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Ethereum (ETH) staking rewards yielded stunning results in the first week of May thanks to a frenzied storm of meme coin activity, largely due to Pepecoin (PEPE). Ethereum validators pocketed millions in a show of activity that underlines the value of Ethereum and the value of its network. Will other memecoins like PAT WARS (PAW) also have a say in the meme coin mania?

Ethereum Staking Rewards Land Big

In a groundbreaking development, Ethereum’s staking rewards surged to an unprecedented annual yield of 8.6% following the highly-anticipated Merge. This surge in rewards resulted in validators pocketing a staggering $46 million during the first week of May. The remarkable increase in income can be directly attributed to the prevailing meme coin frenzy that has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm.

During this prolific week, validators witnessed a remarkable influx of 24,997 Ether, marking a significant 40% surge compared to the previous week’s distribution of $33 million, which accounted for 18,339 ETH. The sudden upswing in the staking rewards rate, a key metric used to measure validators’ annualized yield, has undoubtedly fueled validators’ profitability and incentivized their participation.

Ethereum Validators Have Pepecoin To Thank

The catalyst behind the substantial uptick in rewards for validators can be traced back to the resounding success of a new meme coin called Pepe (PEPE). This whimsical digital asset, inspired by the infamous meme and cartoon character Pepe the Frog, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, rapidly catapulting itself into the top 100 digital assets by market capitalization within a surprisingly short span of time.

Remarkably, the surge in meme coin trading activity has caused the average fees on the Ethereum network to soar, surpassing 100 gwei—an unprecedented level not witnessed since May 2023. As a consequence of the escalating gas fees, end users are now shelling out over $30 per swap, leading to a significant boost in fee income for validators, both from processing transactions and their regular rewards.

This extraordinary convergence of factors has ultimately propelled Ethereum’s staking rewards to new heights, granting validators unparalleled financial gains. As the meme coin craze continues to captivate the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts, the Ethereum network remains an enticing platform for validators to reap substantial rewards and actively participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

Can PAT WARS Join The Meme Coin Craze?

Venturing from a distant cosmic expanse, a new contender named PAT WARS has taken its first steps into the crypto universe as a fledgling padawan by commencing its presale campaign. Emerging as the freshest meme coin to captivate the attention of investors, this saga revolves around the exploits of four feline Jedi warriors who stumble upon an age-old prophecy. Within its ancient verses, lies the revelation of a potent digital currency known as PAT WARS, prophesied to restore equilibrium to the realm of meme coins and bring about harmonious coexistence.

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, PAT WARS sets forth on a quest to establish balance through a decentralized platform that champions the interests of its users. Enshrining inclusivity as a core principle, this novel digital currency will leverage the force of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to cultivate an exuberant and flourishing community. As the chronicle unfolds, exclusive PAT WARS NFTs will find their rightful place within the platform, enriching its allure and fostering a sense of belonging among its participants.

Guided by the mighty PAT WARS DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), users will be bestowed with the power to shape the destiny of PAT WARS. This democratic approach ensures that pivotal decisions concerning the currency are forged collectively, empowering the community to steer a course toward equilibrium within the tumultuous realm of cryptocurrency. Just as the Force binds the galaxy together, PAT WARS endeavours to unite investors, enthusiasts, and holders in a shared pursuit of balance and prosperity.

Could it join the meme coin frenzy? Absolutely. The week of boon with Ethereum staking rewards has emphasized what meme coins can conjure up in moments of intensive mass investments.

For more information on PAT WARS, please see below:

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Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Plunges, While Bitgert Price Skyrocket In This Bear Market

It is during the current bear market that Bitgert marketcap has also skyrocketed.

