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If you’re looking to make a website like Wikipedia, you don’t have to code.

Instead, you can use a CMS (content management system) like WordPress (.org).

WordPress is used by over 40% of all websites on the internet, and it’s the gold standard for website creation.

This quick and easy guide teaches you how to make a website like Wikipedia in a few hours of work and minimal expenses.

Just so that you know you’re in good hands—I’m the founder of this website (that’s also built on WordPress).

I have multiple years of experience in SEO, blogging, and website creation.

Here is how to make a website like Wikipedia in 7 easy steps:

1. Get web hosting

To get your Wikipedia-like site up and running, you need to get web hosting.

SiteGround hosting is highly recommended because it’s fast, secure, and reliable.

Choose between 3 plans—StartUp, GrowBig (recommended), or GoGeek.

2. Choose a domain name

Other extensions like .org, .net, or .io, are fine too, but they are not the most common.

Review the order and pay using a debit/credit card.

3. Install WordPress

Select “Set Up Website” to start the installation process.

Select “Start New Website” and select “WordPress”.

Choose if you want to add extra services.

Select “Finish” and wait for WordPress to install.

Tip: If you need help with the installation process, you can contact SiteGround’s 24/7 support for help.

4. Choose a theme

Once WordPress is finished installing, you need to choose a theme (the design of your site).

You can find great WordPress themes on EnvatoMarket.

For a Wikipedia site, I recommend buying a premium theme like GeneratePress, Divi, and Astra.

Tip #1: If you need help with customizing your theme, you can contact your theme’s support.

Tip #2: You can create a logo for free using Namecheap’s logo maker (it’s the best logo maker that I’ve used).

5. Install plugins

Recommended plugins to install:

Google Site Kit – Easily connect your site to Google Analytics to see real-time visitors and stats.

Yoast SEO – An all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress that you can use to add an XML sitemap (a site directory).

Jetpack – A security, speed, and stats plugin.

6. Start posting content

Since your website is similar to Wikipedia, you need to research educational topics to write about.

To find content ideas, you can use the Google Keyword Planner or browse similar sites.

When writing your post, make sure to include headers, spacing, lists, and media to engage your readers.

You can also add categories and tags to your post on the right sidebar.

Tip #1: If your site is new, your posts will start ranking on Google after 3 to 6 months (if they are of quality).

Tip #2: Try targeting low-competition keywords like “How to start a video game cafe” instead of “How to start a business”.

7. Monetize your Wikipedia-like site

Once your website gains some traffic, you can start monetizing it.

I recommend applying for Google AdSense or Ezoic.

Before you apply to either one, make sure that your site has a privacy policy and an “About” page.

Tip #1: Ezoic earns about 5x more than Google AdSense because of its technology.

Tip #2: After you’ve reached 50k or 100k monthly visitors, you can apply for Mediavine or Adthrive (both are premium ad networks).

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How To Cite A Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is a useful source of background information that students often use in the early stages of research. However, it’s often not considered a reliable source to cite in your academic writing.

If you’re certain you’re allowed to cite Wikipedia, the citation usually includes:

Title of the article

“Wikipedia” and/or “Wikimedia Foundation”

Date the article was last updated


The specific format differs depending on what citation style you’re following: APA, MLA, and Chicago style are three of the most commonly used.

Generate accurate citations with Scribbr

How to cite Wikipedia in APA Style

In APA Style (7th edition), only the first word of the title is capitalized, and there is no period after the URL. The in-text citation includes the title of the article (with title-case capitalization, and shortened if necessary) and the year.

Example: APA Wikipedia citation

APA format

Article title

. (



Month Day

). In Wikipedia.


APA in-text citation (“Statistical Hypothesis Testing,” 2023)

The date you include is therefore the date of the revision you accessed, the URL that of the specific revision.

APA Citation Generator

How to cite Wikipedia in MLA style

In MLA style, the title takes headline capitalization, the publisher is included, and there is a period after the URL.

Example: MLA Wikipedia citation

MLA format “

Article Title

.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation,

Date of last modification




MLA in-text citation (“Statistical Hypothesis Testing”)

The date of last modification can be found at the very bottom of the article (“This page was last edited on…”).

MLA Citation Generator

Scribbr Citation Checker


The AI-powered Citation Checker helps you avoid common mistakes such as:

Missing commas and periods

Incorrect usage of “et al.”

