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FaceTime is a reliable option for group video conferencing as it lets you talk to up to 32 people at a time. However, if Group FaceTime is not working on your iPhone and Mac, it may be due to several reasons. These include things like the wrong date and time, to an outdated device model. So let’s look at some solutions for this on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Why is Group FaceTime Not Working?

First of all, let us look at devices that support group FaceTime. Note that if your device is not on the list but has iOS 12.1.4, then you can join Group FaceTime calls as audio participants.

To use Group FaceTime video calls, you need:

iOS 12.1.4 or later or iPadOS

iPhone 6s or later

iPad Pro or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad mini 4 or later, iPad (5th generation) or later

macOS Mojave 10.14.3 (build 18D109) or later

On iPhone, group FaceTime may not work properly if you are using FaceTime effects during the call. So, if this is the case, make sure you keep it simple. At times, slow internet or wrong and unsupported peripherals connected with your Mac may cause trouble with group FaceTime.

Another reason may be a participant in the group call who has problems with their Apple device. And thus it is affecting the call experience for everyone. For this, you may initiate a new FaceTime video call and add individual participants one by one to it. Once you find the person due to which problems arise in the group call, ask them to follow these fixes.

#1. Check FaceTime Status

Head over to the Apple Support System Status page and see if FaceTime is working from their end or not. If it is working, you will see a green dot next to FaceTime.

On iPhone and iPad:

Open the Settings app → tap on General. Tap on Date & Time. Turn on the toggle for Set Automatically.

On Mac:

#3. Check Device’s Camera, Microphone, Speaker

On iPhone and iPad:

Open the camera and swipe to video mode. Record a short video with sound. Now play the video on speaker or connected earphone. If you are successful, that means the device’s camera, mic, and speakers or earphones are working perfectly. If not, restart your device.

On Mac:

For Output, volume ensures the slider is all the way to the right. For the speaker test, play a song or YouTube video.

#4. Restart your Device

On iPhone or iPad:

Use the buttons to switch off the device. Or, open the Settings app → General → Shut Down. After a minute turn the device back ON.

On Mac:

#5. Stop Using FaceTime Effects

iPhone 7 and later support camera effects in FaceTime calls. You can become an Animoji or Memoji, use a filter to change your appearance, add a text label, add stickers, and add shapes. If you are having trouble in a group FaceTime calls consider disabling all camera effects you are using.

#6. Disable and then Re-enable FaceTime

On iPhone and iPad:

Open the Settings app → Tap FaceTime → Turn OFF the toggle next to FaceTime. After few seconds turn it back ON.

On Mac:

#7. Sign Out and Sign in to FaceTime

On iPhone and iPad:

Open the Settings app → Tap FaceTime → Tap on your Apple ID → Tap Sign Out. After a minute sign back in.

On Mac:

#8. Make Sure FaceTime is Not Restricted

On iPhone and iPad:

Open the Settings app → Tap Screen Time.

From here make sure App Limits are not set for FaceTime.

Tap Communication Limits and ensure both the options here are set to Everyone.

Next, tap Always Allowed and make sure FaceTime is under ALLOWED APPS.

Tap Content & Privacy Restriction. Make sure the toggle is OFF.

If you use the same Apple ID on Mac, these settings are carried over. Or, you may open System Preferences → Screen Time to follow the above steps on Mac.

After you are done with the FaceTime call, you may choose to enable these Screen Time settings again.

#9. Restart your Internet Connection

Use the power button on your home router or use the wall switch to turn it off and then back on after 30 seconds.

If the problem still exists, make sure that you are running the latest version of iOS or macOS on your device.

On iPhone and iPad:

Open the Settings app → Tap General → Software Update. If you see a pending update, tap Download and Install.

On Mac:

That’s all, folks.

This is how you can fix the issue of group FaceTime not working on Mac. If you have a further issue, you may try contacting Apple Support via chat and see if they have any other information regarding this.

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Why Is My Showtime Not Working? How To Fix It

You are streaming an amazing video on Showtime, but you’re left with a cliffhanger when it suddenly displays a video playing error. You start to lose patience when you experience a black screen repetitively. So, why is your Showtime not working?

