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If you check the URL of your YouTube channel right now, it probably ends with a string full of random characters. That’s probably not a good look for your brand. If you want it changed into something like chúng tôi you will need to get a custom URL.


Before we proceed, you need to first make sure your YouTube channel is eligible for a custom URL. Below are the requirements:

The channel must be at least 30 days old.

The channel must have a profile picture and a banner image.

The channel must have at least 100



If you meet these requirements, you are all set and ready to go.

Getting a Custom URL

If you are eligible, follow these steps to get your own YouTube URL:

2. From the drop-down menu, select “YouTube Studio.”

3. From the list on the right side of the YouTube Studio page, select “Customization.”

4. Under Channel customization, select “Basic info.”

6. Your custom URL will appear in a box below. You can change it as desire.

After the URL Is Set

Once the custom URL is set, it can neither be changed nor transferred to someone else. So make sure you think of a really good name that you won’t end up regretting later.

Besides a custom URL for your channel, another great way to enhance your brand would be adding a watermark to your YouTube videos.

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How End Screen Promotes Youtube Channel?

Retaining your viewers on your channel and encouraging them to watch more of your content should be one of the primary goals while you are a YouTube creator, and YouTube end screens are one of the simplest ways to accomplish this. The likelihood of your viewers accomplishing what you want them to do is greater when there is an end screen. If a viewer is not retained, they will either go back to YouTube’s home screen or browse for something in Suggested Videos after they have finished watching a video on YouTube.

One of YouTube’s most valuable features, the end screen function may be utilized effectively to boost a channel’s popularity. Regardless of its size, it should be used by all YouTubers. The outro screen, which encourages viewers to explore additional material in the shape of videos, playlists, and channel links, is an important tool to be used.

The viewers can examine additional material from a specific channel before deciding to leave, which is shown on an outro screen. It can retain and acquire viewers as a catalyst. It helps to make more people get to the end by increasing audience retention and average viewing time.

Now let us discuss how end screen promotes the YouTube channel −

If you promote the right video, it engages audience

If you add links of your best videos to your end screen, people will continue to engage with your content and eventually become subscribers to your channel. That is why it is super important to pick the right videos to promote in your end screen. You can see perfect examples below

If you promote your related playlist

Just like linking videos, if you link your playlist, it will increase traffic. Playlists work great for viewers who are interested in a specific subject and want to check out more videos on the same topic. When someone watches one video of your playlist, videos from the playlist continue to play automatically. This results in more views. Nas Daily promoting two of his playlists as end screen.

Linking of your website and other YouTube channel

You can also link another YouTube channel. A linked end screen allows you to add a link to your own website. YouTube has a process for setting up an associated site also. Also, after you set up your own website with YouTube, you can send viewers on website also. It can literally link via redirects. You can also lead your viewers to your new YouTube channel thus increasing subscribers on it. The tonight show by Jimmy Fallon, promotes the peacock website on the end screen.

Subscribe element increases subscription on channel.

The goal to have more people sign up for your content is fulfilled by subscribe button on every end screen to remind users to subscribe to your channel. YouTube will add this automatically when you choose the element for your end screen.

We love this end screen of this video that tells his audience exactly what to do.

It promotes redirecting your viewers to a CTA

If you are adding a link element to your YouTube end screen, it redirects your viewers to your homepage. You can make them to like buy a product, sign up for a service or newsletter, etc. A book is promoted as end screen, that in turn will increase the views of channel, as more and more audience will view video.

Open the link.

You will be redirected to website, there you will get 10% offer.

Label your videos increase your channel watch time

You can see watch this next on the video end screen.

Tracking end screen analytics boost channel growth

On content, select the video you want to analyse.

Select end screen as parameter.

Analyze the data of end screen.

End screen is useful in collaborations

A channel end screen also lets you promote another creator’s channel, which is especially useful in collaborations. If the video is in the collaboration with another creator, you can link viewers to their channel as well as your own. It benefits your channel presence on YouTube. As shown in the example below, if you just want to point people to a channel you admire, you can do that, too.


