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Get the new Windows 11 Paint app experience [Insiders only]




Everyone is excited about the new Paint experience for Windows 11 but the future app version only has a few changed features.

The most significant change about Paint is its user interface, which is modern.

Microsoft also removed the Edit in Paint 3D button and added a changed text tool.

Do you remember that we were actually talking about this system built-in tool a couple of weeks ago? Well, what we said back then has come to pass and this app has now completed its evolutionary process.

We were all announced that Microsoft is about to start tweaking Paint and that the results would be satisfactory for all of us.

Panos Panay has now hinted at the redesigned Paint app and users are more than curious and eager to try it out.

What’s new on the Windows 11 Paint app look and features?

Update: Microsoft announced in a Windows Blog post that they are beginning to roll out the redesigned Paint app for Windows 11 to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

In the new announcement, we also have a new screenshot with the new Windows 11 Paint app and Microsoft touts a simplified toolbar menu, the round color palette, and drop-box menus.

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay tweeted about the new Paint experience and followers were ecstatic to find out more. 

At first glance, the UI looks quite different from the version of Paint in Windows 10, but a much closer look shows very that very little has in fact changed.

Here’s another @Windows 11 first look. This is the beautifully redesigned Paint app, coming soon to Windows Insiders. Can’t wait to see your creations! #Windows11 #WindowsInsiders chúng tôi Panos Panay (@panos_panay) August 18, 2023

For the trained eye, the only new features are a dark mode and the ability to change text alignment. Other than that, this all seems to just be simply a fresh coat of paint with some items moved around.

If you really make an effort, by looking carefully, you’ll see that the Edit in Paint 3D button has been removed.

Overall, this seems to be simply bringing the app up to the more modern design language of Windows 11.

All of the same features from the classic Paint are still here, and the UI tweaks aren’t beyond the limits of craftsmanship, so nothing out of the ordinary.

On Windows 10, Microsoft tried to promote a new app called Paint 3D for a couple of years, but the interface was radically different and not as intuitive.

All it did is it added a ton of 3D design tools that made it more complicated, too. With Windows 11, the company seems to have acknowledged that was a bad idea and is instead refining the Paint app everyone actually uses.

When will we see this new app make its way to Insiders? This is a question that we wish we’ve had the answer to, but unfortunately, we don’t.

We have yet to see the Focus Sessions feature teased a couple of weeks ago, so these early looks don’t necessarily mean it’s coming that soon.

But since we are talking about upgrades, last week, Microsoft also rolled out a couple of smaller UI updates for the Calculator app and announced a similar update for Mail and Calendar.

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Experience The Power Of Windows 11 With Windows Copilot And More

Recently, Microsoft fulfilled its promise of releasing the Windows Copilot to testers in June. The latest Windows Insider Dev Channel build (23493) includes early access to Windows Copilot, native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, a new settings homepage, and a much better volume mixer.

Windows Copilot was first announced at this year’s Build event. And the version that testers can access today works as a sidebar docked to the right hand side of Windows 11. Unlike traditional pop-up windows, Windows Copilot runs unobstructed alongside open app windows. Enabling users to interact with it whenever needed. According to the Windows team, the feature won’t overlap with the desktop content, making it a more seamless experience for users.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Update: Introducing Windows Copilot, Native Support for RAR and 7-Zip Files, and More

The AI-powered Windows Copilot is designed to respond to both commands and questions, similar to Bing Chat. Users can ask the feature to change to dark mode, take a screenshot, turn on do not disturb, or ask anything that Bing typically answers. Additionally, Windows Copilot can summarize web content and generate AI-generated images and text.

However, since Windows Copilot is still in its early preview phase, it only controls some basic Windows settings. And there’s no third-party plug-in support yet. However, Microsoft plans to add more features and refine the experience based on feedback from Windows Insiders.

In addition to Windows Copilot, Microsoft has also added native support to RAR and 7-Zip files, including tar, gz. And many other archive formats using the open source project libarchive. With this improvement, users can finally access these file formats without having to install third party software. However, Microsoft warns that there may be some initial performance issues with this new support. The company is working to improve this in future Windows Insider builds.

