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FIX Twitter: Nothing To See Here Error




Due to some technical difficulties or bugs, you may come across Twitter nothing to see here error.

PUBG players and iPhone users have reported this error, and users use email to log in to Twitter.

In this guide, we have mentioned multiple solutions that you can apply and possibly fix the problem at hand.

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When a platform doesn’t function the way it was built, it can be pretty frustrating. Twitter, one of the most used social media platforms, has been troubling users with nothing to see here error.

This error will not load any of your posts and sometimes does not let you log in to your profile. This issue has also been reported by PUBG and iPhone users. PUBG players using Twitter to log in can’t play the game because of Twitter anything to see here error.

The good thing about this problem is that it isn’t that big of a deal and often gets resolved on its own. But if you have been facing this error for some time, this guide will help you fix the problem.

What is Twitter Nothing to See Here error?

To put it in simple words, Twitter has nothing to see here error does not load any posts or tweets, either on the mobile app or on the desktop.

Moreover, you won’t be able to do anything, let alone post a tweet. The origin of this error isn’t explicitly known, but it could be because of a bug, server issues, outdated applications, etc.

How can I fix Twitter nothing to see here error? 1. Restart your device ➡ Smartphone

Long press the Power button.

Select Restart.

After waiting for 10 seconds, power on your phone.

➡ PC

Open Play Store.

Tap on your Profile icon.

Tap on Manage apps & devices.

Select See recent updates.

Check if there is a new Twitter app update waiting to be installed. If yes, install it and see if it fixes the issue.

You can also check if a new update is available for the browser you are using to access Twitter. Often, new updates bring bug fixes that could be causing the Twitter nothing to see here error.

3. Check Twitter servers

Twitter has an official website that shows you the server status. So if, even after multiple tries, you see nothing to see here error page, you can check out the website.

If Twitter’s servers are down, then there is nothing much that you can do from your end. All you can do is wait for the servers to go back up. You can also keep an eye on official Twitter announcements about the platform.

What can iPhone users do to fix the Twitter nothing to see here error?

While the above solutions are also applicable for iPhone users, below are some more methods that an Android, iPhone, or web user can apply and try to fix the problem.

Instead of using your Twitter username, we suggest you use your email address. Some users have reported that this sorted the issue out.

The following solution you can apply is clearing the Twitter app cache.

If you are experiencing an issue with a browser, you can try clearing the browser history and cache data.

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5 Ways To Fix “Your Organization’s Data Cannot Be Pasted Here” Error In Windows

Your computer displays a “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error when you attempt to paste data across Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) without administrative authorization. Temporary software glitches on your computer or Office application can also trigger the error.

This tutorial covers five ways to fix issues causing the “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error on Windows and Mac computers.

Table of Contents

1. Modify the Intune Application Protection Policy

Companies use Microsoft Intune app protection policies to safeguard data on computers issued to employees. You’ll get the “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error if your company’s Microsoft Intune policy settings restrict data transfer outside work applications.

If you have administrative access, modify your company’s Microsoft Intune protection policy to allow data transfer outside managed apps. Alternatively, create a new policy that allows data transfer between any application.

Note: Contact your administrator if you can’t access your company or organization’s Microsoft Intune dashboard.

Sign in to your company or organization’s Microsoft Intune dashboard.

Select the


option on the left sidebar and choose

App protection policies


Select an existing policy setting and head to the “Data Transfer” section. Next, set the “Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps” option to

Any app


If your company or organization has no app protection policy, select the Create policy option to make one.



to save changes to the protection policy settings.

Restart your computer if you still get the “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error after disabling data transfer restrictions in Microsoft Intune.

2. Reboot Your Computer

You might encounter problems copying or pasting data if your Office app is unresponsive or lagging. Closing the Office application and restarting your computer might resolve the issue.

Ensure you save or back up your file before closing your Office app or rebooting your computer, so you don’t lose unsaved work.

