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Chainlink (LINK) is taking significant steps towards establishing a self-sustainable oracle economy by implementing a revised token release schedule. This new approach aims to ensure that users have the means to cover and surpass the operating costs associated with Chainlink’s Oracle services. Meanwhile, Sparklo, the first blockchain investment trading platform specializing in gold, silver, and platinum, is making waves in the crypto world as it seeks to revolutionize traditional metal investments. With its innovative approach, Sparklo is poised to provide investors with exciting opportunities in the popular metals market.

Sparklo (SPRK) Shines in the Crypto World

Sparklo, a unique investment platform tailored for long-term cryptocurrency investors, has garnered attention in the crypto world for its innovative approach. The platform offers a specialized fractionalized trading and investing platform that allows users to purchase silver, gold, and platinum. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and participate in the traditional metals market through the convenience of the blockchain.

Sparklo stands out as a safe and secure investment option, with its team locking liquidity for an impressive 100 years. Its KYC certification from Block Audit Report further underscores the project’s commitment to transparency and trust. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Sparklo has its native ERC-20 cryptocurrency, identified by the ticker symbol “SPRK.” Within the Sparklo ecosystem, SPRK is the payment medium for on-chain buying and selling precious metals and grants users governance rights.

To further incentivize participation, Sparklo offers a presale opportunity where interested participants can acquire SPRK tokens at a price of only $0.04 per token. Users can enjoy a bonus on all purchases during the presale stage two. Sparklo’s unique value proposition and its integration of blockchain technology in the traditional metal investment space position it as an exciting player in the crypto world, providing investors with a novel avenue for potential gains.

Chainlink (LINK) New Revised Release Schedule

Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network built on Ethereum, is taking steps to create a self-sustainable oracle economy. By revising its token release schedule, Chainlink aims to enable users to cover and exceed the operating costs of the network’s node operators, coordinators, and stakers. The new token release program is designed to span a longer period and provide more predictability, ensuring the sustainable growth of the network. Chainlink (LINK) aims to maintain the ecosystem’s viability and support network sustainability by using tokens from the non-circulating supply, including oracle rewards to nodes.

In its report on the new development, Chainlink (LINK)outlined that approximately 7% of the total LINK supply will be released into circulation between Q2 2023 and Q1 2024. Subsequently, a similar amount of LINK tokens will be released every twelve months, although the Chainlink (LINK) Foundation retains the flexibility to adjust this schedule based on external factors. Chainlink (LINK) careful analysis of the Web3 ecosystem and circulating supply changes among various projects demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a sustainable token release rate lower than the average observed in the Web3 marketplace. As a leading decentralized oracle provider, Chainlink (LINK) continues to enhance its protocol to ensure long-term viability and utility within the blockchain industry.

Find out more about the presale with the links below;

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Discover How Hedgeup (Hdup) And Chainlink (Link) Raise The Bar In The Investment World

Leaving the ghosts of 2023 behind, the cryptocurrency market has rung in the New Year on a promising note. With new products in its kitty, the market continues to be a draw for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. While there is never a dull moment in the crypto market, crypto users’ preferences are always changing and the current flavor seems to be cryptocurrencies that can help one do more than just invest. Take the example of HedgeUp, which is a decentralized platform that opens up access to alternative investment products. More cryptocurrency users are opening up to products with multiple uses –  be it something as simple as play-to-earn games or as complex as building dApps.

Here’s a look at two cryptocurrency platforms: Chainlink and HedgeUp, which have been drawing users in large numbers because of their versatile functionalities.

HedgeUp: Unleashing the potential of alternative investment products

HedgeUp is a decentralized platform that enables cryptocurrency users to explore alternative investment products like luxury watches, art, aviation, gold, and wine, among others. With HedgeUp, crypto users get to invest in a basket of alternative products which can act as a hedge against market factors like volatility and inflation. Another benefit typically associated with alternative investment products is that can help to diversify one’s portfolio and fetch enhanced returns. According to the research done by the HedgeUp team, by choosing a “basket” of alternative investment products, crypto users can look forward to earning average returns ranging between 28% and 36%.

