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About GitHub Training Course

Course Name Online Git


 Training Course

Deal You get access to all 5 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 7+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn how to get started with Git, understand the version control tools, Git operations, and life cycle in detail.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning GitHub Version Control

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Project Management would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 5 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

GitHub Training Curriculum

In this section, each module of the GitHub Training Course is explained.



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


GitHub is a collaborative platform which is built on the top of a distributed VCS (version control system) known as Git. It is the finest place to share & collaborate on the code and provides you with solid hands-on projects to better understand the version control Git.


The main objective of this GitHub training is to help to understand the key concepts of Git version Control System and cover all the important topics that a techie guy needs and falls under GitHub training. This training is designed to meet the current expectations of the trainees without thinking about whether they know GitHub or not.

Course Highlights

In this training, we will learn the key features of GitHub, steps to host your code in GitHub, and learn about the practices for developing code parallelly and collaboratively. Below is the glimpse of what you are going to learn under this GitHub training:

We will also cover, how to use GitHub as a professional in a team and step by step instruction to getting started in contributing to open source GitHub. You will get familiar with the setup of Git for Windows and Mac, saving the project changes into Git, creating a repository on GitHub, copying a repository from GitHub to your local system and push the changes back into your repository.

You will get to know the Branching in Git which helps in several ways to get the things done at once and steps to create and manage branches in GitHub. In addition to this will learn about Git operations like create, push, merge, and branch. Also, this course is perfectly curated in such a way that it starts from the very Git basics, teaches how to work to Git locally, and then publishing your local changes to GitHub repository back.

This course will introduce you to Git which is a popular version control tool nowadays among data scientists and software developers, and also shows you how to use it in more detail to get more things done in very less time and with less pain. It also helps you in exploring and sharing changes between the GitHub repositories and to collaborate at scale in GitHub open source.

With the help of this course you can learn how to manage many versions of your code online in the repository. In this training, you will not only learn things about Git and GitHub, but it will also help you to build a strong and conceptual understanding of this technology. After this you will be successfully able to confidently do the thing with Git and GitHub.

This training assumes that you have no previous knowledge of GitHub and you will find this training more interesting and challenging.

Project Highlights

To increase the efficiency of the individual’s learners of this GitHub training, when have integrated this training with several projects at the end of each module and chapter. The hands-on in these projects will help an individual learner to grasp the things easily and helps in learning them in a better way. Below is the short overview of the real-life projects that we are going to see in this training:

To put your GitHub Knowledge into action, you are required to have experience in industry-based projects that consists of real-life use-cases. You will be able to get hands-on experience on GitHub Concepts with this training. Our projects are completely up to the marks of current industry standards.

Project in Git operations like creating a git repository, pulling existing code from the repository, push back your changes from the local system to your git repository, and merge the changes in the git repository.

Project on merging and branching like strategies of merging the code and two-way and three-way merging operation between repositories, branching strategies, restructuring, and Git flow.

Project on creating an online GitHub repository, working to the remote repo.

Project in Git Lifecycle which includes various kinds of states.

All these course and projects on real-world scenario projects will help you build a better career along with growing your knowledge base and making you future ready for business with projects which will employ GitHub for the repositories of their project.

GitHub Training – Certificate of Completion

What is GitHub?

 Git hub is an open-source development platform that offers cloud-based git repository service that helps developers to manage and store their source codes. It is user-friendly used well for open-source projects developed in 2008 has a web-applications. Version control and git are exactly the principles of Git Hub. According to a survey,90% of developers prefer Git for their software project codes. Git Hub is a web portal for Git Repositories and acts as a remote platform to host files and cost-effective. GitHub is a platform-independent and produces error-free outcomes with excellent support. An essential part of Git hub comprises repositories, pull requests, branches, commit, and Git. Git hub acts as the best portfolio for developers and larger / smaller teams make Git has an essential part of the code of choice. On git hub space is limited to 1GB, GitHub services include forking, user management, branching, and editing. Branching is a pointer that refers to the last commit which moves forward automatically.

