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Cloud mining refers to the mechanism of mining cryptocurrencies by using cloud computing without having to go through the hassle of installing and directly running the hardware and its related software. While Bitcoin mining is the most popular among miners, it was almost inaccessible for the average user in the crypto space before cloud mining platforms came about.

Miners get a chance to become a part of mining pools by buying an amount of ‘hash power’. The miners then share a profit with respect to the proportion of hashing power rented.

ChickenFast is a platform that is simplifying the mining process and making it accessible for users in the space. The platform lets customers optimize their contracts and does not charge any hidden fees or commissions.

What is ChickenFast?

ChickenFast is a cloud-based pool of computing power for cryptocurrency mining. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 2023 and currently has data centers in multiple locations around the world. ChickenFast intends to optimize electricity prices for a more profitable cryptocurrency mining experience.

They have a unique CHK&I patent algorithm that works on switching computing power to mining the most profitable digital currency in real-time. The cloud mining investment system aims to be accessible and understandable to everyone alike.

ChickenFast’s goal

ChickenFast’s goal is to bring blockchain tech to the people and simplify the process of cloud mining. The platform supports clean energy including solar, wind, water, and geothermal energy.

It provides a simple and reliable way to bring cloud mining to people with no hidden fees and 24/7 live support.

Registration and investment

ChickenFast allows users to start investing within 3 simple steps. The first step is registering and creating an account with them.

After this, users get a chance to choose the cyber chicken of their choice. They can do this by entering the investment amount in the profitable calculator and the ChickenFast algorithm will select the best plan for the user.

Users can start getting profit in the form of daily BTC payouts. The minimum withdrawal amount is set to 0.0003 BTC.


Safety and security is an important part of any platform and ChickenFast allow users to set their security individually. The platform combines a multi-level security process with simplicity making it convenient for its users.

Tariffs and programs

ChickenFast has a number of programs for the users to choose from, these are valid for a year. These programs are:

Classic: Chicken contract deposit in the classic plan requires users to deposit $250-$499. The users get a chance to get a 12% return per month. Payout is given in BTC daily while all maintenance expenses are included in the price itself. The power in the classic mode is 5320 Gh/s.

Bronze: The Bronze plan has a contract deposit between $500-$999 and a power of 10638 Gh/s. All mining currency is available in the plan while the payout is given in BTC daily.

Silver: The chicken contract deposit in the silver plan is between $1000-$4999. The power for the same is 21277 Gh/s while a 12% payout is given out every month.

Gold: The contract deposit in the gold plan is $5000-$9999. The power in this plan is 106383 Gh/s while the 12% profitability remains the same.

Platinum: The platinum plan is $10000-$49999. The mining power is 212766 Gh/s with a 12% profitability per month and daily payouts in BTC.

Boss: The contract deposit for the Boss plan starts from $50000 and the power from 1063830 Gh/s. A 12% profit per month is given to the users.

Final word

ChickenFast makes it easy for almost anyone to be a part of the cryptocurrency mining space. The crypto mining space was not open to everyone earlier, cloud mining makes it easy for users to become a part of it and make profits easily.

The ChickenFast’s easy-to-use interface and rewarding programs give people a chance to earn rewards.

For more information on ChickenFast, please check out their website.

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A New Generation Of Productivity Tools: Switch To The Galaxy Note8

For business users, some things are imperative when working exclusively on your mobile device, like a large screen (without being clunky) and defense-grade security. From responding to emails to annotating documents, even toggling between multiple windows while dialing into a conference call, it can be a real challenge to work solely using the productivity tools on your mobile device.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note8, however, we make working from your mobile device, dare we say, easy. Thanks to the 6.3-in. Infinity Display, the S Pen, numerous smart productivity tools, oh and we can’t forget those wonderfully paired apps feature, the Note8 makes it easier to do more — and do it better. And, switching to the Galaxy Note8 won’t take long, and certainly won’t pose any problems thanks to the Samsung Smart Switch. In one seamless move, you can transfer contacts, photos, music, messages and other data, making the upgrade to the Note8 simply irrefutable.

