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Are you unable to edit a Word document on your Windows PC? Several users have reported that they can’t edit their documents in Microsoft Word. Some users complained of getting an error message when they try to edit a document e.g., You can’t make this change because the selection is locked, etc. At the same time, many have complained that they can’t type in the Word document without any error prompt.

Why is editing locked on Word?

The owner of a Word document can lock a document or password-protect it to restrict editing by other users for security purposes. Also, downloaded files from online sources are opened in Protected View in Word because they may contain viruses. So, to prevent you from viruses or malware, the online files are opened in read-only mode.

It is also likely to be the case that your trial or subscription of Office is expired which is why you can’t edit the document. Also, the file might be opened and in use by another user on the same network due to which you are unable to make changes to the document.

Can’t edit Word document

If you can’t edit a Word document on your Windows PC, you can use the following methods to remove editing restrictions from the document and fix the issue:

Enable Editing for online files.

Edit the Properties of the problematic document.

Check if your Office Trial or subscription has expired.

Stop Protection for password-protected files.

Check if the document is in use by another user.

Use Word Online.

Copy and Paste the text into a new Word document.

Try an alternative to Microsoft Word.

Remove editing restrictions in Word 1] Enable Editing for online files

Read: The file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.

2] Edit the Properties of the problematic document

You can unblock the document and remove the protection by editing the properties of the document in question. For that, follow the below simple steps:

First, save the Word document with which you are facing the issue on your local drive.

Also, make sure the Read-only checkbox is unchecked.

After that, go to the Security tab and select your username.

Then, make sure that all the permissions are allowed for the selected user.

Now, open the Word document and see if you can edit it.

See: All my Files and Folders are Read Only on Windows PC.

3] Check if your Office Trial or subscription has expired

If your Office trial or subscription is expired, you won’t be able to edit your documents and use most features of Word. Hence, ensure that you are using an Office account with a valid subscription plan to be able to make modifications to your Word document. Activate your Office account and then try editing the documents.

4] Stop Protection for password-protected files

In case a file is password protected, you can remove protection from the document. Here are the steps to do that:

First, open the problematic document in Word.

It will now ask to enter the correct password to unprotect the document. Do that and press the OK button.

See: Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error.

5] Check if the document is in use by another user

If you are trying to access and edit a Word document from a network drive, it might be the case that the document is in use by another user on the same network. So, in that case, you can use the below steps to fix the issue:

First, save all your work and quit all the running programs.

Now, hit the Ctrl+Alt+Delete hotkey to the Windows Security dialog box and choose Task Manager.

You need to repeat the above steps for all instances of Word. Once done, close the Task Manager window.

After that, press Win+E to open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where the document file that you can’t edit is saved. Then, remove the owner file. You can identify the file by a tilde (~), followed by a dollar sign ($), and then the remainder of the filename of the problematic document, e.g., ~$cument.doc.

Finally, open your document and hopefully, you will now be able to make the required modifications to it.

Read: Word icon is not showing on .doc & .docx document files.

6] Use Word Online

In case your trial has expired and you don’t own a subscription to Microsoft Office, you can use its web version. Word Online is the web version of Microsoft Word that offers a limited set of features for free. You can open your Word document on the web version of Word and perform some basic editing.

7] Copy and Paste the text into a new Word document 8] Try an alternative to Microsoft Word

You can also use a Microsoft Word alternative and see if you can edit your document. Several free document editors provide a similar set of features as Word. For example, you can use WPS Office, LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer, and other programs to edit Word documents for free.

How do I enable Microsoft Editor in Word?

Now read: Word User does not have access privileges.

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How To Edit Pdf Files In Microsoft Word

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a common format for sharing final versions of files. The format is most used for viewing and not editing. But if you need to edit PDF files, Microsoft Word 2023/2023/2013 brings a multitude of features to the word-processing table, one being the capability to edit PDFs.

Office 2010 provided the option to save a document as PDF, but Microsoft Word 2013 even allows editing of the content before sending it to the final recipient, as a PDF file. Although the full version of Adobe Acrobat allows users to modify PDFs, it’s more cumbersome than editing the original document in MS Office. Why so? PDF is technically an image file, converting this image file back to text needs sophisticated OCR like Adobe Acrobat X Pro or other tools. Adobe Free Reader, therefore, does not allow you to modify the content in a PDF. With Word 2013, however, you can convert a PDF into a Word document and edit the content.

In this post, we will see how to edit PDF files in Word.

Edit PDF Files in Word

When you install Office, you will notice that the context menu for any PDF file, has an option to open a PDF file in Microsoft Word, along with your other PDF Readers like Adobe Reader or Foxit and Windows Reader, if you are on Windows 10/8.