You will learn how to create a repository and working as an individual. At the end of the training, you could work on real-time projects and would learn how to collaborate as a part of the team. Gain knowledge on Git Source control, creating a pull request and deployments workflows so that the project is available on any computer. You will be comfortable developing and collaborating software and with other developers. Important program skills like knowing to set up in windows and working with Git commands. To brush up on your skills in IT environment developers can master this GIT training, you will be familiar with working with popular Git Hub websites. It helps you to create portfolio projects using Git showcase your skills in building GIT fundamentals, working with GitHub tools, and helps in customer documentation. using GitHub on a team that gains a complete understanding of Project Management for implementation and storage.


No pre-requisite required for this Github training course but Basic knowledge on software development, Microsoft GUI, Windows Command-Line will be good. Skills required such as Apache and version controls. While working with Git hook you need to know installation programs like git, bash, chúng tôi Students should have experience in Git to undergo repositories concepts that provide an additional back-up of the code.

Target Audience

Computer Programming, a software developer, Team leader, Managers could be a target audience to improve his portfolio. software Architects, software designers, Testing Professionals, technical expert Managers who wish to have career growth using Git and Git hub can go for this training. This Github training is mainly intended for testers, technical leaders, IT system Administrator, Tech support specialists,s and creative professionals who have little knowledge of SVN.

or Front-end Architect roles for experienced professionals in larger organizations.

FAQs What are the requirements to install git and GitHub?

the requirements include GitHub desktop, 1 Gb Ram for Windows if the webserver is used need to install PHP, windows server essential software, and minimal requirements on hardware.

What are the GitHub Training objectives?

It outlines the version control concepts and the role of Git and briefly explains the concepts on the database.

Is any programming language is required to learn GitHub training?       

GitHub is built in C programming language. The popularity of programming language is paying a wave in the software industry. discovering programming language like python is good to GitHub.

What is the minimum time required to complete the GitHub training course?

You will learn the GitHub two courses in three hours with full lifetime access with on-demand videos.

What you will learn in this training?      

You can learn to build projects to collaborate with remote repositories.

 What are the Roles offered for GitHub Certified Professionals?

Cloud Architect, cloud solution engineer, Platform service engineer.

Who can take up GitHub certification training?

GitHub training is essential for every IT professionals. Application developer, data manager, Administrator can do the GitHub course.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Work as a data analyst, a software engineer on Git Hub. Git hub is used in DevOps.Those who want to build their career in the IT sector can take up Git training. This training helps attendees to gain knowledge of Git applications. Improves your skill with real-time industry based real-time projects so that it amplifies individual exposure with the current career job market to faces real business world challenges. Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Net Flix, IBM recruits GitHub developers for their front-end applications as they are the essential tools for software engineers. In recent days, Git hub trainers could seek a job in domains like data science, technical documentary, project designer. Adding GitHub in a profile gives an added value to the profile to get the first opportunity as a developer. For students, it helps in improving their performance and motivated towards their career growth. This Git hub training mainly focuses on career prediction for computer science domain candidates. You will be working with on-boarding where organizations bring new people into the group as a member of GitHub. It might help in Jumping your career as a professional developer. Quora, LinkedIn, Monster India are digging deep on the GIT Hub recruitment tool. Beginners can step towards a new career in building their projects in the business world. you could have greatness in your path to become a  full-stack professional developer.

Course Reviews


The Git Hub training is very interesting and covers more topics in an application-oriented in-depth manner. The course curriculum is designed with the industry requirements for attendees at various levels. This course helps to learn git features and production with version control.

John Carlo

Enjoyed learning version control

EDUCBA is a high-quality GitHub online training paying close attention to practical key principles. On successful completion of this training, you will be certified for GitHub training. You gain valuable knowledge and tremendous confidence to hunt a job in the IT sector. They bring insights from an enterprise that provides proficient and skilled trainers with detailed information.

Steven Joseph

GitHub training

I deeply recommend this course to all of my colleagues and now I got full knowledge of GitHub. Recruiters are looking for a general outlook of your GitHub account and portfolio which helps in a job search. If you know basic concepts on Git you can figure out the concepts very easily.

Anil Nair

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Magic Bullet Training (2 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Magic Bullet Training

Course Name Online Magic Bullet Training

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 13+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn the concepts and application of giving powerful looks and color correction to creating stylish films.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning film editing

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about film editing would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each2 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Magic Bullet Training Curriculum

Serial Number Course Name Description

1 Introduction to a Magic Bullet Looks Essentials The course will start by telling about the use of Magic Bullet Looks software. This Magic Bullet Training how we can use Magic Bullet Looks plugin along with other software to get world-class images. It tells about the soft wares that are needed to install this plugin. It contains some useful websites to download this plugin along with other applications.