Gizchina News of the week

Microsoft announced that this improved archive format support will be available to everyone in September, with plans to add support for creating files in those formats in 2024, according to Sharla Soennichsen, a product manager at Microsoft.

Exploring the Latest Features and Improvements in Microsoft’s Windows 11 Update

The new volume mixer UI was discovered earlier this year and seems to be inspired by EarTrumpet. It’s a popular app for Windows that was built nearly five years ago. This addition is a much needed improvement to Windows 11. As the previous volume control interface was widely criticized for being hard to use.

Moreover, Microsoft has added a new Settings homepage to Windows 11. It provides an overview of the device you’re using with essential settings. The new homepage is less jarring, with up to seven cards of information. Including Microsoft 365 or Xbox subscriptions, Bluetooth device management, wallpaper customization, and OneDrive cloud storage.

Finally, Microsoft is testing a new suggestions feature for Snap Layouts in Windows 11. When you hover over minimize or maximize, app icons will appear based on what apps would work best snapped next to each other. This feature aims to help users maximize their productivity by suggesting the best app combinations for multitasking.

In conclusion, Microsoft has added several new features and improvements to Windows 11, including the highly anticipated Windows Copilot, native support for RAR and 7-Zip files, an improved volume mixer UI, a new Settings homepage, and a new suggestions feature for Snap Layouts. With these updates, Microsoft continues to enhance the user experience of Windows 11. Making it more seamless, efficient, and productive for users.

How To Get Help In Windows 11 (6 Methods)

While Windows 11 has generally been well-received by the users, some of the underlying Windows issues do appear from time to time. And to solve those problems, the first instinct of many users is to turn to Microsoft to get help. In our endeavor to help you solve such problems, we have written several tutorials on common Windows problems and their solutions, including issues like high disk usage in Windows 11 or Bluetooth not working in Windows 11. Nevertheless, if you wish to get help in Windows 11 using chat, call, or email from Microsoft Support, follow our article below. You can contact the Windows 11 support team and chat with a Microsoft agent to resolve the issue instantly.

Get Help in Windows 11 (2023)

In this guide, we have added six different ways to get help with your Windows 11 PC. You can chat with the Windows 11 support team, get a call from them, or make an in-person appointment to fix and repair your PC. That said, let’s look at the methods to get help if you are facing bugs or issues.

1. Launch the Native Get Help App

The fastest way to get help in Windows 11 is through the dedicated “Get Help” app that ships with the OS. In fact, if you press the “F1” key, which we earlier used for finding help topics, it will now open the Microsoft Edge browser, and ask you to use the Get Help app instead. So to get support in Windows 11, follow the steps below.

5. On the next page, you will be offered the option to chat with the support team for Windows 11. In case you are subscribed to Microsoft 365 and signed in with the same Microsoft account on your Windows 11 PC, you can speak to the support agent over call.

2. Use the Get Started App on Windows 11

If you recently upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and are having a tough time navigating the new UI, especially the centered Start menu and Taskbar, well, worry not. Microsoft has bundled a “Get Started” app in Windows 11, which shows everything new in Windows 11 and takes you through those elements and how to interact with them. For new users of Windows 11, it’s really a great place to begin. That said, let’s see how you can access the Get Started app.

3. Apart from that, I also suggest enabling tips to keep getting suggestions on how to use Windows 11. You can press the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” to open the Settings app. Here, under “System”, open “Notifications“.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and enable the checkbox next to “Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows“.

3. Use Windows Search to Get Help

Microsoft has improved Windows Search by leaps and bounds and integrated both local as well as web results, sourced directly from Bing, in Windows 11. If you type an issue into the search bar, Bing shows the exact solution with a direct link to open the corresponding Settings page on your PC. This way, you can quickly navigate and fix problems on your Windows 11 PC. Here is how to use it.

2. This will open the query in Bing on Microsoft Edge and readily offer the solution with a quick link to the Settings page. This way, you can take the help of Windows Search to resolve many issues in Windows 11.

4. Use the Troubleshooter

1. Press the Windows key and type “troubleshoot” in the search bar. Now, open “Troubleshoot settings” from the left pane.

3. Here, you will find dedicated troubleshooters for both frequent and rare issues. Depending on the issue, run the specific troubleshooter from the list.

