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Although the Apple Watch is water resistant, it’s not waterproof. If water enters the speaker grills, it can produce muffled sounds. To combat this, watchOS has a feature called Water Lock that helps you eject water from the speakers.

This tutorial will teach you how to use Water Lock to get water out of your Apple Watch and prevent moisture from seeping inside.

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How to Activate and Use Water Lock on Apple Watch

Water Lock is available on the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Ultra, and newer models. It activates automatically when watchOS detects you’re swimming, diving, or water-skiing, but you can also enable it manually before you engage in a water-based activity. You can also turn on and use Water Lock after getting your Apple Watch wet.

To turn on Water Lock:

    Swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to open the Control Center.

    Locate and tap the

    Water Lock


    Water Lock is now enabled on your Apple Watch, and you should see a Water Lock status symbol icon at the top of the watch face. The screen remains unresponsive for the duration the feature is active.

    Once you finish the activity, you can use Water Lock to eject the water from your Apple Watch. If Water Lock did not turn on automatically or you failed to enable it manually, you must activate it first. Then:

      Press and hold the

      Digital Crown

      . The display should change from

      Press and hold crown to turn off water lock


      Keep holding


      You should hear a sequence of tones as your Apple Watch expels the water from its speakers.

      Release the

      Digital Crown

      after the

      Ejecting water

      animation ends.

      Note: If you use an Apple Watch running watchOS 8 or earlier, you must rotate the Digital Crown to eject water from the speakers.

      If the Apple Watch’s speakers sound muffled, enable and use the Water Lock feature multiple times. If the problem persists, wipe it with a lint-free cloth and let it dry overnight. You can speed up evaporation by keeping the watchOS device on its charger.

      Understand the Water Resistance of Your Apple Watch

      Always remember that while the Apple Watch is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof. Moreover, not all Apple Watch models are designed for water-based activities.

      For instance, the first and second-generation Apple Watches are only resistant to splashes, and wearing them while swimming is not recommended. On the other hand, Apple Watch 2 Series and newer models are suitable for shallow water activities, while the Apple Watch Ultra is the only one that can endure diving and water-skiing.

      Furthermore, you must take extra care to avoid exposing your watchOS device to certain substances, such as soap, lotions, and shampoo, which can permanently damage its water seals. Also, watch bands made from stainless steel and leather can degrade if constantly in contact with water.

      Identify your Apple Watch model and check this Apple Support article to learn more about its water resistance capabilities.

      Keep Your Apple Watch Dry

      Water Lock on your Apple Watch is a handy tool to protect the device from water damage. Whether you’re going for a swim or get caught in the rain, Water Lock can help you eject water from the speakers and keep your Apple Watch running smoothly. However, remember to always keep the water resistance capabilities of your watchOS device in mind and avoid water-based activities that can cause lasting harm.

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      How To Change And Customize Your Watch Face On Apple Watch

      The Apple Watch is often described as Apple’s most personal device yet, and one of the reasons for that is that you’re able to change and rotate between bands, but also customize the Watch face.

      However, Apple doesn’t make it obvious how one would go about changing the Watch face and has implemented several different ways to do so since the Apple Watch was first introduced. Follow along as we guide you through the various different methods of changing your Apple Watch face.

      How to change and customize your Watch face on Apple Watch

      On your iPhone:

      Head into the Watch app on the iPhone. Up at the top you will see a list of your current Watch faces. To modify your current Watch faces, simply tap into one. From there, you’ll have options for color, details, and complications.

      Complications are little app shortcuts, if you will, that give you extra information. For example, a weather app can tell you the current weather and update periodically, however, tapping on the complication will launch you right into the corresponding Apple Watch app. Depending on the Watch face, you can have small or large complications, with large complications taking the full width of the Watch face.

      Colors typically match up with Apple’s sport band line of accessories. So, if you are wearing a sport band, there’s a high chance that you can match up its color with your Watch face.

      To change color, detail, or complications, simply tap on the complication and scroll through the list available.

      From your iPhone, you can also set the Watch face that your currently editing as your current Watch face as well. Some faces also have other options such as adding seconds to a digital face. You can also choose to delete your Watch face from this screen as well.

      On your Apple Watch:

      Force Touch by firmly pressing the screen while it’s on the main Watch face. Your Watch screen should pop out. From there, you can swipe between all of your current Watch faces, or tap the Customize button at the bottom to customize the associated Watch face. You can optionally swipe all the way over to the right, tap on the large + button labeled NEW to create a brand new Watch face. To remove a Watch face, simply swipe up on it and tap Remove.

