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3 steps to creating an insight-driven digital marketing report

Monitoring, tracking and reporting on marketing campaigns is both an essential and valuable process that enables marketers to understand what works, what could be improved, and the overall impact on the business. What are the key performance questions in your digital marketing report that you need to drive your data-driven marketing strategy?

Introducing key performance questions

In 2014, marketing consultant Bernard Marr felt that organizations were often jumping straight into designing indicators before being clear about what they really needed to know. As a response to this ongoing challenge, he introduced the concept of key performance questions (KPQs) to bridge the gap between strategic objectives and KPIs.

According to Marr:

“Formed as a short, forward-looking and open question that directly relates to a strategic objective, a KPQ enables senior leaders to fully understand what data and information they need in order to assess performance to that objective.”

Key performance questions allow you to take a step back and reflect on the overall goals and objectives you’re seeking to accomplish as part of your analytics reporting.

Our popular RACE Framework structure empowers marketers and managers to manipulate data and customer insights to understand and prioritize key customer journeys within their marketing strategies.

Integrated across reach, act, convert, and engage, you can use the RACE Framework to plan, manage, and optimize your marketing funnel.

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By starting with a KPQ, you can develop a very useful framework to structure your campaign measurement reports. There are three steps to producing a KPQ-based measurement report, which we will discover today.

Step 1 – Key performance questions

From the beginning of the campaign process, bring together the core group of stakeholders involved to agree on what you’re looking to achieve. This exercise is useful as it will help you form a joined-up vision for the campaign and will inform your approach to measurement and reporting.

It’s useful to have five or six KPQs in total, so the kick-off session should be used to understand the questions stakeholders will be asking in order to judge the success of the campaign. For this type of meeting, ask people to bring along the following type of information:

Business objectives (business group or division)

e.g. revenue target

Marketing objectives

e.g. educate on product usage

Campaign objectives

e.g. promote webinar to educate prospects

Questions should be clear, simple and in plain language so everyone can understand. If you can get everyone on board and achieve consensus, you’ll have an aligned vision going forward.

Once all your objectives have been agreed, make a list of your KPQs against the different areas of activity you will be executing as part of the campaign.

Step 2 – Key performance indicators

The KPQs will provide an overarching view of what you’re looking to achieve. The next step is to consider what key performance indicators (KPIs) you believe relate best to each of the questions.

In the context of this report structure, a KPI is an indicator of the success of a question. As with objectives, KPQs have to be SMART and cannot be vague, and a strong set of KPIs will help keep you on track.

It’s common to see a whole host of different KPIs being used within a campaign report but, as with the KPQs, it’s much more effective to be selective about which KPIs you use. Go with those that you feel will give you the best opportunity to communicate how aspects of the campaign have performed.

In our example above we’ve gone with one KPI to ensure we really concentrate on delivering performance related to the KPQ. It may be that more KPIs should be added to the digital marketing report at a later stage but for now, this one will focus the mind.

Plan, manage and optimize digital marketing KPIs to achieve your marketing goals

Use the RACE Framework to track your customers’ omnichannel journeys. You need a marketing strategy that streamlines your marketing activities so you can focus on efficient, effective, customer-centric marketing.

As you can see in the customer lifecycle below, tracking your customers’ experiences of your brand across reach, act, convert, and engage, means you can use data and analytics to improve your omnichannel marketing strategy and win more customers.

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Step 3 – Success benchmarks

The final stage in the process is to consider what ‘good’ looks like. Digital marketing report success benchmarks help put the campaign’s performance into perspective and provide a meaningful target.

Bringing it all together

Once all three areas are complete, the final one-page digital marketing report can come together, showing a clear link between the KPQs, KPIs and success benchmarks.

To provide additional clarity and information, consider adding in graphs/ tables to visually represent how different channels are performing/ have performed against your targets. This one-page dashboard should be able to summarise the campaign all on its own, with the rest of the report breaking these sections down into more detail.

How to use your digital marketing report to improve your marketing strategy

The KPQ framework provides a useful structure in which to set a digital marketing report. The simplicity of the approach helps keep things simple and present data that can generate actionable insights and purposeful conversations about performance and next steps.

