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Today, nearly anyone can own a website. However, having a website rank high on a desired Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can be challenging. What is critical here is the effective use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, staying updated on the latest technologies is vital for a digital marketing professional to drive organic traffic and boost visibility. In other words, you don’t have to be—or want to become—an SEO expert to consider taking up an SEO course. However, if you’re unsure about the potential benefits of such a course, this blog will give you more clarity. Read on.

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5 Learning Outcomes to Expect from an SEO Course

Here are the five key learning outcomes from an SEO course. Simply put, you can expect it to empower you with the skills to improve search engine rankings and boost conversions. Here’s a detailed look at how you can gain:

    Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    An effective SEO course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to incorporate SEO best practices into your digital marketing strategy. You will learn how to conduct keyword research, optimize website content, create engaging meta tags, and develop a comprehensive link-building strategy. As a result of implementing these techniques, you can attract organic traffic, improve user experience, and ultimately boost conversions.

      Gain In-Demand SEO Skills

      A high-quality SEO course will provide a deep understanding of SEO principles and techniques. You can expect to learn about on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO, content marketing, mobile optimization, and local SEO. Employers highly seek these skills, which can open up new career opportunities in digital marketing.

        Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings

            Stay Updated with the Evolving SEO Landscape

            The field of SEO is constantly evolving due to algorithm updates and changing search engine guidelines. This is one of the most important reasons for an effective SEO course. Firstly, it will ensure you stay updated with the latest industry trends. Moreover, such a course will teach you how to adapt your SEO strategies to align with the ever-changing algorithms. Additionally, it will ensure that your website maintains its visibility on various SERPs

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            FAQs 1. How Can an SEO Course Help You With Your Digital Marketing Strategy? 2. What Specific Skills Can I Expect to Gain from an SEO Course?

            An SEO course will equip you with a wide range of valuable skills. Firstly, you can learn about effective keyword research. Moreover, you can also learn about on-page and off-page optimization to make your website more content more suitable. You will also pick up skills like content marketing, mobile optimization, and local SEO. These skills will make you a well-rounded SEO professional capable of tackling various optimization challenges.

            3. Will an SEO Course Help Achieve Higher Search Engine Ranking Results?

            While an SEO course can provide you with the knowledge and skills to optimize your website, achieving higher search engine rankings requires consistent effort and the implementation of effective strategies. An SEO course will equip you with the tools and techniques to improve your rankings, but success will depend on factors such as competition, industry, and algorithm changes.

            Benefits of Taking an SEO Course With Emeritus

            By Tanish Pradhan

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            Can Social Live Video Help Seo? Yes, Here’s How

            Live social video is all the rage, but it isn’t just something the social media marketers and brand managers should care about.

            Social livestreaming can boost your SEO, too – if you do it right.

            Freshness, dwell time, chatter. These are all important factors that can help your SEO, and they’re all natural qualities of social live video.

            Keep reading to understand how you can use social live video to amplify your organic reach.

            Social Live Video: Stand Out in a Crowded Newsfeed

            Social marketers freak out about Facebook algorithm changes the way SEO pros do about Google’s updates.

            Social networks are on a constant mission to do everything within their power to strongarm brands into playing exclusively on their networks.

            Some platforms, like Instagram, notoriously don’t even allow links in posts.

            Others, like Facebook or LinkedIn, do a bait and switch: sure, you can add links to your posts, but only at the cost of it then getting heavily deprioritized by the algorithm in the main feed.

            As marketers, we get it – it’s good for their ad dollars and their stockholders to keep users in-network, but it sucks for our brands. What’s an SEO pro to do?

            This is where social live video comes in.

            By 2023, experts predict video will represent 82 percent of internet traffic.

            Consumers want more content from the brands they follow, but 80 percent would prefer it take the form of live video over a blog.

            It’s no surprise, then, that Facebook claims live videos generate 600 percent more interactions.

            Here’s the best part: some platforms, like Facebook, make it a point to boost “live” content in their feed.

            With Facebook consistently making it near impossible for brands to show up in the news feed, social live video is one way that still works.

