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This past holiday season, Big N’s little white console dominated the competition once again. Largely due to its family-friendly appeal and relatively low price, Nintendo Wii sales haven’t lost momentum since its 2006 release. However, for hardcore gamers, the Wii has always left a bit to be desired. Last generation graphics, few adult games, weak online community, and lack of DVD movie playback are just a few of the things that have led me and many other twenty-somethings to oft-favor a certain other console. However, with my recent discovery of the Homebrew Channel, I can mark one up for the Wii. I know it’s old news for some, but for those of you who always wished that glowing blue drive could play your games as well as your movies, it’s now easier than ever. Here’s how to it, no warranty voiding mod-chip required.

What You Need

•A FAT/FAT32 formatted SD card (no bigger than 2GB, as the Wii can’t read SDHC cards).

•An SD card reader/writer (or a USB device that can act as one, such as a digital camera or digital photo frame).

•”Zelda: Twilight Princess” for Wii (random, I know, but you should really own this anyway).

•The “Twilight Hack” (a modified Zelda save game that runs the Homebrew Channel Installer).

•The Homebrew Channel Installer.

•”MPlayer,” a Wii port of a media player that plays commercial DVDs.

Installing the Homebrew Channel

1. Insert your SD card into your reader and copy the “private” directory of the Twilight Hack onto it. Also copy the Homebrew Channel “boot.dol” file.

3. Before inserting Zelda into your Wii, flip it over and take note of the text on the inner ring. It will either read “RVL-RZDE-0A-0” or “RVL-RZDE-0A-2” – both versions will work, but you need to make sure you apply the correct hack (RVL-RZDE-0A-0 requires TwilightHack0, RVL-RZDE-0A-2 requires TwilightHack2, both included in the package).

4. Switch to SD view in your Wii File Manager and copy over your correct version of the hack.

5. Insert your Zelda game disc and start the game. You should see the Twilight Hack save game. Select it to start the game. Once you can control Link, walk backwards (weird, I know) until the Homebrew Channel installer starts. After a minute or two, the HBC will be installed and can be accessed just like any other Channel on your Wii.

Installing the DVD Playback Software

1. Pop your SD back into your card reader. You can erase the “boot.dol” file and the “private” directory if you’d like (we no longer need the Twilight Hack or Homebrew Channel installer as it updates automatically and can be removed just like any other Wii Channel).

2. Create a directory on your SD card and name it “apps” (no quotes). Copy the “dvdx” and “mplayer” directories into the “apps” folder.

3. Eject your SD card and insert it back into your Wii. Turn your console on and start the Homebrew Channel.

5. Go back to the Homebrew Channel, insert a DVD movie of your choosing into your Wii and start the MPlayer app. To play the movie, select “DVD-Video” from the MPlayer menu, and then “Play DVD” (or “Play Title #1”). After a few moments your movie will load and you’ll be enjoying a feature that should have worked out of the box to begin with!

NOTE: I should mention that while this method does work, the MPlayer software is currently pretty buggy. DVD menus are pretty hit or miss and not every movie I tried even plays. Hopefully they update the MPlayer software at some point, but I suspect it was more a proof of concept. There’s always a certain amount of risk with installing unofficial, third party software, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

In any case, the Homebrew Channel is a really cool piece of work and will definitely breathe new life into your neglected little Wii.

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How To Stream Movies And Shows Without Destroying Your Sleep

If you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service, you’ve probably found yourself gazing at the screen as episode after episode autoplays, until you check the clock and realize you wanted to go to sleep more than an hour ago. But series like Stranger Things are seriously good television—so where’s the harm in binge-watching a bit?

The problem is that a growing body of evidence suggests the various demands of a modern-day lifestyle, including hours of late-night streaming, are seriously disrupting human sleep patterns. This, in turn, can damage our overall health. But just try telling people to give up their Netflix—it’s a recipe for failure.

With that in mind, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a professional society founded in 1975, has taken it upon itself to set some guidelines for enjoying top-notch shows while making sure your body and brain get enough rest. We can show you how to use them to properly balance binge-watching and sleep.

