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Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is the best Windows OS for gaming purposes. But many users still experience performance issues while gaming on their Windows 11 PCs. Some users face lag or crash issues. At the same time, some users experience issues with FPS.

If you’re also facing performance issues while gaming on your Windows 11 PC, you may need to make some changes to it and optimize it for gaming. To optimize your Windows 11 PC for better gaming performance, check this guide, as it explains everything in detail. So read ahead and optimize your Windows 11 PC for a beast-level performance.

Is Windows 11 Suited for Gaming?

Yes, Windows 11 is suited for gaming, as it comes with many gaming-centric features, such as Xbox Game Bar, Game Mode, AutoHDR, DirectStorage, and more. But the gaming performance not only depends on how good Windows 11 can handle it.

It also depends on your system’s hardware. If you have a system with SSD storage, a high-end graphics card, and the latest processor, you may rarely face issues while gaming on your Windows 11 PC.

But exceptions are always there. In some reports, it’s found that Windows 11 beats Windows 10 in most tests, except a few. For example, a report revealed that the latest Windows 11 got slightly lower results when evaluating frames per second (FPS) performance while playing some set of video games. Otherwise, it scored better than Windows 10.

Optimize Your Windows 11 PC for Gaming

There isn’t any step-by-step formula for improving the system’s gaming performance. You need to try some tips to optimize your Windows 11 PC for gaming. We’ve mentioned all those useful tips below. Apply them and make your PC capable of running games smoothly:

1. Turn On Game Mode

The latest Windows 11 has a feature called Game Mode that automatically allocates the majority of your system’s GPU and CPU resources to the game you’re playing to improve the performance.

So enable Game Mode on your Windows 11 PC and play games seamlessly. You can do so by following the below steps:

1. Open the Settings app with the Windows + I shortcut and go to the Gaming section from the left pane.

2. Let the Game Use Primary GPU

Another thing you should do before launching a game on your Windows 11 PC or laptop is to allow it to use your system’s primary graphics card or GPU for higher performance. We’ve explained the process of doing the same in the below-mentioned steps:

1. Press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to open the Settings app and move to the Gaming section.

4. Select the High Performance option from the GPU Preferences menu and close the window.

To get the best gaming performance, it’s necessary to keep the system’s graphics drivers updated. This is because bugs & glitches in the graphics adapters can also cause performance issues.

So update your system’s graphic adapters and keep the gaming performance top-notch. You can follow the below-listed prompts to update your Windows system’s graphics drivers:

1. Open Run using the Windows + R shortcut and type chúng tôi in the search box.

4. Wait for the OS to search for the newest version of the selected graphics adapter and install it.

4. Increase Your System’s C Drive

Another way to enhance your Windows 11 PC’s gaming performance is to increase the system’s C drive. You can do so by allocating the unallocated space to the C drive. So, follow the listed steps to increase your system’s C drive:

1. Hit the Windows key to open the Windows Search Box and type Disk management tool in it.

2. Select the Create and format hard disk partitions from the Best match section to open it.

5. Enter the amount to extend the volume in the text field after selecting the available space.

5. Enable Auto HDR

The new Windows 11 comes with Auto HDR support that lets you play and view all the outdated games at their best with HDR on your HDR-supported display. Thus, we suggest you enable Auto HDR on your Windows 11 PC and enhance your game viewing experience.

You can follow the below instructions to enable Auto HDR support on your Windows 11 PC:

1. Launch the Settings app on your system and navigate to the Display section of it.

6. Turn On the High Performance Mode

One of the ways to enhance your Windows 11 PC’s gaming performance is by enabling the High performance mode on it. It can be enabled in the Control Panel utility of your system. We’ve mentioned the process to turn on the High-performance mode in Windows 11 below:

1. Open the Control Panel utility on your Windows system and go to the System and Security section.

3. Choose the High performance radio button and name your new power plan in the Plan name: text field.

Thus, it’s always better to keep the automatic Windows updates disabled on the system. If you haven’t disabled them, follow the listed steps to halt automatic Windows updates:

1. Open the Settings app on your PC and move to its Windows Update section from the left.

8. Configure Your GPU Software

Most Windows 11 PCs come with AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. The best part about these graphics cards is that their performance’s can be customized using their dedicated software.

Below we’ve mentioned some tweaks that you can make in your graphics card’s software to optimize it for better performance gaming:

Nvidia Users

1. Launch the NVIDIA Control Panel app on your PC and select Manage 3D settings from the left pane.

2. Set the Power management mode dropdown menu to the Prefer maximum performance option.

3. Change the Max Frame Rate dropdown menu to the actual refresh rate of your current monitor.

AMD Users

3. Enable the Radeon Boost and Radeon Anti-Lag toggles to enhance gaming performance.

9. Turn Off Enhance Pointer Precision

There’s a feature in Windows 11 called Enhance Pointer Precision that speeds up or slows down your mouse’s cursor speed based on how fast you drag your mouse. This function doesn’t affect gaming performance. But it does affect the gaming experience. 