            Brands must create social livestreams that delight their followers.

            The key is to make it good for your SEO, too.

            Focus on the Right Social Media Platforms

            While everyone’s hopping aboard the social livestream train, certain platforms are friendlier for brands.

            For your live video to succeed from both a social and an organic perspective, you need to choose the right social network.

            For social media, this means the networks where you’ve got an engaged following and the know-how to create and strategically post high-quality livestream video.

            For SEO, this means the qualified networks from that first statement that let you add links to the post and make it easy to annotate your videos.

            I’ll save some of your work for you – the clear winners here are YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

            Instagram Live disappears 24 hours later while Meerkat doesn’t offer a replay option, and Twitch isn’t really applicable unless you’re in the gaming industry.

            But with Facebook Live, you can create a permanent post, download your video for embedding on your own website, add a description to your post, and review analytics during and after your stream.

            YouTube Live offers the same features – and it’s owned by Google. Enough said.

            Amplify Your Other Marketing Channels

            Live streams in and of themselves are not a go-to SEO option.

            The SEO comes when you use social live video to improve results from your other channels, from events to content marketing.

            As they say, a rising tide lifts all ships.

            The more social video you create, the more you have to embed on your related blog posts or landing pages.

            Once the stream is over, you can update your video description with links to said blog posts or landing pages to drive traffic.

            YouTube videos are often pulled for featured snippet results, which is one way social live video can directly impact your SEO.

            But you can hack your other popular content tactics into compelling live streams for an added, albeit indirect, SEO boost.

            Product Tutorials

            How-to videos are among the most popular type of YouTube video. Instead of a traditional tutorial, make yours exciting by filming live.

            Benefit Cosmetics has done this to great success with their weekly Tipsy Tricks series. Their products are so simple to use, you can apply them over drinks with friends.

            Event Marketing

            Social live video gets more people talking about, hyped up for, and attending your event. In fact, this is one of the most common types of livestreams you’ll see.

            Before social live video, only people at an event got to enjoy it, while others would read about it afterwards. With social live video, you can infinitely scale your audience and invite all your Facebook fans to enjoy it, too.

            Promote, Promote, Promote

            As with any campaign, promotion is essential to a successful live video.

            Hype your livestream beforehand to drive eyeballs and increase your visibility on the platform when you do go live.

            Create a Facebook event people can RSVP to.

            Regularly tweet, post, or snap on your other networks to remind people it’s coming up.

            Feature it in related blog posts or your email newsletter.

            Ask your influencers to do the same, especially if they’re going to be featured in your video.

            One of the best ways to promote your live stream is simply to do it often. The more consistent you are about going live, the more your fans will look out for it, driving views.

            Remember that precious “freshness” factor? It doesn’t just apply to content on your own site. Google pays attention to how much people are talking about you online.

            If there’s a surge in people talking about you on Facebook from your latest live video, you can bet Google’s going to notice.

            Go Live

            During the live stream itself, follow social live video best practices

            You can permanently post videos on YouTube and Facebook for long-term visibility, but you’ll get the most eyes for your video while it’s live, so you want to make the most of it.

            Pre-schedule posts on Twitter and your other networks to drive eyeballs to the live stream platform while it’s happening. Use the same hashtag in all your posts.

            Really drive the point home by keeping the related URL visible throughout the video. Write the link in big letters on a whiteboard behind you. Print out a big poster. Design special shirts for the occasion. You get the idea. You want to keep the link visible on the screen throughout the video so people still know where to go if they’re playing it on mute.

            Keep the Ball Rolling Once You Publish

            Once you finish live streaming, publish the video to your page and follow all the steps in your typical SEO checklist for regular video. This includes:

            Making sure your post is set “Public.”

            Adding a keyword-optimized title and relevant tags.

            Beefing up your post description with relevant web links above-the-fold, and a detailed summary of takeaways below the fold.

            Exporting the video to repost it on your other video hosting sites and social media networks.

            Uploading the video to relevant blog posts or landing pages on your site to increase dwell time. This gives people a website URL to link to instead of your Facebook profile.

