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We always strive to be as data-driven as possible. However, given the secretive nature of consultancies and forward-looking aspects of this article, most insights came from the writer’s decade of experience at an MBB.

Why you don’t hear about disruption of management consulting?

Because management consultants don’t like to get talked about.

Companies like McKinsey avoid the limelight: They rarely talk to the press, every article published goes through multiple rounds of reviews with the participation of global compliance staff, they avoid being included in Fortune 500, their clients are not allowed to mention their name.

This is for good reason. Every company that matters to them already knows them and a significant share works with them. Increased limelight brings scrutiny and any company working with 1000s of companies will inevitably work with failed companies. This happened in cases like the Enron scandal

However, industry watchers are pessimistic:

An Harvard Business Review article claims that in near future even the elite consultants face the risk of getting replaced by artificial intelligence.

The Economist analyzed the possible effects of AI on consulting in the near future.

What are the USPs of management consultants?

Unique selling points and how they will be impacted by a certain change is a  is a good method to estimate the impact of change on an industry. Management consultants USPs are:

People: If you get asked why you want to join a certain consultancy, just say “people” even if you know nobody there. They will nod knowingly and assume that you are in on the fact that they have great people. Management consultancies make revenues on selling billable hours. Their people have to be great to be justifying hundreds of thousands in fees for a few weeks of work of a team of a few people.

Information: Their global reach allows you to learn from the experiences of your competitors or companies facing similar problems.

Know-how: Not all information is captured in databases or powerpoint slides. Things like convincing an organization are more art than science and management consulting partners have extensive experience doing the same things in different companies.

Reputation / reliability: “No one got fired for hiring McKinsey” gets mentioned frequently.

How will these USPs change? People

It will be hard to retain this USP in the future when the most ambitious graduates are attracted by tech companies or VCs who throw them millions to build their companies.

Tech companies VCs

If they want more independence, they can also go after building their own business. Compared to pre-2010 levels, there is significantly more money chasing new startups

Figure 1: Venture deals since 2008, Source: CrunchbaseFigure 2: Venture deals since 2008 ,Source: Crunchbase


The information USP is at risk since companies share granular data with AI vendors who use them to build better models that benefit entire industries or departments.

Consultants can not share granular data from other clients but they can share high level insights or help your company engage in benchmarking which helps compare your company at a more detailed level with other companies. While these insights are useful for humans, they are too high level for machine decision makers which can crunch more granular data to arrive at better decisions. As machines take over decision making, the value of high level data is reduced.

AI companies are stepping in to enable companies to use more granular data in their decision making. For example, XANT (previously known as chúng tôi claims


This is less at risk compared to other USPs.

General (including soft) skills like communication

However, a wealth of ex-consultants provide consultancy services that are much cheaper than MBB since they are fully compensated for their work without needing to channel profits to the global partners of the firm. On-demand hiring companies take limited commissions compared to MBB resulting in projects which are significantly cheaper.

Hard Skills

As Roy Bahat of Bloomberg Beta shares “Consultancies are built for two-by-two matrices. AI’s matrices are a million by a million.” The new complex world of analytics favors data scientists and tech companies vs management consultancies. However, consultancies are making big investments in this area to close the gap.

McKinsey’s acquisition of QuantumBlack 

Management consultancies are also embracing modern technology in their traditional work like lean operations: An emerging technology that leverages machine learning is process mining. It helps companies better understand their actual processes. Consulting firms like EY have already started to leverage this technology by offering better services and optimize their processes. A process mining vendor claims that EY can currently analyze business processes in less than one week. Process mining can accelerate auditing and consulting processes and help businesses identify the best processes to automate.

Learn more on process mining benefits, use cases, case studies and how it can transform processes through automation and process improvement.

Reputation / Reliability

As my consultant friends like to say: “It depends”. They are rich enough to buy their way out of some of the challenges listed above but their buying capacity is also limited. As partnerships distributing profits over the years, they are not sitting on top of massive cash piles like Apple which they can use to buy their way out of any problem.

