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How to fix Mirth error connecting to the server




If you ever encountered the infamous error connecting to the server while using Mirth, you’ve come to the right place.

More often than not, the issue is caused by faulty installation or cached data, which can be fixed without skipping a beat.

Check out our Network Section for more connectivity troubleshooting guides.

Visit our How-To Hub for more VPN guides on common and uncommon issues.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

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readers this month.

If you ever encountered the infamous error connecting to the server while using Mirth, you’ve come to the right place. There are quite a few reasons why Mirth would deny your server connection requests.

The good news is that this issue isn’t exactly unheard of, so there are a bunch of fixes that might restore the order of things for you. Many users complain about their occasional inability to connect to the Mirth server.

But worry not, as we’ve managed to isolate a bunch of fixes that could get you right on track.

What is Mirth?

Mirth, also referred to as Mirth Connect, or NextGen Connect is a health-industry cross-platform system that’s widely used for information management. It uses a bi-directional message sending technology to achieve great results.

More so, it uses several transports to send messages between both systems and applications. It integrates a wide selection of administration tools and helps facilitate fast and efficient health data exchanges.

Mirth error connecting to the server

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, some users may experience issues whenever connecting to the Mirth server. To be more precise, the client doesn’t recognize the server and asks you to check if the server is, indeed, running. Here’s the full error message:

There was an error connecting to the server at the specified address. Please verify that the server is up and running.

It’s also worth mentioning that the same users who got this error encountered no previous issue, not even while installing the program on their computers.

How to fix Mirth server error?

The most common reason why Mirth would throw a server connection error your way is the Java version. Apparently, this error started to manifest around Java version 8, so it’s been quite a while.

Users complained that not long after updating to Java version 8, they started to experience these server connection issues. The obvious fix to this problem was to downgrade to an older version of Java (i.e. version 7 for version 8 users).

Make sure Java has been updated to the latest version on your computer

Try downgrading to a previous version of Java if the suggested fix above doesn’t seem to work

Although the second fix seemed to work for many users a while ago, it will probably do more harm than good for you.

Reportedly, Mirth performs a quick Java version check upon launching, and prompts you to update to the latest version.

2. Change ports

If the administrator (client) version of Mirth isn’t configured to run on the same ports as the server, the connection might not be valid. As a result, you may encounter connection issues.

Make sure you’re matching ports whenever you configure the client and server versions of Mirth, to avoid compatibility issues.

3. Reinstall Mirth

If you’ve recently updated Mirth and notice that you’re suddenly unable to connect to your Mirth server, you might be the victim of a faulty installation.

The reasons why an installation could become faulty are countless, so we’ll focus more on the effect this issue has.

However, for your peace of mind, it’s probably because of outdated cached data on your PC. Many programs have this nasty habit of building insane amounts of cached data, which they conveniently forget to discard.

The most common result of this mishappening is hard-to-figure-out problems with the software program that saved the data, to begin with.

4. Use a VPN

If you’re connecting to an external Mirth server (i.e. not localhost) and are suddenly unable to connect to it, you might experience a shift in your network’s configuration.

More often than not this issue can be caused by your ISP blocking traffic on certain addresses, or imposing port rules. If that’s the case, you can turn to a trustworthy VPN to get you out of this situation.

Purchase a premium VPN subscription plan (we recommend Private Internet Access)

Download and install the VPN on your PC

Launch the VPN and log into your account

Connect to a fast VPN server (servers that are closer are generally also faster)

Launch Mirth and check if you’re still unable to connect

A VPN can help you bypass several connection issues, especially if your ISP gets overzealous and starts blacklisting vital addresses/hosts/ports.

5. Change your TLS version

Open the file in a text editor and try changing the TLS protocols to other versions. Please note that by doing so you might tamper with the security of your machine.

It’s been noticed that older versions of the TLS protocol may restore the functionality of Mirth and let you establish a valid connection to the server.

However, the same old versions are incredibly insecure. Thus, proceed with caution and refrain from modifying settings you’re not comfortable with or know little about.

6. Check your firewall

Windows’ Firewall has been the kernel of many connectivity issues throughout time. Therefore, it makes sense to check if it’s not actively blocking your attempts to establish a connection between your Mirth client and server.

Furthermore, if you have any third-party security software, it would be a wise thing to check if they’re also not blocking Mirth’s connection attempts.

More often than not, security solutions can give you a hard time by restricting services and apps they’re not really supposed to.

