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Dodge Demon declares war on dealer price-gouging

We knew two things about Dodge’s 2023 Challenger SRT Demon: first, that with 840HP it would be crazy-powerful, and second, it would be in hot demand. Now, Dodge is spilling some details on how it plans to manage that demand, and there’s surprisingly good news. Unlike most enthusiast-focused cars, which suffer sometimes shocking dealer price-gouging, the Demon may well be actually sold at its MSRP.

That’s Dodge’s goal, anyway, and it’s using what powers it has over the supply chain to enact it. With final retail pricing for cars set by individual dealerships, Dodge can’t do more about exact numbers than set a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP. However, it can threaten to put dealers who slap a huge premium on that to the back of the line for car deliveries.

Indeed, that’s just what it’s doing. The Challenger SRT Demon will have an MSRP of $84,995, including a $1,700 mandatory gas guzzler tax, but not including the $1,095 destination fee. The “Demon Crate”, which includes all the hardware necessary to unlock maximum horsepower, will be $1. That brings the total to $87,791.

Any Demon sold at, or below, MSRP will get “priority scheduling” Dodge has confirmed today. That means lower serial numbers, which traditionally has been more appealing to enthusiast buyers and, thus, the dealerships serving them.

In contrast, any Demons sold at a price exceeding Dodge’s MSRP will “be produced after priority production is completed,” the automaker warns. Dealers will be able to begin placing orders in the US from tomorrow – Wednesday, June 21 – while production will kick off later this summer. Dodge will make only 3,000 for the US, and a further 300 for Canada, with deliveries expected from the fall.

Now, it’s worth noting – before the dealerships get up in arms – that Dodge isn’t threatening to withhold supply altogether. Dealerships will still only be allowed to order as many Demons as they’ve been allocated, with that figure based on previous success at shifting other high-powered SRT cars.

That means having sold more than one SRT Hellcat in the past 12 months, Dodge says, with allocation based on 60-percent SRT Hellcat and 40-percent Charger and Challenger sales performance. There’ll be a special Demon Concierge hotline by which buyers and dealers can track the progress of their build.

It’s all part of Dodge’s attempt to maximize the Demon’s usefulness as a halo car. While interest is undoubtedly high in the drag-centric car, not everybody will be able to afford it. “We know some dealers may be tempted to sell to the highest bidder, Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands, Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT at FCA North America said of the plan, “but we are encouraging them to leverage the Demon as a halo for both the brand and their dealership, to bring customers into their showrooms and see everything we have to offer.”

Dealer mark-ups have become one of the more controversial aspects of the sales model in the US. Popular cars like Ford’s Shelby Mustang GT350 and Focus RS, for instance, have been seeing as much as five-figure increases over MSRP in some regions, with salespeople counting on demand for niche vehicles cutting them an extra profit. Indeed, the eagerly-anticipated 2023 Honda Civic Type R has been seeing as much as $30k added to the car’s list price for the earliest cars.

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Stand Against War Donating To Help War

Blockchain technology is an amazing way to send crypto and keep track of every transaction using the ledger, but how does this make donating to causes like war-torn Ukraine easier? Not only will we cover that, but we’re also going to talk about what makes Stand Against War such a reliable option as well.

You’re likely reading this from the comfort of your home, maybe you’re even laid up in bed with your dog aggressively wagging its tail beside you. If that’s the case, just remember that there are plenty of civilians in the Ukraine who were doing the exact same thing only a few weeks ago. They are just like you and me, and they deserve proper support! 

Stand Against War is a project that is 100% committed to providing Ukraine with assistance during the war, regardless of how large or insignificant the needs seem – and they do all of that by providing NGOs with blockchain donations.

Why should you join the community?

Nonprofit organizations like Project HOPE are working directly with the team at Stand Against War to create a crypto-based donation system that will allow people from all over the world to support Ukraine. They need all of the help they can get, and with the war seemingly worsening each day, a project like this is a great initiative to unite the crypto community for a good cause.

Stand Against War is releasing an NFT collection called “Peace Nightingales”, which will act as a membership to the family in a way. Whenever you purchase or mint one of these NFTs, 90% of the funds generated will be directly sent to the ETH wallets of 17 different NGOs.

This process is automated and identifiable on the blockchain, meaning it’s entirely transparent. There’s no way for your donations to end up in the wrong hands, which is what most traditional charity organizations have become accustomed to doing.

