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Most browsers out there offer a Full-screen mode of viewing tabs, which is often preferred by users to get rid of the clutter of multiple windows, to view the screen in a more magnified form, or just focus on a particular tab. Essentially, each time a person switches the full-screen mode on, they get rid of the taskbar on the bottom and all the tabs open on the top of the screen. This provides a better viewing experience that can be used when working on writing (or any creative project), or simply enjoying a video. In this post, I am going to demonstrate how one can turn the full-screen mode on in a few major browsers; Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

How to open Google Chrome in Full Screen

There are two approaches to opening a Chrome window in full screen. You may either press the F11 function key (sometimes this may not work, in which case you want to try pressing Fn+F11) or follow the procedure below:

Open Google Chrome and head over to the top right corner of the screen

Among the column of options, head over to ‘Zoom’

You will see a sign to turn the full screen on.

And just like that, you have now opened Google Chrome in full screen.

If you want to toggle the full-screen setting, just press the F11 (or Fn+F11 combination) key. This would work irrespective of you using either of the aforementioned methods.

See this post if Chrome Full screen is not working.

How to run Microsoft Edge in Full Screen

Both Edge and Firefox require users to follow similar steps as Google Chrome. You can press the F11, or do as follows:

You can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+F to open it.

In the ‘Zoom’ setting, you’ll see an option to maximize the screen.

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How to open Firefox in Full Screen

You can press the F11 function key or, alternatively, follow these steps:

Open the menu.

You can also use the zoom setting to magnify or shrink your screen’s display, in case you don’t find your monitor’s default setting satisfactory.

Using this tip, you can also make Explorer go fullscreen.

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How to run Internet Explorer in full-screen mode

I hope you find this article helpful!

Why is the F11 key not working?

On your keyboard, especially on laptops, look for an Fn key. Since most laptops don’t have dedicated keys for F1 to F12, Fn keys are used with number keys to achieve the function. Once you have figured out the FN key, locate F11 and press them together to go full screen in Chrome. If you only press F11, it will not work; instead, it will print something else (when tried on a notepad or any text box).

How do I press F11 without the F keys?

Some keyboards offer a lock for F key functions. It is similar to the Caps lock; with the lock key, you can keep using the F keys without an extra button. You can go full screen on Chrome by pressing the F11 key. Since keyboard keys are overlapped, ensure you don’t miss the other number or key that is available with the F keys.

Why doesn’t my Web page fill the screen?

If a website is not adaptive, it will only fill the screen with the max layout it has designed. If you try to zoom, it will only make it look blurry, and elements may look out of place.

NOTE: This post will show you how to make all windows open maximized or full-screen.

Why is my browser opening in a small window?

The problem is usually caused by a resolution mismatch based on the last time you used the application. In addition, it could be caused by other applications as well. To fit the active window completely within your active screen, drag the corners of the active window with the arrows.

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How To View & Delete Cookies In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Ie Browser

Let it be known that despite being able to view Internet Cookies the standard way from within the Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge web browsers, there are still third-party options that work just we as well, and even better in some cases. If you’re the type of person would prefer to use a standalone cookie viewer for your web browser, then you’re in the right place.

Today we’re going to look at four tools that were designed with viewing and managing Chrome cookies. From our point of view, these tools are very easy to use; therefore, folks should not experience a steep learning curve at all, even if you’re the biggest novice around.

OK, so the tools we’re going to talk about are as follows:





View & delete Cookies in Chrome with ChromeCookiesView

It should be noted that this tool is portable, so there’s nothing to install. Just unzip it, locate the file, and open. Once it’s up and running, users will see a blank screen, but in a short moment, it should be populated with all the cookies from your Google Chrome web browser.

You don’t have to launch Chrome to see your cookies, and that’s one of the reasons why we like this tool. Not only that, it shows how many cookies are there, and the amount selected if you’re planning on deleting just a few.

The user interface is old school, but we’re not too concerned about that because it simply means the software will likely perform well instead of eating up a lot of system resources.

At the top, you’ll see named tabs and seven buttons designed for various tasks. The first button is for deleting selected cookies, and that’s why it’s a red X. The other is for saving selected cookies, you know if that’s something you want to do.

View & delete Cookies in Firefox with MZCookiesView

When it comes down to MZCookiesView, it’s designed for Mozilla Firefox, and since it’s designed by the same folks who behind ChromeCookiesView, you’ll find that most things are the same, so don’t go in expecting a huge difference in terms of features and the overall looks.

Probably the main difference is the ability to choose a user profile and select cookies file and folder. From what we can tell, the Chrome version is lacking these features, and that’s fine.

