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👋 Hello, and welcome to Thursday’s Daily Authority. If you’re thinking it feels like we just saw each other, you’d be right! Paula here covering for Hadlee today, and if you’re already subscribed to the Weekly Authority, you’ll see me for the third time at the weekend. Lucky you!

Flipping marvelous

Scientific and technological aesthetics/YouTube

While you’re probably not about to rush out and build your own foldable when there are phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, and Motorola Razr 5G around, that’s exactly what a Chinese YouTuber and his teammates did.

The team made a foldable iPhone, complete with functional iOS software.

The project took almost a year to complete, and wasn’t nearly as simple as we’re about to make it sound.

Parts from different iPhones were used to create the foldable, including internals from the iPhone X.

These internals were packed inside a Motorola Razr flip phone chassis to create a foldable iPhone.

Trial by fire

Hours of meticulous construction and plenty of trial and error were required to get the device working.

As well as using materials from other iPhones, some parts had to be 3D printed, and the battery used was a tiny 1,000mAh cell that doesn’t support MagSafe or wireless charging.

It’s still pretty impressive that the phone runs iOS smoothly and has touchscreen functionality, though.

Foldable future

The Youtuber wanted to preserve as many parts of the donor iPhones as possible during the build.

After testing various foldable hinges, including the Galaxy Z Flip’s hinge, they settled on the Moto Razr hinge as it caused the least amount of creasing.

They even named their creation: The “iPhone V.”

Though it’s a far cry from what a foldable iPhone of the future could look like, it is impressive!


Consoles still draw power even when they’re off completely, though it’s a tiny amount, with the PS5 drawing 0.1W of power and the Xbox Series X slightly more at 0.2W.

Gamers in the UK could be spending up to £22.70 per year ($25.85) by leaving their consoles in rest mode.

Most of us have left our console idling while making a snack or doing something else, but it might surprise you to know that your console doesn’t draw much less power while idling. The PS5 draws 57.4W per hour (costing 1.95 pence), while the console drawing the least power is the Nintendo Switch at 7.8W per hour.

It’s likely more efficient to use a streaming stick or smart TV than your games console for that Netflix binge — A Chromecast at peak load uses around 2W of power per hour, while the PS5 uses a whopping 80W, and the Xbox Series X uses 44.8W.

Finally, the question on all our lips: How much is your gaming habit actually costing you? Playing demanding games (CyberPunk 2077 in performance mode, in this instance) can be costly. The PS5 used up to 230W of power per hour, costing 7.54 pence (9 cents), while the Xbox Series X used up to 190W, costing 6.12 pence (7 cents).

That means a three-hour gaming sesh on the PS5 could cost you 23 pence in the UK, £1.60 ($1.82) if you game this way every day for a week, and £7 ($8) for a month. Most of us probably don’t game this much, but if you do, it could cost you £84 ($96) per year.

If you’re in the US, these costs will obviously vary, but you can still use the energy consumption figures to work out how much your gaming habit is costing you based on rates in your area.

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Daily Authority: 👏 Flagship Foldable Revisited

Ryan Whitwam / Android Authority

🥵 Good morning all, and welcome to the Daily Authority. It was absolutely sweltering here this past weekend, so much so that I seriously considered sleeping outside. I didn’t because I dislike mosquitoes even more than the heat.

Six months of foldin’

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Z Fold 4 (unfolded)

We gave the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 our nod of approval when it launched in August 2023, but is the foldable worth getting this year? With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 looming large, C. Scott Brown revisited the current foldable flagship six months after launch to weigh the positives and negatives. Should you buy one now or wait for the new model? Find out below.

It’s still very good

Some elements of Samsung’s smartphones don’t seem to age, and one of these is the software.

This is especially true on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Currently running One UI 5 on top of Android 13, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 still “feels so intuitive,” according to Scott.

“It includes tons of multitasking features, a desktop-like home screen dock, and smooth, easy-to-understand transitions as you open or close the display to varying degrees.”

The smart camera controls are a particular favorite.

“If you fold the phone halfway, a new camera interface appears that puts the controls on one half and the viewfinder on the other, allowing you to prop the phone on a table for a timer-controlled group selfie.”

The camera hardware also still holds up.

The 50MP+12MP+10MP combo is the first time Samsung introduced a flagship-level camera experience on one of its modern folders.

Finally, the price isn’t too bad either.

Yes, it’s one of the most expensive devices you can buy, but C. Scott argues it’s no longer an issue.

“Thanks to the rapid depreciation Android phones experience within only a few months of release, it is incredibly easy to get a Galaxy Z Fold 4 at a much, much cheaper price.”

The bad is still bad

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

You’ll get a vast display with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but you’ll also get a large crease down the middle.

“This appears in the middle of the phone when it is fully opened, and it’s just as much of an eyesore now as it was in previous generations.”