The platform has also rolled out a native token called HDUP that can be used for a wide range of transactional purposes on the network including staking, accessing rewards, charitable donations, and securing voting rights. The $HDUP Token will be available on presale and its total supply has been capped at 999,000,000 units. While the platform does not levy any taxes on the purchase of the $HDUP Tokens, users should know that the tokens purchased on presale have a vesting period. For instance, if a buyer purchases $HDUP Tokens during presale stages 1-6, the tokens would be locked for three months. If one purchases $HDUP Tokens in presale stages 7 and 8, these tokens will be locked for a month.

A key USP of the HedgeUp platform is its governance structure – HedgeUP DAO  which is based on the decentralized organization autonomous (DAO) model which has a community-driven focus. Under the model, community members are encouraged to voice their concerns about the team’s plans for the $HDUP Token. Token holders are entitled to exclusive voting rights and can voice their opinion on operational matters. With HedgeUP DAO, the platform aims to streamline its liquidity allocation and supervise investment baskets while deciding on the best course for ongoing projects with the help of community members.

Crypto analysts have expressed faith in HedgeUp’s utility and long-term growth potential. Not only does it offer protection against economic factors but also opens up a relatively untouched sector like alternative investment products for crypto users.

Galileo Protocol to integrate Chainlink VRF on Polygon

Chainlink is an oracle-based network that supports the deployment of smart contracts on any blockchain network by supplying tamper-proof computations. Its native token $LINK is the main cryptocurrency on the network that is used for meeting all kinds of transactional obligations on the platform. Chainlink ramps up the capabilities of smart contracts by making off-chain computations accessible without compromising with security and agility of the blockchain network. Also, users can easily build new decentralized systems for retrieving data from application programming interfaces and connecting them with existing systems or blockchains.

5 Incredibly Useful Schedule Maker Tips For Small Businesses

In any case, how would you choose which item to utilize? With such countless extraordinary web-based media the board instruments out there, we figured it would be incredible to feature a portion of the best ones to help you pick what’s best for your business.

The following are 5 of the absolute best timetable creator tips for independent ventures.

5 Incredibly Useful Schedule Maker Tips 1. Plan your day and Stick to it

As platitude as this sounds, a plan for the day or diary or even post-its can assist you with capitalizing on your day and make your life altogether less unpleasant.

It’s challenging to feel like you are in control when your errands aren’t all together — very much like it’s challenging to work in a messy room.

Arranging your errand doesn’t need to be for simply individual days. Indeed, it’s suggested that you start with a significant level, intend to accomplish something, and afterward separate it into more modest undertakings and guide it to a timetable.

When you explore and discover how to accomplish it, you can chalk out month to month, week by week, and simple objectives that would then make up your undertakings. This won’t just assist you with measuring and unclear goals but also setting little achievements and giving a feeling of accomplishment when you contact them.

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2. Figure out how to Delegate Without Stressing out

Most entrepreneurs abstain from appointing their errands because letting go worries them. They’d prefer to do it all alone than manage late execution, low-quality results, or the pressure of disclosing to somebody what they fouled up.

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3. Ditch Perfection

Nothing annihilates usefulness like the quest for flawlessness. Individuals who attempt to get everything right the initial time around frequently become involved with tarrying, turning into the foe of their usefulness. Entrepreneurs are continually trying to make things up along the way and require each day as it comes.

Their difficulties are exceptional, so course reading arrangements don’t make a difference to their concerns more often than not. What’s more, assuming the entrepreneurs become involved with attempting to carry out something impeccably, they may never be effective.

They continue deferring and trusting that the ideal second will make a move, prompting almost no execution. If you end up in this circle at any point, remember that nobody is looking.

Regardless of whether you come up short at something, you can attempt again, and in the future, you’ll be considerably more experienced. Proceeding with reasonable plans of action and testing is establishing any effective business.

So remember that being useful consistently will take you a lot farther than pursuing flawlessness would.

4. Mechanize however much you can

Assuming you have been avoiding computerization innovation up to this point, it’s about time you begin searching for apparatuses and applications to make your life more straightforward.