Since Showtime is a US-based app, it may not be accessible in your area due to geographical restrictions. Furthermore, you might face buffering issues when your device is not connected to a strong internet. Or, your subscription period is terminated.

However, since the causes are minor, you can troubleshoot the issue yourself by checking your network and resetting it. Besides, you can clear cookies and cache data for better performance.

Why Is Your Showtime Not Working?

According to Showtime, you can use the app or site for streaming only within the US. Since it has blocked its content for other countries, it might not work if you are trying to use it from a different region. Similarly, when you’re offline, only downloaded videos work.

Besides, there can be other reasons why Showtime is not working. Find it out below.

Poor Internet Connection

Server Down

Not supported device

Storage Full 

Geographical restriction 

Ended Subscription

Cache Build-up

How to Fix Showtime Not Working

To solve the issue, you can first connect your device to a strong Wi-Fi or 4G+ connection. You can reset the network if your Wi-Fi connection shows a weak connection.

Then, you can force stop the app and open it again. This will refresh the app and solve any glitches or video playing errors. Besides, you can try other fixes mentioned below to solve Showtime not working.

Check Your Network and Reset It

Showtime determines the streaming quality based on your downstream bandwidth of the network. So, make sure to connect to a strong network. If your device network does not meet the requirement, you’ll face an error loading it. iPhone users must have downstream bandwidth of at least 400 Kbps. Moreover, you can check your device network requirements from the Showtime Help Center.

If your Internet connection lags, you can Reset the network settings to increase the speed. However, you must note that resetting the network will remove all Wi-Fi data. So, I request you to note down your passwords before proceeding. 

Check Your Device Compatibility

Showtime has system requirements and might not support it on all devices. In such a case, you won’t be able to install or use it. So, you can check the device’s compatibility.

You can stream Showtime on the following devices:

Android users: Android 7 and higher

iPhone and iPad users: iOS 13.0 and later

Mac users: Mac 10.10 and later

Windows: Windows 10 and later

Check Storage

Showtime has an app size of 20+ MB. So, you might be unable to download it if you have less storage on your device. You will also face issues with upgrading the app with the recent version. In such a case, you must check your device storage. You can delete unwanted apps to free up some space in memory. Follow the steps given steps. 

If you are using Showtime on a PC, follow the given steps to check the storage on Mac and Windows.

On Mac

On Windows

For Showtime users on the mobile app, here are the steps to check your device storage on iOS and Android.

On iOS

On Android

Force Stop and Reopen Showtime

You need to refresh the Showtime app whenever you change settings or when the server is down. Else, you will face unknown glitches and video loading issues. You can force Stop and reopen it to solve this issue. Here are the steps to force Stop.

On Web 

To force stop the Showtime on a web browser, follow the steps below.

On Android

On iOS

Drag Showtime screen from the bottom to the center

Swipe up the screen and Release

Open Showtime app

Update Showtime

Showtime releases bug fixes and performance optimizations with the latest update. So, if the app is not working, you must update it to fix the issue. Follow the given steps below. 

On iOS

Go to App Store and search Showtime

Please tap on the Showtime app to open it 

Tap on Update 

On Android

Go to Google Play Store and search Showtime

Open the Showtime app 

Tap on the Update button

Clear Showtime Cookies and Cache Data

Build-up cache data for a long time will slow down your streaming quality. It will lead to video buffering or even black screen errors. Thus, you must clear cookies and cache data for the best quality and performance. Check out the steps below.

On Web

You can clear the cookies and cache data of Showtime from the site settings on your browser. Find out the steps below.

There is a clear data option on android settings to clear the cache. However, you must uninstall the app on iOS to clear the cache. So, check out the steps below.

On iOS

On Android

You will experience video buffering and downloading errors when your storage is full on your Showtime app. In such a case, you can delete seen or unwanted videos from the list. Follow the steps to clear it below.