            Including a transcription file for the video on YouTube and your blog page.

            Providing an embed code for the video that links back to your website.


            There’s an inherent urgency built into live stream video that makes it irresistible to watch. Just imagine if you can put that momentum to work for your SEO.

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            How Speech Recognition Can Help You Work Anytime, Anywhere

            When you’re building a small business, there’s never enough time to do everything you want to do. Your inbox fills, the correspondence keeps on building up and it’s a nightmare dealing with all the paperwork and forms. Yet we all have dead time when we’re travelling, or just getting away from the office, when we could be doing something to move things forwards. And why is it that the best ideas always come when you’re least equipped to get them down? Wouldn’t it be great to turn them into something you could develop, even share?

            A solution to these problems might be sitting in your briefcase, bag or pocket. Enter your smartphone or tablet and Dragon Anywhere. The latest product from the speech recognition experts at Nuance Communications is a fully-featured, business-grade speech recognition application that’s been designed from the ground up for iOS and Android devices. Like the Dragon desktop products it offers fast, highly-accurate speech recognition that continually adapts to your voice, but while the Desktop programs use your laptop or PC’s onboard power, Dragon Anywhere harnesses the power of the cloud. With Nuance’s servers handling all the hard work, the software can work hard and fast on relatively modest phones, while the software is continually improving without constant updates to the app.

            How could your business use it? Well, just take a few examples.

            Write emails, documents and memos, wherever you are

            Dragon Anywhere makes drafting documents easy. Not only is the software accurate ‘out of the box ’, but it’s always learning about how you speak and what you want to say, tailoring itself for your own, specific voice. You can add custom words to cover industry-specific terms or acronyms and even set-up auto text – frequently used text passages like a signature, a list of bullet-points or a paragraph of legal rubric – so that you can enter these with just a quick spoken command.

            Make light work of working on a phone or tablet

            Tablets and smartphones are light and convenient, but they’re not always the easiest devices to work with. Virtual keyboards can be a pain to use, selecting text for formatting or editing is a headache, while intrusive auto-correct features seem to only get in the way. Dragon Anywhere makes all of these problems disappear. There’s no need to type when you can dictate at normal talking speeds, while you can select words or sentences for editing or deletion with simple voice commands. You have full control of formatting options and can easily apply underlining, italics, colours or bold text. You can work faster and leave that Bluetooth keyboard in the bag.

            Use voice where you can’t really type

            In many industries it’s simply not always practical to type. You could be out in the field, holding your phone or tablet, but you still need to fill in computerized-forms or make and update reports. Again, Dragon Anywhere has you covered. You can navigate through fields on a report template with intuitive ‘next input field’ and ‘previous input field’ commands. You can fill in fields and enter notes using speech alone, and even use the auto-text features to cut out unnecessary repetition. It’s a whole lot easier than jabbing the screen with a finger.

            Draft now, polish later

            With Dragon Anywhere you can get a basic idea or barebones draft done whenever and wherever you need to, then work on it later when you get the chance. This all comes down to the app’s cloud-based nature. It’s designed to work seamlessly with services like Dropbox or Evernote, so that you can save a file to Dropbox or export it as a note to Evernote, where it can proliferate to Evernote online or apps on your other devices.

            What’s more, Dragon Anywhere is designed to work hand-in-hand with Nuance’s desktop speech recognition products, including Dragon Pro Individual and Dragon for Mac. Documents and notes you dictate in one will be instantly synchronized with the other, while key customization features like auto-texts and custom words and phrases sync automatically between the two, enabling hard-working professionals to dictate either on their mobile device or on their Mac, PC or laptop, with the same workflow and the same degrees of accuracy and personalisation. And because Dragon Anywhere is a subscription service, it can be used from several mobile devices through just the one subscription.

            This level of power and functionality doesn’t come for free, but a subscription is cheaper than you might think, and there are free trials available to gauge how well Dragon Anywhere can work for you. Leave your laptop in the office and ditch the unwieldy keyboard cover. Let speech recognition do the hard work for you.