So, we suggest you turn off Enhance Pointer Precision on your Windows 11 PC by following the below steps:

2. Choose the Devices and Printers option on the same screen and expand the Mouse section.

4. Move to the Pointers Options tab and uncheck the Enhance pointer precision checkbox.

10. Disable Memory Integrity

Memory Integrity is a security feature that prevents viruses and malware attacks from injecting malicious codes into your system. Keeping this function enabled is essential, but it consumes a lot of the system’s resources to work.

Due to this reason, we suggest you disable the Memory Integrity feature on your Windows 11 PC to optimize it for next-level performance. Follow the below steps and disable it:

1. Open the Windows Security app on your PC and select Device security from the left menu.

3. Lastly, disable the toggle next to the Memory integrity option to switch it off.

11. Turn Off Virtualization

Windows 11 integrates a virtualization functionality that lets you run different OSs, like Android, Linux, etc., on your Windows 11 PC. No doubt, it’s a useful feature. But in some cases, it’s found that keeping it enabled can ruin the system’s performance, as it consumes enormous resources.

Considering this, disable the virtualization functionality on your PC. Here are the steps to disable this function:

1. Open the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC and select the Apps option from the left navigation pane.

2. Expand the Optional features section and then choose the More Windows features option.

3. Search for Virtual Machine Platform in the Windows Features popup and untick the box next to it.

12. Turn On Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is a gaming-centric feature in Windows 11 that lowers latency by processing high-priority tasks through a dedicated GPU-based scheduling processor, which automatically reduces the load from the CPU and improves gaming performance.

In that case, enable the Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling option on your Windows 11 PC. You can do so by trying the below steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your PC and head to the Gaming section from the left menu.

2. Select Graphics in the Related settings section and expand the Advanced graphic settings section.

3. Turn on the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling toggle.

13. Enable Variable Refresh Rate

Windows 11’s Gaming settings have a Variable refresh rate option which improves the refresh rate and prevents the screen from tearing while playing games. As this is a game-centric feature and aims to improve gaming performance, we suggest you enable it on your Windows 11 PC.

You can follow the below-mentioned prompts to enable Variable refresh rate on your system:

1. Follow Steps 1 – 2 in Tip 12 to move to Advanced graphic settings of the Settings app.

2. Expand the Advanced graphic settings section and enable the Variable refresh rate toggle.

14. Disable Non-Gaming & Unnecessary Startup Apps

Another way to optimize the system’s gaming performance is disabling unnecessary programs from booting at the system’s startup. This will help you save your system’s resources, and your games will use those resources to provide an enhanced gaming experience.

So disable unnecessary startup apps and programs on your PC by following the below steps:

2. In the Startup window, search for the program that you don’t want to get started at the boot.

3. Lastly, disable the toggles next to those programs and apps and restart your Windows system.

15. Disable Record What Happened

Windows 11 comes with a Record what happened feature that lets you record your game moments in a video with a shortcut. When you keep the Record what happened feature enabled, it keeps running in the background and consumes resources, which affects the performance.

Due to this, we suggest you keep the Record what happened option disabled on your Windows 11 PC. You can check the below-mentioned steps to know whether it’s disabled or not:

1. Go to the Settings section of your Windows 11 PC and proceed to the Gaming section.

16. Enable Optimizations for Windowed Games

Enabling the Optimizations for windowed games option on your Windows 11 PC could also enhance its gaming performance. This function reduces latency and uses a flip presentation model to optimize DirectX 10’s and DirectX 11’s games’ performance.

So, try enabling Optimizations for windowed games on your Windows 11 PC by following the below steps:

1. Launch the Settings app on your PC or laptop and proceed to the Display section of it.

2. Choose the Graphics option in the Related settings section to open the Graphics settings.

3. Turn on the toggle next to Optimizations for windowed games under System-wide settings.


How Do I Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming?

You can try enabling Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling on your system to optimize it for gaming.

Is Windows 11 better optimized for gaming?

Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is optimized for gaming, as it has many gaming-centric features. But you still need to make some tweaks to your Windows 11 PC to fully optimize it.

Is Windows 11 Slower for Gaming?

No, the latest Windows 11 isn’t slower for gaming. But it’s found that some of its built-in features, like Virtualization Based Security (VBS), could drop the gaming performance by 10%.

Which Windows 11 Is the Best for Gaming?

Windows 11 Pro & Home version is the best for gaming, as it has many enhanced gaming functions.

How Do I Enable 120Hz on Windows 11?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to enable 120Hz on your Windows 11 PC or laptop:

1. Launch the Settings app on your Windows 11 system and go to the Display section of it.

3. In the end, set the Choose a refresh rate dropdown to 120 Hz and restart your system.

Play Games Smoothly

Windows 11 is undoubtedly good for gaming. But it could be best at it if you make some tweaks to it. Therefore, in this guide, we shared some tips or tweaks that you can apply to optimize your Windows 11 PC for gaming.

So, we hope this guide helped you make your Windows 11 system a better place for playing all kinds of games without any lag, FPS drop, and other issues.

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How To Optimize Pc For Gaming And Get The Best Performance

How to optimize PC for gaming and get the best performance




To optimize your gaming performance on Windows, you can tweak a lot of system settings.

You should first get rid of any apps that hog your resources and interfere with your session.

We also included the best game optimization tools that will help boost the performance of your PC in no time.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Electronic devices like your smartphone, tablet, and computer tend to get slow over time. This is an inevitable fact, and every PC user has to deal with it.