It’s especially jarring when rivals have found ways to minimize the crease impact on their devices.

Then there’s the battery life.

Samsung didn’t upgrade the battery on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, giving it the same 4,400mAh capacity as its predecessor.

Charging also remains notably slow compared to today’s flagships.

Just 25W wired and 15W wireless features.

Finally, let’s talk about the under-display camera.

This is Samsung’s second take on the technology, after the Z Fold 3, but Scott said images taken with this camera were “pretty weak.”

At least you have the rear cameras and the smartphone screen’s selfie camera if you want higher quality snaps.

Should you buy one?

Well, do you need a foldable phone right this minute?

If yes, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is still worth it.

It remains the best foldable on the market, has great software, and can be had at a relatively low price.

However, if you can wait, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 (as well as several other foldables) is launching this year.


Andy Walker, Editor.

Daily Authority: 🚴 The Ultimate E

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

🌡️ Good day, and welcome to the Daily Authority. I’m putting back a fresh cup of coffee while reflecting on my wonderfully relaxing weekend. It promises to be plenty hot today in my neck of the woods, too, so I forecast some iced coffee a little later as well.

A traditional cyclist goes electric

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

We’re looking at something equally as energizing today. AA’s C. Scott Brown is an avid cyclist who recently joined the e-bike craze. The segment is showing massive growth in some areas of the globe and is slowly picking up speed in the US. But is the transition from a traditional bicycle to an e-bike easy, and more importantly, worth it? He answered those questions in a weekend feature.

The toughest decision

There are plenty of options available in the market, but due to the availability of a nearby store, Scott opted for a Rad Power model.

Initially, he wanted a bike that looked and worked like a traditional bike, but that’s not always easy to find.

E-bikes can be a lot heavier and bulkier due to the batteries and drivetrain.

That means ditching any preconceived notions about traditional bikes when buying an e-bike.

Eventually, he settled on a Rad City 5 Plus, even though it was nothing like riding a regular bike.

“I figured if I’m going to commit to an e-bike, I need to abandon my attachment to a traditional cycling experience.”

The experience

If you buy an e-bike online, you’ll have to put it together yourself. In Scott’s case, it took around 90 minutes to complete.

However, if you happen to live near a showroom, you should be able to purchase a fully-assembled e-bike.

Riding it is far simpler.

There are two types of propulsion on an e-bike. There’s power-on-demand, which mimics a traditional throttle you’d find on a scooter, and PAS, or the pedal assist system.

The latter uses battery power to make pedaling easier, and Scott felt this was perfect for city riding, even switching it off when going downhill.

Higher settings are great for climbing hills without breaking too much of a sweat.

Due to the e-bike’s heavier frame, getting it off the line quickly by simply pedaling would be a challenge. That’s where the throttle comes in.

“From a dead stop, a pull of the throttle zooms me through an intersection without any grumbling motorists.”

This may be disorientating for long-time cyclists, but C. Scott got used to it in his two-week test.

Then there’s the battery life. He got between 27 and 58 miles from one charge, while one charge takes eight hours.

Importantly, owners will need to practice regular maintenance.

Should you buy one?

It depends on what you want.

C. Scott notes that riding an e-bike is more like a trimmed-down car than a souped-up bike.

“This is why, fundamentally, I think buyers should think about an e-bike like the Rad Power Rad City 5 Plus as a car replacement and not a bike replacement.”

Pedaling the e-bike isn’t as enjoyable, but they’re far more environmentally friendly than a car and are arguably a more practical city runabout than a bike.

However, if you’re considering getting a car, think about getting an e-bike first.

“If you use a car to get around, at least some of those car rides could be e-bike rides instead.”

Just don’t expect an e-bike to replace your actual bike.

“It’s a new mode of transportation — and a very useful one — but if you buy one looking for a cycling experience, you won’t find it.”


Andy Walker

Daily Authority: Carbon Capture Dreaming 🎵

The Orca plant opened on Wednesday, and is capable of capturing 4,000 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

Compared to other climate solutions, this one is easy to wrap your head around. It simply pushes air with big fans into filters, which catch CO2 and mix it with water.

This CO2 is then pumped into underground basalt caverns, where it cools and hardens into stone.

While this keeps it safely out of harm’s way, the captured CO2 can also be put to good use to create fuel, fertilize crops, or even carbonize your fizzy sodas.

The plant itself runs on climate-friendly geothermal energy, which is found in abundance in Iceland.

But is it enough?

Currently, Climeworks estimates that each metric ton of CO2 costs $600-800 to capture. In order to turn a profit, costs would have to be reduced to roughly $100 per metric ton.

That said, states like California are already offering $500 subsidies to electric car owners for each metric ton of carbon emissions avoided throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle. Compared to that, costs look a lot more reasonable.