Ampersands (&) in narrative citations

Missing reference entries

Learn more

How to cite Wikipedia in Chicago style

Chicago style recommends against citing Wikipedia as a source. However, if you do need to cite it, the format depends on which of Chicago’s two styles of citation you’re following:

Notes and bibliography

In notes and bibliography style, Chicago recommends only citing Wikipedia in your footnotes, and leaving it out of your bibliography. Use the short note format if you need to cite the same article again.

Example: Chicago Wikipedia citation (notes and bibliography)

Full note format 1. “

Article Title

,” Wikimedia Foundation, last modified





Full note example

Short note format 1. “

Shortened Article Title


Short note example 1. “Statistical Hypothesis Testing.”

In author-date style, a parenthetical citation appears in the text, and full details are given in the reference list.

Example: Chicago Wikipedia citation (author-date)

Chicago author-date format Wikipedia.


. “

Article Title

.” Wikimedia Foundation. Last modified





Chicago author-date citation (Wikipedia 2023)

Is Wikipedia a reliable source?

Using Wikipedia as a source is generally discouraged in academic writing, and your institution may even have a specific rule against doing so.

There is disagreement about whether Wikipedia can be considered a reliable source, but most academics agree that you shouldn’t cite it in your writing, for two main reasons:

As an online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a tertiary source, which means it doesn’t provide original insights or analysis. Usually, only primary and secondary sources are cited in academic writing.

Because Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and its articles are constantly updated, it’s possible for unreliable information to be added without you knowing. It’s better to cite a source with a clearly defined author whose information can be verified.

However, there’s no problem with using Wikipedia for background information and to find other sources, especially in the early stages of your research.

Using Wikipedia effectively

Wikipedia can be a good starting point, since many of its articles comprehensively cite the primary and secondary sources used. You can often find useful sources under the headings “References,” “Further reading,” and “External links” at the bottom of an article. Look for credible sources like scholarly journals and books.

You may occasionally want to cite a piece of general (rather than specialist) information from Wikipedia. When doing so, it’s good practice to independently verify any information you are not sure about before citing it (also called lateral reading).

Look out for warning signs that the article contains unreliable or incomplete information:

Orange or yellow boxes at the top of the article indicating general issues

Warnings such as “[citation needed]” in the text indicating a lack of evidence

Very short articles (sometimes called “stubs”) that don’t provide much depth

Articles that have only been worked on by a single contributor (you can check this under “View history” or “Talk”), indicating a lack of editorial oversight

If you spot one one or more of these issues, it’s probably not a good idea to use the article even for background information.

Example: Poor-quality Wikipedia article

Frequently asked questions about citations Cite this Scribbr article

Caulfield, J. Retrieved July 10, 2023,

Cite this article

How To Build A Hyperfast WordPress Website

Do you have a WordPress website? Would you like it to be faster?

Website performance is an important factor that can impact your search rankings and bottom line.

In this article, you’ll learn why performance matters and how to build a hyperfast WordPress website.

Why Performance Matters

Your website’s performance affects two crucial areas of your business:

Your search engine rankings.

Your revenue.


Page speed has been a Google ranking factor for desktop searches since 2010 and mobile searches since 2023.

In 2023, Google announced that page experience signals in rankings would roll out in 2023:

“The new page experience signals combine Core Web Vitals with our existing search signals including mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines.”

In addition to performance signals becoming ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm, performance affects visitor behavior and conversions as well.

In 2023, Google studied page load speed in relation to bounce rate – the rate at which people leave your website without interacting. Google found that when page load time goes from:

1 to 3 seconds, bounce rate increases by 32%.

1 to 5 seconds, bounce rate increases by 90%.

1 to 6 seconds, bounce rate increases by 106%.

1 to 10 seconds, bounce rate increases by 123%.

WordPress Statistics

WordPress dominates as the most used content management system.

In 2023, WordPress announced that they powered one-third of the web. BuiltWith shows that 43% of websites now use WordPress out of a sample size of over 64 million websites.

In terms of performance, we can compare WordPress websites against those running Joomla and Magento, thanks to HTTP Archive. Their State of the Web report gives the following analysis about websites running each respective platform.

Over 2 million WordPress websites, 52,000 Magento websites, and 133,000 Drupal websites were sampled from July 2023 to July 2023. They found the following.

