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Here we’re going to talk about different solutions to get rid of Dropbox, Too many requests, Error 429. Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service available. It features paid and free plans, and you can use the platform to share and view files on the cloud. However, similar to any other application, Dropbox has a long list of errors and problems. And in this post, we are going to talk about one of such Dropbox errors. Many users have reported facing Too many requests, Error 429 on Dropbox while sharing a file. So, if you are also getting the same error code, continue with the troubleshooting guide to get rid of the issue.

Dropbox Error 429, Rate Limit (Too Many Requests)

Error (429) – This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled

What causes Dropbox error 429?

Before getting into the solutions, it’s essential to know what this error is and the reasons behind it. The Dropbox error 429 appears when you exceed the download limit of the shared file. As per Dropbox, there’s a specific limit on the traffic and the file request your shared link can handle. Additionally, there’s also a limit on the number of times you can download the shared file in a day. Both these limits depend on the plan you have opted for. So, in case you breach any of these, or both the limitations, you will face the mentioned error code in Dropbox.

For instance, if you have opted for the Dropbox professional account, you will get a maximum traffic limit of 400 GB/day. As soon as you exceed the traffic limit in a day, you will face the error message. Additionally, the breach in traffic limit doesn’t depend on the number of users. Even a single person can bypass the limit.

Fix Dropbox Error 429, Too Many Requests

Here are all the effective workarounds to get rid of Dropbox Too many requests error 429:

Wait until the ban is removed

Make sure the file is free from copyright violations

Check the link status

Implement restriction on shared links

Re-upload the file

Reinstall Dropbox

Now, let’s take a detailed look at all the solutions.

1] Wait until the ban is removed

The mentioned error code generally remains only for 24 hours. So, if you are facing this issue for the first time, there’s nothing to worry about, as you will be able to access Dropbox after 24 hours. But note that each time you receive this error message, the bag limit will keep increasing.

2] Make sure the file is free from copyright violations

Dropbox is a platform where you can upload and share links of any kind. However, if someone has reported the shared link of the file, you will face the mentioned error message. The situation mainly arises if you have publicly uploaded or shared a Dropbox file. The only thing you can do in such a situation is re-upload the file by removing the copyright or illegal content.

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3] Check the link status

If by any chance, you have disabled the file link, you will come across error 429. You will have to enable the file link to get rid of the problem. To do so, follow the below steps.

Open Dropbox and log in with your credentials.

Tap on the three dots present next to the link that is throwing the mentioned error.

Choose the 

Link Settings


In the following window, turn off the 

Disable download


If the option was already off, you can re-disable it.

That’s it. Now launch Dropbox and check if the problem is fixed or not.

4] Implement restrictions on shared links

To stop this error message from happening again with you in the future, you can set a password for all the uploaded files and can choose the expiry date for the shared links. By doing so, you will reduce the overall traffic on the shared links and files. However, this method will only be helpful if you are a professional or business user. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Launch Dropbox and log in with your credentials.

Under the settings menu, tap on the 

Link for editing


Turn on the toggle present next to 

Require password




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5] Re-upload the file

Once the 24 hour period is over, i.e., the ban is lifted from your account, the first thing you should do is to rename the file before uploading it again. Once you have renamed the file, you will be provided with a new link that you can share online. Plus, ensure that you don’t give the same banned name to any other file that you are going to upload in the future.

6] Reinstall Dropbox

If the error message continues to appear even after the ban period is over, the last thing you can try is to reinstall Dropbox. There can be a temporary error that can be causing the issue. And the best thing that you can do in such a situation is to go through the re-installation process. So, reinstall Dropbox and check if the problem is fixed or not.

Does Dropbox have a daily limit?

How do I fix Error 400 on Dropbox?

There are multiple ways to fix error 400 on Dropbox. To name a few, you can rename the problematic file, close the conflicting application, download the latest driver update, reconnect Dropbox with your account, and clean up the disk space to solve the issue.

Is Google Drive Better than Dropbox?

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How To Fix Chatgpt Too Many Redirects Error

How to Fix ChatGPT Too Many Redirects Error Server overload is often the cause of this error









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Some of our readers have been encountering the error of too many redirects when using the ChatGPT. This redirect loop error often manifests as ERR_TOO_MANY_REFIRECTS.