While you can charge your phone more often than not, gaming PCs are an expensive investment and intended to keep it for a long time.

If your gaming computer has started to perform slowly, you might be wondering what’s went wrong.

What are the reasons for game performance issues?

It is not necessary that something must go wrong with your PC for it to start throttling or not performing up to its potential.

Performance issues can be caused by software and processes running in the background utilizing resources that otherwise can be used by the PC to improve the gaming performance.

You can manually fix and stop these services and software using Windows system maintenance tools.

Or you can use game performance booster software that will optimize the PC for the highest gaming performance.

Today, we take a look at the best software to optimize game performance by reducing the load on system resources resulting in better FPS and overall improving the gaming experience.

How do I optimize my PC for gaming? 1. Enable the Game mode

This is the most simple procedure you can perform to improve the gaming performance in Windows 10 so you should definitely try it.

2. Adjust the graphics performance settings

This simple procedure will deactivate all the small animations and effects from Windows that can consume processing power.

3. Change the DNS settings

Changing the DNS server addresses will mostly help you if you’re playing an online game or it’s connecting to an online server.

4. Use the Registry Editor

4.1 Find out what is your IP address

4.2 Modify the Registry

5. Go for the high performance power plan

Mostly if you’re using a laptop, the power saving settings can interfere with the performance of your machine so this solution will bypass this problem.

However, in this case, you should stay close to an outlet because gaming on high-performance settings will drain the battery pretty quickly.

If you still need a performance boost after applying the solutions provided above, you may get extra help from some dedicated third-party apps.

We picked the best apps that will bring some much-needed system optimization to improve your gaming experience.

Game Fire 6 offers two versions of the optimizer. The free version with basic game optimization features and the premium Professional version additional features.

The software works in real-time de-prioritizing the process and allocating the idle resources to the game to boost performance. The software also provides real-time information about CPU and GPU temperature to keep things in check.

You can further customize the optimization process through powerful optimization tools such as auto RAM optimization, System Settings TuneUp and Internet, and network TuneUp.

A bonus feature provided by Game Fire is a Game Manager panel that allows you to manage all of your favorite games whether it is online from services like Steam or on the local drive from its dashboard.

Game Fire is a well-equipped game optimizer with all the essential features to auto-optimize your PC to extract the best possible gaming performance from the PC.

Check out its best features:

FPS improvement features

Advanced system optimization capability

Auto RAM optimization

Easy to use, friendly interface

Game Manager panel to keep track of all your games

The software is completely free to download and install. It is also only a few MB in size, so downloading and installing happens in a flash.

After the initial scan, it displays a number of processes and items that can be optimized for better performance.

You can either optimize all the suggested fixes at once or select and optimize each type of process manually.

For detailed information on what process needs to be optimized, open the System Optimizer tab. Here you can manually search and select each process to be optimized.

Moving to the Process Optimizer tab, it displays all the process running on your computer that is using a considerable amount of resources, like your web browser, background apps, etc.

You can sort the process through memory usage and CPU usage and kill the process or exclude them.

Take a look at its most important features:

Closes startup apps

Clears junk files by deleting temporary and temporary data

Displays all the process running on your computer

Game management

Free to download

Wise Game Booster

Keep your gaming at maximum performance with this resourceful program that will boost your game.

Free Get it now

Razer Cortex is a completely free game optimization tool from the popular gaming computer manufacturer Razer.

The working of Cortex is similar to that of other optimization tools that terminate processes and services to extract the maximum amount of resources and allocate it to the game for better performance.

Razer Cortex offers both expert and auto control options. The auto mode optimizes the PC using the recommended settings whereas the expert control mode gives you full control over the optimization process.

The software is over 100 MB in size so the installation might take some time depending on the internet speed.

During installation, you have the option to install two more Razor software, if you don’t need it simply ignore it and proceed with the installation.

The Game Booster feature automatically kicks in whenever you launch a game irrespective of the sources including Steam and Origin. It restores the PC to the normal state as soon as the player exits from the game.

Expert tip:

Razer Cortex also tracks your PC’s gaming performance during the gameplay offering the users crucial insights that will allow you to tweak your game settings more.

Let’s review some of its best features:

Terminates unuseful processes and services

PC gaming performance tracking

Helps you tweak game settings

Automatic optimization mode

Free to download and use

Razer Cortex

Enhance your gaming sessions with this multi-functional software to get a memorable action time.

Free Get it now

WTFast is not exactly a game optimization software but a VPN for gamers. It helps with optimizing the Internet connection for a stable online gaming experience without masking or changing your IP address.

It claims to provide an intelligent network that offers reduced latency, lower ping, and the least amount of packet loss that will result in a smooth gaming experience even if the internet connection fluctuates all the time.

You can also keep an eye on real-time analytics to understand what’s happening with your game servers.

Upon installation, you can start by connecting to the most optimal server automatically, or you can select a server manually.

The company has more than 200 servers in 48 countries which should provide stable speed irrespective of the user’s location.

To use the server, you need to tell the software which online game you want to play. You can select the game from the WTFast’s server or simply add your own by pointing to the game’s .exe file.

Once registered, WTFast will automatically start and route the traffic through its servers for the game whenever you fire it up.