It is not enough to create gold standard material; you must also amplify it in order to succeed. Everything you need to know about using YouTube end screens has been provided to you, so all that is left is start. For every video, your end card might help you acquire more views, likes, and subscribers. Your audiences may also be directed to your website, where they can view more material, buy products, or participate in your crowdfunding effort or campaigns.

It is a huge accomplishment to hold the audience’s attention till the end. Yet, in order to attract consumers to subscribers, a well-designed conclusion screen is required. The audience does not have to leave when the end of a video is reached.

9 Youtube Url Tricks You Need To Try Now

YouTube is the single most popular video streaming service on the internet. You’ve probably used it to do research, watch movies or TV shows, or maybe you have YouTube personalities that you love to follow.

What you may not realize is that there are a lot of hidden YouTube URL tricks you can use that will make your YouTube experience more streamlined. In this article, we’ll cover the 10 most useful URL tricks you can start using right now.

Table of Contents

1. Start a Video at Any Point

Whenever you put a YouTube video link into a browser, the video starts at the beginning. However, there are times when you’d like to share a particular part of a video rather than making someone watch the whole thing.

You can do this by editing the YouTube URL with &t=MmSSs and replacing M with the minutes and SS with seconds. The combination of minutes and seconds should mark the point in the video where you want it to start.

If you only want to start the video less than a minute in, you can omit the minutes addition like this:

You can paste this link into a text message, email, or social media to share it with others.

2. Skip the Start of a YouTube Video

An alternative to specifying the number of minutes and seconds into the video is to just skip the beginning of the video by a set number of seconds.

This is useful if you’d like to skip a long video intro. To do this, just append a start point in seconds. For example, to skip the first 45 seconds of a video, you’ll just need to append &start=45.

When you press Enter, you’ll notice that the URL automatically changes to the previous format, inserting the start time in seconds.

3. Create an Infinite YouTube Video Loop

On YouTube, there are a lot of videos you may enjoy playing in the background. These include ambiance videos like a fireplace or rain or even background music. You may want to leave videos like these running non-stop while you do other things.

There is an alternative site called chúng tôi that will take any YouTube URL and play it in a non-stop loop. To do this, just visit the YouTube video that you’d like to loop. Edit the URL and replace chúng tôi with

Press Enter, and the chúng tôi site will play the YouTube video in an infinite loop.

This will loop the video permanently until you repeat the process and deselect Loop.

4. Autoplay Embedded Videos

If you’re planning to share a YouTube video with a friend and want to have it play instantly when they open it, there’s another neat YouTube URL trick you can use. 

To do this, just append ?autoplay=1 to the end of the video URL.

When your friend opens this link, the video will automatically start playing.

Note: In past years, you used to be able to paste links like this in social media or WordPress and the video would autoplay, however, this feature is disabled on most platforms now since they’ve become such an annoyance to users over the years.

5. Disable Related Videos

When you embed your own videos that you’ve made on your website, YouTube will often display related videos to your viewers. If you really don’t want to support your competition with extra traffic, you can disable this feature by appending ?rel=0 to the end of the embed URL.

To get the embed code, select the Share icon under your YouTube video and copy the iframe code.

In WordPress, create a code block and paste the iframe code. Append ?rel=0 at the end of the YouTube URL.

Now, when your visitors watch your YouTube video on your site, they won’t see any related videos at the end.

6. Download YouTube Video Thumbnail

If you’re writing an article or a paper for school and you want to mention a video while embedding the thumbnail into the document, there’s an easy service that lets you download the thumbnail.

To do this, you just embed the video ID into the following URL:

You can download the YouTube video thumbnail using this link:

You’ll see the video thumbnail appear as an image on the page.

7. Create a Playlist Without a YouTube Account

You might already use playlists on YouTube. If you select the Save link under any video, you’ll see the option to save the video to one of your existing playlists, or create a new one.