2 User Interface This course tells about the user interface window of Magic Bullets Looks plugin. It tells how to use 100 of color pre-sets to frame the image. This Magic Bullet Training clearly explained how to interact with this plugin. A person having even a small knowledge can successfully learn about the user interface window after learning this course. This course tells about the hue and lightness feature of this plugin. It also tells about the unique interaction tool known as Track Pod Mode through which the user can change color using keyboard keys.

3 Subject Tools In this Magic Bullet Training, the user will learn about the subject tools that are exposure, spot exposure, grad exposure, contrast, color contrast, warm/cool, hue/saturation, and colorist. Exposure tools change the light passes from one tool to another tool. Spot Exposure tool adjusts the light in the circular area of the image with the modification in size and position of light area. Warm and Cool tool creates the temperature effect of color by adjusting between the warmer (more orange) and cooler (bluer) colors. Hue tool lets you change the color value of image and saturation provides vibrancy to color to the image by adjusting the linear light. Colorista tool adjusts the color of the shadows highlights and mid-tone to the image.

4 Matte Tools Matte tools provided with this plugin are exposure tool, color filter, gradient, star filter, and diffusion. The color filter makes color overlay filter through which color applied typically darkens the image. The gradient tool works similar to a matte box gradient. Star Filter tool makes 2 point star over bright areas of the image while the diffusion tool provides diffuse glow.

5 Lens Tool Lens tool includes lens vignette, lens distortion, chromatic aberration, edge softness, swing-tilt, haze/flare, and anamorphic flare. Vignette tool typically blocks the light causing a natural decrease in the brightness of the image. All the lens tools work similarly to lens vignette.

6 Camera Tool Camera tool includes denoiser, Neg Bleach Bypass, film negative, contrast, black & white, 2-strip process, Shutter Streak, LUT, Curves, and Shoulder. Renoise tool adds noise or grain to increase the texture of the image. Neg Bleach Bypass increases the look by processing the negative through skip bleach process. In the 2-strip process, tool images are painted to black and white colors along with the red and green filters that are cemented together for projection. This is similar to the old 2-strip printing process.

7 Post tool The last tutorial in the first course tells about the post tools. These tools provide final development to the images. These tools include grad exposure, HSL colors, duotone, pop, telecine net, mojo II, LUT, curves, s-curve, and shoulder. Grad exposure provides exposure adjustment in a rectangular area. HSL colors grab the color user wants to adjust and move it towards the color the user wants. Duotone tool adjusts shadows and highlights according to user-specified colors. Pop has 2 functions depending upon the value at which it is set that is negative or positive. A positive value adds sharpness to the image while negative decreases sharpness. The telecine net provides a silk effect to soften the image. Mojo II instantly provides stylized color grades like a Hollywood blockbuster film to the image. LUT curves allow the user to import .cube LUT files. Curve tool provides a user master curve with red, green, and blue curve controls along with fixed control point editing.

8 Introduction to Magic Bullet Looks Pre-sets

9 User Interface This course tells about the basic interface of this plugin. It tells about the UI/UX interface of this plugin.

10 Tweaking Blockbuster Looks Cool  and Warm, Colour Film Stock and Colour Play, Enhancements, and Filter Grading Head Starts and Grading Setups, Log Grading and Film Stock, People and Time and Place

Magic Bullet Training – Certificate of Completion

What is Magic Bullet?

Which Skills will you learn in this Training


The main aim of this course is to make any students learn various image and video editing tasks. This Magic Bullet Training will teach how to adjust the position of light and color to images that will produce long-lasting effects on its viewers. Users can frame new images without performing the scenes in real-time. In the starting tutorials, it is explained about the basic tool. In the last tutorial, the user will learn how to tweak different pre-sets to frame new images.


This plug-in is used along with other applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. Thus the user should be aware of this application software to use this plug-in. But it is not at all necessary that users should first lean other applications before learning this plug-in The lectures are so well explained that even a starter or beginner can understand this plug-in after completing this Magic Bullet Training.