So, without further ado, we give you the top 10 reasons why you should switch to the Galaxy Note8.

1. Protect Your Company’s Data

2. Increase Your Productivity

Cue the S Pen. This snazzy little pen gives you full control over your device. Use Screen Off Memo to take notes in a meeting without even unlocking your screen, or mark up PDFs on the go. The S Pen provides higher levels of usability for business applications and the Note8 boasts an Infinity Display optimized for writing — with sharper, rounded corners. Much like the Note8, the S Pen is water and dust-resistant, meaning you can use it to capture signatures or take notes, even in industries where getting caught in the rain happens frequently on the job. You can also liven up your social posts using the Live Messenger feature. Best of all, the S Pen never needs to be charged. From the fully optimized screen to the noteworthy S Pen, you have a seamless note-taking machine, allowing you to work from your mobile device no matter where you are.

Discover the Most Intelligent S Pen Yet

White Paper

Learn five smart tricks you can do with the S Pen in this infographic. Download Now

3. Be More Efficient

Did you know that Note users already multitask 40 percent more than other Galaxy owners? It’s not a coincidence. With App Pair, Note8 users can launch two apps with one tap and use them side-by-side on the Infinity Display. Need to jump on a conference call while on the go? No problem. Simply pair your calendar and your phone keypad and you’ll have everything you need in one place, on one screen. Gone are the days of jumping back and forth between apps, wasting precious time and making silly mistakes. No need to worry about the number of apps you have open: The 10nm processor and 6GB RAM will keep you running at top speed, allowing you to do more, faster with longer battery life. When business demands maximum processing power, you’re already there.

4. Snap Pro Pics

We get it — life isn’t all work and no play. That’s why we’ve equipped the Note8 with the world’s first Dual Camera with Optical Image Stabilization on both lenses (yes, you read that right). Whether you’re shooting in the dark or from a distance, photos are clear. Clear Zoom allows you to zoom in closer with less blur so you can capture great portraits and enjoy low-light clarity for incredible photos. Does the photog in you want more control? Switch to Pro Mode for all the options you’d expect from a pro camera. With Live Focus, you can focus on what you want, when you want to. Change the depth-of-field to make your subject stand out, and you can even see what it’ll look like before you take the photo. But, it’s not only beneficial after hours. You’ve never looked as good as you will on the front-facing camera — perfect for video conferencing when you’re OOO.

5. See More, Scroll Less

6. Get More Done With DeX + VDI

7. Enable the Mobile Worker With DeX

8. Separate Work + Personal – Part 1: Secure Folder

Keeping data secure shouldn’t just be of interest to your employer; it’s important to keep your personal data secure, too. That’s where Secure Folder comes in. It supports keeping your work and personal information separate, while still utilizing that defense-grade security that Samsung Knox offers. Drop all of your personal apps in one place and add multi-authentication to secure it — use biometrics or enter your PIN to access. Need to access your personal bank account? No problem. Just keep your personal apps in your Secure Folder and access them whenever, wherever, all from the same device.

9. Separate Work + Personal – Part 2: Dual Messenger

Are you juggling Facebook Messenger for work as well as your own personal account? Now, thanks to Note8’s Dual Messenger, you’ll never have to switch back and forth or re-log into accounts again — simply run the app as two separate instances. You can have two social accounts open and active at the same time. And it isn’t just Facebook, but also WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Skype and more. Dual Messenger lets you separate your work life from your personal life, giving you the ideal work-life integration.

10. Switching Made Easy

Let’s just get right down to it. Switching from an old mobile device to a new device, whether it’s a Samsung device, an iPhone, even your computer (PC or Mac), is usually a major headache. Transferring over all of your data — your contacts, emails, photos, you name it — used to be a bear, but with Samsung’s Smart Switch, transitioning from one device to another is undeniably effortless. There are three simple ways: transfer content directly from your old phone wirelessly, transfer content directly from your old phone via USB cable or you can transfer content from a PC or Mac to your new Galaxy Note8 phone.

