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Protestors in Hong Kong are increasingly turning to the privacy of offline chat apps to reduce the risk of government surveillance…

TNW reports that one of them, Bridgify, has seen 4,000% growth over the past couple of months.

As pro-democracy rallies rage in the territory, protestors are increasingly giving up on SMS, emails and China’s social media Swiss army knife WeChat in favor of peer-to-peer mesh networking apps like Bridgefy and FireChat.

With the government keeping a close eye on social networks — homegrown and elsewhere — in an attempt to stifle dissent, these off-the-grid messaging apps have proven to be a blessing in disguise.

Based on statistics from Apptrace, Bridgefy’s ranking on Apple’s App Store climbed from #973 in late June to #6 as of September 1.

Both apps are short-range peer-to-peer ones, which rely on direct Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections between devices. They were originally created for use in environments where mobile data might be unavailable or prohibitively expensive — for example, planes and cruise ships — as well as at times when networks are likely to be congested, like rock concerts and festivals.

Although range is very limited, the offline chat apps create mesh networks, so that a message from person A to person C can be relayed via person B. Messages are encrypted, so that person B relays the message without being able to see it.

Additionally, both apps offer a broadcast mode, where public messages are sent to all app users within range.

Here’s how FireChat describes itself.

FireChat creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi. FireChat transmits messages and pictures offline between devices that are located within 200 feet of one another.

Thanks to FireChat’s innovative multi-hop and store-and-forward capabilities, FireChat users form a network that increases in size with the number of devices. It allows messages to hop from one device to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). This is why the more people use FireChat, the better and the larger the network becomes (unlike with cellular networks).

On the mesh network, messages are transmitted seamlessly from one device to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). When an Internet connection or cellular network is available, FireChat uses them to reach remote recipients.

Public messages are visible by anyone. Private messages are encrypted and can only be seen and read by the sender and the recipient(s).

Bridgefy also offers an API that allows developers to use its tech for their own apps, though this is chargeable.

Hong Kong has, since Britain handed back control in 1997, been a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), operating under a so-called ‘one country, two systems’ approach intended to preserve some degree of independence. However, concerns have long been expressed that the PRC has increasingly been exerting more direct control, which came to a head this year when a bill was proposed which would allow the extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China.

Although that bill has been indefinitely suspended, the goal of protestors has broadened to five demands, from a complete withdrawal of the bill to full and free elections for the Legislative Council.

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Use Bleep To Chat Securely Online

Online privacy has become a major point of concern ever since ex-NSA contractor and whistle-blower Edward Snowden made revelations about the NSA’s abuse of its mass surveillance programs. The post-Snowden era, as they call it, has given birth to many applications specifically aimed at privacy and security-conscious users. One of these services is Bleep, a secure communications application from P2P file sharing company BitTorrent.

A brief history

Back in 2013, BitTorrent announced its plans to come up with a security-focused communications system. In July this year, the company unveiled a pre-alpha version of Bleep, which was largely aimed at invited testers and worked only on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Last month, the app entered open alpha and was made available to the general public. The company also added support for Mac and Android platforms.

What’s special about Bleep

The main feature that differentiates Bleep from other popular chat applications like Hangouts, AIM, Skype, and more, is that it lets you communicate with other Bleep users using peer-to-peer technology, something that doesn’t require central servers to house information. This means that unlike current chat apps that rely on centralized, cloud-based servers to store user messages, and are hence vulnerable to hackers as well as government surveillance, Bleep offers a decentralized system, which not only solves the aforementioned privacy- and security-related problems, but also creates infrastructure efficiencies as well as prevents single points of failure.

As is clear from the image shown above, Bleep uses Distributed Hash Table (DHT) to find IP addresses, the same technique that decentralizes torrents for uTorrent and BitTorrent. The way DHT works is: you ask your closest neighbour if they know of the person you are looking for. You then ask their neighbours, and this process continues until you get to a peer (neighbour) who knows the address of the person you’re looking for. They return this address to you.