Take breaks between episodes Set an episode limit

Downloading episodes can help you stick to your limits. David Nield

[Related: How to add subtitles to Netflix and other apps]

Avoid using your phone in bed

Sure, few places provide a comfier binge-watching location than your bed. But again, it’s all too easy to keep watching for one more episode when you and your phone are cozily tucked in. Using screens in bed can keep your mind active for longer than is healthy—so keep the gadgets away from your sleeping area.

Another problem with phones is that their glowing displays strain our eyes. All that staring at your phone is unhealthy, and one way to limit its impact on your sleep is to watch on a bigger, more distant screen instead. So instead of using your phone in bed, try streaming that media to a television.

Control the light

Bright blue light, like the wavelengths emanating from your video screen, will keep you alert and suppress the chemicals supposed to send you to sleep. To make sure you’re able to drop off when you want to, you should stop binge-watching about half an hour before your desired bedtime. In fact, the AASM recommends turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before you sleep.

[Related: There’s a lot to learn about how blue light affects our eyes]

In fact reducing any blue light exposure after sunset could help steady your sleep cycle. So you should try cutting down on the amount of blue light your smartphone or laptop emits—and yes, there’s an app for that. Several apps, in fact.

For iPhone users, there’s a blue-light-reduction feature called Night Shift built right into iOS. It can automatically adjust the color of the screen during evening hours so that the display will emit reddish rather than bluish light. To find it, open the Settings app and head to Display & Brightness.

Use Apple’s Night Shift option to get ready for sleep. David Nield

Android phones have a similar feature called Night Light, though the setup process may be different depending on which version of the mobile operating system you’re using. To activate it on a Pixel phone, go to Settings, Display, and tap Night Light. You can schedule a daily start and end time, and customize the intensity by dragging the slider.

The last thing you should remember every time you find yourself choosing between binge-watching and sleep is that AASM recommends adults rest for seven hours or more per night. Anything less than that can cause problems with work or school performance, cognitive abilities, and mood. You don’t need to stop watching movies and shows to reach this goal, but these tips should let you get a handle on your viewing habits, and make you feel a lot better.

This story has been updated. It was originally published on June 8, 2023.

How To Crossplay Overwatch On Pc, Xbox, Ps5, And Nintendo

How to crossplay Overwatch on PC, Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo




Players on

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC will soon cross-play Overwatch.

For the moment,

no official release date has been set for the rollout of this new long-awaited feature.

After the launch of the cross-play feature, players that log in to the game by the end of 2023 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate.

This article will show you the steps you need to complete in order to be able to cross-play Overwatch. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

This can only be music to the hears of the die-hard Overwatch fans, who have been waiting for such an opportunity for quite some time now,

And even though it’s taken a while, cross-play will be finally available for players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

Overwatch expands cross-play to all gaming platforms

Although no official release date has been set for the rollout of this new feature, there are some details available on the requirements for cross-playing.

Cross-play will indeed allow players from various platforms to play Overwatch with and against one another.

However, cross-saving, which is the ability to carry your progress and account information from one platform to another, still has a long way to go before it will be completed and available.

Even more good news for Overwatch players is that, with the launch of the cross-play feature, everyone who logs in to the game by the end of 2023 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate.

How do I cross-play Overwatch?

According to a blog post, all console players, that want to play with users from other platforms, will be required to have a chúng tôi account, which they will link to their console accounts.

The PC players don’t need to take this step, as they already a chúng tôi account, from which they play this awesome game.

For them, when the game is launched, they will be prompted to link their console account to a chúng tôi account.

In order to create a chúng tôi account, you can follow the steps listed below.

After you have created your chúng tôi account and you are ready to engage enemies from all platforms, all you have to do is:

These instructions apply to the in-game steps console players will need to take once Cross-Play is available.

All that remains now is for the developers to finish with the process, so we can all enjoy some good old fashioned competition, spanning across all gaming platforms.

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How To Play Pokemon Go On Windows Computer

Pokemon Go, the fastest mobile game ever to hit revenues of $500 million has successfully managed to expand its user base, and the number keeps blasting with each passing day. The global appeal of the game is phenomenal. As such, every iOS, Android, or Windows OS user is busy finding ways to make the game run on their version of the OS.