How are they helping Ukraine?

They are directly assisting with the war efforts in Ukraine by providing 17 non-profit organizations with the funding they need to offer medical care, shelter, food, and even education to the citizens of Ukraine. 

Which NGOs are they working with?

Stand Against War is currently partnered with a total of 17 NGOs as of right now, all of which are providing a particular service in Ukraine. One of the most popular partners would be Project HOPE, which is an organization that recently confirmed its partnership on Twitter.

Other organizations like Mercy Corps, IFAW (International Fund for Animals), and Direct Relief are also a part of this movement, with more likely to join in the future. The complete list of non-profit partnerships that Stand Against War currently holds are:



Action Aid

Danish Refugee Council

Global Fund for Children

Direct Relief

United Way Worldwide

SOS Children’s Villages

Save the Children


Mercy Corps


International Fund for Animal Welfare

WONDER Foundation

Committee to Protect Journalists

Join the Revolution Today – Ukraine Crypto Donations Are Here to Stay!

You don’t have to settle for the traditional means of donating to support the war in Ukraine. If you want to know that your money is truly being used for a good purpose, crypto donations (and ) are the way to go.

Want to learn more about this project? Keep up to date by following them on social media and checking out the website.

Andaseat Dark Demon Review: Big, Comfy Gaming Chair


Wide range of positional adjustments

Extremely smooth-running wheels

Stable base

Excellent back support

Suitable for tall users


Choice between dull and garish colour finishes

Issues with Rocking Mode

Our Verdict

The Dark Demon is a big, relatively affordable gaming chair that offers excellent comfort and support, and a superbly stable, smooth-travelling base.

AndaSeat is not a particularly well-known brand in the UK, but we’ve had some positive experiences with the firm’s gaming chairs. Back in October 2023 we reviewed the Fnatic Edition and gave it an enthusiastic 4 stars out of 5, calling it “a premium gaming chair that’s well built, sturdy, and attractive”.

Some will have baulked, however, at the Fnatic’s price tag (£399.99/$449.99). For those looking to upgrade their home-gaming setup at a more manageable expense, the Dark Demon may be just the ticket. Read on for our full review.

For more options to consider, check out our guides to the best gaming chairs and the best gaming chair deals.


The Dark Demon arrived flatpack, in a vast cardboard box, and took half an hour of reasonably straightforward, albeit sometimes physically strenuous, work to assemble.

The most difficult part of this process may be finding space for everything. This reviewer’s small study was barely able to contain all the bits.


The Demon is a large, stable chair with a thick lower cushion and wing support either side of your torso. Available only in the L size, it’s rated as suitable for user heights up to 200cm or 6ft 6in (I’m 5ft 11in and felt, in terms of back/head support, there was plenty of room to grow) and weights up to 170kg. (If you want to go bigger still, the XL-rated Fnatic is one to consider.)

Gaming accessories are popularly thought of as – and to be fair quite often are – garishly decorated, but gaming chairs tend to sit at the more tasteful end of that visual spectrum. A common aesthetic is black with highlights picked out in orange or red, or lime green if you’re unlucky.

I quite like the smart, simple look of the all-black Demon – it’s still a tiny bit 1980s bachelor pad, but less so than many of its more colourful rivals – although it’s worth pointing out that black tends to show up the dust that inevitably collects in the crannies of the seat. You may have to hoover more often than you’d like, or cut back on the desk snacks.

In terms of materials, the chair is made of attractive, durable synthetic PVC leather, with (inevitably cheaper-looking) plastic fittings and a reassuringly weighty underlying steel framework, culminating at the bottom in a truly handsome five-legged aluminium base. All of this has held up well after two months of prolonged and daily use, with no marks, tears or cracks anywhere.

Comfort and features

The leather yields nicely into the memory foam beneath and I found it comfortable to sit in for long periods. (I will add the caveat that I’ve been testing it in the winter; it’s possible that the material will be less pleasant in hot weather, or with bare legs.)

Aside from the materials, the chair offers plenty of adjustment features to help you find the most comfortable posture.

There’s a recline lever on the righthand side which, despite repeated use, remains a touch stiff to activate and prone to suddenly leap backwards when it does agree to work. But it’s impressively versatile, with (by my count) eight different locked angles, even if the last one is suitable for dentists and 1990s footballers only. You should be able to find one that works for you.

