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Are you facing the error code DUHOK – LESTER on COD Vanguard? Here is a full guide to resolving the COD Vanguard DUHOK – LESTER error. Call of Duty Vanguard is a popular first-person shooter game, an addition to the Call of Duty franchise. The game is played and loved by millions of gaming enthusiasts. But, what if you are unable to play the game due to an error like DUHOK – LESTER. A lot of COD Vanguard players have complained of getting the error code DUHOK – LESTER when trying to play the game. The error code is accompanied by the error message “Connection Failed: An update is required.”

Now, if you are one of those users getting the game error, this guide will surely help you fix it. Here, we are going to discuss different methods that should be able to resolve the error for you. So, let us check out.

COD Vanguard Error DUHOK – LESTER, Connection Failed: An update is required

Here are the solutions that you can try to fix the error code DUHOK – LESTER on Call of Duty Vanguard:

Check the server status of COD Vanguard.

Test your internet connection.

Power cycle your PC/ console and router.

Turn off On-Demand Texture Streaming.

Scan and Repair game files.

Link your Activision account.

Reinstall COD Vanguard.

1] Check the server status of COD Vanguard

The first thing you should do to fix the error at hand is to check the current server status of COD Vanguard game servers. So, make sure the Activision servers are not down due to a server outage or maintenance work. If the game servers are not available at the moment, you might receive the error at hand. In that case, you will have to wait for the server issue to be fixed from the end of Activision.

You can use a free server-status detector tool using which you can find out the server status of game servers. Or, you can even check out the official social media pages of the game and find out the updates on the current server status.

In case you find out that there is no server issue and you still get the same error, try the next potential fix to resolve the error.

2] Test your internet connection

This error could be a result of a weak internet connection. If you are dealing with internet connectivity issues or an unstable internet connection, you might face the error code DUHOK – LESTER on COD Vanguard. Hence, make sure you are connected to a stable, active, and reliable internet connection. You can test your internet speed and ensure it is good enough for playing online games. If not, you might need to upgrade your internet plan.

You can also try connecting to a different network and see if the error is resolved. Besides that, make sure to troubleshoot the WiFi problems if there are any. A lot of gamers prefer using a wired internet connection as it is more reliable than wireless. So, you can try switching to a wired internet connection and check if the error is fixed.

In case you are sure that you are not dealing with an internet issue and your internet is working fine, there might be some other reason triggering the error at hand. So, go ahead and try the next potential fix to resolve it.

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3] Power cycle your PC/ console and router

You can also try performing a power cycle on your PC/ console and router to fix the issue. If there is some temporary system glitch or bad router cache that is causing the error at hand, this should fix the error for you. You can simply turn off your PC/ console, unplug it, wait for a few seconds, plug the device back into the main switch, and turn on your device. Do the same with your router and see if the error stops or not.

If you get the same error on COD Vanguard, try the next potential fix.

4] Turn off On-Demand Texture Streaming

You can also try disabling the on-demand texture streaming option in your game settings and see if the error is resolved or not. Here’s how to do that:

Firstly, launch the game and go to its in-game Settings.

Now, move to the Graphics tab.

After that, locate the On-Demand Texture Streaming option and set it to OFF.

Finally, go to the game and see if the error is fixed now.

If the error continues, you can go ahead and try the next potential fix to resolve it.

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5] Scan and Repair game files

The next thing you can do to fix the error is scan and repair your game files. The error might be triggered if you are dealing with broken game files of COD Vanguard. Hence, verifying the integrity of game files and repairing them should help you fix the error. Here is how you can do that:

First, start the chúng tôi client.

Now, select the COD Vanguard game from the left side panel.

After that, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the scanning and repairing process.

Once the game files are fixed, relaunch the game and check if the error is gone now.

In case this method doesn’t resolve the error for you, try the next solution to fix the error.

6] Link your Activision account

You also need to ensure that your Activision account is linked with your device. Else, there might be issues with connecting to online services. You can follow the below steps to do that:

Firstly, visit the chúng tôi website in a web browser.

Next, sign in to your account and then select PROFILE.

Next, press the Link with chúng tôi Account button and follow the prompted steps to comp[lete the process.

Once done, reopen chúng tôi and check if the error is resolved or not.

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7] Reinstall COD Vanguard

If nothing worked for you, the last resort to fix the error is to reinstall the COD Vanguard game. You are likely to experience such errors if the installation of the game is corrupted. Hence, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game to fix the error.