To get the gaming experience of Pokemon Go on your Windows PC install the latest version of the Pokemon GO PC game on your laptop or computer by installing BlueStacks. You need to install the following in the given order:


Kingroot APK

Lucky Patcher

Fake GPS

Pokemon APK

Play Pokemon Go on a Windows computer

Once you have installed BlueStacks on PC, set up your Google account with the application because it will be easier for you to connect to the game.

When done, run KingRoot.

After that, upon noticing your Security Index, select ‘Optimize now’ option and then close KingRoot.

Restart BlueStacks. Find the cogwheel which can be found in the top right corner of BlueStacks.

Then choose the ‘Restart Android Plugin’.

Here, as you are required to reboot BlueStacks to apply those changes, you can hit Yes or use Restart Android Plugin.

It’s time to install the most awaited game – Pokemon Go! Similar to the previous steps followed for KingRoot and Lucky Patcher, install the Pokemon APK file but restrain your urge from launching the app now. You need to ensure some settings are in right place. So, check your Location Settings.

When done, hit the back button to switch back to the map and select the desired location.

You are all set to go and play Pokemon GO. Please note it may take a little while to load the game so, be patient.

Setting up the game cannot be a smooth affair for every user. If you encounter any problems in setting up the game in BlueStacks, here are some steps you can follow to solve the problem.

Make sure the Location is set to ‘Off’ for Windows 10 devices.

Confirm that Expert Mode is enabled in FakeGPS.

In BlueStacks’ location settings, ensure that Google Location History is set to ‘Off’ and Mode is set to High accuracy.

Launch FakeGPS and engage a new fake location.

Try using a location you have visited in reality on your Windows devices.

Restart BlueStacks and try again. You should see a screen like the one shown below. Enter your date of birth and submit.

After that just wait for a few seconds and allow the game to load.

On a side note, when you first play Pokémon GO, you’ll get various options to customize the look of your Trainer, choosing right apparel and accessories for him. The customized character will appear as you move around on the map, as well as on your profile page. Also, other players will be able to spot your character as and when they visit a Gym you control.

PokeNurse gives Pokemon Go players option to manage creatures on PC

Whenever a user manages to capture several Pokemons, it becomes difficult to manage them all. This is where a new software known as PokeNurse comes into play. With this program, one doesn’t need a smartphone to manage your little creatures, and everything is also made easier than before.

PokeNurse – Manage Pokemon

From what we have come to understand, folks can use the app to transfer Pokemons from the smartphone or vice-versa. Furthermore, it can also be used to evolve Pokemon, so it should be perfect for those who want to evolve their Pikachu instead of following the misguided ideas of Ash Ketchum.

How to use PokeNurse:

PokeNurse comes in two versions; 32-bit and 64-bit. As expected, you’ll need to download the version that is compatible with your system. The 32-bit version can run on both, but 64-bit can only run on a 64-bit supported computer. The file is also portable, which means, it can be used on multiple computers.

Once we launched the program, we were brought to a window that required us to add our login details. The option is there to log in with our Google account or our Pokemon Trainer Club credentials. After managing to log in, the software that brings up a list of all Pokemons captured and owned. It shows various details about the creatures, which include: type, height, weight, defense, attack and CP.

To locate a Pokemon faster, a search bar at the top makes it possible to search for any individual creature. From here we could select a Pokemon and decide whether or not to transfer or evolve it into something more interesting. Furthermore, any Pokemon can be added or removed from the favorite list, so that’s a great addition.

When it comes down to settings, there’s none here, just but then again, outside of doing stuff with Pokemon, PokeNurse doesn’t do much of anything else. That’s fine because playing around with little creatures that live in little balls is what’s most important here.

Download PokeNurse from the official website.

Find the best Pokémons with Pokémon GO Live Map

Niantic, the creator of Pokémon GO, has in recent times removed several apps and entities relating to the game. This made it difficult for some players to enjoy Pokémon GO, and rightfully so. The game requires players to get out of their houses to find Pokémon, something that takes too much time and effort. The question is, how does one find Pokémon without having to go outside? Well, there’s an app known as Pokémon GO Live Map, and it’s all about finding the little critters on the map near your location. No need to go out searching, just use the map from the comfort of your home, then travel to the location of the Pokémon you want to catch.