Target Audience

Image and Video Editing software are powerful tools for marketing products. Thus this plug-in can be used by all industries who are selling their product in the market. This plugin can be learned by any user to market their product and get new customers. This plugin is used by the film industry to provide different emotions without performing it into real life. Thus any user who wants to develop their career in the image and video editing industry can learn this Magic Bullet Training.

Magic Bullet Training – FAQ’s Why should we learn about Magic Bullet Looks Plugin?

This plug-in is used to edit videos and images. It is a powerful tool to create new images and videos by adjusting the color, texture, and camera position. The market for website UI/UX design is growing drastically. Thus any user can learn this software and develop their career.

How long it may take to learn about Magic Bullet Looks Plugin?

There is no limited time frame in which the user learns this plug-in. It depends upon the learner’s willingness and capacity to learn any new thing. Users should learn this Magic Bullet Training and practice as much as possible to learn this in the smallest time.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Magic Bullet Looks Plug is the latest application tool available in the market for adjusting the color and style of the videos. Its market will be going to increase rapidly. Thus any professional can learn this Magic Bullet Training and increase its profile to be a good competitor in the image and video industry.

Magic Bullet Training Testimonials

Introduction to Video Editing in Premiere Derek L McIntire

Great Experience of Learning


Pramod Kumar

Informative Course.



(34 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Hadoop Training in Hyderabad

Course Name Online Hadoop Training in Hyderabad

Deal You get access to all 32 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 170+ Video Hours

Core Coverage You get to learn MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Mahout, NoSQL, Oozie, Flume, Storm, Avro, Spark, Splunk, Sqoop, Cloudera and various application-based Projects on Hadoop.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning data science and wants to make a career in analytics

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge of data analytics, programming skills, Linux operating system, SQL

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 32 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each32 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required Ubuntu, Java, Open Source- Hadoop

System Requirement 64-512 GB RAM

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Hadoop Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

Looking at the huge demand for the Hadoop ecosystem professionals, educba had tried hard to cater to all the possible objectives of professionals that are looking for building a promising career in the field of big data and the Hadoop ecosystem. The prime objective of this is to fill up the gap between the industry and the professionals who are willing to pursue their career in this field.

With the exponential growth for the Hadoop professionals, to make people industry-ready, 14+ real and live projects are allotted to students to make them familiar with the real-time crises and analysis that the industry is facing.

Once the course is completed successfully, the person would be avoided with certificates of completion from educba.

Hadoop Training – Certificate of Completion

What is Hadoop?

The ecosystem which is used for processing big data is known as Hadoop. It is an open-source ecosystem that helps in processing data and is a processing engine. The engine works on the concept of distribution of work into bits between different computers that helps in reducing the load on a single computer or a system. It offers local computation and storage facilities to users that help in reducing the hardware cost.

It is an uninterrupted system that is highly scalable with provides add on functionalities of multiple servers that can be added or removed at any point and piece of time. In other words, it is a group of software that is based on the concepts of Java and aims at managing the huge amount of data into an ecosystem that can be used for getting meaningful insights out of the data.

With the successful completion of the Hadoop program and training, one individual would be able to develop and deploy the Hadoop environment in an organization that can be used for decision making with the help of insights achieved through the use of Hadoop technology.


Target Audience

The course is an idol for those who are willing to pursue their careers in the field of Hadoop and big data. Students pursuing analytics like business and data analytics can also opt for this course as it would be a value-added thing for their profession. The professionals who are in the professional of analytics like data modeling, business intelligence, and analysis can opt for this Hadoop Training in Hyderabad and can pursue explore the new heights of success in the field of big data.

Hadoop Training in Hyderabad – FAQ’s Can a non-technical person opt for this Hadoop Training in Hyderabad?

Yes, a person with a non-technical background can opt for this as he/she must have an understanding of analytics and java which can be cleared easily. As the prerequisites of Hadoop Training in Hyderabad are not very tough and strict it is easy for non-technical people to easily enroll for this Hadoop Training in Hyderabad and sail in the field of big data. The only thing which is required from all the individuals is the strong will to learn new things and excel in the career with continuous learning and growth.

What is the validity of this Hadoop Training in Hyderabad? 

The course comes with lifelong validity and period. The course comes with an interactive approach of learning which provides discussions with the experts that helps in solving the doubts related to the course and the training. The life long access to the course helps in ensuring that the learner can easily brush up his or her skills as per the requirement of the industry.