On PlayStation, you can select the COD Vanguard game from your home screen and press the Options button on your controller. And then, choose the Delete option to remove the game. Once done, reinstall the game on your console and see if the error is fixed or not.

That’s it.

Why is CoD Vanguard not working?

If COD Vanguard is not working properly on your PC or keeps on crashing, it could be because of outdated graphics drivers. Other reasons for the same could be severe issues, corrupted game files, firewall interferences, outdated Windows, and more.

Why can’t I connect to Vanguard servers?

If Activision servers are down, you won’t be able to connect to COD Vanguard servers. The possible reasons include issues with the internet connection, high traffic on Vanguard servers, a problem with your account, firewall settings on your PC, and DNS issues. So, check the game server status and make sure there is no ongoing server issue at the end of the Activision Support team.

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Fix Free Fire Network Connection Error The Right Way

Free Fire is one of the most popular games along with PUBG and Fortnite. But this doesn’t mean that you can not stumble upon an error while using this app. As of late, a lot of gamers have reported that they are not able to play the game because of Network Connection Error. But not anymore, if you want to fix this error the right way, this is the article for you. We have accumulated reasons and solutions that would help you to fix the error.

Fix Free Fire Network Connection error

If you want to fix Free Fire Network Connection error the right way then start by updating your computer. Sometimes, just updating Windows can resolve the issue. Therefore, check for updates and see if the issue persists. If it does persist, then you need to follow the given solutions to resolve the issue.

Restart Free Fire and your computer

Check your Internet Connection

Check if Free Fire is down

Restart your Network Devices

Change your Network

Flush DNS cache

Now, let us talk about them in detail. Make sure to go through the solutions in the given order. This will save you a lot of time.

1] Restart Free Fire and your computer

Sometimes, the issue can be resolved by just restarting the Free Fire app. If that’s not working, then you can restart your computer and check if the issue persists. Restarting the computer disables all the services and apps that can interfere with your program. So, do that, and check if the issue persists.

2] Check your Internet Connection

Let us start by looking at the most obvious solutions of them all. If you are facing a network issue, check your Internet Connection. You can use an Internet Speed tester to know your bandwidth. If it’s low, check other devices connected to the same network and see if they are having similar bandwidth. If too are having problems with the Internet, restart your network devices and see if the issue is resolved. If not, contact your ISP.

3] Check if Free Fire is down

If your Internet Connection is on point and you are seeing the error, then you should try to check Free Fire Server status. If the server is down, all you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved. It usually doesn’t take long for the engineers to resolve the issue. Therefore, you need to wait for some time and retry creating a connection.

4] Restart your Network Devices

You should restart your Network Devices in order to resolve any network-related issue. To do that, unplug your Router and Modem, wait for a minute or two, plug them back in, turn them on, connect your computer to the network, open Free Fire, and check if the issue persists. This is an easy fix that you can deploy to resolve all network-related issues.

5] Change your Network

According to some users, changing the Network has helped them in resolving the issue. So, if you are using WiFi, try switching to Mobile Data and vice-versa for Mobile Data users. You can also switch to 2.4 GHz WiFi if you are on 5 GHz, and vice-versa. This can resolve the issue for you.

6] Flush DNS cache

Next up, try flushing DNS Cache to resolve the issue. You just need to just execute some commands and you will be good to go.

So, open Command Prompt as an administrator and execute the following commands.

ipconfig /flushdns

Now, restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

Hopefully, you are able to resolve the issue with the solutions mentioned in this article.

How much MBPS is good for Free Fire?

You need to have a good Internet Connection in order to play Free Fire. However, the MBPS requirement is high, your Internet speed should be anywhere between 1-2 MB per second and you will be good to go. Also, make sure that your Internet is not fluctuating. That’s why it is always recommended to go for an Ethernet connection as Wi-Fi can be a bit unreliable.

Free Fire System Requirements

If you want to run Free Fire on a PC, you need to make sure that you are meeting the system requirements given below.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 or above (32 and 64bit)

Processor: Dual-core processor with at least 2GHz frequency


Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (requires DirectX 11 compatible card).

Storage: 4 GB of free space

Recommended System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 or above (32 and 64bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5-680 / AMD FX 6300 – it’s recommended to enable the processor’s virtualization feature


Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5200 (requires DirectX 11 compatible card).

Storage: 4 GB of free space

You need to make sure that you are meeting the mentioned requirements, otherwise, the game will crash on your system.