On iOS

On your showtime account, navigate to your Downloaded Videos

Select the video you want to delete and Swipe left

Tap on the Delete button

On Android

Open the Showtime app and log in to your account

Navigate to the Downloaded Videos list

Tap on the three vertical dots and select the Delete Download option from the menu

Check Showtime Subscription

Since Showtime is a premium streaming site, you must have a subscription to use it. If either your trial period or monthly subscription has ended, the app will not work on your account. You can purchase a new package if it is over. Follow the steps to check your subscription status.

On Web

If you are using showtime on the web, follow the given steps to check your subscription.

On Mobile

To see the subscription status on your mobile, follow the given steps.

Restart Your Device

If you face video loading errors, audio errors, glitches, a random shutdown of the app, or blank screen errors, you must restart your device. Restarting will troubleshoot the issues and solve them. So, follow the given steps.

Here are the steps to restart your device on Mac and Windows.

On Mac

On Windows 

Follow the given steps to restart your iOS and Android phones.

On iOS

Depending on your phone model, either press the side and volume buttons together, press the side button only, or press the power button only and hold it until the power-off displays on your screen.

Then, drag the power button to the right. It will turn off your phone.

Press the power or side button and hold until the Apple logo appears on your screen. 

On Android

Contact Showtime Customer Support

If your Showtime is still not working after trying all the mentioned fixes, there can be serious technical server issues. In such a case, you can not solve it on your own. Thus, you can contact Showtime Customer support and report your problem. 

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working (Fix)

If Windows fails to respond to certain shortcut keys you press, try the solutions below to fix the issue. This guide outlines 8 workarounds on how to fix keyboard shortcuts not working in Windows 11.

How to fix shortcut keys not working in Windows 11

On the webpage, press the keyboard shortcut keys to see if the keys on the on-screen keyboard will light up. If the keys you press do light up as you press them, it means they are working as they should.

If any key you press won’t light up as you press it, it may indicate that the key is broken (hardware issue). Try the problem keyboard shortcut on another keyboard and see if it works. If it does, you may need to replace your broken keyboard.

In some cases, a key may still respond if you press only that particular key, but not with other keys simultaneously such as when you pressing a keyboard shortcut. This kind of problem is called keyboard ghosting. Ghosting is an issue where some keyboard keys don’t work when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.

When this happens, you can try to enable sticky key in Windows 11 (see below) to allow you to execute keyboard shortcuts without pressing the keys simultaneously. In addition, you may also want to look for an “anti-ghosting” keyboard (which is usually more expensive than conventional keyboards) if the keyboard shortcuts you want to use are very complex.

Also see: How to Remap Keyboard Keys in Windows 11

Enabling the Sticky keys feature in Windows 11 will allow you to press one key at a time and still be able to perform keyboard shortcuts. If you have difficulty trying to press the keyboard shortcuts (e.g. keys being too far apart), or if your keyboard has ghosting issue, the sticky keys feature may come in handy.

In addition, if sticky keys is enabled, it may also cause issue with certain keyboard shortcuts. If it’s enabled as you encounter keyboard shortcuts not working issue, try to disable it and see if the issue can be resolved.

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the Sticky keys feature in Windows 11.

Press Win + i keys to open Settings, or open it from the Start menu.

Next, select Accessibility from the left pane, and select Keyboard from the right.

Suggested Read: How to Disable a Key on Keyboard in Windows 11

Check if there is any software that is conflicting with the keyboard shortcuts you use. For example, if you are in a game while performing the keyboard shortcut that doesn’t work, make sure there is no similar keyboard shortcut in the game that conflicts with the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut.

This also often happens in other complex software or apps which have their own set of keyboard shortcuts that may conflict with Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Before trying the more complex solutions, you should try to run the keyboard troubleshooter first to see if Windows can troubleshoot and resolve the issue automatically. Follow the steps below to run the keyboard troubleshooter on Windows 11.

Press Win + i keys to open Settings.

Select System from the left pane, and then select Troubleshoot on the right.

Next, select Other troubleshooters.