Reboot Windows PC

Open the Start menu, select the Power icon, and select Restart.

Reboot macOS Computer

Select the Apple icon on the menu bar and select Restart.

3. Update the Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office applications sometimes malfunction and throw error messages if they are buggy or out-of-date. Update your Microsoft Office applications and check if you can copy or paste export data across the apps.

Connect your computer to the internet (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and follow the steps below to update your Office application.

Open the Office application and open the

File tab

on the Ribbon.



on the sidebar.

Expand the

Update Options

drop-down option and select

Update Now


You’ll get another notification when the update is complete. Close the update client, reopen the Office application, and check if you can now copy and paste data.

You can also update Office Suite apps from the Microsoft Store. Refer to our tutorial on updating Microsoft Office apps for step-by-step instructions.

4. Paste Into a Different File or Document

Sometimes, the “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error is file-specific. Open a new file in the Office application and check if you can paste copied text.

If successful, the document/file you can’t paste into is likely corrupt. One way around this issue is to duplicate the problematic Office document and check if you can paste text in the duplicate copy.

Repair the document if the error persists. Refer to our tutorial on repairing damaged or corrupt Office documents for instructions.

5. Enable Editing on the File

The first time you open a file downloaded from the internet in Office apps, the file opens in read-only mode. This mode is called the “Protected View,” a security feature that reduces the risk of damaged or potentially malicious files infecting your computer.

You can’t paste or modify texts in documents open in Protected View. Microsoft Office apps display a “PROTECTED VIEW” message below the ribbon when a file isn’t editable.

Select the Enable Editing button at the end of the message to allow modifications in the document.

Try pasting text in the document and check if disabling Protected View stops the “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error. Check if you’re authorized to copy or paste data in the app if the error persists.

Paste Your Organization’s Data Anywhere, Anytime

These troubleshooting methods can help you overcome limitations preventing you from pasting data in Office applications on your computer. Contact Microsoft Support, repair the Office application, or contact your company’s IT support department if the problem persists.

How To Fix Windows Update Error 0Xc1900223

When trying to update Windows, your computer may get some strange error that says, “update to Windows xx, version xxxx – Error 0xc190023” which stops the computer from receiving and installing any updates.

As Windows constantly updates its OS, some hardware components may not work if the computer is not updated for a long time. Error 0xc190023 usually occurs when the computer cannot connect to Microsoft Update servers. Reasons for this might be an unstable internet connection or update services being stopped.

We can easily fix this issue if it is network-related. However, if some Windows Update system files are missing or corrupted, we may need to reinstall them all.

Although internet issue is one of the reasons, it is not the only thing that can cause a Windows update error.There are a few other things that can cause a Windows update to chúng tôi let’s look at those few reasons Windows Update gives errors.

Unable to connect to Microsoft update server

Error with Software Distribution file

Windows Update Services not running

Here are some solutions explained in detail that might help you solve the Windows update error.

The Software Distribution folder is a crucial system file that controls the Windows Update. If this file gets corrupted, you may have issues regarding the Windows update. You can find this folder in C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution.

If you are having some trouble with the Windows update, replacing this folder with a new one can fix the issue. Follow these steps to replace the Software Distribution folder.

First, we need to stop any Windows update service. These services include Background Intelligent Transfer (BITS) and wuauserv. 

Now, if you check C:Windows, you can see two folders named SoftwareDistribution and software chúng tôi This means that Windows has replaced the SoftwareDistribution folder with a new one. 

Try updating the OS once the process is complete. If the update is successful, we can now remove the chúng tôi and chúng tôi files from System32.

The Troubleshooter is a useful feature in Windows that will identify and fix some issues that it detects. The Windows Update Troubleshooter will check all the services system files and give you a report of things that may be causing the problem.

To run the Windows Update Troubleshooter, please follow these steps.

Multiple Services need to be running when the Windows update starts. Your computer might not update or cause errors if these services are stopped. 

Follow these steps to check if the Windows Update services are running.