But what if you’ve collected a list of several video IDs and you just want to watch a playlist without actually saving it anywhere? You can do this with a single YouTube URL trick.

Just insert each video ID you’ve collected into the URL as shown above, separated by commas. You can append as many video IDs as you want. For example, if you have four video IDs, your URL will look something like this:

When you paste this into a browser and press Enter, you can watch all videos in order as a quick playlist.

8. See Only Your YouTube Subscriptions

If you visit the YouTube main page as most people do, you’ll see a list of YouTube recommendations for you. Many of these may be irrelevant and nothing that you actually care about.

This will open YouTube and only show you all of your subscriptions, and nothing else.

No more irrelevant recommendations, just start watching the stuff you already know you love.

9. Create a GIF from a YouTube Video

Have you ever wanted to create a GIF that you could share on social media featuring your favorite TV clip or movie scene? You can do this if you can find a very short YouTube video featuring that scene.

You can use a site called chúng tôi that’ll let you create and edit a GIF based on any YouTube video, so long as you have the ID.

chúng tôi

So if your YouTube video that you want to create a GIF from is NO8k8m, you just have to append this into the chúng tôi URL as follows:

This will open the entire video on the chúng tôi website in a simple editor tool. First, select the timeline of the video at the point where you want your GIF to start.

Next, select the point in the timeline where you want your GIF to end.

Select Create GIF, and walk through the quick wizard that will create the GIF for you. On the last step, you’ll see several optimized links for social media that you can use, or download the GIF to your computer.

It couldn’t be any easier to create fun GIFs that you can share wherever you like.

What Are The Tips And Tricks To Starting A Youtube Channel

The YouTube platform is booming day by day, a new content creator has a tremendous opportunity to build a successful YouTube channel from scratch. Before you dive into the ocean of video content, there are some things that you need to think about to maximize your chances of success.

The purpose of Starting a Channel

One of the most important YouTube tips for beginners is to know the purpose of starting the channel. It’s a passion, promoting the business or trying to make a YouTube channel as a business. Defining a purpose will help to make content.

The purpose is the basis for three key elements: topic coverage, target audience, and reason for existence.

WHAT the videos will be about.

For WHOM videos are made.

WHY they should watch videos.

Define these things before launching the channel.

Decide on a production schedule. Be realistic, honest, and think long-term 2. What are the Tips and Tricks to starting a YouTube channel

Changing up the frequency later could tick off the viewership. Even missing one day, week, or month could anger fans. The more this happens, the more likely they will unsubscribe. When you have, opt for lesser frequency.

Check the frequency of YouTube channel Nas Daily.

YouTube Success: Substance and Style

The true key to success is “substance AND style.” YouTube viewers judge based on the styling of the channel besides the content.

A successful YouTube channel needs these styling −

Smart titles

Consistent format

Video thumbnails

Smart Profile picture

Icon of a famous YouTube channel.

Attractive thumbnails of various channels.

Create a banner and icon

The YouTube channel banner is the first thing viewers and possible subscribers see.

An effective banner lets the viewer know where they are, and compels the viewer to stay and check videos.

A channel icon is like a logo of the channel. It should match the brand and complement the channel banner.

Banner and icon of Nas Daily.

Know the niche

Focused content is important. Try to find your niche and stick to it. Discover the area to speak about. Audiences are more likely to trust and engage with content creators who hold authority and proficiency in their area.

Create a channel trailer

When someone visits the channel for the first time, a channel trailer is a way for them to get a sneak peek at the content.

Assuming them to be perfect strangers, introduce and tell them exactly why they should subscribe. Keep it short, sweet and snappy and let them know what content they will see.

Good channel trailer of Yoga channel.

Just start recording and upload

“Practice makes perfect” is right but not true in this case. Watch enough professional YouTubers and just record. Start making videos as soon as possible. Learning how to start a YouTube channel as a beginner largely means pick th camera and start shooting.