If you want to have a one-on-one call with a Microsoft agent in relation to issues you are facing on Windows 11, you can request the support team to call on your number. Here is how to do it.

5. In case you are a business user of Microsoft, you can call them directly. Open this link and find the customer service phone number based on your region.

6. Microsoft Experience Center Support

If you own a Surface device and are having issues with Windows 11, you can book both online and in-person appointments for suggestions, fixes, and repairs. The program is also referred to as Microsoft Answer Desk, and it works quite well for Surface users. So if you want to get support for your Surface device running Windows 11, head over to this link and get help right away.

Get Notified When A Program Adds Itself To The Startup List In Windows 11

In this tutorial, we will show you how to get a notification when an app is added to the Startup Apps in Windows 11. This can be done using the native Startup App Notification feature of Windows 11. It can be very helpful when some app or program adds itself to the Windows Startup list, and you are not aware of that. Whenever the system recognizes a new startup application (a Microsoft Store app or third-party program like a browser), you will get a notification banner or desktop notification on the bottom right corner, just like in the image added below.

Startup App Notification feature in Windows 11

In case you missed or didn’t notice the notification banner, you can also see Startup App Notification items in the Notification Center (Win+N) of Windows 11 as we receive notifications for other apps in that panel. In addition, you will also be able to manage the Start App Notification settings as per your requirements. This tutorial covers both sections separately with a step-by-step guide.

Get notification when an app is added to Startup Apps in Windows 11

Using the Startup App Notification feature, you can make Windows 11 display a notification when an app is added to Startup Apps

To get a notification when an app is added to the Startup Apps list on your Windows 11 computer, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app of Windows 11 using Win+I hotkey

Scroll down the Notifications page

Turn on the Startup App Notification button available under the Notification from apps and other senders option.

That’s it! Now the system will do the work and you will get notified whenever some application is configured to run when you log in.

Turn off Startup App Notification in Windows 11

In case you don’t want to receive such notifications, then you can simply turn off the Startup App Notification feature on your Windows 11 system. The steps are:

Use Win+I hotkey to open the Settings app

Press the Notifications option

Scroll down the page

Press the Startup App Notification button to turn off this feature.

Related: How to enable or disable Notifications from apps and other senders in Windows 11/10.

Manage Startup App Notification settings in Windows 11

Show/hide notification banners

Play a sound when a notification arrives

Show/hide notifications in the notification center

Set the priority of notifications in the notification center to:


High: This lets you show startup app notifications above the normal priority notifications

Normal: It will show the startup app notifications below the high-priority notifications

Hide content when notifications are on the lock screen.

This Startup App Notification feature is indeed useful for users who don’t realize that they have or some app has added itself to the startup items list. However, it helps only when an app is added to the main startup list (the one that we see on the Startup page of the Settings app and the Startup tab of Task Manager) and not the other startup locations.

To remove programs added in the other startup locations, you can either try other ways to disable startup programs (like Group Policy, Task Scheduler, etc.) or take the help of startup manager tools.

I hope it helps.

Where are Startup app notifications?

If you want to receive notifications when some apps are added to the startup apps list on your Windows 11 system, then you need to turn on the Startup App Notification feature for that. You can check the steps for that in this post above. You will also be able to manage settings related to startup app notifications.

How do I add an app to notifications in Windows 11?

To receive notifications for an app in Windows 11, first, access the Notifications page in the Settings app. After this, scroll down the list available under the Notifications from apps and other senders section. Toggle the button available for an app or program for which you want to get notifications.

How do I see startup programs in Windows 11?

Startup programs and apps are stored in different locations in Windows 11. But, if you want to check which startup programs are added to the main startup list, then for this:

Open the Startup page (in the Apps category) of the Windows 11/10 Settings app. It will show third-party programs as well as Microsoft Store apps

Open the Task Manager and switch to the Startup tab

Type shell:startup in the address bar of File Explorer and press the Enter key. It will show the list of startup programs and you will also see the entire location of the Startup folder of the current user.

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How To Fix The Hulu App On Windows 10/11 If It’s Not Working

How to fix the Hulu app on Windows 10/11 if it’s not working




Although Hulu is a popular video-streaming service, many users reported that the Hulu Windows 10 app is not working.