The armrests – which look like basic black plastic, but have a pleasantly soft top surface – each rotate through three angles, and can easily be adjusted up and down, forwards and back, and side to side. I liked having them in the highest position, and found them comfortably supportive when using a mouse, or a mouse and keyboard with left hand only; those who plan to mix gaming with office work may find, however, that when using the keyboard with both hands it’s easier to take your elbows off the armrests, which even in the most inward position can’t quite cater for this reviewer’s (perhaps unusual) close-to-the-body typing posture.

There are also two detachable cushions for those who need more lumbar and/or neck support. These are quite difficult to attach in the first place – the straps are just barely long enough – but secure afterwards, and the back support at least felt great. (I didn’t get much from the neck cushion and discarded it, but your mileage may vary.)

And let’s offer a final salute to the base, which on your more basic office chair can be a source of much supermarket-trolley unpleasantness. None of that here: the key parts – the five wheels and the rotating mechanism – are all smooth and noiseless, and it’s a pleasure whizzing around the room, even on carpet. It’s also extremely stable.

The base features a smooth gas-powered raising/lowering mechanism accessed via a bar on the right. As with every raisable chair I’ve ever used, it’s a lot easier to go down than to go up: lowering can be accomplished while sitting on the chair, but raising requires you to either get up entirely or just partially lift your bum and awkwardly try to reach the bar. This is a standard and very possibly industry-wide complaint, I think.

The raising/lowering bar is also used to lock (by pushing in) or release (by pulling out) a function variously referred to in the documentation as tilt and ‘Rocking Mode’. When engaged this allows the seat to tilt freely, somewhat like a rocking chair.

But only somewhat. The difficulty with this function, and why it took me so long to work out what was going on with it, is that when you’ve got the chair in an upright or semi-upright position the weight is distributed in such a way that it’s barely possible to rock at all: you have to push the seat up with your legs and then hold it there while it desperately tries to get back to the horizontal. It’s the absolute opposite of relaxing, which is what I’m looking for in a ‘rocking chair’ function.

However, if you use the recline lever first, and lean the chair quite far back, the tilt function becomes usable: the further back the chair is reclined, the less physical effort is required from your legs to make it tilt. By the point at which it becomes comfortable to use, it doesn’t really feel like a rocking chair, because you’re so close to the horizontal, but it is quite a relaxing position for a cheeky doze.

Price & availability

The Dark Demon has an RRP of £299.99 in the UK, but at time of writing the company is selling it for £269.99. In the US it’s similarly reduced, with an original price of $449.99 but a current price of $399.99.

If stock runs low, you can also find the chair on Amazon US or Amazon UK, and via Currys, John Lewis and AO.


The comparatively sombre aesthetics might not be for everyone – in the black finish it’s got more than a hint of the office chair about it – but some of us quite like that. And there’s always the option of the red/black finish if a more spectacular look is desired.

Stock Price Analysis With Python

Stock price analysis with Python is crucial for investors to understand the risk of investing in the stock market. A company’s stock prices reflect its evaluation and performance, which influences the demand and supply in the market. Technical analysis of the stock is a vast field, and we will provide an overview of it in this article. By analyzing the stock price with Python, investors can determine when to buy or sell the stock. This article will be a starting point for investors who want to analyze the stock market and understand its volatility. So, let’s dive into the stock price analysis with Python.

Libraries Used in Stock Price Analysis With Python

The following are the libraries required to be installed beforehand which can easily be downloaded with the help of the pip function. A brief description of the Library’s name and its application is provided below

LibraryApplicationYahoo FinanceTo download stock dataPandasTo handle data frames in pythonNumpyNumerical PythonMatplotlibPlotting graphs

import pandas as pd import datetime import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from pandas.plotting import scatter_matrix !pip install yfinance import yfinance as yf %matplotlib inline Data Description

We have downloaded the daily stock prices data using the Yahoo finance API functionality. It’s a five-year data capturing Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume

Open: The price of the stock when the market opens in the morning

Close: The price of the stock when the market closed in the evening

High: Highest price the stock reached during that day

Low: Lowest price the stock is traded on that day

Volume: The total amount of stocks traded on that day

Here, we will take the Example of three companies TCS, Infosys, and Wipro which are the industry leaders in providing IT services.