WordPress websites had a median total page weight of 2437.7 KB on desktop browsers and 2275.6 KB on mobile browsers.

Magento websites had a median total page weight of 3178.8 KB on desktop browsers and 3039.5 KB on mobile browsers.

Drupal websites had a median total page weight of 2192.1 KB on desktop browsers and 2061.6 KB on mobile browsers.

According to Google, the total size of a webpage should be under 500 KB. WordPress websites fall in the middle of the road on page weight, but still well over the Google suggested maximum page size.

WordPress websites had a median total number of 85 requests on desktop browsers and 81 requests on mobile browsers.

Magento websites had a median total number of 182 requests on desktop browsers and 176 requests on mobile browsers.

Drupal websites had a median total number of 75 requests on desktop and on mobile browsers.

Google suggests a maximum of 50 requests (individual pieces of content) needed to load a webpage. Again, WordPress websites fall in the middle of the road on page requests, but over the Google recommendation.

What does this information tell us?

To meet Google’s website performance goals, your WordPress website needs the best optimization possible.

How to Speed Up a WordPress Website Choose Hyperfast Hosting

In a Q&A with John Mueller, Google Search Advocate discusses shared hosting versus dedicated hosting. When it comes to servers, he says the following.

How To Use Skype Like A Pro

How to Use Skype Like A Pro Create a Skype Meeting Within Outlook

Use Microsoft Outlook to setup a Skype Meeting without wasting time on scheduling meetings on other tools. Chances of errors are higher on other tools. Someone might forget to join on time while others don’t have appropriate browser plugins installed or some other issue. Avoid all this hassle by simply using a Skype for Business account.

Step 3. Skype for Business will automatically launch to join the meeting.

Know Few Skype Shortcuts

During a meeting or a call, if you know a few basic simple keyboard shortcuts, life becomes easy to manage or take control over the meeting.

Accept an Incoming Invitation Win + Shift + O

Decline an Incoming Invitation Win + Esc

Mute/Unmute Audio Win + F4

Pause/Resume Video Win + F5

Put a Call on Hold Ctrl + Shift + H

End a Call Alt + Q

Stop Sharing Your Screen Ctrl + Alt + S

Regain Control of a Shared Screen Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar

There are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for Skype. We have listed a few basic shortcuts and rest can be accessed on chúng tôi .

Record A Meeting

There are people who get complete blank once the meeting is over or after the call ends. To overcome this, you can record all your Skype meetings. Skype latest version not only records a call, but also records call activity, audio, video, screen share, and instant messages. You can do the same by following these steps:

Note: Everyone connected to the meeting will be notified that you’re recording the session. A red circle symbol will appear at the top of the call throughout the session. The meeting can be paused or stopped as per the need. As soon as the meeting finishes, the recording will end and will be automatically saved in MP4 format.

Where to Look for A Recorded Session?

Set Privacy Relationship for Contacts

There are Five Relationship Levels by default in your Skype contact category. Every individual contact can be assigned within one of these categories. Each relationship level is assigned with different permissions. For example, Friends and Family can’t see your meeting details and Workgroup can interrupt your ‘Do Not Disturb’ status.

Start a Poll, Q&A, OR Whiteboard

Selecting Whiteboard will open a white drawing area with tools to draw or highlight something just like MS Paint. The whiteboard will minimize if you switch to other presenting options, but the content will remain intact for further use.

If you go for a Poll option, it will open a window to vote out options. You can gather choices of other participants by using a Poll option. You can select ‘Poll Actions’ to adjust the settings, like hiding the votes from attendees, saving the results, or closing the poll.

If you go with Q&A, it will switch the standard chat window into a Question and Answer module. If any attendee asks a question, you’ll receive a notification to type a response and press Enter. This will display the question and answer to everyone in the meeting. You can also save the recorded Q&A session for further references.

Presenting a PowerPoint Presentation

There are hundreds of personal settings and ‘How To’ options within Skype. For more information, you may navigate to chúng tôi page and explore more tip and tricks on Skype.