The frequent bear market conditions have plunged the price of most cryptocurrencies in the second week of March. The largest cryptocurrencies are the most affected. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped over 10% in the past 7 days, making them among the biggest losers in the market. But not every cryptocurrency has been plunging because


The Bitgert price has been growing during the bear market because of the huge attraction the cryptocurrency has created after the launch of its own blockchain. The




The price of the Bitcoin coin has been dropping during the bear market. In fact, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that recorded over a 10% drop during the past 7 days. The bear market has dropped BTC price to below $40k, which is a price that most crypto investors never thought they would see in March. However, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback from the plunge. Therefore, the drop should not scare Bitcoin holders. However, Bitcoin is getting tough competition from the likes of


The frequent bear market conditions have plunged the price of most cryptocurrencies in the second week of March. The largest cryptocurrencies are the most affected. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped over 10% in the past 7 days, making them among the biggest losers in the market. But not every cryptocurrency has been plunging because Bitgert price has been skyrocketing during this bear market. It is during the current bear market that Bitgert marketcap has also skyrocketed. But is Bitgert bullish during the current bear market? Well, read more below:The Bitgert price has been growing during the bear market because of the huge attraction the cryptocurrency has created after the launch of its own blockchain. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the hottest thing right now in the industry. It is the first gasless blockchain with a $0.0000000000001 gas fee. This is a near-zero figure and the lowest the industry has ever gone. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain also overtook Solana to be the fastest chain at 100k TPS. These are the major reasons why Bitgert has been skyrocketing during the bear market. With the mass adoption of the Bitgert chain projected to start soon, investors, including whales from the large cryptocurrencies, are buying and accumulating BRISE. That’s why the Bitgert coin is chúng tôi Centcex project has created a lot of attraction around it because of the unlimited number of products the team is developing and the huge income that will be coming from the staking process. The staking program for the Centcex project has 100% APY going to the staked token. The hundreds of products on the ecosystem will also attract thousands or millions of users, which will increase Centcex adoption. Therefore, the Centcex coin price is going to skyrocket as more products are launched. Centcex might be the next project to challenge the Bitgert chain in terms of utilities if the team launches products chúng tôi price of the Bitcoin coin has been dropping during the bear market. In fact, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that recorded over a 10% drop during the past 7 days. The bear market has dropped BTC price to below $40k, which is a price that most crypto investors never thought they would see in March. However, Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to make a strong comeback from the plunge. Therefore, the drop should not scare Bitcoin holders. However, Bitcoin is getting tough competition from the likes of Bitgert in terms of chain speed and the cost of gas.Ethereum has also plunged over 10% in this bear market, making it among cryptocurrencies that have been hit hard by the crash. But the Ethereum high gas fee has got something to do with this drop. There are few investors buying Ethereum because of the high gas fee, making the project less attractive to developers than Bitgert . However, the ongoing upgrade of the Ethereum network might make the cryptocurrency more competitive against Bitgert and many other cryptocurrencies. The current upgrade will make the Ethereum chain faster and cheaper by reducing the gas fee. That’s when it will be able to compete with Bitgert.

What Will It Take For Ethereum To Breakout Above $5000

The top altcoin, Ethereum, has rallied and achieved new highs over the last couple of days. The broader sentiment for the coin remains bullish. In a way, greed has been dominating the minds of market participants. However, it should be noted that the altcoin has gradually started shedding value on its price chart.

Not all roses and sunshine

After losing 1.4% of its value in the past 24-hours, Ethereum was seen trading at $4.72k, at the time of writing. Now, this downtrend comes at a critical juncture. Since Ethereum has successive options expiries lined up over the next three days.

As per data from Skew, over 165.3k ETH are set to expire in three batches this week, starting today – 10 November.

In fact, as far as the current day volumes are concerned, over 3849 DBT put contracts, expiring on 11 and 12 November, have been bought at the $4500 and $4700 strike prices when compared to the mere 1183 DBT, 12 November call contracts at the strike price of $4900.

By and large, the aforementioned data paints a bearish picture and underlines that a majority of options traders are opposing the price rise narrative at this point. So, if Ethereum tumbles below its current price, it might end up consolidating for some time before proceeding with its rally again.

Charting out the odds of a dip

Since Ethereum is in its price discovery phase, there aren’t many solid resistance or support levels. As can be seen from the chart attached below, during the uptrend phase that began on 6 November, levels that once resisted the alt from inching further had ended up flipping into support levels. Congruently, since the downtrend phase that set foot on 9 November, the converse flipping took place.

At press time, however, the downtrend on the 4-hour chart looked decisive. Nevertheless, there were three levels around Ethereum’s trading price. And, $4.5k presented to be reliable support levels.