Some connection issues may also cause this error when updating Windows. As 0xc1900223 error means that the OS cannot communicate to Microsoft’s Update service, we can try resetting the network stack to see if it fixes the issue. 

We can reset the network adapter either from Windows Settings or Command Prompt. Follow these steps to reset the network adapter.

From Windows Settings:

From Command Prompt:

The System File Checker (SFC) feature allows users to verify any corrupted or missing system files and fixes them. If the Windows Update system files are corrupted, the sfc command will repair them. 

You can follow these steps to run the System File Checker command.

Once the System File Checker command is completed with the process, We need to run the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) command to check, scan and restore any corrupted OS files.

Follow these steps to run the DISM command. 

Run Command Prompt as administrator.

Type the following Command and press enter.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth: This scans and repairs any common issues.

This command performs a cleanup and recovery operation on corrupted system Files.

Once you complete both SFC and DISM restart your computer.

Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool lets you upgrade Windows to the latest version by installing it. This tool allows you to create a Windows Installation file on a USB or a DVD drive without deleting your personal files and application.

Please follow these steps to update Windows using Windows Media Creation Tool.

If we face some kind of error when updating Windows from Windows Update, we can also perform a manual update from Microsoft Update Catalog. The Microsoft Update Catalog stores all update files that users can download and install manually.

Follow these steps to download and install Windows update manually.

Download the latest update from the official Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Open the downloaded file

Now, the installation process will start. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.

When a Computer is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), the computer will get a new IP Address. Along with this, depending on the settings, your computer will also have a different DNS (Domain Name System) server. 

Windows Update may give you some errors when connected to a new DNS. The OS needs to be using the default DNS to update your Windows. Therefore, disabling VPN to update Windows might be a good idea.

Please follow these steps to disable VPN.

The Host file is a system file that every OS uses to connect domain name with IP address. A corrupted host file can stop a computer from connecting to a DNS server, which can stop Windows updates from functioning.

Follow these steps to replace a host file. 

Open Notepad.

Paste the following default code.

# Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames. Each # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding hostname. # The IP address and the hostname should be separated by at least one # space. # # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol. # # For example: # # chúng tôi # source server # chúng tôi # x client host # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. # localhost # ::1 localhost

Updating Windows is a crucial thing for your computer to function smoothly. So, if the computer is suffering from an update error for a long time, resetting the Windows might be the best thing for the PC. However, this process should be a last resort if none of the above solutions works.

Follow these steps to reset your Windows.

If you choose to Keep my files, it will only reset the C drive and all your applications. This option will keep your files. However, if you decide to remove everything, the OS will remove all your files too.

How To Permanently Fix Ebay Error 502

How To Permanently Fix eBay Error 502 Do you know what browsers work best with eBay?




Server issues are a major cause of the error 502, and it is not different on eBay.

You can fix this issue by clearing your browser cache from the settings.

Another simple yet effective fix is to switch to a fast and trusted browser.

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The error 502 is one of the prominent issues stopping users from accessing the eBay website even on some of the best browsers for eBay sellers. This has cost a lot of people, as it prevents them from bidding for items and completing checkouts.

Many factors can cause this issue, from problems on eBay’s end to browser issues. Thankfully, it is an error that is easy to fix. 

This guide will show you four quick ways to solve error 502 and get back to shopping on the top-notch platform.

Quick Tip:

Try loading eBay from a different browser. We suggest Opera because it is fast, with its built-in adblocker that reduces loading times, and additional performance features like a VPN and hardware acceleration.


Access eBay securely and hassle-free with one of the fastest browsers in the game!

Free Download

Why do I keep getting the bad gateway error 502 on eBay?

Error 502 is generally down to server downtime, and eBay is not different. Also, it can be due to the accumulation of corrupt browser data.

Thankfully, the issue is easy to fix, as we will show in subsequent sections of this guide.

