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Are you looking to buy a gift for your friend or a family member? Finding the perfect gift may be tricky, even for the person you know best. The easiest way to do it is to actually ask the person what they want to get.

The second best option is to peek into their Amazon wish list. Here’s how to find your friend’s wish list on Amazon and pick the perfect gift for them for any occasion.

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How to Find an Amazon Wish List

Wish lists used to be public on Amazon, and it was possible to see anyone’s list on the Amazon website or app. Now the Amazon wish list needs to be shared by the list owner, or they have to tweak their privacy settings to make their lists public.

How to Find an Amazon Wish List on Desktop

The easiest way to find an Amazon wish list is by using the Amazon website. To see the wish lists previously shared with you, follow the steps below. The instructions are the same for PC, Apple Mac, or Chromebook.

    Open your web browser, go to the Amazon homepage, and sign into your account.

    In the top right corner of the screen, hover over

    Account & Lists


      In the top left corner of the drop-down menu, you’ll see

      Your Lists

      . Select one of your lists.

      If you don’t have a list yet, select

      Create a List

      and create a shopping list or a wish list of your own.

        This will take you to your Amazon wish list page, where you have your idea lists and the section with your friends’ lists. Select

        Your Friends


          On the left, you’ll see the users who shared their Amazon wish lists with you. Select the user to see what items they have on their wish list.

          If you don’t have any shared lists yet, or can’t find the right person’s list, you can message them and ask them to share their wish list with you. To request access to someone’s wish list, follow the steps below.

            Go to your Amazon Account and open

            Your Lists



            Your Friends

            , then

            Send a message


              Use Amazon’s template to request access to someone’s wish list. You can either select

              Copy message

              to copy and paste the message anywhere on the internet or select

              Email this message

              . The latter will open your default email client, and you can send the message to your friend via email.

              After your friend receives your email, they’ll need to go to their Amazon wish list, select Send list to others and invite you to view their list.

              How to Find an Amazon Wish List on Mobile

              If you prefer using your smartphone, you can use Amazon Shopping — the official Amazon app to find a wish list of one of your friends. You can use it on both Android and iOS devices.

              Follow the steps below to find an Amazon wish list on the mobile app.

                Open the Amazon Shopping app on your smartphone and sign into your account.

                  In the bottom-right corner of the screen, select the

                  three lines icon

                  to open



                    From the pop-up section at the bottom, select


                    . This will open the

                    List & Registry



                    Your Friends’ Lists

                    to see all of the Amazon wish lists shared with you.

                    How to Find an Amazon Wedding List or Baby Wishlist

                    Are you looking for gift ideas for a more specific occasion? Amazon also allows users to create and share a Baby Registry and a Wedding Registry. They’re basically the same as Amazon wish lists, but they’re located in different sections.

                    To find an Amazon Wedding Registry or a Baby Registry, follow the steps below.

                      Open the Amazon website and hover over

                      Account & Lists



                      Find a List



                      from the left side of the menu.

                        Type your friend’s name into the

                        Registrant name

                        section, choose a registry or gift list type:

                        Wedding Registry


                        Baby Registry

                        , or

                        Gift List,

                        and select



                          Use Amazon to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Friends and Family

                          Even if you don’t find a suitable gift option on your friend’s wish list, you can still use Amazon to get a perfect gift for them. The easiest option is to get them an Amazon gift card and let them buy whatever they like. Alternatively, you can give them the gift of entertainment by paying for their Amazon Prime subscription. They’ll get to enjoy such perks as Prime Video and Prime Music.

                          Finally, you can check what gifts are trending on social media and then search for them on Amazon.

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                          How To Customize Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing

                          One of the finest features in Amazon’s Alexa speakers is “Flash Briefing.” It allows you to get latest updates from the top news sources. Moreover, you can also customize Alexa Flash Briefing to make it suit your needs better.

                          Depending on your needs, you can add or remove feeds from the Flash Briefing. Besides, there is also an option reorder the feeds. Just in case you wish to temporarily deactivate any feed, you have the option to get it done as well.

                          How to Customize Alexa Flash Briefing

                          Quick navigation

                          Add/Remove Feeds from Alexa Flash Briefing from your Android/iOS App.

                          There are two simple ways you can add or remove sources from the Flash Briefing. While one way is to get it done via the iOS/Android app and the other method is to do it from chúng tôi We are going to fine tune it from the Alexa app.