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5. Try not to Skip on Your Off-time

While it may sound illogical, enjoying reprieves during your day and off-time from work sometimes really helps increment your efficiency. Investigations have discovered that turning off your cerebrum and zeroing in on doing things that you like lessens pressure, keeps up with execution, and lifts your emotional self-control.

Our psyche works like a muscle, and very much like you want rest days after weighty exercises, your cerebrum likewise needs an ideal opportunity to fix and re-energize following a burdening day.

While the whole idea of ‘hustling 24×7’ might make you need to pay attention to that book recording during strolls or address worker complaints during lunch, don’t do that! It may feel like you are accomplishing more, yet honestly, your efficiency endures a shot when you are sitting idle, contemplating work daily.

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

List Of Complete Release Hstory For Typescript

Introduction to Typescript Versions

Initially, it was introduced by Microsoft in 2012. And the very first version of it is 0.8. Thereafter the next version came into picture i.e. 0.9. Which is developed in 2013? It had many drawbacks such as support for other operating systems and for IDE. Later version 1.0 came with these improvements in the year 2014. Further version 2.0 launched in 2023.

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List of Typescript Versions

Version 1.1: When version 1.1 came it was nearly four times faster than the older version of it. This was very useful to improve Javascript projects.

Version 1.3: In this release, it introduced the one access modifier i.e. protected as you may have seen it in java or any other language. If you don’t know what does it mean then let me tell you this gives access to only class and its subclasses to use members of the protested class.

Version 1.4: ES6 features are being used like declaring variables with let and const keywords rather than using var keyword which tends to create hoisting scenarios. Strictness in generic calls has been improved here.

Version 1.5: This has support for modules in ES6. It enhanced the functionality for importing and exporting different modules.

Version 1.6: 1.5 version came with the support for JSX. This is nothing but the javascript-XML. JSX at the end gets compiled to javascript only. It came up with a new extension that is .tsx which embeds jsx. And it also introduced as an operator to rename importing.

Version 1.7: This gave support for Asynchronous programming with Async-Await and Promises which are very important to the latest programming practices in ES6.

Version 1.8: This allows for the reference type parameter from the same parameter list. This solved many problems,

Version 2.0: In this version use of null and undefined data types got some weight age to assign the values at a particular scenario. Previously it was difficult to identify the errors with null and undefined.

Version 2.1: This gives us the ability to make some keys optional. The key and Lookup types have been enhanced in this version.

Version 2.2: This version gives us the ability to use mixin classes of ES6 and mixin constructor type. It also supports the spread operator in JSX expression.

Version 2.3: This supports the ES6 features like generators and Iterator. Previously these features only supported by ES6 and later versions but not from this version we can use it here.

Version 2.4: In this version we got the functionality to import any library or module in the program anywhere when needed. This also called Dynamic Import Expressions. This also introduces string initializes for enum.

Version 2.5: This introduces to optional catch statement and type assertions with the syntax /** @type {…} */. Also, this version allowed us to get in the new updated version of packages without duplicating it with redirecting packages to a newer version.

Version 2.6: It introduces the –watch flag to mark the changes. It has a strict function type flag for checking the type of functions strictly. It only ignores the methods inside the constructor or in any method.

Version 2.7: This version allowed us to declare properties with the const keyword. Ex: const Abc = “123”. This also introduced a new flag called – strictPropertyInitialization. This used to initialize each property in the constructor of the class. It also has a Pretty flag to make error messages more readable.

Version 2.8: It introduces conditional types. You can see it as a ternary operator. Which works like if chúng tôi statements. Syntax: T extends U ? X : Y

Version 2.9: It adds support for number and symbol named properties in the index and mapped types. Before it was supported for string only.

Version 3.0: This version allows us to split the project into smaller projects with the help of project references. It gives a new flag –build. –build flag runs faster builds for the project. It also supports for Tuples in spread expressions and rests parameters.

Version 3.1: This simplifies the version controversy with the new field in chúng tôi file. Which looks like below:

Version 3.2: It introduces –strictBindCallApply flag. This gives us access to methods like call apply and bind. It also has –showConfig. Which refreshes the chúng tôi file.