Our example provides a top-level overview, a dashboard to summarise the overall performance on one page. Commentary about each of the areas can be explored in more detail later in the report, however, this is also something that could be included within the one-pager, too. The example we’ve provided is only a template and there is scope to develop and refine this further based on your own brand and campaign objectives.

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What Are The Best Online Certifications For Digital Marketing?

Taking the initiative to obtain a digital marketing certification can make a significant difference for those hoping to pursue a long-term career in marketing (or seeking a raise or promotion in their existing position).

Seeing these qualifications can assist them to land a job if a prospective client or employer visits your LinkedIn profile or her website to discover more about your talents and experience. Your knowledge in this field will be demonstrated by a certification. Also, it’s a plus if you stay current on marketing trends and modifications.

The main benefit of earning a certificate in digital marketing is avoiding the need to return to school. You may enhance your marketing abilities from the convenience of your home by taking one of the many online courses available. Many of the offered programs can be finished over the weekend in a few hours.

Importance of Online Certifications

A structured learning environment is among the finest ways to master new skills. Digital marketing certificate programs, on the other hand, are shorter and entirely focused on the field of digital marketing. The Digital Marketing Certification Program offers a comprehensive career transition package that may take you from a complete beginner to work-ready in a matter of months, depending on the provider you choose. This is a fantastic choice if you want to change occupations but lack the time, money, or patience to do so gradually.

Even seasoned digital marketers need to keep up with the latest platforms, trends, and technology. Compared to traditional degrees, digital marketing certificates frequently offer a more up-to-date curriculum. If you already work in this sector, being certified is an excellent way to demonstrate to potential employers that you are staying current. We have all the necessary mastering abilities and information.

Few of the Best Digital Marketing Certification Programs Kellogg Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

As part of its executive education program, the esteemed Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University provides certification in digital marketing.

Google Analytics Certification

The Udemy Google Analytics Certification Course will prepare you for the exam and provide you with the credentials you need to stand out in the field of digital marketing.

One of the most well-known and crucial tools that every digital marketing expert needs to know how to use is Google Analytics. His two hours of on-demand video tutorials, downloadable materials, and 200 practice questions for the course are available to both GA experts and beginners. In order to get ready for the genuine Google Analytics certification, you can also take practice exams. This course will aid in the development of your Google Analytics expertise, even if you don’t intend to take the test. You will become a better digital marketer as a result.

Digital Marketing Pro Certification from the Digital Marketing Institute Duke University Digital Media & Marketing Certification

With the help of this expert online course, you may pass the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) test and get a well-respected certification.

BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Certification

The five units that make up the BrainStation Digital Marketing Certification Course are Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics, and Foundations of Marketing Strategy. At predetermined periods, lessons are delivered online in a real-time classroom setting. Because the course is project-based, you can work on actual projects for your marketing portfolio. You will receive a formal certificate upon completion of the course to promote your network.

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist (LinkedIn)

Students will learn the fundamentals of graphic design utilizing Adobe products, as well as Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Facebook, and Instagram. A question is included in each video lesson to help you gauge your understanding, and after you finish all of them, you’ll get a certificate.

HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification Course

You need more complete services if you’re enrolling in a digital marketing certification program to land a career in this industry. But, this is a terrific place to start if you’re just getting started and aren’t prepared to dedicate yourself to a more rigorous study program.


Get the ideal digital marketing certification with a variety of possibilities, whether you want to finish a rigorous program that supports career moves or you simply want to keep your current abilities current. in reach. Setting objectives, spending limits, and deadlines is the next step. You are now prepared to leave.

Seo 101: How Google Algorithm Changes Are Impacting #Marketing Processes

Ever notice how you have to go back and make changes to your website each time Google makes an algorithm change or adds a new algorithm? Some of the most significant changes since 2008 impacted not only websites, but how a business markets itself on the Internet.

Google makes many changes over the course of a year, and trying to address each and every one of them is not necessary. Many of the changes are designed to hinder cheaters and fraud websites from abusing the system and getting to the top of the search results.

Conceptually, it is important to understand the impact on your business when these changes are made.