Another similar situation is when the ChatGPT encounters a network error, preventing users from accessing its chatbox. So, let’s explore the causes and possible fixes for the error.

What causes the Chat GPT too many redirects error?

The redirection loop occurs when your browser tries to access a URL that points to another URL, which points to others. Hence, the browser becomes stuck and displays the error.

ChatGPT may prompt the too many redirects error for many reasons. However, the predominant cause is an overloaded server which disrupts performance.

Other likely causes are:

Server issues – If the Chat GPT server is being upgraded or encountering difficulties, it might trigger this error.

Slow/unstable Internet connection – This is a sub-network error. So, if your network connection is being tampered with, then the too many redirects error may occur on ChatGPT.

Third-party apps interference – Apps such as VPNs and antiviruses have firewalls that could interfere with the performance of your browsers.

Misconfiguration on the ChatGPT website – Issues with corrupt cookies and site data might also be responsible for this redirection loop.

Meanwhile, this error might show up differently, depending on your browser. Here are the popular variations below:

How do I fix the ChatGPT too many redirects error?

Before making significant tweaks, try these:

Disable all VPNs and antiviruses on your device. You can check out how to disable VPN here.

Check your network connection’s speed and power cycle your router if need be.

Switch to a different browser.

If, after trying these, the error persists, then perform the fixes below.

1. Check the OpenAI server status

Launch your browser and check the status of OpenAI.

A green bar means the service is operational, and a red/orange/light green bar connotes an outage.

If there’s an outage, wait till the server is operational before trying. This solution is also effective if ChatGPT is not working.

2. Clear ChatGPT cookies

Expert tip:

3. Clear your browser cache

By clearing the browser cache, all the corrupted files will be removed. Hence, the too many redirected error will cease.

In this solution, we used Google Chrome as an example but the procedure is similar on all other popular browsers.

Should you have difficulties clearing search history on your browser, check out our fix to troubleshoot it.

4. Log out and into the ChatGPT

This is similar to rebooting your access to the website. If it were an issue with your account, it would be easy to identify by doing this.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been growing exponentially in acceptance and usage. Hence, various errors have been popping up, including this too many redirects.

Hence, ensure to follow all the fixes we have outlined for optimal results when faced with this situation. Also, you can read our guide on bypassing ChatGPT if it’s not available in your country.

These fixes will also help troubleshoot Instagram if it’s directing you too many times.

Still experiencing issues?

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Getting The Dropbox Error 400 Message? Try These Fixes

Getting the Dropbox error 400 message? Try these fixes




Dropbox is an online service that provides cloud storage for millions of customers worldwide.

However, this service does have its own fair share of issues, and that’s what we will be covering in the article below.

More guides like this one can be found in our dedicated hub for Troubleshooting Dropbox Errors, so make sure to check that out as well.

For more information, check out our Web Apps fix page too.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

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readers this month.

Most error messages give away some hints on the cause of the issue, but not the Dropbox error 400. This is a pretty generic error code that pops up when signing in, exporting a file, or synchronizing Dropbox with another service.

How do I fix the Dropbox error 400?

Another variation of the error shows when you attempt to upload files to Dropbox.

If you get this Dropbox error 400 message, simply rename the file you want to upload. Renaming the file to a shorter name fixes the problem.

2. Reinstall Dropbox

If you are getting the Dropbox error 400 on the desktop Dropbox application, use this solution.

Press the Windows key and R to open the Run accessory.

Follow through the uninstall wizard and restart your PC on completion.

When the system comes back on, hit the Windows key and E to open File Explorer.

Next, go to the folder path bar, enter %LOCALAPPDATA% and press Enter.

Now, just like you did in step 5, navigate to %APPDATA%, %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%, and %PROGRAMFILES%.

Delete the Dropbox folders in each of the above locations.

Finally, download the Dropbox application from chúng tôi and install it.

3. Unlink Dropbox

Visit chúng tôi and sign in to your account.

In the Dropbox settings page, switch to the Security tab.

Here, you will find the web browsers and devices linked to your Dropbox account.

Go back to the client you got the error on (the one you unlinked) and sign in to your Dropbox account to re-link it.

Here is a list of devices currently installed on your computer.

Expand a device category to reveal the device(s) under it.

Follow through with your desired options and update the driver.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you update all the drivers on the list.

If you can, restart your computer after each driver update.