As it stands, then, if you follow the same steps above, you’ll have no problem in mastering MZCookiesView.

View & delete Cookies in Edge with EdgeCookiesView

Here’s the thing, we’re not going to talk much about this tool because it’s the same as the Google Chrome version, and we’ve talked about that one already. Just know for a fact that EdgeCookiesView, which is designed for Microsoft Edge web browser, tends to work quite well from our testing, which is good enough.

View & delete Cookies in IE browser with IECookiesView

For those who are still using Internet Explorer, bear in mind that Microsoft wants you to stop from doing this crazy thing. Internet Explorer is no longer secure enough for the web, and the fact that there are better alternatives available, we’re surprised why anyone would want to continue.

But if you’re the hard-headed type, then you’ll want to give IECookiesView a shot to manage your cookies. It’s more or less the same as the Firefox version.

You can download all these tools from chúng tôi .

What Is The Close Tab Shortcut In Chrome Or Firefox On Windows 11?

In this post, we will see what the Close tab shortcut in Chrome and Firefox on a Windows PC. While working on a PC or laptop, keyboard shortcuts always make it easier for us to perform tasks quickly. They not only save us time but also enable us to work more efficiently. The Close tab shortcut is a keyboard shortcut you should know if you frequently work on web browsers.

What is the Close tab shortcut in Chrome or Firefox on Windows 11?

There are built-in keyboard shortcuts for closing a tab in different browsers on Windows 11, including Chrome and Firefox browsers. Apart from these, there are ways to close multiple tabs or close all open tabs at once. The following sections will introduce you to various shortcuts that will help you exit the required tabs in your browser window.

1] Keyboard shortcut to Close tab in Chrome or Firefox

To close a single tab in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (or any other browser for that matter) you may use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W OR Ctrl+F4. The shortcuts also work in the browser incognito/private mode.

Go to the tab that you want to close and press the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard. While you keep pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key, press the ‘W’ key. Release both keys once the tab is closed.

This shortcut is especially useful when you want to close the active tab. So while you’ve finished typing or reading on the webpage, you don’t need to use the mouse in order to close the tab. You may do this using a simple hotkey (‘Ctrl+W’ or ‘Ctrl+F4’).

2] Middle mouse button shortcut to Close tab in Chrome or Firefox

Open a new browser tab, type about:config in the address bar, and press Enter.

While the extension works perfectly fine for most web pages, it may not work for a few pages, such as the Chrome Settings page or Chrome Web Store pages.

4] Other ways to Close tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Interestingly, you can use shortcuts to close not just one tab, but multiple tabs, or all tabs or windows within your browser. Here are some other useful keyboard shortcuts for closing tabs in Chrome and Firefox:

To close all tabs or the current window in Chrome or Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4.

To exit Chrome (close all windows), press Alt+F and then press X.

To exit Firefox (close all windows), press Ctrl+Shift+Q.

Apart from these, you may use the built-in options to close tabs, either to the right of a selected tab, to the left, or both, in Firefox or Chrome.

While these options are built-in in Firefox and Chrome, there’s no hotkey associated with them. They still act as shortcuts when it comes to closing multiple browser tabs at once.

5] Undo Close tab

If you’ve mistakenly closed the wrong tab, you may undo close using the Ctrl+Shift+T keyboard shortcut in both Firefox and Chrome.

I hope this helps.

Also Read: How to confirm before closing multiple tabs in Chrome, Edge, and other browsers.

What is Ctrl Shift N on Firefox?

The Ctrl+Shift+N hotkey can be used to reopen a closed window. If you’ve accidentally closed a window in the Firefox browser, you can undo the close action using the Ctrl+Shift+N keyboard shortcut. However, the shortcut works only if you have at least one browser window left open. If you’ve closed all the browser windows (or have exited Firefox), the shortcut will not work.

How do I close a tab in Chrome without closing it?

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Amazon Offers A9 Toolbar For Firefox Browser

Amazon Offers a9 Toolbar for Firefox Browser

“Offering the A9 Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox was among the most requested features we received from users since we launched chúng tôi a month ago,” said chúng tôi CEO Udi Manber. “We are pleased to answer their feedback with this release and make it possible for millions more people to access the full power of chúng tôi to discover and manage information.”

Amazon just might have become the first big corporation to start endorsing Firefox. They have come out with the Firefox’s version of their browser toolbar based on A9 search engine. I do not think any other major engine has till now released an official version of their toolbar for Mozilla Firefox. Clusty from Vivisimo gives an option to add the engine to the search box list, but A9 toolbar for Firefox is a fully functional toolbar replicating all functions from the IE version.