                          How to Add Feeds to Alexa Flash Briefing

                          Step #1. Open Alexa app on your smartphone, open the side menu and tap on Settings.

                          Step #2. Now, tap on Flash Briefing.

                          Step #3. Next, you need to tap on Get more Flash Briefing content.

                          Step #4. Next up, you have to search for the source you want to add. One of the easiest ways to browse the feeds is to sort them by average rating, date added and relevance.

                          Step #5. Once you have found the feed you want to add, tap on its link.

                          Step #6. Finally, tap on Enable Skill.

                          Alternately, head over to Skills and tap on Categories button which is located to the left of the search bar and choose News. Then, search for Flash Briefing.

                          Note: One thing worth noting is that not all the news skills are Flash Briefing feeds. Hence, make sure to check out the “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?” that would be mentioned below the name of the skill.

                          You have the option to get weather update alongside the news. To do so, simply head over to the Skill section and search “Weather” and tap on it. Then, you need to open the skills page and tap on Enable to add it to your Flash Briefing.

                          Going forward, these skills will access the location from the speaker configuration. Make sure you have to set your address. If you haven’t, go to Settings → your device’s name → Device location and add the address.

                          How to Disable/Remove Feeds from Alexa Flash Briefing

                          Step #1. Open Alexa app, open side menu and select Settings.

                          Step #2. Now, tap on Flash Briefing.

                          Step #3. Next, turn off the switch, which is to the right of the feed you wish to disable.

                          Now, the deactivated feeds will be moved to the bottom under the Off section.

                          At any time you want to use the feed again, simply follow the same steps and toggle on its switch.

                          Remove feeds:

                          How to Reorder Alexa Flash Briefing Feeds

                          By default, the feeds play in the same order as they are shown in the Flash Briefing settings page.

                          When you add any new feed, it’s going on top of the list. However, you can re-order the feeds as desired.

                          Step #1. First off, open Amazon Alexa app and open side menu.

                          Step #4. In the end, make sure to tap on Done to confirm the change.

                          That’s it!

                          Wrapping up:

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                          How To Fix Common Amazon Fire Stick Errors

                          How to fix common Amazon Fire Stick errors




                          For those of you that want to buy a new Smart TV but are lacking the budget, you should first hear about the Amazon Fire Stick.

                          This neat little device is basically like a USB stick which you insert into a TV’s HDMI port, turning it into a Smart TV. This means you can install apps on the TV, go on the Internet and access a variety of streaming services.

                          Of course, like any piece of electronic equipment, the Amazon Fire Stick is prone to the occasional bug and error.

                          This article compiles some of the most common Amazon Fire Stick issues encountered, and solutions on how to fix most of them.

                          What are the most common Amazon Fire Stick issues?

                          The list of issues that a Fire Stick can encounter is quite large, but thankfully all of them are easy to solve.

                          Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work

                          Issues with the physical connection

                          Fire TV remote problems

                          Bugs with the Firestick’s Audio

                          The image is lacking quality

                          Can’t turn on the Fire TV Stick

                          How can I fix common Amazon Fire Stick issues? 1. Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work

                          This is probably the most commonly encountered issue with the Fire Stick, especially since it needs a stable Internet connection t do pretty much anything.

                          These issues can usually be countered by doing the following:

                          Make sure your modem or router is compatible with the Fire Stick

                          Your modem or router should have the following specifications: B, G, and N routers on 2.4 GHz or A and N routers on 5GHz

                          Remove any obstacles between the Fire Stick and your router

                          Use the Fire Stick’s Network usage tool to diagnose any problem if you think it is related to your network settings

                          Lastly, consider performing a Fire Stick restart or even a router restart, as that may fix your problems

                          For more details on this particular issue, check out this guide.

                          2. Issues with the physical connection

                          As mentioned above, the Fire Stick is something that you add to your TV. As such, make sure all connections are stable and firm for proper functionality.

                          Any problems with the physical connection can usually be countered by doing the following:

                          Make sure the Fire Stick is fully inserted in the TV’s HDMI port, otherwise it may not be recognized

                          Make sure both the Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick itself are fully charged and receiving enough power

                          You can do this by changing the remote’s batteries, and making sure the Fire Stick is inserted in the USB power block or charger (which is included)

                          If your Fire Stick gets overheated too many times, its motherboard can fry. If that happens all you can do is simply buy a new Fire Stick

                          3. Fire TV remote problems

                          If your Fire Stick remote is unresponsive, it can be due to lack of power (see above), of the Fire Stick and the remote aren’t paired properly.