            Dragon Anywhere is available from £14.99 per month. Download the 

            Technology Can Help You Express Your Creativity

            As the father of a great (fictional) man once said: “Everything is achievable through technology.” The words may have come from a minor comic book character—Howard Stark, founder of Stark Industries and father of famed genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man—but they nonetheless ring true. There are few aspects of day-to-day human life that technology hasn’t touched, influenced, and made better.

            We use technology to do work, entertain ourselves, and stay in touch with our loved ones. We also use technology to keep ourselves informed about and connected to a world that we simply can’t see from our respective windows. Culture and the arts have benefited from technology as well. From bombastic CGI effects that heighten realism in blockbuster feature films to digital artworks of a comparable level to the ones created by the masters, technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for creatives.

            Here are a few ways that technology can contribute to your creativity and help you express yourself:

            Technology can help You Express Your Creativity Treat Technology as One of Many Tools

            Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t just a painter. The quintessential Italian polymath and Renaissance man was also a scientist, an inventor, a sketch artist, a sculptor, an architect, and an engineer – among other occupations. He worked with various mediums, surfaces and materials.

            Like da Vinci, you can enhance your skills and unleash your creative side by using a variety of tech tools. The digital art world is a vast one, and there are endless ways to become a content creator.

            You can experiment with digital photographs, upload homemade videos to online platforms such as YouTube or Bigo TV, write content for online fiction repositories, post art and comics of your own creation to social media sites, and much more.

            Integrate Tech in All Aspects of Your Life

            Most of us already use a lot of tech to function on a day-to-day basis. We keep our smartphones on us at all times and use computers extensively for work. We tune in to our favourite shows using smart TVs and listen to the news, podcasts, and music on digital players.

            Approach technology by erasing the distinction that some devices can only be used for work and productivity, while others are for play and leisure.

            Becoming comfortable with constantly using technology helps when inspiration or a sudden creative idea presents itself. You’ll be able to instantly keep a record of it that you can improve on and refine later.

            Consume Content Like It’s Going Out of Style

            Honing your creativity simply can’t be done in a bubble. Artists and creatives need input and feedback from others to become inspired, to motivate themselves into doing better, or just to broaden their aesthetic horizons.

            Looking at how others express themselves can open your mind to new ideas and encourage you to try things that you never have before.

            The internet is a bottomless pit of diverse content, and it would truly be a shame not to utilise it when we all have such convenient access to the web.

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            The key is not to consume content mindlessly. Use technology to enrich yourself by subscribing to and consuming content that is both valuableand meaningful.

            Use the Internet as a Door to the Rest of the World

            From its commercialisation in 1995, the internet has really helped make our wide world feel much smaller. It’s now possible to travel to faraway places, take part in different cultures, and make lasting friendships without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

            We live in a truly marvellous age where the collective knowledge of the entire planet is right at our fingertips. The internet is a phenomenal tool for acquiring diverse experiences, learning about things, places, and people that you wouldn’t normally be able to meet or come across otherwise, and using that knowledge to get inspired.

            Wikipedia alone has 6 million articles (and counting!) in English to sink your proverbial teeth into. One of the best ways to learn about something you probably wouldn’t seek out yourself is by simply checking the front page for its daily featured article.

            Creative expression and technology have one major thing in common: they’re both best when shared with others. Without an audience, creativity would not have a chance to flourish. Don’t be afraid to use tech to tell your unique story. It may resonate with more people than you think!

            Eunice Williams

            Eunice Williams is a digital marketing professional based in United States. She enjoys connecting with people and hearing their stories. Outside of work, she is an avid reader and traveler who likes to observe how life is like outside the spaces she is familiar with.

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            Can You Claim An Inactive Instagram Username?

            Instagram is a popular social media platform that you need to capitalize with approximately one billion active users. Unfortunately, with a billion users, securing your business username isn’t always the easiest.

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            Your Username was Taken –What now?

            Finding out your username has been taken sucks, especially if the username is inactive. The definition of an inactive profile can be one of two things.