However, rebooting the machine after concluding all the updates works also.

5. Perform a system restore

Press the Windows key and search for system restore on the Start menu.

From the results, select Recovery.

Next, choose the Open system restore setting.

On completion of the System Restore, restart your machine and recreate the error.

Follow the solutions closely to fix the Dropbox error 400. Bearing in mind that there are many causes of the error, you may try a few before fixing the issue.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Too Many Facts Point To Imminent Verizon Iphone Announcement – A Detailed Timeline

I know it’s unlikely, but perhaps you’ve heard a thing or two about an upcoming little announcement regarding the iPhone, and some mobile carrier called Verizon. Sarcasm aside, let’s look at the latest details that we’ve gathered about the iPhone’s inevitable jump from AT&T exclusivity to CDMA land.

Join us as we take a look at some of the most interesting facts about this mobile landscape changing event. Face it, the Verizon iPhone is real, and it’s right around the corner…

December 2009

It Begins. Verizon Makes Upgrades to its infrastructure to handle extra traffic. Now we understand that the Droid’s popularity warranted some upgrades, but the massive popularity of the iPhone is a surefire reason to ensure that the backbone of your network is in tip-top shape. Don’t believe us? Just ask AT&T.

June 2010

Verizon spokesperson John Johnson flat out denies the iPhone is Verizon bound, but strategically leaves the window open for future alliance. Of course the Verizon iPhone was likely in the works as he was saying this, but it wasn’t quite ready enough to release any details.

August 8th 2010

Apple orders a large batch of CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm. So, likely at this point, a prototype has been completed, testing is being performed, and now things are beginning to get rolling. Gotta love the rumor mill…

August 11, 2010

Tech blogger John Gruber reports that the Verizon iPhone has entered a new phase of testing, dubbed N92. We’re not sure about that, but it looks like he wasn’t too far off from his CES prediction.

August 26th, 2010

AT&T expresses its confidence about post-iPhone exclusivity, lending more credence that the company has been notified that Apple plans to cozy up with a different carrier. If this isn’t the writing on the wall, I don’t know what is…

September 22nd, 2010

September 22nd, 2010

AT&T expresses its “confidence” yet again, about business after their iPhone exclusivity runs out. Now, it’s obvious they’re just scared, and this is looking real pathetic. Mass exodus, get!

September 24th, 2010

Verizon CEO hints against the prospect of a 2011 iPhone. Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors…

October 6th, 2010

Yay! Now it’s The Wall Street Journal’s turn. They cite a person “briefed by Apple” who says the company will start manufacturing a new CDMA iPhone by the end of the year. Okay, we can do this too… “The Verizon iPhone is coming in 2011, my friend told me,” see, that was eaaaasy peeezy.

October 19th, 2010 October 19th, 2010

A new CDMA iPhone has reached final testing stages. According to BGR, this specific iPhone is called the iPhone “3,2″ model, the iPhone 4 was the “3,1″ model. So it makes sense that this “3,2″ model is the next major iteration of the iPhone. Right on.

December 10th, 2010

Apple posts job openings for CDMA engineers. Something tells us that this could be related to the Verizon iPhone, but hey, that’s just a wild guess.

December 11th, 2010

In this latest episode of “as the rumor mill churns,” a source contacts us and confirms the Verizon iPhone is indeed real, and is right on the horizon. The facts seem to check out on this one.

December 29th, 2010

Eighteen days later, a new report surfaces indicating that Apple will most likely be doing some sort of revamp to the iPhone before March of 2011. Since Apple normally releases iPhone updates in the summer, this goes right along with the Verizon rumors.

December 30th, 2010

Business Week claims it has a source that reports that Apple will be holding a special event on Valentine’s Day to announce the new partnership with Verizon. Not out of the realm of possibilities at this point, but highly unlikely… Unless Verizon’s event is just an announcement of an announcement. But, again in this industry, not out of the realm of possibilities.

January 5th, 2011

Five whole days into the new year before a major Verizon rumor? The rumor mill is slacking off as of late! Anyway, this one is a biggie, and appears to indeed be photos of the Verizon iPhone’s exoskeleton. If that wasn’t enough, Apple had YouTube remove a video that compared the current iPhone 4 and the new iPhone’s unmentionables.