WTFast is helpful for online gamers who are looking for low latency, low ping, and almost zero packet loss.

If you don’t play online games or don’t care about the ping test and other stuff may because you have a good internet connection, WTFast won’t do much to improve the offline gaming experience.

Do take the 14 days free trial offered by the company and give it a shot to see if this is something you can benefit from.

Let’s see some of its key features below:

Optimizes the Internet connection

More than 200 servers in 48 countries

Simple and comprehensive interface

Easy to use even by inexperienced users

Automatic connection to the best server


Benefit from this gamer private network to reduce ping or online game latency efficiently.

Free trial Visit website

This solution is GameBoost, a useful tool that can optimize your PC and Internet performance very fast. You can, of course, improve your gaming experience to enjoy high demanding games.

By choosing this program you will enhance the quality of your games and optimize the resources of your PC to offer the most power for your running game.

More exactly, with just a few moves you can see a difference in FPS performance, game fluidity, and less latency or lag during your gaming sessions alone or in multiplayer.

The tool can also make changes to your system to increase game performance by rising hardware capabilities.

Hence, it will improve memory usage, prioritize apps with CPU, hard drive access, GPU speed, and overall Internet speed.

So, if you’re craving for the latest resource-draining games, you should try out GameBoost and experience the best worlds. It’s also a safe choice so you shouldn’t worry about cheating detection software.

Some of the best features of this program include CPU prioritization, faster gaming graphics, no patching for games, lightning-fast internet speed.

All in all, you will not regret this decision while playing breath-taking games like Assassin’s Creed at maximum quality, thanks to this helpful tool.

Take a glimpse at some of its most important features:

Fast PC and Internet optimization

CPU prioritization, faster gaming graphics, no patching for games

Great for resource draining games

Automatic FPS improvement

Advanced software based over-clocking feature

⇒ Get GameBoost

MSI AfterBurner is not a game optimization tool but a GPU overclocking utility from the gaming PC maker.

MSI AfterBurner is a multi-purpose utility. Apart from the overclocking feature, it can also be used to perform benchmark tests.

It comes with an OCR scanner (only for RTX 20 series) that will find the highest stable overclock settings for your card, a hardware monitor to keep GPU usage and GPU temperature in check, and a screen recording utility to capture gameplay.

AfterBurner is a powerful overclocking utility that allows you to enhance your hardware performance by overclocking the GPU clock frequency to extract maximum performance.

Hence, you can utilize this solution for managing your PC resources in a conscious way and rescue the graphics with reliable support.

Check out the MSI AfterBurner’s best features:

Powerful overclocking utility

OCR scanner (only for RTX 20 series)

Benchmark testing

Hardware monitor for GPU usage and GPU temperature

Free to download and use

⇒ Get MSI AfterBurner

A game booster program mainly focuses on reducing the system load by terminating background programs that are unnecessary when you are gaming.

However, the performance of the game booster is highly subjective and varies from computer to computer.

Read more about this topic

Best game booster software for Windows 10/11 PCs

How to increase FPS on laptop in Windows 10

The best Windows 11 gaming settings that you need to enable

Additional methods of improving the gaming performance

Most of the time the performance issues are either due to software junk leftover by deleted files and programs or thermal issues.

While the thermal issues can be fixed by reapplying thermal paste on the CPU, cleaning dust from the CPU and case fan for better airflow, upgrading the hard drive from HDD to SSD, or simply getting a higher RPM HDD storage device, the software issues require game optimization software to kill unnecessary apps acting like resource hogs.

Game boosters deal with the software part of the issue by killing the process that otherwise may not be easier to find for a casual user.

With so many options on the table, it is the right time to download and run the suggested game booster to see if your PC has a software problem or requires a hardware upgrade.

If you know a thing or two about overclocking, you can always push your PC’s hardware to its extent to extract every drop of performance you deserve from the hardware.

However, if you don’t know your way around overclocking stuff, take professionals to help to do the same. Doing it by yourself might damage the CPU and other components.

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How To Completely Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages help your brand or business promote and share its value-add and to assist in customer support.

Facebook remains the primary platform for most Americans. Two-thirds of U.S. adults now report that they are Facebook users and 74 percent of Facebook users say they visit the site daily.

Despite the recent criticism of Facebook’s data privacy practices, both daily and monthly users are up 13 % year-over-year.

What does this mean? Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You should continue to make Facebook a part of your overall marketing mix – to reach your existing and future customers.

Features like Location Pages, Messenger, Featured Images, and Boost are only a few of the many things you can do to optimize your Facebook page.

Use this guide to make sure you’ve set up your Facebook page correctly, and optimized all possible areas of the platform to get the best results for your business.

Facebook Marketing Basics

Yes, Facebook is free, but your Facebook Page is by no means a substitute for your own website. A website is the only place online you can truly control your message.

Your Facebook Page serves as a micro-site within the platform that complements and perhaps highlights glimpses of your brand.

Capturing your brand name on Facebook and other social media platforms will definitely help get your name out there digitally, as social media profiles are often the top rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

When doing a search for “Sanitas Medical Centers Tampa” I am presented with a bunch of results on the first page. Apart from the domain and search directories popping up on the first page, their Facebook location Page for their Tampa location shows up.

