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CleanMyPC – Is This Windows PC Cleaner Worth The Hype?

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Is CleanMyPC is Best PC Cleaner for Windows:

In this blog we’ll see the software in action and check if it actually provides what it promises.

MacPaw’s CleanMyPC is a safe computer cleaning software. It neither hampers any other software’s functionality nor does it inject any viruses or malware in your computer.

CleanMyPC In Action

The Setup

At the outset, we’d like to mention that the setup process is unintimidating, simple and quick. Within seconds you can install the package which is available in various languages as you can see from the screenshot above. All you have to do is select language, except terms and service and boom! The PC cleaner for Windows 10 is all set to work!

The Interface

Take the “Multi Installer” module for example, it has neatly enlisted all the applications that it thinks should be uninstalled. And if you wish to refresh the list there is an aptly named button for the same that is evidently visible at the bottom.

The Results At A Glance

Module No. 1: My Computer Cleanup

The complete scan takes a few minutes to complete. Here all the drives of your PC are scanned for junk files. It even tells the exact number of junk files that could be cluttering your PC. As for the files that are cleaned for free, you can clean 500 MB. To clean the remaining files, a paid subscription is required.

Module No. 2: Registry maintenance

The registry maintenance module found issues that mostly consisted of incorrect and expired automation objects, expired shared libraries and leftover application settings. Apart from that there were expired shared libraries and missing startup items as well.

Now the free version resolves some issues and for the rest the user is prompted to purchase the product.

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Module No. 3: Multi Uninstaller

Module No. 4: Hibernation

You can turn off hibernation which would help you reclaim enough disk space. As you can see here 1.57 GB of precious disk space can be reclaimed by disabling the system hibernation file. It is important to note that in the free version you will only be notified of how much space can be reclaimed but to switch off hibernation, you will have to purchase the premium version.

Module No. 5: Extensions

If you have a knack of using extensions to increase your productivity, this module can help you a lot. It enlists all your extensions browser wise with the exact storage space they take up on your computer. You can choose to delete individual extensions or choose a browser and clean all extensions under it.

Module No. 6: Autorun

There are times when you have to free and clean your PC of applications that automatically run in the background and take up your PC’s precious memory. Here Enable/ Disable and Remove Autorun options for applications were found for 9 applications.

Module No. 7: Privacy

It gives you the functionality to remove channels that can expose your online identity and put your privacy in jeopardy. It lets you clean a browser’s cache, cookies, session, history, download history and authorization. You can clean these items individually or clean the browser as a whole. Safety level of each browser based on the above factors is also shown.

Module No. 8:  Shredder

The function of shredder in CleanMyPC is to remove any unwanted files and folders without leaving behind a single trace. Here the folders and files are shown with their complete path and most importantly you are also notified of how much space they take up individually and cumulatively.


The following are the yearly charges –

$ 39.95 for 1 PC

For 2 PC charges are $ 59.95 as opposed to its original MSRP $ 79.90

$ 89.95 for 5 PCs as opposed to its original MSRP $ 199.75

The Support

The support system is undoubtedly great. It has an extensive knowledge base using which you shouldn’t have any issues working around the software. It even has an email support which promptly replies back.

Few Cons

Considering that a user might pay almost $200, the Phone support option should have been there

Another downside which we think can be improved is that CleanMyPC doesn’t have a backup facility unlike some of its counterparts. Although it does give you a chance to change your mind if you don’t want to uninstall an application or change a setting, a backup would have made it possible to restore previous files, folders and settings in case of an emergency.

As we can see from the results above it does enlist all the applications and software that can reduce storage space but a more detailed information of these software, applications and settings would have made CleanMyMac an even better PC Cleaner for Windows 10.

Know it

Sometimes you have to quit applications otherwise you won’t be able to scan files. A functionality of scanning files even while they are working in the background should preferably be there.

To Conclude – We’d Say PC Cleaner Is Totally Worth It!