What would be the mode of learning for this Hadoop Training in Hyderabad?

The course is going to be a video teaching approach that comes with 135+ hours of learning throughout the course. The course comes with the technical support functionality that aims at removing all the technical hurdles that the students can face while pursuing the course. The other thing which one of the USP of this Hadoop Training in Hyderabad is the course comes with mobile app access that helps in monitoring the progress of the course on mobile too.

How is the job market for Hadoop professionals?

It is one of the most demanding skills in today’s market and the trends suggest that the demand for the professions is times higher than the supply of the professionals, one of the most demanding skill set in this digitalized economy and one of the fastest-growing industry too.

Why should you take up the Hadoop Training in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad, being one of the emerging IT hubs of India provides prothema of opportunities in the field of big data. It is the home for top IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Sapient which requires the highest amount of Hadoop professionals in India. As many companies are looking for Hadoop professionals, it is going to be one of the best deals for people who are willing to pursue a career in the field of big data and Hadoop.

What is the Hadoop market trend in Hyderabad?

Being the home for top IT giants and with high support from the government, the market is very favorable and demanding here. The course provides various career benefits and opportunities that help in outlining the competition in the market. The number of IT companies and jobs in the city is one of the leading and top destinations for all IT professionals.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Analytics, Hadoop, big data are some of the most demanding skills and technologies of the 21 century. These are one of the most sorted jobs and skills that are demanded as per the industrialization 4.0. The use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, analytics is redefining the spheres of business in the current scenario. India is having one of the highest demand for these professionals as the investment is high and demanding in nature.


Review Analysis in Hadoop Training


Julie Pasichnyk

Hadoop Training and HDFS Basics on Cloudera


Denis Alibašić

Great course



very good introduction


Dominik Denny

Youtube Data Analysis using Hadoop


Monica Rodriguez Espitia

Natron Tutorial (5 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Natron Tutorial

Course Name Online Natron Tutorial Bundle

Deal You get access to all 5 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 17+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Natron VFX and Motion Graphics software, Compositing and Keying, Rotoscoping, Tracking and color correction, paint and filters

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Natron

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge of using editing software

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 5 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced VFX and Motion Graphics skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required  You can download the software from the official website

System Requirement for Natron

3 GB of RAM ( 8 GB or more recommended)

5 GB (10 GB or more recommended) of disk space for caching and temporary files.

Display with at least 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and 24-bit color.

OpenGL 2.0 or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Online Natron Tutorial Curriculum


Natron – Beginners

Starting with the basics, this Natron module starts with an introduction to the software. Moving ahead it explains the various features and tools of the software. It gives a brief overview of the Interface and Viewer Properties, Importing Images, Working with Layouts, Working with Nodes & Importing videos.


Natron Practical – Compositing and Keying

In the 2nd chapter of this Natron Tutorial, we shall go a step deeper and learn the different aspects of Composting and Keying of the software. In the first lecture, we learn about Composting which highlights on Proxy Mode, Gain & Gamma, Timeline Parameters, Superimposing Alpha Image to RGB. In the second lecture, we study about the Keying which includes topics on Chroma Key, keying a Human Character, Using Despill, Merging FG & BG, Working with Key Gain, Adding Elements, & different examples of Keying on various objects.


Natron Practical – Rotoscoping

We have six main lectures covered in this module. Starting with the fundamentals of Rotoscoping. Then, we study about the Motion Blur, Animating Motion Blur Control Points, Adding Extra Bezier and Composting Extracted. Next, we learn about Rotoscoping the Human Character in Motion. And finally, we learn about Animating the Hands & Legs.


Natron Practical – Tracking and Color Correction

In this module, we first get a brief Introduction on Tracking. Next, we learn about the Tracking Process, Adding Color. Finally, we study the Footage and Color Corrections.


Natron Practical – Paint and Filters

In this last module of the Natron course, the student learns about the Paint & Filters. They start by getting a brief Introduction to the topic. Next, we learn about the usage of Roto Paint Node & Cloning Pixels. Next, we learn about creating Multiple Clones & Creating Clean Plate. Finally, we learn about the Composting Clean Plate with Original Footage.

Certificate of Completion

What is Natron?

An Open Source node-based compositing software application is Natron. Natron supports plugins following the OpenFX 1.4 API. It supports Linus, OS X Free BSD, Windows Operating Systems. It was released in 2014 and developed originally by Alexandre Gauthier. It is written in C++ & Python language.