Final thoughts on fixing Mirth server connection error

All things considered, if you’re having a hard time getting Mirth’s client to connect to the server, there might be hope yet.

The reasons for this occurrence are many and varied, so first and foremost you need to make sure you’ve got the latest version installed on your PC.

After you’ve done that and checked that the program is properly configured, you can start checking connectivity parameters.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

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There Was An Error Connecting To The Apple Id Server

Last Updated on August 19, 2023

When trying to download something or purchase a new app, there’s nothing more frustrating than being told that there was an error of some kind.

One of the most frequent errors that people find when running into these problems is struggling to connect to the Apple ID server.

This is common and is seen by a lot of people around the world, so there are ways that you can fix this.

Follow our guide for options and methods on how to get around this problem and how you can go back to doing what you wanted to do in the first place.


Check The Apple Servers Status

The first thing that a lot of people will do is check the status of the Apple servers.

This means that if the problem is not on your end then there’s not much you can do about it and you’ll have to wait until Apple solves their problems before you can solve yours!

You can always contact them and ask if they have a rough timeframe on when they expect their servers to be running like normal again.


Weak Wi-Fi Connection

If you’re using a weak Wi-Fi connection, chances are that you won’t be able to connect to the Apple servers at all, and that’s without considering the download speeds you’ll need.



Connect To Apple Servers

If you’re having trouble connecting to the Apple servers, try changing your network settings to see if that helps.



Check Broadband Provider Status

On top of this, you can check the status of your broadband provider or get in contact with them to see why your broadband is performing so slowly.



Test Your Internet Connection

Testing your internet connection will give you accurate rates that you can expect to see when trying to use your Wi-Fi, which we recommend doing regularly when trying to download or upload.


Sign Out Of Your Apple ID

If you’ve checked if the Apple servers are working to their normal capacity and your connection still won’t stabilize, then the next thing to do could be to sign out from your Apple ID and see if it makes a difference.

With regard to whether this works, some people might assume that it doesn’t. However, the update to your system can help to find a connection with the Apple servers.



System Preference Tab

To do this, go to the System Preferences tab on your Apple device and find the Apple ID option.



Sign Out

Open the tab labeled ‘Overview’ and select the option to sign out.



Sign Back In

From here, sign back in and see if it’s made a difference. Fingers crossed it has!


Change Your Apple ID Password

Another thing you can do when your Apple ID won’t connect to the Apple servers is to change your password.



System Preferences

Go into System Preferences and select Apple ID, like with our previous method.



Change Password Option

Head over to Password and Security and select the ‘Change password’ option.

This will allow you to now change your password and we don’t need to tell you that you need to remember it!



Fill Out Password Form

Fill out the password form and you should now have saved the changes.


Request A Verification Code For Your Apple ID

Some people will consider whether their failure to sign in to the Apple servers is because of an ongoing bug that needs fixing.

If this is the case, then it’s worth asking for a verification code to try and sign in to your Apple account on another device.

This code is usually sent to your iPhone if you’re trying to sign in on your laptop or via iCloud. This is how to get your code.



System Preferences

Once again, open System Preferences and head to Apple ID.



Get A Verification Code



Get Code

This should send you a code that you need to copy and use when trying to sign in to your Apple ID.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some useful options and methods that can be used when you can’t log in to the Apple ID servers.

Sometimes it might be on their end so it’s always good to head over to the Apple website or social media pages to check for updates.

On top of this, you can always contact them directly via the specific channels that they have for customers to use.

A lot of the time, the problem will be on the user’s end and can be fixed using any of the different choices we’ve provided you with.

If you try all of them and the problem is still present, then it’s always best to get in contact with Apple and try to get them to help you.

5 Quick Ways To Fix The Internal Server Error 500 On Twitch

5 Quick Ways to Fix The Internal Server Error 500 on Twitch Twitch error 500 is often traceable to connection issues




The Twitch 500 internal server error indicates that the browser cannot connect to the server.

Clearing browser cache and cookies can help fix internal server errors.

The internal server error is common to other platforms like Discord and YouTube.

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Internal server errors are always annoying because they can be tricky to tackle as an internet user. Users may encounter internal server errors while accessing a webpage on their browsers.

However, the Twitch 500 internal server error is one of the most frustrating issues you can encounter while using the Twitch web app.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this error without much effort or time. Likewise, we’ll discuss why you may encounter an internal server error.