Some high-end gaming keyboards has a feature called Gaming Mode that will disable keyboard shortcuts such as Alt + Tab, Windows + any other key, etc. to prevent Windows from interrupting the gameplay.

If you have a gaming keyboard that has the gaming mode feature, try to turn it off and see if the keyboard shortcuts that didn’t work, works now. There is usually a switch or key (usually with Fn) on the keyboard itself to turn the gaming mode on or off.

Related: How to Lock Keyboard in Windows 11

There is a service called Human Interface Device Service that handles the keyboard shortcuts functionality in Windows 11. Check if the service is running in the background as it should be, or try to restart the service to see if it can resolves the keyboard shortcuts not working issue.

Follow the steps below to start or restart the Human Interface Device Service in Windows 11.

Search for “Services” via the Start menu and open it.

There is also a group policy that is responsible for keyboard shortcut keys on Windows 11. If this policy is accidentally “enabled”, keyboard shortcuts and all Windows hotkeys will not work. Follow the steps below to access the mentioned group policy.

Search for “ chúng tôi ” or “Edit group policy” to open the Group Policy Editor in Windows 11.

In the Local Group Policy Editor window, navigate to the following path via the left pane.

Select Disabled to disable the setting.

If you select “Disabled” or “Not Configured” for this setting, the Windows Key keyboard shortcuts will be available.

If you select “Enabled“, the Windows Key keyboard shortcuts will be unavailable.

You don’t usually need to manually update or install your keyboard’s driver unless if you have a rather high-end gaming keyboard. If you do have a gaming keyboard, check the keyboard manufacturer’s website to see if there is any new update to its driver.

Paramount Plus Not Working? Fix Streaming Issues

Paramount+ is a streaming platform with a lot of content, like shows, movies, and live events.  It has a lot of paid subscribers that enjoy the content. However, some users are reporting that Paramount Plus is not working. They are facing streaming issues on Paramount Plus. In this guide, we show you different ways to fix the issues.

Paramount Plus not working

If you are facing issues on Paramount Plus and have streaming issues, you can follow the below methods to fix the issue.

Check your internet connection

Update your browser

Disable ad blockers and extensions

Turn off tracking protection on Firefox

Restart your Roku

Check updates for Roku

Power cycle your console

Update or Reinstall the Paramount Plus app

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the issue.

Fix Paramount Plus streaming issues 1] Check your internet connection

If your internet connection is not working properly, then, you will face issues on Paramount Plus while streaming. You need to make sure your internet connection is fine with good speed by running the speed tests using the online speed test tools. If you find any issues with the internet fix them to stream without any issue on Paramount Plus.

2] Update your browser

If you are streaming on a web browser and facing issues with Paramount Plus even when the internet is fine, you need to update your browser to the latest version. There may be some issues in the previous version that might be causing issues on Paramount Plus. You need to update your browser and see if it helps.

3] Disable ad blockers and extensions 4] Turn off tracking protection on Firefox

Firefox browser by default comes with a tracking protection feature to safeguard user’s privacy. If you are facing streaming issues with Paramount Plus on the Firefox browser, it might be due to that tracking protection. You need to disable it to continue streaming your favorite content on Paramount Plus.

To disable tracking protection on Firefox, you need to change Privacy settings from Strict to Standard. To do that,

Select Privacy & Security

Check the button beside Standard to enable it by disabling Strick automatically

This should fix your issue.

5] Restart your Roku 6] Check updates for Roku 7] Power cycle your console

If you are facing issues streaming on Paramount Plus on the Xbox console, you need to power cycle it and see if it helps fix the issue. The power cycling of the console can help clear the cache, refresh the system, and fix the temporary glitches that occur on it. To power cycle your console, shut down the console, and unplug the power cables from the console as well as the power socket. Wait for a few seconds, reconnect them, and turn on the console.

8] Update or Reinstall the Paramount Plus app

If you are using the Paramount Plus app to stream content on any device, first update the app following the device’s own method to update it. If it does not fix, uninstall the app and reinstall it.

These are the different ways using which you can fix the streaming issues on Paramount Plus.