Interest in these companies is not a great way to measure their influence or revenues but it still gives an idea about their trajectory. The buzz around Palantir’s IPO will be gone soon but it seems that management consultancies are on a declining trajectory and this can be attributed to the factors harming their USPs:

Figure 3: Google interest rates for each company,Source: Google Trends

Also, don’t forget to check out our sortable/filterable list of management consulting companies.

To identify companies to lead your AI transformation or alternatives to consulting, feel free to reach out to us:

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Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





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How Will Ai Shape The Future Of Voip

When AI technology becomes an active player, the efficiency and potential of VoIP industries are going to soar high

Artificial intelligence (AI) which was once part of science fiction has become part of our day-to-day life. It has become a buzzword in this technology-driven world and its impact is expected to grow in the coming years. It is bringing a revolution across the different industries including voice over internet protocol (VoIP). VoIP telecommunication with its multifaceted features is already changing the communication setup of various industries. Many multinational companies and other businesses are already benefiting from So, let us see how AI is going to transform and shape the future of VoIP and how they are going to be an indispensable part of all business operations.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) are very popular in call centers and many other industries. They are designed to automatically respond to the caller and to promote solid customer support. They greet customers and clear their queries. AI will further enhance this customer service by gathering caller’s data, personal information, call records, and their previous transactions. For nuanced queries, it will route the calls to the departments that can best solve the customer’s query. At times, they provide all this information to the agent even before the call gets connected, enabling much effective communication. IVR system along with AI provides excellent customer service, which is crucial for any business to thrive and succeed.

Contact Center Operations

VoIP system makes the call center service hassle-free. With an AI-integrated VoIP system, the call centers can now provide seamless service by reducing the need for much human intervention. An AI-integrated VoIP system will be able to record and analyze all the customer calls. Thus, it enables the agent to understand the mood and emotion of the customer by studying their conversations. This will help the agent to handle the calls smoothly and not to make a situation worse. The agents will get a rough idea of the customer’s need; therefore they will be able to divert the call to the department which can best deal with customers. This will help to reduce the help desk staffs which will intern helps to save costs.

Conference facilities

AI integrated web conferences with

Chatbot functions

Chatbots are software that are designed to provide hassle-free customer service by performing the automated task that they received in texts and audio means. They are made for an automated customer interaction similar to IVR. AI bot takes this to another level by performing tasks that are usually done by humans. They schedule meetings, set conferences, invite the attendees, welcome the guests, manage time, and much more.

Pattern Identification Reduce latency

One of the major problems with VoIP is the low speed of processing. AI can reduce this problem of latency in VoIP calls. Earlier, the solution for this low quality was to buy new hardware and install expensive software.  AI can detect the reason behind this low quality and hence can fix this problem as AI is capable of handling data quicker.

Lower bandwidth issue

AI is designed to solve the low-bandwidth issue faced and wrong network configuration in real-time. The main idea behind this is that AI will identify the issue and solve it without any manual/human interference. They can analyze data such as the conversation details and emails, to identify the behavioral pattern of the customer.

Consumer satisfaction

If you are working in a company or organization that has to deal with hundreds of calls, VoIP with an integrated AI system can increase efficiency. AI systems can efficiently manage call traffic. If there are too many calls, AI with the help of machine-learned techniques can route the call to another available employee or to the department that can best deal with the caller. Thus, with an efficient service team, it will save time and reduce both the customer’s and employee’s frustration.

How Ai And Iot Will Transform The Modern Enterprise In 2023

AI and IoT are the core technologies in 2023 that are transforming modern businesses

Technology plays a crucial part in the growth of modern enterprises. To be at par with competitors as well as the rest of the world, modern enterprises are quickly adopting technologies that can support their business processes and help them realize their maximum potential as an enterprise. Owing to the multifold benefits of AI and IoT, enterprises across all industries are integrating these technologies into their business processes. IoT-driven innovations have opened up many new opportunities for businesses because of the enhanced practical solutions and improved asset utilization. The overall efficiency and delivery of an enterprise are increased by CRM embedded AI as it is the new generation of customer relations. AI also finds its application in competitive intelligence to help enterprises with ever-changing market trends and cyber security, protecting enterprises of all scales from cyber threats. AI and IoT are two of the most used technologies in today’s world however, their application individually might lag in a few aspects than when used together. AI and IoT have a great synergy together forming a wonderful partnership where IoT fetches data, and AI transforms it into meaningful insights. This is the reason that they are called a match made in heaven in the digital world. Irrespective of the size, scale, and business model of a company, automation backed by IoT, which is integrated with AI, and its subset technologies in a cloud-based platform makes an excellent resource for companies in various sectors like healthcare, energy, retail, automobile, manufacturing, etc.  