Microsoft PDF Reflow will convert all the files contents, including its formatting like paragraphs, lists, headers, columns, footnotes, tables, etc, into Word content. You will be able to edit even the tables. I tried with various smaller PDF documents and it kept all its formatting, even after the conversion. Then I also tried bigger-sized PDF’s like e-books (sized ~30MB). It took a bit of time to convert – but it did its job. So, you can try large files too if you have some newer systems with more memory.

Anyway, next, a dialog box with a message “Word will convert your PDF to an editable Word document. The resulting Word document will be optimized to allow you to edit the text, so it might not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained lots of graphics.” should appear on your computer screen.

To maintain your changes, it is essential you save the document with a new name or to a different location.

So, if you get a pop bearing the same message do not be surprised. Try saving the PDF with a different name or save the file in Word or PDF format.

Depending on the situation, one option may work better than the other:

PDF: If you don’t want to make any more changes to the document, save the edited document as a PDF file.

Word document: If you want to continue making changes to the document (or if you need a second pair of eyes for approving the changes), save it as a Word document. You can always save it as a PDF file later on.

This is a great feature in Microsoft Word, among many other cool features of Microsoft Office.

Hope you find this tutorial useful.

TIP: You can convert, compress, sign PDF documents using free Acrobat Online tools.

Fix: Can’t Remove Bluetooth Devices On Windows 10

Removing unused Bluetooth devices on your Windows 10 PC helps you keep the device list decluttered. Sometimes, while doing so, you might come across devices you can’t remove. Even if you select the remove option, those devices continue to appear in your device list.

There are various reasons a Bluetooth device won’t go away from your PC. Luckily, you can fix most of the underlying issues yourself to successfully remove a device. We’ll show you a few solutions here.

Table of Contents

Use Airplane Mode on Windows 10

When you can’t remove a Bluetooth device on your PC, enable airplane mode and see if you can remove the device. Airplane mode disconnects your PC from all wireless services, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

To turn on airplane mode on your PC:

Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously.

Select Network & Internet on the Settings window.

Choose Airplane mode from the sidebar on the left.

Toggle on the Airplane mode option on the right.

Remove the Bluetooth device from Settings, as you usually would.

When the device is removed, turn off airplane mode.

Restart Device Association Service

Your PC must be running the Device Association Service to remove a paired Bluetooth device. This service usually automatically starts when you turn on your PC, but if it hasn’t turned on or there’s an issue with it, you should manually restart the service.

Open the Run box by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously.

Type the following in the Run box and press Enter: services.msc

Try to remove your Bluetooth device from the Settings app.

Update the Bluetooth Device’s Drivers

A possible reason you can’t remove a Bluetooth device from your PC is that there’s an issue with your device’s drivers. In this case, you can update the drivers for that device and then see if you can delete the device.

You don’t have to manually find and install the drivers, as you can use Device Manager to automatically find the latest drivers.

Choose Search automatically for drivers on the following window.

Wait for Device Manager to find and install the updated drivers for your device.

When the drivers are updated, try to remove the device from your PC.

Remove the Bluetooth Device From Control Panel

There are multiple ways to remove a Bluetooth device on Windows 10. If the Settings method doesn’t work for you, try using the Control Panel method and see if that works.

Open the Start menu, search for Control Panel, and select Control Panel in the search results.

Select View devices and printers on the Control Panel window. If you don’t see this option, select the View by option at the top-right corner and choose Category.

Uninstall the Bluetooth Device From Device Manager

Another way to delete a Bluetooth device in Windows 10 is by using Device Manager. You should use this method if both Settings and Control Panel methods don’t work for you.

Access the Start menu, search for Device Manager, and select that in the search results.

Select Yes in the prompt that opens to confirm your choice.

Use Bluetooth Troubleshooter on Windows 10

Windows 10 has many troubleshooters that you can use to fix various problems on your computer. One of these is a Bluetooth troubleshooter that, as the name suggests, allows you to find and fix Bluetooth-related issues on your PC.

Use this troubleshooter to fix issues with your device, and then you should be able to remove the problematic device from your PC.

Press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings app.

Select Update & Security on the Settings window.

Choose Troubleshoot from the sidebar on the left.

Select Additional troubleshooters in the pane on the right.

Find and select Bluetooth. Then, select Run the troubleshooter.

Wait for the Bluetooth troubleshooter to detect issues with your devices.

Use Safe Mode to Remove the Bluetooth Device

If your Bluetooth device still doesn’t go away, chances are a third-party app is the culprit here. In this case, boot your PC in safe mode and then try to remove the problematic device.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Bluetooth Devices on Windows 10

How To Number Paragraphs In Word, Google Docs, Word Online

If you want to number your paragraphs in Word, Google Docs, and Word Online, here is how you can do that. Although it is easy to create bullet points or numbered lists in those tools, you can make use of the same thing to add numbers to paragraphs. This article explains how you can do that and customize the number as per your requirements.