If you have bumped your head everywhere and are still looking for a PC cleaner software, there is absolutely no harm in investing in CleanMyPC. We can safely conclude that it has a lot many upsides and a very few downsides. And, if you’ve used CleanMyPC, do let us know your experience. We often come up with reviews for apps and software. If these interest you, visit Tweak Library often. And, you can also follow us on Facebook and YouTube as well.

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Is Chatbot Plus Worth The Money?

Are you considering upgrading to ChatGPT Plus and wondering if it’s worth the investment? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of ChatGPT Plus to help you make an informed decision. ChatGPT Plus is a premium subscription plan that offers enhanced features and benefits over the free version. Let’s delve into the details and answer the question: is ChatGPT Plus worth the money for you.

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ChatGPT Plus outperforms the free version in terms of performance. With the Plus subscription, you can expect more accurate and contextually relevant responses. The model has been fine-tuned to provide better results, making it a valuable upgrade for users seeking high-quality output from the chatbot.

ChatGPT Plus can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, such as chatbots and customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration allows for a cohesive user experience across different platforms and applications. Whether you’re using ChatGPT Plus to provide customer support or automate tasks, integrating it with existing systems can streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

Also read: Is ChatGPT Free?

While ChatGPT Plus offers a range of benefits, its web browsing features may be slower compared to dedicated browsers. Loading times for web pages within the chat interface might take longer, affecting the overall user experience. However, it’s important to note that the primary function of ChatGPT Plus is to provide conversational AI capabilities rather than serving as a full-fledged web browser.

As with any AI model, ChatGPT Plus may sometimes generate responses that contain inaccurate or fake information. While OpenAI has made significant strides in improving the accuracy of its models, there is still a possibility of encountering incorrect or misleading answers. It’s essential to exercise caution and verify the information obtained through the chatbot, especially for critical or sensitive queries.

Users of ChatGPT Plus might experience occasional outages, leading to temporary loss of access. While OpenAI strives to provide a reliable service, technical issues and maintenance requirements can occasionally interrupt the availability of ChatGPT. It’s important to consider the potential impact of such outages on your workflows and evaluate.

Considering these factors, let’s delve deeper into the features and drawbacks of ChatGPT Plus to determine whether it’s worth the investment.

One drawback of ChatGPT Plus is that its web browsing features may sometimes be slow to load. This can result in a less optimal browsing experience, especially when users expect quick and efficient access to information. While this issue can be mitigated by optimizing internet connectivity and server performance, it is an important aspect to consider before deciding to invest in ChatGPT Plus.

Increased Availability: One of the primary benefits of ChatGPT Plus is access to the model even during peak usage times. Free users often experience wait times due to high demand, but ChatGPT Plus subscribers receive priority access, ensuring a more seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Faster Response Times: With ChatGPT Plus, subscribers receive faster response times from the model. This allows for more efficient and productive conversations, making it particularly useful for time-sensitive inquiries or discussions.

General Availability Guarantee: OpenAI aims to make ChatGPT available to as many people as possible. By subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, users support the availability of free access to ChatGPT for those who cannot afford a subscription, fostering a more inclusive and accessible AI ecosystem.

Advanced Use Cases: If you require specialized or domain-specific knowledge, such as complex legal or medical inquiries, ChatGPT Plus might not be sufficient. Although the model is versatile and knowledgeable, it may not possess the level of expertise required for highly specialized tasks.

Frequent and Time-Sensitive Usage: If you heavily rely on ChatGPT for various tasks or frequently engage in time-sensitive conversations, ChatGPT Plus can significantly enhance your productivity by reducing waiting times and offering faster responses.

Support for OpenAI’s Mission: By becoming a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you contribute to OpenAI’s goal of democratizing access to AI technologies. Your subscription helps fund the availability of free access to ChatGPT for users who cannot afford the subscription, making AI more accessible to a broader audience.