Natron supports a powerful GUI interface that is an adjustable and adaptable node based engine. Natron being a simple composting application also have stages of complexity that allow the user to reach their creativity and imagination new heights. It has multilayered Rotoscoping with stroke capability. An amazingly designed software application that offers various keying tools and powerful 2D & Planer tracker for the tracking & production needs.

Natron produced real-time feedback, and the user doesn’t need to wait for models to be rendered. It is loaded with a multi-threaded rendering pipeline and supports proxy rendering. It is one such software that requires low hardware equipment. All a user needs are an x86 64 bits or 32 bits’ processor, 3GB of RAM and a graphics card that supports OpenGL.

Natron Tutorial is a detailed extensive course which is not limited to any user. This program focuses on various applications & features of Natron for Visual Effects. It helps the student in mastering the fundamentals of node-based composting using Natron and then it equally emphasizes on using the gained knowledge by creating methods and introducing several features and techniques of Natron. By learning these techniques, the learner can improve their skills at a high level.

Students will learn the usage of Natron for Paint & Filters, learn an efficient workflow for composting with Natron and choosing the right effects in the program. With this Natron tutorial, the students will be able to master skills on Natron, Compositing, Keying, Importing Videos, Chroma key, and others.

Requirements / pre-requisites

Basic knowledge about computers is a must

A passion for Composting with lots of ideas and creativity is a much-needed pre-requisite before starting this Natron tutorial. There should be a desire and diligence to study the software through this course, then only the results would be positive

Basic knowledge about Composting Software is also required before the students start using this Natron Tutorial. Since the training is based on workable knowledge teamed with various illustrations and skills, the student needs to have a prior understanding of the minor basic needs of compositing.

Target Audience

This training is not limited to any audience. A beginner or a professional both can use this.

This Natron Tutorial targets huge audiences who are willing to create and learn Node-based composting using Natron.

Students & Visual Effects Professionals who wish to become Animators & Graphic designers can take this training.

The Natron tutorial is aimed at the audiences who are dedicated to learn and grasp the skills in no time.

Natron Tutorial FAQ’s- General Questions I am a fresher in the field of Composting. Will this Natron Tutorial benefit me?

I would say that a pure fresher in this field would be able to learn node-based compositing with Natron, but it will take time. Since you are a beginner you need first gain some basic knowledge of Composting and then only you will be able to succeed using this Natron Tutorial.

Will this Natron Tutorial help me to grow my career?

Yes. It is a career based training, aimed to teach different methods of Compositing and it will help you to create Visual Effects and professional presentations. If you take up this course you will not only learn the software but also obtain command over the various methods and processes of composting, which in turn will automatically open many career opportunities.

Can I make a career as an Animator by learning this Natron Tutorial?

Yes, why not. This Natron training includes lectures on Practical examples of Tracking & Rotoscoping. It also teaches us about the various tools used for Composting & Keying. I would say yes you can positively go for the desired job.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Natron Tutorial is a career based training that importantly believes by strengthening the skills and providing the learner to grasp many various strategies of learning Composting through this course. This Natron Tutorial aims to give the students a solid familiarity with many of the commands and fundamentals in Natron and to start creating their own polished and professional projects.

Gaining command over the fundamentals of Natron is the most important factor one should have, to master this software. Thankfully, the user interface design is so friendly and convenient that it will not take a big time for anyone who is introduced to this application. Practicing the tools is the first part, but making the most of the tools requires a great effort from the user’s end.

In this course, we all will learn skills that will not only provide a boost to our careers but also will help us to plan our future. This training provides techniques and methods that describe everything with great ease and simplicity. The choice of career and the ability to use their capability & skills are in the hands of the learner.

This Natron Tutorial opens many possibilities for the students and professionals to choose from various career options. From Beginners to experienced students, anyone can take up this course who is interested in learning the applications of Natron for Visual effects and Paint & filters. Learners can go for jobs like a Data Analyst, Motion Graphic Designer, Roto Artist, 3D Artist, Stereo Compositor, VFX Artist, Video Editor, 3D Compositor.

Natron Tutorial Reviews


Well, this is undoubtedly the best and probably the most used Natron Course. I liked the practical lectures and the demonstrations in the training. Thank you.