How will IoT and AI transform modern enterprises in 2023?

Due to the pandemic, the world saw a massive shift in the way we operate. Enterprises have become very conscious of the risks associated with their businesses. The combination of AI and IoT have the capabilities to make better predictions and forecasts about the risk factor involved in the problem statement they are applied to. This ability makes them even more important for the modern age enterprise for minimizing their risk. Be it B2C or B2B, making your customers satisfied is one of the crucial goals of an enterprise. With IoT, enterprises have an abundance of data on the customer behavior pattern and AI has the skills to turn that data into meaningful insights that will help these enterprises give their customers a better experience by providing them personalized services in the year 2023. One of the key objectives of all businesses is to increase their productivity and expand. IoT works in different layers to enhance business productivity by offering real-time employee training, improved coordination between the employees and the client, and eliminating any mismatch of skills required for a particular job whereas, AI software minimizes the time and resources lost in understanding and responding to customer requirements. It helps the businesses focus on the next step of the business process, thus increasing their productivity. The ultimate aim of any enterprise is to maximize revenue and reduce costs. IoT and AI are proving to be beneficial for most industries and will continue to do so in the coming year. With the enhanced smart solutions that these technologies provide and their ability to collect data and monitor the smart sensors, meters, and other attached appliances, AI and IoT will not only help the enterprises to reduce cost but also help them in maximizing their revenue. With IoT devices made smarter with AI, modern enterprises are heading towards a new era of opportunities and growth. AI and IoT have the cumulative ability to restructure the way decisions are made in modern enterprises. With the increased focus on research of new-age technologies, there is an abundance of the scope of innovation. IoT and AI are future-ready technologies. What enterprises need to do is to find their unique problems for which they can use these future-ready technologies and become a part of the new age revolution in technology.  


Best Cable Management Accessories In 2023

Are you working from home? There’s a good chance that your desk is brimming with cables and, well, more cables! Although we need them, they can be annoying and unsightly. To help you declutter and better organize your space, I have scoured the internet to prepare this ultimate list of the best cable management accessories. They are efficient, cost-effective, and can enhance your productivity by leaps and bounds! Let’s look at each.

1. Amazon’s cable management sleeve – Best in durability

You can call this sleeve a synonym for simplicity at its best. The white-colored sleeve measures 60 inches in length and 1.2-inch in diameter. The full-length Velcro strip can be of great help in giving a secure closure with ease of access. It can serve impeccably for home theaters, TV entertainment systems, and computer stations all at once and prevent the wires from fraying.

The best thing? Since it an Amazon product, you get a 1-year warranty with this cable management sleeve.

Check out on Amazon

2. OHill’s cable clips – Convenient cable management solution

In the package, you receive 16 different-sized black cable clip holders that can be used individually at different places or together based on your need. The compact cable holders offer grip for single-wire, two wires, and three wires. It also includes two clips that can hold up to five cables at once.

You don’t have to make an additional hole in your wall to install them; peel the back sticker and let the adhesive pad do the rest for you. Just ensure there isn’t any dust particle on the surface and is free from water while sticking them. If you fail to check that, you might face trouble with the longevity of its hold.

Check out on Amazon

3. Syncwire’s self-adhesive USB cable clips – High-quality, non-toxic built

Also, these are made using high-quality silicone that’s non-toxic and odorless. However, these aren’t the only features you get. Besides holding your cables, they can also hold your pen, toothbrush, and flossers.

In the packet, you receive self-adhesive clips of five different sizes with varying capacities to hold cables.