Adding important brand and non-brand long-tail keywords should also be sprinkled throughout your Facebook page, as well as your post updates.

Creating Your Facebook Page

When creating a Facebook page, it’s important to pick the right type of Facebook page right off the bat. You can choose from:

Local Business or Place: Only choose if you have one location. That said, don’t freak out if you have one location now, but will have more in the future. Keep on reading to find out more about Facebook location Pages.


Brand or Product

Public Figure


Cause or Community

Setting it up properly the first go-round will enhance the way you communicate the message you wish to show.

Location Pages

If you have a business with one location, you can start off with a location page. However, if you expand your locations, there are various things you need to do in order to make that happen.

The good news: you don’t need to ask Facebook to request Facebook location Pages anymore.

If you’re doing this for the first time, and your main page has an address, you will encounter a “warning” message.

The reason? You will have multiple business locations.

Your main Facebook Page should be the main or “parent” page for your brand. The child’s pages are your location pages.

After you’ve gained access to your location pages tab, fill each location out with their proper:



Phone number



Website address



As stated before, make sure to use keywords you’re trying to rank for in search. If you’re an urgent care facility, use words like “urgent care” or “medical center” throughout your copy.

Another great benefit of location pages is that you can implement ratings and reviews. You have the option to hide these, but it’s best to show them because reviews play a huge part in digital marketing, local marketing, and SEO.

Just make sure you have the sufficient process in place to best triage and respond to reviews. If you’re ready to implement, head to Facebook and follow these steps.

Keep Business Operating Hours Accurate

It’s essential to enter your business hours, but it’s equally important to update them whenever they change.

When adding new location pages, make sure that the correct hours of operation and days open are correct, as some may vary.

For example, if you’re experiencing inclement weather or have a special event, promoting a new product you now sell, create visually appealing posts and pin them to the top of your Facebook page, so it’s seen by those visiting your page.

Custom Username

Having a custom username (or short, user-friendly URL) for your page makes it more convenient for users to find your Facebook Page in search when it has a unique username.

When you start out your Facebook domain will have various numbers after it and look something like:

Not very friendly or memorable.

You should keep your brand’s name at top of mind. If you’re optimizing a Facebook location page, then I highly recommend using the brand name plus the location in the username.

Facebook Pages with usernames are also allowed to create custom URLs that enable people to quickly visit and message them.

As you can see in the example below, if you search for “@LLBeanLynnhavenStore” you will be able to message or visit that custom location page.

Some other things to keep in mind when creating a username:

You need to be an admin to create a username.

You can’t use any spaces or underscores but you can have periods separating words.

Capitalize the words to enhance readability and won’t affect if people type in lower case letters.

Usernames can be a maximum of 50 characters.

At least 5 characters long.

Want a custom username for your Facebook page? Follow these steps.

Profile & Featured Image

Facebook Pages give you a great opportunity to reflect your brand.

You can now not only just upload a photo in the featured image/banner section, but now you can be creative and utilize video or create a slideshow.

This is a great place to promote testimonials or your team that serves your customers.

According to Facebook, “Cover photos can’t be deceptive, misleading or infringe on anyone’s copyright.”

Read through Facebook’s guidelines to get a better idea of what you should abide by.

Call to Action Button

Right under the cover photo, you can also add a call to action (CTA) to encourage your users to interact either on the page or help learn more about your business.

What your brand does will determine the best CTA. For example, if you’re an urgent care facility and have the opportunity to have facility leaders communicate with your patients, and then add the “Call Now” feature versus a “Sign Up.”

Go to your Facebook Page.

To the bottom right of your featured post, you will see the CTA button in blue.

Managing Customer Reviews & Comments

Engaging and interacting with your customers is an integral part of social media.

Facebook is a great platform where you can provide great service (responding and assisting customers) and also discover new ways to improve your business.

Go to your Facebook page.

Reviews are a great way to show off how well your business is doing.

If you get a less-than-great review, be sure to respond. This shows consumers that your brand is engaged and cares about making them happy.


Facebook Messenger, like reviews, is another great way to show off how well your business willing to provide great service and support in various mediums.

Messenger is just another way your consumers can connect with you.

Again, you need to know your bandwidth. If you’re willing to implement this step, it requires a strategy. You must consider how quickly you can respond to your messages.

Your responsiveness rate will appear on your page. It shows how efficient you are at responding to customer inquiries.

If you’re ready to implement this step, go to:

Go to your Facebook page.

Organizing Your Page Tabs

While this is kind of obvious, if you end up implementing Facebook location pages over and over, this step has to be repeated. Not only can you arrange these tabs, but there are some you can even turn off and on.

The reason why you want to take a look at this section is that some tabs may be more of a priority for your business, depending on what you do.

You can also utilize the templates that Facebook provides, which can also take the guesswork out of how to organize your tabs.

Go to your Facebook page.

Once in the Edit Page area, you will be able to see the various templates, and also place various tabs in order by dragging the three-lined icon to the left of the tabs and moving them around.

Claiming Unofficial Pages

Have you ever searched for your brand’s name and found other pages with the brand name (along with a map, reviews, and ratings) – yet you don’t have access or control of the page?