ChatGPT Plus offers tangible benefits such as increased availability, faster response times, early access to new features, and the ability to support OpenAI’s mission. However, its cost and limited expertise in specialized domains should be considered before subscribing. Depending on your usage patterns, needs, and budget, ChatGPT Plus can be a valuable investment for individuals seeking enhanced access and improved productivity when interacting with the ChatGPT language model.

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What Is Adobe Creative Cloud & Is It Worth The Cost?

We all know about Adobe, but what is Adobe Creative Cloud and is it worth paying for? Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of more than 20 desktop and mobile apps designed for creativity, design, UI, UX, and video work. 

Adobe Creative Cloud is also packed with other features, such as font packs, online storage and backup. 

Table of Contents

There are different bundles available for Adobe Creative Cloud, so whether it’s worth it for you will come down to your own needs and whether there are suitable enough free alternatives in the market.

The Full Adobe Creative Cloud Package – 20+ Apps For $52.99/month

Let’s take a closer look at the full Adobe Creative Cloud package first, which costs $52.99 per month and features more than 20 apps, alongside other features.

There is a month by month fee that can be cancelled at any time, similar to most other online subscription services. However, this costs $79.49 per month. Thankfully you can buy individual apps for $20.99/month on an annual plan or $31.49 monthly on a month-by-month basis. There are also savings for students and teachers.

Ultimately though, Adobe Creative Cloud is on the expensive side of things and unlike the past, there’s no way to just outright buy a one-time license for their software. 

So, what apps are included in Adobe Creative Cloud? 

Photography & Design

The following photography and design apps are included in the full Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Photoshop – Create graphics, photo, and art.

Illustrator – Create illustrations and vector art.

Adobe XD – Design and prototype website/app UX.

Dimension – Create realistic 3D images and product branding.

InDesign – Page design and layout for print.

InCopy – Allow copy editing in tandem with InDesign.

Spark – Create custom graphics and web pages quickly.

Animate – Create interactive vector animations for video or games.

Dreamweaver – Create responsive website designs.

In some cases, there will be apps in this list that are crucial for your work, but if you just need general graphic design and editing then Photoshop can do most tasks here with some practice. There are also some free alternatives to Photoshop such as GIMP or Paint.NET.

Even so, Photoshop can’t be beaten in many ways. Adobe has worked on the app for two decades, so they’ve really refined themselves in the industry.

Photoshop isn’t a necessity – you can get the basics with other apps for free, However, many would argue Photoshop is the number one option. Photoshop also has the largest support for official and community tutorials.

Animate shares a similar story, being one of the best options for vector animation work, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t free alternatives that can be used for basic work. 

The other apps in the bundle may be worth considering, for example if you need better tools for animation, or UX design. Even then, there are always free alternatives too. For example, Canva is a great free alternative to Spark, which can be used to create eye catching posters, social posts, images for web design, and much more. Google Web Designer could be a great free web design alternative to Dreamweaver. 

Ultimately it’s a case by case basis with Adobe’s photography and design apps. Sometimes you can get by with a free alternative, and sometimes Adobe really is the best choice. It will depend on your specific needs but with how the annual commitment can work with Adobe, it’s always worth trying the free alternatives first before committing to a full Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Video & Audio

Adobe Creative Cloud also comes with a number of great tools for video and audio editing. Here is a brief overview of what’s available.

Premiere Pro – Professional level video and film editing.

Premiere Rush – Fast video editing and sharing tool.

After Effects – Create great visual effects for video.

Audition – Audio recording and mixing.

Let’s first start with Premiere Pro – it’s one of the most well known video editing tools in the industry. Perfect for everything from clipping together a YouTube video to creating fully fledged films. Fortunately this is a very competitive market, which means you can find free video editing alternatives. 

There are also other great paid video editing suites such as Sony Vegas Pro.

Sony Vegas Pro can be purchased with a one-time license which can be appealing to some. 

To many, it’s the inclusion of After Effects that makes it worth sticking to Adobe Creative Cloud. After Effects is the most powerful tool out there for creating great visual effects and learning After Effects can take your video production to the next level. If After Effects already costs $20.99 per month on an annual plan, throwing in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and every other app for a grand total of $52.99 suddenly doesn’t seem so far fetched.