On the other hand, the space up north was filled with obstacles and Ethereum will have to overcome them in order to break above the psychological level of $5k.

Rays of hope

Ethereum’s metrics, on the other hand, painted a fairly hopeful picture. The velocity reading, for instance, has been more towards the quieter side of late, providing a sigh of relief. As per past precedents, an uptrend on Ethereum’s price charts has more often than not been accompanied by steady velocity. However, turbulent landscapes have paved the way for corrections.

Thus, the current state of this metric has managed to stir in slight optimism amidst the ongoing downtrend on the price chart.

The alt’s volatility revolved around the 40% mark, at the time of writing. This essentially assures that Ethereum’s price wouldn’t subject itself to any dramatic surge or dip. The price movement in either direction would be gradual and steady. Thus, Ethereum might remain rangebound in its current $4.7k bracket over the next few trading sessions.

If that’s indeed the case, the options expiry wouldn’t necessarily set in a selling spree. Consequently, ETH would likely be able to attain the $5k trading target in a week’s time. However, a failure to hold above the current level would trigger put holders in a position to exercise their option of selling their respective ETH. This, in turn, would make the price dip narrative gain more steam.

Who Will Lead The Altcoin Market: Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, Or Aaave?

Welcome to the altcoin season showdown! As the cryptocurrency industry gains popularity, alternative currencies are also seeing increased adoption. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the most recent addition to the meme coin frenzy, with a distinct premise that sets it apart from previous meme currencies. But how does it stack against established cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Aave (AAVE)?

Big Eyes Coin, the Most Successful Meme Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new ERC-20 meme token that functions on the Ethereum blockchain. Its distinguishing feature is using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to represent ownership of real-world assets like luxury automobiles, yachts, and real estate.

Big Eyes Coin’s vibrant community constantly expands and supports the project. The presale is ongoing, and users may get a 300% bonus using the code END300 at checkout. The project has a high chance of exploding during meme season, and its usage of NFTs may set it apart from other meme coins.

In one of the latest developments for the project, the Big Eyes team is getting ready to launch Big Casino, a gaming and betting website where you can play with BIG, which will be introduced on August 29th, 2023. Anyone can convert their crypto holdings into BIG tokens and participate in the games. This will boost the daily trading volume, the number of genuine BIG holders, and a market capitalization representing the expansion of the casino and P2E activities.

Ethereum, the Bitcoin of the Altcoin Market

After Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) is the second-largest cryptocurrency and is frequently used as a foundation for additional cryptocurrencies. It has an extensive development and supporter community. Ethereum is a popular investment option with substantial growth in recent years.

Ethereum is a decentralised platform for developing smart contracts and decentralised applications (dApps). One of the reasons Ethereum is so popular is its adaptability; it can be used for everything from games to business to art.

Furthermore, Ethereum has several distinguishing characteristics, such as its consensus algorithm, that make it highly secure and reliable.

AAVE, On the Right Track to Success

When it was launched in November 2023, Aave (which means “ghost” in Finnish) was known as ETHLend; however, it was rebranded to Aave in September 2023.

AAVE holders receive reduced platform costs, which also function as a governance token, providing owners with a role in the protocol’s future growth. AAVE is a decentralised lending platform that allows users to borrow and lend Bitcoin without requiring the services of a centralised middleman. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has swiftly acquired traction among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Another prominent selling feature is that Aave customers may choose between fixed and variable interest rates. While fixed rates may offer some cost certainty throughout times of volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, variable rates can be helpful if the borrower believes that prices will decline soon.

These three cryptocurrencies have unique features and growth potential. Big Eyes Coin stands out for its use of NFTs and transparency in asset ownership, while Ethereum and AAVE offer a versatile platform and a strong community. All three coins could see significant growth in meme coin season, but it’s impossible to predict which currency will be the next Dogecoin or Shiba Inu killer.

This Drone Will Refuel Naval Fighter Jets By 2024

When the Navy’s Super Hornet fighter jets take off from an aircraft carrier, they are sometimes accompanied by squadmates loaded down with five extra tanks of fuel. A few hundred miles into the mission, these fighter-jet tankers will top off the tanks of their compatriots, boosting their range, before heading back. This is complex, difficult work, and it strains their air frames. But by 2024, the Navy plans to have that work done instead by a sophisticated, autonomous drone called the MQ-25A Stingray, which will operate from carriers as a tanker and let the fighters do the fighting.