Well, this is an annoying, yet solvable issue.

Unfortunately, sometimes Facebook is a little too eager to do this as some businesses already exist for that specific location.

So what do you do?

The best way to solve this issue is to claim and merge (if needed) these unofficial Facebook pages. Doing so can give you complete control over your brand on Facebook.

Note: Just because you implement the following steps once, does not mean you’re done. Checking for unofficial pages should be a regular part of your overall social media maintenance.

If one of these pages appear when you search for your brand name, you will need to claim it before you merge the page with your verified Facebook page.

Here are some ways you can claim the unofficial page:

Verify via phone call


Utility bill/Phone bill

Business license

Business tax file

Certificate of formation

Articles of incorporation

The fastest way to gain access is with a utility bill, especially if you work for an agency and you aren’t physically in the place of business.

Once you verify the page (which takes up to 24 hours), you’re ready to move onto the next steps:

Go to your unofficial duplicate page on Facebook that you just claimed.

Select Is this your business? from the drop-down menu.

Choose the option Merge into a verified page you manage.

Select your page from the drop-down and submit.

Note: If you have multiple location pages, make sure you merge with the correct page. Even if you don’t have location pages, you can still use the above process to merge an unofficial Facebook page with the one you are managing.

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author

How To Activate Windows 11 Or Windows 10

In this post, we will see how to activate Windows 11/10. Activation is the initial process by which a Windows running on a PC is determined to be properly licensed and genuine, and it’s really quick and easy. It is different from Registration, in the sense that,  Activation is the process of ensuring that your copy of Windows is used according to the Microsoft Software License Terms, whereas registration is the process of entering information to sign up for product support, tools, and tips, and other product benefits.

It’s a great time to talk about Windows activation and how it will work. For customers who are already familiar with activating Windows 11/10, this will feel pretty familiar, and, as far as the user experience goes, it’s not too different from earlier Windows versions.

You can activate either online or by phone.

When you install Windows and log in with the user account, Windows will ask you to activate it. It’s a process through which Microsoft figures out if the copy of Windows is legit. Activation is easy, and it can be done through a Windows key or linked Microsoft account, and even transfer the key from an old machine to a new one if it’s a connected account. However, if you are facing an activation issue, this post will guide you on how to activate Windows 11 using multiple methods.

How to Activate Windows 11

You can use any of the following methods to activate your copy for Windows 11.

Run Activation Troubleshooter

SLMGR Command

Use your Microsoft Account

Before you go ahead with any of the steps, ensure that you have a proper internet connection and restart the system at least once. At times activation gets stuck, and this can help to resolve. Also, you will need an admin account before using these methods.

1] Run Activation Troubleshooter

Windows will then run the wizard and internal programs to resolve the problem.

If essential troubleshooting works, and the activation key entered earlier or linked to Microsoft account is valid, Windows should get activated.

2] SLMGR Method

SLMGR or Software Licensing Management Tool is a tool that can run commands to activate Windows. It is available for Windows users as well, and anyone can use it. You will need to use the Windows key using this method.

Keep a copy of the Windows key in the clipboard and notepad.

Open Run prompt using Win + R and then type WT followed by pressing the Enter key.

Type and execute the command slmgr.vbs /upk  to remove previously installed key.

It will then use the key to connect with the Microsoft licensing server, validate it, and activate it.

SLMGR command may not be available for Windows Home users.

3] Sign-in with Microsoft Account

When installing Windows 11, if you have used a local account, and your key is connected to your Microsoft account, you need to use it. Once the Windows key is digitally linked with Microsoft account, you can activate it or transfer it to any PC.

Expand the Activation State

If you have previously linked your Windows with a Microsoft account, then it will instantly activate your copy of Windows 11.

Activate Windows 10

To activate Windows 10 OS do the following:


Windows Activation

You can then select the method you want to use to activate. However, if you had chosen to automatically activate Windows online when you set up your computer, it will do so automatically in 3 days.

Activate Windows 10 using the SLUI.EXE

You can also activate Windows using the SLUI.EXE 3 command. You can get more information in this post on how to activate Windows Enterprise Edition.

Or you can run the following command from an elevated command prompt:

Once activated, you can view the Licensing Status and Activation ID of your Windows OS with chúng tôi .

Activate Windows 11/10 by Phone

This post will show you how to Activate Windows by Phone. This post also offers Microsoft Volume Licensing Activation Centers Worldwide Telephone numbers.

Activate Windows 11/10 after a hardware change

If you face issues after a hardware change, then this post shows how to activate Windows after a hardware change.

How long can you use unactivated Windows?

There is a 30 days evaluation period during which everything works. There will be a watermark available on the desktop until Windows is activated. Ensure that if you are evaluating Windows, keep a backup up of all documents and important files.

What happens if you don’t activate Windows?

A couple of things will happen. You will receive a notification that “Windows is not activated, please activate Windows now.” in Settings. In addition to the lock screen and wallpaper, you will not change accent colors, themes, etc. You won’t be able to modify anything related to Personalization. Some apps and features may cease to function. In a couple of months, I will start rebooting randomly.

How can I activate my Windows 11 for free?

