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Annika in Stockholm asks:

How can I, from an SEO perspective, make sure that all hotel pages are indexed?

There are a lot of images in the list so it’s not an option to “view all” due to speed. Until now, we have used a solution with rel=next and rel=prev, but I’ve read that solution is no longer supported by Google.

Infinite scroll, as well as traditional pagination, is not an option either due to UX. So, what’s the best practice here?

I have struggled with this for many years and would really appreciate a solution for my dilemma.”

Great question, Annika.

Just because search engines don’t support rel=prev and rel=next anymore doesn’t necessarily mean websites have to re-design their sites or remove those tags.

For anyone who is curious, there’s no harm in leaving the tags up. They won’t hurt you.

The heart of this question though is how to deal with pagination in both a user and search engine-friendly way.

I have to wonder though as I consider this question why traditional pagination and infinite scroll aren’t an option for UX? There’s nothing inherently bad with either of those when it comes to user experience.

Both can be done well to make the SEO, development, UX, and accessibility teams happy.

A Quick Workaround

The quickest, easiest, cheapest – but not the best – way to improve this situation is through the use of sitemaps. Ensure that all of your properties are listed in your XML sitemap, for starters.

This isn’t the best solution because there are still no internal site links to the pages, but at least it will help engines crawl them while you address the solution in other ways.

You should also consider adding an “all hotels” sitemap page.

This is a workaround if you can’t do what I’m going to suggest below, but I said we’d start with the quick workarounds.

A Better Solution

Before writing this article, I took a quick look at major hotel brands and hotel search sites to see what they’re doing.

It’s all over the place in terms of UX but most of them have some sort of quick fix as mentioned above, and also use a hybrid of infinite scroll, form interactions, and old-school pagination.

The approach I would recommend is to let your UX team keep the button (although buttons have all kinds of other issues beyond the scope of this article) but also get them to add in some traditional pagination for you with it.

Users get the fancy form/application feel while search engines get nice crawlable links. Users will even get links they can share and send people to, as well.

See SEO-Friendly Pagination: A Complete Best Practices Guide to learn more.

Give And Take

Corporate SEO or SEO for large sites is all about give and take; it’s about knowing what to fight for and what to concede.

In Annika’s case, I would schedule a meeting with UX and the developers and put the SEO requirements out there, plain and simple.

Tell them, “We need a crawlable path to all of the hotel pages that live outside of the sitemaps. How can we do that within this user experience?” and then see where the brainstorm goes.

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How Do I Start Learning Javascript?

In the contemporary world, JavaScript is among the most widely used programming languages. Although it has certain additional use cases, web development is where people use it frequently, particularly when creating interactive front-end features. The top programming languages to learn, without a doubt, include JavaScript. If you want to work in any web development field, you must understand JavaScript.

Sadly, learning a new programming language may be challenging, especially if you don’t have a lot of prior expertise. Getting your head around the fundamentals can be contesting because coding concepts are challenging.

Get Back to the Basics

Although you may find the early principles are relatively simple and clear-cut, you must invest time in the fundamentals to fully understand the language you are attempting to learn.

You can use an Online Editor or Download One

Although utilizing a desktop code editor may not be required for your course, it’s good to get familiar with using one as you learn. You can study JavaScript and other programming languages through online classes that let you write code directly in your browser window. However, if you ever want to work as a JavaScript developer, you will need to be able to utilize a desktop code editor.

Utilize A Quality Online Course

If you’re attempting to learn JavaScript, there are many distinct methods you have. If you are an expert programmer with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of coding, learning JavaScript – or any other language – should be a relatively simple task. You may learn to write progressively sophisticated programs in your code editor only by watching videos, reading tutorials, and practicing. As a beginner without any coding knowledge, it can be considerably more challenging.

Practice Is Not a Fear

You must dedicate yourself if you want to design websites well. Practice is one of the most crucial elements of the learning process. You won’t get better at writing code if you don’t practice. If you are unwilling to invest time in learning your code outside your course, taking an online course is a waste of time. You must download your code editor to study and improve JavaScript. It is easy to practice writing and editing code once you have a code editor. Check out some of the open-source code available on GitHub.

Find a code sample you like, download it, and open it in your code editor. Look through it until you understand what each line of code does. There are lots of ways to practice your JavaScript code skills. One way is to complete coding challenges. There are lots of challenges that are designed specifically for people who are learning JavaScript. You can find many of them by doing a simple Google search. Some things you can do to improve your skills are choose something easy for you and practice regularly. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Take a lot of Notes

The process of learning JavaScript must include taking notes. Making notes enables you to translate complex ideas and concepts into easily understandable language. It allows you to refer back to your study notes later and make it easier for you to comprehend confusing concepts.