How do I get rid of error 502 on eBay? 1. Reload page

Sometimes, the issue with the eBay website might be temporary and resolved quickly. Hence, if you are getting the error 502 on eBay, wait a few minutes and reload the page.

2. Check eBay server status

If the results show that the error 502 on eBay is due to server downtime, there is nothing you can do but wait for it to be resolved.

3. Clear browsing data

Accumulating corrupt browser data can cause problems, including the error code 502 on eBay. Clearing and allowing your browser to gather fresh data is a quick way to fix this issue. We used Chrome as an example here but you can apply the fix to other browsers.

If you want to save time and automate the task a little bit, use a dedicated utility instead. We suggest CCleaner because it’s user-friendly and safe.

4. Switch browsers

You might need to switch to another browser if you still can’t get past the error 502 after clearing your data. You can always use some of the best browsers for all devices like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

This is because the issue might be down to the particular browser you are using at the time.

The error 502 on eBay can be costly, as it can prevent you from closing important deals. This is why it is important to apply the fixes in this guide.

Do you want a list of the best VPNs to use as an eBay seller? Give our guide a careful read for the top picks you can always use.

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How To Fix Epic Games Error Ls

If you are trying to launch the Epic Games Store client on your PC but can’t because you keep getting error LS-0003 this article will guide you through all of the recommended steps you should take to fix error LS-0003 when launching the Epic Games Store client on Windows 10 and 11.

Related: How to use a controller to play Pokemon Revolution Online.

The Epic Games Store isn’t the most popular or feature-rich game store in the gaming market but it is the only one that is constantly giving away great games. If you aren’t already claiming the free weekly games, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to build a great gaming library! Remember the games are entirely free and yours to keep forever no questions asked! So you might as well check every week.

Lately, there has been a sharp rise in people having issues with the Epic Games Store client. Which is unusual because the Epic Games client is one of the most stable gaming services on the market. Although most people will encounter error LS-0003 when launching the client, can also get it whenever you try to launch certain games. However, this isn’t as common. More often than not you’ll see the following error message along with the error code LS-0003

Search our knowledge base to learn more

Thankfully, there are quite a few different potential fixes for Epic Game Store error LS-0003, so work your way through them until you fix the issue and get everything working again.

How do you fix Epic Games Store error: You must be signed in to launch, Please sign in and try again. Error Code LS-0003, Search our knowledge base to learn more?

The first thing you need to do if you have this issue is to sign out of your Epic Games Store account then Restart your computer. Once your computer has restarted, open the Epic Games client, and sign in to your account. This time around you shouldn’t have any issues.

If you still have issues are re-signing into your account, visit the Epic Games Store and sign in using the web version. If you don’t have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled I strongly suggest turning it on. If you aren’t sure how to do this check out our guide here. (sadly there’s no free emote for enabling 2FA anymore but the guide still works the same)

Uninstall and Reinstall the Epic Games Store client to fix error LS-0003.

If the first solution hasn’t helped solve error LS-0003 from the Epic Games Store the next best thing to do is uninstall and reinstall the Epic Games client. Just make sure you restart your computer after the uninstallation so that you get a nice clean slate to work from when reinstalling. Just remember that doing this will require you to download all of your games again which may eat into any download limits you have.

How to fix Epic Games error LS-0018.

How To Fix Hulu Error Code P

The P-DEV320 error code will pop up on your screen if your device can’t establish a connection with Hulu’s servers. This error could be due to issues with your internet connection or problems with Hulu’s servers.

Using an outdated version of the streaming app on your device could also trigger the Hulu error code P-DEV320. The causes and their respective solutions will vary based on your streaming device. We’re confident that at least one of the troubleshooting tips below will resolve the Hulu error code P-DEV320.

Table of Contents

1. Check Hulu’s Server Status

Head to DownDetector or other website monitoring platforms and check if Hulu’s servers are up-and-running. If these websites and other users report an issue with Hulu, contact Hulu Support, and wait until Hulu fixes the problem. 