The whole process is done in such a way that only you and the person you are looking up know who you are looking for. This is because BitTorrent has updated their DHT protocol to support encryption, enabling you to find each other securely and privately.

Besides Bleep, the decentralized architecture developed by BitTorrent can be used by other SIP-compatible clients as well. According to the company’s Director of Communications Christian Averill, BitTorrent is open to talk to those who want to incorporate the company’s new technology in their products.

Bleep features

Bleep offers end-to-end encryption, and each message you send is only stored locally on your device, ensuring robust privacy. The app, which also supports voice calling, allows you to easily delete your encrypted message history, should you choose not to leave any trace of conversation behind.

In addition, the app allows you to import your Google address book contacts, as well as invite your friends via email, SMS, QR code, or a public key. You can also move an existing account to an Android device and receive inbound messages across all devices.

Limitations Download

Interested in giving Bleep a try? You can download the public alpha here. It’s easy to create a Bleep account, all it requires is your email or mobile phone number. You can also sign up in incognito, a mode that doesn’t require you to submit any of the aforementioned personal details.


Although Bleep is currently in its alpha, it’s worth trying out, especially because of the kind of security and privacy it claims to offer.  The app could prove be a great tool for a variety of people, including friends who want to keep conversations amongst friends, journalists who want to communicate with their sources, businesses who want to keep their communications confidential, and more.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora is a freelance technical writer by profession but a software programmer and Linux researcher at heart. He covers software tutorials, reviews, tips/tricks, and more. Some of his articles have been featured on IBM developerworks, ComputerWorld, and in Linux Journal.

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How To Download Entire Websites For Offline Use

Wi-Fi seems to be available pretty much anywhere. In addition, mobile data plans are becoming increasingly generous and speedy. However, there are occasions where you may be caught without access to the Internet. Anyone who flies knows the pain of a flight without Wi-Fi. Fortunately, if you’re stuck in a situation that bars access to the World Wide Web, there is a way to access your favorite website. All you need to do is download it. Downloading an entire website is also handy for those who want to archive a site in case it goes down.

Best Websites to Download

While all of the tools listed below can and will download any website, just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. We suggest that you target websites that have lots of text and a minimal amount of pictures. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to download a site that doesn’t get updated often.



Cyotek WebCopy

Cyotek WebCopy is a tool that allows users to copy full websites or just the parts that they want. Unfortunately, the WebCopy app is only available for Windows, but it is freeware. Using WebCopy is simple enough. Open the program, pop in a target URL and you’re off to the races. As we’ve mentioned, many modern websites are huge, so downloading an entire website can be a real test in patience. Fortunately, WebCopy has a robust number of filters and options, allowing users to grab only the parts of the website they actually need.


This open-source website grabber has been around for some time, and for good reason. GetLeft is a small utility that has the ability to download the various components of a website, including HTML and images. GetLeft is also very user-friendly, which explains its longevity. To get started, simply fire up the program and enter the URL address of the website you want to download and where you want it to download to. GetLeft then automatically analyzes the website and provides you with a breakdown of the pages, listing subpages and links. You are then able to manually select which parts of the website you want to download by checking the corresponding box.

Image credit: Download

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How To Use Chatgpt? Chat Gpt Login, Steps @

The Open AI (Artificial Intelligence) created ChatGPT Application which is the revolution in the world of Internet. You should know that CHatGPT Full Form is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. In this system, you can create a Chat with ChatGPT and ask any questions ranging from simple questions to quantum physics. So we are here with complete information on How To Use ChatGPT so that you can easily get answers to your questions.

How to Use ChatGPT ?

So we are here with an answer to your question using which you can operate this Artificial Intelligence Portal. The Biggest Player in the Internet World known as Google is in most danger with the launch of ChatGPT because of the speed and reliability of the answer which it provides. Recently, many competitive examinations have been passed by this Chat GPT and now it is in the learning phase to increase its knowledge. Make sure you know the complete process to use it otherwise you cannot make the best use of this application. 

Visit Official Website chúng tôi you will see this page, sign up on it or login, if you have already signed up.