On a runway, the MQ-25A Stingray looks like half a plane. Its sleek, gray body, with narrow wings and condensed fuselage, gives it an appearance that is somewhere between a fictional starfighter and a real-world stunt jet with the cockpit lobbed off. Built by Boeing, the Stingray is a wholly uninhabited airframe, made to autonomously refuel other fighters mid-air. It’s crucial to the US Navy’s vision of war robots for the future, and it will soon be flying routine missions near California’s channel islands.

On March 16th, the Navy released its Unmanned Campaign Framework, outlining the present state of Navy robotics and how it intends to evolve those capabilities for the future. That same week, the Navy released its environmental impact assessment for basing the Stingray at Naval Base Ventura County in California. The future of the Navy is one filled with robots, and the Stingray will be crucial to seeing that vision realized.

The Navy expects the Stingray to enter service as part of normal operations in 2024, though the service has been less forthcoming on earlier milestones. When it does so, it will be the culmination of an 18-year long journey, an ambitious accomplishment nonetheless scaled down from the grand visions put forth for super capable flying robots in the mid-2000s.

The story of the Stingray is the story not just of the MQ-25A, but of the expansive vision for combat drones that preceded it, and of the future of robot fighters that will likely build on its success.

The MQ-25A.Boeing

“The Stingray is emblematic of this push to grow the envelope of what uninhabited vehicles can do and their roles on the battlefield,” says Dan Gettinger, an analyst at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies and an independent consultant. “We’ve had drones proposed for resupplying infantry [and] for carrying cargo—that isn’t new—but taking us to an air-to-air tanker mission is pretty novel in the history of drones.”

In the present, the Stingray has to prove that it can do three difficult tasks well, and do them repeatedly. Every aircraft carrier is a small runway, and launching from that short runway is often aided by a catapult, which hurls the plane into the sky with extra momentum. Landing on a carrier is harder, as the runway isn’t just small—it is also moving on water.

Human pilots train for this in simulators and then repeatedly while underway, mastering day landings and then moving on to night approaches. The Stingray will have to do it all autonomously, with algorithms and sensors supplanting human experience and knowledge.

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In the air, the Stingray’s primary mission will be the aforementioned aerial refueling. This involves flying out 500 miles, dangling an ovipositor-like tube into a special refueling spigot on the receiving plane, maintaining steady flight until the fighter’s tank is topped off, and then repeating the process until the tanker has exhausted the 15,000 pounds of fuel it carries for this purpose. (Sometimes, it will also involve flying out to meet fighters as they return from a mission, and topping off the tank so they have enough juice to get home.)

When human pilots are in both airborne vehicles as they are now, they can, if all else fails, at least radio each other to communicate and make sure everything lines up. Flying autonomously, the Stingray will have to rely instead on its programming, and on the limited means of responding to humans in-flight to handle any of this bumpiness.

“The MQ-25 will give us the ability to extend the air wing out probably 300 or 400 miles beyond where we typically go,” Vice Admiral MikeShoemaker told the US Naval Institute magazine Proceedings in September 2023. “We will be able to do that and sustain a nominal number of airplanes at that distance.” 

A Super Hornet can fly about 450 miles before needing to return for refueling. While the current strategy of using Hornets to refuel other Hornets is effective, every refueling demands human pilots, and keeps useful fighters from participating in long-range attacks. It also increases the wear and tear on the Super Hornets that fly as carriers, shortening the overall lifetime expectancy of the fleet. Handing that mission off to a drone frees up existing Super Hornets and human pilots for the far-reaching missions.

What the Stringray does is the fundamentally unflashy support work of war. Having them in the fleet makes the fighters better, and it means that the carriers the fighters fly from are able to stay further away from danger, or able to send fighters further afield to harder-to-hit foes. The Stingray facilitates air war, even if its main mode of operations will be as a fuel depot in the sky between the runway and where the bombs hit.