Cong Son

Good Course

I enjoyed and learned a lot of tricks and methods with so much ease. I thank this Natron tutorial for teaching me how the basic concepts and commands could be applied to different projects.

Arushi Nawal

Learned compositing with Natron

With this Natron tutorial, I can proudly say that I got to learn the fundaments of using Natron and learn various aspects of the User Interface along with various features and commands of Natron.

Robert Young

Content Marketing Course (4 Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About Content Marketing Course

Course Name Online Content Marketing Course

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 16+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Content marketing strategies, methods, and procedures used for conducting content marketing and retaining customers through it.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Content Marketing and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about content management would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each4 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Content Marketing Course Curriculum



Course Highlights


This course deals with content marketing. It aims to provide useful experience to the learners about the creation and distribution of suitable content to attract and retain the target audience and thereby attain fruitful customer action. The course is an informative one and intends to provide an idea about creating powerful content that helps businesses to convert prospects to customers.


The course aims to enable learners to develop skills relating to the content marketing technique. This will be achieved by conducting discussions through the course on various aspects of content marketing along with a presentation of the relevant case studies to help the learners gain practical insight over the concepts. The course intends to provide training to the learners about content management as well as marketing, various undefeated methods applicable for content marketing, and content marketing per se for professionals.

Course Highlights

The course is of great importance to those who students as well as professionals who look forward to pursuing their careers in content marketing.

An introductory session will be there to provide an understanding of various content creation marketing strategies that are effective in the practical world. The session will also cover explanations about the process to be followed for content creation, the type of contents and media that can be created such as blog, emails, e-newsletters, white paper, e-book, mobile applications, podcasts, articles, social media, Pinterest and quora. Case studies of Ford Campaign and Kraft and Food will be discussed to understand the importance of content marketing.

Various tools are used in course marketing. The course will provide training on each such tool. Further, the information will be provided about types of content (namely infographics, content lists, and content animated GIFs); content management systems; types of content management systems and the factors relating to each type; objectives, processes, and people involved in content marketing; content plan for social media; playbook of content marketing; 5 pillars of content marketing strategies; content marketing framework, its process; various tools used in content marketing concerning SEO analysis, marketing automation, social media, webinar, and graphic creation; and examples about content marketing.

An understanding will be provided about the purpose, scope, and best methods relating to content marketing.

There will be a specific segment of content marketing for professionals. You will gain insight into this section about types of content that are useful in the practical world and methods to create such powerful content.

At the end of the course, the participants will get clarity about basic concepts relating to content marketing, their scope, techniques used in content marketing, the various strategies involved, and the outcome thereof.

Content Marketing Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Content Marketing?

Which Skills will you learn in this Course


Various skills like search engine optimization, content creation, and content strategy, content management, content marketing, knowledge of different content marketing tools, etc… can be learned through this Content Marketing Certification Training.

A better understanding of content marketing strategies and concepts. Hands-on experience of creating web content to meet the organization’s revenue goals.

Understanding of other digital marketing concepts like search engine optimization and lead generation for earning more revenue.

Create strong and customer engaging content for grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Content optimization for better search results across all the channels and digital platforms.


Target Audience

Anyone who wishes to make a career in the field of content marketing and content creation can pursue this course. This Content Marketing Certification Training is suitable for content creators, content managers, students, professionals who want to make the future in this field. There are no minimum education criteria for taking this course.

Content Marketing Course – FAQ’s What is the educational requirement for this Content Marketing Certification Training?

Ans. There is no fixed educational qualification required for undertaking this course. Any aspirant who wishes to pursue a career in the field of content marketing can take this course.

What is a career perspective or growth plan for this Content Marketing Certification Training?

Ans. Any fresher or professional content writer can take this Content Marketing Certification Training. Job titles included in this field is content writer, senior content writer, content specialist, content manager, content director, content strategist.

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Career Benefits

This Content Marketing Certification Training helps others to recognize your expertise in the field of content marketing and will help to grow in this field. Those who wish to make a career in content marketing can take this course as it will help them to acquire marketing skills and credentials in time less than the time required to complete a degree. This course knowledge will make content creation and content marketing easier to handle on the personal front.


Content creation and Marketing Strategies.


Akintunde, Akinpelu Michael.