                          As such you can try the following:

                          Reboot both the Fire Stick and the Fire Stick remote and perform another pairing

                          Make sure the batteries in the remote are charged and in full contact

                          Make sure the buttons on the remote function properly

                          Expert tip:

                          4. Bugs with the Firestick’s Audio

                          When it comes to the audio, the problems and solutions alternate between incredibly easy and incredibly complicated.

                          As such, you should start off by doing the following:

                          First, check if the TV is accidentally set to Mute

                          You may have external speakers which are not compatible with your Fire Stick, so try switching your audio settings to Default Mode

                          If you think you have the wrong audio settings, go to the Fire Stick settings menu and disable the Dolby Digital Output option

                          Try plugging the Fire Stick in another HDMI port

                          Check the connection of all of your cables going to and from the Fire Stick, TV and audio system to see that they are properly plugged in

                          If you’re trying to use Bluetooth speakers or headphones, make sure they are properly paired

                          For more details on this particular issue, check out this guide.

                          5. The image is lacking quality

                          When it comes to the image, there are many reasons why your Fire Stick may be having issues.

                          Try some of the following steps to fix any image-related issues:

                          Try plugging the Fire Stick in another HDMI port

                          Check the connection of all of your cables going to and from the Fire Stick, TV and audio system to see that they are properly plugged in

                          Change the image resolution by holding the Up and Rewind buttons pressed for five seconds

                          Replace your Fire Stick

                          Adjust the scaling of the screen by going to Settings and changing the image format

                          For more details on this particular issue, check out this guide.

                          6. Can’t turn on the Fire TV Stick

                          When these types of problems occur, it is most likely caused by insufficient power reaching the Fire Stick.

                          Because of that, you should start off by trying these steps:

                          Check the connection of all of your cables going to and from the Fire Stick, TV and audio system to see that they are properly plugged in

                          Repair or replace the power cord (any damages or scratches will prevent proper functioning

                          For more details on this particular issue, check out this guide.

                          By following this comprehensive guide, you should be able to troubleshoot pretty much any Amazon Fire Stick-related issue you may encounter.

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                          How To List, Create Python Directory

                          Introduction to Python Directories

                          Python directory is defined as a list of folders, files of different types like a tree structure having sub-directories inside the directory and files inside the sub-directories, as we have too many files and directories python directory will come to rescue in managing the files, directories, and sub-directories is called python directory. Python has an OS module that will help manage, create, remove, read and write directories, files, etc. Using it, we can perform many operations using OS modules like creating a directory, getting the current location of a directory, rename a directory, changing the directory, etc.

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                          Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

                          How to Create Python Directory?

                          In Python, Python directory can be created using the OS module and using its function mkdir() in python as below:


                          os.mkdir('name of the directory')

                          The directory name’s name is the directory name that will be created in the current working directory location.

                          Let us create a directory called “repository” in the current working location and another directory called “sdk” in a specific location in the following examples.


                          import os os.mkdir('repository') os.mkdir('C:/Users/lenovo/PycharmProjects/sdk')

                          In the above example, we have imported the os module and using the function mkdir() to create the directory ‘repository’. In another statement, we are creating a directory “sdk” at location ‘C:/Users/lenovo/PycharmProjects’. We need to use forward slash ‘/’ while creating a directory in other locations.


                          We will see the list of directories available in the current working directory as below:

                          Now we will see the output of directories available in the current working directory after the creation of the above directories in the example and output as below:

                          In the above output, we can able to see the new directories ‘repository’ and ‘sdk’, which we created in the above example.

                          How to List Python Directories?

                          In python, directories at any given location can be listed using the OS module, which has many functions and to list is listdir() function.


                          The syntax to list python directories is as below:




                          The above command will list all directories in the current working directory, and another syntax will take the path as an argument and list all the directories in that path.


                          Let us create an example to list all the directories present in the current working directory that is

                          “C:/Users/lenovo/PycharmProjects/projman” and using the path same as a current working directory as below:


                          import os os.listdir() os.listdir('C:/Users/lenovo/PycharmProjects/projman')

                          In the above example, we have imported the OS module and using its function listdir() to see the list of available directories in the current working directory and whereas in another example, we are passing path “C:/Users/lenovo/PycharmProjects/projman” to the listdir() function so that it will list available directories in that particular path.