Now, you can use ChatGPT, write your question in the dialogue box and see the magic of Open AI’s chatGPT.

See, you can ask question and The Chat GPT AI Has responded in great way.

UPDATE: Now all of you will not receive the message of “ChatGPT at its capacity” because working power of it has been increased. Now you can use the model without any hassle and get your work done by AI.

What is Open AI Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is the AI Powered Large Language Model which makes it easier to use by Humans.

People can Sign in on the Chat GPT with the help of Email ID or Mobile Number and then start using the portal.

You can raise the Query and then get an answer within seconds which is very reliable.

This App is created on the Self Learning Process which means that everytime you ask something from OpenAI, it increases the accuracy of the ChatGPT.

So this is a brief description regarding the Open AI Chat GPT.

ChatGPT Login ChatGPT Features

There are multiple ChatGPT Features which are discussed in the section below. You can use the methods discussed below to use these features and then get the reliable answers for your questions.

First of all, it solves simple and complex queries.

Answer to all the Questions.

Reliable information.

Multiple Queries at Same Time.

Coding and other Internet Problems.

Simple and Easy to Use.

Guidelines to Use ChatGPT on Mobile

First of all, you are requested to open chúng tôi from your Mobile Browser or any other Device.

Second step is to tap on the Login Button and then proceed further.

Enter your Email ID, Mobile Number and then enter the OTP received on your Mobile.

Now you will see Homepage on your screen with multiple options available in it.

Tap on the New Chat button and then ask any type of question from ChatGPT.

So these are the guidelines to Use ChatGPT on Mobile.

Steps to Operate Chat GPT on PC

Now login with your Email ID or Mobile Number and then further enter the Profile Name.

Tap on the New Chat and then raise the query for getting exact answers.

If you are unsatisfied with the answer given by AI then regenerate the answers for best review.

So these are the Steps to Operate Chat GPT on PC (Personal Computer) which all the users can follow.

ChatGPT Login Link @ chúng tôi

ChatGPT Login @ chúng tôi HereChatGPT Chatbot SignupView Here

FAQs on How to Use ChatGPT on Signup

When is the ChatGPT Released?

ChatGPT is released in November 2023.

How to use ChatGPT?

You can use the ChatGPT by using your Mobile Number or Email ID and then Raising Queries.

On Which Website can I Use ChatGPT?

You need to visit chúng tôi to use the Chat GPT.

Government Of India Act 1858


The Government of India Act 1858 was the first act that applied under direct British rule. After the 1857 revolt, The British government decided to take over the rule of India from the Company. A bill was passed in 1858 in British Parliament to fulfil this agenda and this act was also called the Act for Better Government of India. The British government appointed Lord Canning as the Governor General of India during this act’s enactment.

What is the Government of India Act 1858?

The Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Government of India Act on 2nd August 1858. The control of the administration of British India was handed over to the Crown by the British Parliament and in this bill; they referred to the defect that existed in the system of the Indian Government. This act was introduced as a bill by Lord Palmerston and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Lord Palmerston was forced to resign for other issues before the theorised bill was passed. The first State Secretary of India, Edward Stanley introduced this bill during the 15th earl of derby where it is said that this act was created for the improved Governance of India.

Government of India Act 1858: Background

The Sepoy mutiny ended in the year 1858 that sends great shockwaves throughout London. It gave stimulus that the company should not have authorization for trading and continue as a political power. Many British settlers and traders had increased their enthusiasm for India since 1853 and their constant objection that their interest was neglected by the company. Prime Minister Palmerston, said the cumbrous and irresponsibility, irrational, complex characteristics of double government were the basic error in the rule of the Company.

The Act was approved on August 1858 by the Parliament after a month when Lord Canning proclaimed the victory of the army of the British. British dominance transferred over India from the Company of East India which was highly accused of rebellion against the Crown. The Crown rule suspended the Company rule in India and the State Secretary for India was created as an exercise of the power of the British Crown.