January 7th, 2011

Along with the recent announcement that Apple has put a freeze on retail employee vacations, (yay forced labor!) this latest news is all but a confirmation of what we’ve been waiting for since the iPhone was announced. A January 11th announcement would work perfectly with the rumored launch of the Verizon iPhone on February 3rd.

January 11th, 2011

After many years, and many rumors, Verizon shocks us all, and announces the Motorola Droid Z… Haha, wouldn’t that be funny? But seriously, the Verizon iPhone will be announced. People will be happy, lines will form around corners, Apple stock will rise, AT&T will cry, and we’ll have more news to cover than ever before.

Stay tuned folks, excited much?

Simple Interest Rate Vs Compound Interest Rate

Difference between Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate

Download Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Accounting, CFA Calculator & others

The federal funds rate typically informs us about changes in interest rates when raised or lowered. As the interest rates go high, it will cause inflation to fall as the demand for goods and services will drop.

In the financial world, compounding growth is used extensively to transform small savings into a big corpus over time. It is also an underlying idea behind the ‘time value of money’ and ‘discounted cash flow valuation’.

There are two ways of calculating interest rates; Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate. On the one hand, we calculate the simple interest rate as a percentage of the principal. On the other hand, we calculate the compound interest rate as a percentage of both the principal and interest rate.

Formulas for both are given below:

Simple Interest = Principal * time * rate

For example, let’s say that a bank has a 5% Interest Rate, and you borrow $1000 for 10 years. After 10 years, you will owe the bank $500 in simple interest terms. If you deposit $1000 in a five-year fixed deposit at a 4% interest rate, compounded monthly, the calculated interest using the above formula amounts to $221.

Banks levy Simple Interest Rates to the principal part only. Compound Interest Rate includes calculation on both principal and interest rate. In this, the interest can be compounded at any interval, and the most common compounding intervals are daily (365 times a year), weekly (52 times a year), monthly (12 times a year), quarterly (four times a year), and annually (once a year).

The person who borrows the money and the moneylender i.e. any bank/financial institution, mutually decide the interest rates.

Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate Infographics

Key Differences between Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate

Both Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major differences: –

Simple Interest Rates – This method does not charge interest on any accumulated interest and usually charges interest on short-term borrowings. In contrast, compound interest rates charge interest on both the principal amount and the accumulated interest. The interest rate for the next period is calculated by adding the principal amount to the interest amount, which is reinvested to earn more interest.

Compound interest calculates the interest computed on the principal amount and the accumulated interest rate, making it greater than simple interest.

Since the calculation is only on the principal amount, it is easier for simple interest than compounded interest. Compound interest should be used if the priority is to avoid letting the value of your money fade away, as it accounts for the changes in money over time. The value of a dollar today is more than that of a dollar that will be received one year from now.

Understanding the principal amount is important as it represents the original money borrowed from an individual or a financial institution. Simple interest uses the principal amount, while compound interest also adds interest.

Growth in the simple interest calculation remains uniform, while in the compound interest formula it increases rapidly.

Head to Head Differences Between Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate

The basis Of Comparison 

Simple Interest Rate

Compound Interest Rate

Related to Short-term borrowings Long-term borrowings

Meaning Lenders charge Simple Interest Rates on the principal amount only. Compound interest rates calculate the accumulated interest on both the principal and the interest rate over the years.

Calculation Simple Interest Rate formula is S.I= P*R*T where P is the principal, at a Simple Interest Rate r for the time period t, giving the final interest value S.I. The calculation is C.I. = P(1+r/n) ^nt – P, where P is the principal, at an interest rate r for the time period t, n is the number of times the rate is compounded, which will give the final interest value C.I.

Impact Simple Interest Rates impact the principal amount, and the total earning is less. The total earning is more as the interest rate is also considered.

Preference The preference for Simple Interest Rates is lower as the only principal is into consideration. The preference for compound interest is higher and is the more common method of calculating interest.

Ease The fastest and easiest way to calculate the interest on the amount lent Calculating interest rates becomes more complex as the principal is revised with time.


Many borrowers are unaware that both Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate calculates the interest to be charged. The difference between Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate is very important as one can get hundreds of dollars less for a deposit.

Compound interest is a more detailed borrowing measure, including the Simple Interest Rates and the principal amount. The more often the interest is compounded, the more is the interest earned or paid as the amount is accumulated with every time period, and the calculation is done on the revised amount.