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Fix Windows Update Error 0X80244019

There are a number of things that can go wrong with the Windows Update module of Windows 11/10. Out of a number of fixable errors, error 0x80244019 is one of the errors whose cause is dependent on a number of factors. The people who encounter this error are not able to get the download of the requested update started on to their computers. This can be due to both first party and third party factors on a computer. This includes software by the third party or the overall internal components that help in the functioning of the Windows Update module. Today, we will be helping you to fix this issue no matter what the cause for the error is.

There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80244019).

Windows Update Error 0x80244019

We will be taking a look at the following fixes to get rid of Error Code 0x80244019 for Windows Updates on Windows 11/10,

Reboot your computer.

Use Windows Update troubleshooter.

Configure Windows Update related Services status.

Run Windows Update in the Clean Boot state.

Configure Proxy Settings machine-wide.

Reset Windows Update Components.

Delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder.

1] Reboot your computer

The first workaround for you must be rebooting your computer and checking if that fixes the error for Windows Updates.

2] Use Windows Update troubleshooter

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter. You can also try to run Microsoft’s Online Windows Update Troubleshooter and check if that is any help in fixing any of your issues.

3] Configure Windows Update related Services status

Open the Windows Services Manager and locate the following services:

Windows Update Service – Manual (Triggered)

Background Intelligent Transfer Service – Manual.

Cryptographic Services – Automatic

Workstation Service – Automatic.

4] Run Windows Update in the Clean Boot state

A Clean Boot starts a system with minimal drivers and startup programs. When you start the computer in clean boot, the computer starts by using a pre-selected minimal set of drivers and startup programs, and because the computer starts with a minimal set of drivers, some programs may not work as you expected.

You can run Windows Update after booting into the Clean Boot State and check if that makes the error go away.

Run CMD as Administrator and execute the following command:

Wait for the process to complete and then try to install your App or Windows Update again.

6] Reset Windows Update Components

Corrupted Windows Update Components are among the most common causes of Windows Update errors. Hence, if the above fixes did not help you, resetting the Windows Update Components will help fix this issue.

7] Delete the contents of the Software Distribution folder

The Software Distribution folder temporarily store the files required to install Windows Update. Sometimes these files get corrupted due to which Windows Update errors occur. Hence, clearing the content of the Software Distribution folder can fix this issue.

How do I fix error 0x80246019?

You may see the error code 0x80246019 in Microsoft Store or while installing the Windows Update. The first thing that you should do to fix this error is to run Windows Update Troubleshooter. You can launch it via Windows 11/10 Settings. Windows Update errors can also occur due to corrupted system image files. Hence, run SFC and DISM scans to repair the corrupted system files.

How do I fix a corrupted Windows 10 update?

If a Windows Update is corrupted, you should run Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix the problem. If the troubleshooter does not help, you can use the built-in DISM tool to fix the corrupted Windows Update system files. DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. It is a command line utility that is used to service Windows images.

Did this help?

Windows 7 Update Error 80072Efe

Windows 7 Update Error 80072efe [Solved] This error code can be solved with ease using our guide









The Windows could not search for new updates 80072EFE error can appear due to various reasons, including malware.

Sometimes anti-malware software might fix this error for users of Windows 7 and 10.

In addition, some users have confirmed a specific update package can fix this error message.

Clearing certain system folders might also fix the Windows could not search for new updates 80072efd error.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The 80072EFE error can arise in Windows 7 and 10 when some users try to update those platforms.

The Windows 7 update error 80072efe issue says Windows could not search for new updates. Consequently, Windows doesn’t update when that error occurs.

What causes the code 80072EFE error in Windows 7?

According to the users, this issue might appear after a clean install of Windows 7 because the support has ended in January 2023.

On the other hand, the error can be caused by your internet connection problems so you better check this factor as well.

The Windows could not search for new updates error message can be also found in the following versions:

“WindowsUpdate_80072EFE” “WindowsUpdate_dt000”

Windows could not search for new updates 80072efe Windows 7 and 8

Windows could not search for new updates 80072efe server 2012

Windows could not search for new updates 80072f8f

Windows could not search for new updates 80244o2f

Windows could not search for new updates 80072efd

What does the Windows Error Code 80072efe mean?

Microsoft Windows 7 update error 80072efe means that there is a connection interruption when downloading the Windows Update.

When your PC fails to connect with the Windows servers, you will not be able to download the update and get the Windows 7 update error 80072efe.

Apart from failed communication with the servers, there are a few other common reasons that could trigger this error code.