The Extra Functionality

Besides the apps and their individual functionality, subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to more features. For example, you get 100GB cloud storage which is perfect for both backing up your creative work and making it easier to collaborate with others in real time.

Adobe Fonts allows you to get free access and commercial usage to thousands of fonts, all of which can be used across all Creative Cloud apps. You also have tools for showcasing your creative work through Adobe Behance and you can save and collaborate on assets such as brushes, materials, and designs through Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Worth the Price?

Adobe Creative Cloud can be worth the price, but is it worth it for you? That all comes down to your individual needs. In most cases, a free Photoshop and free Premiere Pro alternative could suffice, but sometimes the individual apps will be far superior.

We would suggest starting with free alternatives first, and if you can’t get access to the features you need, consider paying for Adobe Creative Cloud after.

Netflix Basic With Ads Is Not Worth The Price

However, I’ve had some hands-on time with this new plan and there are some things that you should keep in mind before you look at cutting down on your streaming expenses.  

Arguably one of the biggest drawbacks is the limited library on offer, which according to Netflix is due to licensing issues. While you still get Netflix originals such as Stranger Things and The Witcher, 5- to 10% of third-party titles are missing and some could be dealbreakers.  

Hannah Cowton / Foundry

Here are some of the following TV shows that are locked for the more premium plans in the UK: 

The Office 


The Good Place 

Arrested Development 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

House of Cards 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Meanwhile, here is a selection of the films that are missing from the Basic with Ads plan: 

The Wolf of Wall Street 

Inglorious Basterds  

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind 

The Green Mile 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian 

These lists will differ depending on where you are in the world. US subscribers on the new plan will miss out on some of the list above, as well as the likes of Peaky Blinders, New Girl, Skyfall and Morbius (sadly no Morbin’ time for Netflix with Ads users). 

Hannah Cowton / Foundry

It’s unclear at the time of writing whether these titles will change. Netflix’s library gains new content on a regular basis, so there is a real chance that new additions may not be available for Basic with Ads members.  

Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters did tell reporters at a briefing that the company is “going to be working on reducing that over time” but has not given a specific time scale or aim on the number of shows and films that will still be absent in the future.  

I did find a workaround on this by using multiwindow mode on my laptop, so I could do other things (such as writing this article) while the ad was on.  

In addition, Variety has reported that the new plan does work with Apple TV devices at launch, but it will be “coming soon” according to a company spokesperson. Variety speculates that this may be down to the accelerated launch of the new tier, which could also explain the bugs I encountered. 

As with Netflix Basic, you only get 720p streaming quality. I found the downgrade to be most noticeable on the big screen, but I am used to the crisp 4K picture of Netflix Premium. Those who are downgrading from the ad-free basic tiers, or those with older TVs, won’t really see a difference.  

All in all, Netflix Basic with Ads is a mixed bag. While the commercials aren’t as annoying as some rivals, the number of massively popular shows and films that are missing do not justify the $6.99/£4.99 price tag.  

If the streaming service does manage to find a solution to this in the coming months (as it claims it will), then it may become a more compelling option. However, with other platforms offering better, ad-free experiences for not much more per month, this remains a hard sell from the steaming king.  

What I’m watching this week 

Now that the shorter days have arrived, I’ve been craving some comfort – and Autumn staple Gilmore Girls is a perfect alternative to watching Friends of The Simpsons for the fifteenth-million time.  

Gilmore Girls follows Lorelai and Rory, a mother and daughter who share a close bond. When Rory wants to get into a top school in her area, Lorelai must rekindle her strained relationship with her mother in order to gain some financial assistance.  

This is perfect when you don’t know what to watch, and just want a low-stakes plot combined with a cosy atmosphere. 

This App Is Preventing Shutdown In Windows 10

Are you receiving a similar error message while shutting down or restarting your PC? An ongoing background process may force you to get stuck on this screen, and you are left with no other option without hitting “shutdown anyway”.