It is equally important to understand that web marketing has no endpoint and change is inevitable. “Expect change and accept change” is something I have presented in years past. Trying to fight the dynamic and fluid environment of the web is not logical for your business, nor is it fruitful use of your time. Keep emotion out of it, press forward and adapt to the changing environment.

We will review a few of the more prominent algorithm changes by Google and what organic marketing impact it has had on business. Advertising related topics are not being covered in this discussion.

Google Algorithm: Content Relevancy

The Change: Around 2008 it started with the Content Relevancy algorithm bringing upon per-page optimization. The time of optimizing an entire website using the same meta descriptions, meta keywords, and titles for every page becomes obsolete.

This particular change is not something a technical web developer or even a creative designer would have picked up on. Rather, a marketer is necessary to understand how to interpret these changes and lead the business in the right direction.

Google Algorithm on Notable and Trusted Brands

The Change: In 2009, Google released a lesser-known algorithm called Vince. This algorithm is about brand validation to determine if a brand can be trusted. While this algorithm was designed to weed out cheaters and fraudulent websites, it imposes labor intensive marketing work for all businesses. Let’s first take a look at Wikipedia, because their editors follow a very similar process if you want a web page article on Wikipedia about your company. On Wikipedia, “notability” is a benchmark used by editors to decide whether a topic can have its own page in Wikipedia. Information on a Wikipedia topic must be verifiable along with reliable third-party sources. Wikipedia’s idea of notability uses this standard to avoid in-discrimination of topics. We have to understand that determining notability does not necessarily depend on things such as fame, importance, or popularity. Although, fame, importance, and popularity do tend to have more reliable third-party sources to verify and validate the information. As you can imagine, anyone taking notice of the Vince algorithm immediately cried foul play. Many people took this algorithm to favor big brands and to their benefit, yes, larger brands started to show up more in the search results over smaller brands. However, this was not Google’s intent. Rather, it meant smaller brands needed to do more to validate themselves in verifiable and trusted methods.

The Marketing Impact: When it comes to Penguin, it is about having quality websites with links back to your website. This does mean someone has to have a good idea on how to determine quality websites based on the website’s metric such as Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, volume of pages indexed, and volume of links on the web. Having more quality will be more valuable and thus means someone actually has to research the information. When it comes to Panda, the recommendation is about the web page’s Readability Score. The more the web page can cater to the general public, the more likely it will meet a quality level based on a mathematical equation. When it comes to Hummingbird, this is essentially a new search engine for Google. It does mean your web pages need to be optimized around conversational search. As people continue to search based on a longer sentences, particularly with mobile devices, the more your web pages need to be revised based on entire sentences instead of individual keywords or key phrases.

What To Do About Google Algorithm Changes

The bottom line is businesses need professional help to manage their website, the marketability of the website, and businesses brand marketing.

While internal staff is capable of executing the tasks of the process, they do not have the experience a professional firm can provide working across multiple customers and industries. Internal staff tend to become stagnant in their knowledge as they are single focused.

A financial factor comes from businesses using their financial resource inefficiently because they are either under or over reacting to the changes they don’t really understand. The reactions, absent proper knowledge and objectivity, are focused on wanting maintain revenue. In fact, they are making their situation worse.

The environment of change is rapid. Someone has to be able to interpret how these changes are affecting the short-term, while planning how things need to move for the long-term. Understanding the history becomes very important while expecting change, accepting change, and becoming an early adopter of new ideas. There is no room for the status quo when it comes to Internet marketing and adopting changes early is important.

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What Should Be The Backbone Of Digital Marketing?

Crucial Digital Marketing Attributes Content Marketing

Getting the most out of your content marketing efforts is not an easy task, especially if it involves keeping your audience engaged. A good content marketing strategy can help you keep them engaged and attract more potential clients.

A well-designed content marketing strategy can help boost your website traffic and build a strong brand. Before you make a purchase decision, it’s important that your potential customers thoroughly research the various features of a product or service to see which one they prefer.