Check out on Amazon

4. Topbooc’s cord organizer kit – Convenient cable management solution

This one is a mega cord management bundle housed with 124 pcs to manage cords and cables with the utmost ease. The list includes 4 cable sleeves with zipper, 10 self-adhesive cable clip holders, 10pcs and 2 roll self-adhesive ties, and 100 fastening cable ties. Each of them is made using premium quality material that’s highly durable and resistant to electric hazards.

All in all, it has every component that can be of immense use to manage cords and cables in your office and home.

Check out on Amazon

5. Hmrope’s cable zip ties – Comes with a lifetime warranty

The 200mm long and 3.5mm wide zip wire tie is a perfect example of simplicity at its best. It can hold a weight of up to 50 pounds and is made using high tensile fire-resistant nylon. It can withstand 40°F to more than 185°F temperature and serve as an impeccable resource to meet your outdoor needs.

The self-locking fastener is bestowed with a robust locking system and prevents snagging in tight. As a part of the package, you get 100 durable cable ties.

Check out on Amazon

6. TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box

Here’s a cable management box that’s the perfect home for up to 2 unsightly power strips and all of the cords that go with it. It serves as an ideal charging station on my desk for a clutter-free space. Although the most expensive on the list, it looks like an elegant piece of home decor and blends into almost any decor scheme. 

The bamboo looks good while being eco-friendly and durable. Moreover, it’s been crafted with precision and has smooth, rounded edges that are child-friendly.

It’s perfect for staying organized at both the home and office. It also comes backed by a 1-year warranty, so you know you’re investing in the best quality!

Check out on Amazon

7. SOULWIT’s self-adhesive cable organizer clips – Best in eco-friendly material

These are made using premium PA66 eco-friendly material, which provides good insulation and makes these clips resistant to corrosion and high-temperature.

These clips can house maximum width of 8mm and hold them firmly. As part of the package, you receive 50 pieces of cable management clips that make a perfect companion for network cables, video cables, power cords, audio cables, and cables in data centers, offices, or homes.

The clips come with a self-adhesive pad at the rear that can be glued on any clean, water-free, dust-free, and oil-free surface.

Check out on Amazon

8. Hydream’s  silicone wire holders – Highly flexible and long-lasting grip

I’ll call this one compact and resourceful considering that it features 7 cable slots in the space of 5-slot size. The package includes 3 cable organizers that can serve individually to declutter 21 cables effortlessly. It is made using 100% non-toxic silicone and is non-magnetic and highly flexible. This allows you to stick it using the adhesive pad wherever you want. Just peel and stick it in a clean and dry place and hold it for 30 seconds to ensure a long-lasting grip.

Its build makes it perfect for charging cords, USB cables, audio cables, wired earphones, and computer cables. Besides, as of writing this article, the seller offered a 1-year warranty on the product.

Check out on Amazon

9. ENONCI’s cable raceway kit – A durable cable organizer

This cable raceway kit by ENONCI is different than the rest on the list as it demands working with the screws but offers broader capabilities. It measures 10mm in diameter and can house AWG 1/0 wire and cable, and can be a perfect choice for thick cables like 3-pin plug cables, Cat-5 or Cat-6 Ethernet cables and camera cables, etc.

As a part of your order, you receive 77-inch cable cover raceways, five cable raceways, two-wire holders, one adhesive tape, 5 velcro cable ties, and 20 expandable screws.

Though this might require additional effort to install, it can serve as a single accessory to meet all your cable management needs, thus, making it a little expensive than most others on the list.

Check out on Amazon

10. PASOW’s reusable fastening wire organizer – Easy-to-use and sturdy

Manage your cables in the simplest form using this affordable set of 50 cable ties by PASOW. The velcro cable ties are available in 8 different colors as a set and make an ideal choice to organize your cables and make the work desk look tidy without compromising the aesthetics.

The multipurpose cable ties can be reused and are made using flexible and durable fabric material. If you don’t want to work around a lot and keep things simple, these reusable fastening wire organizers are a perfect choice.

Check out on Amazon

11. VIVO’s under desk cable organizer tray – Best cable hiding solution

The black tray helps you avoid tangling against wires beneath your work desk and gives a clutter-free setup. It is made using sturdy material and can easily conceal cables weighing up to 11lbs support.