It is a modest start for a program that can trace its roots back to the early 21st century. In 2006 the Navy was exploring what, exactly, it could do with flying robots. A defense budget from October 2000 had called for “one-third of the aircraft in the operational deep strike force aircraft fleet” to be uninhabited by 2010. For the Navy, this meant developing a stealthy, autonomous, carrier-based Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle-Navy.

A report from the Congressional Research Service in October 2006 outlined this vision. UCAV-N’s first mission would be surveillance, and its second would be the suppression of enemy air defenses and strike operations. (Suppression can be done with jammers or electronic warfare, messing up sensors; the second part refers to the use of bombs, missiles, and bullets.)

Development on a combat drone for the Navy started with DARPA in 2003, with research then handed off to a joint Air Force and Navy office in 2005, before the program became entirely Naval in 2006. This program paid off in the X-47B, a wedge-shaped autonomous drone that first flew in 2011. 

Built as an experimental technology demonstrator, the X-47B was capable of taking off from and landing on an aircraft carrier, though it didn’t always stick the landing. In later flights, it demonstrated the ability to fly with fighters in formation, and as a finale of sorts, it was even successfully refueled in mid-air.

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After the X-47B, it was expected that the Navy would look to develop the drone out into a fully fledged combat aircraft, capable of following human-issued orders to find enemies and drop bombs on them. Instead, the Navy scaled back the scopes of its vision for uninhabited aircraft, moving it away from direct combat.

In part driven by a slight budgetary constraint, the Navy looked to move its drone out of a combat role and into intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance instead. This work was what grew the Air Force’s drone program, with Predators starting as unarmed scouts before adding weapons, and leading to the Reaper line of scouts armed from the beginning.  

“[The] idea from the start was that the Stingray could perhaps in the future take on the missions that were envisioned for the X-47B, but until last week there wasn’t much word from the Navy on expanding that mission set beyond the tanker role,” Gettinger says.

As Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus outlined in 2014, “the end state is an autonomous aircraft capable of precision strike in a contested environment, and it is expected to grow and expand its missions so that it is capable of extended range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, tanking, and maritime domain awareness.”

That may still remain the end state in mind, but the Stingray is going to get there first by figuring out how to be a reliable tanker, and then by adding scouting onto an already successful tanker platform. The Navy set out to make its big carrier drone a tanker in 2023, over the objections of Congress, which wanted to focus that energy instead on an attack aircraft. 

That switch to a tanker also meant that Northrop Grumman, which built the X-47B, decided to exit the competition for the contract, which was ultimately won by Boeing. 

“Let’s move to [intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance], maybe electronic attack, strike, and then other things as complexity grows across that mission set,” Kilby said. “But I think the MQ-25 has great promise for us.”

Electronic warfare, broadly, refers to jammers and other weapons that interfere with or incapacitate electronic systems, through means other than explosive destruction. The Stingray could be another way for carriers to put weapons on far-away targets, be they tanks, radar installations, or people marked as enemies.

Getting the Stingray, or some other drone built on its success, to fly those missions will be crucial if the Navy is to reach “upwards of 40 percent of the aircraft in an air wing that are unmanned,” as Kilby promised in that same hearing.

Before all of this happens, the Stingray fleet will need to settle into its new home, the naval base at Point Mugu, just west of Malibu in Ventura County on the Pacific coast. 

Big Eyes Coin, Avalanche, Or Ethereum: Who Will Reign Supreme In Crypto World?

Every success story was once a mere brainchild. Take Bitcoin for an example. The original digital currency was nothing more than a new phenomenon in 2009, which awakened people from slumber to the need for an alternative global financial system. The idea of the newest way to make money gripped the world in no time and the rest is history.

Big Eyes Coin Launch Date

As we know, Big Eyes Coin is currently in its presale phase, with a whopping $35 million already raised. The presale ends on June 3, 2023, and the currency will launch on Uniswap on June 15, 2023. Additionally, the company is offering a promotional code, END300, which provides investors with a bonus of 300% on top of their purchase, creating a golden opportunity to earn substantial returns.

As the only cat-themed meme coin in the crypto world prepares to launch in June, let’s compare it with two established players in the crypto market, Avalanche (AVAX) and Ethereum (ETH), and gauge their potential to reign supreme in the crypto-verse.