Plus, this is an emergent technology, and costs can be expected to go down dramatically over time.

Climeworks co-founder Christoph Gebalt estimates that by 2030, prices should be around $200 to $300 per ton.

The real question is whether or not it can be scaled to truly combat the problem. The

International Energy Agency

estimates that by 2050 we will need to be pulling one billion tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere every year.

The current 4,000 ton plant represents .0004% of that.

But hey, it’s a start! Look at how dramatically costs have gone down for solar power over the past few decades. This could be another key piece of the puzzle.

Maybe there will be a future for our children to enjoy, after all.


📷 Samsung Galaxy S22 series camera specs leak. Will it have the latest 200MP sensor? Maybe not (Android Authority).

📲 More bad news for Galaxy fans as Samsung confirms One UI 4.0 beta is running late (Android Authority).

✨ Samsung could bring a 120Hz display to its next budget 5G smartphone. 120Hz AMOLED, of all the things! (Android Authority).

📺 Amazon announces its first self-made TVs as well as a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. They run the gamut from budget to premium devices, and launch in October (Android Authority).

💲 Also, Amazon will cover 100% of college tuition for US hourly employees. The cost to employees? One human soul (CNBC).

🤳 Vivo X70 Pro Plus goes official: The new smartphone photography king? (Android Authority).

💔 All four main UK mobile carriers have now broken their Brexit roaming promises. Customers will now have to pay a surcharge while traveling in the EU (9to5mac).

🎮 Yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase revealed a ton of new games, including a KOTOR remake (yes yes yes), God of War Ragnarok, and more. If only it were possible to buy a PS5… (Android Authority).

❔ Lego’s latest Mario collaboration is a big question mark. Literally, it’s a question mark block (The Verge).

⚡ China prepares to test thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor, which could provide an excellent alternative to uranium-based reactors and enable the country to meet climate goals ( chúng tôi ).

🛰 NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch this December. The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope (launched 30 years ago) will enable observation of the most distant parts of the universe ( chúng tôi ).

💰 Elizabeth Holmes’s Last Pitch: Convincing a jury that she is not to blame for a massive fraud. If you’re not familiar with the story of Theranos, check out the excellent podcast The Dropout (New York Magazine).

Friday Fun


Lazy pet owners rejoice! The latest Roombas will now avoid pet poop (and other obstacles).

As all robot vacuum owners know, you need to clean up a bit before letting it do its thing. That means picking up socks and other small items left on the floor, unless you want to ruin your vacuum (and favorite pair of socks).

Granted, the new feature works by sending a picture of the object to your phone for manual review. You can also program it to always avoid obstacles in some areas, like your child’s toy area.

I wish my mother in law came with this feature before she tracked dog poop all over the house a few years ago.

Signing off,

Nick Fernandez, Editor

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Daily Authority: 🛠️ Apple Caves To Repair Demands

Apple announced it would start a new program called Self Service Repair, which will allow customers to buy parts from Apple for their products and perform repairs at home. 

Apple said it will also publish repair manuals online and offer tools to buy at the same prices authorized repair technicians pay.

“Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is needed,” Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said in a statement. 


What Jeff Williams says is exactly what Apple didn’t want.

In May, the Federal Trade Commission specifically called out Apple for ”anti-competitive repair restrictions.”

The company has done everything from using unusual screws (starting all the way back in 1984) to withholding tools to paying for lobbying to hobbling/bricking devices, including the iPhone 13 this very month, that aren’t repaired at Apple’s ridiculously overpriced repair shops.

Apple also implied it’d be variously dangerous and unsafe for non-trained people to tinker.

Apple’s move here is only because of a key shareholder fight that was set to go to the SEC tomorrow(The Verge).

It’s also only in the US, for now.

9to5Mac has a great piece explaining Apple’s PR fail that it’s trying to spin as a win, making Apple the bad guy when it really could’ve had a win. 

That said:

Despite the various caveats, this is good news. A lot of people really do have the technical know-how to fix stuff, and this should see a longer lifetime and more re-use of tech.

And now Apple is moving away from being so unfriendly to repairs, it may force Android manufacturers to play ball too, as well as laptop makers.

I wrote something in 2023 about the state of fixing things yourself, and how bad it was getting.

iFixit is doing a lap of honor for its role in beating Big Tech and letting us simply fix our stuff.


😶 Motorola Moto G Power (2024) announced: Still no NFC, same battery as 2023 (Android Authority).

📱 Also: The Moto Snapdragon 888 Plus phone, the Moto G200, is now official, though only in Europe, and Latin America soon, with no sign of the US/India yet (Android Authority).

👉 “The problem with Motorola phones”: The smartphone maker ranks third in the US, but its software update strategy is one of the worst in the industry, plus no NFC, and a flood of confusing, competing devices (Wired).