Good start on SEO Analytics


Jesse Rayos

Worth learning



Very good course


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Informative for beginner


Prateek Garg

Linux Training In Hyderabad (19 Courses, Online Certification)

About Linux Training in Hyderabad

Course Name Linux Training in Hyderabad

Deal You get access to all videos for the lifetime

Hours 204+ Video Hours

Core Coverage A comprehensive guide to learning Linux System Administration with Python, App Development with Linux, Linux Mint, Linux ZFS, Linux Bash, Red Hat Linux, cPanel, Kali Linux

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about Linux

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about app development would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each19 course, Projects with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5, Minimum 1 GB RAM

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Linux Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

Linux is an important technical stack to have in an accomplished list of software developers or anyone looking to move in the career of software development. Below are the objectives which course from EduCBA aims to accomplish:

How one can leverage the power of open-source OS in software development.

Get to know the power of Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5.

Get hands-on experience on knowing system administration with Python

I have real-time experience in app development in Linux.

Learn on use cases of Scripting and its power in Linux.

Get technical depth on penetration testing aspects using Kali Linux.

In this Linux Training in Hyderabad, we would start with basics in Linux wherein we would look into system administration on Linux using Python. Next, we would jump onto a project which includes app development with Linux. After the completion of the project on App development on Linux, we would take a ride on C in Linux and Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a community-driven GNU/Linux desktop distribution. Once we are comfortable with the above topics, we would look into ZFS on Linux, which is the file system, and then Bash scripting in Linux.

Linux Training – Certificate of Completion

What is Linux?

As we discussed earlier that Linux is the most used open-source OS. It acts as a background process that sits underneath all other software and mainly does the job of relaying requests from other software to hardware and ultimately makes them run on Linux. It is very similar to other ora like Windows, or macOS since Linux also brings in a graphical interface and also a platform where other software can be built. But there is a subtle but very important difference between Linux and other OS’s mainly because Linux is open source and is free to view, edit for the general public. Also, Linux brings in a huge degree of customization into the picture and makes it easily adaptable to the person using it.

In this Linux Training in Hyderabad, we would go through a ride taking on every aspect of Linux programming. This training has to offer a wide variety of technical expertise in different domains like Python, Linux, SUSE, Mint, Bash programming, Shell scripting, Penetration testing, cPanel, etc. This course will provide hands-on experience on real-time projects and give exposure to wide challenges on would face each day during the job and also guide you to figure out a way to get out of the maze. Post completion of the training one would be an expert in utilizing the experience from the training to take on the challenging jobs every day.


One should have the knack to learn and think out of the box in the projects to get a holistic knowledge of Linux and its components. This thinking would help in real-time projects.

Target Audience

Linux Training in Hyderabad – FAQ’s Why should you take up the Linux Training in Hyderabad

Next after the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, Hyderabad is turning out to be the next place where organizations are betting to invest for people. This training will make you the best Linux programmer and the organization is looking for offering them the top-notch jobs with challenging projects. All materials required for taking up the challenging projects are covered in this Linux Training in Hyderabad.

What is the Linux market trend in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has abundant jobs currently in the market with over 658 vacant jobs still lying vacant and organizations are looking for those to-notch trained Linux professionals to fill up these. With our training material, we try to bridge the gaps between current industry needs and current skill sets a candidate possesses and get you ever ready for these roles.

How much time would be required to be invested in this Linux Training in Hyderabad?

This course requires utter dedication throughout the week with more than 15 hours per week and having an aim to complete within 10-11 weeks. Also, readers are more than welcome to get in touch with us in case one needs a deeper understanding of concepts.

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Career Benefits

With the all-in-one package of Linux training from EduCBA, one can’t expect anything more to get a deeper understanding of the technology. During the course, we would have ample projects to get your hands on with various real-time situations to think about. Along with this, we offer other courses which will not only make you master in Linux but other fabulous things like promotion to your next level in career. This Linux Training in Hyderabad will provide you a verifiable certification to flaunt your skills and show off your skillset during the interviews and your curriculum vitae. All you need is Linux training from EduCBA!


Tremendous Information


Gabriel Cuebas



John Lim

Linux training


Alex Ewin

Great Course


Li Garcia


Very useful and I recommend to those who are interested in Python programming and its world. I’ve been using Python for some time, but I’ve also learned something new about this Linux training

Ferenc Csonka

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