Don’t forget SEO

YouTube is not only a video platform but a search engine for videos. It’s important to familiarize SEO best practices for YouTube videos

Start putting targeted keywords in the name of the video file, title, and description. Try to put targeted keywords in the channel’s brand name. Add keywords in tags and hashtags.

Don’t forget competitor research.

Analyse YouTube analytics

Data is the key to understanding whether videos are performing or not. YouTube analytics will provide several key points of data, including views, location of viewers, subscribers number and more. So, study analytics deeply for success.

Don’t worry too much about your camera

Purchasing the best camera should not be your top priority. Smartphones will do the job initially. Instead of getting a new camera right away, getting tools that make it easier to shoot with the phone is wise. Eventually, upgrade to camera later in the journey.

Do worry about audio

What needs to be heard is heard. The best way to do this is by having a strong microphone. Purchase a good microphone before a good camera.

Necessary equipment’s

Buy Some essential equipment for creating high-quality videos like −

Camera − a high-quality webcam or smartphone is good to start.

Tripod − You want a tripod to hold the video capturing device and keep it steady.

Microphone − The built-in microphones are often terrible. Purchase an external microphone and record the audio separately, mix it with the video afterwards.

Green Screen − A green screen is necessary to change the background in videos.

Screen Capture Software − necessary if videos involve screen capturing, like software video tutorials or PC gameplay.


Cross-promote YouTube channels across other networks to help maximize success. Start promoting videos on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or website, and partner up with other YouTubers to increase Viewers. Use end screens effectively to keep viewers around and make sure they don’t leave without subscribing to the channel. One can add other videos, a subscribe button, or a link to another channel to keep viewers engaged.

Bright side a famous YouTube channel video’s end screen.


These are some of the key things that need to be known to become a successful YouTube channel creator. Use these tips to set up the channel, optimize it to get videos ranked, and gain more subscribers. These are especially helpful if one is new to YouTube and starting fresh.

What Is Telegram Channel? How To Create A Telegram Channel?

Most people make their shift from WhatsApp to Telegram due to privacy concerns. Unlike WhatsApp, which has shown little respect for users’ privacy, Telegram has been a proponent of anonymity and privacy. When you move to Telegram from WhatsApp, however, you also get the power of Telegram channels.

Telegram Channels are one of the ways how Telegram expands its horizons. And if you want to keep track of updates on a specific topic, you can discover and follow thousands of channels on Telegram. You need to know how to get the most out of Telegram channels, though.

What Is Telegram Channel?

Telegram channels are a form of one-way communication that Telegram had added to the platform back in 2023. As an admin, you can use a channel to send information to a huge number of users. As a user, you can use channels to receive updates on a topic of interest. This interest could be anything under the sun.

You’ll be able to find Telegram channels that belong to categories like tech, business, entertainment, news, current affairs, celebrities, etc. Telegram allows channels to have an unlimited amount of subscribers, which is great news for big brands. For instance, the Telegram channel of Bloomberg has 83,500+ subscribers.

Are Telegram Channels Safe?

Like any other communication platform, Telegram channels are used for various needs. While the platform is safe and encrypted, the information you receive/download/install from these channels may vary. Because of this reason, you should join verified/trusted Telegram channels only.

How to Create a Telegram Channel?

As you can guess, Telegram channels are a great way to spread information. Therefore, if you have a brand or idea that can attract members, you should think about starting a Telegram channel. Like most things you find on Telegram, creating a Telegram is also easy.

To do this, you can follow the steps we have described below.

1. Open Telegram and tap on the ‘New Message’ icon that you can find on the right-bottom side.

2. From the next screen, choose the option named ‘New Channel’ from the top portion.

3. Telegram will now show you an introduction to channels. Tap on the Create Channel button to move forward.

4. You will be asked to provide the name and description of the channel on the next page. Provide both and tap on the Tick button on the top-right corner.

5. On this page, you can decide whether your Telegram channel is private or public. Public channels are free to join and come with a permalink. On the other hand, private Telegram channels can be joined through an invite link.