The basic thing of this guide is to add a numbered list and customize the list as per your requirements. Once you create a numbered list with the desired paragraphs, you will be able to change the corresponding setting such as position, color, font, size, etc. In simple terms, you need to customize the paragraphs in such a way it must not look like a numbered list.

Note: Here, we have shown the steps in Microsoft Word. However, you can do the same in Google Docs and Word Online. As some options may be placed in a different location, we have included some specific steps for specific apps for your convenience.

How to number paragraphs in Word, Google Docs, Word Online

To number paragraphs in Microsoft Word follow these steps:

Select the paragraphs in your document.

Switch to the View tab.

Tick the Ruler checkbox.

Move it towards the left.

Change font, size, color, etc.

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

By default, the numbered list should not be enough for you. That is why you need to customize it to make it look different. In other words, it will stay a numbered list, but the appearance will be different than a typical numbered list.

For that, you need to change the position of the numbers. To do so, switch to the View tab and tick the Ruler checkbox.

It will create a gap between the numbers and paragraphs. However, you can also use the Left Indent button to move the paragraphs toward the right side as well. However, it will move the entire page instead of the numbered list.

If you use Google Docs, you don’t need to go to any View tab since Google Docs enables the Ruler by default. Therefore, you can find the First Line Indent and Left Indent options by default in the same position as Word.

However, if you use Word Online, you might need to go to the View tab and select the Ruler option to display the ruler.

Following that, the steps are the same. You can change the position and customize it as you like.

How do I get paragraph numbers in Word?

To get paragraph numbers in Word, you can use the Numbering functionality. Whether it is in Word, Google Docs, or Word Online, the steps are the same. You need to add the numbered list, change the position and customize it as per your requirements. It is possible to change the font family, color, and size.

How do I number a multilevel paragraph in Word?

To create a multilevel numbered list and number a multilevel paragraph in Word, you need to follow the same steps. In the beginning, create the first set of numbered lists. Then, you can choose the sub-paragraphs and add another numbered list. For your information, you can create multiple lists under one numbered list.

That’s all! Hope this guide helped.

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How To Edit Vlogs Using Videoproc Vlogger

How to Edit Vlogs using VideoProc Vlogger [Beginner’s Guide] Give a try to this great video editing app for beginners




In order to succeed as a content creator, you need to use the best vlog video editor on the market.

These programs have premium tools and features to customize the image, audio, and much more.

You can also change the codecs of the content and save it in different file formats or sizes.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to capture and immortalize special moments. Technology allows us to record every second of our lives and keep it as a memory.

However, some took this practice to the next level and turned it into some type of business. Influencers around the world started creating vlogs in which they film themselves during mundane tasks of their day-by-day life.

There are many things you should take into consideration when trying to vlog, and one of them is the software you use to process all the screenshots and recordings you have.

Putting effort into the videos will pay off and provide a significant boost in followers, helping you on your journey of becoming popular.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or you’re a renowned content creator. There is video vlogging software that provides everything you need to produce quality videos.

One of them is called VideoProc Vlogger, an intuitive app for all kinds of creators that is free and provides all the necessary features to create impressive edits of all special, fun, and creative moments.

What can VideoProc Vlogger do?

VideoProc Vlogger is a great video editing app for beginners who want to streamline their journey from a newbie to a professional content creator.

The software provides all the necessary tools to create high-quality content, no matter what previous experience you have with other similar programs.

You can modify the speed and the motion of your recordings, as well as audio and the video itself. And that’s not all. The app was recently released, and more awesome additions will come in future updates.

With VideoProc Vlogger, you can master the language of the camera in a matter of minutes. Choose from over 28 types of motion presets, apply basic camera effects, or add keyframes that customize motion paths and directions.

Zoom in/out, Pan, Dolly, Truck, Tilt, Pedestal, are just a few of the many tools offered by the software. Boost your creativity with engaging options and embrace the software’s vision.

What are VideoProc Vlogger’s features?

➡ Creative features

Dynamically crop and reframe clips while keeping the objects/individuals in the frame. You can resize them to be compatible with the different social media platforms. Drag frames free-handedly to modify their dimensions without dealing with numbers and values.

There are also built-in audio filters and effects that let you fully customize the audio, by either editing the entire segment or a part of it. The 10-band audio equalizer has plenty of presets that can be used by beginners.

Choose from 93 built-in Luts and filters to change the color of the image, or import third-party ones. Adjust the temperature, tint, and individual color range in videos.