The Windows Update database is corrupted.

The update wasn’t installed correctly earlier.

Antivirus software is configured to block the Windows Update service.

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) service does not receive a content link header.

There are some issues in the registry files.

An important system file related to Windows Update is missing on your PC.

1. Run a malware scan

The first step is to determine if the issue is caused by viruses, intrusive apps, or other malicious attacks. We recommend you run a full PC scan with an antivirus with a high detection rate, such as ESET Antivirus.

ESET Antivirus has a strong firewall and network inspector to ensure you always have a safe connection. It uses multi-layered protection which means it has multiple ways of detecting all sorts of threats.

Restart your PC and see if the issue is solved.

Expert tip:

Network and smart devices security

Protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing

Banking and online payment protection

This is a subscription-based antivirus, but you can use the 30-day free trial to try it out first.

On top of that, if you need a full PC scan as soon as possible, you should know that offers a free, one-time full PC scan.

After the troubleshooter is finished, check if the Windows could not search for new updates 80072efd error is still there.

If you want to go through a dull in-depth scan of your PC, we recommend using a third-party tool specialized in Windows repair and troubleshooting.

3. Run the Network Adapter troubleshooter

The Network Adapter troubleshooter might also help some users resolve the 80072efe Windows 7 update error.


Note: You can only delete the catroot2 folder with an admin user account.

5. Clear the SoftwareDistribution folder

After doing that, Windows Update services will be restarted and the Windows could not search for new updates 80072efe message should be gone.

This is a quick and easy workaround, but it should help you fix the Windows 7 update error 80072efe with ease.

7. Disable third-party firewall and antivirus software

It’s also recommended to disable any third-party firewalls installed before trying to update Windows.

Zone Alarm, McAfee, AVG, and Panda firewalls are known to generate issues for Windows updates. So, have a look through the settings for any installed firewall to disable it.

How do I fix Windows 7 not updating?

Check your internet connection.

Make sure that the Windows Update service is running.

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter.

Disable the Firewall.

Ensure the storage space is sufficient.

Run SFC Scan and DISM command to fix corrupt or missing system files.

Users have confirmed some of the above fixes can resolve the Windows 7 Update error 80072efe.

Still experiencing issues?

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Fix Windows Update Error 0X80245006

Windows Updates are an important part of your computer’s protection and maintenance. It checks for new updates from Microsoft and installs them on your computer. However, sometimes problems can occur that cause Windows Update to fail. One such Error 0x80245006 has been recently identified that appears when users try to update their Windows. If you encounter this problem on your device, it means you have a damaged or missing file that Windows Update needs. Here, are some of the most common causes of Windows Update failures and how you can fix them.

What causes Windows Update Error 0x80245006

There might be different conditions that can cause this problem to occur in Windows 11 or Windows 10. They are as follows:

A corrupt update database is present in Windows Update.

There is no content link header for the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) service.

The system file required by the system is not registered correctly.

So the first thing you should do is to run the Windows Update troubleshooter. If this doesn’t fix the issue, try the other solutions.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80245006

Windows Update is a service that checks for new updates from Microsoft and installs them on your computer. It’s important to keep your device up to date because new updates often come with bug fixes and improvements that help keep you safe from security risks. However, if you’re facing Windows Update Error 0x80245006 while trying to update your computer, try the below suggestions to fix this issue:

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Reset SoftwareDistribution & Catroot2 folders

Check BITS and Windows Update Services status

Install the Update Manually

Let’s now see them in detail:

1] Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

In order to fix error code 0x80245006, you will need to run Windows Update Troubleshooter and then check for updates. It will automatically scan for any issues and will try to fix them for you. Follow the steps below to do so:

Open the Settings app by pressing Windows keys + I keyboard shortcut.

Then select the Update & Security menu.

After you complete the above steps, restart your computer and check for the error.

If you see this error 0x80245006 when downloading or updating apps from the Microsoft Store, you may run the Windows Apps and Windows Store Troubleshooters.

2] Reset SoftwareDistribution & catroot2 folders

If the above method doesn’t fix the issue, your next step is to reset SoftwareDistribution & catroot2 folders. Here are the instructions you can use to do so:

We need to stop the relevant services. So, type the following commands and press ENTER after each line:

net stop wuauserv net stop cryptSvc net stop bits net stop msiserver

The next step is to rename the SoftwareDistribution as well as the catroot2 folder. To do this, run the following commands. Don’t forget to press Enter after every line below:

ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 catroot2.old

You then restart the services that you stopped in the previous set of commands. You will need to enter the following commands one by one and press ENTER after each line:

net start wuaserv net start cryptSvcc net start bits net start msiserver

Finally, restart your computer and check for the error code.