start = "2014-01-01" end = '2023-1-01' tcs ='TCS',start,end) infy ='INFY',start,end) wipro ='WIPRO.NS',start,end) Exploratory Analysis for Stock Price Analysis With Python

Python Code:

The above graph is the representation of open stock prices for these three companies via line graph by leveraging matplotlib library in python. The Graph clearly shows that the prices of Wipro is more when comparing it to other two companies but we are not interested in the absolute prices for these companies but wanted to understand how these stock fluctuate with time.

tcs['Volume'].plot(label = 'TCS', figsize = (15,7)) infy['Volume'].plot(label = "Infosys") wipro['Volume'].plot(label = 'Wipro') plt.title('Volume of Stock traded') plt.legend()

The Graph shows the volume traded by these companies which clearly shows that stocks of Infosys are traded more compared to other IT stocks.

#Market Capitalisation tcs['MarktCap'] = tcs['Open'] * tcs['Volume'] infy['MarktCap'] = infy['Open'] * infy['Volume'] wipro['MarktCap'] = wipro['Open'] * wipro['Volume'] tcs['MarktCap'].plot(label = 'TCS', figsize = (15,7)) infy['MarktCap'].plot(label = 'Infosys') wipro['MarktCap'].plot(label = 'Wipro') plt.title('Market Cap') plt.legend()

Only volume or stock prices do not provide a comparison between companies. In this case, we have plotted a graph for Volume * Share price to better compare the companies. As we can clearly see from the graph that Wipro seems to be traded on a higher side.

Moving Averages for Stock Price Analysis With Python

As we know the stock prices are highly volatile and prices change quickly with time. To observe any trend or pattern we can take the help of a 50-day 200-day average

tcs['MA50'] = tcs['Open'].rolling(50).mean() tcs['MA200'] = tcs['Open'].rolling(200).mean() tcs['Open'].plot(figsize = (15,7)) tcs['MA50'].plot() tcs['MA200'].plot() Scattered Plot Matrix data = pd.concat([tcs['Open'],infy['Open'],wipro['Open']],axis = 1) data.columns = ['TCSOpen','InfosysOpen','WiproOpen'] scatter_matrix(data, figsize = (8,8), hist_kwds= {'bins':250})

The above graph is the combination of histograms for each company and a subsequent scattered plot taking two companies’ stocks at a time. From the graph, we can clearly figure out that Wipro stocks are loosely showing a linear correlation with Infosys.

Percentage Increase in Stock Value

A percentage increase in stock value is the change in stock comparing that to the previous day. The bigger the value either positive or negative the volatile the stock is.

#Volatility tcs['returns'] = (tcs['Close']/tcs['Close'].shift(1)) -1 infy['returns'] = (infy['Close']/infy['Close'].shift(1))-1 wipro['returns'] = (wipro['Close']/wipro['Close'].shift(1)) - 1 tcs['returns'].hist(bins = 100, label = 'TCS', alpha = 0.5, figsize = (15,7)) infy['returns'].hist(bins = 100, label = 'Infosysy', alpha = 0.5) wipro['returns'].hist(bins = 100, label = 'Wipro', alpha = 0.5) plt.legend()

It is clear from the graph that the percentage increase in stock price histogram for TCS is the widest which indicates the stock of TCS is the most volatile among the three companies compared.


The above analysis can be used to understand a stock’s short-term and long-term behaviour. A decision support system can be created which stock to pick from industry for low-risk low gain or high-risk high gain depending on the risk apatite of the investor.

The media shown in this article are not owned by Analytics Vidhya and are used at the Author’s discretion.


Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Plunges, While Bitgert Price Skyrocket In This Bear Market

It is during the current bear market that Bitgert marketcap has also skyrocketed.