You can study and improve your knowledge by having notes. You may improve your memory by simply writing things down. Before you consider enrolling in a course or watching “how to code” tutorials, the first step in learning JavaScript is visiting your neighborhood stationery store and purchasing a notepad. Prepare yourself for some heavy note-taking by grabbing a few different colored pens and some highlighters.

Know Every Word in Your Code

When learning JavaScript, it is easy to deliver vague code. It is especially true if you’re trying to learn JavaScript for free via online courses that provide detailed instructions. Many people make the mistake of blindly writing some code in their code editor, then troubleshooting until it accomplishes what is required. These individuals don’t always comprehend what they are writing, though. You must understand every single line of code as a beginning programmer. What it does, and how it affects the rest of your software.

To learn JavaScript is far different from “to master,” which is a far cry from the former. Every time you create a new program, you should take some time to sit down and go through each line of code to make sure you understand what it does. Review your notes, look it up in a language reference book, or ask someone for assistance if you are unsure of something or are having trouble understanding it.

Utilize A Variety of Resource Types

Utilizing as many resources is a clever idea while studying something as challenging as programming.

Locate others to Study JavaScript With

If you try to learn JavaScript programming alone, it might be a lonely and tiresome activity.

Finding people to train with is one of the finest methods to progress from a beginner JavaScript programmer to a master. It might be relatively beneficial to study in groups.

Start your search on Facebook for individuals who are also learning to code. Find local “programming,” “coding,” or “web development” organizations. Consider starting one if there isn’t already one.

Wrapping Up!

This article discussed how to start learning JavaScript. Expect that the tutorial was helpful for you being a beginner in JavaScript. Follow every step discussed to achieve your goal.

What Is Cyber Crime? How To Deal With It?

Any crime committed by means of or by using a computer and an internet connection or computer technology is known as Cyber Crime. There is not just a single aspect of the definition of cyber crime. The crime can be anything. It spans from malware injection to hacking to social-identity thefts and more. The scope of this article is to answer what is a cybercrime and how Microsoft deals with it.

What is Cyber crime – Definition & Explanation

Any crime to which, a computer, and the Internet or computer technology has been a part of, is known as Cyber crime. This is a very broad definition of cyber crime. If the use of any of the following activities is made, to carry out a crime – then it can be classified as a Cyber crime:


Stalking, Extortion, Blackmail, Bullying

Phishing. See how you can avoid Phishing Scams and Attacks



Exploiting vulnerabilities

Social Engineering and Identity Theft (Fake emails, fake phone conversions using data obtained from the Internet, to get more information about you and your bank, cards, etc.)

These are just the most basic aspects of cybercrime that I can recall at the time of writing. There are many more aspects to the illegal business – and in each instance of the illegal activity, there is one or more computers and/or an Internet connection involved. Such an attack committed with a view to commit a Cyber Crime can be called a Cyber Attack.

We will read more about this in our next post on Types of Cybercrime. You may want to also read about Organized and Unorganized Cybercrime.

Cyber crime incidence

Cyber crime is rampant!

There are nearly 400 million victims of cybercrime each year. And cybercrime costs consumers $113 billion per year. India, followed by Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, Algeria and Mexico have the largest number of infected machines involving malware developed outside Eastern Europe.

Says Norton:

Cybercrime has now surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker

An identity is stolen every 3 seconds as a result of cybercrime

Without a sophisticated Internet security package, your Windows PC can become infected within 4 minutes of connecting to the Internet.

How to deal with Cyber crime – Prevention

Maintain good system hygiene. It goes without saying that you must have a fully updated operating system and installed software and a good security software to protect your computer – apart from having safe browsing habits.

Then, there may have been times when people may have contacted you claiming to be from a job portal or tech support or even your Bank and asked you for information initially and then maybe get you to make some payment for some imaginary service. Do not respond to such contacts. That is the first basic preventive step you can take.  There are many who would fall prey to it and yet won’t report the matter.

To fight cybercrime, you have to report it, in case you have fallen prey.  There is nothing to feel ashamed about! If an email or phone takes the aid of a known or popular service or brand, you should always alert the service or brand, that their name is being misused, so that they can take appropriate steps and at the least, alert their other customers to not fall prey.