Easy stuff, but probably won’t be easy catching that Pokémon you’re after. You’ll need quite a few Pokeballs, so make sure to fill up your coffers at one of the many PokeStops before moving forward.

How to use Pokémon GO Live Map

First thing, download the software from the official website, the extract the ZIP file to a specified folder. Find the executable file and launch it. From there, follow the instructions until the program has been installed on your machine.

The software should take some time to download seeing as the size is a little over 80MB.

After the installation, launch the program and be ready to be greeted with a screen that requires you to generate a Google Map’s key. Follow the instructions then, login with your Google account. After gaining access to your Google or Pokemon GO account, log in and be greeted with an elegantly designed map.

From here, you should see several Pokémon’s in and around your area after a simple scan. Bear in mind that a Pokémon doesn’t stay in one location for long. Thankfully, there’s a timer that tells how long you have before a Pokémon leaves the area.

We could only make a single search every 30-seconds, so this might not sit well with a lot of people. Furthermore, even when the Pokemon GO servers are down, we could still use the program but had to live with a loss of accuracy during this time.

The best feature we came across, however, is the ability to pin any location to the map. We were not restricted to nearby areas, and that was a big plus in our eyes.

We’re not huge fans of Pokemon GO, but we can see why this software could help in catching them all. You’ll still need the game on your smartphone to work alongside the program, but you should have known that already.

Download it here.

Pokecrew shows the exact location of Pokemon

Nowadays, there is only one trend of mobile gaming and that is Pokemon GO. This free game is available for Android and iOS. Although it has been launched in only thirty countries, it has gained a lot of success in a very short span of time. If you have Pokemon GO on your mobile, you might have faced a few problems. The very first or the most irritating problem is – you have to keep changing your location to find Pokemon.

On the map of Pokemon GO, you can find your location and the nearest Pokemon. To solve this issue here is an online tool called Pokecrew that will show you the exact location of Pokemon so that you can visit that specific place and catch the Pokemon.

Pokecrew is a Pokemon locator

In simple words, Pokecrew is a Pokemon locator that displays a detailed map and the available Pokemon. It has mainly two parts. First, the Map and second, the Pokemon details.

Like I said before, the Map will show you all the Pokemon, and users can visit that place to catch it. On the other hand, you can find all the details or information on any Pokemon from “Pokemon details” section.

There are several things that you should keep in mind while catching a Pokemon. For example, the CP (Combat Power), HP (Hit Points), timing and more others. The CP defines the power of a Pokemon in a battle. At the same time, HP also does almost the same thing, but HP can be reduced during a battle.

In addition, you can find the weakness, strengths, types, etc. in the same place. For instance, you can know whether a Pokemon is strong against Fairy or not or weak against the rock or not, etc. For your information, these things are required in a battle.

Pokémon Go safety tips & precautions to take

Pokémon Go has been the rage for the past couple of months, and it is this game by Niantic that at a certain point of time also managed to surpass Twitter when it comes to daily active users. Since it is an augmented reality game you need to take precautions. Here are some important safety tips for you.

Pokémon Go safety tips

The game pivots around augmented reality technology and requires the players to actually venture out and catch Pokémons. The creatures once caught by throwing Poke Balls can be trained in Gym for the battles. The map is superimposed on one’s surrounding’s and since it is generated algorithmically some of the Poke stops ended up in people’s homes.

The game can be played for free but is currently available only in select countries. The best part of the game has to be the fact that it superimposes on your actual environment. Now with the frenzy created by the game, it is also not uncommon for us to hear horror stories of how playing Pokémon got bad and also the privacy concerns arising from the players trespassing private properties. We at TheWindowsClub have compiled some do’s and don’t so that you can play Pokémon Game without compromising on your own privacy and safety.

Here are a few safety tips and precautions you need to take while playing Pokemon Go.

2] Pokémon Go needs various permissions from the player including full-fledged access to the camera something that the family should decide if they are comfortable with this.