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Why does Paramount Plus have streaming issues?

If you have a bad internet connection or do not have the latest version of the apps or browsers you use to stream, you might have streaming issues on Paramount Plus. Also, the privacy protection features and extensions on web browsers might interfere with the content and result in streaming issues.

How do I fix Paramount streaming quality?

Related read: How to cancel Paramount Plus subscription.

Fix: Hashtag Key Not Working On Keyboard

Fix: Hashtag Key Not Working on Keyboard [How to Get Back]






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The # key, commonly known as hashtag key, or pound, sharp or number key, on your keyboard is widely used today on social media, especially Twitter.

Ideally, # symbol or key is activated by pressing Shift+3, but can also be found from the symbols in Word program on Office.

It has been used for different purposes historically, from designating ordinal numbers, as an abbreviation for pounds, but as time went by, the # sign is now used as a metadata tag signifier on social media channels and is now referred to as the hashtag.

With the # or hashtag, on social media, you can reference many tweets and see which ones relate to your digital campaigns if you’re a brand, or even a digital agency monitoring your client’s social media activity.

But what happens then when you find the # key not working on your computer?

The solutions may not be as immediate or obvious because it may not be a regular occurrence, but when it does happen, we have just the right solutions you can use to restore your # key back to working condition.

Fix: # key not working on the keyboard 1. Try on-screen keyboard

Here’s how to turn it on:

Does this fix the # key not working problem? If not, go to the next solution.

2. Change language in control panel

Sometimes when you find # key not working, it may have something to do with your Language settings.  Here’s how to check and change this:

Did this resolve the # key not working problem? If not, try the next solution.

3. Update chipset drivers from the computer manufacturer’s website

You can find drivers from the manufacturer website’s support section for your laptop type.

Here’s how to update and install drivers from the manufacturer website:

Go to the Software and Drivers sub-section (depending on the laptop brand this name can change), or search for drivers using Google so you can get a direct link to your device’s manufacturer website.

Once you’re on the website, find and download

Install the appropriate drivers missing from your laptop that can cause # key not working

Alternatively, you can use dedicated software such as Outbyte. It is safer because it finds the corresponding version of your driver with no mistake and you can schedule automatic driver updates and fixes.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

Check if this fixes the # key not working problem. If not, go to the next solution.

4. Run in Compatibility mode

Expert tip:

Do the following:

Does this fix the # key not working problem? If not, go to the next solution.

5. Use a different keyboard

You can connect a different keyboard to your laptop and check if the # key works. If you’re planning to buy a new keyboard, we recommend looking into the best PC keyboards because they will serve you well in the long run.

You can find a good keyboard for your own personal preferences.  You can find light wireless options that are great for everyday use.

If you use your keyboard for gaming, you should consider a product with smooth key inputs as well as backlighting and programmable keys.

Most worthwhile keyboards can be used on multiple operating systems and include keys for all major controls you may need.

6. Run Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

If you find # key not working, then run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter to resolve the issue.  This checks for commonly occurring issues and ensures any new device or hardware is correctly installed on your computer.

Here’s how to go about it:

Follow the instructions to run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.

The troubleshooter will begin detecting any issues that may be the cause of # key not working on your computer.

7. Disable Filter keys settings

Here’s how to do this:

Check if this fixes the # key not working problem. If not, go to the next solution.

8. Uninstall and reinstall the keyboard driver from the manufacturer’s website

Here’s how to do this:

Was this page helpful?


How To Fix Laptop Keys Not Working?

How To Fix Laptop Keys Not Working? How to Fix Laptop Keys Not Working

Note:The solution that we have suggested will work for almost all the leading laptop brands  like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo etc.

1. Restart Your Laptop

If some of your laptop keys are not working then it could be due to minor software glitch that can be fixed with just a restart of your laptop.

After the computer restarts, check whether the keyboard of your laptop is now working properly. In case the problem remains unresolved move toward to the next step.