In order to fix it, you can start with the Windows Store apps troubleshooter.

Another handy solution is to close the software in the background to reduce load times.

You can also update the Hulu app by following our step-by-step guide below.

Disney+ streams your all-time favorite movies, cartoons, and TV shows and is ready to join your family! A generous library from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, is waiting for you. Here are more exceptional features of this service:

Compatibility with all devices

Stream on four devices simultaneously

4K UHD adaptability

Dolby Atmos sound for compatible devices

Group watch feature

Disney+ is easily accessible both from home and on the go and suits all types of watchers with high-quality content of all genres and from all eras.

Hulu is a video-streaming service that you can watch TV shows with within its app or a browser.

The Windows 10 Hulu app doesn’t always work, however, as some users have stated that the app doesn’t play any videos for them.

Hulu streaming errors aren’t entirely uncommon for Windows devices. If your Hulu app’s video streaming isn’t working, check out some potential fixes for it below.

What can I do if Hulu app won’t work on Windows 10? 1. Check if Hulu is down

Playback Failure is one of the Hulu app’s streaming error messages. That error message is usually due to a server outage.

Thus, it might be the case that there’s an ongoing Hulu server outage, which you can’t really resolve yourself.

To check if the Hulu server is down, open a page on Is It Down Right Now. That page tells you if there’s something up with the Hulu server.

At the time of writing, the page’s server status check states, chúng tôi is up and reachable. However, some U.S. users have recently stated there that Hulu is still down in a few regions.

If that page states that chúng tôi is generally down, then you’ll probably just need to wait one or two days until Hulu restores the server.

2. Open the Windows Store apps troubleshooter

The Windows Store apps troubleshooter is one that can fix Windows 10 apps that don’t work. This troubleshooter might provide a fix for your Hulu app, so be sure to try it out.

3. Reboot your desktop or laptop

Your Windows 10 desktop or laptop might not have correctly configured the connection settings when you started it. As such, restarting Windows 10 might fix the Hulu app.

Select to shut down your desktop or laptop from the Start menu, and then unplug it for about a minute or so.

In addition, you can also unplug your router or modem for about a minute. Plug the router and Windows 10 device back in. Then start your desktop or laptop and run Hulu.

4. Reinstall Hulu

Open the Cortana search box.



in the search box, and select to open Apps & features.

Next, select the Hulu app and press its Uninstall button.

Then open the official MS Store page in your browser.

Press the Get button there to reinstall the Hulu Windows 10 app.

A fresh Hulu app with a clear data cache might stream video just fine. So reinstalling the app could be the resolution you’re looking for. Follow the steps above to reinstall the Windows 10 Hulu app.

5. Turn Off DRM

Some Hulu media content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions might not play back unless you turn off DRM.

Also, if you don’t know how to remove DRM from WMA, you can always take a closer look at our quick guide.

6. Close background software

Background software can also have an impact on Hulu video streams.

Antivirus utilities with firewalls are perhaps the most likely background software to stop Hulu from playing videos altogether, and other programs might at least slow down the load times.

Expert tip:

7. Update the Hulu app

Software updates often provide bug and crash fixes. So it might be worth checking for Hulu app updates, by following our steps above.

8. Connect router with an Ethernet cable

If you’re utilizing Hulu via a Wi-Fi connection, consider switching to an Ethernet connection. An Ethernet cable can provide a more stable connection.

To connect your PC and router with an Ethernet cable if you have one. Then try watching a video on Hulu to see if Ethernet makes a difference.

Take a closer look at our list of free and paid streaming software for PC users to find the proper one for your needs.

9. Switch off other Wi-Fi devices

If you only have limited bandwidth, other Wi-Fi device users can have a big impact on Hulu video streams.

So make sure that no other Wi-Fi device is on when you’re utilizing Hulu. That will ensure there’s nobody else hogging network bandwidth when you try to watch programs with Hulu.

10. Temporarily turn off Windows Defender Firewall


You can always turn the firewall back on when required by selecting the Turn on Windows Defender Firewall options in the Windows Defender Firewall Control Panel applet.