Also, you can install it underneath any wooden or metallic table using the screws that come with the package. It features a partially closed design to ensure that your cables don’t fall apart.

The setup can indeed serve a purpose significantly when accompanied with velcro ties holding the wires from spreading.

Check out on Amazon

12. SimpleCord’s J channel desk cable organizer – Best in desk cable management

The desk cable management channel supports peel-and-stick function and can route and conceal your cables smartly. You can have a set of five organizers and opt from six different color options.

Each channel measures 16-inch in length, which, if used smartly, can impeccably hide your cables all through the socket till your tabletop. Besides color options, you can further ensure that the final output is more appealing.

This desk cable organizer protects your child from touching the wires and can be used not only for your work desk but also in baseboards and the kitchen.

Check out on Amazon

13. Tokye’s cord organizer with cable kit – Best fire-resistant kit

There’s no way you can avoid giving this kit a second look or resist the temptation to have it. However, this one’s different; this isn’t like those we saw in the list.

As a part of the kit, you receive one stylish wire box with 1 sleeve, 4 clips, and 6 ties. You can house a multi-pin socket in the box and further use sleeves, clips, and ties to serve the purpose of routing the cables neatly.

Although the most expensive on the list, it is made using premium materials that offer features like high density and an anti-scratch surface. What I explicitly loved about this kit is its fire-retardant quality. It ensures that you are not only organized but also safe.

Check out on Amazon

14. Viaky’s adjustable cable clips – Best in tabletop cable management

It is made using 100% authentic industrial-grade nylon for added durability and strength. Besides this, they are resistant to high-temperature, corrosion, acid, etc.

As a part of the package, you get 30 pieces of clips. Just make sure while applying them, the surface is dry and dust-free. Also, once placed, leave them for around an hour for the best grip.

Check out on Amazon

15. INCHOR’s cable white cord holder – Best home cable organizer

The package includes three cable clips with 7, 5, and 3 slots. The silicone cable clips are durable and flexible by nature and can house wires with a diameter of up to 6mm. Besides holding your wires, it can also hold your pens, toothbrush, floss holder, etc.

You need to peel the sticker off from the rear and stick the clip on a clean and dry surface. Press and hold it for around 30 seconds for better grip. The adhesive pad is strong enough to hold your phone charging cables, USB cables, network cables, TV power cords, etc.

It is super easy to install. However, the only thing you need to take care of before sticking is to ensure the surface is clean, oil- and dust-free, and water-free.

Check out on Amazon


You may only need one of the above accessories to ensure the clutter-free management of your home office. While my favorite from the list is Amazon’s cable management sleeve cover for its 1-year warranty and ease of use, you can see what works best for you.

Meanwhile, you may also enjoy reading:

Author Profile


Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

Automated Workflow Management: A Comprehensive Guide In 2023

~78% of business leaders think remote working and workplace reconfiguration will boost automation and digital transformation.

Knowledge of workload automation is important to enhance workflow management. However, many business leaders claim not to know about workflow automation:

~68% of businesses do not understand digital transformation.

~75% of organizations do not have the right information about the digital workplace.

We have curated this article to fill that knowledge gap. We cover:

What is a workflow? 

What is workflow automation?

What is workflow management?

What are the types of workflow automation?

Which workflow automation type should be used?

What is workload automation (WLA) based workflow automation?

What is business process automation (BPA) based workflow automation?

What is robotic process automation (RPA ) based workflow automation?

What is a workflow?

A “workflow” is a series of industrial, administrative, or other processes that take a piece of work from start to finish. A workflow is made possible by putting resources into processes that change materials, give services, or process information in a planned way. A workflow can include multiple steps, people, systems, or machines.

Figure 1: A workflow example.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is using software to eliminate or reduce the number of manual tasks and increase work efficiency. Some examples of workflow automation are:

Creation and sending out calendar events and invitations.

Sending messages through platforms like WhatsApp and SMS.

Document creation, like sales contracts, to send customers for signature.

Tasks in data workflows, like data transfer between platforms.

Workload distribution based on volume and time.

What is a workflow management system?