Equipped with the next generation of productivity tools, the Note8 is built for multitasking, letting you work from your mobile device anytime, from anywhere.

Discover even more ways that the Galaxy Note8 can bring a new level of productivity to your enterprise.

Cryptojacking The New Browser Mining Threat You Need To Know About

If you are struggling with a slow PC or internet connection, do not just blame the vendor or service provider yet because you may be a victim of a new trick used by the hackers called as browser Cryptojacking.

The evolution of Cryptojacking is attributed to the soaring interest in Cryptocurrencies for the past few months. Look at Bitcoin for the past few months or so, and its value has gone up by more than 1,000%. This has attracted attention from hackers as well and so has given birth to dangerous practices such as Crytptojacking.

What is Cryptojacking


Before we understand what Cryptojacking is, first let us know about Cryptomining.

Cryptomining or Cryptocurrency Mining is the process by which a cryptocurrency comes into existence, using the blockchain technology. Cryptomining also lets new cryptocurrency coins get released on the market. Mining is carried out by certain peers of the cryptocurrency network who compete (individually or in groups) in solving a difficult mathematical problem, called proof-of-work

Although Coinhive was meant to be legitimate, its concept led to the emergence of similar software, which is now used by cyber criminals for Cryptomining abuse or Cryptojacking.

In short, Cryptojacking is the technique of hijacking browsers for mining cryptocurrency, without user consent. Delivering cryptocurrency miners through malware is a known fact, but mining cryptocurrency when accessing a webpage is new and has led to the attackers abusing for personal gains.

Cryptojacking is not a traditional malware

Cryptojacking does not harm your PC like traditional malware or ransomware act. Neither does it store or lock down anything on the hard drive. Hence, it in itself is not a malware as such, but it can certainly be introduced into your system using malware.

Cryptojacking, similar to malware, uses your PC resources without your permission. It can cause the PC and browsers to work extremely sluggish, drain the battery and raise the electricity bills without you even realizing the same.

Consequences of Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking can affect Windows OS as well as Mac OSX & Android. There have been numerous cases of Cryptojacking reported recently. Some of the common types include the following:

Websites using Coinhive deliberately

Pirates Bay was one of the first major player guilty of using Coinhive deliberately. The issue was that it was done transparently, without the visitors’ consent. Once the crypto mining script was discovered, Pirate Bay issued a statement mentioning that it was testing this solution as an alternative revenue source. Researchers fear that there are many such websites which are already using Coinhive without visitor’s consent.

Coinhive injected into compromised websites

Researchers identified compromised WordPress and Magento websites that had Coinhive, or a similar JavaScript-based miner injected into them.

Read: What to do if Coinhive crypto-mining script infects your website.

Cryptojacking using browser extensions

In-browser cryptojacking uses JavaScript on a web page to mine for cryptocurrencies. JavaScript runs on just about every website you visit, so the JavaScript code responsible for in-browser mining does not need to be installed. As soon as you load the page, and the in-browser mining code just runs.

There are cases of web browser extensions embedding Coinhive where cryptomining software run in the background and mined “Monero” while the browser was running -and not only when visiting a specific website.

Cryptojacking with malware

This is another type of abuse where Coinhive is being deployed alongside malware through a fake Java update.

Cryptojacking in Android devices

An Android variant of Coinhive has been detected targeting Russian users. This trend suggests that Cryptojacking is expanding to mobile applications as well.

Typosquatted domains embedding Coinhive

Cryptojacking through cloud services

Cybercriminals are hijacking unsecured Cloud platforms and using them to mine cryptocurrency.

Microsoft has notified of variations of Coinhive being spotted in the wild. Such a development indicates that Coinhive’s success has motivated the emergence of similar software by other parties that want to join this market.