Firewalls can block Hulu and other streaming apps from playing content if not configured to do so.

So, turn the Windows Defender Firewall off before you run Hulu to ensure it’s not getting in the way of playback. Follow the guidelines below to temporarily turn off the firewall.

Try a different streaming service

Consider taking a look at what other streaming services have to offer.  It very much depends on your viewing preferences but trying a different service might be a good idea.

Disney+ has a library that does contain some shows and films available on Hulu, so it could be a good fit for your streaming needs. Plus it has a lot of original shows and films, both old and new. 

Since its launch, the platform has been continuously growing in content. 

Disney+ is available on all devices and operating systems. It has an easy-to-use user interface that can be accessed both through their app or in the browser.

⇒ Get Disney+

Those fixes might repair the Hulu app so that it streams video. Some of those resolutions might also fix Hulu playback in the browser.

For further details on how to fix video streaming in Windows 10, take a closer look at our comprehensive guide and fix them with ease.

Note: This article has constantly been updated for freshness and accuracy. We have been editing the solutions that might fix the problem in accordance with the app’s latest updates. We really hope that you solved your issues and continued to enjoy watching your favorite content.

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Marketing Your New Mobile App

How to create a marketing plan to launch your mobile app in three simple stages

Creating an app is a major accomplishment, but sadly not a guarantee of riches and rewards. If you want to make any money from your carefully crafted creation, you will need a solid and effective app marketing launch plan. Here is how you I believe you should create a plan based on my experience of app chúng tôi you want to make your app a success, promotion should start way before you’re ready to launch. It’s no good developing a beautiful app if no one ever learns of its existence, so it is vital to have a detailed plan in place of how to market your product and get it turning over a profit as quickly as possible.

Where to start with your marketing strategy to sell your app?

A marketing strategy is a plan of action to sell your app. It all revolves around drumming up publicity and doing your level best to get your app to the top spots in the app stores. You are trying to create a buzz, a palpable anticipation for your app, to get users wanting your product before it is even finished. To make things easier, you can break it down into three separate stages; preparation for your launch, the action you will be taking during and just after your launch, and ways to maintain interest in your app.

Stage 1.  Preparation for launching your app

Collate all the email addresses and contact details you have been gathering in readiness for your launch and prepare your mailings, including everything from content, to layout and design, and a concise description of your app and its workings.

Stage 2 – Post app launch

This is it, the big day. It’s a terrible feeling, opening up your lemonade stand and sitting behind your sign while no one even walks down your street. To avoid this catastrophe, make sure everyone knows that today is your day. Ways to do this, like your initial preparation, can also be segmented into three different distinct tasks: Start your banner campaign on all the other social networks you will be using as channels, purchase the paid installs you will need to raise your app in the app store rankings, and make all the arrangements to ensure you receive rave reviews and get them shared among all your media outlets.

The goal here is to attract traffic significant enough to get your app to a high position in the app stores and start winning organic installs. Other things you can do to help facilitate this is to order video reviews on the relevant channels on YouTube, or publish and distribute your own.

Stage 3. Maintaining interest in your app

So, all the above hard work has paid off and you’re now sitting pretty at or near the top of the app store charts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here.

Anything else that should be part of your marketing plan?

There are a few more important parts to a successful marketing plan that need to be worked out and documented:

In your research and preparations for building your app, you should have been doing the legwork around various conferences, launches and events, gathering a list of names and details of the countless people that you will need to help you promote your app. Journalists, bloggers, influential experts, and contacts that work for the platforms you’ll be using.

You should also keep a similar list about the platforms you use. Start this as you begin your campaign and keep updating it. As things move forward, keep notes on which platforms perform well and which didn’t produce the results you expected, as this will be invaluable in the future.  On this list, keep notes of each site’s requirements for how content needs to be formatted and presented if you want it published.

The time for preparation is over Spending the time to create a thorough marketing plan may seem like hard work, especially when you’ve a ton of development work that needs doing, but it will give you an effective checklist that can ensure you don’t miss anything. Besides, the very process of creating your plan and accounting for every variable is good practice for when the time comes for you to send your precious app out into the world to fend for itself.

Update the detailed information about Get The New Windows 11 Paint App Experience on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!