A workflow management system (WfMS or WFMS) or workflow application is a set of tools that lets you set up, run, and observe a predetermined set of tasks. 

What are the types of workflow automation?

Workflow automation can be classified into three categories according to the way it functions:

Which workflow automation type should be used?

WLA-based workflow automation can be preferred when back-end workflows are automated, such as:

Server updates.

Data management operations like extract-transform-load (ETL) operations.

Automating tasks for file transfer protocol servers.

BPA-based workflow automation can be used in front-end operations that require flexibility, such as:

Travel requests are processed through digital forms on a single platform.

Creating digital time-off requests forms.

Sorting customer queries to departments by using the software interface.

RPA-based workflow automation can be useful in precisely repeatable front-end operations such as:

Data entering for cashier reports like product ID and product quantity.

Creation of PDF invoices and sending them to a specified email address.

User activity auditing to ensure user compliance.

What is WLA-based workflow automation?

Workload automation (WLA) software lets back-end business workflows be scheduled, started, and triggered from one platform. 

What are the differences between BPA and RPA?

In contrast to BPM and RPA, Workload Automation gives more importance to event-driven triggers, situational dependencies, and real-time processing than time-based processing when planning, starting, and running workflows.

To learn more about WLA vs. RPA, check out this quick read.

Why is it important?

There are over 14 case studies of WLA where companies benefit from WLA workflow automation. Workload automation can provide the following benefits:

Discover Creatio – the no-code platform for workflow automation and CRM, offering businesses freedom and flexibility. Trusted by thousands of enterprises in more than 100 countries, millions of workflows are launched on the platform every single day.

Watch their short video clip to get a grasp of their services:

How does it work?

Users can log in to their WLA software to create workflows. 

Users can choose the application or service to automate a task on the workflow creation screen.

Then, the user can create an event trigger to initiate another business process with the execution of the application. 

In the end, the user can set up an alarm or a message to let him or her know when the business process is done or canceled.

Video 1: An example of the use of the WLA tool:

What are some WLA use cases in workflow automation?

This section highlights some use cases of workflow automation:

IT department:

To automate ETL workflows: WLA tools can automate ETL task triggering and execution to reduce human error.

To manage data centers: By using WLA tools, IT teams can create workflows to manage data centers from a single platform.

Human Resources:

To automate payrolls: WLA tools can be used in HR to automate payroll management tasks like the calculation of compensations or initiation of payments.

To automate hiring tasks: By using WLA, HR can schedule online job posts, interviews, and emails.


To automate know your customers (KYC) tasks: WLA automation can be used in finance to automate KYC workflow tasks in finance like

business existence checks

Address checks

Financial document recordings

Client onboarding and offboarding: WLA technologies can automate client onboarding and offboarding emails and permissions.

What is business process automation-based workflow automation?

Business process automation (BPA) uses software to automate business workflows. Excel’s autofill and macro features are some of the first examples of business process automation used in business processes like sales order processing. 36% of businesses automate workflow, and 26% intend to do so.

What is the difference between BPA & RPA?

BPA automates the workflows of business processes to make tasks that used to be done by hand more efficient. BPA focuses more on front-end tasks like automating emails and invoice processing. Or creating more open-ended business tasks like situation-based workflow diagrams to assign tasks to employees. Some of the main differences are:

RPA tools focus on automating specific and exactly repeatable tasks, while BPA can automate situation-dependent workflows.

The use of BPA tools is less predictable, and they are slower than RPA chúng tôi tools are faster and more predictable than BPA tools. 

Examine this quick read for more information on RPA vs. BPA.

Why is it important?

BPA can assist in business process management (BPM) and improvement. BPM involves discovering, modeling, analyzing, measuring, improving, optimizing, and automating processes. Improving business process management is important because it can have the following benefits:

Improve efficiency: Analysts and leaders can see every step, task, and employee in workflows with BPM. In 55 process improvement case studies we collected, 72% of them improved process efficiency with BPM efforts.  

Figure 2:  In 72% of companies, the use of BPM increased process efficiency.

Motivate change: Business leaders can use BPM tools to document, monitor, and anticipate changes in workflows.