            Inactive Accounts – Nothing Posted

            For an inactive account that shows a profile without activity, you’ll have three choices. These options aren’t guaranteed to work, especially if users browse the platform but don’t feel comfortable sharing.

            Instagram doesn’t care about inactive users (although they care about bot or spam accounts) as long as they’re using the platform. If you’d like to claim an inactive username, consider the following three methods.

            Approach the account holder

            Most inactive profiles will still have ways of contact, primarily through the direct messaging functionality. If you’re committed to a specific name, reach out to the account holder and offer to buy their username.

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            Report the User

            While this approach won’t win you any friends, it can be effective if done correctly. Instagram offers a reporting functionality, the Username Claim Form, allowing users to submit usernames that infringe on their personal or company brand.

            File the report, fill in your name and the profile in question, and plead your case. Wanting a username isn’t enough reason for filing a claim; you’ll want proof that their account directly impacts your business.

            You’ll also want to have a few friends file the report on your behalf; the higher the number of claims, the more legitimate you appear.

            Wait it Out

            Arguably the most anti-climactic method of claiming a username, sometimes there’s nothing you can do but wait out the account. Instagram will periodically purge any inactive accounts from the system, getting rid of spam or bot accounts, and other placeholder names.

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            Finding a Placeholder Name

            Consider adding your domain suffix to the end of the username (for example, instead of MikesHats, use MikesHatsCom). The variation will still attract viewers without the headache of securing an inactive account.

            Nine Ways Tech Can Help You Make A Positive Difference

            In 2023, instead of looking for leaders who inspire us, let’s set the example we seek. Fortunately, you don’t need to join the Peace Corps or launch a grassroots movement to make the world a better place. There are plenty of small things you can do today that can snowball into something meaningful.

            1.    Gather for good

            2.   Invites that inspire

            Weddings, birthday parties, holiday feasts – they’re all celebratory events that inspire generosity. At the same time, an increasing number of party hosts are replacing their paper-based invites with online invitations to help reduce waste.

            Online invitation providers like Evite allow users to customize their invitations with the additional option to raise money for charity, often in lieu of a gift. For hosts, it’s the ideal opportunity to raise money for a favorite non-profit. For guests, it’s the perfect excuse to give to a good cause.

            As the third most popular social app among millennials, Snapchat is slowly morphing from an entertaining video-messaging platform into a powerful fundraising tool. Imagine, for example, taking a series of photo and video snaps to tell the story of a neighbor in need. From there, viewers can donate money via Snapcash. Donations are safely deposited to the bank account linked to your debit card. Better yet, create a Facebook fundraising page and then encourage Snapchat visitors to stop on by. A simple template is all you need to create a Facebook group for your fundraiser along with a personalized message.

            Rather than toss your outdated devices into the trash, find out how aging electronics can help save the environment and serve the needy. In fact, according to the EPA, recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year.

            Organizations like e-Stewards can help you find recycling partners in your local area. After all, many devices can be easily repaired and donated to students and schools in impoverished areas. If, however, your device is unsalvageable, help the planet by dropping it off at an electronics goods retailer. Best Buy has collected and responsibly disposed of more than 1 billion pounds of electronics and applications, and plans to collect 2 billion pounds of e-waste by 2023.

            6.   A bid for kindness

            7.   Flying high

            8.   OneToday at a time

            Google vets each charity, ensuring your donations are earmarked for legitimate enterprises. And OneToday lets donors encourage friends and family to match gifts by sharing their charitable acts via social networks.

            9.   Help your furry friends

            Humans aren’t the only ones in need. Search for local animal shelters and find out how you can help. The ASPCA is a good place to start. Share photos of animals that are up for adoption on your Facebook timeline, Instagram page, or Pinterest board. Or volunteer to help exercise and socialize animals if your local shelter is short-staffed. Committing an hour or two a week is all it takes.

            Employees all across Intel’s many campuses support local communities, participate in volunteer programs, and contribute to nonprofits and educational institutions. When we all work together to inspire one another, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

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