Your product or service’s descriptions are the only way potential customers can see how it’s better. Your descriptions should be clear and contain the necessary information to make informed decisions. In a recent update, Google prioritized high-quality content.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to content marketing is ensuring that it’s updated. Having the best possible content can help you attract more potential customers and keep them engaged.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to content marketing is understanding your audience. This will allow you to provide the best possible content to your customers. Having the right understanding of your audience can help you achieve your goals and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Getting started with content marketing is very important if you want to improve the effectiveness of your business. It can be done by establishing an audience and focusing on your customers’ needs. According to a survey, 79% of businesses have already started using content marketing, and 10% of them fail because they lack knowledge about how to implement it effectively.


Search engine optimization is a process that aims to improve the ranking of a website on search engines such as Google and Bing. It involves developing and implementing strategies that will help improve a website’s visibility.

Getting to the top of search engines is very difficult, especially since cheating is not allowed. In order to achieve this, your company should focus on developing and implementing effective SEO techniques.

Organic traffic is generated by customers who are actively looking for a particular solution. This means that if you want to attract and retain their attention, you need to provide them with the necessary information and solutions that they are searching for.

If you haven’t already started using blogging as part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to start. It’s very easy to improve your search engine ranking when it comes to blog content. In addition to being able to provide relevant and timely content, it can also help boost your website’s traffic.

Getting the most out of your blog is very important in order to improve its search engine ranking. One of the most effective ways to do this is by changing the title, keywords, and media of your blog. This will allow search engines to see that it is fresh and relevant.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to improving your search engine ranking is working with other people online. This will allow you to build a stronger and more engaging relationship with your target customers. Having other people talk about your brand will also help search engines find your content and provide recommendations.

Social media is very important for businesses, as it can help them reach their target customers and improve their online presence. Having a strong online presence helps search engines find your site and recommend it to others. YouTube is also a great tool for SEO.


One of the most critical components of any digital marketing strategy is having the necessary tools and reports to measure and analyze how they are adding to your business’s bottom line.

Having the necessary tools and reports to measure and analyze how they are adding to your business’s bottom line is one of the most critical components of any digital marketing strategy. Before you launch a campaign, it’s important that you identify the key performance indicators and metrics that will help you improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Having the right metrics and KPIs can help us make informed decisions and improve the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Getting the proper data to measure and analyze how your campaigns are performing is one of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to optimizing your digital marketing efforts. Having the proper tools and reports can help you make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Getting the proper data is very important in order to monitor and analyze how well your campaigns are performing. Having the right reports can help you learn from your marketing data and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.


A digital marketing campaign is a process that involves using various digital platforms to connect with potential customers. Most businesses utilize websites, social media, email, and search engines to reach their target audience.

Due to the increasing number of people using the internet, offline marketing has become less effective. The goal of marketing is to connect with your audience at the right time and in the right place. Today, this is done through the internet.

One of the most effective ways for businesses to attract and retain customers is through digital marketing. Through SEO-friendly blog posts, a business owner can create content that is focused on the specific niche of his or her business. He or she can also promote the services and products through social media and email campaigns.

What Is The Function Of Youtube For Digital Marketing?

The second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is a powerful platform for digital marketing. Every day millions of viewers create their accounts, watch valuable content, ask queries, and search the content they’re watching for specific information. Such an engaged platform has several functions in digital marketing. If you want to know in detail, keep reading the article.

A video speaks louder than words. Here lies the popularity of YouTube because it allows users to upload videos on several topics to educate the watchers and inform them with helpful information. Like other social media, YouTube also becomes a favorite platform to show digital marketers’ creativity and unique approach to hitting the target, achieving business goals, and painting their success stories on YouTube canvas.

What is YouTube Marketing? Why is YouTube So Important in Digital Marketing?

It’s the second-largest search engine after Google, so traffic is limitless

Marketers can analyze organic and paid both traffic

Ads and creating a channel to upload promotional videos are both possible on YouTube

Business owners can target the local market through YouTube

Local SEO is an effective medium to attract traffic to your site

YouTube supports more than 80+ languages worldwide

So, YouTube itself is an ideal zone for digital marketing and spreading about your brand on quick notes.