      You’ll now be able to customize color, details, and complications.

      Complications are little app shortcuts, if you will, that give you extra information. For example, a weather app can tell you the current weather and update periodically, however, tapping on the complication will launch you right into the corresponding Apple Watch app. Depending on the Watch face, you can have small or large complications, with large complications taking the full width of the Watch face.

      Colors typically match up with Apple’s sport band line of accessories. So, if you are wearing a sport band, there’s a high chance that you can match up its color with your Watch face.

      Once in the editor, you can swipe between which part of the Watch face you want to edit. There will be little bubbles at the top of your screen to indicate what you’re editing. To pick a new color, complication, or details, make sure the item in question is highlighted in green, and then use the Digital Crown to pick between the options.

      Once you’re done editing, press the Digital Crown in to save your settings.

      In the end, Apple Watch truly is a personal device with tons and tons of options both software and hardware related. Whether you’d like to swap out your bands on a daily basis like I do, or change Watch faces depending on your mood, Apple Watch is truly unique to every person that wears it.

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      How To Restart Apple Watch

      Last Updated on April 22, 2023

      The newer models of Apple Watch should work perfectly without encountering any problems. But the older models that lack necessary updates will often become unresponsive and glitch from time to time. Restarting your Apple Watch is the ideal solution for these problems. 

      There are many more reasons why you might want to restart your Apple Watch. Maybe you need to reset some data or it is just a habit of yours to restart devices every now and then. Restarting your smartwatch is relatively easy and you will find out that the steps you need to take are simple and straightforward.

      Apple has officially stated that the standard way of restarting your smartwatch is by turning it off and on again. However, you should not perform a restart if the device is updating its watchOS to a newer version. Only in extreme cases, you should proceed with performing a force restart if the gadget is not responding.

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      Restart Your Apple Watch



      Press the side button

      Press the side button until you see three different options on your screen. These options should be Power off, Medical ID and Emergency SOS. Apple considers them to be the most important, and they are effortless to access.

      In case of an emergency, the simple press of a button will prompt you to a window where you can ask for help. Additionally, medical staff can access your medical documents without requiring you to unlock the watch.

      Lastly, the Power off option is conveniently placed there to turn off or restart the watch.



      Swipe the slider

      The Power off button is actually a slider. Swipe this slider to the right until the device completely turns off.

      When the screen is completely dark, you have confirmation that the Apple Watch has turned off and is no longer active.



      Press and hold the side button

      Once the device has fully turned off, you can hold the side button again.

      Keep it pressed for at least 10 seconds or until you can see the Apple logo.

      When the logo appears on the display, it means the watch is now powered on.

      The restart process has been successfully completed and your device should be working perfectly again. Most performance issues can be solved by turning your device on and off again. This is because the RAM usage might affect the performance of your device and a restart will clean up the memory. 

      Some older models of Apple Watch will experience this issue more often. As time passes, they are getting older and the operating system slows down. In that case, consider upgrading to a newer model of a smartwatch as Apple releases one every year. Since 2023, they came out with a new model every year and currently the series 8, which has been released on 7th September 2023, is the newest model. 


      Force Restart Your Apple Watch



      How to Force Restart your Apple Watch

      Press the side button and crown at the same time. This is the first step of the process and all you have to do is press these two buttons at the same time. If you are holding only one button, this method will not work and you need to make sure you are pressing both. Take the watch off your wrist and try to use both hands for this operation.



      Keep the buttons pressed for at least 10 seconds. After identifying the buttons, keep them pressed for 10 seconds. However, the restart will happen when the screen turns off and goes black. This is the indication that you no longer have to keep the buttons pressed. Sometimes it can happen before the 10 seconds mark while other times it will take more.



      Wait for the watch to turn back on. Regardless if you are a calm or impatient person, this process shouldn’t take long. Once the screen turned black after you pressed the buttons, the Apple Watch is now restarting. It will turn back on soon after and you can use the device again. Usually, this step takes less than one minute.

      This process is different than the one where you reset the Apple Watch. There is no risk of losing your data from the device when you reset it, as this process only restarts the device. Some people would also appreciate the convenience of restarting the smartwatch by using their iPhones, but this feature is not available yet. The watch is considered to be a separate device and you have to restart it manually. 

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      What Do ‘Lurkers’ Get Out Of Twitter?