Short Answer, you cannot. However, you can transfer your Windows 10 License to Windows 11 as the upgrade process is free if it’s the same version of Windows. If you don’t have the key and perform a fresh install, first ensure to connect the Microsoft account on Windows 10. Once done, upgrade, and then again use the same account in Windows 11.

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Free Equalizer For Windows 11

Free Equalizer for Windows 11 [7 Best to Get]




A PC audio equalizer improves the quality of sound produced by your computer. 

To enjoy better music quality on Windows 11, adjust the equalizer settings on its media player, and play directly from the application. 

Without any third-party applications, you can improve the sound quality of Windows 11 by changing the sound settings of your PC.

If you need to improve your listening experience on audio hardware, you can do that with any free equalizer for Windows 11.

Some individual apps like the Media Player give sound equalizing functionality, but, sadly there’s no Windows equalizer, so you need to use third-party audio equalizers.

This article will show you the best free equalizer for Windows 11 that you can use without restrictions. If you require a more robust paid solution, you should read about the EqualizerPro audio enhancer.

What is an audio equalizer?

A PC audio equalizer is a software tool that allows you to tinker with the loudness and density of bands or specific audio frequencies. These adjustments improve the sound quality and make it more suitable for the listener.

An audio equalizer will allow you to boost the bass or trim the treble effect to make it more appropriate for a room that reacts to sounds with low frequency.

Audio equalizers on your Windows 11 OS will digitally reproduce the same effects of turning and adjusting nobs in the traditional hardware equalizers.

What is the best Windows 11 free equalizer?

Boom 3D is a pro audio enhancer. Even though it is not entirely free, you could get some of the best audio equalizing features during its 30 days free trial period.

As the name implies, you will be able to play your songs with the most amazing 3D effects on any streaming service, media, or headphones.

The surround feature converts your PC into an incredible music booster, adding deep bass and clarity to every sound. You could get the exact effects the musician intended and more.

You would have access to 31-band equalizers and a wide range of presets.

Additional features:

Boom volume booster

State of the art audio player

Apps volume controller


If you need the best sounds on every streaming platform, this audio equalizer is an excellent choice.

Download Free

The legacy app and the new FXSound app have free versions. FX Sound provides an easy learning curve if you have ever used traditional audio equalizers. In addition, it provides a simple tunable for adjusting sounds.

Its downside will be the compatibility issues with extreme audiophiles, attributed to a capacity of 10 bands ranging between 110Hz and 15KHz. The preloaded presets compensate for the small band capacity.

Sliders are conspicuously missing on the new FxSound app, and you will only have to hit the ON button for the app to produce real-time enhancement of sound.

On this app, you will have options for several presets, including music, games, video streaming, etc. It is an easy-to-use option if you have no prior sound processing knowledge. Users of FX Sound will be able to include a variety of effects, including surround sound, ambiance, and clarity.

Additional features:

Unique visualizer

Dynamic boost options

A preamplifier volume control

⇒ Get FXSound

Viper4Windows is a powerful sound equalizer for Windows 11. You can load it on the sound card as the audio processing object and save it on audio-enhancing hardware.

You will be fond of it because it gives them the freedom to choose target output devices and allows custom sound presets for varying scenarios, including Rock Music, Super Bass, and Jazz Music.

Compared to FX Sound, it has a broader band range. You will be able to customize through 18 bands ranging between 120dB and 13dB.

It has a surrounding feature for sound effects to accommodate small, mid-size, large, and largest rooms.

Viper4Windows’ ViPER XClarity feature helps to stabilize distortions in noise. This feature gives you three options: Ozone+, Natural, and X-Hifi, and includes an adjustment bar for setting distortion.

Additional features:

Speaker size and bass level control

A compressor for pitch selection

Reverberation effects

⇒ Get Viper4Windows

Equalizer APO is yet another excellent Windows 11 free audio equalizer. It is open source, and the several sound filters will be a great addition to boosting music quality on your PC.

Like all the other applications on this list, it is backward compatible with other editions of Windows. You may get the best out of it when used with Room EQ and VST plugins.

With this sound equalizer, you can do more than real-time effects. With the option to save your settings as chúng tôi you can apply settings whenever you need them.

Expert tip:

Overall, Equalizer APO works great on Windows 11, so it’s worth checking out.

Additional features:

Integration with voice meeter

Robust filter options

A wide range of channels

⇒ Get Equalizer APO

More than some of the other audio equalizers on this list, Graphic Equalizer Studio requires some knowledge of audio processing to successfully tweak the sounds. For example, while broadcasting songs, treble and bass responses may not be the same between tracks.

You may use it along with a limiter and compressor to get the best out of its dynamic audio range. When you enable its auto-correct feature, it will automatically detect min and max amplitudes.

Using this equalizer, all your playlists should sound better.

Additional features:

Q-factor adjustment for different configurations

Real-time audio processing

Auto-correct included

⇒ Get Graphic Equalizer Studio

This is another free, open-source Windows 11 equalizer. It allows you to change several sound settings on stereos, speakers, and mics.

If this equalizer sounds familiar, it is because you find it in most computers. However, it does not come with a Windows 11 installation but can be downloaded for the OS.

Realtek HD Audio Manager has a highly customizable equalizer set of 10 bands. Options for sound effects are grouped into Environment and Equalizer.