2. Check Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can also prevent your device from connecting with Hulu. If you’re on a wireless network, ensure the router is powered on and close to your device. Restarting your router could also stop the P-DEV320 error.

For cellular connections, make sure you haven’t depleted your internet plan. Also, enable airplane mode, wait a few seconds, and turn off airplane mode. That’ll refresh your device’s internet connection and possibly stop the Hulu P-DEV320 error code.

Contact your ISP if you still can’t stream movies in Hulu or other streaming apps.

3. Force Close and Reopen Hulu

Hulu may fail to exchange data with your device if the Hulu app is malfunctioning. Force-quit Hulu on your streaming device, relaunch the app and see if that puts an end to the P-DEV320 error.

Reopen Hulu after force-quitting the app and check if you’re able to stream movies without issues.

4. Update Hulu

Hulu may occasionally throw the error code P-DEV320 if you’re running an outdated version of the app. Head to your device’s app store and install any update available for Hulu. Better yet, configure your streaming device to automatically update Hulu as soon as there’s a new version in the app store.

Refer to the system and app updates page on Hulu’s website for explicit instructions on updating Hulu on all compatible devices.

5. Clear Your Browser’s Data

If you’re streaming Hulu on a PC or Mac computer, clearing your Hulu’s data in your browser might resolve problems causing the Hulu error code P-DEV320. Deleting Hulu’s site data and cookies will sign you out of Hulu. Make sure you have your account credentials handy before you proceed.

Clear Hulu’s Data in Safari

Close the Hulu tab in Safari (don’t close the browser) and follow the steps below.

Select Safari on the menu bar and select Preferences.

Go to the “Privacy” tab, select Manage Website Data.

Type hulu in the search bar and select Remove All.

Select Remove Now to proceed.

Select Done and reopen Hulu in a new tab. 

Clear Hulu’s Data in Google Chrome

Paste chrome://settings/siteData in the address bar, press Enter, type hulu in the search bar and select Remove all shown.

Clear Hulu’s Data in Mozilla Firefox

Close all Hulu tabs in Firefox, open a new tab and follow the steps.

Paste about:preferences#privacy in the address bar, and press Enter.

Scroll to the “Cookies and Site Data” section and select Manage Data.

Type hulu in the search bar and select Remove All Shown.

Select Save Changes and try streaming Hulu in a new tab.

Clear Hulu Cookies in Microsoft Edge

Close all Hulu tabs, paste edge://settings/siteData in the address bar, type hulu in the search bar, and select Remove all shown.

Reopen Hulu in a new tab and check if that stops the P-DEV320 error.

6. Update Your Browser

Streaming Hulu movies with an outdated or unsupported browser could also trigger the error code P-DEV320. Hulu recommends streaming content using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox on Mac and Windows devices. Microsoft Edge works with Hulu only on Windows devices.

Head to your browser’s settings menu and make sure it’s up-to-date. 

For Firefox, go to Settings and select Check for updates in the “Firefox Updates” section. We also recommend toggling on Automatically install updates so Firefox updates itself when there’s a new version.

To update Microsoft Edge, go to Settings, select About Microsoft Edge on the left sidebar, and wait for the browser to update itself.

Updating Chrome is equally easy. Paste chrome://settings/help in the address bar, press Enter, select Update Google Chrome, and reopen Hulu in a new tab when the update is complete.

Close and reopen your browser if the Hulu error code P-DEV320 persists. You could also try streaming Hulu in another supported browser or device.

7. Restart Your Device

Power-cycling your streaming device could eliminate system glitches causing Hulu to malfunction. Restart your smartphone, set-top box, smart TV, or whatever device you’re streaming Hulu on. Open Hulu when your device comes back on and check if the error re-appears. 

8. Reinstall Hulu

There could be a problem with the version of the Hulu app installed on your device. If you’re unable to update Hulu, or the P-DEV320 error continues after updating Hulu, delete the app and reinstall the latest version from your device’s app store.

Contact Hulu Support

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