Summing Up

If you use Skype as an alternative, then the information handy is enough however using Skype like a Pro takes a lot of time and energy. If you use Skype for Business then the above tips and tricks must be fruitful to you. Skype download is available for almost all communication devices and it’s recommended to proceed to Skype login and look for Skype updates. Skype latest version will surely provide you an enhanced experience and more options to use. You should always keep your Skype account safe and secured with more personalized options when you Skype online. If this article turned out to be helpful to you, Please like and share this with your colleagues.

For more such tips, tricks and tech related updates visit Tweak Library and if you are more into tech-related videos do watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also reach us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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Raj Soni

How To Use Nova Launcher Like A Pro

Bored of seeing your native Home screen every time you unlock your phone? If you answered that question with a disappointing sigh, then you’re ought to give Nova Launcher a shot. This fascinating launcher comes with a bunch of personalization features, allowing you the freedom of customizing your Android device endlessly.

A phone with a completely new interface seems captivating and will surely make you popular among your peers. This is the reason why it has been a willful choice for a majority of Android users across the globe. However, it’s important that you become familiar with its prominent features to use it like a pro. So let’s get started!

Of course, to get started, you’ll need to download Nova Launcher from Play Store. Now here comes a tough decision i.e. choosing between Nova Launcher (the free version) and Nova Launcher Prime (the paid one). Though we recommend using Nova Launcher Prime for one simple reason — versatility. So, go ahead and make your choice. Once you download the launcher, set it as your default launcher on your smartphone and follow the steps given below:

Best Nova Launcher Tips

Here are some great tips to help you become a pro at using Nova Launcher.

Nova dark mode

Android 10 has brought a plethora of handy features for us to enjoy, but none of them has been as wildly celebrated as the introduction of the system-wide dark mode.

It’s been only two weeks since the official unveiling of Android 10, and Nova Launcher has already revealed a dark mode capable of following Android 10’s dark mode settings. Upon enabling it, Nova Launcher will adhere to Android 10’s dark mode settings, making sure there’s no disparity between the two.

You’ll need to enroll yourself to the Nova Launcher beta program and download software version 6.2.2 BETA (Sept 16, 2023) to access the feature.

Step 1: Go to Nova Settings and tap on Night mode.

Step 2: Tap on the dropdown menu at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select System.


Go to Nova Settings, tap on home screen from the settings menu.

Tap on Search bar place, from the newly appeared list, tap on Dock ( above icons) or Dock (below icons) as per your preference.

Close the app.

Long press on Google Search bar on the Home Screen.

From the newly appeared list, tap on replace option.

Under Row widgets section, select the app widget you want to replace with the search bar.

Tap on create to add a widget to your home screen.

Enable weather display on Google Search Bar

Another cool feature that you can enable with Nova Launcher is to display weather report on the Google Search bar. However, as this is an experimental feature, it’s hidden under the Labs Menu of Nova Settings.

Go to Nova Settings. Long Press on the Volume down button to enable Labs Menu.

Now scroll down and open Labs from the settings menu.

Tap Allow in the newly appeared popup to allow access to the device’s location.

Close Nova settings.

Weather will be displayed on the Google Search Bar on Home Screen as shown below.

This feature allows you to access the default weather app directly from the search bar, which is lovely.

Double Tap to Lock Screen

Most of the Android devices allow you the option to lock the home screen with a swift double-tap, but for those who cannot use this feature, the Nova Launcher can be a great alternative. It allows you to set the Double Tap gesture to lock your phone screen with ease.

Open the Nova Settings and navigate to Gestures & Inputs.

Choose Double Tap from the list of gestures.

Select Screen Lock option on the double tap menu.

Close the app.

Double tap anywhere on your Home screen.

Choose your desired screen lock option in the screen lock method.

On the next popup, tap on Activate this device in admin app option and you are done.

Here is a quick video for your convenience.

Write down a quick Note using Google Keep from Home Screen

Adding a quick Google Keep note requires the use of Gestures in Nova Launcher (which is why you need Nova Launcher Prime). You need to set a gesture that opens a floating window for Google Keep.

Open the Nova Launcher Settings

Navigate to Gestures & Inputs.

Select a Gesture to be used for launching the floating window (Eg: double tap)

On the next step, go to the Apps section.

Locate and tap Keep.

Close the app.

Return to Home Screen, Use the set Gesture to take notes instantly.

Use Notification badge that reminds you of unread notifications

Been missing important notifications? Try the notification badges in Nova Launcher Prime to remedy the situation. You can set a dot or other indicators on the app icons to remind you that you have some unread notifications.