Motivate compliance and security: Managers and analysts can easily document and visualize workflows with BPM to ensure compliance. For example, 19% of executives consider BPM for audit and compliance purposes. 

Learn more about business process management benefits and best practices. Compare BPM, process intelligence, and process mining tools through our data-driven and comprehensive lists. 

How does it work?

Video 2: An application of business process automation software.

What are some BPA use cases?

Document search: BPA software can aid in finding information on platforms or internal systems that your company uses to store documents. 

Video 3: An example of a BPA document search:

Diagramming: Business workflow automation BPA can create workflow diagrams with drag-and-drop features. Workflow diagrams help to explain how a business process works with visual workflows. They can show how a business process works from beginning to end. BPA software can:

Support the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) graphically or with other diagramming conventions.

Save time by creating workflow diagrams manually with their pre-defined features. 

Figure 3: Workflow diagram.

Email management: Service requests from emails and form submissions can be automated using BPA. BPA software can be programmed to process specific emails and forms. These items could include a customer number or the phrase “support ticket.” When an email arrives, the BPA software can start the tasks that the user has specified, such as sending a “thank you” email with the average response time to the request.

Video 4: An exemplary use of BPA for email management.

What is robotic process automation-based workflow automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a common way to make specialized agents, or “bots,” that interact with graphical user interface (GUI) elements to complete repetitive, rules-based workflows. They can, for example, be used to move files to specified folders and read and write databases within a specified time frame.  

Figure 4: RPA Services business process architecture

Why is it important?

RPA is important because it has the following benefits: 

On-time process execution: RPA bots can start a task on a specific day and time each month.

Boosts remote work and reduces costs: RPA lets employees orchestrate and monitor automated workflows from a dashboard remotely.

RPA can manage remote desktop automation: RPA can automate remote desktops using their user interface.

To learn more about the benefit of RPA, check out this quick read.

How does it work?

RPA software can require programmers to create and automate bots. On the RPA software:

Video 5: An exemplary use of RPA software

What are some of the RPA use cases in workflows?

Data updates: RPA can automate tasks in data processing workflows. RPA can be set to update relevant data from forms or emails automatically. So, HR, marketing services, and sales departments can have access to the most up-to-date and correct information.

Data validation: Data validation workflows can include automatable tasks like cross-checking data against publicly available data. RPA automation is more suitable than other tools due to scalability.

Data extraction from PDFs and scanned documents: RPA can automate tasks in data extraction document processing because screen scraping, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and basic pattern recognition technologies can be integrated with RPAs.

Learn more about RPA use cases and applications.

You can download our whitepaper to find out more about workload automation:

If you have any more questions about best practices for workload automation, please get in touch with us at:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





Best Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Software In 2023

An enterprise project management platform must have a high-level view to allow project managers to track projects across various departments. Having the necessary coordination across different units is very important to ensure that the organization’s goals are achieved.

If you are new to project management, you will most likely need to identify the dependencies between your various projects. For instance, a sales project might contribute 10% toward a marketing initiative’s goal of increasing customer acquisition. Having the right information and documented processes will help you get the most out of your work.

A good project management system should also help project managers align their teams with the goals of the organization. It should have the necessary features to manage tasks and resources, as well as provide reports and dashboards.

What is PPM software?

The providers of project management software are focused on supporting the planning and execution of various types of projects, such as traditional ones. They also provide a variety of communication and collaboration capabilities that allow work teams to manage their projects more effectively.

Although some of the providers of project management software provide these capabilities through their own products, they also recognize that additional integration points are needed to ensure that their offerings are compatible with other platforms.

Top Project Portfolio Management Software Wrike

The award-winning project management software Wrike is used by some of the world’s most prominent brands, such as Google, Siemens, and Nickelodeon. The enterprise tier of Wrike is mainly focused on security. Its users can easily log in using 2FA and single sign-on. There are also password policies that can be set to restrict the strength of the password.

Wrike’s features include a variety of capabilities that are designed to help you manage projects. One of these is work intelligence, which uses machine learning and AI to identify projects that are at risk and suggest solutions.