The frequent bear market conditions have plunged the price of most cryptocurrencies in the second week of March. The largest cryptocurrencies are the most affected. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped over 10% in the past 7 days, making them among the biggest losers in the market. But not every cryptocurrency has been plunging because


The Bitgert price has been growing during the bear market because of the huge attraction the cryptocurrency has created after the launch of its own blockchain. The




The price of the Bitcoin coin has been dropping during the bear market. In fact, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that recorded over a 10% drop during the past 7 days. The bear market has dropped BTC price to below $40k, which is a price that most crypto investors never thought they would see in March. However, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback from the plunge. Therefore, the drop should not scare Bitcoin holders. However, Bitcoin is getting tough competition from the likes of


The frequent bear market conditions have plunged the price of most cryptocurrencies in the second week of March. The largest cryptocurrencies are the most affected. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped over 10% in the past 7 days, making them among the biggest losers in the market. But not every cryptocurrency has been plunging because Bitgert price has been skyrocketing during this bear market. It is during the current bear market that Bitgert marketcap has also skyrocketed. But is Bitgert bullish during the current bear market? Well, read more below:The Bitgert price has been growing during the bear market because of the huge attraction the cryptocurrency has created after the launch of its own blockchain. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the hottest thing right now in the industry. It is the first gasless blockchain with a $0.0000000000001 gas fee. This is a near-zero figure and the lowest the industry has ever gone. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain also overtook Solana to be the fastest chain at 100k TPS. These are the major reasons why Bitgert has been skyrocketing during the bear market. With the mass adoption of the Bitgert chain projected to start soon, investors, including whales from the large cryptocurrencies, are buying and accumulating BRISE. That’s why the Bitgert coin is chúng tôi Centcex project has created a lot of attraction around it because of the unlimited number of products the team is developing and the huge income that will be coming from the staking process. The staking program for the Centcex project has 100% APY going to the staked token. The hundreds of products on the ecosystem will also attract thousands or millions of users, which will increase Centcex adoption. Therefore, the Centcex coin price is going to skyrocket as more products are launched. Centcex might be the next project to challenge the Bitgert chain in terms of utilities if the team launches products chúng tôi price of the Bitcoin coin has been dropping during the bear market. In fact, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that recorded over a 10% drop during the past 7 days. The bear market has dropped BTC price to below $40k, which is a price that most crypto investors never thought they would see in March. However, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback from the plunge. Therefore, the drop should not scare Bitcoin holders. However, Bitcoin is getting tough competition from the likes of Bitgert in terms of chain speed and the cost of gas.Ethereum has also plunged over 10% in this bear market, making it among cryptocurrencies that have been hit hard by the crash. But the Ethereum high gas fee has got something to do with this drop. There are few investors buying Ethereum because of the high gas fee, making the project less attractive to developers than Bitgert . However, the ongoing upgrade of the Ethereum network might make the cryptocurrency more competitive against Bitgert and many other cryptocurrencies. The current upgrade will make the Ethereum chain faster and cheaper by reducing the gas fee. That’s when it will be able to compete with Bitgert.

Fix Ui Error 100002 In Black Ops Cold War

Are you encountering UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War? Here is a complete guide to fixing UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War on your PC or console. Black Ops Cold War is a popular game from the Call of Duty franchise that is played by millions of gamers. It is a great game, but it is not devoid of errors. One of the many errors reported by users is UI Error 100002. As per reports, some users have encountered the error at hand while launching the game. While many users have reportedly faced the error when scrolling through their friend list on the game, selecting some skills, or performing some other action.

This error is reported by both consoles as well as PC users. Now, if you are one of the affected users who is getting UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War, you have landed on the correct page. In this post, we are going to discuss different fixes that should help you fix the error at hand. So, let us check out!

What causes UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War?

The UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War can be caused due to different reasons. Here are some of the potential causes:

It can be caused due to temporary glitch with your game, system, console, or router. Hence, before trying some other fix, it is recommended to restart the game or perform a power cycle on your PC/ console and router.

The error at hand might be triggered if you are using an outdated version of the game. So, if the scenario is applicable, update your game to its latest build and see if the error is fixed.

Another reason for the same error could be the corrupted cache stored on your console. In that case, you should be able to fix the error by clearing the console’s cache.

Corrupted data like preferences and settings can also be one of the reasons that might be triggering the error. Hence, you can try resetting your console to Factory Defaults to fix the error.

Based on the above scenario, you can try a suitable fix to resolve the error.

How do I fix the UI error in the Cold War?

To fix UI Error 100002 in Cold War, you can try closing and then restarting the game. If that doesn’t help, restart your PC or perform a power cycle on your console and router. This should fix the error for you. If not, clear the cache on your console or reset your console to default to resolve the error. You can check out the fixes in detail below in this post.