You can choose between three types of badges: Dynamic, Dots, and Numeric badges. You can customize their position, size, and colors too. However, the unread count feature is limited to the Prime version, and this option requires the notification access on your smartphone which needs to be granted manually. Follow these steps to set up this feature.

Open Nova Settings.

Select any notification badge style.

Grant permissions to Nova Launcher Prime to access notifications.

Choose the position & size of your notification badges.

Turn on show notification content on long-press of badge option.

NOTE: Install Tesla Unread App from Google Play Store, Give the notification access to Tesla unread app in the settings, Set the Notification Badge to Tesla Unread to get the number of unread notifications from the app on any Android device or you can enroll in the Nova Launcher Beta program and update the Nova Launcher to the latest beta and use its Numeric dots style to set the numeric notification badge on the app icons.

Swipe up on Apps

As we say, gestures are Nova prime’s forte, and they start right on the Home screen. The best part is that you can assign swipe up on an app icon to open a specific activity in the app.

For example, you could enable Swipe up action on the dialer to open your favorite notes app, simplifying the process of noting down important contact information. Follow the steps below to enable one of the best features in Nova Launcher.

Long press on any app icon on the desktop.

You could also apply them to app icons on your home screen, which would then allow you to open a different app with a simple swipe up on another app icon. This is a very handy feature for doubling up the function of an icon.

For example, you could have two of your favorite apps and decide to launch one with a tap and another with a swipe, both using the same icon. The below video clip illustrates how we can launch the QR Code Scanner just by using swipe up on the camera.

Enable Google Now Search Feed

Nova Launcher has full integration with Google Now Search Feed. Simply swipe left on your Home screen and you’ll be greeted with your Google Now Feed with personalized news, updates, schedules, and more.

This feature works on the free version as well and any Android smartphone running Marshmallow or above should be able to make use of the feature.

For this to work, you need to install Google Companion APK. Since this Google Companion app is not available through Play Store, you’ll need to ensure that your device is capable of installing APK files downloaded off the internet.

As per our experience, the integration of the Google Now Page in Nova Launcher works flawlessly. Follow the steps to enable Google Now:

Go to Nova Settings, Navigate to Integrations.

Download Google Nova Companion APK from here.

Install the APK on your phone, swipe left from Home Screen to get to Google Now feed.

Go to Home screen, swipe left from anywhere to access Google Now feed.

NOTE: Earlier Nova’s Google Now feed didn’t support the dark mode like the Pixel Launcher. In the latest Nova Launcher beta 6.1, the Google Now (now known as Discover) panel theme can be customized to light, dark, or follow night mode option. To enable this, follow these steps.

Use the drop-down to set the theme of Google Discover to Dark.

Swipe left from the home screen and check the Google Now feed in full dark glory.

Customize the Google Search Bar

Nova Launcher allows users to resize, re-style, re-position, re-color, and even tweak the logo of Google Search Bar. We can add weather information on the Google Search Bar which is given as tip no. 2 of this article. Follow the steps to customize the Google Search bar.

Long Press the Google Search Bar on Home screen.

Set the Bar style, color, logo style.

Check the Voice Search and select Assistant.

You could also add the weather icon to the search bar as mentioned in the second tip.

Hide Apps and Folders

Every smartphone user has at least one private app on their device that they don’t want anyone to open.

Nova Launcher Prime also allows you to hide the app from the app drawer, shielding it from the prying eyes. You can hide as many Android apps as you want on Nova Launcher. Follow these steps to hide apps.

Open Nova Settings.

Select the option to hide apps.

Select any app you want to hide.

Your apps will no longer be visible in the App Drawer.

Nova Launcher also allows users to Hide folders behind an App icon. You can swipe up on the app icon to reveal the folder hidden behind it. This is a great way to access all your frequently used apps quickly without cluttering your home screen with icons and folders.

Create a folder of apps on the home screen.

Turn on Swipe to open folder option.

Set Tap action to the First item in the folder.

Go to Nova settings, Navigate to folders.

Select Folder icon appearance, set transparency to 100%.

Go to home screen, Swipe up on the App icon to reveal all apps in the folder.

Another superb feature of Nova Launcher Prime is the ability to set different tabs in the app drawer. It offers a wider range of app drawer-customization options with a number of helpful features to keep your app drawer organized.