Government of India Act 1858: Provision

The Company of East India lost their control over the territory of India and British Indian territory was governed in the British queen’s name. This 1858 Act transform India into an immediate British colony. The civil services of India were established to help the Indian administration to function very smoothly. Indians were admitted to the service according to the provision (Wu, 2023).

This 1858 Act brought an end to the concept of lapse and demolished the double government that was proposed by Pitt as the India Act of 1784.

He was also acting as a medium of communication between the Indian Administration and the British government. The Secretary of State for India would have full control and authority over the administration of India and he also was blessed with the power that he could secretly dispatch an army to India without discussing it with his council. The British Parliament has the authority to question the secretary of state about the affairs of the states in India.

The Viceroy and Governor General of India was the agent of the British government. Crown appointed the Viceroy and the Governor of the different presidencies.

An Executive Council assisted the Viceroys. It was pronounced that the rest Princes of India would be provided with their complete independence status if they acknowledge British rule. Crown would accept the apology of every Indian who joined in the Sepoy mutiny excluding those who killed the subjects of the British.

Government of India Act 1858: Criticism

The Government of India Act 1858 had also some defects that are −

There was no representative of the Indian people and India was completely dominated by the control of the Imperial.

The Secretary of State was the highest power and had the free hand on the administration of India and he was only answerable to the British Parliament.


The 1858 Act stated the transfer of the power of India to the Crown from the East India Company. With this act, the Company ceased as a political company and the rule of the Company in India was ended. Therefore the Colonial System of government changed into Imperial rule under the Crown. At that time the queen of the British was Queen Victoria and she had the responsibility for the administration of British India.


Q.1. What was Sepoy mutiny?

Ans. Sepoy mutiny was a revolt that started on 10th May 1857 by the soldiers of Indians. The main reason behind this mutiny was the cartridge of Enfield’s rifle had to bite off by the soldiers before loading the gun. The soldiers of India thought that the cartridge was made with either the fat of a pig or cow and this was opposite to the sentiments of Muslims and Hindus. Therefore they denied using the cartridge and this began the protest against the British.

Q.2. Who was the first Viceroy of India?

Ans. Lord Canning was appointed as the first Viceroy of India in the year 1858 and his duty ended in 1862. They were the General Governor of India who represented the Crown in India.

Q.3. Who was the last Viceroy of India?

Ans. The last Viceroy of India was Lord Mountbatten and he was appointed in 1947. He was also the first Governor General of Independent India.

You’re Offline, Check Your Connection On Youtube

Some YouTube users have reported that they keep getting the You’re offline, Check your connection error message when trying to play YouTube videos. While the error clearly indicates that your internet is not working and you are offline, several users have reported being experiencing the error even with a working internet connection. Why does this error occur and how you can resolve it, let us find that out in this post.

Why does YouTube keep saying I am offline?

If you keep getting the You’re offline error message on YouTube, it is most likely that your internet is unstable. There might also be some other connectivity issues caused due to outdated or faulty network adapter drivers or DNS server inconsistency. Besides that, your browser’s cache and cookies data can be another reason for this error. Additionally, incorrect date and time configuration on your PC, problematic browser extensions, enabled VPN and adblockers can also cause this issue.

Fix You’re offline, Check your connection error on YouTube

If you keep seeing the You’re offline, Check your connection error on YouTube while trying to play videos, here are the solutions you can use to troubleshoot this error:

Refresh YouTube several times.

Test your internet connection.

Update network drivers.

Set up the correct date and time settings.

Clear browser cache and cookies.

Change your DNS server.

Disable third-party extensions or add-ons.

Turn off VPN and adblockers.

Update your web browser.

Switch to a different web browser.

1] Refresh YouTube several times

It could be a temporary glitch or issue causing the “You’re offline. Check your connection” error on YouTube. Hence, you can try reloading the YouTube page a couple of times by pressing the Retry button and see if the error is gone. Or, you can also hard refresh the YouTube page using the Ctrl+F5 hotkey and check if it helps. If the error persists, you can move on to the next troubleshooting method.