Some notable causes of the Twitch 500 internal server error are server issues, network issues, old or corrupt cookies and caches, and others.

However, the error is not delicate and can easily be fixed by tweaking some things in your browser.

What do 500 internal errors on Twitch mean?

The Twitch 500 internal server error indicates that there is temporarily an issue with the website’s Server. However, it means that the Server encountered difficulty connecting to the Server, preventing it from fulfilling the request.

It can also prompt the streaming server not to respond to errors in other streaming web apps like OBS and Discord.

Furthermore, the 500 internal error on Twitch shows that your web server is having trouble accomplishing your requests.

However, the error message won’t indicate the cause of the error. So, we recommend you go through this article’s end to know the reasons and how to fix them in detail.

Why do I get an internal server error?

Network connection issues: Users can encounter an internal server error if the internet connection is unstable and slow. Furthermore, connecting to the web servers like Twitch requires a fast and stable internet connection. So, if you have a poor network connection, it can prompt errors like the failed to fetch settings from Twitch. Likewise, a cable network connection to Windows 10 can impede the connection between the browser and web page servers.

Old/corrupt caches and cookies: Browsers collect browsing data and store them in caches and cookies to help you load websites faster and smoothly. However, they can become old or corrupt and affect your browsing activities.

Twitch users won’t encounter any issues ever again:

Your favorite streaming platform may give you hard times when encountering various errors. You can avoid all those problems and enjoy every stream by using Opera GX – the only browser with Twitch integration.

Opera GX has some excellent features like the optimization for Twitch app, sidebar notifications with your favorite streamers, and a built-in VPN so you could change the servers and access Twitch from another location with another IP.

Opera GX

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How do I fix a 500 internal server error on Twitch? 1. Reload the Twitch page

Expert tip:

2. Check your network connection

Web apps like Twitch require a stable and fast internet connection. So, performing a power cycle on your router can help you fix any network issues.

Likewise, we recommend you switch to a wireless network if connected through a LAN network. Cable networks can be slow and unstable.

3. Clear browser cache and cookies

Relaunch your browser and check if the error persists.

4. Check if there’s a server breakdown

Users should check for any information about maintenance or server issues on social media platforms like Twitch’s Twitter page. However, the solution to server issues is to wait while they resolve them.

5. Login with another account

Sometimes, it could be that the error is tied to only your account. Hence, try to use other accounts if you have one or use your friends’ accounts to be sure. If it works, reach out to their support team for clarification on the cause of the error on your account.

Internal server error 500 variations

There are other platforms with the internal server error 500. Platforms like YouTube and Discord also experience the error.

Likewise, Streamcord’s internal server error is also a server error that plagues the Streamcord streaming platform. Also, the failure to connect to server error in OBS is a variation of the internal server error 500.

Nonetheless, following the fixes above can help fix the internal server error 500 error in the platforms mentioned above.

However, users can read through our guide on how to fix the Internal server error 500 on YouTube.

Conclusively, users can alternatively switch to another browser. Hence, you can check through our list of the ten fastest and safest browsers for Windows 11.

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Fix: Error Retrieving Settings From Server In Valorant

Fix: Error Retrieving Settings From Server in Valorant Valorant is often plagued with connection and server errors




The app, since its release, has been experiencing some technical issues for which users have reported several cases.

It is usually a general problem whenever you experience issues with the Valorant servers.

Ensuring a stable network speed devoid of issues might be an excellent way to identify the server issues.

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At times, players may find that their settings have been reset. Whenever this happens, the game will often show an error message saying Valorant failed to save settings to the server. In other cases, users have reported encountering Valorant errors retrieving sets from the server.

Valorant is a game developed and released in 2023 by Riot Games. It is a free-to-play first shooter game for users who enjoy shooting games. However, since its release, the app has been experiencing some technical issues that users have reported.

Should you encounter error retrieving settings from the server in Valorant, and you do not know why it is happening. Worry less; in this article, we’ll explain why Valorant will fail to save settings to the server and what you can do to fix it.

Why does Valorant fail to save settings to the server?

Servers Connection Issues: If Valorant has failed to save settings to the server, it could be that the servers are down or unstable. However, in some cases, internet connection issues could also cause the Valorant to be unresponsive to saved settings. Most times, the settings will be returned to the default.

Inability to Verify Local Data: When the Valorant client can’t verify your local data in saving your game settings, this can lead to Valorant failing to save settings to the server.