Version 3.3: It reduces the 50 to 70% of total build time with the flag –builds and –watch. Which helps to build the required files. This also introduced better behavior for calling union types.

Version 3.4: This gave us the –incremental flag for the fast build process of an application. It catches up with the changes and builds accordingly. For that, we need field incremental as true in the chúng tôi file.

Version 3.5: The minor changes happened here so far as improvements in – incremental flag. Good optimization has been achieved through builds and type checks. This also introduces the Omit helper type which removes a property from the original definition.

Version 3.6: This version improved on typechecking with generators. Earlier we were not able to recognize that the value is return by generator or yielded. But now we can check the correct type of it. This also supports greatly for Unicode characters. It also has a smarter auto-import syntax.

Version 3.7: This is the latest release. This version introduces some breaking changes such as function truthy checks, API changes. Optional chaining was an issue. Do we make use of it? operator for this. ? operator makes property optional access. It also has a nullish coalescing operator(??) like optional chaining. Also, the use of asset function has been improved.


Typescript earlier has many issues while working with it. Now the latest version came with most of the bug fixes. If you want to go deep then you can always follow the documentation for its official sites.

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Link Building For Small And Local Businesses

If you read a blog post about link building recently, the odds are pretty good you’ve read about content marketing, info-graphics, or RCS. These are all great. They work. They bring more traffic and links to your site and can help build your brand. For those you who run or market small and local businesses, odds are these strategies are not within reach. Either there are no resources or time.

Local Newspapers

Everyone wants a link from the New York Times or the Huffington Post right? If you’re a local business, you really don’t need that strong of links. A couple links from your local newspaper will usually provide significant value. There are a couple ways you can do this. The first is to do a press release. Often times local newspapers will run press releases for local businesses online. Write up a press release the next time you offer a new service, move, get a new product line, hire a new manager, sponsor an event, and, well you get the idea.

Search for Mentions

If people are talking about you, hopefully they are linking to your site. If they aren’t email them, or better give them a call, and ask if they would mind linking to you with your name (or business name) in the post or article.

There are a couple ways to go about this. The old way is to create a Google Alert for your name. Once you set this up, you will get emails whenever your name is mentioned. There can be significant lag time though.

Remember when you set it up to put your name in quotes, this will search for your name exactly.

The new way is to monitor for mention with SEOmoz’s new Fresh Web Explorer. This is a great new tool that scans the web for mentions of your brand and name. While this only recently came out there are a lot of great resources on this. Below are some blog posts that should get you started to finding brand mentions to turn into links:

Local Maps

You can use Google Maps to build links really easily. Simply create a custom map with points of interest on it. Then grab the embed code. Now edit the embed code and remove the link to Google maps and replace it with a link to your site. Below is an example from my site – I made a map of ski resorts in Colorado while planning a ski trip.

View Map of Ski Resorts in Colorado by Geoff Kenyon

What’s really great about this tactic is that you can do it for just about anything. If there is a conference coming to town, make a map of restaurants and coffee shops near the event venue and hotels. You can also do this for local points of interest related to your industry such as bike trails, running routes, breweries, historic landmarks, or simply a collection of local points of interest for tourists.

To do this simply grab embed code from Google Maps.

Once you copy the code, edit it as shown below:

Original Embed Code

Edited Embed Code

Note, in the above code that is edited, we have added attribution to your homepage.

Once you have your map and embed code, reach out to local blogs and organizations that would be interested in the info and give them the embed code. Remember, you need to tell them what benefit this map provides for their readers or members.

YouTube Videos

Like the map tactic above, you can shoot a quick video to help people with something – either explain a topic, provide a review, or show someone how to do something. Then grab the YouTube embed code and make it link back to your site.

Below is an example of this tactic.

The code for the above video was originally:

To do this yourself, simply append your homepage attribution and link to the page on your site the video appears on.

Once you’ve got the embed code edited, you just have to reach out to local people who’d be interested, just like with the map.

Local Bloggers Love Reviews

Local Bloggers are overlooked all the time by the big companies looking to give away free stuff. Find some local bloggers in your area and ask them to review your company. If you’re a restaurant offer them a complimentary meal for two and as long as you deliver a decent meal you should get a great review and some links. If you’re a store, offer them a product to review. As long as you don’t give them something cheap (<$50), they will probably be really excited.