The Equalizer sound effect has bands that range between 31dB and 16k dB and permits customization for future use. You would find its many presets handy. Its newly introduced Karaoke is used to maintain the current track’s pitch.

Realtek HD Audio Manager’s Environment sound effect includes Underwater, Living room, Sewer Pipe, Forest, and more. Once you select any of these, it will create the corresponding sound effect.

Overall, the Realtek equalizer for Windows 11 offers great features, so you should consider it.

Additional features:

Room sound correction

Swap Center, and Bass Management

Virtual Surround

⇒ Get Realtek HD Audio Manager

DFX Audio Enhancer is a basic sound equalizer for Windows 11. It will add different features to the sound to improve the quality. It is more popular for producing solid effects like Fidelity, 3D surround, Dynamic boost, and Ambience.

With the 3D surround, it generates real-life effects to mimic different surroundings. The hyper boost arguments perceived audio loudness while maintaining the sound distortion.

To add to the aesthetics, it has the option for different skins like Factory_classicblue, Factory_charcoal, etc. During installation, you must take care not to install other software that is not needed but come in the installer.

Additional features:

Light Processing

Streamcast options

Dynamic boost

⇒ Get DFX Audio Enhancer

Can I enhance the audio features on Windows 11?

You may not be interested in downloading a free equalizer app and would prefer to work with the inbuilt sound features of Windows 11. In this case, optimizing the sound settings on Windows 11 will be your best bet.

These are some of the best free equalizers that you can use on Windows 11, but if you need a free equalizer for Windows 10, you can also use these tools because they are backward compatible.

If you never used an equalizer before, we have a great guide on how to add a sound equalizer to Windows 10, so be sure to check it out.

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How To Search For Folders Only By Name In Windows 11

Have you ever struggled to find a folder on your computer, buried deep within a maze of files and folders? Windows 11 has an easy-to-use search feature that can help you quickly find the folder you need. However, the default search function in Windows 11 often returns too many results, which can include both files and folders, making it difficult to locate the right folder. In this article, we’ll show you how to search for folders only by name in Windows 11 using File Explorer, the built-in file management application.

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File Explorer is the built-in file management application in Windows 11, and it’s the primary tool you’ll use to search for folders by name. Here’s how to search for folders only using File Explorer:

Press the Win + E keys on your keyboard to open File Explorer.

Navigate to the location where you want to start your search. If you want to search your entire computer, select “This PC” in the left pane.

Type kind:folders followed by the folder name you’re searching for. For example, if you’re searching for a folder named “Vacation Photos,” type kind:folders Project and press Enter.

File Explorer will display the results matching your search criteria, showing only folders with the specified name.

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Windows 11 supports Advanced Query Syntax (AQS), allowing you to add precision and specificity to your search queries. You can use AQS to refine your search further and locate folders with specific attributes. Here are a few examples of AQS filters you can use in combination with “kind:folders“:

name:("Family Photos") – Search for folders with the exact name “Family Photos.”

name:~=("family photos") – Search for folders with names that are similar to “family photos,” such as “Family_Photos” or “familyphotos.”

datecreated:01/01/2023..01/31/2023 – Search for folders created between January 1, 2023, and January 31, 2023.

To use these filters in combination with “kind:folders“, separate them with a space. For example, kind:folders name:("Family Photos") datecreated:01/01/2023..01/31/2023.

Useful tip: How to Search for Text in Files on Windows 11

If you find yourself frequently searching for specific folders, you can save your search criteria for future use. To do this, follow these steps:

In the context menu, select “Save Search.”

Choose a location to save your search, and give it a descriptive name.

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Windows 11 also allows you to search for folders directly from the Start menu search bar located in the taskbar. To do this, follow these steps:

Type folder: followed by the folder name you’re searching for. For example, if you’re searching for a folder named “Games,” type folder: Games and press Enter.

The search results will display only folders with the specified name. If you’re looking for a more specific search, you can combine this method with the Advanced Query Syntax mentioned in the previous section.

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Launch Total Commander.

Press Alt + F7 on your keyboard to open the “Find Files” dialog.

In the “Search for” field, enter the folder name you’re searching for.

Under “Search in,” select the location where you want to search for the folder. To search your entire computer, choose the root directory (e.g., C:).

Next, go to the “Advanced” tab and check the box next to “Attributes”.

If you find yourself frequently accessing specific folders, consider creating shortcuts to save time and effort. To create a shortcut to a folder, follow these steps:

Locate the folder you want to create a shortcut for in File Explorer.

A new shortcut will appear in the same location as the original folder. Drag and drop this shortcut to your desktop, taskbar, or any other convenient location.

By creating shortcuts, you’ll have quick access to your most important folders without having to search for them each time.

Whether you’re using the built-in search features of Windows 11 or opting for third-party tools, it’s essential to understand how to fine-tune your search queries to locate the folders you need without getting lost in a sea of files. By mastering these tips and tricks, you can ensure that finding the information you need in Windows 11 is always a breeze.

Remember that as you continue to use your computer, your folder organization may change, and new folders will be added. Regularly updating your saved searches and folder shortcuts will ensure that your search experience remains efficient and productive.

Update the detailed information about How To Optimize Windows 11 For Gaming on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!