Quick Tip:

All of us use the browser while gaming, so this can take some of the network needed for Valorant. That’s why we recommend trying a browser that can limit its use of bandwidth.

Opera GX is a gaming browser that can set the limit of the network used by the browser so your game can run with no problems. On top of this, limits can also be set to CPU and RAM for a smooth gaming experience.

Opera GX

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How do I fix failed to save settings to the server? 1. Check Network speed and quality

Firstly reboot your Windows PC.

If you are using a cable connection, ensure everything is connected correctly and if it’s a wireless connection, check for a limited connectivity symbol on your connection.

Unplug everything from the connection source if there is a problem with the internet connection.

Also, unplug the router from the power socket.

Re-connect the router to the power socket after 30 seconds of waiting.

Then restart the connection to your device and check if it is stable and working fine.

Expert tip:

2. Close the game when the server is down

Immediately you try to save, and you get the failed to save settings notice; close the game. When you complete the game client quickly enough, it will prevent Valorant’s settings from reset.

3. Back up your Valorant settings

You need not try all the solutions provided above. Instead, scroll down the answers to know which suits your Valorant error issue best.

How do I transfer Valorant settings?

Locate Settings on the Crosshair page where you can upload and download.

Select the upward arrow icon to export code to your clipboard. (you’ll notice 20 random characters and values)

Then, upload them online or share them with your friends.

The above solutions should fix the Valorant error retrieving settings from the server. In addition, most users claim that keeping a backup is essential to safekeeping their settings.

Conclusively, you can check out one of our articles about how to resolve Valorant’s Vanguard Windows 11 errors. Also, we have a guide on fixing Valorant not working on Windows 11.

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How To Fix Windows Update Error 0Xc1900223

When trying to update Windows, your computer may get some strange error that says, “update to Windows xx, version xxxx – Error 0xc190023” which stops the computer from receiving and installing any updates.

As Windows constantly updates its OS, some hardware components may not work if the computer is not updated for a long time. Error 0xc190023 usually occurs when the computer cannot connect to Microsoft Update servers. Reasons for this might be an unstable internet connection or update services being stopped.

We can easily fix this issue if it is network-related. However, if some Windows Update system files are missing or corrupted, we may need to reinstall them all.

Although internet issue is one of the reasons, it is not the only thing that can cause a Windows update error.There are a few other things that can cause a Windows update to chúng tôi let’s look at those few reasons Windows Update gives errors.

Unable to connect to Microsoft update server

Error with Software Distribution file

Windows Update Services not running

Here are some solutions explained in detail that might help you solve the Windows update error.

The Software Distribution folder is a crucial system file that controls the Windows Update. If this file gets corrupted, you may have issues regarding the Windows update. You can find this folder in C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution.

If you are having some trouble with the Windows update, replacing this folder with a new one can fix the issue. Follow these steps to replace the Software Distribution folder.

First, we need to stop any Windows update service. These services include Background Intelligent Transfer (BITS) and wuauserv. 

Now, if you check C:Windows, you can see two folders named SoftwareDistribution and software chúng tôi This means that Windows has replaced the SoftwareDistribution folder with a new one. 

Try updating the OS once the process is complete. If the update is successful, we can now remove the chúng tôi and chúng tôi files from System32.

The Troubleshooter is a useful feature in Windows that will identify and fix some issues that it detects. The Windows Update Troubleshooter will check all the services system files and give you a report of things that may be causing the problem.

To run the Windows Update Troubleshooter, please follow these steps.

Multiple Services need to be running when the Windows update starts. Your computer might not update or cause errors if these services are stopped. 

Follow these steps to check if the Windows Update services are running.

Some connection issues may also cause this error when updating Windows. As 0xc1900223 error means that the OS cannot communicate to Microsoft’s Update service, we can try resetting the network stack to see if it fixes the issue. 

We can reset the network adapter either from Windows Settings or Command Prompt. Follow these steps to reset the network adapter.

From Windows Settings:

From Command Prompt:

The System File Checker (SFC) feature allows users to verify any corrupted or missing system files and fixes them. If the Windows Update system files are corrupted, the sfc command will repair them. 

You can follow these steps to run the System File Checker command.

Once the System File Checker command is completed with the process, We need to run the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) command to check, scan and restore any corrupted OS files.

Follow these steps to run the DISM command. 

Run Command Prompt as administrator.