Besides, if a cybercrime has made you suffer physical, mental, or financial loss, you can report it to the concerned department that every government has nowadays. Each country takes cybercrime seriously and has organizations that work actively to tackle the crime and to bring the criminals to justice.

If your system has fallen prey to a Botnet, you may want to have a look at some Botnet Removal Tools.

Report Cyber crime

If you are in the US, you can report to the Official Website of Department of Homeland Security. If it was a phone call or email, keep the logs and contents separately and securely as they will further help you. If it was a malware, you cannot do much except to hope that the organization, to which you have reported, comes up with some proper plan and takes some action.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). As a victim, you can report online Internet crime complaints here.

In case of spam, phishing, and social engineering attacks, you can keep the communications as a proof, but in case of malware attacks which may have compromised your system, you do not know who the criminal is and hence you can’t progress much in the fight, on your own.

This is where Microsoft’s Cybercrime Security Cell comes in. It is Microsoft’s own way of fighting cybercrime and the idea is to prevent the crime from happening rather than waking up after the crime has been committed.

How Microsoft helps reduce Cyber crime

Microsoft says that the first step towards fighting cybercrime is to use secure, reliable and honest IT (Information Technology spanning from firmware to operating system to the cloud). While it is true that a well-protected computer would reduce the chances of it getting hacked, it is also true that many computers come with pre-installed malware. That is why Microsoft used the word “honest”. You may not believe that many computers have pirated software installed on them, and in a way that they give false positives so that users believe the software is genuine. There are not many methods to detect the fake software (except for manual forensic methods) and these software are often bundled with malware that sends your information to the cyber criminals who created the fake software.

The Cybercrime page of Microsoft says that in a sample they tested, almost 90% of computers using pirated operating systems or pirated software had the malware preinstalled. That means new Windows PCs were already infected and designed to send your personal information to the cyber criminals.

Microsoft has a huge cybercrime research cell which works in two ways:

Fight the malware that is utilized by criminals via spambots etc.

Gather information that helps them make better software for their cloud etc. platforms.

Microsoft has tapped the thousands of spambots originating from cybercriminals and led them to an artificial sink or honey pots, so that computers across the world, especially in the East Asia-Pacific region are safe. According to their study, most of the infected computers are found in countries situated in East Asia and outside Europe. However, they, sitting at Redmond, are running an analysis all the while to counter whatever type of malware they can detect, and stop them from spreading any further to contain the damage.

Using pirated software leaves your computer systems more open to malicious computer viruses, worms and Trojans? Or that as many as 65% of DVDs and PCs sold with pirated software in India are already pre-infected with malware that facilitates cybercrime?!

These were some of the explosive findings of Microsoft India’s Truthlabs report

About 65 percent of the samples had more than one category of malware.

Auto-Dialer Trojans, which can cause huge financial losses, were found in 100 percent of the samples.

90 percent of the samples in the form of DVDs gave false-positive results in Anti-Piracy

Check tests

, thereby cheating users to believe the installed product to be a genuine one.

In the words of Keshav Dhakad, Regional Director of Intellectual Property & Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), Asia, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft,

“With fighting malware and cybercrime, we also want cybercriminals to know that Microsoft platforms will always remain hostile to their nefarious activities, and we will continue to invest in innovative technology and tools to enable us to fight newer threats to protect our customers. That’s where we’ve been successful in creating a secure, trusted and reliable environment-be it on-premise or on the cloud”.

Microsoft not only is building and rebuilding its software, but it also warns cyber criminals against creating cyber bots and malware. According to Keshav, Windows 11/10 is one platform that has the highest security features, and that Microsoft technology-based cloud services have also safeguarded their clouds based on the inputs they gathered from their cybercrime cell.

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How Do I Open A Wps File In Windows 10/11

How do I open a WPS file in Windows 10/11 [Best Tools]




Microsoft Works used to be the go-to file converter for WPS-type files, and it was a staple for all users.

Now that the software was discontinued, people are seeking other ways to open these file formats.

If you wish to learn more about managing your files, check out our thorough File Management section.

For more cool troubleshooting guides filled with useful information, visit our How To Hub.

One tool to open them all!

Popular file formats don’t need specific software anymore. Just download File Viewer Plus 4 and open them all in the same environment. Documents, media, archives, email, camera, infographics, source codes and many more – all are supported by this tool. Here’s what it does:

Opens over 300 file types

Edit, save and convert files

Batch file conversion

The default software used to open WPS files was Microsoft Works 9 but the software was discontinued in 2010. However, there are many software programs like MS Word and MS Publisher that can open WPS files but you would need to select an older file format which can be tasking.