But many Windows 10 users have reported, they see the same error message even when nothing is running in the background! What to do next? Instead of worrying, try our solutions and get rid of “This App is Preventing Shutdown in Windows 10“.

Let’s proceed.

Still, there are some applications which bypass your Task Host manager and creates a barrier on the way of restarting or shutting down your PC.

Your Windows Operating System waits until all running processes get turned off. Hence, you see the error message. However, you can fix this quickly under our experts’ supervision. Go through our rest of the guidelines for a flawless startup or shut down of your PC.

Several methods are there to let you take the shy of relief. Here we are going to show you the effective ones. Try out our solutions one by one to discard the issue permanently.

Windows Power Troubleshooter can fix the problem for you and offer you the ease of use while on the Windows Operating System. Follow the steps here and learn how you can use the Windows Power Troubleshooter,

Firstly, Press the Windows Logo Key + R and open the Run search box from your PC

Now, type in ms-settings:troubleshoot in the search box and hit the enter button on your Keyboard

After opening the troubleshooter window locate Power-Troubleshooter

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions and apply the fixes.

Windows 10 comes with a feature called Fast Startup.

In some cases, Windows Fast Startup can be the reason behind the blank app preventing shutdown error. So, disabling the Fast Startup feature can act as a quick fix to this problem. You can follow the steps below to disable Fast Startup on your computer,

To disable Fast Startup firstly, open the Control Panel from the Start Menu

Now, locate the Power Options from the list

Now, scroll down and locate ‘Turn on fast startup’ and then uncheck the option

Then, select Save Changes to save and exit

Finally, Restart the computer to proceed with the changes

If disabling the fast startup doesn’t resolve the issue for you, then there is some other solution as well.

Cleanly rebooting your system can stop you from facing the error if there is any third party app causing the problem. Your task manager may show “Unknown Program in Startup” in this situation. However, follow the steps below to perform a clean boot,

At first, Press the Windows Logo Key + R to open the Run dialogue box

Now, type “msconfig” in the box and hit the enter button. It will open the System Configuration window

Then as the System Configuration Window opens, Select the Services tab

Under services tab check the box beside the option Hide all Microsoft Services

Finally, restart your system and check whether the problem got resolved or not.

If the problem persists then, there might be a missing or corrupted system file in your operating system because of which you are facing the error.

Your Windows PC comes with an in-built system file checker utility program. It can scan your system files and let you know if there is some corruption over there for which you get smashed with the error message “Task Host Window Preventing Shutdown”. You must follow these simple steps here to run the Windows System File Checker,

Press the Windows Logo Key + X from your PC

From the drop-down list select the Command Prompt(Admin)

Now, type in the following command and press the enter button

sfc /scannow

Then, wait until the System File Checker continues the process of scanning. Press Y if the program asks for permission to apply the fixes for your missing system files

Finally, Restart your PC once again and check if you can get over the problem there

In case this solution doesn’t work out, follow the next one.

Running the event viewer will not fix your problem, but it can help you to find out the actual reason behind the problem you are facing. You can follow the steps below to run the Event Viewer on your computer.

At first press the Windows Logo key + X on your keyboard

Now open Event Viewer from the list

That’s it! You are good to go now!

Final Verdict

Apple Music Diary: Decision Time – Is It Worth The Money?

My first impressions of Apple Music weren’t great. I loved the first ‘For you’ recommendation it made, but the service then seemed to be completely ignoring what it should already know about my taste in music and offering me a lot of what I already owned. I also had a number of complaints about the user interface.

One week in, I was still unhappy with it continuing to offer to ‘introduce me’ to artists whose music I already owned, and was pretty unimpressed with the radio stations, but I was enjoying its hit-rate in recommending artists new to me.

With the three-month almost at an end, it’s time to make a decision about whether the service is worth paying for … 

My complaints about the user interfaces of both iTunes and the iOS Music app mostly remain. Apple has done a little tinkering around the edges, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Apple has at least acknowledged that, iTunes International VP Oliver Schusser stating that the company is “adding features and cleaning up certain things” – which I’m hoping goes beyond the changes seen in iOS 9.