Type the following Command and press enter.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth: This scans and repairs any common issues.

This command performs a cleanup and recovery operation on corrupted system Files.

Once you complete both SFC and DISM restart your computer.

Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool lets you upgrade Windows to the latest version by installing it. This tool allows you to create a Windows Installation file on a USB or a DVD drive without deleting your personal files and application.

Please follow these steps to update Windows using Windows Media Creation Tool.

If we face some kind of error when updating Windows from Windows Update, we can also perform a manual update from Microsoft Update Catalog. The Microsoft Update Catalog stores all update files that users can download and install manually.

Follow these steps to download and install Windows update manually.

Download the latest update from the official Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Open the downloaded file

Now, the installation process will start. This may take a few minutes to complete.

Once the installation is complete, restart your computer.

When a Computer is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), the computer will get a new IP Address. Along with this, depending on the settings, your computer will also have a different DNS (Domain Name System) server. 

Windows Update may give you some errors when connected to a new DNS. The OS needs to be using the default DNS to update your Windows. Therefore, disabling VPN to update Windows might be a good idea.

Please follow these steps to disable VPN.

The Host file is a system file that every OS uses to connect domain name with IP address. A corrupted host file can stop a computer from connecting to a DNS server, which can stop Windows updates from functioning.

Follow these steps to replace a host file. 

Open Notepad.

Paste the following default code.

# Copyright (c) 1993-2006 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames. Each # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding hostname. # The IP address and the hostname should be separated by at least one # space. # # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol. # # For example: # # chúng tôi # source server # chúng tôi # x client host # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. # localhost # ::1 localhost

Updating Windows is a crucial thing for your computer to function smoothly. So, if the computer is suffering from an update error for a long time, resetting the Windows might be the best thing for the PC. However, this process should be a last resort if none of the above solutions works.

Follow these steps to reset your Windows.

If you choose to Keep my files, it will only reset the C drive and all your applications. This option will keep your files. However, if you decide to remove everything, the OS will remove all your files too.

How To Permanently Fix Ebay Error 502

How To Permanently Fix eBay Error 502 Do you know what browsers work best with eBay?




Server issues are a major cause of the error 502, and it is not different on eBay.

You can fix this issue by clearing your browser cache from the settings.

Another simple yet effective fix is to switch to a fast and trusted browser.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

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Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

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The error 502 is one of the prominent issues stopping users from accessing the eBay website even on some of the best browsers for eBay sellers. This has cost a lot of people, as it prevents them from bidding for items and completing checkouts.

Many factors can cause this issue, from problems on eBay’s end to browser issues. Thankfully, it is an error that is easy to fix. 

This guide will show you four quick ways to solve error 502 and get back to shopping on the top-notch platform.

Quick Tip:

Try loading eBay from a different browser. We suggest Opera because it is fast, with its built-in adblocker that reduces loading times, and additional performance features like a VPN and hardware acceleration.


Access eBay securely and hassle-free with one of the fastest browsers in the game!

Free Download

Why do I keep getting the bad gateway error 502 on eBay?

Error 502 is generally down to server downtime, and eBay is not different. Also, it can be due to the accumulation of corrupt browser data.

Thankfully, the issue is easy to fix, as we will show in subsequent sections of this guide.

How do I get rid of error 502 on eBay? 1. Reload page

Sometimes, the issue with the eBay website might be temporary and resolved quickly. Hence, if you are getting the error 502 on eBay, wait a few minutes and reload the page.

2. Check eBay server status

If the results show that the error 502 on eBay is due to server downtime, there is nothing you can do but wait for it to be resolved.

3. Clear browsing data

Accumulating corrupt browser data can cause problems, including the error code 502 on eBay. Clearing and allowing your browser to gather fresh data is a quick way to fix this issue. We used Chrome as an example here but you can apply the fix to other browsers.

If you want to save time and automate the task a little bit, use a dedicated utility instead. We suggest CCleaner because it’s user-friendly and safe.

4. Switch browsers

You might need to switch to another browser if you still can’t get past the error 502 after clearing your data. You can always use some of the best browsers for all devices like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

This is because the issue might be down to the particular browser you are using at the time.

The error 502 on eBay can be costly, as it can prevent you from closing important deals. This is why it is important to apply the fixes in this guide.

Do you want a list of the best VPNs to use as an eBay seller? Give our guide a careful read for the top picks you can always use.

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