Minr – A Coinhive alternative emerges

The use of Coinhive by legitimate users has in general been on decline owing to the unpopularity that it has been receiving since its launch. Coinhive is also easily traceable which is another fact that its prospective admirers are not using it on their website.

So, as an alternative, the team of Minr, has developed an option of “obfuscation”, which makes it much more difficult to track the miner. This facilitates the hidden use of the tool. This feature is so effective that it hides the code even for the popular anti-malware tool Malwarebytes.

How to stay protected from Cryptojacking

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain technology is taking over the world. It is creating an impact on the global economy and causing technology disruptions as well. Everyone has started focusing on such a lucrative market – and this includes website hackers too. As returns increase, we should expect that such technologies will be misused.

Being observant while browsing is something that you have to practice regularly if you want to stay away from Cryptojacking frauds. You are on a compromised website if you see a sudden spike in memory usage and sluggish performance on your PC. The best action here is to stop the process by exiting the website, and not visit it again.

You can use Anti-WebMiner programs as one of the precautions.

Use a browser extension that blocks websites from using your CPU for crypto mining. If you use Chrome browser, then Install minerBlock extension. It is a useful extension for Chrome browser to block web-based cryptocurrency miners all over the web. Apart from CoinHive it even blocks Minr.

Another necessary precaution is to update your Hosts file to block chúng tôi and other domains that are known to enable unauthorized mining. Remember, Cryptojacking is still growing with more and more people drawing towards Cryptocurrencies, so your blocklists will have to be regularly updated.

Prevent CoinHive from infecting your website

Don’t use any NULL templates or plugins on your website/forum.

Keep your CMS updated to the latest version.

Update your hosting software regularly (PHP, Database, etc.).

Secure your website with web security providers like Sucuri, Cloudflare, Wordfence, etc.

Take basic precautions to secure your blog.

Stay alert, stay safe!

The Best Garage Storage Systems Of 2023

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Written By Tony Carrick

Updated Feb 8, 2023 2:52 PM

A garage is coveted real estate—an empty space with infinite possibilities. But, often, the garage becomes a repository for everything that doesn’t fit in the house and you need a setup to maximize space. Storage systems come in all shapes and sizes, including shelves, cabinets, hooks, and ceiling-mounted racks. These racks are typically made from durable materials, such as steel or heavy-duty plastic, and feature high weight capacities that can exceed 1,000 pounds. This guide will review some of the best garage storage systems on the market so you can free up valuable floor space and finally use the garage for its intended purpose: storing your car.

How we chose the best garage storage systems

Garage storage is about being efficient with space, so I chose storage systems that can capably hold a large volume of things while taking up as little floor space as possible. Since a garage storage system is bound to take a beating, I chose models made from durable materials that can absorb abuse, such as steel and high-grade plastic. I also considered price, since garage storage systems can quickly get very expensive. Believing that a good storage system shouldn’t cost more than the stuff you’re storing, I chose models that offer the best bang for your buck while still meeting the aforementioned criteria.

The best garage storage systems: Reviews & Recommendations

As someone with a large garage filled with lots of stuff, I’m intimately familiar with the struggles of setting up apparatus like a garage door opener and organizing the interior. I applied my experiences taming my garage in researching more than two dozen garage systems for this list of the top five.

Best overall: Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Why it made the cut: Of all the storage designs out there, this one saves the most space by getting your stuff off the garage floor, making room for the family car.


Weight capacity: 600 pounds

Storage capacity: Up to 105 cubic feet

Dimensions: 96 inches long by 48 inches wide by 22 to 40 inches high

Material: Steel


Takes up no floor space, making it ideal for small garages that also house cars

Large amount of storage space

Can also hang items from the rack


Weight capacity of 600 pounds may be too little for heavier storage needs

Items are harder to access

If the main reason you’re purchasing a garage storage system is to get junk off the floor so you can use the garage for its intended purpose—housing your car—then Fleximounts is your best option. Whereas shelves and cabinets do a good job organizing things, they take up precious floor space. Since Fleximounts hug the ceiling, they take up no floor space. The rack measures 4 feet by 8 feet and drops down from the ceiling 22 to 40 inches.