🔋 Google confirms our findings: Pixel 6 Pro charging capped at 23W (Android Authority).

🤔 OnePlus 10 Pro could launch in China months before it launches globally (Android Authority).

🔊 TIDAL has given up and has added ad-supported free tier to its music streaming service to better compete with Spotify (CNET).

🏭 Bill Gates’ nuclear power company, TerraPower, selects a site for its first sodium-cooled reactor: 345 MW in Wyoming (Ars Technica).

🚒 New firefighting tool delivers water directly to blazing EV batteries (Ars Technica).

🔫 “Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer needs an over 35s mode because I’m old and I suck,” and if it’s the case for other sports, why not esports? (CNET). 

🤔 “All the countries of the world are at a party. What is your country doing?” (r/askreddit)

Throwback Thursday

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The 200 worst passwords of 2023 are here! And once again, 123456 wins. But also! Passwords like “baseball” and “dragon” and “qwerty”… (Gizmodo).

Look, it’s a throwback because you’d think, by now, for the love of God, people would have a decent password. A password manager, something, anything.

That said… I know plenty of people who put in extremely basic passwords for services that don’t matter. 

All I’m saying is, “iloveyou” is cute but as the 22nd most popular password, it could be a little more complicated.

And “jordan23,” which ranks 179th, might seem cool and all, but it can be cracked in a second or less. So, yeah, Michael Jordan and Jumpman your life, not your passwords.


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.

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Daily Authority: ❌ New Iphone Se Gets It Wrong


☕ Good morning! Back in Berlin and enjoying homemade coffee again.

Apple announced the latest iPhone SE will be $429, with a new A15 Bionic processor, same color options (don’t be fooled by fancy names), same screen, same Touch ID login, same size, same camera*.

The differences are: 5G connectivity, but only sub-6GHz, not mmWave, and battery life: now up to Apple’s impossible-to-quantify 15 hours of playback, up from 13 hours.

One of the worst things to stay the same is the 64GB storage default, too.

So, the guts of this iPhone are from the iPhone 8 in 2023. Yet, Apple is charging $30 more.

Why I can’t:

The problem here is Apple charging more for what’s basically a specs bump that it should’ve incorporated.

Ignoring the A15 chip, these specs are so average that it’s obvious Apple’s margin is enormous. It should’ve lowered the price, or maintained it. Raising the price for what is effectively a currently limited 5G experience just doesn’t do it for me.

The benefits of 5G will only be seen properly later. US carriers have spent $100B on 5G and yet it just hasn’t impacted consumers in a meaningful way.

And, 5G modems draw more power, so how this affects overall battery life will be interesting.

As for the chip, the A15 Bionic is great and all, and adds longevity to the platform, but the A13 Bionic in the previous iPhone SE was already easily sufficient for the hardware. It’s in the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is still excellent.

Anyway, I’m disappointed, for the first time in years, at this Apple iPhone.

I’ve been delighted each time Apple announces a new iPhone at the same price, or even cuts its prices, since they are the default for so many people, and serves to keep people in Apple’s very-very high margin ecosystem.

Grabbing the 128GB version, which is the only one you should recommend to anyone, means this is a $480 phone.

The best Android competitors here are the likes of the Pixel 5a ($450 but has been on sale) and the Samsung Galaxy A52 ($450). Both are much bigger and brighter devices, with better cameras and more photography versatility, faster charging, long-term Android support, IP rating, and solid battery life.

As expected, Apple didn’t pull the trigger yet on an M2 chip, but the M1 Ultra showing modularity by combining two chips looks extremely competitive for Apple in the long term.

The iPad Air 5 getting an M1 chip shows the future of the iPad and Apple retained the iPad Air price point (unlike the iPhone SE!)

The Mac Studio will be a default choice for plenty of folks looking at high-end solutions for design/photography/video work (Gizmodo).

And the same goes for the Studio Display, which is $1,600 but will tick a lot of boxes. Only the $400 height-adjustment element looks outrageous at the price, but that’s the Apple we all know!


Weirdness Wednesday


Been wondering why asteroids roaming our solar system or beyond are so weird? You’re not the only one. See the rubber ducky known as 2014 JO25.

LiveScience has more:

A rubber duck. A spinning top. A pair of pancakes. These are just a few of the shapes astronomers have observed across the solar system.

While planets and moons are round, due to gravity, asteroids don’t have enough stuff to really cause gravitational attraction that would pull everything to a middle and shape a sphere.

The asteroids Bennu and Ryugu, meanwhile, are roughly diamond-shaped rather than round, and Bennu and Ryugu “are rubble piles,” said Alessondra Springmann, a researcher who studies asteroids at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona. “They are just piles of gravel.”


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor

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