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This has guided the top differences between Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate. Here we also discuss the Simple Interest Rate vs Compound Interest Rate key differences with infographics and a comparison table. You may also have a look at the following articles –

Fix Netflix Error Code M7111

Netflix is one of the best streaming services offering tons of online content to watch on an array of devices.  Still, every so often, you will encounter Netflix error codes that break your entertainment tracks. Are you facing the Netflix Error Code M7111-1331 or Netflix M7111-1331-2206? Do not worry as you can easily fix this error with the instructions given in this blog.

What is Netflix error code M7111-1331?

M7111-1331 error code on Netflix occurs when the users access Netflix from a browser, particularly from Google Chrome. It may indicate the following:

You are using a link to a webpage that no longer exists.

One of your browser extensions is incompatible with Netflix.

Apart from those discussed above, other potential causes of this error are:

Downtime of Netflix servers

Outdated Cache data

Unavailability of Netflix in a location

Slow internet connectivity

Server latency

The Netflix error M7111-1331 may be resulting from the bad data stored in the web browser. Resolving this error demands refreshing the stored information.

How to fix Netflix error code M7111-1331

There are few workarounds, with which you can resolve this issue. Some of these are as follows:

Use a different browser

Reset Google Chrome

Disable Chrome extensions

Clear all browsing data

Try disabling proxy

Verify the server status

Let us go through each of these solutions to see how to resolve this error efficiently:

2] Use a different browser

Now since we understand that the M7111-1331 error often relates to bad browser data and extensions, so, using a different browser could be a simple workaround. Several users report that using alternative browsers on their system fixes the issue. So, ditch your go-to browser for the time and stream Netflix in another one. You could turn to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera; all of these are compatible with Netflix.

3] Reset Google Chrome

M7111-1331 error code occurs when the users access Netflix from a browser, especially from Chrome. Hence resetting Chrome is another solution that will clear all the old browsing data. Hence, if you wish to continue enjoying Netflix on Chrome again, try resetting its values to default. Follow these steps:

1] Open Google Chrome.

3] From the options, select Settings.

4] Scroll down to the bottom and hit the Advanced button.

6] Press the Reset settings button.

Done, now try opening Netflix and see if the issue is resolved.

4] Disable Chrome extensions

This fix is again for the Google Chrome users, try disabling unnecessary add-ons and try opening Netflix again. Here is how to do it:

1] Open Google Chrome.

2] In the address bar copy the following code and press the Enter key.


Once you have disabled the extensions try using Netflix once again. If Netflix works, try enabling the extensions one by one to see which one was clashing with Netflix.

5] Clear all browsing data

Netflix Error Code M7111-1331 will bother the user if their browser contains data that has turned corrupted. Here are the steps to clear browsing data for Chrome. Similar steps will apply for Edge or Firefox.

1] Open Google Chrome.

2] In the address bar copy the following code and press the Enter key.


6] In the pop-up, select all the options in the Advanced tab.

Finally restart the Chrome browser and reopen Netflix.

6] Try disabling proxy

Netflix places geographic restrictions on streaming content based on the user’s current location. In simple words, it means that when a user opens Netflix in the UK, he/she will have access to different content than he/she would if they were logging in to Netflix within the United States. This could be one of the many reasons for getting Netflix Error Code M7111-1331. Therefore, skipping using a proxy could help in resolving this error. Follow these steps:

1] Press Win + I keys together to open Settings.

3] Under the Manual Proxy Setup section, uncheck Use a proxy server option.

There is another way to disable Proxy on your system, follow these steps:

1] Open the Control Panel.

2] Select Network and Internet and select Internet Options.

3] On the new window, navigate to the Connections tab.

5] Now, uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN.

Done! If the proxy was to be blamed for Error Code M7111-1331 the above fix should work.

7] Verify the server status

Sometimes Netflix servers could be the reason behind error code M7111-1331. As suggested, first try to test Netflix on another browser and device, if it continues to display the same error go to the Netflix Help Center from your system.

A yellow symbol with an exclamation mark indicates the Netflix server is down. If the server is working fine, you will see a green icon with a tick on it as shown below:

Here, there is nothing much that can be done than wait for the service to be up and running fine once again.

Update the detailed information about Fix Dropbox Error 429, Rate Limit (Too Many Requests) on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!