Nova Launcher’s Drawer Groups provides options for app drawer tabs and folders, making it easier to find the app you’re after. It allows you to differentiate between your entertainment apps, productivity apps, social apps, etc.

Open Nova Settings.

Set the Top Bar style from Search Bar to Tap Bar.

Name the tab. Tab gets created in the app drawer.

App Icons and Shortcuts

Long pressing on apps opens a list of shortcuts you can instantly access, like navigating to home using Google Maps, Opening your favorite channel on YouTube, Going to battery options inside settings. Long Press on the app icon in drawer, edit, access app shortcuts, uninstall, access widgets, etc.

Nova dark mode

Android 10 has brought a plethora of handy features for us to enjoy, but none of them has been as wildly celebrated as the introduction of the system-wide dark mode.

It’s been only two weeks since the official unveiling of Android 10, and Nova Launcher has already revealed a dark mode capable of following Android 10’s dark mode settings. Upon enabling it, Nova Launcher will adhere to Android 10’s dark mode settings, making sure there’s no disparity between the two.

You’ll need to enroll yourself to the Nova Launcher beta program and download software version 6.2.2 BETA (Sept 16, 2023) to access the feature.

Step 1: Go to Nova Settings and tap on Night mode.

Step 2: Tap on the dropdown menu at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select System.


Miscellaneous Tips

If you’re prone to deleting things accidentally or moving icons and widgets all over your home screen, then you can even lock your Home screen layout. You can do it simply with a double-tap.

Use the Nova Backup option to back up the settings. This will allow you to set up a new phone with Nova Launcher. So that you can simply import the settings and allow Nova to take care of the rest.

Nova Launcher also allows users to set two different styles in folders like the Immersive mode – Which occupies the screen and shows up all apps in the folder or the Window mode – which opens as a small floating window to show the apps in the folder.

Download Nova Launcher

There are features like Aggressive desktop that helps in caching and preloading to reduce apps and launcher opening/closing times.

→ Download Nova Launcher from the Play Store


20 Smart Display Voice Commands That’ll Make You Feel Like A Boss

Smart speakers have become commonplace, but there’s now an upgrade available: the smart display. It’s essentially a smart speaker with a screen attached, like the Google Home Hub or the Amazon Echo Show, but the screen gives you a few more options for voice commands, as well as visual readouts for certain answers.

Whether you’ve got a smart display powered by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, here are some of the cleverest commands you can use to make the most of that screen.

Google Assistant 1. “Hey Google, play cycling videos on YouTube.”

You have a display, so use it. This command will queue up a series of YouTube videos on a topic of your choice—just replace “cycling” with a subject, musician, YouTube channel, or whatever else you desire. Depending on how specific your request is, a list of video choices might appear, or the screen will start playback straight away.

2. “Hey Google, how far is it to New York?”

This is a command that also works with smart speakers, but only smart displays can actually show you the route to wherever you’re going. The option to Save this place will also appear on screen; tapping this button will send the location to Google Maps on your phone.

3. “Hey Google, show me my photos from Sydney.”

Photos work well on a smart display, too. If your images are saved in Google Photos, your Google Assistant-powered device can bring them up on-screen. Just ask to see pictures from a specific place, person, or time. You can also take out “my” to pull up images from a general web search.

4. “Hey Google, show me some recipes for carrot soup.”

Another area every Google Assistant-powered smart display excels in is cooking—a lot of people must be setting these devices up in their kitchens. Ask about recipes for any dish to bring up a list of options, then pick one to see step-by-step instructions, the necessary ingredients, how long it takes to make, and more.

5. “Hey Google, play songs by R.E.M.”

With the added bonus of a screen, your smart display can show you what you’re listening to while it plays audio, and you can even tap the screen to pause playback or skip tracks. By default, smart displays running Google Assistant source tunes from YouTube Music, but you can set up other music apps via Google Home on your phone.

6. “Hey Google, good morning.”

Your smart display can combine several responses to match one command, like this “good morning” one. By default, the device will return the time, the weather forecast in your region, upcoming appointments on your Google Calendar, and news headlines, but you can customize these responses via the Google Home app on your phone.

7. “Hey Google, what was the Yankees score?”