How much it can store is dependent on the height of your garage ceilings and the position of the garage door. Set to its maximum drop-down height, this rack provides 105 cubic feet of storage, about three times the amount of space that most garage shelving systems offer. You can also hang sporting equipment, gardening tools, and more from the racks for even more storage for those fancy new electric bikes.

Though this overhead rack is an excellent way to save space, some trade-offs exist. The rack can hold a maximum of 600 pounds, which may not be enough depending on what you plan to store on it. You’ll need to haul anything you plan to store up a stepladder to get it into the rack, which can be difficult for some people, especially if the objects are heavy. Accessing items stored in an overhead rack isn’t as convenient as grabbing them from a cabinet or shelf. Still, if your main goal is to maximize floor space in your garage and you don’t mind the access limitations of overhead storage, then Fleximounts is the way to go.

Best cabinet: Seville Classics UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet

Why it made the cut: We loved this cabinet’s rock-solid construction, lockable doors, and large casters that allow you to maneuver it around the garage even when full.


Weight capacity: 600 pounds

Storage capacity: 27 cubic feet

Dimensions: ‎18 inches deep by 36 inches wide by 72 inches high

Material: Steel


Takes up a small amount of floor space

Durable construction with reinforced cornersLarge wheels let you roll it around the garage

Lockable door protects valuable tools


Expensive for the amount of storage capacity

In addition to its rock-solid construction, I also love the versatility the large, 5-inch, heavy-duty casters provide. The wheels make it easy to roll into position for better access to its contents and are also handy if it’s necessary to rearrange the garage to make room for something else.

While the cabinet’s four shelves provide ample storage, what sets it apart from other cabinets are the lockable doors. The ability to lock the cabinet makes it ideal for storing expensive power tools, ensuring they stay secure even when the garage door is left open.

Although the cabinet does take up some floor space, it occupies a smaller footprint than many other cabinets due to its tall and narrow profile—it’s 18 inches deep by 36 inches wide by 72 inches high. The lockable doors and durable construction make this cabinet ideal for those who like the clean look a cabinet offers or who want a secure place to store their tools.

Best for gardening equipment: StoreYourBoard Tool Storage Rack

Why it made the cut: The length of this set of hooks makes them capable of holding a lot of gardening tools.


Weight capacity: 325 pounds

Storage capacity: N/A

Dimensions: 37 inches long by 10 inches deep by 3.25 inches wide

Material: Steel


Affordable way to store gardening tools

Sturdy steel construction

Long hooks can hold multiple tools

Mounting system suits most garage setups


Hooks might be too close together for large gardening tools.

With its sturdy steel construction, the rack can hold up to 325 pounds, well over the total weight that you’ll likely hang from it. Three large lag bolts are included for secure mounting. This rack’s sturdy construction, coupled with long hooks that give it a high capacity, make it an ideal choice for those with an extensive collection of gardening equipment.

Best for sports equipment: Kinghouse Garage Sports Equipment Organizer

Why it made the cut: We love the multiple racks that allow parents to organize equipment so kids can get at different items without having to dig through all of them.


Weight capacity: N/A

Storage capacity: N/A

Dimensions: 36 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep by 46 inches high

Material: Steel


Multiple racks and bins make it easy to organize equipment

Casters allow users to roll the rack out for easier access

Mesh bottoms prevent smaller objects from falling through the rack


Not as sturdy as other storage systems

When there’s no place to put all the balls, skateboards, baseball bats, gloves, helmets, and other outdoor sporting goods equipment, they inevitably end up scattered on the garage floor. While throwing all that gear into a bin or two is one option, a better one is this organizer from Kinghouse.