With Smartsheet, you can easily align your global teams and manage projects. It’s enterprise-level software that helps you build and implement business-focused solutions.

With the enterprise plan, you can easily access Smartsheet Advanced. It includes a control center that can help you manage projects and keep track of all of your data. You can also have a private key that can be used to access reports and other important data.

At a security level, you can get Single Sign-On (SSO), integration with your local directory software, and recurring backups. One of the most interesting features is the app builder, which allows you to create mobile and web apps that are built on top of automation.

Reports and dashboards are built-in, and they can be used to analyze and visualize multiple sheets. It also has various features such as workflow automation and resource management. You can also integrate various applications, such as Active Directory, Salesforce, and Slack. Some of these are development essentials, such as Jira.

Bubble PPM

The Bubble Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software provides a variety of reporting tools and real-time insight into a project’s progress.

The ability to view and control all of your projects’ progress is one of the reasons I picked Bubble Project Portfolio Management. Its robust features and in-built processes allow you to make informed decisions.

The interface of Bubble Project Management is very customizable, and it features various colorful elements that can help you identify areas where you can improve your project’s efficiency. Its report creation feature allows you to produce reports from scratch or automate them.

The software features a variety of tools that allow you to score projects and manage their various aspects. It also provides a financial planning tool that helps you align your investments with your strategy.

The integration process allows you to add various features to the software. You can also get in touch with the company’s technical support team for help.


The Celoxis platform is an all-in-one project management solution that enables organizations to manage their projects and work collaboratively. It includes a variety of features such as project accounting, resource management, and client tracking.

Celoxis has top-level security. Even though they don’t have an enterprise plan, they offer 256-bit encryption for transferring data and redundancy in their infrastructure. They also have a variety of features, such as VPN and access to their servers through their founders’ only keys.

Although it doesn’t have an SLA, the Celoxis platform is GDPR-compliant. It also has a variety of features that allow it to monitor and analyze its logs.

The platform has a variety of tools that can help organizations manage their projects. Some of these include a project tracker, resource availabilities, and utilization reports.

Celoxis allows users to integrate various applications, such as Salesforce, Google Apps, and QuickBooks Online. Its API can also be used to create custom integrations.

Zoho projects

Zoho Projects is an easy-to-manage project management system that enables enterprises to manage their projects. Its intuitive user interface and remote management make it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Employees can work more efficiently by coordinating with managers and other collaborators. Zoho Projects’ Enterprise plan also provides various tools to effectively manage projects.

The resource utilization chart in the enterprise software allows users to visualize the team’s workload and availability. It can be used to create a visual representation of the various tasks and activities of the team. Additionally, the heatmap view can show the status of staff members’ disconnected schedules.

Zoho Projects has various features that can help employees manage their projects. These include time management, task management, and collaboration.

The integration platform of Zoho allows third-party applications to work seamlessly with the company’s various products, such as its finance suite and Zoho Books. With the new marketplace, third-party applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow can also be integrated with Zoho.

The Enterprise plan’s portfolio dashboard is exclusive to the management of projects. This feature allows businesses to use Zoho Projects as their project management solution.


With Asana, you can manage your project portfolio and keep track of all of your company’s goals. This solution works for medium and large enterprises.

Asana is a fairly standard tool that comes with a variety of features. But what sets it apart is its security. Not only does it have four ISO certifications related to privacy and data protection, but it also has the necessary security measures to comply with the GDPR.

Over the years, Asana has been a part of the market. I value her level of service and her experience. Asana is a tool that can help you manage various tasks and projects. It also has a variety of features, such as project management, resource management, and portfolio tracking.

Asana has a variety of integrations that allow it to work seamlessly with various enterprise and IT tools. These include Okta, Splunk, OneLogin, and Active Directory.


Instead of using software that focuses on execution, project management software allows companies to create and manage strategies for their projects. A portfolio is made up of interrelated projects, which means they have similar resources and scope.

A company that specializes in architecture, engineering, or construction may have three portfolios. One for design and architecture, another for industrial and civil engineering, and the third for commercial and residential construction. These portfolios may contain hundreds of projects, all of which need to be monitored and managed.

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