Your smart display knows its sports, and you can ask it for the latest score or details on upcoming matches for whatever team you’re interested in. When viewing recent scores, you may get the option to watch a video clip of highlights from the game, as well as see the score displayed on screen—something a smart speaker can’t do.

8. “Hey Google, call Dad.”

Another area where smart displays obviously come in handy: video calls. You’ll need to set this up first in the Google Home app on your phone, but after that it’s just a question of asking Google to call someone on your contacts list. For this to work, the person on the other end needs Google Duo installed on a device, and if you want two-way video, they must also have a camera.

9. “Hey Google, turn the bedroom lights off.”

Through the Google Home app on your phone, your Google Assistant smart display can control compatible smart home devices. So, if you’ve added smart lights in the Google Home app, you can use a voice command with your smart display to turn them on or off. You can also swipe down from the top of the screen to access touch controls.

10. “Hey Google, show my Nest camera.”

This being a smart display, you can pipe in video footage from any compatible security camera. You’ll just need to set up this capability in the Google Home app on your phone first. With that done, simply insert the name of the device in question into your command. Cameras from Arlo, Logi, Nest, Netatmo, TP-Link, Zmodo, and others can all be added.

Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Echo Show with Amazon Alexa on board. Amazon

1. “Alexa, take my picture.”

Using an Amazon Echo that has a camera attached, you can ask Alexa to take your picture—handy for those times you need a new shot for social media, maybe. The smart display offers three camera modes, so you can choose between normal, four shots in quick succession, or one shot with a sticker overlaid on top.

2. “Alexa, show me my photo albums.”

As you might expect, the Amazon Echo Show is closely tied to several products in the Amazon ecosystem, including Amazon Photos. Ask to see your photo albums, and Alexa will load up your pictures. You can’t search the web for photos like you can with Google Assistant, but you will occasionally see images accompanying answers to questions you’ve asked your Echo.

3. “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?”

The flash briefing—a rundown of daily news and events you need to know about—is one of the best features available on Echo devices. When you’ve got one with a screen, it’ll provide video with the audio, pulling from sources including Reuters and the BBC. You can customize your news sources in the Alexa app on your phone.

4. “Alexa, watch ‘The Man In The High Castle.’”

You can use that Echo Show screen for watching movies and TV shows, but YouTube integration is out, so you’ll have to stick to Amazon Prime Video. That, of course, means you need to be a Prime subscriber to use this feature. Just name the show or film you want to watch to start playback, then use extra voice commands like “pause” and “resume” to control it.

5. “Alexa, show me my Ring camera.”

As with Google Assistant-powered smart displays, Echo devices with screens attached can show video feeds from compatible cameras—just say the name of the camera you’ve set up through the Alexa app on your phone. August, Arlo, Logitech, and Ring are some of the major supported brands, but you can find a comprehensive list here.

6. “Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?”

This command works on both smart speakers and smart displays, but the latter offers an at-a-glance visual with its audio response, making it easier to get a handle on multiple upcoming events. You can also ask to see what you have planned for the next day or week. Set up calendars via the Alexa app on your phone.

7. “Alexa, set a timer for five minutes.”

This is another command that gives you a little bit extra on a smart display. Use it, and you won’t constantly wonder how much time you have left because you’ll be able to see the seconds counting down on the screen. Simply change the “five minutes” variable to however long you want the Alexa timer to last for.

8. “Alexa, play Jeopardy.”

A growing number of Alexa skills make use of the screen attached to your Echo device, if there is one. That means you can play games, order pizzas, hail cabs, and more, all with visuals on the display and audio from the speaker. One such skill involves the Jeopardy game, which will start the familiar blue panels flashing on your smart display as you prepare to test your knowledge.

9. “Alexa, show me some recipes for carrot soup.”

Like Google Assistant-powered smart displays, those running Alexa are also good at showing step-by-step cooking instructions—perfect for when you’ve got your Echo Show set up in the kitchen. Specify the dish you want to make and Alexa will give you cooking times, a list of ingredients, and detailed instructions.

10. “Alexa, show me the Avengers trailer.”

This is another command you can use with a display-enabled Echo device that’s not possible with a standard smart speaker. Just ask for the trailer you’re after, and your Alexa-powered smart display will oblige. It’s difficult to come up with a modern movie that the device can’t find a trailer for, but try to get the name of the movie right to avoid confusion.

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