➡ Highlight features

VideoProc Vlogger works well with low-spec computers, being capable of editing, exporting, and previewing 4K content with no problems.

The hardware acceleration utilizes your PC’s components at their fullest to provide the fastest possible rendering speed.

Wide native format supports including video files from Apple Devices, GoPro, DSLR, Drones, Mobile phones, iFrame cameras, DVDs, recorders, and many more.

➡ Editing features

The software has basic editing tools for both audio and video, built-in text effects and allows you to add images to the overlay or to the video track.

All the files can be exported to 4K, 2K, and 1080p in a preferred aspect ratio, FPS, Bitrate, and custom resolution presets which can be used on Instagram, TikTok, iPhone, iPad, etc.

How do I set up VideoProc Vlogger? What makes VideoProc Vlogger so special?

The software has all the premium features you would find in other expensive products but at an affordable price. After uploading the content that is going to be edited, you will notice a series of crucial information about the resolution, format, duration, and much more.

If you want, you can also modify the resolution, framerate, and aspect ratio by pressing the small cogwheel on the right side. There, you’ll find plenty of options.

You can either opt-in for 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, and even lower resolutions that are meant for mobile phones, tablets, and other different devices.

The window also contains a framerate slider that lets you adjust it to either 30, 60, or 120, the latter being the most fluid experience, but also the most demanding on the system’s hardware.

If that wasn’t enough, know that you can also customize the video resolution to your own liking, without having to use one of the presets.

Lastly, there is a background color changer that features either grey to black options, or a custom setting where you can choose your own color from the rich palette.

Besides having plenty of premium features, VideoProc Vlogger’s design is perfect for those who are just starting out in the industry.

Newbie content creators can pick up the software and use it right away since it has a comprehensive and straightforward interface.

Since the program has tools for beginners and professionals alike, the learning curve is pretty mild, and you’ll become a successful vlogger/video editor in no time.

No matter the experience, the end result will always be high-quality and polished content, because VideoProc Vlogger doesn’t play around.

Thanks to the hardware acceleration, the software will process any change instantly, saving you lots of time you’d otherwise spend waiting for the video to finish loading.

We showed you a quick setup guide and gave plenty of information about VideoProc Vlogger. There’s no doubt about it, the app is worth a shot, especially if you’re just starting out.

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Where The Cloud Can’t Save You

Generals will divide their forces to ensure that their army survives a battle. The cloud takes you to the next level, you can achieve the same by replicating your application, being in multiple places at once to keep a service window always open for your users. However, if the split forces still report to a single commander, and he gets taken captive, it doesn’t matter how many places you are located, none of them will be able to function. The army as a whole is vulnerable at a single point of failure. A distributed application can operate in several locations throughout a cloud network, but if every instance of that application is connected to the same database, you have the same problem. Your entire system is vulnerable at the point of its database – even on the cloud. In order for an army to split up and continue on its mission, local commanders must possess the same information as the general and possess the authority to make commands under his authority. In order for a database to enable the same agility to the entire application, it must be distributed where several copies of that database exist across multiple nodes, each having the same information and ability to operate independently.  

Using Helicopters in a Drone World

Relational databases were first used in the 1960s, long before the cloud, or any type of distributed network. They are designed to work on a server and to provide all your data needs from one location. Their size and speed enable applications worldwide to serve their users with accuracy and speed. Their challenge is their perpetual monolithic structure. Due to the complexity of how a relational model puts together data, appearing on multiple nodes while constantly replicating to itself increases that complexity to unsustainable at any cost. Relational models restrict their applications to a single point of failure. Even at above average availability, cloud platforms do have outages. If such an outage were to hit a relational database, the entire application relying on that database will be disabled until a new server can be found.  

A Distributed Solution for a Distributed World

Nonrelational databases were developed alongside the cloud a little over a decade ago. Like cloud platforms, they were developed to be distributed from scratch. Without the need for multiple tables or even schemas, the most common type of nonrelational database, the document database, is natural for a distributed system where multiple copies of your database can sit at the backend of multiple copies of your application. Provisioning servers on the cloud closest to where your users are reduces the distance from their device to your application, increasing performance. It also reduces load on any one database at any one time. It’s like being on the longest of three lines in the supermarket when an announcement is made: “Will the people at the end of the longest line please move to the front of the shortest?” How awesome is that.  

The Age of Expanding Data

Like our universe, data is in a state of constant expansion. There is always more traffic, more volume, even the amount of information you can store in one unit of data is rising. To manage that, while keeping performance robust in the face of more information to constantly administer, you need a distributed system. If your application relies on one massive database, the cloud can’t save you. The best way to attack the data of tomorrow is with the finest tools of today.


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