Unlike racks that have one section for holding all equipment, this model features a large storage area on the base and smaller racks at the top. This makes it easier to separate large items like skateboards and inline skates from medium-sized basketballs and soccer balls and smaller tennis balls and baseballs, so kids can access each without having to dig through one large pile.

In addition to multiple racks, this organizer also offers other design features, including hooks on the sides of the rack that can hold baseball bats and a tight mesh bottom that prevents smaller items from finding their way through the rack and onto the floor.

I also love that this rack sits on casters that make it easy to wheel into and out of the garage onto the driveway, making it easier for kids to grab items or put them away. With its ability to store a large volume of stuff while still making it all easily accessible, this rack is an ideal option for those looking to tame a mountain of sports gear.

Why it made the cut: This shelving set is the most affordable and easy-to-assemble garage storage solution we could find.


Weight capacity: 1,600 pounds (200 pounds per shelf)

Storage capacity: About 30 cubic feet

Dimensions: 48 inches long by 20 inches wide by 55 inches high

Material: Heavy-duty plastic


Affordably priced storage solution

Multiple shelves can be locked together for easy expansion

Assembles quickly and easily

Can hold 200 pounds per shelf


Takes up a fairly large amount of floor space

One of the main barriers to getting a garage organized is often the complicated assembly and high price tag that come with many garage storage systems. This set of plastic shelves from CX is a great option for those who don’t want to spend hours assembling the unit or pay more for the storage system than the value of the stuff they’re going to store. The shelving unit consists of four 20-by-48-inch heavy-duty plastic shelves that can hold up to 200 pounds each, which is plenty of capacity for most storage needs. The shelves sit on sturdy feet with rubber non-slip coverings. Slats are cut into the shelves to prevent moisture from collecting and potentially causing water damage or mold growth.

There are several design features I love about these shelves. You can assemble the shelves in less than an hour with no tools required. The feet are adjustable, allowing you to level the shelves to account for any irregularities in the garage floor. This shelving is also expandable. Grooves on the ends of the shelving allow you to lock it together with another shelving unit on both sides.

Its smart design and high weight capacity make this set of shelves a great budget option for those who don’t mind its larger footprint.

Things to consider when buying the best garage storage systems Capacity

Storage systems need to hold a lot of stuff, so how much a cabinet, rack, or shelf can hold is crucial. Consider how many cubic feet of storage space the system offers and compare it to what you plan to store to ensure the system suits your needs. In addition to volume, weight capacity is also important. How much weight a storage system can handle ranges significantly, from hanging racks with a max capacity of around 300 pounds to shelving that can hold more than 1,500 pounds. Consider the weight of what you need to store when deciding which storage system to buy.

Floor space

Since garage storage systems are designed to open up space for cars, how much floor space a storage system takes up is crucial. With that in mind, it’s important to pay attention to the storage system’s total footprint to determine just how much floor space it will occupy. Generally speaking, shelves take up the most floor space, followed by cabinets. Storage racks that mount to the ceiling take up none and are installed with enough clearance to allow space for cars, people, or garage doors below them.


Look for garage storage systems made from durable materials such as steel and heavy-duty plastic. These materials can endure the rigors of life in a garage. Avoid materials, such as MDF or thin sheet metal, that are easily damaged by moisture or small impacts.

FAQs Q: What kind of material is best for a garage storage system?

Painted steel and heavy-duty plastic are the best options for garage storage systems. These materials have great strength qualities, allowing them to hold hundreds of pounds. While a garage is not exposed to the elements, it is an unfinished space susceptible to high humidity and extreme temperature changes. Whereas materials such as pressboard and thin sheet metal can be damaged by moisture, painted steel and plastic aren’t susceptible to rust or corrosion.

Q: How do you maximize storage in a small garage?

To make the most out of a small garage, consider going vertical by using hanging overhead racks as opposed to cabinets or shelves that take up valuable floor space. Install hooks that allow you to move items such as bikes and gardening equipment off the floor and onto the walls. If you need a workbench, consider installing a foldable model that stays flush with the wall when not used. 