The great thing about making applications for Open Source application like Firefox is the range of operating systems that you end up supporting. Firefox is available on platforms like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. A9 toolbar works on all of these platforms on Firefox. So, users on alternate operating systems have something to cheer about as well.

The great thing about having a personalized search engine (with a userid and password) is that no matter what browser you use, you get everything in place the way you left it last time. I was happy to see my Internet Explorer sessions recorded in A9 when I logged in on Firefox. Well, the toolbar has got nothing to with it of course, but it makes using A9 easier with the added functionality that was earlier available only on Internet Explorer.

One of the missing features in A9 searches on Firefox browser is the Site Info popups, which comes into view on mouse hover in Internet Explorer. Other than that, it seems to be totally Firefox friendly now!

Sushubh Mittal is the Search Engine Journal tech columnist and publisher of TechWhack

The Easiest Way To Automatically Open Websites In Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode in Chrome is a popular feature because it allows you to browse in private; your history is not recorded and cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows. If there are specific websites that you only visit in Chrome’s Incognito Mode, using an extension like Incognito-Filter can save you an extra step.

Usually, you’d have to open a new incognito window and then type the URL that you want to visit. By using this extension, you can add websites of your choosing to be opened directly in Incognito Mode whenever you enter them in the address bar.


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How To Turn On Or Off Professional Mode In Facebook On Iphone

In this guide, I’ll explain what professional mode on Facebook means and how to enable it on your iPhone. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is professional mode on Facebook?

This mode is specifically designed for entrepreneurs trying to promote their businesses or individuals seeking to build a professional network on the platform. It, furthermore, features specialized tools like Insights for business pages and Workplace by Facebook – a collaborative workforce environment.

How to enable professional mode on Facebook from iPhone

Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone.

Tap the menu bar icon at the bottom right and go to your profile.

Press the three-dot icon next to the Edit Profile option.

Tap Turn on to continue with the setup of the professional mode.

How to disable professional mode on Facebook from iPhone

If you have tried out this feature and are seeking back the solitude for your account, the steps below will help you out.

Launch the Facebook app → Go to your profile → Tap the three-dot icon.

Choose Turn professional mode off.

Wait for the changes to take place and the Confirmation page to appear.

 This procedure will revert your account to a normal interface like before.

If you’re trying out Professional Mode for the first time, you might wonder, what’s in the package? Let’s break down the update, tools, and safety features a user gets upon enabling Professional Mode on Facebook.

Users can update their profiles in professional mode to represent their professional lives. They can add information about their job titles, qualifications, employment history, and accomplishments. These updates can assist in showcasing their area of expertise to potential clients or business partners.

Followers: Users can increase their followers by inviting friends, promoting their page on other social media platforms, and sharing their content with relevant groups. This helps users to expand their reach and connect with a broader audience.

Profile Category: To make things easier for the audience looking for your page, you can categorize your profile according to a particular domain, such as a musician, artist, or journalist.

As the name suggests, this mode offers a series of really amazing tools at your disposal.

Professional Dashboard: Manage your insights in the form of performance metrics for various factors, for e.g.: follower growth. You can further manage your posts and messages efficiently.

Invite friends to follow: Increase your audience and widen the reach of your page by inviting your friends to follow your page.

Post composer: Create high-quality content, including photos, videos, and stories without any hassle. To ensure that your content is published at an optimal time, you can schedule your posts as per your preference.

Creator support: It provides an ultimate hub for all Facebook’s recourses, like tools, training guides, and community support – all in one place. Make the most of this tool and hone your skills to improve the visibility of your page.

Get discovered: Finally, by using relevant hashtags and keywords, users can increase their notability and reach on the platform.

Monetize your content

Through fan subscriptions and ad income sharing, this tool enables individuals to monetize their material. It is very helpful for content producers who create user-friendly, high-quality content that is popular among users.

Subscriptions: You can start subscriptions for your users by offering exclusive content. This can include behind-the-scenes footage, early access to your content, or exclusive merchandise.

Safety features

Last but not least, security is a very prominent factor that cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. So, let’s see how Professional Mode will help you to keep your account safe.

Privacy: Designate and take control of the users who can access your profile. You can report or block accounts on Facebook that violate the rules and regulations of the platform.


Regardless of the device you use, iPhone or Android, Professional Mode in Facebook can take your business or profile to new heights. This tool is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. So go ahead and give it a try. I’m certain you’ll love the results.

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below.

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