3] Remember the age-old saying, “Nothing on this Earth comes free of cost” well it also implies the freemium games. While Pokémon Go might be a free-to-download game subsequent in-app purchases cost money and this is a decision your child has to make. Some folks are playing without spending a dime while some of them have already shelled down hundreds of dollars. The most frequent purchase would be the Poke Balls which are thrown at the Pokémon’s to catch them.

4] Take care of your health. Eat and drink sufficiently and stay hydrated, if you plan to go out for a long time.

6] Make sure that you do not trespass into other properties this might land you in legal trouble. Obey the local laws.

7] It is not safe to venture into unknown spaces.

8] Don’t lose track of the time. How long have you been at it? What time is it now?

9] Finally stay in touch with your parents or friends at all times.

Easily Create Dvd Videos With Winx Dvd Author (Free Download)

[Windows only] As part of the WinX DVD range of product, Winx DVD Author is a cool tool that allows you to author and create your own DVD easily. For those who are looking for a professional, yet easy to use DVD authoring software, WinX DVD Author could be the one for you.

At MakeTechEasier, we don’t usually review paid software as we are great believers of free and open source software. However, the WinX DVD team decided to give away a free 1 year license (scroll down for the download link), which makes it compelling for us to give this DVD authoring software a second look. And yes, we are not disappointed. Read on for the full review.

One good feature about WinX DVD Author is that it supports a wide variety of video formats such as AVI, ASF, MPEG, MKV, MP4, MOV, RM, RMVB, XIVD, DVIX, H264, OGG, QT (quick time), FLV, etc. Being an authoring tool, you are also able to add subtitle files, create DVD menu, clip video segment and many other useful features.

On the main screen, you can find the various options to manipulate your video files.

You can either:

Choose the DVD Author option and run through the wizard to create a DVD from your video file.

Convert the Video to Vob format and store it for later use

Convert existing Vob to DVD

and finally, burn the file to DVD.

Authoring DVD

At the DVD Author page, you can see a variety of options to edit your video files.

Change the start/end timeframe of the video.

DVD title & chapter menu editing

Authoring the DVD Title & chapter menu is quite cool. Select background pictures, music and add texts that you may need to customize your DVD menu.

Burning DVD

Suggestions for improvement: Add text/tooltips to button Specifying supported video formats

It will be great if the developers can specify the individual supported file formats rather than just listing a Supported Formatted Files in the selection dropdown.

Add support for SWF

Not sure if this is too much to ask for, but it will be great if it can support SWF file.

Ability to create ISO images

ISO format? No?

Download link

As I mentioned above, this software costs $29.95, but is free to download until 31st Oct 2009. You can grab it at this link. This is the fully functional and licensed version, not the trial copy, so grab it while it is available.

The WinX DVD Author works in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Thanks to Viola for sharing with us this promotion.

Download WinX DVD Author


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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How To Convert Old Movies To Digital Format

How to convert old movies to digital format




There are plenty of software and hardware tools that you can use to convert old movies to digital.

For example, with a good video editor from Adobe’s suite you will digitize your old videos in just a few minutes.

You can also try digitizing your old beloved VHS tapes with a great VHS-to-DVD software.

Check out this comprehensive guide for more solutions to convert

old movies to digital with ease.

Do you have some old recorded VHS movies gathering dust that need converting to digital DVD format? If that’s the case, there are three ways you can convert antiquated analog video movies to DVD.

First, note that old movies does not mean copyrighted films. It’s illegal to copy copyrighted VHS films to DVDs. However, it’s fine to convert your own recorded VHS movies to a digital format.

We have compiled a list of solutions for you to be able to convert old movies to digital format, so keep reading!

How can I convert old movies to digital format? 1. Use Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are wondering how to convert old movies to digital, then you should know already that Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading timeline-based video editor and converter.

This amazing software can be used to do pretty much whatever you want with a video file. In the case at hand, the program can even be used for digitizing analog video.

More so, the program can be used to compile and edit videos from scratch, add special effects, filters, soundtracks, and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Your memories on the old tapes are now saved. Adobe Premiere Pro lets you convert old movies to digital in just a few steps, so try it out!

Free trialVisit website

How do I digitize analog video with Adobe Premiere Pro?