3] Check Windows Update Services status

It would also be a good idea to check the functionality of the Windows Update Services to be sure they are running. Here are the steps you need to take:

Open Windows Services Manager and check the Windows Update related Services like Windows Update, Windows Update Medic, Update Orchestrator Services, etc are not disabled.

The default configuration on a standalone Windows 10 PC is as follows:

Windows Update Service – Manual (Triggered)

Windows Update Medic Services – Manual

Cryptographic Services – Automatic

DCOM Server Process Launcher – Automatic

RPC Endpoint Mapper –  Automatic

Windows Installer – Manual.

This will ensure that the required Services are available.

Apart from the direct service, you should find the dependencies of Windows Update service and ensure if they are running or not.

Once you complete the above steps, try to update your Windows and it should fix the error code.

4] Install the Update Manually

If nothing works, you may want to fix this issue by downloading and installing the required update manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

How can I fix errors with Windows Update?

Windows Update is a Microsoft service that provides improvements for the Windows operating system, as well as security updates. It ensures that your computer has the latest security patches and updates. If you’re having trouble downloading updates, try these troubleshooting steps to fix the Update error code on your device.

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Fix 0X80240025 Windows Update Error

One of the common errors in Windows Update is 80240025. This error code can be a nightmare for users who are unable to install pending updates. If you’re experiencing this issue on Windows 11 or Windows 10 and want to know the resolutions, please read through this article.

There were some problems installing updates, Error 0x80240025, WU_E_USER_ACCESS_DISABLED

Fix Windows Update Error 0x80240025

Windows Update error 80240025 can occur for a couple of reasons. It is best to ensure that your computer is connected to a stable Internet connection. Additionally, your PC’s file system and the registry should be in perfect condition. If all of these are working as intended, then you may want to check if the Windows Update service is actually running or not.

Sign in as administrator and install WU in Clean Boot State

Registry Level Fix

Clear SoftwareDistribution folder contents

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

Reset Windows Update Components.

1] Sign-in as administrator and install WU in Clean Boot State

One of the main causes of the error in the discussion would be the interference of third-party software products. Also, administrator privileges would be needed to update Windows.

Thus, it is recommended to sign in to the system as an administrator and then install the Windows Updates in the Clean Boot state.

2] Registry Level Fix

In this time of computer security awareness, you’ve come across an error code that’s confusing you. You’re wondering if it’s because new Windows updates can’t get through. The answer is no. If your computer is connected to a public server or network, you might have restrictions imposed at the Registry Level that are denying pending Windows Updates from getting installed. To fix this problem, please do the following:

Open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows key + R to open it. The run prompt is a text box. Type REGEDIT with no spaces, and press Enter to launch the Registry Editor. Notice how you’ll be asked to give administrative privileges to the program. Press ‘Yes’ when you see the User Account Control prompt to grant access.

Once you’ve opened up the Registry Editor, make your way over to this key:


Restart your computer.

If the fix above did not work, you have to continue down this list.

3] Clear SoftwareDistribution folder contents

Usually, the error 80240025 occurs because of a specific WU component that is stuck in limbo. In this case, clearing the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder should fix the issue.

In the command prompt window, copy-paste or type the following commands one by one and press enter after each to halt all Windows Update Components:

net stop wuauserv net stop cryptSvc net stop bits net stop msiserver

Next, to clear and rename the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders, run these commands:

ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution chúng tôi ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.old

Now, re-enable the services we disabled earlier. For that, run these commands:

net start wuauserv net start cryptSvc net start bits net start msiserver

Reboot your computer to ensure that the issue has been resolved.

4] Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

The new Windows update could be failing to install because of a problem you can’t see. Luckily, the Windows troubleshooter is here. It will scan for any problems, fix them automatically and even speed up your computer.

Press Win+I and go to the System tab.

Scroll down and select Troubleshoot, then choose Other Troubleshooters.

5] Reset Windows Update Components

If everything else fails, you can consider resetting the Windows Update Components. In this case, any corrupt file would also get renewed.

How do I update my Windows 11 computer? Are Windows Updates free?

Windows Updates are always free of cost as far as you have purchased a genuine Windows license. As for the upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10, that too is free as far as your Windows license is genuine.

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