Here are some of the best software that you can use to open WPS files today.

File Viewer Plus is one of the best file viewers available. You can use the software to convert documents, images, and files to other file formats. In addition, you can also modify and save images using the built-in image editor. For every file, you open you can access hidden features as the tool allows access to secured file paths.

Meanwhile, File Viewer supports over 300 file format types and supports WPS file type. With File Viewer Plus you can open, edit, and modify the information contained in your WPS file format. Hence, you can use this software to open WPS files on Windows 10 computer.

Lastly, this tool comes with a user manual that gives you clear tutorials on how to use the software effectively. File viewer supports all Windows operating systems most especially Windows 10.

File Viewer Plus

Convert and edit a plethora of file formats, such as WPS-type files with File Viewer Plus, one of the best software for Windows 10.

Check priceVisit Website

LibreOffice is an excellent open-source office suite usually used as an alternative to Microsoft office. The suite contains applications similar to Microsoft Office such as Writer which is the word processor, Calc which is similar to Excel, and Impress which is a presentation application.

This software has an easy-to-use graphical user interface and you’ll find it easy to adjust from MS Office as their applications have similar settings to Microsoft Office. The writer application is a good substitute for MS word and can open many file formats including WPS formats.

With the writer application, you can edit, modify, and open WPS files in Windows 10 PC. This makes it ideal software for your WPS file formats as other formatting options such as fonts, table insertion are similar to Microsoft works.

Although the software is limited in overall functions when compared to office, it is still a nice alternative to have as you can open WPS files and it’s free to download as well.

Expert tip:

Although Microsoft Works is no longer maintained by Microsoft, it is still available for download on various third-party websites. Microsoft Works is a smaller version of Microsoft Office suite as it is a productivity suite developed for personal use at home.

In addition, the Works word processor default file format is WPS and users can open, edit and modify WPS files with tools available to customize contents contained in the file. Other format such as Microsoft Word DOCX format is also supported.

However, Works is a great alternative to Microsoft Office suite for your personal use; hence, it combines all the qualities of the office suite in a smaller package. Meanwhile, you can use Microsoft Works to open WPS files on Windows 10 computers.

This software is a free document converter that converts file formats from one format to another. The software enables you to access files before converting them and is a handy software to have on your Windows 10 PC.

NCH Doxillion supports many file formats from DOC, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, WPD, ODT, and most especially WPS file format. You can open your WPS file formats and view contents in them, although editing tools are limited in this tool. Also, minor adjustments to the WPS documents such as changes of fonts can be made.

Since NCH Doxillion is mainly a file converter, you can convert batches of WPS files into whatever format you want for further use. However, the software uses a simple drag and drop mechanism to convert file formats and is available for Windows 10 operating system.

⇒ Download NCH Doxillion

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How Do I Edit A Video On My Iphone For Free?

To edit a video on your iPhone, you’ll have to use the iMovie app or download a third-party app from the App Store.

Most people are fine with the stock iMovie app, but if you want more control over your editing process without paying a penny, this article is for you.

(See also: Is iMovie a good video editor?)

Editing on iPhone: An overview

Every phone software has a stock video editing app that allows you to perform basic video editing.

This includes slowing down the video, cropping it, changing filters, and adding background music.

Some of those are paid, like LumaFusion and Adobe Premier Rush.

Some free ones still offer a wide range of video editing capabilities, like VN editor and InShot.

While none of the editing apps available for the iPhone will have as many features as fully-fledged desktop video editing software, they’re still powerful enough for most users.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to edit a video on iPhone using VN video editor, as it’s currently the best free editing app we could find.

How Do I Edit a Video on My iPhone for Free?

Once you open the VN editor, follow these steps:

1. Add Your Video(s) 2. Determine the Aspect Ratio

Notice how your video will show up in the upper half of the screen. Above that video, you’ll find the aspect ratio set to “original” by default. You have the option to change that or leave it as it is.

3. Start Editing Out the Mistakes

If your video contains any parts that you want to edit out, then you’ll have to use the scissors button at the bottom.

To do that, use your finger to slide the video to the part you want to cut, adjust the vertical white line on the timeline, then press the scissors button. If your video is long and you can’t accurately position the white line, use the trim tool (to the right of the scissors) for finer adjustments.

You’ll notice that your video is now cut into two separate videos. you may proceed to delete the unwanted section using the delete button on the bottom right, or continue cutting all the unwanted clips and delete them all in one go.