Since video creators have been increasingly covering several topics for users, digital marketers use the platform for maximum outreach and branding. Storytelling, informative guide, tutorial, etc., are massively covered in this platform and attract millions of viewers daily. So, the function of YouTube is essential. To try digital marketing on YouTube in the coming days, you must learn more about the platform.

Functions of YouTube in Digital Marketing

If you have been watching YouTube for the last few years, you can notice several modifications YouTube has made. Mainly the interface and the search option. It’s become more accurate and specific. Let’s check its functions below −

YouTube can fetch diversified traffic

Once you upload a video on any topic and use relevant keywords, the video can be flushed on millions of device screens globally. Thus, the promotion can eliminate the barrier and reach out to viewers in any corner of the world. Imagine your site will overflow with traffic if the exciting video content hooks the viewers.

Helps in Google ranking Helps in Lead Generation YouTube Helps you to Mount an Email List The platform helps in Great Engagement It helps in Branding

There’s a story behind every brand. You can create a video based on the story and upload it on YouTube. If the story has exciting elements, watchers will enjoy watching it. This way, you can brand your product or service and attract watchers. Branding will be straightforward here, and you can attract global viewers.

The above-noted functions add value and help in digital marketing strategy to promote products, get maximum visibility, and spread the business on quick notes.

A Few Tips on Your Business Channel on YouTube

If you plan to start digital marketing for your business using the YouTube platform, let’s consider a few valuable suggestions below −

Create the business channel using the business logo so viewers can easily recognize your company.

Create simple and eye-soothing background color

Upload videos consistently, and set a day or two in a week so that your regular viewers can see you there on those specific days/days

Try to upload moderate lengths of the video so that your watchers will retain with you up to the end

You must focus on SEO on every video you upload, using competitive keywords


Report Alleges Massive Wyze Data Breach, But Many Questions Remain

Report alleges massive Wyze data breach, but many questions remain

Budget smart home company Wyze is the subject of a new security report alleging massive user data loss in what is described as a huge security breach. Wyze has acknowledged the report but has said that it hasn’t yet been able to confirm whether the claims are true. The company was only made aware of the report earlier today from a second party, which claims on its own website that it verified the leak by reviewing ‘the records.’

The initial security breach claim was published by ‘Twelve Security,’ a website that describes itself as a ’boutique consulting firm.’ The report claims that Wyze’s production databases ‘were left entirely open’ for anyone to access, exposing data from 2.4 million users. The report claims the exposed data includes email addresses, lists of cameras with their nicknames, WiFi SSID, API tokens, Alexa tokens, and more.

Oddly enough, the report also claims the leaked databases included various ‘health information’ on some users, including things like height, weight, bone mass, and more. The author of the blog post apparently did not reach out to Wyze before publishing this information to the public, stating in the post that ‘the database is currently live and open. Anyone can access it.’

The report doesn’t include any screenshots of these alleged leaks nor any details about how they were discovered, providing very little to go on. However, soon after Twelve Security published its report, another security company called IPVM published its own blog post claiming that it confirmed the breach after speaking with Twelve Security and reviewing the records.

The IPVM post does contain a single screenshot showing Wyze log events and select other data. Twelve Security has alluded to this as potentially being an act of espionage, claiming that the exposed users are located in countries outside of China. Beyond that, Twelve Security alleges that ‘there are clear indications that the data is being sent back to the Alibaba Cloud in China.’

In a post on its forums this evening, Wyze said that it only learned about the report at 10AM PT / 1PM ET, at which point it ‘mobilized the appropriate developers and executives.’ The company was unable to verify the breach, but says that it ‘added another level of protection to our system databases.’ All users were logged out of their accounts and forced to log back in.

Wyze says its users will need to relink any integrations they have with IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant due to these precautionary measures. The company is also experiencing a massive load on its two-factor authentication server, which means that some users may have issues with logging in for a while.

The company further states that it has attempted to contact Twelve Security, but that the number it has available to it states that it doesn’t accept inbound calls; an email has been sent to Twelve Security, as well, but Wyze says it hasn’t heard back yet. As well, the company notes that it doesn’t use Alibaba Cloud, claiming this allegation is ‘false.’

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