2] Test your internet connection

You can connect to some other network connection and then try visiting YouTube to see if the error is gone. Besides that, you can power cycle your router or reset it to rule out any possibility of router cache causing the error.

Read: Fix YouTube error, Something went wrong.

3] Update network drivers

Outdated or faulty network adapter drivers are known to cause network connectivity issues. Hence, make sure you have up-to-date network drivers to avoid errors like this. To update Network drivers on Windows 11/10, you can use the Settings app. Here’s how:

First, press Win+I to launch Settings and navigate to Windows Update.

Next, tick the checkboxes associated with the pending network driver updates and press the Download & install button.

Windows will restart when the process is done. You can then open YouTube in your browser and see if the error is fixed.

You can also download the latest network drivers directly from the device manufacturer’s website. Or, use the conventional method and update drivers using Device Manager.

See: How to fix No Sound on YouTube on Windows.

4] Set up the correct date and time settings

If the “You’re offline. Check your connection” error keeps appearing on YouTube, it might be the case that your date and time settings are incorrect. So, ensure that you have configured the correct date and time settings including time zone. Here’s how you can do that:

First, open Settings using Win+I.

Now, navigate to the Time & language tab from the left-side pane.

After that, turn on the toggles associated with the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically options.

When done, reopen YouTube and check if the error has stopped appearing or not.

If this scenario is not applicable to you, move on to the next fix.

5] Clear browser cache and cookies

Your web browser cache and cookies can be the main culprit behind the “You’re offline. Check your connection” error on YouTube. Old and corrupted browser cache and cookies create several issues in web browsers. Hence, clear old browsing data including cache and cookies, and then restart your browser to check if the error is gone. Here, we are going to show steps to delete cache and cookies from Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Similar steps can be followed in other browsers to clear browser cache and cookies.

These posts will show you how how to clear browsing data & cache in Edge, Opera or  Chrome and Firefox.

If deleting browsing data doesn’t help, you can use the next working solution to fix the error.

Read: Fix YouTube Error 400 on PC.

6] Change your DNS server

It could be an inconsistency with your default DNS server provided by your ISP triggering this error on YouTube. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, you can fix this error by switching to a public DNS server.

Google DNS is the top choice of users. It is more reliable and fast and has been proven to avoid such errors. Here are the steps to set up Google Public DNS on Windows 11/10:

Firstly, evoke the Run command box using Win+R and enter chúng tôi in it to open up the Network Connections window on your PC.

In the appeared Properties window, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and then press the Properties button.

Preferred DNS server: Alternate DNS server:

If the error continues, you can use the next troubleshooting method to fix it.

See: 500 Internal Server Error on YouTube explained.

7] Disable browser extensions or add-ons

The next thing you can do to fix the error is to disable or remove extensions/add-ons from your browser. There are many malicious or poorly-coded third-party web extensions that may cause errors and issues in your browsers. Hence, you can try disabling such extensions and see if the error is fixed.

These posts will show you how to disable browser extensions in Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge browser.

8] Turn off VPN and adblockers

If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client or proxy server while using YouTube on your PC, you might experience this error. Your VPN might be interfering with your internet and thus, causing this error. Hence, it is recommended to disable your VPN or proxy server and then see if the error is fixed.

Similarly, if you are using ad-blockers in your browser or computer, turn it off and see if the error has stopped on YouTube.

See: YouTube not connecting to AdSense; Error AS-08, AS-10 OR 500.

9] Update your web browser

If your browser is outdated, you might face errors like this. So, update your web browser and check if the error is fixed.

10] Switch to a different web browser

You can also try using a different web browser and see if you still receive the YouTube error. There are multiple free web browsers to select from. For example, if you are experiencing this error on Chrome, try using Firefox or Edge and see if the problem is fixed.

Hope this helps!

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How do I fix my offline connection?

If your network is offline, try performing a power cycle on your router or modem and see if the problem is fixed. Apart from that, update your network driver to its latest version. If nothing helps, you can directly contact your ISP to fix the issue.

Fix: This video is not available on YouTube.

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