If you make any error in the process, you can always use the undo button on the upper right section beneath the video.

4. Add Effects and Transitions

Now that you have removed any unwanted parts of the video, you can go ahead and add any effect you want. The toolbar on the bottom contains various opinions you can use. These include:


Speed adjustment


Adding text

Adding background music

Here are some trending video editing styles.

5. Save Your Video

When you’re done editing, you’ll have to save your video. Press the “Export” button on the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll have to choose between “Auto” and “Manual” saving settings. Auto mode usually gets by fine in most cases, but if you want to tweak the FPS, resolution, and Bitrate manually, select the manual mode.

Wrap Up

Using a free video editing app like VN, you’ll have a decent variety of video editing options on your iPhone.

All you have to do is import your videos, trim out any unwanted parts, then mix and match with the available effects until you reach a desirable result.

Highly Recommended

8 Tools for Photographers

Check out these 8 essential tools to help you succeed as a professional photographer.

Includes limited-time discounts.

Learn more here

How To Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder And Stay Alert This Winter

Each winter, as the days grow darker, approximately 5 percent of Americans suffer from something called seasonal affective disorder. Tragicomically called “SAD,” the condition is similar to what a bear might experience if he laid down to hibernate, only to remember he had kids, errands, and a full-time job, all requiring him to get out of bed the next morning—and every morning after. Fortunately, interventions for humans are widely available.

Why am I SAD?

Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder fall under the dark umbrella of depressive behaviors, but occur only in winter (or, less commonly, in summer) instead of year-round. You may struggle to get up in the morning, even after a long night of deep sleep. Over the course of the day, you may exhausted by routine things, and resist socialization. Your appetite may seem suddenly insatiable. Weight gain is common.

At a chemical level, what exactly triggers these SAD feelings is poorly understood. Scientists hypothesize that changes in the amount of available sunlight triggers hormonal changes, which manifest as seasonal depression in some people with certain genetic profiles. In a state like Florida, which is nearer the equator than the rest of the country, only 1 percent of people report SAD-like symptoms in the winter, compared to as many as 9 percent of Alaskans living in northern latitudes.

Seasonal affective disorder spikes in winter, when sensitive individuals wither from a lack of sun, but experts say some people experience summertime SAD, when rays are almost omnipresent. “Affected individuals seem to have disrupted daily (circadian) rhythms,” according to the National Institutes of Health. “These individuals cannot alter their sleep-wake cycle to match the night-day cycle of the winter [or summer] months, resulting in changes in sleep, mood, and behavior.”

Tell me what to do about it!

You can’t bottle sunshine, but we’ve come pretty close. Light therapy and dawn simulation are two effective strategies for coping with wintertime SAD. More traditional interventions for depression, like talk therapy and prescription antidepressants, can also help, especially in more severe cases.

Light therapy requires only a broad-spectrum light and a bit of patience. Often called a “happy lamp,” these devices offer UV-filtered LED white light bulbs. This doesn’t replicate the sun’s rays exactly, but the lamp should be enough to lift your spirits. For the most effective intervention, the afflicted individual should sit approximately two feet away from the lamp each morning—far enough not to sear your eyeballs, but close enough to really absorb the artificial rays. After a 10 or 15 minute soak, turn the light off, and start again the next day. Over a few days, this practice can stand in for a tuned circadian watch and lessen the discomfort of SAD.

People who don’t see improvement can up the “dose” to 30 or 45 minutes of broad-spectrum light each day. But it’s important not to overdo it. Happy lamps are similar to the light emanating from a phone screen or laptop. If you use it later in the day, it could keep you up at night, throwing your circadian rhythms further out of whack. It’s also not necessarily something to use every day for the rest of your life. One meta-analysis found it effective for treating SAD when administered for two to five weeks during the darkest months.

For people with more mild symptoms, dawn simulation might do the trick. These bedside devices replace the aggressive beep of a traditional alarm clock with a clever light. If you want to get up at 6:30 a.m., the dawn simulator will switch on at a low level 30 minutes early, and grow steadily brighter until you wake up, feeling like the sun’s in your room. Studies show that, similar to a happy lamp, this helps to reduce the severity of seasonal depression by mimicking natural processes your body understands.

These strategies can help people cope with the worst of the wintertime blues, though more isn’t always better. Studies show that both light therapy and dawn simulation are not effective for people already on antidepressants, suggesting there’s a point of diminishing returns with SAD treatments. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor: to find out how severe your symptoms are, and what the right intervention is for you.

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