Connect the analog device’s video and audio outputs to the digital device’s analog inputs.

If the digital device is an external digitizer, deck, or camcorder:

Connect its FireWire or SDI port to PCs.

If the third-party digital device is a digitizer with device controls:

Connect its device control port with the same type of port on the analog device.

Turn on the analog source and the digitizing device.

If the digitizing device is a camcorder, set it to VTR, VCR, or Play mode.

Set the input selection control on the digitizing device to the proper analog input.

Now that you’ve connected the device properly, it is time to go to the actual conversion phase:

Start Adobe Premiere Pro.

When the Welcome screen appears, do one of the following:

To start a new project using a capture card:

Select the capture card’s preset from the Load Preset pane.

To open an existing project using a capture card:

Select an existing project that was set up with the capture card’s preset.

To start a new project using an external device, such as a camcorder or deck, to digitize:

Select a DV or HDV preset that matches your target television standard and format.

To open an existing project using an external device, such as a camcorder or deck, to digitize:

Select an existing project that was set up with the correct DV or HDV preset.

Now that you’ve set up Adobe Premiere Pro, it is time to choose what to do with the old video:

Go to File, and select Capture.

In the Capture panel, carefully check the settings on the Settings pane.

Do one of the following:

If the digital device offers no device control:

Cue up your source using the analog device’s own controls.

Press Play on the analog device.

If the digital device offers device control:

Capture or log footage using the Capture panel’s controls, as you would with a digital source.

2. Take the video to an alternative VHS-to-DVD conversion service

If you have just one or two VHS videos to convert to DVD, it’s probably better to take them to a VHS-to-DVD conversion service such as those provided by Walmart.

Walmart will convert a two-hour VHS video to DVD with chapter menus and music video highlights at a good price. You can find further details at this web page.

However, there are plenty of alternatives to Walmart, like Southtree or Costco.

As you’ll still need some extra software and hardware to convert an old movie yourself, the conversion services might be a better alternative.

3. Convert the VHS movie to disc with a VHS-DVD combo player

It might be more economical to convert lots of VHS videos (perhaps 10 or more) to disc yourself with a VHS-DVD combo player.

Expert tip:

Converting a VHS video to digital versatile disc is straightforward with a VHS-DVD combo player. Just insert the VHS cassette and a blank, rewritable DVD in the VHS-DVD player.

Then press the record button on the DVD side and the play button for the VHS video – or the combo player might have a direct dubbing option.

That’s all there is to it usually, but some VHS-DVD combo players might have more unique settings. So check the manual first before converting VHS to DVD.

4. Convert the old movie with a VHS to DVD software

VHS to DVD software that comes with a digital-to-analog converter is an alternative to VHS-DVD combo players.

That software enables you to convert VHS to digital format by connecting a desktop or laptop to your old VHS player with a digital-to-analog converter like the one shown directly below.

The best VHS to DVD programs will include a video editor, and options to burn the captured video to disc.

As such, you can enhance the footage with the software by removing some content from it and adding transitions and other effects.

Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VC500 for Windows and Mac is one of the best VHS and DVD programs for Windows, and it comes with software to burn videos to DVD.

This is how you can convert an old movie to digital format with this software:

First, connect your desktop or laptop to the VHS player with the digital-to-analog converter cables that came with the software.

Insert the USB end into the laptop’s or desktop’s USB slot, and the red, white and yellow RCA cables to the matching colored outputs on the VCR (videocassette recorder) player.

If your VHS video is dusty, dust it down, and insert the cassette in the VCR player.

Open your recording software in Windows and press its recording option.

Next, play the VHS tape on the VCR player.

When the video finishes, stop the recording software.

Then stop the video on the VCR. Now your old movie is a digital video!

Insert a blank, rewritable DVD in your laptop’s or desktop’s disc drive, and you’ll need an external DVD drive if it doesn’t have one.

You can add the captured video to the disc with the software’s DVD burner tool for imported files.

However, you could also use software such as Windows DVD Maker for adding the video to the disc.

So that’s how you can convert old movies to digital format for playback on DVD. When you’ve converted the videos, you can toss away those dusty VHS tapes that had piled up and watch the movies in digital format.

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