6. Tap on the Tick button, and you can choose the people you want to add to the channel. You can skip this process and add people later. This would be convenient if you have created the Telegram channel for business.

That’s it. You will now see a Telegram channel that you can use for seamless communication. Please keep in mind that Telegram doesn’t allow you to share everything through channels. For instance, channels that are used to spread copyright-protected content and abusive content wouldn’t be entertained.

If you wish you can join TheWindowsClub Channel on Telegram for some occasional weekly Windows 10 tips.

Things You Should Know about Telegram Channels

Here are a few facts you should keep in mind while using and maintaining a Telegram channel.

You can use Telegram channels to share a wide variety of content, such as text, images, videos, files, polls, and other interactive elements.

Rich messaging features such as pinned messages, message scheduling, hashtags, easy-to-manage admin roles are available on Telegram channels.

As mentioned earlier, a Telegram channel could have as many subscribers as it wants. Even when the numbers rise to thousands or millions, you don’t have to worry.

Private Telegram channels offer better security compared to public channels. This is because people cannot join unless you invite them.

You can also check out options like Discussion groups, admin signatures, quick sharing, and auto-play smart media.

You can use Telegram channels to distribute podcasts as well. Thanks to the audio playback features on the platform, your audience will have a smooth experience.

Read: 10 Best Telegram Bots; Are Telegram Bots safe to use?

We hope we could clear all your doubts about Telegram channels and how to use them. It’s also worth noting that the developers keep adding more features to these channels.

How To Create And Manage A Telegram Channel

Telegram is a WhatsApp alternative that offers a wide range of interesting features. For instance, the app allows you to go beyond the scope of communicating with your immediate contacts by enabling you to reach people beyond these limits. This can be done via channels. In this article we’re going to show you how you can create and manage a channel on Telegram.

What Are Telegram Channels?

Telegram channels allow the broadcasting public messages to large audiences. They can be powerful tools especially for brands that want to easily send their subscribers messages, videos, images and more.

Telegram channels can be about anything including business, art, beauty, fashion, music and a lot more. It’s usually the creator which sets the theme of the channel and users get to choose which channels to subscribe to based on their individual preferences.

Channels should not be confused with groups, even though the two might seem similar at a glance. Even so, groups are meant for discussions and can host up to 200,000 members, while channels are meant for broadcasting information and can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

How to Create a Channel in Telegram

If you’re ready to begin the process of creating your first Telegram channel, then here’s how it’s done. We’ll outline the steps both for the mobile version and desktop app.


Open the Telegram app on your device (in this case we used the Telegram app for Android).

Tap on the little pencil icon in the lower right corner of the display.

Select “New Channel” at the top.

Name your channel and add a description (optional). Then press Done.

Choose whether you want this to be a Public or Private channel. Note that private channels can only be joined through an invite link.

If you’ve selected the former option, create a Public Link to facilitate new members joining your channel.

Tap on Done in the upper corner once you do.

In the next window, you’ll be invited to add subscribers from your Telegram contacts. Tap on the ones you wish to add to select them.

Tap on the “Next” button at the bottom to move to the next step.

Your Telegram channel has been created! Now you can start sharing content for your subscribers.

To invite more people to join your newly created channel, tap on the channel’s name at the top.

Tap on the link to share it via social media apps including WhatsApp, Instagram and more.

Alternatively, you can press on the tiny QR code icon and select one of the QR code looks from the options presented at the bottom. Once you’re done, tap on “Share QR Code”.


Select the “New Channel” option.

Like above, you’ll need to decide if you want this to be a Public or a Private channel, and if you go for the former, create a link for your channel.

Lastly, add people from your own list to the channel and that’s it, you’re done the channel has been created. Or you can tap on the “Invite via Link” button.

To start sharing your channels link when using Telegram for PC, just tap on the Info button in the upper corner.