Fix UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War

Here are the methods to fix the UI Error 100002 error in Black Ops Cold War:

Restart the game/ PC/ console.

Perform a power cycle on your router.

Update Black Ops to the latest version.

Clear the Cache on your console.

Reset your console to Factory Defaults.

1] Restart the game/ PC/ console

This error could be a result of some temporary glitch with your game or device. So, simply exit the game fully and then relaunch it to check whether or not the error is fixed. You can also try restarting your PC. Just shut down your PC, unplug it from the main switch, wait for 30 seconds, plug it back, and then restart your computer. Then, try starting the game and hopefully, you won’t receive the same error again.

The console users can try performing a power cycle on their consoles. Simply turn it off and unplug the device. Then, wait for about a minute, plug it back, and restart your console. After that, try relaunching the game and see if the UI Error 100002 error is fixed or not.

If the error still pops up, you can try the next potential to fix the error.

2] Perform a power cycle on your router

In addition to the above fix, you can also try performing a power cycle on your networking device i.e., router. Here is the procedure to perform a power cycle on your router:

Firstly, switch off your router and unplug its power cords from the switch.

After that, wait for at least 2 minutes and then plug in the power cord of your router back to the main switch.

When the router is turned on, connect your PC or console to the internet.

Finally, launch the Black Ops Cold War game and see if the error is resolved or not.

In case you still get the same error while playing the Black Ops Cold War game, no worries. We got some more fixes to resolve the error at hand. So, try the next potential fix to get rid of it.

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3] Update Black Ops to the latest version

You are likely to receive UI Error 100002 in Black Ops Cold War if the game is not updated to its latest build. Incompatibility of the game with its servers can cause the error at hand. So, if the scenario is applicable, all you have to do is update the game to its latest build. To do that, you can follow the below steps:

Firstly, start the chúng tôi game launcher and from the Games section, select the Call of Duty Black Ops game.

Next, download and install the updates if there is any update available.

When the game is updated, reboot your PC and then try launching the game.

See if the error is fixed after updating the game. In case the error still persists, you can try the next potential fix to resolve it.

4] Clear the Cache on your console

If you are using a console like PS4 or Xbox, you can try cleaning the cache stored on your console to fix the error. Cache saved necessary data to quickly execute frequent tasks. However, if the console’s cache is gone corrupted, this error might be triggered. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, clearing the console cache should enable you to fix the error.

Here are the steps to clear the cache on your Xbox console:

Firstly, press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the guide menu.

Next, move to the Console settings section and tap on the Disc & Blu-Ray option that you see on the right-hand side panel.

Now, select the Clear Persistent storage option which will clear the persistent cache from your Xbox console.

Finally, you can reboot your Xbox console and launch Black Ops to see whether or not the error is fixed.

If this method doesn’t resolve the error for you, we have one more fix that you can try. So, move on to the next potential fix to get rid of the error.

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5] Reset your console to Factory Defaults

Corruption in the console’s firmware can also be a reason that you are receiving the UI Error 100002 error in Black Ops Cold War. Hence, to fix the error, you can try resetting your console to its default values. You don’t have to worry about resetting your console as there is an option to keep your games and apps. So, you can reset your console without losing installed games and apps.

Here is how you can reset your console to Factory Defaults on the Xbox console:

Firstly, press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the main guide menu.

After that, select the Console info & updates option available on the right-hand side menu options

Once the resetting process is done, the console will reboot. Upon the restart, start the  Black Ops Cold War game to check whether the error still persists or not.

Hopefully, this helps!

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What is UI error 85118 on Cold War?

If you try to play the Black Ops Cold War game, you may get UI error 85118 on your PC or Xbox. Outdated graphics card drivers could be the reason for it. So, if you want to fix the COD UI Error 85118, first restart the game as well as the console/PC. If this doesn’t work, update the graphics card drivers, install the latest version of the game, verify game files, etc.

How do I fix Cold War crashing on launch?

If Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War keeps crashing or freezing on your Windows PC, then you should first check if your PC meets the minimum requirements for the game. Apart from that, run the game in DirectX mode and check, disable V-Sync and Ray tracing, close unwanted programs that are consuming system resources unnecessarily, and also keep your graphics driver up-to-date.

Now read: Fix Connection Interrupted error in COD Black Ops Cold War.

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