Q: Are overhead racks safe?

Overhead racks are safe as long as you install them properly and make sure the ceiling can support the weight. When installing the racks, make sure they are bolted to ceiling joists using the fasteners included with the racks. Also, pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s weight limits for the racks when loading them, and make sure you don’t exceed them.

Final thoughts on the best garage storage systems

A good storage system can help you organize your garage to free up floor space, allowing you to use it as a workshop or fit the car inside. That said, a good storage system will only help you organize your garage if you choose the right one. Before selecting a garage storage system, take stock of what’s currently in the garage. Decide what you need to store and select a system that best matches those needs.

The Importance Of Technical Seo For Lead Generation

Technical SEO involves practices to optimize the technical elements of a website to rank them in search engines. Site owners often ignore technical SEO. It may be because they don’t know how it helps in SEO or find it too hard to follow. In reality, Technical SEO is pretty impactful for SEO and Lead generation. In fact, without it, you don’t even have a chance to rank or generate a single lead.

Promotes Error-free Link Building

Link building is the process of receiving links from other websites. It is a seal of confidence provided by other websites about your content. It tells Google that they trust your content.

When people use your content’s information, they will highlight the information or phrases with hyperlinks linking to your site. This link points from their site to your site is called link building.

This is why a weekly purge of backlinks is necessary. With technical SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Search Console, you can identify and block those links. Although removing them completely is recommended, it’s hard to find and reach the site owner, especially those running low-quality or malicious sites.

Search engines consider links as a measure to measure the credibility and relevance of your site. Acquiring links from highly authoritative sites can improve your site’s visibility. This will let more potential customers land on your page. 

Usually, google assigns you a rank in a couple of keywords. If people landing from those keywords engages with your websites, google will start assigning more keywords to your site on the rank page. As your number grows, your visitors, including potential customers, will also increase.

It Makes Your Site Discoverable to Search Engines and Users

When you publish content or create a new page, search engines’ crawlers crawl your webpage. They do that to inspect it, check all the links on your site, and understand what your site is all about. After that, they index the site in the search engine. This is how your site appears in the SERP, and users discover it.

The role of technical SEO is to make your site crawlable and indexable. It fixes all the coding and linking errors hampering crawlers from entering your site. 

It Improves Your Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed of a site plays a significant role in search engine ranking. Although not directly but indirectly. As you know, google creates its ranking algorithm to improve users’ experience. Anything that can ruin a user experience is considered harmful to search results ranking. 

Technical SEO Involves Steps that can Improve Your Site’s Page Loading Speed

This involves steps like −

Implementing lazy loading

Using compressed images

Removing unnecessary Scripts

Using lightweight codes

It Improves Site Structure

Finding your site (crawling and indexing) is not the only thing search engines do when they get to your site. They look for your site’s structure to understand its content. A good site structure can have a positive impact on your lead-generation efforts. 

The structure of your site determines how users interact when they land on it. If your visitors like interacting with your site, they will likely make a purchase. At least they will subscribe to your newsletter. If they like your products, they may add them to their cart.

More engagement means more credibility and less bounce rate. This further tells search engines that your site content is up to the mark as users spend time making transactions. As a result, search engines will increase your site’s search ranking and drive more traffic and lead.

Technical SEO makes it easier for you to add an engaging, resource-friendly, and easy-to-follow structure. For example, lazy loading saves many resources and increases page loading speed. 

In lazy loading, the images and other data-heavy elements load as per the users’ requirements. The images only load when you scroll down to a specific spot. This is also known as ‘infinite scroll.’ This picture is helpful when you have a large number of images on your page. 


Finally, by utilizing technical SEO, businesses can create a more efficient customer journey that can optimize all aspects of their marketing strategy from start to finish. Technical SEO should thus remain an integral part of any successful lead generation effort.

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