How to Manage Your Telegram Channel

Once you’ve created your channel, you’ll be in charge of managing it as well. On top of posting content regularly, there are other things you can do to improve your channel.

Set Photo/Video for Your Channel

Make your channel stand out from the crowd by setting a photo or video for it. Here’s how it’s done.

On mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.

Press on the Pencil button in the upper right corner.

Tap on the “Set Photo or Video” option.

Your channel should now have a profile picture.

On desktop, press on the Info button in the upper corner.

Next tap on the empty bubble underneath “Channel Info” to upload a profile pic for your channel.

Add More Admins

While the default admin is the person who has created the channel, you can allow other people to manage your channel by making them admin(s).

On mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.

Select “Administrators” from the “Members” area.

Tap on “Add Admin”.

Select the contact(s) you want to make Admin.

In the next window, decide what permissions you want to give the new Admin.

Tap on “Add Administrators” at the bottom.

Select the person you want to add.

Like on mobile, choose the permissions you want to new admin to have and that’s it.

Set Auto-Delete for Your Channel’s Content

You have the option to set an auto-delete timer for the stuff you post on your channel. This can be can be handy if you’re looking to avoid your channel getting cluttered. You can set this option only from the mobile Telegram app.

Open the channel in question and tap on the three-dots in the upper right corner.

Tap on the “Set auto-delete timer” option.

Choose the amount of time you want to keep your messages in the chat, and then tap on “Set for this chat”.

Start a Live Stream

It’s possible to do live streams in your Telegram channel. Here’s how to start one.

In the mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.

Press on the three-dots in the upper right corner next to the Pencil icon.

Select “Start Live stream” from there.

Press on the “Start Live Stream” button or alternatively “Schedule Live Stream” and your subscribers will receive a notification once the stream starts.

On desktop, tap on the Streaming icon in the upper right corner and select one of the available options.

How to Enable Conversations in Your Telegram Channel

In the Telegram app go to the channel in question.

Tap on the name of the channel at the top.

Now press on the Pencil icon like we showed you above.

Select Discussion.

From here select one of your groups or create a “New Group” by pressing on the relevant button.

A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to make that Group the discussion board for the channel. Keep in mind that if you do so, anyone from the channel will be able to see messages in the group even if they are private.

It can be an existing one or a new on that you can make on the spot.

How to Delete a Telegram Channel

Think that you Telegram channel served its purpose? No problem, you can delete it. Or you can simply exit it, even if you’re its sole administrator. Here’s how to do so on mobile and desktop.

On mobile, open the channel in question.

To delete a channel, simply tap on the channel’s name at the top.

Next, press on the Pencil icon.

All the way to the bottom you’ll find the “Delete Channel” option. Tap on it.

The app will ask you whether you truly want to go forward. Tap “Delete Channel” again to confirm.

You can only delete a channel if you’re the owner of that channel. If you’re just a subscriber you can simply leave the channel if you had enough of it. You can do so by opening the channel in question and tapping on the three-dots in the upper right corner.

Select “Leave channel” from the options that appear.

Confirm your choice by pressing on “Leave channel” once again.

On PC, as channel owner you can go to “Manage Channel” and then select “Delete Channel” to get rid of it.

Select “Leave Channel”.

Confirm your choice by pressing on the “Leave channel” button in the pop-up that appears.

How to Find Channels to Subscribe to on Telegram

If you rather not create your own channel, but rather subscribe to other channels, you can easily find worthy channels to follow by checking Telegram’s official channel list page.

The channel will now open in your Telegram app. Press “Join Channel” at the bottom.

That’s it, you can now enjoy what the channel has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. How can I add my own channel to Telegram’s list? 3. How can I see a channel’s subscribers?

Unless you’re the owner of that channel, you won’t be able to. You can view the number of people subscribed to the channel by opening up the channel and glancing at the top underneath the channel’s name. As the owner, tap on the channel name and then on the Pencil icon. Then tap on Subscribers to see a list of people subscribed to your channel.

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