1.    Stay Anonymous as You Invest

2.    Innovation is Always Welcomed Here!

3.    Community Forms the Nucleus

1. Stay Anonymous as You Invest

Staying anonymous is one thing that every crypto investor and trader has been taking pride in over the years. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means they are not governed by a single entity or regulator. It gives users the freedom to invest all they want and the way they want.

Ethereum’s security and privacy features are also top-notch, and it has a large community of developers constantly working to improve the protocol’s security. The platform’s decentralized nature ensures that transactions are secure and private, making it a popular choice for decentralized applications.

2. Innovation is Always Welcomed Here!

When it comes to innovation, all three cryptocurrencies have their unique features. Ethereum has been leading the way in smart contract technology, while Avalanche is known for its sub-second transaction times and highly scalable network. However, Big Eyes Coin has its own set of innovative features that make it stand out from the rest.

Big Eyes Coin takes pride in staying ahead of the curve by offering innovative features. One of the most notable features of Big Eyes Coin is its Loot Boxes. Loot Boxes are a popular phenomenon in the gaming world, and now Big Eyes Coin is bringing them to the cryptocurrency world. These Loot Boxes provide users with the chance to get the most out of their investments and purchases by offering a range of rewards and bonuses.

Big Eyes Coin is also the first cat-themed meme coin in the world of cryptocurrencies. While there are already dog-centric coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Big Eyes Coin is unique in its own way. It has a strong community of Kitty Cuddlers who are dedicated to the success of the project.

Another innovative feature of Big Eyes Coin is its NFT Sushi Crew. This club is for NFT holders who like to own cute things, do fun things, and eat fish things. It provides a fun and engaging way for users to interact with each other and the project.

Avalanche’s innovation lies in its ability to scale and process transactions quickly, making it ideal for large-scale decentralized applications. The platform also offers interoperability with other blockchains, enabling seamless transactions between different networks.

Ethereum’s smart contract functionality is its biggest selling point, allowing developers to create decentralized applications with ease. The platform also supports a vast ecosystem of tokens and decentralized finance applications, making it an attractive option for investors and developers alike.

3. Community Forms the Nucleus

Big Eyes Coin is a community-centric digital currency, with a dedicated team of developers and a strong community supporting it. The company has also committed to holding 5% of its total token supply in a charity wallet, which will be donated to ocean-saving charities, reflecting its commitment to social causes.

Avalanche has a growing community of developers and investors, and its governance model allows stakeholders to vote on proposals to make changes to the protocol. The platform also has a strong focus on sustainability, using a consensus mechanism that requires less energy

BIG vs. ETH vs. AVAX: Price Comparison

When it comes to the price of Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, and Avalanche, there is no doubt that Big Eyes Coin is the most affordable option.

In stage 13, 1,891.89 Big Eyes Coin tokens are available for 1 USDT. It means you can buy 100k BIG tokens for only $52.85. The presale, which started at $0.0001 in Stage 1, has surmounted to $0.00053 in Stage 13. The token price will be $0.0006 at the time of Big Eyes Coin’s launch in June. Big Eyes Coin has already raised $35 million till the filing of this report.

Avalanche and Ethereum, on the other hand, are both more expensive options. On May 1, 2023, Ethereum was seen trading at around $1,848.77, while Avalanche was trading at around $17.08. While the price of these cryptocurrencies may fluctuate, it is clear that Big Eyes Coin is the more affordable option at current levels.

Key Takeaways

Overall, it is clear that Big Eyes Coin has a lot to offer in terms of innovation, privacy, and community engagement. While Ethereum and Avalanche are established players in the world of cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes Coin is an upcoming cryptocurrency with the potential to lead the meme coin verse.

When compared to Ethereum and Avalanche, Big Eyes Coin offers a different value proposition. While Ethereum is the leading smart contract platform with a wide range of use cases, Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin with a strong community and innovative features. Similarly, Avalanche offers fast transactions and a scalable platform, but it may not have the same level of community support and uniqueness as Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency that has already gained a lot of attention due to its unique features and community-centric approach. Whether it will be successful in the long term remains to be seen, but its early success and growing community make it worth considering as an investment opportunity. Don’t miss out on the chance to earn a bonus of 300% on top of your purchase with the presale ending promotional code END300.

For All Things Big Eyes Coin (BIG):

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