile environments on Earth, much less the labor and expertise to continuously monitor the incoming information. But researchers want to be able to monitor volcanos because of their destructive potential. Being able to disseminate information about the status of a volcano before an eruption occurs could save countless lives.

Eruptions are a big concern at Masaya, which sits just 12 miles away from Nicaragua’s capital of Managua. Usually, it’s a fairly tame volcano, with lava flows more like Hawaii’s volcanoes than Mount St. Helens. But in the past, it has erupted more suddenly, sending meters of ash onto the surrounding landscape. As recently as 2012 the volcano has erupted explosively, shooting ash, gas, and volcanic bombs (large chunks of lava) into the air.

One of the reasons this volcano was chosen for monitoring is its proximity of Managua—everyone would prefer that the capital city of Nicaragua remained the capital city, and not a modern-day Pompeii. The last eruption of that magnitude happened 1,800 years ago, and some scientists worry that it could happen again relatively soon.

Currently, a team of people are in Nicaragua, installing over 80 sensors along the side of the volcano. “The main sensors we are connecting will be gas sensors and also atmospheric sensors,” says Guillermo Caravantes, a volcanologist on the project. The gas sensors will be looking at hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide being emitted from the volcano, which can tell geologists more about the composition of the lava. Other sensors will measure atmospheric pressure, humidity, and temperature, and the movement of the magma inside the volcano. Seismometers that measure movement and gravity data will be enclosed in an airtight box the size of a lunchbox.

“This is very uncommon for volcanos. It happens in a few. In a few you have lots of sensors, where you have lots of money. All of them [the sensors] are very expensive in general, and most countries do not have the resources to keep and monitor them really well,” Caravantes says. “This project goes well beyond that and it tries to democratize this idea of having early warning systems from every volcano.”

There is a long way to go before the collected data can be turned into the kind of in depth early warning system that countries have in place for tsunamis or tornados, but in the mean time researchers are gathering all the information they can from an unusual number of sources.

The researchers are also using drones to take measurements in the volcano — which is becoming a popular way to look inside a volcano without risking human health — and to take air samples inside the volcano. Also, in the sky above Masaya is a helicopter provided by the Nicaraguan government.

Oh, and the zip-lines really are a key part of the project, allowing them to move deeper into the active volcano without disturbing the fragile edges along the interior of the volcanic crater. Climbing down traditionally, the researchers risk disturbing tons of rock, crating a landslide that could be deadly for the researchers. Zipping people and supplies to the bottom is a lot more fun.

Eventually, Cossman says, there will be an online portal that will let people around the world check in on the volcano, seeing it’s status. But many people aren’t volcanologists. It will still be up to local officials and the government of Nicaragua to issue warnings and interpret the data that comes in, in the event that an eruption is imminent. Of course, being able to predict eruptions definitively is still a goal that remains out of reach for volcanologists.

Volcanoes all have different compositions, and many have different kinds of eruptive patterns. There is no one-size-fits-all red flag for volcanoes around the world. But sensor systems like this can help gather more information, and potentially help scientists look for patterns that could one day help us decode this explosive part of life on our planet.

Masaya Volcano

Researchers at Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua are trying to install 80 sensors that will monitor conditions at the volcano

Masaya Volcano

Masaya volcano is located near Nicaragua’s capitol of Managua.

Masaya Volcano

The researchers hope that by monitoring the extreme environment they might contribute data that could one day help build an early warning system.

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