      If you like to log onto Twitter to see what’s going on, but rarely ever tweet, you might be a lurker. Last year, the Pew Research Center found that only a small amount of highly active users were actually producing most of the content on Twitter. About 25 percent of users produced 97 percent of all tweets. Most Twitter users behave like so-called “lurkers.”

      A follow-up survey Pew conducted in May 2023 sought to find out what lurkers were doing on Twitter if they weren’t tweeting. 

      Age appeared to be the largest differentiator between active tweeters and lurkers. Frequent tweeters, defined as users who post more than five tweets, or retweets, a month, tended to be between the ages of 18 to 24. Lurkers, or the infrequent tweeters who post less than that, make up roughly half of US users, and tend to be between the ages of 30 and 49. These Twitter lurkers also seem to visit the site less often, with only around 20 percent of them saying that they go on Twitter every day. More than 50 percent of active tweeters, on the other hand, say they visit Twitter daily. 

      Unsurprisingly, on average, lurkers follow fewer users and tend to have a smaller following compared to more active accounts. They have a median of 15 followers and 105 followed accounts. Comparatively, frequent tweeters have a median of 159 followers and 405 followed accounts. When lurkers tweet, a good half of their tweets tend to be replies; replies account for 51 percent of lurkers’ tweets and 30 percent of frequent tweeters’ posts. And they’re less likely to retweet too. Retweets make up approximately 26 percent of all posts from lurkers, and 46 percent of all posts from frequent tweeters. 

      The findings beg the questions: What do lurkers get out of the Twitter experience then, if they’re not really actively engaging and creating content? According to what Pew found, the top reasons that lurkers use the platform are for entertainment, to stay informed, and to see a different point of view. In fact, 76 percent of lurkers said in the survey that they use the platform primarily to see what others are saying rather than express their own opinion. Lurkers were also more likely than active users to say that they used Twitter to get a different perspective (13 percent compared to 5 percent).

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      In past studies, researchers have found that lurking is correlated with concerns over online privacy and anxiety. Marketers and social network researchers have been trying for the past few years to track what lurkers do on sites. The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology argued that lurkers are legitimate online participants even if they access “the social capital of online communities without providing anything in return.”

      While some researchers say that lurking, or passive social media use, can be damaging to mental health by eliciting social comparisons and feelings of missing out, these findings can be complicated. Others, however, like author Joanne McNeil, argue that lurking is simply a natural reaction to the evolution of the internet. 

      3 Ways To Unpair And Erase Your Apple Watch

      This tutorial shows you three ways to unpair your Apple Watch from its paired iPhone. Unpairing the Apple Watch is equivalent to erasing it. And after you do this, you’ll have to set up your Apple Watch again.

      Why you might want to unpair your Apple Watch

      If your Apple Watch isn’t performing correctly and basic solutions like restarting, force restarting, closing apps, or updating to the latest watchOS do not help, you might consider unpairing it.

      If you plan to pass on your Apple Watch to a family member or sell it, it becomes essential to unpair from your iPhone so that the watch can be paired with the second owner’s iPhone.

      In case you forgot the Apple Watch passcode, you’ll have to erase it and set it up again, during which you can create a new passcode.

      If your Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo or syncing screen, other solutions don’t work; erasing it is the surest way to fix it.

      Finally, if you lost your Apple Watch and have no chance of finding it, you might want to erase it remotely.

      Now you know the reasons why you might want to unpair the Apple Watch with the iPhone. Next, we have the ways to do that.

      Please keep in mind that you can’t follow all these methods in all cases. For example, when your watch is frozen, you can’t erase it using the on-device settings. Similarly, if your watch is far off, you’ll have to use Find My instead of the Watch app.

      Depending on your situation, use any method you’re comfortable with.

      1. Unpair Apple Watch from the Watch app

      Note: If you use a transit card in the Wallet app on your Apple Watch, remove it before following the steps below.

      Here’s how to unpair your Apple Watch from the iPhone:

      1) Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone.

      2) In the My Watch section, tap All Watches from the top left.

      3) Tap the info button (i) next to the watch details.

      4) Tap Unpair Apple Watch and then Unpair Name’s Apple Watch to confirm.

      5) Optional: On the cellular model of the Apple Watch, if you plan to pair the watch and iPhone again, you should keep the cellular plan. Else, remove it.

      6) If asked, enter your Apple ID password to disable Activation Lock.

      You have successfully executed the unpairing request. Now, your iPhone will create a fresh backup of the Apple Watch, which can take a while. Once that’s done, your Apple Watch is unpaired, erased, and is now ready to be paired and set up again with any iPhone.