                          In the above example, we have executed the os.listdir() function in the current working directory, and the list of directories are ‘Programming’, ‘projman’, ‘projman.rar’,’pycharmprojects’,’repository’, and ‘sdk’.

                          In the above example, we have given a path to the os.listdir() function and lists all the available directories in that path as ‘.idea’,’Approach’,’build’, ’Makefile’,’’, and ’src’.

                          How to Create Temporary Python Directories?

                          In python, we can create the temporary directory using the tempfile module and the function TemporaryDirectory() as below:


                          The syntax to create the Temporary Directory in python is as below:

                          import tempfile tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() or tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(dir='path')

                          In the above syntax, we have imported the module tempfile and using the function TemporaryDirectory() to create a temp directory in the temp directory, and we can pass the path where it needs to create the temporary directory in the second syntax.


                          Let’s create an example to create a temporary directory in the temp location and another temporary directory by giving a location as below:


                          import tempfile f = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory()


                          In the above example, we have imported the tempfile module and created a temporary directory using TemporaryDirectory() function, and to check the temporary directory name, we have used file pointer.“name”, which gives the location of the file with the name as in the above output.


                          import tempfile tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(dir ='C:/Users/Lenovo/PycharmProjects')

                          In the above example, we have imported the tempfile module and explicitly gave the path ‘C:/Users/lenovo/PycharmProjects’ to create the temp file.


                          We can observe the temporary file name in the location or path that we have provided the TemporaryDirectory() function in the above output. If we use file pointer, then we need to use chúng tôi otherwise, by default, it will display the temporary file location after creation.

                          How to Write your Own Python Directories?

                          In python, we can create our own directories apart from the final directory using the OS module and its function makedirs(), which will create our own directories mentioned in the path.


                          The syntax to create own python directories is as below:

                          import os os.makedirs('path')

                          In the above syntax, we have imported the module OS and using its function mkdirs() with a path that will have a list of directories to be created on its own.


                          Let’s create an example to create its own directories based on the path given “sdk/repos/hello” in the current working directory as below:


                          import os os.makedirs("sdk/repos/hello")

                          In the above example, we have imported the OS module and using its function makedirs() to create directories on its own based on the path “sdk/repos/hello” apart from creating “sdk” it will create folders “repos”, “hello” on its own.


                          In the above output, we can see the directories created on their own after executing the example can be seen as “sdk”, “repos”, and “hello”.

                          Advantages of Python Directories

                          By using python directories, we can manage a large number of files and directories easily.

                          Python modules OS and tempfile provide different functions to apply to python directories.

                          They are easy to use and understand.

                          It provides an efficient way of handling file systems in python.

                          Conclusion Recommended Articles

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                          How To Find A Lost Chromebook

                          Have you misplaced a Chrome OS computer? It can happen. These are mostly considered mobile devices and are meant to be portable, after all. If you’ve lost yours, today we will show you how to find lost Chromebook laptops.

                          QUICK ANSWER

                          Sadly, that is the only official way to try and locate a lost Chromebook. There are some more unconventional methods you can try, though. We’ll talk about them in this guide.

                          JUMP TO KEY SECTIONS

                          How to find your lost Chromebook

                          Can a lost school Chromebook be tracked?

                          How to find your lost Chromebook

                          Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                          As mentioned in the quick answer, finding a Chromebook isn’t as easy as locating a lost mobile phone using Google’s Find My Device tool or Apple’s Find My page. However, there are some tips we can share with you. One of them is official; others are more unconventional workarounds. Let’s go through them together and see if we have any luck helping you find a lost Chromebook.

                          Use your Google account page to see your last Chromebook location

                          Your Google account can shed some light on your Chromebook’s approximate location. Sadly, this information isn’t exact, but it may provide info about the neighborhood or city where the Chromebook last started a session.

                          Go to chúng tôi and sign into your Google account.

                          Scroll down to the Your devices section.

                          Find the X sessions on Chrome device(s). X being the number of sessions registered.

                          Select the last session from the Chromebook you lost.

                          This page will show you where the device was last seen connected, as well as a few other bits of information.

                          Again, this information may not help much, but at least you can sign out of your account. And if your Chromebook is still where you left it, you may be able to recall a place you may have forgotten it.