Also Read: How to Fix Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys Not Working in Windows 10

2. Power Reset Your Laptop

2. If there are any attached peripherals to the laptop like usb drive, external mouse, monitor, then disconnect them all. If your laptop is running low on battery and you have attached a power cable, then remove that as well.

3. Now after removing the battery, press and hold the power button of your laptop for 15-20 seconds.

4. Install the battery again to your laptop, along with the power cable and press the power button to turn on your laptop.

Once your laptop starts check whether the laptop keys are now working properly. If the keys are working fine then you do not need to proceed with further steps. But if the problem persists then check out for the next step.

3. Disable Filter Keys

If the keys of your laptop are slow in responding or there’s a lag in the keyboard, then it does not always mean that the keyboard of your laptop is faulty. To fix this all you need to do is disable the Filter keys.

Note: Filter keys when enabled, ignore the repeated keystrokes to make the keyboard typing easy mainly for the people with hand tremors. But if you have no such problem and your typing is firm and fast then enabling the filter keys will slow down the typing speed.

To disable filter keys follow the steps below:

4. Now restart your computer and check whether your laptop keyboard is back to normal.

4. Reinstall your Keyboard Driver

The problem of laptop keys not working properly can be due to a faulty or corrupt keyboard driver. Therefore to fix this problem our next step is reinstalling the Keyboard drivers by following the steps below:

1. Open Run window by pressing Windows + R keys on the keyboard at the same time.

Note: If some of the keys that are not working on your Laptop includes the one needed to open Device Manager, then you can enable On Screen Keyboard.

6. Now restart your computer.

7. After the computer restarts Windows will automatically look for the drivers and reinstall them.

Now once Windows is finished reinstalling the Keyboard drivers, check whether all the keys of your Laptop keyboard are functioning correctly.

An outdated or corrupt keyboard driver can be the reason for laptop keys not working properly. However, updating the keyboard driver can fix this problem. You can update your keyboard driver to the latest version either by manually checking it at the manufacturer site or automatically updating it through Device Manager or using a Driver Updater tool.

(a) Update your driver using Device Manager

It is one of the automatic methods to update your device drivers for free, however the only problem with this approach is that it rarely provides you with the latest drivers. To update the outdated drivers using Device Manager follow the steps below:

1. Open Run window by pressing Windows + R keys on the keyboard at the same time.

2. Now type devmgmt.msc on the box of Run Command and press the Enter key to open Device Manager.

6. Now the Windows will search your computer along with the Internet for the latest available drivers for your device. And once located follow all the given instruction to install the latest drivers on your computer.

7. Although this process of getting the driver updates is straightforward, however as discussed earlier it usually does not provide you with the latest updates.

Now to get the latest driver on your computer you either need to manually check the manufacturer website (that needs a lot of research and time) or getting help with a dedicated driver updater tool.

You can download Advanced Driver Updater from here.

Read Full Review of Advanced Driver Updater

Note: The product also creates a complete backup of the old drivers before installing the new ones. This helps you to revert to the old driver in the rarest of the rare case where the newly installed driver starts misbehaving.

After installing all the latest drivers just restart your PC to check whether the keys of your laptop are working properly.

6. Check If the Issue is Hardware Related

We are quite sure that if the keys of your laptop are not working due to software related issues then it will be resolved by trying the above steps. But if it is hardware related issues then you have to fix it manually.

(a) Clean Your Laptop Keyboard With a Brush/Compressed Air

If there’s lots of dust particles on the keyboard then this could be the reason for some keys not working on your laptop. First power off your laptop and try with a clean cotton cloth to remove all the dust from the keyboard of your laptop. Now if you still find the dust in between the keys then use a soft, dry brush and gently remove the dust. Make sure to clean all the dust smoothly so that no dust particles are left behind. You can also use compressed air to remove the dust from your keyboard. Once you feel that you cleaned all the dust, power on your laptop and check whether the keys are functioning back as normal.

(b) Make Sure Keys are Not Physically Damaged

Beside cleaning the dust from the keyboard also make sure that the laptop keys that are not working properly are not damaged. Because if they are physically damaged there nothing much you can do apart from carrying it to the authorized service center.


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