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      2. Erase your Apple Watch from the watch itself

      You can use the on-device options to erase the Apple Watch. Proceeding with this method doesn’t remove the Activation Lock. As a result, no-one except you can set up this watch with their iPhone. To address this, you must follow the method mentioned above. If you don’t, you will have to use your Apple ID password to bypass the Activation Lock while setting up this Apple watch.

      1) Press the Digital Crown to see all apps.

      2) Tap the Settings app icon.

      3) Tap General.

      4) Scroll to the end and tap Reset.

      5) Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

      6) Enter the watch passcode if asked.

      7) Finally, tap Erase All.

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      3. Erase your lost Apple Watch remotely

      When you can’t use any of the aforementioned methods, you can erase it remotely using the Find My app or chúng tôi These steps to erase your Apple Watch will only work when the watch is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data on cellular model.

      Please note that once you erase your Apple Watch, it will stop appearing in the Find My service, and you can no longer keep track of its location, play sound, or find it.

      Here are the steps to unpair and erase your Apple Watch even if it isn’t with you:

      1) Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can also use chúng tôi in a browser on Apple devices or Windows PC.

      2) Tap Devices.

      3) Tap your Apple Watch name.

      4) From the bottom, tap Erase This Device.

      5) Tap Continue and optionally enter a phone number that will be displayed on the Apple Watch screen after the watch is erased. Any kind person who finds your watch can see this phone number and contact you.

      6) Finally, tap Erase.

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      How To Eject Water From Your Iphone Speakers Using This Shortcut

      Have you ever accidentally dropped your iPhone in water and wondered how to get rid of the water from inside the speaker?

      Even if your iPhone comes with an IP rating, it doesn’t mean water can’t get stuck in places. When water enters through the speaker grills on an iPhone, it’ll cause the audio to muffle. This is obviously not something you want.

      As it turns out, there are simple ways to eject water from the iPhone speakers. You can either use a Siri Shortcut, or try out an app or a website to push out the liquid.

      In this article, we’ll show you how to get the water out of your iPhone speakers.

      How to eject water from iPhone speaker

      First, let us briefly explain how this works.

      Basically, a sound of a certain frequency is played through the iPhone speaker, which pushes the water out. The vibrations from the sound eject the liquid. Overall, this process is similar to Apple’s Water Eject feature found on newer Apple Watches.

      With the basics covered, here are a couple of ways to get the water out from the iPhone.

      1. Use the Water Eject Shortcut

      This method involves using a Siri Shortcut to play the sound through your iPhone speakers.

      Here’s how to use the Water Eject shortcut to get water out of your iPhone:

      1) Tap this iCloud link on your iPhone to download the Water Eject shortcut.

      On iOS 15 and later, tap Add Shortcut. If you’re on iOS 14 or earlier, make sure you allow untrusted shortcuts before tapping the iCloud link.

      2) Inside the My Shortcuts tab of the Shortcuts app, tap Water Eject.

      3) A notification should appear. Tap Begin Water Ejection to start the process.

      You should now hear a sound play on your iPhone and see the water droplets come out of the speaker grill.

      2. Use a third-party app or website

      If you don’t want to install an untrusted shortcut on your iPhone, then there are other ways to get rid of the water. You can use free third-party apps, or you can head over to a website that simply plays the sound to eject the water.

      There are plenty of apps that can do this, but we’d recommend Sonic, as it’s available for free from the App Store and does the job very well. After installing the app, you can adjust the frequency of the sound and see which works best. Tap the Play button to start removing the water from your iPhone speaker.

      You could also try out a website called Online Tone Generator to get rid of any water from the speakers. Open the website on your iPhone, select a frequency, and hit the play button.

      Water ejected from iPhone speakers!

      If you ever drop your iPhone in the water and are trying to remove it from the speaker grill, you should try the above methods. Do not try to insert things into the speaker grill to get the water out. The above methods work well, so we’d recommend using them. Also, dry the iPhone immediately, keep it switched off for a while, and don’t open the SIM tray.

      Even if your iPhone has a waterproof rating, water will still enter the speakers, earpiece, and charging port. Apple has added an IP rating on all iPhones, starting from the iPhone 7. But, if you drop your iPhone in water, it’s important that you dry it out as much as possible and not plug it into a charger.

      We’d also recommend not to deliberately drop your iPhone in water as though newer models are waterproof, you can’t claim warranty if something happens to it due to liquid leaking inside the device!

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