                          Can you log into your Chromebook remotely?

                          We usually recommend using Chrome Remote Desktop, but this product doesn’t support remote access to Chrome OS. You can, however, try a third-party alternative. We have a list of the best remote desktop apps for Android. Because Chromebooks have access to Android apps, chances are you can use most of these. The only caveat is that this needs to be set up proactively. This method won’t help you if you have already lost your Chromebook.

                          Once you have picked a remote desktop app, you can log into your Chromebook whenever it is connected to the internet. If you manage to access it, you can easily locate it using any website that uses your location, such as Google Maps.

                          How to see your location on Google Maps:

                          Connect to your Chromebook remotely. This will only work if the Chromebook is online.

                          Launch the Chrome browser.

                          Chrome may ask you for location access. Grant it.

                          Give it a few seconds, and Google Maps should show you the Chromebook’s location.

                          Consider getting a tracker

                          Can a lost school Chromebook be tracked?

                          Eric Zeman / Android Authority

                          So far, we’ve only covered consumer Chromebooks. If you happen to lose a school Chromebook, you’ll be glad to know there is a higher chance of finding it. This is because school Chromebook administrators have more control and deeper access to these school-owned Chromebooks.

                          The school’s IT department still won’t be able to use something like Google’s Find My Device tool, but it can use other tools to find Chrome OS school property. For example, they can easily find out who the last user was, when it was last used, and the IP address. It’s also possible for technicians to access things like browsing history, app activity, and more.

                          If you lose a school Chromebook, your best bet is to contact the administrators and have them help you. We know it can be embarrassing to admit you lost school property, but doing so quickly can mean the difference between finding the device or not.


                          Sadly, Find My Device doesn’t support Chrome OS devices. You can only use it for tracking Android and other supported accessories.

                          Because Chromebooks have access to Android apps, you can use remote desktop apps for Android to access them remotely. Here’s a list of the best remote desktop apps for Android, if you need some help picking.

                          Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier!

                          Internet is limitless, and visiting all websites that exist there will require many years. Who wants to spend their life browsing the websites?

                          Lots of them have no value at all, whereas others may turn out to be incredibly helpful for people. For example, professional academic writing services, such as Speedy Paper are too useful because they save the lives and academic performance of many students, that’s almost the same for them.

                          Read Speedy Paper review to make sure that thousands of students deal with academic burden using their help.

                          However, the range of useful websites isn’t limited to these services. Read the following compilation to find out the sites that may be necessary for you, Perhaps, you’ve visited some of them and, perhaps, you’ve never seen them at all. Anyway, we hope it will be helpful for you.

                          Remembering logins and passwords from dozens of websites you register on is challenging.

                          Storing them on your computer is putting your personal information at risk because if the computer virus hits your computer, the attackers may get access to your private data and even bank card data. That’s why you should use LastPass.

                          Download the browser extension, save login and password and use them at any time to get access to the website.

                          If you faced the situation when you had to send the message with confidential information urgently and you afraid to put your security at risk, you’d surely evaluate Privnote.

                          When you open the website, you see the blank space where you should write your not, then copy a link and send it to any person.

                          Ask him or her to be attentive because the note will self-destruct after reading. This way of sending messages won’t let anyone know your passwords, PIN-codes, and other information.

                          Noise generators are very helpful apps for people. If you can’t get rid of disturbing thoughts that prevent you from sleeping or focusing on academic assignments, if you got rid of distractions and any task is still beyond your abilities, visit the professional academic writing service and ask them for help.

                          All you have to do is to leave a short message, “Who can do my homework for me?” and wait for a response.

                          Do you want to learn a new language and don’t know how to start doing it?

                          Visit Memrise and begin learning with this tool. Flashcards and active games will help you to develop your language skills.

                          Moreover, it’s an excellent resource to learn other information besides languages.

                          If your teachers often point out the mistakes in your writing and you can’t remember all rules, don’t get upset. Grammarly is a fantastic tool to make your paper perfect in a blink of an eye.

                          Even the free version can fix the majority of grammar and word choice mistakes. The browser extension lets the app underline and suggest the correct version while the user is writing.

                          Quite often, even professional writers use it to check their papers before editing on their own. If you need to get a top-notch essay or assignment, visit the service, leave a request like “Write my paper for me” and get your paper done in time.

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