Testimonials help everyone, right? Who doesn’t want to appear credible? Odds are you use services all the time. Offer a testimonial to the people you’ve hired or work with. Have you moved recently? Write a testimonial for your moving company and real estate agent. Do you use an office supply company? What about a chiropractor, printer, marketing agency, or computer repair service? Write them a review.

All you have to do is write your business under your name and link your business back to your site.

Local Magazines

Reach out to a local magazine in your area and ask if you can contribute a one off piece. The smaller magazines will typically welcome the added content. Write about whatever you want – either a topic you’re passionate about or teach people to do something related to your business. In your bio make sure you link back to your site!

Those are my seven link building tactics for small and local businesses, what are yours?

Crypto News: What’s Next For Rocketize Token, Shiba Inu, And Nexo?

Most cryptocurrency investors are seeing negative returns as a result of the bear market. The majority of cryptocurrencies are still battling to recover.

With the bear market’s impact, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Nexo (NEXO) investors are seeking alternative investments such as Rocketize Token (JATO), a cryptocurrency protocol that has been making waves in the crypto community. In this article, we will look at why Rocketize Token (JATO) is considered the best meme coin for long-term crypto investment.

Shiba Inu’s Shiba Lands Brings Back Life To The Meme Coin

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the second most popular meme cryptocurrency. It also has one of the most lucrative value increases in the bitcoin market. Shiba Inu (SHIB) had some massive price increases during its meteoric journey to prominence in 2023.

Taking this into account, someone who bought $10 worth of Shiba Inu (SHIB) around January 2023 would have accumulated millions of dollars due to the over 40,000,000% increase. So, how can Shiba Inu (SHIB) help people now?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is similar to other meme tokens in that it is prone to volatility. Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price fell along with other meme tokens as the cryptocurrency market crashed in early 2023.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) unveiled Shiba Lands in the second quarter of 2023, with 100,595 pieces of virtual land available at various project levels. Additionally, the base network for Shiba Inu (SHIB) has just upgraded its Ethereum blockchain, which may result in faster, less expensive transactions.

Nexo Manages Assets For Over 5+ Million Users

Nexo (NEXO) is a cryptocurrency platform that allows you to trade, lend, and swap crypto assets all in one place. You can earn rewards by receiving bonuses on purchases or earning interest on stored assets. The program also provides users with referral benefits, with no restriction on how many recommendations they can have.

Nexo’s numerous utility and incentive systems have drawn a large number of users. The Blockchain has over 5 million users globally, and its popularity is growing. Nexo (NEXO) offers over 40 cryptocurrencies, giving you a wide selection of token options to deposit as collateral when you need an immediate crypto-backed loan.

Nexo (NEXO) is a utility token. Nexo (NEXO) had a fantastic year on the market, reaching a high of $4.63. Although the recession has also had an impact on it, the coin is one of the few with promising futures. We believe it is worth contemplating, and you should keep an eye on it.

What is Rocketize Token?

Rocketize is the most recent meme coin to appear with the potential to shake up the cryptocurrency market at the current time (JATO). Rocketize is an open-source network that understands community support terminology. It expands and diversifies its talent pool by leveraging the strength of its ecosystem, Atomic Nation.

A European non-profit organization controls the Rocketize brand. The group provides a bridge into the corporate sector for DeFi projects. Aside from that, the Rocketize community promotes an open and democratic government. It makes use of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) characteristics to allow users to engage in decision-making regarding the ecosystem’s growth and wellness.

Rocketize utilizes several features of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem as well as a built-in burn mechanism for lowering the number of tokens accessible and therefore increasing their value. With fewer units available, the value of a crypto asset is frequently projected to climb.

Finally, the Rocketize token community is meant to facilitate the minting of NFTs based on the enthusiasm of its members in the project. Web 3 decentralized application wallets will be used by members to mint and store their NFTs. This means that Atomic Nation members will have another source of income.

For More Information On Rocketize (JATO):


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