My disillusionment with Apple Music’s radio offerings – both old and new – also continued. Beats 1 was never going to be for me, but none of the old radio stations grabbed me either. As I said last time, the one station that should have been tailor-made for me, Singer-songwriter, was a massive disappointment. Whoever curates it seriously needs to be fired. Alternative was okay-ish for background listening, but the ‘ish’ won out over the ‘okay’ and I abandoned that too.

For that reason, I do still check on on it every now and then, just to see what’s new, but mostly I view it as junk. Which brings us back to the all-important For You tab. If Apple Music was going to win me over, it needed to get this right.

Like any streaming music service, I needed to give Apple Music a chance to learn my tastes. Spotify has literally years of data on my listening preferences, and here I was going to be making the decision on whether or not to switch based on just three months’ usage of Apple Music. I decided that to be scrupulously fair, I would make a religion of training it.

Sure, there were times when I just left it playing in the background, but as someone who doesn’t own a TV, I’m a pretty active music listener a lot of the time. So a good 90% of the time, I religiously used the Love or Dislike options on every track that I felt strongly about one way or the other.

Which brings me to a brief aside on the lack of joined-up design between the Apple Music experience on OS X and iOS: in iTunes, you dislike a track or album by selecting the ‘…’ menu and choosing ‘Recommend Less Like This’; in the iOS Music app, you press on the recommendation and select ‘I don’t like this suggestion’ – despite the fact that the ‘…’ menu exists in the Music app too. Different method, different wording.

I also noted what we learned from The Loop – that Apple Music doesn’t care if we skip a track, as that could be just because we’re not in the mood at the time, but it does give credit for tracks listened to in full, assuming we like those. So I tried to ensure I listened to the very end of any track I liked, even if I was keen to listen to something else immediately afterwards.

I complained at length in my previous diary pieces that Apple Music didn’t seem to take into account my own music library, recommending albums I already owned, and even offering to ‘introduce’ me to some of my favorite artists. Phil Schiller insists that Apple Music does learn from our libraries, and presumably intends to resurface albums we own but haven’t listened to for a while. I was skeptical, because it seemed to recommend albums I not only own but have played recently. In the above clipping, for example, are three albums I own, one of which I’d played within the past week (no, it’s not Shania Twain).

So I decided I’d look on recently-played examples as bugs, and ignore the wording of ‘Introduction to’ recommendations and simply treat those as a way to play a different mix from an artist whose work I already owned. That mental shift made a surprisingly big difference, no longer finding myself irritated by those suggestions, viewing them instead as a ‘Hey, are you in the mood for some …’ prompt instead.

And you know what? Sometimes I was. In the first week, I was very focused on its ability to introduce me to new artists – on which more in a moment – so just viewed already-owned music as a distraction. But once I settled more into a mix of old and new music, sometimes its suggestions were good ones. I haven’t figured out if there’s any particular methodology behind them – like gentler music in the morning and louder music later – so maybe it’s just randomly pulling stuff from my library, but I can live with that.

But music discovery remains key for me. I don’t need a streaming music service to listen to my own music, even if it does give me prompts I wouldn’t otherwise get. And it’s here that Apple Music really has excelled. Even a week in, I found it was broadening my musical horizons significantly, and it’s continued to do so, recommending artists I’d likely never have discovered any other way. Some of those artists have become favourites.

In three months, it has introduced me to more new artists I like than Spotify has in literally years. More than I’ve discovered through recommendations from friends. More than I’ve found by Shazamming tracks in bars and coffee shops.

That’s huge. And while the UK does get a raw deal on pricing, it’s still less than than the cost of one album per month. So yes, for me Apple Music is worth it, and I’ll be continuing my subscription once Apple starts billing me in a week’s time. My Spotify subscription got cancelled a week in, and I won’t be renewing it.

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